this is me for yall who dont know

You know what? 

People have to right to block.

If someone makes you uncomfortable, then go ahead.

We need to stop saying that blocking is a bad thing.

If you don’t want someone interacting with you, then go ahead and block.

Blocking isn’t a weak move.

A weak move involving blocking is when you block someone after a argument and imply that you won.

Blocking someone because you simply don’t like them is perfectly normal.

You guys seriously don’t know how humans work, huh.

Humans wan’t to remove out of their site everything that upsets then and makes them uncomfortable. 

People have to right to dislike people.

People have the right to make themselves happy, even if it’s just a little happier.

Not everyone can handle the things you can.

Some people go through/went through trauma that has made them live in fear and vulnerable to possible harm.

Whether it was abuse from someone else, or themselves abusing their own body and mind.

Not everyone works the same way as others.

Each and every human being functions differently.

And we should stop judging people for wanting to make themselves happy.

people say the one downside of the lazytown fandom is the fact that they will see the same post over and over bc the fandom is so small,

i actually really like it bc it makes me feel much more like a community vs a fandom

i mean like if i follow you, even if i dont talk to you i 100% know your url, heck even people who i dont follow i recognize

its probably the most family like fandom ive ever been in


gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  






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Get together needed
  • tumblr: haha! i love playing mercy with a genji! i never have any problems and he always gets his own health packs and defends me from big bad roadhogs!
  • me, with 800 hours of overwatch experience over 200 of which is on healers, who also has multiple high level/rank healer main friends: in my experience if a genji is in a position to help his mercy where shes being attacked, he is more likely to chase his own glory and leave her to die to the enemy while pinging for heals instead of aiding her. sometimes people are nice but in general dps wont help out their healers when they call out in chat/voice comms that they are being murdered.
  • yall: ummmm :) :) :) sweety,, :) dont u know :) how to play genji???
  • me, with over 20 genji hours: *looks into the camera like im on the office*

Its so fucked up how fat people even MENTION other people accepting us people ALWAYS come out of the woodworks with some

“Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” “You cant make people find you attractive!”

Like yall make the BIGGEST fucking reaches to tell us that we arent ALLOWED to be accepted and loved and cared for.

And no, just cause you say you care for our health and that were “dying” and “killing yourselves” and talk about all these health conditions that yall dont even KNOW we have. Yall love to fucking run your mouths about shit yall dont fucking know about

You’re not ME you’re not my fucking doctor you dont fucking know me or my health history! Stop talking like you know shit!

And then there are those who act like wanting to fuck us is a compliment when its NOT. We are not your fucking fetish we are not objects to sexualize and fuck. We are real fucking people with real feelings. Go to hell

And then the bitches who flat out say disgusting awful cruel shit about us. Theyre the big bullies who pick on people because theyre sad about their own lives

No matter what happens, fat people are CONSTANTLY dehuminized. Were not allowed to be human because we’re fat. Were not allowed tonbe happy and free and love ourselves and our lives nevause we’re fat.

We deal with bullshit from our friends and families and even fucking strangers! I had a woman come up to me while i was at a diner with my mom and whe literally said to my face “you need to lose some weight” a stranger! Who i never seen again! How is that okay!

People don’t care about the effects. They dont care if we develop eating disorders, have depression, low self esteem. They don’t care because well, they hate us, and want to dictate how we live our lives because dont like the space we take up

But well, were here, and we will always be here. If you dont like it, look the other way or you can kiss my FAT puerto rican ass

yall: negan is 100% evil!!!! ___ didn’t deserve to die for no reason! they did nothing wrong

me, on the inside: *remembers how rick and the gang rolled up on that compound and killed 40+ members of negan’s people in their sleep; how cold and casually rick shot that one dude in the face after he pretended to be negan; how within the context of the tv show, they got off pretty easily considering negan was only gonna kill one person in retaliation rather than just mow all of em down at once.*

me, on the outside:


me, on the inside: *knows that, while it was in no way daryl’s intent, at that point negan made it very clear who tf he was and daryl’s impulsive act could have very well cost the entire group their lives considering everyone was surrounded by armed men; that you can like daryl but still see the direct cause and effect of these actions and mentioning this doesn’t mean you’re demonizing him; but i’m also hoping they dont spend an extended amount of time focusing on daryl’s pain rather than the pain/healing of maggie, rosita, and sasha (eugene too)*

me, on the outside:

listen up guys it’s time to do my favorite thing ever (promos) with one of my favorite people ever !! even though i’ve been here longer than her i’m p sure I have the least amount of followers but i’m not Petty or anything……🙄 anyway time to hit 1.5k! i’ll probably do something else once i hit that milestone so keep your eyes peeled 👀

r u l e s

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no more, guys!

get to know me tag

i was tagged by @girlputyourrecordson (thank you!)
Rules: answer the 20 q’s and tag 20 mutuals you’d like to get to know better

name: RaeAnne

nicknames: rae or rae-rae.

zodiac sign: gemini

height: 5'4"

favorite fruit: raspberry

favorite season: autumn

favorite flower: honeysuckle.

favorite scent: not really sure

favorite color(s): purples, blues, or mint green

favorite animal: hedgehog

coffee, tea or chocolate: coffee or tea

average sleep: like 5 or 6 hours

cat or dog person: both

favorite fictional character: fox mulder tbh

number of blackets: 1

ideal trip: romania.

i tag : @punkpineappple, @sick-existence @s-peaksoft @wonholdmetight @fuentesforthewin @freakwithsharpies anyone else that wants to do this.
*flips through mental notebook*

been a while since ive told a story… 

hmm… lemmi tell yall foolies bout the time 

i wasted this jawns time lol smh ok me in all my aint shitness

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i once used to have a life as surprising as that may be to those who know me 

me my bros and my sis used to get saucy like every weekend mind you we under aged but in the hood bootleggers dont give af 

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so when that liquid courage in ya boy aint no tellin… so we hit up our homegirl …uhh shayla lets say her name is shayla, party round the way 

i get in this bitch im the tallest nigga in there fuckin door barely 6′5 smh 

so now that errbody is staring i gotta find a seat to avoid the eyes 

sidenote: i could NOT dress 

i was prolly in that hoe wit sweats on 

anyway as i pree the scene i start noticing its mad old heads in here 

momma.. aunties… i think i seen her granny in there showin her gums trine get some work 

anyway fast forward we drunk af im outside bein a loner and my peoples come out side spazzin on me im like

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im the only black person in here surrounded by ricans yall dont know when to quit 

its hot as july 23rd in a checkers kitchen in that how yall can suck my di… mid sentence i see the devil walk pass me in an orange dress.. im like 

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yall… her ASS WAS SO FAT idk where she came from but she was not in that party

come to find out she shayla cousin 

so already know i need the pluuuuuuugggg

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shawty walk up to the truck and im like how you doin beautiful you out chea lookin like the sexiest traffic cone i ever seen in my life 

she giggle GOTCHO ASS!! 

We exchange numbers and what not… she tell me she from springfield… i shouldve told my sis skrrt off at that moment but im like oh thats cool im from atlanta 

she like i can tell

let me live,  witcha cell block suit on 

long story short we textin callin oovooin

(yall dont remember oovoo lmaoo)

the day comes i gotta duck in that short ass door at her cousin house

set scene: its a room me her shayla my three bros and her aunt

her aunt is smokin a bogey gettin flirtatious bodacious wit my youngins 

she pass the bogey to ole girl and im like wa..wah..whatchu doin??? in my head 

she proceeds to take a long drag of the cancer stick … 

thissssssss reese wrapper head ass guh gone turn to me and “say gimme a kiss” 

now as much as im flexin right now yall all know i gave her a kiss on them soup coolers 

motives… ik ik … men right? wrong! from that point on she was teasin me hard af 

rubbin her ass on me 

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massaging my thigh 

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chiiiiile i am pubescent i do not know the ways of this form of satanic trickery !

all this her auntie still in the room 

dick harder than calculus final at this point 

im cool im cool

time passes and shit dies down

ith lit no typo 

we on the couch and she sittin on me 

now fellas i cant be the only one who does that lil dick jump thing through the pants

anyway i did that and she was like hmmm gets up goes up stairs to make sure auntie sleep and comes back down stairs 


she told me pull it out (not even gon go there)

she slides it in (not even gon go there)


son… she start giggling im like just what tf is so funny 

she gon say “thats it?” im like hell naw dont play wit me 

yall she shut shop down and i had to sleep on the couch alone smh 

hey jsyk sometimes i check out the blogs of people who rb from me to see if i wanna follow them and i always check if they post ks so like. i know theres plenty of u that dont respect my wishes yall arent sneaky

u know i always hate people in fandom who make everyone accept the same exact headcanon for things and are like the “leaders” of the fandom and ur not allowed to think otherwise but like. im always so scared that im becoming that person?????? i may get aggressive abt my headcanons but i hope yall dont take that too seriously i Really dont want to be That fandom person ur allowed to disagree with me if u want


Me, who fears that 11 minutes might be too spoilery:

when you see people hating on sf9′s taeyang and saying he should have gotten a stage name, because his actual birth name is taeyang

Sooooooo I kinda wanna make a discord for all of you Voltron peeps who like talking about Voltron and wanna scream about it with me

hmu and let me know if you wanna join because I need people to scream about Voltron with