this is me being shallow

Concept: Her scent keep lingering on places you wish they didn’t. You saw her on the corner of your eyes; she doesn’t look at you like that anymore.

Concept: You tried to say I Love You in thousands different ways. I don’t think it’s still I Love You if it’s too late; it’s only half regret half your heart on the verge of shattering.

You tell her: “I keep breaking other people’s heart because they’re not yours.”

She said: “I hope you find someone capable of saving you. Or you can save your own self the way I save myself,

For the tides of waves you once brought all over me,

Clean me off of you instead of shallowing me down.”

—  talk about being brave, I’m not your front door mat

“Because you’re like this all the time, even your neighbourhood bum found you overbearing and moved away!”

happilyapathetic replied to your post: unpopular opinion: i hate the idea of sheriff…

Completely respect your opinion. I’m just curious to why you don’t like them together?

Stiles said that his mom and Melissa were best friends before Claudia died. So, if he got together with Melissa, the Sheriff would be starting a relationship with his dead wife’s best friend which to me is really weird and kinda disrespectful, y’know?

Imagine being Kili's girlfriend and being introduced to the rest of the company as they tell you embarrassing stories from when he was little (Modern AU)

For emcrox :)


You held his hand tightly as you entered your college together. Today was the day your boyfriend, Kili, was going to introduce you to his friends, or as he called them, The Company.

“What if they don’t like me?” You whispered nervously as he held the front door open for you.

He smiled and shook his head, “Don’t be silly y/n, of course they’ll like you.” He said, putting his arm around your waist gently, “Just be yourself.”

He suddenly waved to a group of lads down at the end of the corridor who were waving back at him and looking between you both curiously. You swallowed nervously and felt your breathing become shallower.

“What if they don’t like me being myself…maybe this was a bad idea, I think I’ll go.” You said.

You turned around to walk away but he pulled you back gently, taking your shoulders in his hands and looking you squarely in the eye.

“Hey, listen, they’ll love you. Once you meet them you’ll realise they’re just a bunch of nerds anyway.” He chuckled.

He slipped his warm hand back into yours as you gave him a weak smile. You began to walk to the The Company, once again, who were waiting for you both with beaming smiles spread over their faces.

“Everyone, this is y/n, my girlfriend.” Kili said proudly, pulling you close to him, as you stood before The Company.

You were met with a chorus of ‘hello’s and ‘nice to meet you’s and ‘how did Kili manage to convince you to go out with him’s. You began to relax as they smiled warmly at you, some of them even shaking your hand which you thought rather formal but just made you love them even more.

You noticed most of them had facial hair, some with short dark stubble, some with big bushy beards, one of them even had a twirly moustache and a funny-looking hat.

They all wore causal dark clothes, like most of the other students, apart from one who had a red blazer, he had a mass of curly brown hair on his head and looked rather out of place in the group but he seemed to be accepted by them easily which gave you hope that they would accept you too.

Suddenly a blonde one with a cheeky smile on his face slung an arm around your shoulder and grinned cheekily. You recognised him as Kili’s brother and gave him a smile.

“Hey y/n, has Kili ever told you about the time he took off all his clothes and ran down the street for a dare.” He said, a mischievous glimmer flickered in his eyes as he looked at his brother.

You looked to Kili in amusement and found him bright red, his mouth open in shock.

“Is that true?” You asked, trying to suppress a chuckle.

“Aye, he got up to all sorts of trouble when he was a youngun’.” Said the man with the twirly moustache. “Did you know when he was five he tried to run away to Australia only to come back 10 minutes later when it started to rain, he ran straight to his mummy and cried for an hour.”

“Awww Kili.” You said, failing to stop a smile spreading on your face as his eyes widened in embarrassment.

“Every halloween he would dress up as Cinderella.” A stout red-haired guy piped up.

“He would kiss his teddy bears goodnight every night till he was thirteen.” Shouted tough-looking Scottish man at the back.

Before long you were hearing just about every embarrassing story about Kili there was, it seemed to become a competition for the group as they began to shout over each other to tell you what they deemed to be the most embarrassing,

“Enough!” Kili shouted finally, looking very annoyed and very red.

The company fell silent as they looked at him in surprise.

“Great! Now y/n probably thinks I’m a complete loser, thanks a lot.” He said, scowling at them all.

They hung their heads in guilt and shuffled their feet, avoiding making eye-contact. Kili sighed and was about to walk away when you grabbed his forearm.

“Wait Kili, I don’t think you’re a loser at all.” You said as he turned to face you, “I actually think those stories were really sweet.”

You gave him a reassuring smile and he paused for a moment before smiling back at you.

“Really?” He asked quietly.

You laughed softly and nodded. You stood on tiptoes and grabbed the lapels of his jacket to pull him down to kiss you tenderly, his hands snaking to the small of your back where he rubbed small circles. You suddenly heard a lot of disgusted groans and moans from beside you.


“Eww, someone stop them.”

“They’re eating each others faces off!”

You and Kili broke the kiss to look at their horrified faces and laugh loudly.

“Stop being so immature.” Said Kili, taking you hand and leading you to your first class.

You smiled as you heard tutting and scattered laughter from the group as they watched you leave.

“Told you they’d like you.” He said, nudging your side playfully.

“Hopefully not as much as you like me.” You giggled.

He leant down to kiss you again, his lips soft and warm as they covered your own.

“Get a room.” You heard from behind you.

I love Robbie, okay. It’s complicated. He and I have talked about it extensively. I love him like I love all my friends, but I feel it stronger with him bc we’ve been through a lot. We’re very close, very close friends.

On top of that there’s a sexual attraction too. Like physical. To how he looked back then. Like, an aesthetic attraction. The Robbie we see in the show. He IS beautiful now, ofc! It’s just…idk i guess it’s just me being shallow? or stuck in the past? or something, idk… But that’s why I have the nsfw blog.

I know it may be hard to grasp but I consider our relationship an intimate friendship. He and I have talked about all of this so much. And he said he’s okay with it! with everything!

Robbie can fall in love with and be with whoever he wants. It’s not some exclusive thing, what we have between us. Above anything else, I want him to be happy. And as much as it would hurt, I would not hesitate to give up what we have if it meant him being happy with a person who can love him in more ways than I can. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue, rn, so we’re going to continue to enjoy this friendship.

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Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]

my whole squad is so beautiful like holy fuck EVERYONE I associate with is goodlooking and idk if that’s me being shallow or that they’re all just good people so they naturally look great bc they’re good from the inside out but if you’re my friend like wow congrats you are hot and i will stan for you abundantly and without ceasing


This is terrible as an interview, but fantastic if you want to just look at Danny Briere.

I’ve always had a preference for happy and lighthearted things. I don’t normally enjoy movies and books about serious topics or tragedies. In fact, if I can avoid them, I will. I don’t enjoy being sad.

People have called me shallow for this. They say, “you’ve got to learn to appreciate these kinds of things. Not all of life is happy and fun and rainbows and sunshine; you can’t just turn away from all the bad things and pretend they don’t exist.”

I consider that to be one of the most insulting things anyone could say.

Positivity and the pursuit thereof isn’t the ignorance of the negative. It’s learning to accept it as a fact of life… and finding the positive in spite if it all. It’s having the strength and the resolve to look adversity and bitterness in the face and say “I’m going to find joy anyway.” It’s knowing that, despite everything, despite all the sadness and pain and grief there is in the world, there is also love and goodness and joy and laughter.

When people talk about “deep” emotions, they are usually referring to negative ones. When did love and joy stop being deep? Why is it seen as foolish to find the strength to smile genuinely even when all seems lost?

I seek out positive things that make me feel happy because I already face the bad in my life. I know it exists, even where I cannot see it or do not personally encounter it. But to simply dwell on sadness when there is joy to be found in spite of it, well… to me, that seems like the REALLY foolish thing to do.