this is me at photoshop

surprisepeach  asked:

how did u make those fake eyelashes !! i have kijiko's but they look so crappy when i take screenshots and i cant find the right brush to redraw them >:(

well, i usually just look up eyelashes on google and then in advanced search set it to transparent. the ones i used for the clat edit were these ones but then on top of that i used a brush that just comes with photohop to blend them in more? and look better over. it’s called Round Blunt Medium Stiff 

that one :^)

  • me: i want to make an edit today
  • *photoshop takes 20 min to load and slows down my computer so much it reverts back to the macintosh 128k*
  • me: cool
  • me: *makes 10 copies of the same edit because i'm too paranoid to replace old edits in case i change my mind*
  • me: lmao why does my photoshop folder have 9000 images
  • me: *searches for ten hours to find the perfect image to use for my edit*
  • me: why cant i move my leg
  • me: *clicks the 'step backward' button until it stops working after clicking it too many times but not enough to fix my mistake*
  • me: why the FUCK wont it just let me do this I HATE my GODDAMN LIFE HATE HATE HATE-
  • me later: tbh i really do love editing it really just relaxes me

Lance, Keith knows an alien who can help you with your problem.

Thank you so much for requesting! This one was a hard one to figure out how to write! But I liked the challenge and I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out! :o

Lance is a hopeless romantic, poorly expressed within shallow flirting, but he has his moments. Hunk still is a very physically affectionate and welcoming friend. Pidge can’t sit down like a real person. Keith knows why he’s blushing more often.


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“Hey, Carl, I think I found something you’ll like.”

Carl the Animator: “Mmhmm?”

Ted the Animator: “Open up Photoshop, and load any random frame.”

Carl the Animator: “Gotcha.”

Ted the Animator: “…nice choice. Now, use the ‘quick selection’ tool to automatically grab most of the purple background.”

Carl the Animator: “Done.”

Ted the Animator: “Now, hit ‘delete’.”

Carl the Animator: “…it wants to use ‘Content-Aware’ fill. What’s that?”

Ted the Animator: “The funniest thing ever. Hit ‘ok’.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, I was just–”

Carl the Animator: “…oh my gosh.”

Ted the Animator: “Told’ja.”

Carl the Animator: “That is… a masterpiece. The heck did it do?”

Ted the Animator: “Photoshop looked at the rest of the image, and tried to clone in a nice, natural background.”

Carl the Animator: “…which, I take it, doesn’t always work.”

Ted the Animator: “Yes indeedy. Try another.”

Carl the Animator: “Let’s see how it handles all the shapes in this one.”

Carl the Animator: “…freeeaaaky.’

Ted the Animator: “It looks like something you’d see in an ancient manuscript prophesying the end times.”

Carl the Animator: “What if we reverse it, and select a character instead?”

Ted the Animator: “Hm, smart.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s like the creepiest invisibility cloak ever.”

Carl the Animator: “The selection tool likes to grab things weirdly, too… it just got Velma’s glasses while I dragged around her head.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, let’s see what happens.”

Carl the Animator: “…wow.”

Ted the Animator: “My favorite part is the elongated double face between Daphne and Fred.”

Carl the Animator: “Here, lemme grab one more from Aloha.”

Ted the Animator: “Should be a–… wait, Carl, you missed selecting one of the background guys’ fa–”


Ted the Animator: “Magnificent.”

Carl the Animator: “He looks so confused!”

Ted the Animator: “ ‘Um… hello? Anyone? How did I get inside this hair?’ “

Carl the Animator: “…can’t… breathe….”

Ted the Animator: “I’ll go put on another pot of coffee… it’s gonna be a looooong night of ‘shopping, I can feel it.”