this is me and nicole


Spice District, November 2016

Nicole happy: Uncle Remy! You came for me, you actually came!

Remy laughs: I said I would. I wasn’t kidding about you buying me ice cream.

Nicole: I will buy you all the ice cream you want, every flavor, even yucky ones! Doesn’t it feel like two hundred years and not two days since you saw me?

Remy softly: Yes, it felt like two hundred years, Princess. But I’m happy to see you now. 

Nicole sadly: Where’s Nico? He’s not coming, is he?

Remy uncomfortable: Well, um… Nico-

Ivory snaps: Yes, where is Nico?

Nonostante le montagne incombenti, la Svizzera era lontana, Nicole era lontana. Più tardi, passeggiando in giardino nell'oscurità ormai completa, pensò a lei con distacco, amandola per ciò che aveva di meglio. Ricordò una volta, che l'erba era umida e Nicole venne da lui di corsa, con le pantofole leggere intrise di rugiada. Gli era salita sulle scarpe stringendosi forte a lui e sollevò il viso, mostrandolo come un libro aperto a una pagina.
«Pensa in questo momento quanto mi ami» mormorò. «Non ti chiedo di amarmi sempre così, ma ti chiedo di ricordare. Nascosta dentro di me ci sarà sempre la persona che sono stasera».
—  Francis Scott Fitzgerald - Tenera è la notte

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karaoke, parties and fun times

message me a name and i’ll tell you the first thing that comes into my head when i hear it

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Yeah! I'll bring the good candy that you'll eat and I'll bring the traditional scorpion/worm lollypops that I won't eat! (They're sorta gross but they're great conversation starters! Most of them starting with, 'what's wrong with you?')

Nicole keep those thingies away from me i swear *hides*

i have epilepsy and one of the biggest things that upset me as a kid is not being able to go to a certain place because “oh that place has lights that they specifically said were epileptic”

it confused me to no end, if they knew it was an injuring, and in some cases, a deadly thing, why use them? why not just use normal lights?

the excuse i always got were “well the other kids love them so…” or “its okay, its not a big deal” why? why isnt it a big deal that a place is openly choosing the entertainment of these kids over my safety and my life?

but the biggest thing that fucked w me as a child is sitting there and remembering that if the lights werent there, i wouldve been completely fine, happy, not limited. that the lights didnt HAVE to be there, but people without epilepsy put them there because it didnt affect them.

that my epilepsy wasnt the thing holding me back in that moment, it was the healthy people who never thought- or in this case thought and didnt care- about the disabled children who wouldnt be okay with those lights. I didnt matter because i wasnt healthy.

and even today, when i think about things like that it fucks w me, because I see it all the time and its a constant reminder that some cute, short-lived entertainment made for abled people is, has been, and will always be far more important than the safety and life of a disabled person.

why you should watch big little lies
  • complex, nuanced female characters! relationship dynamics between women! 
  • realistic portrayals of women in difficult relationships (tw: abuse). opens your eyes to that kinda important goddamn stuff that women suffer through
  • basically you know someone’s killed but you don’t know who the perpetrator or victim is! it could be anyone! whodunnit? who knows?
  • everyone has a secret
  • stellar cast + stellar acting? nicole kidman, shailene woodley, reese witherspoon, alexander skarsgard, zoe kravitz, adam scott, laura dern
  • you can also read the book from which its based (probs best to watch it all completely or read the book completely before/after starting so you don’t spoil it midway for yourself? ahah up to you)
  • you can rewatch the fuck outta all the episodes and see the thread of clues slowly, slowly emerging
  • the miniseries only has 7 episodes (3 out so far), each 1 hour long! so do-able, honestly you have no excuse