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In Italian, one of the many (vulgar) ways to say “Good luck !” is “In culo alla balena ! (Een kooloh ahllah bahlehnah)” which literally translates into “In the ass of the whale”.

Bonus: the response must be “Speriamo non caghi !” which simply is “Hope she doesn’t shit !”, otherwise luck won’t come to you. Makes me laugh every time.

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that 뱁새 (baebsae) are birds called crow tits, which are any of various small birds of paradoxornis or related genera that resemble tits found especially in korea. its these little guys right here ^^

cute, aren’t they? ;DD

now, there’s a korean proverb that goes like this, “뱁새가 황새 걸음을 걸으면 가랑이 가 찢어진다” which translates to, if a crow-tit walks like a stork, it will break its legs, meaning if you overdo something or try to imitate someone better than you to make yourself look more/better than you are, you will just bring more hardship upon yourself.

so when rapmon and suga starts the song with

they call me baebsae
we were cursed at, this generation
quickly, chase ’em
thanks to the stork, my legs spread
so call me baebsae
we were cursed at, this generation
quickly, chase ’em
my teachers who were born with a gold spoon and chopsticks

they mean

the society calls us a try hard
we had a hell of a hard time, our generation
so quickly, chase ‘em away
cos thanks to the storks’ societal boundaries, our legs are bruised
so call us a try hard
we had a hell of a hard time, our generation
quickly, chase ’em away
our teachers who were born with it all

because in korean society, crow tits refer to normal people/lower class or the younger generation while storks refer to the ‘better’ higher class people, or supposedly, the older generation.

and i like how j-hope voices his concern by pressing on this issue further and mention the stuff normal people face everyday like

if you go to a part-time job, it’s “passion pay”
if you go to school, it’s the teachers
the superiors who use violence/abuse their authorities
and the media that go on about every day about “the forsaken generation”

i thought people should know that “열정페이” or “passion pay” is a term koreans refer to the extremely low wage that companies pay to young people where these workers get paid much less than they should be getting (often less than minimum wage) for a job in hopes that the workers’ “passion” will somehow compensate for the lack of a livable wage. its terrible. 

as for “포 세대” or “the forsaken generation”, when IMF crisis happened in the late 90s, a lot of countries suffer from economical depression, including south korea. and because of the social pressures and economical problems such as rocketing prices, tuition, housing prices, and so on, a lot of people in this generation are said to easily give up on few things central to what is normally considered a complete life, like, love, marriage, and raising children. and it’s precisely because of this term used in the song is why i think ‘stork’ is also referred to the older generation, in addition to the higher class people ^^

i also thought it was brilliant how suga just single handedly pointed out why the societal boundaries set by the storks are ridiculous and not fair because

i have the legs of a crow tit, you have the legs of a stork
they say, my legs are worth a million dollars
but mine are short, so how can we play/do the same events?
they say, if it’s the same meadow, it’s okay
Never Never Never

he is saying that his generation are at a disadvantage compared to the storks because crow tits and storks are obviously DIFFERENT species so they are playing in a different meadow, its poles apart, which is NEVER OKAY

and rapmon made it clear when he said he wanted to

change the rules, change change.
the rules that the storks want to, want to maintain.
but we can’t do that now, can we? BANG BANG.
(cos) this isn’t normal.
(cos) this isn’t normal.

to which v and jin replied in the storks pov

ah, stop singing on about effort, effort
ah, it makes me cringe (viscerally disgusted).
ah, effort effort, ah, effort effort (whatever)
ah, you don’t really stand a chance~

that had all of them yelled out

as expected of the storks!

at the last line, because of f course you higher class/older generation would say such things, do you even care..

fyi they use 싹수가 노랗다 in the song that literally means “your chances are yellow”, a common saying in korea to indicate that there is no hope at all because metaphorically speaking, there is a chance for a tree to grow tall if it stems from a green shoot but if you grow from a yellow shoot, there is almost no chance. its sort of a harsh thing to say to someone tbh

which is why when jimin and jungkooks’ part came i died because first of all, jimin and jungkookss voice, second of all jimin and junskooks voice, and third of all jimin and jungkooks voice they’re actually teasing the storks like

as expected of storks, they don’t disappoint
as expected of storks, they earn their name
as expected of storks, they eat/take it all
as expected of storks, of the storks~~~~

and that part where jungkook’s voice goes off

saying that it’s my fault, you’re joking, right?
saying that it’s fair, oh are you crazy
saying that this is justice
you must be kiddin’ me
you must be kiddin’ me
you you must be kiddin’ me

he is basically saying that it is outrightly insane for the society to blame them for their supposedly failures when they didn’t have a chance in the first place!

which is why the ending chorus gets me every time because instead of putting down the storks, they end up humbly BUT resonantly stating that, okay,

we are crow tits, we don’t disappoint
we are crow tits, we’ve earned our name
we are crow tits, let’s live together
we are crow tits, crow tits

like, despite everything though, isn’t it best to just live equally and get along well together? 

i guess what bangtan is trying to say is that even if they were born without gold spoon and chopsticks, they will still work hard to overcome societal boundaries, like, despite coming from a relatively small company, despite being aware of the rigid social expectations of being an idol as well as having to face media favoritism on big companies, knowing they will get hurt a lot, they will still try hard to achieve success, and ‘chase’ away the storks in the entertainment industry.

also i think its important to know that while crow tits are active, noisy, and social birds, they are also highly adaptable, and are amongst the most intelligent of all birds after parrots and the corvids (crows and jays) <33

on a rather irrelevant note,  

how can they be dorkS 

and gorgeous at the same time??


Zico as your boyfriend

A/N: Okay I’m overflowing with feels and I have lots of thoughts about this uhm

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  • Firstly, you have to be patient with him since he is basically married to his job
  • So I recommend giving him space to work on his music and not constantly make him feel bad for not being able to spend time with you
  • Because you not being together all the time doesn’t mean he doesn’t love or care about you at all
  • A way to solve this would be studio dates
  • Bring him some food and just chill with him so he can be with you and work at the same time, a win win situation
  • He would probably write a lot of his lyrics about you and it would most likely be one of those soft ones like “I am you you are me” or “She’s a baby”
  • But then he would be too shy to actually sing them for you
  • So you’d only be able to hear the song live if you went to one of his concerts
  • Anywaaays, moving on to habits
  • He likes holding you a lot
  • Your hand, your waist, your thighs
  • Especially your thighs
  • Honestly wherever you are he’d just have his hand resting on your thigh
  • And then squeeze it sometimes
  • He also loves giving your butt squeezes bye
  • You have a habit of cupping each other’s faces
  • Not all cutesy with both hands as if giving a kiss, just like, when you sit or stand next to each other
  • He’ll be reading something on his phone and then suddenly he feels your hand cupping his chin
  • And when he looks up you’re not even looking at him
  • He does the same thing with you
  • You’d probably go to parties and get drunk together
  • Have you seen Dean and Zico being wild and drunk? It looks so funny and you’ll get to be a part of that
  • When he starts to sober up he’ll get really clingy
  • So then he’ll just back-hug you and rest his head on your shoulder, even if you’re in the middle of doing something
  • He says he’s tired on the way home
  • When you’re home he’s not tired anymore if you know what I mean
  • Will 100% treat you so well and probably spoil you at times
  • He really really likes the feeling of you relying on him to some extent, because he wants to be an important part of your life
  • And he pretends not to, but he relies on you a lot as well
  • Mostly for strength and something that takes the stress off (both mentally and physically)
  • Except through lyrics, he might not always express his love for you but it’s clearly there and easy to notice
  • Cause he would do lots of sweet little things
  • Like leaving you a text saying he hopes you have a good day
  • Or hug you extra tight when he can
  • Or taking a day off to spend with you when he feels like he’s been absent for too long
  • You’d have to deal with all his wild friends
  • Either that being his Block B members or his contacts in the khh scene
  • He would love if you could make him laugh with silly comments or if you diss him or just do something childish like tickling him
  • He would be especially proud of you if you dissed him with rhymes
  • “Maybe I should consider having you as an extra lyricist”
  • Even though he probably stays up really late working, he’ll always pull you close when he especially comes to bed
  • And he’d fall asleep contently to the warmth of your body
  • Oh god this got soft uhm moving on
  • You know that one scene in Eureka where he’s tied to a chair?
  • You should try that out once
  • You know what to do I won’t say any more
  • I do think he prefers being in control most of the time though
  • *coughs* dom
  • I’ll go now bye
Useful phrases in Swedish

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Jag tycker att… - I think that…
Jag menar att… - I mean…
Jag förstår/fattar - I understand
Jag förstår/fattar inte - I don’t understand
Min åsikt är den att… - My opinion is that…

Det tycker/anser jag också - I agree
Det stämmer - That’s right
Det är sant - That’s true
Det har du rätt i - That’s where you’re right

Det tycker/anser jag inte - I do not agree
Det stämmer inte - That’s not right
Det är inte sant - That’s not true
Jag tror att du har fel - I believe that you’re wrong
Tvärtom - Vice versa, on the contrary

Välkommen - Welcome
Lycka till - Good luck
Grattis/Gratulerar - Congratulations
Grattis på födelsedagen - Happy birthday
Ha det så bra - (lit. Have it so good) Take care of yourself, have a good time, farewell etc.
Hälsa alla - Say hello to everyone
Krya på dig - Get well

Förlåt - Sorry
Jag är ledsen - I am sorry
Vad synd - What a shame/pity

Feel free to correct me!

one last thing before I log off forever of tumblr:

I am so proud to call myself a juventina. I’m proud that I’m loyal to my club. Juve could lose all the finals in the next 10 years, I would still be here wearing our colours and singing our hymn until my very last breath. I'm proud to support Juve and not any other Italian club, or Spanish or German or English club. I don’t care if they have more trophies, more fans, more money, more success, whatever.  I owe Juve so much, I owe especially Gigi Buffon so, so much. As many times I wanted to forget about juve, there are as many times where I wouldn’t still be here without them. For nothing in the world would I want to love a different club other than Juventus. 

Alla Prima- Chapter 6

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2    Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5

C: I know how to make it up to you.

Jamie’s heart fluttered in time with the vibrations of his phone. When Claire told him that she would talk to him later, ‘later’ ended up being a mere 4 hours. The longest 4 hours, Jamie thought.

He glanced around the small office, making sure his brother wasn’t looking, before replying.

J: You know you don’t have to, right? It really wasn’t that big of a deal.

Her reply was almost immediate. She must be on lunch.

C: Hush. It’ll make me feel better. Anyway, I’m taking you to dinner on Friday.

His heart drummed out an uneven rhythm. Dinner? On a Friday? Wasn’t that kind of like…

A date?

Before he could make a fool of himself by asking that question, she added:

C: And there’s no room for argument. :)

Well, he didn’t really feel like arguing with that.

J: Alright, Sassenach. You may take me to dinner.

C: We’ll sort out the details later. Got students coming in!

“Who’s Claire?” Jamie jumped. He wasn’t aware of his brother peeking behind him.

“Jesus, Willie!”

“Sort out the details for what?”

“What are ye doing over here?”

“Weel, I saw ye looking at her phone with the stupidest grin in yer face. So, I came to investigate. Do ye have a date?” Willie nudged his shoulder, eyebrows waggling.

“Shut it. No. She’s…she’s just a kind woman…”

“That’s taking ye on a date?”

“No! I…” Jamie sighed. “I dinna ken.”

“I can ask Jenny,” Willie suggested, only halfway joking. Being the mathematical genius he was, his way with women was stereotypically awful. How he managed to convince a woman to marry him was mind boggling.

“Ye’ll do no such thing. Ye ken how she is.” Jamie cleared his throat, and pitched his voice upward in imitation of his sister. “‘Oh, Jamie, when can we meet her? Is she good to ye? Tell me all about her. We should have her over for dinner on Sundays.’”

“Ye better not let her hear you mocking her so. But, I get yer point. I’ll no tell her. But…” Willie paused, mouth twitching, wanting to ask. Jamie cocked his eyebrows and nodded. “Weel, can ye tell me something about her?”

“Her name is Claire, we met at the park. She’s a professor. She pretty and funny, but I dinna ken much else about her.” Willie’s eyes softened, their stormy color calming.

“Sometimes, ye dinna need to know anything else.”


“Okay, time’s almost up. Don’t pack up yet, I’m not finished! Remember, make sure to study a little everyday. I was disappointed in many of the last test scores. Just, a tiny review every night. It’ll help you in the long run. Now, get out of here! See you on Wednesday!” Claire grinned at her students as they filed out of the lecture hall. As the last one disappeared, she sighed in relief. Last class of the day. Thank God. Freshman were exhausting: old enough to know better, not old enough to care, as they say.

She glanced over at the phone on her desk. No reply. Of course, she didn’t really expect him to. She told him she had a class. It was still disappointing.

Should she text him? Let him know that she was done for the day? Or, was that too forward?

God, she wasn’t very good at this.

Speaking of the devil–or thinking, as it were–her phone lit up with his name.

J: Busy day?

She smiled, then. A full, stupid, toothy smile. Thank god she was alone.

C: Always. And you?

She waited impatiently for his reply.

J: Nah. I let my brother Willie do all the work today ;)

C: At least you’re honest :P Will I see you at the park this evening?

The reply was almost instantaneous.

J: Of course.

C: Great! We can get our plans together for Friday.

J: :/

C: Remember, no arguing!

J: I’m not! Did you see me argue? I just made a face!

C: Whatever! See you in a little bit. And get some work done!

J: No!

She giggled, enjoying their flirtations. He seemed less inhibited behind a screen, and she felt less shy. Would their banter continue when they spoke in person again?

She hoped so.

“What are you laughing at?” Claire turned to find Mary in the doorway, blue eyes wide and curious. Mary worked at the primary school across the street from campus, so she liked to visit Claire when she could.

“Mary, you’re early! How did you make it so fast?”

“I power walked. Who are you talking to?” She motioned to the phone in Claire’s hand.

“Oh, um. A friend.”

“A man friend?” Mary quirked an eyebrow.

“Yes. A male friend.”

“An attractive man friend?” Her eyebrow wiggled up and down.

Claire groaned. “Yes, he is. Very attractive.”

Mary pulled a chair up to the desk, and plopped in it, getting comfortable. She rested her head on her fists and looked at Claire expectantly. “Do tell.”

“Well…” How should she begin? “We… met in the park.” I stalked him in the park. “We exchanged numbers. I accidentally called him in the middle of the night instead of Lamb. So, I told him I’d make it up to him. WithDinnerOnFriday.” Mary gaped, surprised, but not unpleasantly so.

“Like a date?”

“I didn’t say ‘date.’ Do you think he thinks it’s a date?”

“Do you want it to be?” Did she want it to be? Jamie was handsome, no question. And, from what she could tell, was sweet with a good sense of humor. But, he wasn’t the kind of man she usually went for.

“I don’t know. He’s not…my type, I guess?” Mary gave her a sympathetic look from under her lashes.

“Claire…Don’t take this the wrong way… But maybe you need a different ‘type.’ The men you’ve been with are…”

“Cheaters and scum?” Claire offered. She said this jokingly, but she knew the truth of it down deep in her taped up heart. Scenes flashed before her eyes: a boyfriend’s wild hair between a petite blonde’s legs, a break up text lighting her phone, her ex-fiance’s note: I’m sorry. I can’t. -F. No, her experience with men was…abysmally awful.

“I was going to say ‘not right for you.’ But your phrase is more accurate.” That was putting it nicely. Of course, Mary was always nicer than necessary. “How is he not your type, anyway?”

“He’s… he’s an artist. And, I tend to go toward sciencey, history, math guys. And, he’s just so… he’s passionate, you know? You can see it immediately in his eyes. They pour emotion. And, you know me. I’m not… I’m guarded, kind of.”

Mary contemplated. “He sounds romantic,” she admitted with a sigh. “If I didn’t have Alex…”

Claire slapped her lightly on the arm. “Mary! I’m telling!”

Mary giggled. “No, no! I’m only joking!” And then, more serious: “I think you should give Artist Guy a chance. How can you find love without any risk?”

“His name is Jamie. And I never said anything about love.”

“Maybe not now. But perhaps you will later. You deserve it.”


He was waiting for her when she arrived. When she saw him, her face broke into a smile that crinkled her eyes.

“Hey, Jamie!”

“Hey! How was yer day?”

She rolled her eyes. “Just another Monday. How was yours?”

“Oh, it was fine. So, about this dinner…”

“Oh, yes! Let’s walk and talk.” Without eating for a response, she began walking along the paved trail that circled the park. “So, I was thinking… does 7 o'clock sound okay to you?”

“Oh, um, aye. I get off work at 5, so yes.”

“Great! Now, since this is your dinner…” Jamie gave her a look at this, which she studiously ignored. “I figured you could pick where we go. What’s your favorite place?”

“Ohhh, I dinna ken. Can I tell ye later?”

“Sure, no problem.”

The walked in companionable silence, the sun slowly setting behind the trees.

“Claire…” She turned to him, her eyes sparkling in the low light. “I just… I was thinking… I dinna ken much about ye.”

“What would you like to know?”

“Ohhh, I dinna ken…”

She squinted at him, and nodded. “My name is Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp. My favorite color is green. I’m a professor. I love strawberries, but hate strawberry ice cream.”

She held out her hand for a handshake, and he took it. “My name is James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. My favorite color is blue. I work with my brother Willie at Fraser Designs. I love strawberries and strawberry ice cream.

She grinned at that. “Well, James, I suppose we aren’t total strangers anymore.”

Summer Job Series (svt) -  babysitter!seungcheol

This is my first ever scenario but I hope you like it !!!

  • you can’t say you love babysitting
  • it’s not that you were bad per se, it just that you couldn’t really handle all the energy
  • you had younger twin brothers, who were cute and all ,,, until they steal your stuff to see if they can sell it to buy more action figures
  • they were eight and running everywhere, messing with everything, and it was just too much 
  • your parents never let you babysit them by yourself cause they knew you couldn’t handle it
  • and thank god cause even you can’t trust yourself with taking care of them 
  • but also wow I’m in college, I can’t even take care of my brothers smh
  • your parents were having a dinner party with the parents of the twins’ friends
  • so basically wine sipping adults and six year olds running around everywhere ,,, great 
  • it seemed fine cause all you had to do was help set up then you could stay in your room away from the mess 
  • your parents call you down from your room and tell you that the adults wanted to go out for karaoke …
  • and you’re like no, nonononono you can’t leave me alone I cAnt evEN taKE CaRe oF mYseLf!!!! LET ALONE 5 KIDS
  • and your parents are like pls chill, our regular babysitter (who you were pretty good friends with) can’t make it tonight so one of the parents called one of their regulars
  • and you’re like ,,,, ok but this makes it harder cause idk this person gskflsj
  • and they’re like you’ll be fine!!! please do this for us!! the children will be up for just another two hours then they’ll go to sleep !!!! please !!! 
  • you give in cause you don’t really have a choice
  • the parents stay until the babysitter comes
  • the door bell rings and you hear your parents welcome them in
  • you look up from your phone and were genuinely surprised
  • there was a guy, seemingly college age as well, walks into the living room
  • he walks up to you as you stand up from the couch
  • he shakes your hand and smiles
  • and ,,, his hand is really big and is rough but in a nice way??? what 
  • and his smile, it made you melt cause it was just too cute 
  • “hey, my name’s Seungcheol nice to meet you,” 
  • he was too polite and kind it was weird
  • jk it was nice and adorable you couldn’t help but smile warmly and introduce yourself as politely as he did
  • “Seungcheol’s been our regular babysitter for the past 3 years, he’s basically a pro don’t worry y/n” said one of the parents
  • he blushed and was like what!! noooo
  • he was incredibly handsome like you have never seen someone look that good in a plain black tee and jeans
  • as the parents were saying goodbye to their kids, Seungcheol came and stood next to you
  • “umm I kinda heard that you aren’t that comfortable with kids so if you want you don’t really have to do anything”
  • you looked at him with the utmost surprise which made him ??? so confused
  • you began laughing and he’s like what’s funny?
  • then you told him that he’s gonna die trying to take care of this many rowdy kids, no matter how good of a babysitter he is
  • he smirked smugly and said let’s see really confidently
  • and you’re like /// woah what happened to the polite seungcheol??? I miss him now 
  • and now it’s his turn to laugh
  • now in the house its just you two with the kids
  • the first two minutes seemed peaceful enough ,,, then the screaming began 
  • three of the boys were fighting over whose action figures were better 
  • the two girls were watching barbie as the princess and the pauper and were fighting over who was better, anneliese or erika
  • you and seungcheol look at each other and just sigh
  • “as much as I like the barbie movies, I’m gonna go sort out the boys with the action figure fiasco”
  • you laugh and laugh even more when he mentions that he prefers erika over anneliese but they’re both pretty bad ass
  • you go to girls and try to calm them down
  • like hey!!! both princesses are cool !!! anneliese is really intelligent while erika is talented !!! and they’re best friends so you should like both of them
  • the girls were like ,,, thats true ,,,,
  • then the wedding scene comes and the three of you smile and sing along to the cute song
  • seungcheol looked and you and thought ,,, wow ,,, she’s really pretty ,,, and she sings really well ,,,
  • you look at seungcheol and smile at him
  • you’ve always found it adorable when guys are really good with kids 
  • this is the first time you’ve seen it in real life, only in movie and tv shows
  • you see him be like !!! obviously my action figure is better !!! like look at all the weapons that come with it !!!
  • the boys were fascinated and stopped fighting when they realized seungcheol was right ,,, his was way cooler
  • seeing this made your heart melt since like !!! how adorable is this !!!
  • it was already time for bed so you both help the kids get ready for bed 
  • they were in the living room, the boys already tired out from fighting, already sound asleep
  • you and seungcheol watched the kids ,,, standing like proud parents
  • until one of the girls woke up rather frantically 
  • she then started crying 
  • you and seungcheol rush to her ,, worried sick
  • seungcheol pet her hair while she hugged him
  • “what’s wrong mina?? what happened??” he said as he comforted her
  • seeing seungcheol being so caring for this little girl ,,, made your heart hurt from the cuteness 
  • “cheolie, I had a nightmare… can i have some warm milk,,,” she said feebly 
  • “of course, y/n and I will go get it” he said as he gave her one last squeeze before releasing from the hug 
  • she sniffled as you lead seungcheol to the kitchen
  • as much as that was sweet scene, you couldn’t miss out on this opportunity 
  • “cheolie?” 
  • he blushed as you mentioned the nickname ,,, he was too cute you couldn’t stop smiling
  • “yeah, mina was 5 when I first babysat her and she had a hard time saying my name, so she just called me cheolie… guess it just kinda stuck”
  • “awww you’re just too cute” you say as you pinch his cheek
  • “im cute?” he looks smugly
  • you looked away and he just laughs
  • you guys get to the kitchen and heat up the milk
  • you have random conversation, how school’s going and all
  • as you guys walk back to mina with her warm milk you see her smile weakly
  • “are you better honey?” you say as you brush the stray hairs from her face
  • she nods and smiles meekly ,,,, 
  • “cheolie, can you braid my hair”
  • he smiles as he gets to work
  • its a comfortable silence ,, just watching him gently french braid her hair
  • and like he is REALLY good, like he is instagram worthy good
  • as he finishes he shows her how she looks through his phone
  • and mina just ,,, smiles like the cutest lil smile ever
  • she hugs him as a thank you and your heart is practically bursting cause this was the cutest thing you have ever seen
  • “alright mina, you really should go back to sleep now. Y/N and I will be here if you need us again” seungcheol says so warmly
  • mina lays down and closes her eyes, quickly falling asleep
  • you and seungcheol sit on the couch, the room dimly lit while all you could hear are the soft breathes of the kids sleeping
  • you’re siting next to each other ,,, a little too close for people that have just met ,, but it feels really nice 
  • “so you know how to braid hair too huh? what can’t you do” you say making him smile
  • “having been mina’s babysitter for three years teaches you a couple things” he says chuckling a bit
  • you tell him how you can’t even braid your hair half as nice as he can  
  • “want me to braid your hair for you?” 
  • you’re shocked cause ,,, like what a weird thing BUT YES PLS
  • he starts braiding your hair and it’s like heaven 
  • his big hands are surprisingly really gentle, he softly takes pieces of hair and incorporates it into your hair 
  • as he finished you were really giddy and really wanted to see how it looked
  • you saw yourself through your phone ,,, and you were genuinely surprised
  • its was perfect ,,, the braid being loose while also keeping its form really well
  • he had left pieces of hair out to frame your face and you truly felt so pretty because of it
  • seungcheol looked at you happily, noticing how happy and giddy you were from something he did
  • “you are truly amazing, you know that right” you say, beaming at him
  • “well it helps that you are just absolutely beautiful to begin with” he says softly as he comes closer and closer towards you
  • you look away at the sweet compliment but he takes you face gently into his hands ,,, and when you’re looking at him he softly tucks a piece of your hair behind your ear
  • and slowly ,, slowly you just gravitate towards each other
  • the kiss was sweet and gentle, giving you a million butterflies in your stomach 
  • when you guys pulled away you guys were smiling so much it would probably creep out people if they were watching
  • but you guys were just so !!! happy !!!
  • you held hands as you leaned your head on his shoulder ,,, whispering your conversation so you didn’t wake the kids
  • and you were just so … comfortable … that you just started to drift off ///
  • “Y/N wake up, the parents are back” he said softly, nudging you to wake you up 
  • seungcheol thought that you looked so adorable ,,,, all sleepy and beautiful ,,, 
  • you guys stretched once you got up and quietly greeted the parents when they came in
  • you both helped them carry their kids and their belongings back to their car 
  • as the parents left, your parents gave you the money to pay seungcheol then headed off to bed, tired from being up waaay too late
  • as you walked him to the door, you tried to give him the money but he refused
  • “meeting you is worth way more than any amount of money” 
  • as you practically melted and supported yourself on the door frame he looked at you cheekily
  • “although, you could pay me with one last kiss and a date”
  • you couldn’t even reply when he already went in for the kiss
  • when it ended it left you starstruck cause like wow ,,, that was a lot more passionate then the last one
  • “can I assume from you kissing me back that it’s a yes for the date” he asked, smirking
  • you smile and are like well duh captain obvious 
  • you guys exchange numbers and you watch him get into his car and drive off 
  • and you just go and flop down on your bed and think ,,, babysitting isn’t that bad after all 

E mi manchi anche se sei qui con me, mi manchi. Quando sono con te vorrei che il tempo si fermasse, perché solo lì su quella panchina di legno, seduta sulle tue gambe mi sento al posto giusto con là persona giusta. Sono gelosa, anche se non te lo do a notare, sono gelosa di tutte quelle persone che ti hanno conosciuto prima di me, di tutte quelle persone che ti hanno sfiorato, di tutte quelle persone che hanno un posto nel tuo cuore, sono gelosa di tutto e tutti perché io ti voglio solo mio. E dio come mi fai arrabbiare quando non mi rispondi oppure mi ignori, in quei momenti vorrei strozzarti, perché è proprio in quei momenti che mi manchi di più, però ti amo troppo, a volte anche più di me stessa, e quindi non riuscirei ad essere arrabbiata con te per più di dieci minuti. Adoro farmi quei film su noi due che però non arrivano mai alla fine perché ripeto centomila volte la parte più bella. E poi ci sono i tuoi difetti, che per me non sono difetti, perché io li amo più dei tuoi pregi. A volte mi fai impazzire quando fai il saputello, però se non lo facessi mi mancherebbe, e quando fai il geloso, lo adoro, perché significa che ci tieni.
Tra me e te è tutto così bello sembra una di quelle storie d'amore perfette che tutti invidiamo e che noi abbiamo la fortuna di avere.


anonymous asked:

I know that Alla was at the Tony's for Sarah but having her and Darren in the same picture makes me happy.

Amazing isn’t it!!!!!!

And this is the second time she has been seen around Darren in just two months. The last time, she went to Marie Crisis and listened to him play piano (made sure to have a spot right up and close).

This is yet one more of those things that makes me shake my head. The stans will scream that it means nothing. But in fact it means the complete opposite, it means A LOT and tells a million stories that cannot be spoken out loud.  

And let’s not forget, that is DARREN taking the selfie. On DARREN’s iPhone. So it is DARREN who wants to preserve the memory.  And you know who got an immediate text right after with the photo!

DAY 3382

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 1,  2017                Sat 10:09 PM 

Birthday greetings today July 1,  2017 for Ef Alla Ukhina .. wishing her the very best for her health and prosperity .. from us all the Ef Family ..

 .. and the sun rose, and despite “extenuating circumstances that coerce me to preclude you from such a bobble of extravagance ..” I am here a little before time to wish all the great responses from my previous letter and the joy of seeing that it amused many ..

there is work and there is work .. and there is restriction and there is will .. will wins .. work accomplishes .. and what it entails finds its position here :

these be the campaigns for the work done .. more of which should come in due course .. a course that could spell attention dedication information and a hint of accented suffocation … no not really suffocation, but a kind of play that brings a smile of completion in the world of execution .. execution of work not the other kind .. !!

the ability to change is limited in us all .. efforts made may yield some results .. results that could satisfy .. but that factor is dependent on many other factors .. compatibility, acceptability, suitability and one that comes pretty near to availability ..

confused ..??

well that is the general idea .. at times it makes interesting cover to NOT be able to be read, in the sense of the real .. quite frankly most of the time we as beings find ourselves in that range often .. but we recover and resume and rejoice at our vulnerable availability .. much like what most of us are doing now ..

Fact is Ladies and Gentleman of the Ef .. buying time and space is an art, much like the art of speaking that was consuming the letter last night .. and equally I find myself inefficient again in putting any credit to the matter ..

Best then to come to the factual .. and bring forth, what needs to be brought forth .. in substance ..

an offering perhaps of a ‘toffee’ .. strawberry outside lined with the mango flavour in the inside .. yummy and cool .. try .. it may change your taste for life ..

or perhaps :

the counting of a rupee  .. its value in todays world of some eminence, would you not say .. it did in my time .. it could get you a jar full of sweets, or half a membership to the School cricket team .. but now .. a humungous marketing tool in the pricing world .. how many products does the world have that falls just short of the round figure .. a 200, 250 or a 300 .. not many .. in fact not many at all .. its always 199, or 249, 299 .. a brilliant psychological technology that brain washes customer after customer after customer .. !!!

I do the same tonight ..

Happily of course .. in rhythm with the selling that is done .. and its flourish !!

bewildered at the outcome of such selling .. the two toned appearance signifies the possible entrenched question mark, often marking the continued expression of the person above .. ‘dunno what is goin’ on ..’

and more ..

an end to this .. else Ef Alla Ukhina birthday shall pass away, and none shall get opportunity to wish her ..

and so ….

good night in the language of the Ef Alla

Amitabh Bachchan


5 years ago my first meeting with Eddie !!

Esattamente  5 anni  fa, il 2 febbraio 2012, mi recai al Donmar a Londra per vedere lo spettacolo “Richard II” e per incontrare per la prima volta Eddie.

“Richard II” e’ stato bellissimo, emozionante, da brivido……

Quando sono entrata in platea, ero tra le prime, ho sentito il suono delle campane e profumo di incenso, un atmosfera bellissima, calda e accogliente……

Exactly 5 years ago, on February 2, 2012, I went at the Donmar in London to see the play “Richard II” and for to meet  Eddie the first time..   “Richard II” it was a wonderful, exciting, thrilling … …   When I entered the theater, I was among the first, I heard the sound of bells and incense scent, a beautiful atmosphere, warm and cozy … …

Io e mio marito eravamo seduti in prima fila laterale e lui era li’, a due metri da me, seduto sul trono nel mezzo del palco con gli occhi chiusi e palmi delle mani  rivolte verso l’alto e con lo scettro nella mano sinistra. L’attore che seguivo da piu’ di un anno, alla quale avevo visto realizzare Hick, Birdsong e che si stava preparando per il ruolo di Marius ne I Miserabili  era li’ davanti a me immobile, affascinante e regale, e con una bellezza senza tempo.

Il teatro era molto piccolo, il palco centrale, e noi tutti eravamo seduti  intorno ad esso. Una volta entrati tutti gli spettatori e’ iniziato lo spettacolo.

Eddie era sinuoso e lineare nel suo abito bianco……Tutti gli attori volteggiavano sul palco, correvano, lottavano…ovviamente tutta la mia attenzione era rivolta a lui. Vedere Eddie recitare dal vivo e’ incredibile. l’ho trovato molto disinvolto, libero, ma nello stesso tempo intenso, e passava da una risata isterica al pianto e viceversa, con una disinvoltura  e con un carisma che ben pochi attori giovani hanno. Una delle scene piu’ forti e significative per me e’ stato l il passaggio della corona tra  Riccardo e Bolingbroke, l’immediata reazione di Riccardo che gliela strappa  dalle mani urlando,  riponendosela sul capo,  dondolando disperato, sapendo che stava per perderla per sempre , bellissima……..

My husband and I were sitting in the front row on the side and he was there, a few meters from me, seated on the throne in the middle of the stage with  eyes closed and palms facing upwards and with the sceptre in his left hand. The actor that I followed for over a year, which had seen him make Hick, Birdsong and who was preparing for the role of Marius in Les Miserables was there ahead of me still, fascinating and regal, and with a timeless beauty.

The theater was very small, the central stage, and all of us were sitting around it. Once all the audience was inside the show started. 

Eddie was sinuous and straightforward in his white dress … … All the actors onstage ran, fought … but obviously all my attention was turned to him. See Eddie play live is unbelievable. I found it very casual, free, but at the same time intensive, and passed by hysterical laughter to tears and viceversa, with an ease and with a charisma that very few young actors have. One of the strongest scenes and meaningful for me, it was the passage of the Crown between Richard and Bolingbroke the immediate reaction of Richard who rips off his hands and screaming if puts on his head, and his desperate rocking  knowing that he was about to lose it forever, beautiful …… . beautiful … …

I corridoi laterali alle sedie dove eravamo seduti erano percorsi anche dagli attori durante le scene.

L’intensita’, la grande bravura di tutti gli interpreti e la magistrale regia di Micheal Grandage, ha reso questa tragedia, seppur ambientato in questo piccolo teatro, Grande!!!

Adoro Shakespeare, conosco tutte le commedie e qualche tragedia, ma quando ho saputo che lui interpretava Richard II, non ho esitato e mi sono subito attivata per acquistare i biglietti.

The side aisles to the chairs where we were sitting were also traveled by actors during the scenes. The intensity ’, the great skill of all the performers and the perfect direction by Michael Grandage, has made this tragedy, albeit set in this little theater, Great !!!

I love Shakespeare, I know all the plays and some tragedy, and when I learned that he played Richard II, I didn’t hesitate and I immediately turned to purchase tickets. 

Finito lo spettacolo, entuasiasta, sono uscita fuori nella hall del teatro e ho aspettato tutti gli attori……

Lui e’ arrivato per ultimo, l’ho visto scendere dalle scale, e mi son detta ” Ok” ……

Ho  aspettato che facesse foto e autografi con le ragazze presenti li’, che parlasse con una signora di mezza eta’, e poi si e’ rivolto verso di me…..

 I was excited !! When  the show finished ,  I went outside in the theater lobby and waited for all the actors ……  He was the last, I saw him coming down the stairs, and I said to myself ‘OK’ …… I waited for him to do photos and autographs with the girls present them ’, he spoked  with a lady , and then 'turned to me ….

La prima cosa che e’ evidente a tutte, e che mi sono ritrovata a incrociare nell’ immediato, sono stati i suoi occhi, bellissimi, color verde acqua quasi trasparenti. Ero un po’ imbarazzata, ovviamente, ma dal momento che ho assistito al suo approccio con le altre persone, ero decisamente piu’ rilassata.

L’ho salutato  e gli ho donato  un regalo portato dall’italia a nome delle sue fans, e lui e’ rimasto sbalordito, non se lo aspettava!!! Era molto contento…… Poi  ha preso il libro che avevo in mano di Richard II (Italiano /Inglese) e ha cominciato a sfogliarlo, soddisfatto, e mi ha detto ” the book” , ed io “si, l’ho studiato in italiano ed in inglese in modo da capire quasi tutto”. Poi si e’ rivolto a delle ragazze per farsi dare una penna e a gran sorpresa mi ha fatto una piccola dedica con autografo. Intanto di fronte e noi c’era qualcuno che continuava a fotografare……….Piu’ di una volta si era girato per vedere l’individuo………… Alla fine, quando ha lanciato un altra occhiata interrogativa, gli ho detto che quella persona di fronte e noi era mio marito……Non so cosa sia successo, ma siamo entrambe scoppiati in una grande risata e a sorpresa mi ha abbracciato forte e mi ha fatta girare di fronte a Claudio e ci siamo fatti la foto insieme.  

 On first I crossed  immediately  his eyes, beautiful, green-colored water nearly transparent. I was a little embarrassed, of course, but since I have watched his approach with other people, I was definitely more relaxed.  I just waved, and I donated a gift from Italy on behalf of his fans, and he was amazed, didn’t expect!!! He was very happy … … Then he took the book I was holding of Richard II (Italian\/Inglese) and began to leaf through it, satisfied, and said “the book”, I was like, “Yes, I studied in Italian and in English so I could  understand almost everything.” Then he turned to the girls to get a pen and with big surprise he  did a small dedication with autograph. Meanwhile in front us we had someone who kept taking pictures … … …. more than once had turned to see the strange person … … … … At the end, when it launched a second bad look , I told him that that person in front of us was  my husband … I don’t know what happened, but we are both broke out into a great laugh and a surprise hugged me strong and made me turn opposite to Claudio and we get the whole picture.    

Lui e’ stato splendido, amichevole, gentile e grato per il regalo ricevuto.

Infine gli ho detto di maneggiarlo con cura perche’ il regalo era delicato, e lui con delicatezza lo ha appoggiato sul fondo della scala, e ha continuato a stare ancora li’ con noi per 2 minuti a parlare con altre persone, poi e’ uscito e lo abbiamo visto scomparire.

Ecco questo e’ stato il mio primo incontro di dieci. E’ passato diverso tempo, molti di noi che lo seguono da anni  lo hanno visto crescere professionalmente e  sono orgogliosi di tutto cio’ che e’ riuscito a realizzare. Grazie.

He’s been wonderful, friendly, polite and grateful for the gift received.   Finally told him to handle it carefully because the gift was delicate, and he carefully leaned on the bottom of the ladder, and has continued to stand still there with us for 2 minutes to talk to other people, then got out and we saw it disappear.

This  was my first meeting of ten. It ’s been a long time, many of us who follow him for years have seen him grow professionally and we are proud !!

Dopo il secondo incontro avvenuto dopo qualche mese, decisi di dedicargli il primo blog Italiano/ Inglese su Tumbler, subito dopo su  Twitter e  dal 2016 anche su Instagram. Eddie e’ un grandissimo talento e un deliziosa persona.

After the second meeting took place a few months later, I decided to dedicate the first Italian / English blog on Tumbler, immediately on Twitter and from 2016 also on Instagram. Eddie is a great talent and a  delightful person.


P.S. here’s the actors thanks !!

nonpersone  asked:

heyy sono ancora in tempo per chiederti un Enj in #149 o un R in #78? i tuoi disegni sono stupendi, complimenti!! grazie✌

Hiii!!!!! Sorry if it took me so long, I’m really sorry!

alla fine ho fatto solo un doppio R, Enj mi si è cancellato tipo tremila volte e a quel punto ho capito che nè photoshop nè hugo volevano che disegnassi enj
Spero ti piaccia, grazie mille per avermi mandato un messaggio e per i complimenti, davvero singificano tanto <3

translation: in the end I only drew a double R, photoshop crashed a thousand times while I was drawing Enj and clearly nor PS, nor Hugo wanted me to draw him
Hope you like it!! Thanks you so much for requesting and for the compliments, it really means a lot <3

quando dico che la mia vita è paradossale e curiosa, intendo che i miei jeans si tengono su grazie a un portachiavi che ho infilato nella zip, che per farmi un complimento mi hanno detto “certo che sei più bella di tua madre”, e che il signore seduto vicino a me alla fermata dell'autobus si sta tagliando le unghie usando tutto il kit che ha adagiato tra di noi - ora gli chiedo se posso usare un attimino la limetta di questo salone di bellezza itinerante.

anonymous asked:

This is what I find most interesting about the Marie's Crisis event Thursday night: BOTH management teams were there. Like many other CC shippers, my mind is whirling around with scenarios and possibilities. After all, we have not seen the likes of this sort of "CC" conglomeration since...NEVER! The only thing "missing" was Colfer. (Or so it seemed.)

Ask #2: so was this guy chris or not? bc i’m pretty sure it was him at the Marie’s Crisis last night. any good thoughts?

Ask 3: so was this guy chris or not? bc i’m pretty sure it was him at the Marie’s Crisis last night. any good thoughts?

Ask 4: Good morning! I have so many questions.  Like everyone else I saw the birds nest pic and everyone knew that was fake. I also saw a post about D and C being with their families in the fashion district. Then Alla post about a fun time at Marie’s Crisis. There’s a pic of a tall man behind her with his hair coifed high. Please tell me your thoughts. Especially about hanging out at a fashion event. Do you believe it was our boys? This is the most we’ve seen/ heard in ages. They’re ready to end this! 


I am trying to be better. Since all of these are similar, combining my response.  I do not think the tall man in the video and stills is Chris. Similar but not the same. 

However, do I think Chris was in NYC with Darren? 100% yes. Why? First, ask yourself. When was the last time we had a verified sighting of Chris? I’d say a month ago when he was in NYC promoting STFF. 

Second. We have the birds.  My honest opinion about his animal posting.I think its intentional and at this point, more for us than for those he is trying to fool.  He knows we expect him to post some photo that “proves” he is in LA. And i think he posts them almost as a sign, “I am saying I am in LA but actually I am wherever in the world my husband has gone.”. And this past week it was NYC.

Do I think Chris was at Marie’s? I would say possible but doubtful, though not the man in question.  As one of you point out. Marie’s is incredibly small. It is the tiny dive bar and when it is crowded as it appeared to be Thursday night, there is nowhere to hide.  BUT I would say at this point, Chris is a master at blending into the crowd.  If you have ever had the opportunity to walk around the West Village, where Marie’s is located, you would come to the same conclusion as me. It would be so easy for Darren and Chris to blend in if they want to. A pair jeans. A hat  Or a hoodie.  Contacts to hide their eyes. Just 2 more good looking guys in the village.  There are so many of them they would blend in.   So could he have been present and hanging in the back? Absolutely plausible.

But much more interesting to me was Allla. Yes,she brought her clients with her.  No one is denying that.  But she chose to take a photo with Michael. Chose for her after party to be at tiny little Marie’s Crisis. Was standing with Darren in one of the photos I have seen. And perched at the piano while Darren was playing.  Watching him. She even tweeted about being there,.  And the next day, posted the photo with Michael.  This is not the behavior of someone who’s client is NOT friends with Darren. Even if she went, she would not have made her presence known. She loves and respects Chris too much for that.

So why did she post?  As I said multiple times yesterday, Alla is very deliberate in the message she sells.  I do not doubt for 1 second she is team CC, But her job is PR. And as part of that job, she is charged with selling the PR narrative.  But on many occasions she has strongly hinted at CC.  Many. And Friday into Saturday she did her job at showing that she is a fan of Darren and friendly with his PR rep.  And you know why she and Michael are friendly?  Because they have been working together for years on hiding CC. And while Michael has taken a step back post Glee, he is back again and promoting Darren.  I would guess because Darren’s star is very much rising. But I would also guess it is because the Miarren chapter is ending and a new chapter is beginning. We don’t yet know what that chapter will look like.  A break up? (I assume yes). A new beard?  Single Darren?  The truth? You all know my predication, it will be stages. And well, if we are to get stages, both Darren and Chris have to agree to the strategy and their teams have to work together to climb their way out of the absolute mess that has been made (one that could have been completely avoided if a certain person was fired years ago as she should have been and if CC were allowed to be friends in public).

And what evidence do I have of this besides observation?  The captain of the CC Ship himself, Christopher Paul Colfer, who went out of his way to comment on Alla’s IG post.  Saying “usually when I see these sweet faces I have a drink in my hand.”  Well Chris that is interesting. When was the last time you saw Michael? I mean you hate Darren right? Oh yeah, that is right. You live with Darren and have been for years.  And every decision made is made together. And no doubt Chris has seen Michael and Alla this week, all with a cocktail, perhaps at the apartment he shares with Darren, planning for the future.

And you know what the biggest sign this week of Chris being present and someone being very unhappy?  The little stunt pulled yesterday with one of the worst photoshops I have seen. Again having little to no faith in her fans that perhaps they had seen the original and would remember it just like we did.


Dai” is an interjection used almost daily by italians.
It is ofc also the 2nd singular person of the indicativo presente and of the imperativo moods of the verb dare, but I’m not going to talk about that use now.

It is used to express scepticism, incredulity: it can be followed by other exclamations as “I can’t believe it” (non ci credo!) “It can’t be real/true” (non può essere vero / non è vero) or just mean it. It often follows the word “ma” (=but), used to stress the feeling of scepticism/surprise.
At times, you can hear it used ironically, as “you don’t say” (you can find also “ma no” used the same way):

“Lo sapevi che alla fine anche Luca si è sposato?!” “(Ma) Dai! No, non ci credo!” - “Did you know that in the end Luca got married?” “No way, I can’t believe it!”
“…avevi ragione tu, Laura si è proprio trasferita” “(Ma) Daai?! E tu che non ti fidavi…” - “…you were right, Laura did move elsewhere” “You don’t say?! And you didn’t even want to believe me…”

“Dai” is used also to give strenght to another, to incite, meaning “don’t worry, come on”. It’s used also at the end of a chat, when you come to an agreement to something, or you’re summing up what you said to end the chat (like you’re late for something and need to go). It is often used also as a light scold:

Dai, vedrai che la prossima volta andrà meglio - Don’t worry, nest time it’ll be better
Non prendertela, dai.. - Don’t worry/don’t be upset, come on
Dai, non fare così. - Please/Come on, don’t act like this
Dai, sbrigati! - Come on, hurry up!
Dai allora ci vediamo sabato! - Ok then we’ll meet on saturday!

“Dai!” used alone as an exclamation means also annoyance: for example, if someone is annoying you/teasing you and you’re not in the mood, you might yell: “Dai!” or “Dai, smettila!” - “Enough! / Stop it!”.
Another use is the idiomatic expression “dai e dai”, meaning “a forza di provare”, when you insist doing something. It means something like “after trying and trying”, “again and again”… 

E dai e dai, alla fine ce l’ho fatta! - After trying so many times, I finally made it!

gaykratosaurion  asked:

Popcorn emoji!!!

Omg your url reminded me of this a while back

When I was in high school (or 8th grade??), me and my best friend @donotfeedthewildauthor (hey gurl ;D) were playing through tales of symphonia, right? So I would go to her house and spend the night sometimes, and I’d bring the game, the memory card, and my two gamecube controllers, and this particular time I was excited because we were almost at the part where you meet Zelos (which also meant we were almost at Tethe’alla)

Except one day I got there and realized I only brought the game and one controller?? (I still don’t know how that happened lmao) Only bringing one controller wasn’t that big of a deal, it’s only one-player most of the time anyway, but since I didn’t bring the memory card, that meant we didn’t have our save data? So we were like dang…wtf do we do now….But then we started thinking, it probably wouldn’t take that long to get back to where we were from the beginning, right? We could just skip through all the cutscenes we had already seen, and breeze through the enemies and stuff, and we’ll be back at that point in no time! (I don’t remember which one of us came up with that idea?? Probably me tbh)

So that’s what we did! We camped out in front of the tv for the whole day trying to speedrun through the game to the point we were at in our save file! But it took longer than we expected (of course, Tethe’alla is a good like….20 hours into the game lol), so by the end of the night we had to go to bed, but if we turned the console off, then we’d lose all our progress, plus her little brother liked to get up and play video games first thing in the morning? So we turned the tv off while leaving the console on, and we left a multiple page sticky note letter to her brother on the tv, basically saying “don’t turn the wii off or switch games or anything, don’t even touch it, don’t even LOOK at it, if you do then you’re DEAD”

So we got back to it the next day and it took us most (if not all) of that day too, but we finally made it….we got to Tethe’alla and saw the cutscene with Zelos, so our goal was fulfilled….We realized that it was kinda pointless because next time I came over we’d have to do part of it again anyway from where we left off in our save file, but I mean…..clearly we didn’t have anything better to do anyway lmao

(Send me a popcorn emoji for a random story that’s happened to me)

anonymous asked:

Crime lord x innocent one AUs? Or something along those lines?

What a wonderful idea :)

  • I just got the shit beaten out of me over a bad deal and my ass ended on the side of the street, where you just so happened to stumble across. you stared at me for a slick moment, then offered a cigarette and a nice talk.
  • “I’m relatively new in town and you often stop by the restaurant I work at for brunch, and it honestly took me a long while to notice how tense everyone got when they spotted eyes on you cause apparently you’re some renown drug kingpin? and you kill a lot of people? and I knew absolutely none of this? or else I wouldn’t be chatting you up like a sweet old lady every time I served you instead of watching my every word? dUDE??”
    • “you made it very clear though that I’m your favorite person to visit at restaurants and honestly I have no idea how I feel about a crime lord having a very clear crush on me cause man,,im jus tryna pay the bills and maybe adopt some more cats..? yeh i dont have time to be dealing with alla that”
  • I caught sight of some deal going south so I did what any dumbass would do, and stepped in to stop one of them from killing the other. Y'all have some damn anger problems though cause I ended up getting cLOCKED IN THE NOSE BUT JOKES ON U CAUSE sURPRISE I GET ANGRY TOO AND SMACKED THAT RIGHT BACK BUt you started laughing bc apparently some lil thing like me getting angry and violent was not something you were expecting
    • wha t the fuck is going on there’s a half-dead man on the ground and my nose is gushing blood and somehow this is turning really funny for the both of us because! what the f uck! is happening! and no! i dont want a job???
  • “I wouldn’t say I’m a criminal per say–more like an accessory to the criminal organization that I sometimes help with money laundering and accounting, but yeah blood? aha no, no. just no.”
    • “look I understand that with crime stuff there’s gonna be blood and that you’re the boss and everything but seriously, can you wait to beat someone up until I’m gone? I’m just here for accounting advice man idk it’s sorta a phobia?”
      • “okay I wasn’t actually expecting you to be concerned at all about my feelings but now you’re offering to help guide my way through a sea of bodies in an accidental shoot out without me seeing any of it and…thats actually…kinda sweet”
        • “who knew a person who just finished killing like ten guys would be offering to hold my hand so gently alrightyyyy aha ur kinda cute”
  • I kidnapped you for a ransom bc you know this rich prick I’d done business with before and about halfway through of keeping you chained to a chair I realized we lowkey already met before at a party hosted by said rich prick, soyeah……..hey how you doin’
    • we were also flirting like nonstop that entire night too oops
      • maybe almost hooked up
        • okay we had sex, but this totally isn’t personal
          • ……….you seeing anybody?

  • Ive lived for a very long time, made many deals, built many empires and basically ruled everything i wanted. and yet. no matter how many years have passed and how many mortals have died, i still see you. just you. walking around like you have no care in the world. immortals arent supposed to be like that, theyre not even supposed to exist anymore, and yet here u are…just livin life as you do with ur dumb happy smile and sunshine laugh and beautiful face
    • and yet my miserable ass is still here, hating you and the world for the fact that i cant breathe a word to any other immortal without stripping away their life span along with my own
      • and that really fucking sucks sometimes because youre everything i wish i was and something i need but never deserve
The BAU! gotta catch them all!

AN: what is my life…
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I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each killer to understand
The psycho that’s inside

Profilers, gotta catch ‘em all
Its you and me
I know it’s my destiny
Profilers, oh, you’re my best friend
In a world you must defend
Profilers, gotta catch 'em all
A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I’ll teach you
Profilers, gotta catch 'em all
Gotta catch 'em all

Every challenge along the way
With courage I will face
I will profile every day
To claim my rightful place

Come with me, the time is right
There’s no better team
Arm in arm we’ll win the fight
It’s always been our dream

The BAU, gotta catch 'em all

Its you and me
I know it’s my destiny
The BAU, oh, you’re my best friend
In a world we must defend
Profilers, gotta catch 'em all
A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I’ll teach you
The BAU, gotta catch 'em all
Gotta catch 'em all
Gotta catch 'em all
Gotta catch 'em all

Guys I honestly love the line “I’m like a bird, not a turkayy” from svt’s highlight right.. RIGHT?

Guess what

I just realized that The8 sang that line


look at all of these friggin birds

especially this bird who kILLS ME OMFG



me 90% of the time: idk i’m only half italian by ethnicity, my grandparents were born in the states so i’m not like that italian you know? i’m just out here