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Hey, I've seen that a lot of stim toy shops sell marble mazes, but what are they exactly?

That’s a great question! Thanks for writing to ask, I hope this helps clear up what marble mazes are for you and anyone else who is unsure. I sell my marble mazes here on etsy and on @stimtastic​.

Marble mazes are perfect for autistic folks, people with anxiety, and people who have trichotillomania, dermatillomania, or are recovering from addiction. Or for people who just like to fidget or have something to do with their hands!

Marble mazes are typically made of flannel so they are soft to the touch (although I have done both satin and plain cotton on custom orders) and the ones I sell are about 3 inches by 5 inches. You can manipulate the marble with your fingers so it moves around in the maze and slides through the spaces between the lines that are sewn into the fabric. By moving the marble through the maze, it acts as a fidget toy, which can both distract and calm you. It can be quite meditative. The sensory marble mazes are very portable and fold up to fit in your pocket easily.

Below are some picture examples of mazes:

The Welcoming by Beth Ann Fennelly

Distance was the house from which I welcomed you.
Time, time was the house, and to welcome you
I strung garlands of eggshells and rubies.

Thirsty I welcomed you, you the salt
sucked from the tips of braids
after running from the ocean of someone else’s childhood.

I turned the skeleton key. I welcomed you from the narthex
of invisible churches.

There at the marble bar at the Folks-Bergère
I welcomed you in the mirror,
waving my chartreuse tumbler,
wearing my velvet choker, wafting my nocturnal perfume.

On the subway of extranjeros
I patted the empty seat beside me.

I foraged for you in welcome. Like a bottlenose dolphin,
I tore sponge from the sea floor
covered my beautiful nose with it and dug between barnacled rocks.
Yes I welcomed you with my efficient body.

I welcomed you from the house of memory,
where I am lonely

Again I vow not to think about whether you arrived,
or in what state.

Just that I was there, welcoming

with a singed collar, with a bee balmed in amber,
with an oyster cracker, a seashell full of champagne.

I welcomed you from a house of needles.
I welcomed you from the fists of babies.
Standing on the doormat
of’ my black shadow,
with a beginner’s brow, with a hoop of angels,
with the ache of unlit candles,
I welcomed you.

tartan skirts, rose scent perfume, girls, long car journeys, lipstick kisses, needless sparkles, punk rock and indie folk, short poetry, thin gold chains, marble floored museums, white silk, group laughter, daisy chain crowns, torn leather, interlocked venus signs, toenails painted red, backlit blonde, vertical book stacks, cranberry vodka, nighttime rooftop conversations, someone else’s hoodie, skinny bony hands and feet, people-watching, short dresses and fishnets, flushed cheeks, biting your jewellery, secret diaries

To the MH/CL44 fans that think the Awake channel has ties to CL44...

It’s not related. And I just found out it isn’t a game jack either so whoops on my and everyone’s part for thinking that!

It’s a related channel to a weird account called Cave of Shadows and you can find it on the Channels section.

Again: it’s not related to CL44 nor a game jack that me and others thought it was at first. It’s from a different weird thing.

Just some thoughts on “headcanon” vs “misrepresentation”

For real though, there needs to be some clarity.

It’s a heated debate as far as “headcanon” versus “misrepresentation of characters” regarding creepypasta/slendervers/etc go. 

It’s a complex issue. On the one hand, people are entitled to their preferences and headcanons and you’re not entitled to attack them for it. But at the same time, when the headcanons become so widely accepted that half the fanbase doesn’t even know of the origin, we’ve got a problem.

For example, we’ve got Masky from Marble Hornets. A few years back a few comics in the creepypasta community (mine included) decided to include him in the series, since the Slenderverse lends very well to all the creepy shenanigans and whatnot. When these works were made, the authors were fully aware of his origin, and fully aware of his character, and chose to represent him in a number of ways. I personally went the shy/innocent route because I knew that was really nothing like his character and thought it would be amusing in an alternate universe setting. (This was a general rule for me, which is why all the characters I portrayed behaved in such a relatively comical OOC way) I know this is true for most of the other authors/artists as well. 

We were fully aware of the origins and canon character personalities, and many of us carefully noted that our works were immensely non-canon and just for fun, and therefore not a reflection of the actual characters.

However, problems arose when the number of people reading these comics and seeing these pictures inflated at a rate at which we could not foresee. (The beginning of the “glory days” of the Creepypasta community if you will) This influx brought in many new (mostly young) fans who were unfamiliar with much of the source material. And upon finding these series’, and often times having them as their first exposure, instead of taking them as a tongue and cheek play at an AU representation, they mistakenly took it as the origins and canon personalities of said characters. 

This has resulted in a lot of people getting mad at these younger fans, (and I can’t entirely blame them) for flooding the market so greatly with incorrect portrayals without the context or even understanding that it’s OOC or AU, that a HUGE chunk of the community operated under false pretenses with these characters. To the point where many people would claim Masky to be their “favorite creepypasta” without even knowing what Marble Hornets was. 

I’ve tried politely correcting and educating folks I run into that think this way and have had great luck with them! However, there seem to be so many of them that it’s a bit alarming. To be honest it makes me feel a little remorseful for ever making my whimsical series to begin with. I only ever intended it to be a small thing where my friends and I laughed at the ridiculous scenarios I threw the OOC hodgepodge group into and reveled in the sheer absurdity. I never foresaw it becoming popular the way it did, and I’m terrified that I helped worsen this problem in the community, even unintentionally.

That being said, it would appear that a good deal of the eccentric fanbase has sort of lost interest in the Creepypasta/Marble Hornets/Slenderverse characters and have moved elsewhere (*coughFNAFcough*) and with the community no longer bloated up to gargantuan proportions, I’ve seen a bit of a drop in these shenanigans. 

I’m not really sure what the point of this rant was. Mostly just something that’s been on my mind and bothering me lately. I mean for no hostilities, just thoughts and observations.

I guess when it comes down to it, it’s just important to be kind to one another. If you see someone spouting off about their love for a common misconception about a character you deeply love, please don’t yell at them. Simply offer a correction and politely educate them on the matter. You have the power to either hurt a kid for something they’re probably just young and ignorant about, or to intrigue them with information about the real source, and create another true fan of the thing you love so much! 

I don’t know. Don’t mind me. Just talking about what’s on my mind haha Rant over :)


Songs We Love: nadiareid, “Call The Days

Love is knowing what’s best for yourself; but on this heartbroken, self-assured song, the New Zealand folk artist with the warm, marbled alto hints that we betray our best intentions.