this is male privilege

When people of colour are expected to educate white people as to their humanity, when women are expected to educate men, lesbians and gay men are expected to educate the heterosexual world, the oppressors maintain their position and evade their responsibility for their own actions.
—  Audre Lorde
When did liberal men start thinking it was acceptable to tell feminists that they aren't feminist enough?
Ten years ago The Onion published the piece “Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement”. At the time it was intended as satire but, as with much that seemed a joke in the early noughties, one could be forgiven for thinking it has come true today.
Unpopular opinions

• there are only two genders
• black people can be racist
• women can be sexist
• not wanting to date someone because they are trans is not transphobic
• gender is not a social construct
• gender is not a spectrum
• biological sex is indeed a thing
• transage is disturbing
• otherkin is insane and not real
• women can rape and abuse
• you have to have dysphoria to be trans
• there are only four sexualities.
• micro aggressions are ridiculous
• fat acceptance is harmful
• women in the west are not oppressed
• there is no rape culture
• it is not sexual harassment or objectification to compliment a woman’s appearance
• men are not scary or aggressive
• women aren’t angels
• men and women aren’t the same
• dysphoria is a mental illness
• trans people should go to the bathroom of the gender they pass as.

-from a bisexual transman who is sick of your bullshit.

The specter of male privilege has long since been a way to deny trans women’s womanhood and basic humanity. Invoking male privilege is often meant to imply that trans women don’t know what it is like to live as “real” women — that we have not suffered the way other women have suffered, that we have not been disenfranchised by patriarchy because of our genders, and that our early experiences allow us access to forms of social power which influence how we move through the world even after we transition. This argument, beyond hinging all of womanhood on a relatively singular experience of suffering, has often been used to flatten the vast array of different life experiences among trans women and other transfeminine-spectrum people. At worst, it contributes to a culture of violence, harassment, exclusion, and erasure that presents a real threat to the lives and physical safety of the most marginalized among us.

Insisting that feminists believe in a conspiracy where every man in the world gets together and plots to oppress us is one of the most irritating derailing tactics ever, because literally no feminist has ever believed that in the history of ever.

When we talk about male privilege, we’re talking about traditions and rules and ideas that benefit men at the expense of women, perpetuated mostly by people who don’t analyse these things at all, much less recognise that they’re supporting male supremacy.

We’re saying that the weight of history - in the form of ideas no one questions because that’s the way things have been for ages - is making the playing field uneven in men’s favour.

And all it takes to see evidence of that is to look around. Why do men hold more political power? Why are men paid more for the same job? Why do men hold more high-level positions? Why are most characters men in movies and video games? Why do women do more housework? Why are jobs that mostly women do considered less important and paid less than jobs that mostly men do? Why do we think it’s the woman who was irresponsible if a woman and a man create an unexpected pregnancy?

It literally just takes a little critical thought and maybe a little googling to realise that misogyny is a real problem. Men are more valued in our cuture. That’s the problem. There’s no secret cabal of men conspiring to dominate women - conspiracies aren’t necessary to keep traditions in place.

Dear cis feminist

Please acknowledge that not all men have male privilege, not all men are seen as male, not all men are “manly enough” to have male privilege. And some men have life experience as a woman. And some people you assume are male aren’t.
~just a friendly​ reminder from your neighborhood transgender folk.