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Finally the drawing prototypes for the Tale!Sans and Fell!Sans cosplay heads are here!!!! VERY special thank you to @mnstrcndy for working with us on the Underfell Sans! We love you!!
Keep in mind that Underfell Sans is also a Work In Progress and this is not quite the 100% finalized product but just to show you what we generally have planned for him! This is just MC’s wonderful illustration before we go ahead and draw/measure it out ourselves. [Vince will be finishing the finalized drawing sometime later tonight for posting (Timezone: EST)]

Once Fell Sans is finalized we will be picking up supplies and Vince will begin the process of creating and carving Tale!Sans out of pink insulation foamboard and eventually resin casting. Fell!Sans will be built off Tale!Sans in the process. Don’t worry, there WILL be progress pictures!

Swap!Sans design already exists and will be smoothed out a bit in preparation for casting:

As you can see the differences between Swap!Sans and Tale/Fell!Sans are quite different and more “mature” looking.

The list is still open if you are interested in contacting me for one of these three heads at a base price of $250 USD + SHIPPING! You can ALWAYS message me for any questions or details!

I will tonight be making a separate page on my blog for a name-placement queue of who’s heads are being made first. This all depends on how fast you plan to pay.

A couple previews from my YYH adventures at Momocon this year! A lovely shot of Itsuki from the YYH meetup, and a teaser of the Jin/Touya shoot I did with @digitonicelectronic :D

Now time to fix Shishiwakamaru and then decide who from my too-long list of YYH characters to make next >.>

Itsuki photog-
Jin/Touya photog-

the big list of cosplay tips

from personal experience and also tips given to me by my cosplay idols. feel free to add on.

-as long as you have the determination and motivation to just sit down and DO IT, you CAN DO IT
-it’s okay to walk into a cosplay not knowing how to do anything. it’s okay to learn as you go.
-it’s okay to walk into a cosplay knowing how to do everything. it doesn’t make your effort worth anything less.
-it’s okay to make mistakes. mistakes can always be fixed.
-it’s okay to make mistakes. mistakes can always be fixed.

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Funny Love OTP And AU Prompts
  • I’m terrible at singing and karaoke. Still, every Friday night I come in and subject myself to public embarrassment because there’s this cutie I really like who works at the karaoke bar.
  • I sent a text message to the wrong person but you text me back. It didn’t stop there and since then we’ve just been texting each other back and forth. Now I have you added to my list of contacts.
  • I’m on a bowling team and I really wanted to impress you by getting a third strike. Instead I got so nervous my fingers got caught in the bowling ball. I lost my balance and slipped out onto the bowling lane.
  • We’re both super into cosplay and have been working for many days on our outfits for the big day. Finally when the day arrives we’re at the con and my cosplay starts to fall apart! But you came prepared and saved me with your backpack of emergency supplies.
  • You’re always making jokes about the nerds that wait in those long lines for new apple products. I always laugh and agree with you but on the inside I’m nervous because I’m one of those nerds that camps out in those lines.
  • You like to tell me the same lame jokes every single day and secretly I’m so sick of them. I never think they’re funny but I still laugh at them because I know that it makes you feel good.
  • We’ve just started living together. I’m determined to make you your favorite food to celebrate but the problem is you’re from a mixed ethnic background. I’m clueless. So I search the internet for hours for the perfect recipe for you and pass out near the computer.
  • While I was cleaning up the place I threw out some old clothes, including an ugly shirt. Turns out that was your favorite shirt and it really upset you when you couldn’t find it. So I went to the dump and searched until I found your shirt.
  • I’ve been running an online blog for months. You’re always the first one commenting on anything I put up and I’ve loved it. Turns out we actually know each other irl and neither of us even knew it!
  • I love magic and you love science. Every time I perform, however, you’re always there to reveal how I did my tricks. I hate you!! One day though I made a live rabbit disappear…and…long story short that rabbit was gone. Neither of us had a good explanation.
Characters to Whom I Relate

(tagged by @echoofmidnight over a year ago to do this, finally doing it, now with 100% less ending prepositions in the title)

In which Devon probably definitely massively overshares about his problems

unlike the original I’ll actually add a brief(?) explanation and not just their name and photo. one might also notice some overlap between this list and character’s I’ve cosplayed, for obvious reasons.

im tagging @messed-up-polkadots @moss-effect @duchashka @writingpikachu @tanosoka

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(hope you don’t mind these ones being photos instead of scans).
They became aceo cards for adeslowmoqueen. Now all three cards are safe at her place (ah and I also got three cards from her). Oh and yes, this is Cat-Mahiru up there~~

Now that I’m done with making cosplays I can fully draw to my heart’s content. You can look forward to it, there’s a long list of fanarts I kept wanting to draw! XD

anonymous asked:

First of all I like to say that I really really REALLY LOVE your art style. You are honestly one of my all time favorite artists. Keep up being awesome like you always are. now, i'm thinking about making the spain doll you drew long time ago for my chibi romano cosplay. However, I really wanna try and ask anyway, do you know what material I can use the best to make the doll? it would be a great help if you thought with me on this one.

((Thank you!! ;O; Oh gosh, this is a little complicated. I’d love to answer it in depth with a tutorial or something– but I only have experience sewing clothing. I’ll just list some things and give options to consider, I guess?
I know a lot of people who make plushes and they usually use some variations of fleece (I assume anti-pilling fleece) because it’s soft, colourful, and easy to sew. I had a natural cotton material in mind when I drew it, because the fleece I mentioned isn’t anywhere near the 1500s. For the hair, I think I had a thick yarn in mind when I drew it, but usually I see people just cut the shape from fleece as well. The face would be easier to paint on, especially his cheeks, but I also had hand-stitching in mind when I drew it for the mouth and eyes at least. And for stuffing, I had something in mind like the body was a more solid stuffing (cotton fluff) while the limbs were stuffed loosely with beads/beans because they were more floppy. It might be complicated to sew the clothes directly in, instead of making a body and sewing miniature clothing, but that’s what I had in mind. Here’s a little turn-around of the doll with some seams drawn in. It’s definitely not a 16th century rag doll but ease >antiquity in this case lol  If you get stuck at any point making it, ask me off-anon and I’ll try to help in more detail! ))


Okay so i’m pretty sure all of us know the pains of having to work with wigs. High prices, tangles, high shine, not real looking and many more problems that can deem a wig useless and have it’s fate lead straight into the trash can.





Now you may be wondering what he hell this thing is, but I have already told you. It is a fabric steamer that you just pour water into, plug it in and steam away! But this device is not only good for steaming clothes, it can be used for wigs!

“But won’t the hot steam burn my wig!”


With a bit of careful brushing, and sectioning and steaming, you can turn a disgusting wig like this,


(okay those aren’t the same wigs but you get the picture.)

If you still aren’t sold on the wonders that is the handheld steamer for all your wig fixing needs, i would like to show you the amazing power of this method.

I have used this method myself, on a disgusting party city wig that like most party city wigs, looked a rotten mess of tangles, folds and a crusty texture that everyone is grossed out by. But after using the steamer, the wig i purchased from party city went from a greasy mess to this!

(yes that is actually me and yes that is a party city wig this thing works miracles.)

And if you are thinking that such a amazing device is far to expensive for you, NOT TO WORRY!

These puppies can be bought for around 20-30 dollars and they last a long time and are just the best thing in the world.

So go on! Buy one of them and make all of your wigs look flawless and beautiful because everyone want’s a cosplay that’s perfect to them in every way. And a good wig is in my opinion one of the most important parts of a cosplay, so this way you can make that gr8 wig without spending a bunch of money on it!

(links to videos where this method is used.)

(and another way to style wigs with a curling or straightening iron without damaging your wig)

Feferi Peixes Skirt Tutorial

A simple skirt tutorial, step by step in extremely full detail with drawn out pictures (because i forgot to take pictures during the process groaaan) under the cut! Used inches/yards as measurement. All under $20 and can be done in one night. I suggest reading everything first, then trying it out, step by step, in case of error. I tried this without a pattern the night before I was supposed to give this skirt to a friend because I got the materials it that night hhh

LEVEL: Medium, need to know knowledge of sewing, pinning, and hemming

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 2015 cosplay round-up time!

While there’s a chance I might make something before the end of the month, I’m going to call it. 2015 was straight up a terrible year for me, it’s been a gigantic struggle and my health has been terrible. Cosplay, however, was on point. In order of appearance at cons:

Ronan the Accuser: done in record time for the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay, wherein I proceeded not to place and mostly just fainted a lot wearing a mostly rubber suit. Took it out again and swept First Place and Best In Show in masters category elsewhere.

Lady Loki (again): I wanted to wear Lady Loki, made a new dress in like two hours out of trash. Loki is trash, and so am I.

Scarlet Witch (Age of Ultron concept art Avenger uniform): Made out of two 5$ upholstery leather remnants from Hancock Fabrics, took two days. Wore for a photoshoot and never again.

Olwê of Alqualondë: King of the sea elves for a shoot at Katsucon, had been in process for a while but I panic-finished it to shoot and ended up loving it; I’ll probably do more with it in the future with a better wig.

Black Widow (CA:TWS suit): I’ve wanted to be Black Widow for years, I’m not sure why it took me this long. Of all the costumes on the list it’s probably the one I’ve now worn the most, since I use it for a superhero charity group, but I have no pictures :(

Winter Soldier: That’s not me but I’m including it here instead of my commissions list because it’s my husband and I have converted him to the dark side of both cosplay and Bucky/Natasha shippers. Yes, good, let the fandom flow through you~  (also the costume sucked to make, tyvm)

Maedhros (part 2: Silmaril Boogaloo): Revamped and replaced everything except the armor, to wear Maedhros for the NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay where I took first place in my division! (and was called Tauriel, a lot). Definitely  a huge passion project, going on about 600 hours of work over the last couple of years now and I think I can finally declare it done. It’s been cleaned and is sealed in storage and though I love it, I don’t want to see it for a while.

Not shown/done on commission; Thranduil(x2), Loki, Margaery Tyrell(x2), and a few dozen prop orders before I dropped off the face of the earth on indefinite medical leave in July.

This year I spent the majority of conventions lying on the ground and leaving early, which does tend to suck the fun out a bit. I kind of hit the end of the line, as far as health and chronic illness goes, which is putting a damper on things. This coming year, my only halfway solid con plans are KatsuCon (because it’s a gift), and NYCC (because I already have passes). Fingers crossed I recover, can get back to teaching, and be able to hit the con circuit hard by the time summer comes around.

And thank you to some of my favorite fun and supportive cosplay friends in no particular order and probably missing a lot; @daretomarvel @ambrorussa @theshatteredsilhouette @alexandriathegeek @tk9336 @leonardnimoy @aviva0017  @marilladesigns

theilluminatidimension  asked:

Hello! I'm new to this blog, but your works are amazing! I've anyways wanted to cosplay, but I'm also super dirt poor. How can I get the best effects for cosplay while also staying super cheap? I'd love a response, thank you!

First of all, thank you! I always get really warm and fuzzy inside when someone says they appreciate my work! <3

Now, onto the main question.

Let me be really clear here: The way I cosplay is not cheap. It requires a large initial investment (sewing machine, heat gun, dremel, etc.) as well as continually buying materials for new cosplays.

But you don’t have to cosplay like I cosplay!

You can make cosplay a cheap(er) hobby by sticking to closet cosplays, or thrifted cosplays, or borrowing cosplays from helpful friends, or buying secondhand cosplays through Facebook groups and whatnot. I personally just bought some really wonderful pieces from @dangerous-ladies at a good price because they’re trying to clean out their multitude of wonderful costumes! Always keep an eye out for good deals from other costumers.

Also, Don’t forget that in addition to cosplay construction/purchasing costs, you’ll probably want to wear your cosplay to a convention. You have to learn to balance the cost of your style of cosplay with your convention costs.

For a small local convention, you might only be looking at a $40 ticket, but don’t forget to factor in travel costs ($5-$10), food costs (another $20 for lunch and dinner, conservatively), and any additional merchandise you might buy, which can easily round out to $100 for a weekend. Larger cons that include more travel, hotel stays, and higher-priced tickets, can easily run you $300+.

That being said, there are ways to keep costs down and quality up. Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • Budget your money. Figure out how much money it will take for you to create a costume. How much are you willing to spend for the cosplay between now and the convention? $100 might be a bit much to drop all at once for cosplay materials, but $20 over the course of 5 months isn’t so bad. Make it part of your monthly budget. I, for example, try to keep my cosplay materials spending below $100/month based on my income and (lack of) hobbies. Sometimes I fail, but I recognize when I’ve gone over budget and immediately stop spending money after that.

  • Budget your time. “Fast, Cheap, Good. Pick two.” This is one hundred percent true. If you want your cosplay to look good but still be as cheap as possible, you need to start planning far in advance.  Find the materials you want, then stalk them until they go on sale. Coupon like crazy (see below). Visit thrift shops multiple times in search of that perfect item. Haggle at thrift shops! This also applies to working with cheaper materials. Yes, you can make cardboard and paper mache armor look good, but it requires a LOT of time and patience. Make lists of the parts of the costume, your method for making them, the cost of making them, and how long you think each task will take. The Cosplanner app is REALLY good for this (although I personally prefer pen and paper).

  • Keep an open material mind. Always keep an eye out for things that could become cosplay materials. I’ve used food containers in my wigs, traveled to a butcher shop for free vinyl, taken home stiff paper from my workplace, butchered old clothes for patterns and fabric, covered old oatmeal containers in craft foam, 

  • Coupon, coupon, coupon. Whatever your favorite chain fabric & craft store is, sign the heck up for all those coupons. I only go to JoAnn (Hancock is closing and I don’t go to Hobby Lobby for personal reasons), but I’m signed up for their mail coupons, text message coupons, in-app coupons, and have promos sent to two of my email addresses. As long as the coupons all have different codes, they will work. Just last weekend, I used two 40% and two 50% off coupons from different sources and saved over $60 on fabric!

    One thing to note, though, is that coupons do not stack. So if you have a 50% off a single item coupon and a 20% off your total order coupon, the 20% off does not apply to the 50% item. It takes 20% off only the things that are not on sale (and have not been couponed).

  • Thrifting. Thrift shops are amazing. You never know what you’ll find! Be sure to keep an open mind when browsing – that old ugly embroidered muumuu? Cut out the embroidery and make it appliqué! That dress that is the perfect cut but wrong color for the character? Dye it, or use it as a pattern! Many thrift shops also have places for notions and fabric which you can get at incredible prices. Look at the bedding area as well – sometimes you can pick up bedsheets for cheap to make mockups out of!

  • Wholesale Fabrics (and everything). Finding wholesale fabric stores in your area and online is a lifesaver. It’s like thrift shopping but with fabric! I swear by Jomar, which basically a fabric + garage sale store, but these are only located near Philadelphia. I also am very fond of Fabric Wholesale Direct, which has a large selection of formal polyester fabrics for very cheap ($2/yd organza and charmeuse?! You betcha!)

    I also buy many things from eBay and AliExpress, especially when I need bulk amounts. Buying 50,000 rhinestones through Amazon or Michael’s will run you $100 or so, but buying through other online stores will be $20. Always do your research, buy bulk when you know you’ll use it, and have enough time to wait for 15+ days of shipping.

  • Wigs? Wigs are often the most expensive part of the costume. If you can’t afford Arda quality thickness, you can always get wigs from eBay, Amazon or AliExpress and learn to splice them together and style and cut them yourself. It takes longer, and the fiber quality isn’t usually as good, but you can make even cheap wigs look fantastic with enough skill and patience!
  • Cosplay without the con. Go to local one-day events! Volunteer with cosplay charities! Join a princess party business (that way you can make money *and* cosplay, albeit subject to the terms of your company). Gather your local friends for a cosplay picnic! Ask your parent/sibling/friend/etc if they wouldn’t mind taking pictures of you in cosplay while you’re running around town! Film silly videos in costume! While the convention scene is fun, it’s also overwhelming and expensive if you do it too often. Nowadays, I find myself cosplaying outside of conventions more and more, even though I began my cosplay journey by attending them. 

A lot of cosplaying cheaply and well comes down to how much time and effort you’re willing to put in, and remembering to keep an open mind when it comes to materials. I would also recommend checking out @cosplaying-on-a-budget for some money-saving tips, as well as browsing Pinterest for out-of-the-box ideas.

Hopefully this helps, and I wish you the best of luck on your cosplay journey!!

So, yesterday I finally managed to start organazing a cosplay group from pokèmon mystery dungen:explorer of sky !
This group was in my dream list for soooo long, and finally we can make it real… I’M SO HAPPY! quq
This game is so important to me! i hope it’ll came out good <3

i’ll cosplay as grovyle, so i decided to do the design myself, and this is what came out ;u;)9
sewing this will be super fun, AAAAAA

also, happy pokèmon 20th anniversary everyone <3


My digestive tract and connective tissues may be out of order but my glam and chronically fabulousness will never be! I am a proud chronically fab spoonie! I am so thankful for this day even if I can’t eat, last year I was in the hospital for pretty much every holiday and it was the same for the years before that as well so simply being at home is a blessing in itself. I may not be able to eat or walk but I have the ability to feel love and happiness and most of all the ability to GIVE love and happiness and to me that is the most important and greatest ability of all. NO chronic illness or disability will ever take that away from me. I have awesome hot pink wheels and my TPN (IV nutrition) to keep me fueled and moving so I can fulfill whatever I dream to achieve. Because of my medical devices and gear I get another day of making care packages for others or volunteering or cosplaying or enjoying time with my best friend that I love and get the blessing of calling my boyfriend or simply just being ALIVE. I wasn’t even supposed to live this long and I came out on top as a 2 time sepsis survivor this year while crossing a lot off of my bucket list including completing a 5K. I graduated high school last year an entire year early when halfway through my school years they didn’t think I would even survive. My life isn’t exactly what I thought it would be years ago but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have so much to be thankful for. I do not want pity and I don’t want to be anybody’s inspiration because I’m just living my life the best I can. Please remember that you have lots to be thankful for too even if you can’t always see it. Life is what you make of it. Choose happiness. Hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving.


Had a BLAST at Otakon 2014! Going to conventions makes me want to cosplay all the things :) I have a costume wish-list that’s about a mile long now, and I’m trying to rope in all my family :D 

Didn’t take very many pictures but here they are! If you see yourself let me know so I can tag you! Y'all were fantastic :) 

Senjin Ryuko cosplay by the lovely envyonfire !

Calling all Momocon-convention-goers! I’m excited to announce that Momocon 2014 will have a Homestuck ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ panel! Whether you’re interested in helping out and participating or not, you should all get excited for HOMESTUCKS: ASCEND!


  • This will be a long-form improv panel with little to no scripting. Structured on successful panels at previous conventions, Homestucks: Ascend will work primarily off audience suggestions for scenes. While the panelists will be in-character for the duration of the hour, the scenes that are acted out are entirely up to the other fans who’re attending.


  • Homestucks: Ascend! will be at 2:30PM on Saturday, May 24th!


  • You can audition for any character from Homestuck! Trolls, kids, guardians, anything. 


  • For you to be selected on cast, you must have a completed (or close to completed) cosplay of the characters you’d like to play. As part of the audition form, you’ll need to have a image or two ready of the cosplay (either you in it or assembled and ready).
  • You need to have a video of yourself in-character ready for all the characters you’re auditioning for. This video (which shouldn’t be longer than two minutes for each part) is there as a chance for you to show (a) you understand that character and (b) can improvise something interesting or humorous on the spot. For example, people in the past have done everything from Karkat discussing human romcoms to Dave rapping about missing apple-juice. You don’t need to be in costume for these videos.


  • After finishing your short video of you in-character, submit that link and the other requested information on this form! I’ll email you within a day that I received it; if I don’t contact you to confirm, please message me at


  • I will be selecting 10 people for the panel. Decisions will be based primarily on one’s ability to act on their feet (improvise), though I’ll also take into consideration past panel/performance experience and your cosplay. 
  • From the entire group who audition in the first round, I’ll select a smaller set for callbacks. I’ll then organize Skype interviews with those finalists with questions for their character. From that Skype interview, I’ll then make the final list.


  • You have until 11:59PM ON FRIDAY, MARCH 7 to fill out the form and submit your audition. I’ll then make my finalist decisions and schedule the Skype callbacks. I’d like to have my cast list by April.

I’m excited to see your auditions! Best of luck to everyone! And remember, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kinda Long Headcanon Homestuck Kid Cosplayers List!

Alright, so. Cosplay is very important to me. That includes cosplayers, as well. Most people who make a headcanon list like this normally include just one or two cosplayers per character, but I have a lot of headcanons for the kids, and I cannot choose one. So I went all out and compiled a masterlist for all of my favorite alpha+beta kid cosplayers. That’s over forty! But all of them are absolutely amazing. So here it is!









Hello everybody! I just got back from Comic-con and after review of my finances I realized that I’m severely in the red for the month and that I owe my dad like 400 dollars, so I figured now would be a good time to send out a post asking for help/selling old stuff to try to pull myself out of this post-con-depreciation I’ve seemed to have fallen into. Looking back on it, I probably should have budgeted better, and I thought I did! But all of the money I had saved up for it ended up being used by my dad for things so I really need help now.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, Hello my name is Hanari and I’m the cosplayer who looked like this all throughout NYCC:

You probably saw me. If you didn’t well, I wish you would have! I think I looked pretty cool! Long story short is that I’m a cosplayer and I cosplay a lot of things, and I plan on continuing to cosplay a lot of things in the near and far future. I see cosplaying as something I can make a career out of, so if you like my cosplays and want to help support me in my day-to-day cosplaying life, there’s a really neat DONATE button on the front page of my blog over to the left hand side. I’d sure as hell appreciate any and all help.

But this post isn’t about donations. This post is about me giving something back to you guys! I have a lot of extra cosplay and costuming crap in my closet, and with Halloween coming up around the corner and NYCC over, I figure now is probably the best time to get rid of anything I don’t want anymore. So without any further ado, let’s see what i’ve got for you guys!

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                     IT’S A YEAR OLD NOW. IT’S OFFICIAL!

And wouldn’t you have it; it’s on the same day I start classes again. Hence why I’m releasing this today rather than tomorrow. Though, if you think about it, it took me two days to get Rune up and running so it WOULD be today, August 23rd. But nevertheless, Rune is over a year old and still with plenty of steam behind him. And I have a bunch of people to thank for it. At the time of writing this, I have 400+ followers. That’s a pretty big number for an original character. When I started this blog, I didn’t imagine Rune would get this much attention. I came back to tumblr and introduced him pretty nervously.

But seriously, you guys have no idea how much I appreciate your support. Especially those who have stuck by me since I began this blog a year ago. However, I want to especially dedicate this to the people I’ve known since long before I joined tumblr. The little group of friends I met, some whom I’ve known since I began roleplaying on Impressive Title seven years ago.

Sil, Raiven, Nitro, Foo, Shiro, Haru, Noods, and Husk, this is for you guys. This is also for Snack and Grace, who’ve I’ve also come to know in our little group. We’ve all come a very long way from our early days in Impressive Title and FeralHeart. And though the curtains on the story we’ve written for so many years may someday draw to a close, I could never forget the most amazing roleplay experience that you guys gave me.

Now then, on to the list! I’m not going to make this one fancy for the sake of my theme’s cruelty to fancy posts. And with how long it is, I figured it’d be best to keep it simple! Here we go!

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  • me 364 days of the year: i want to be this character. and i want to make this character's costume. oh! and of course i want to be this character as well. here's a long list of all my future cosplays.
  • me on halloween: what the fuck do i wanna be

anonymous asked:

Do you have any wig store suggestion for big headed people ? Cause arda is too small :(( or any advice to keep small wigs on my head ?also I have long hair so it's hard to fit I. The wig sometimes

As far as i know Arda makes the largest wigs. 

Perhaps the issue is how you are wearing your wig or how the hair is tucked in the wig? Here are some links to double check:

More here:

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can make alterations to the wig cap itself, adding elastic to allow it to fit more comfortably: 

Hope this helps you out!