this is maglor hours

please consider the following:

because maglor has a Magical Voice ™, people will generally be perfectly happy listening to him talk or sing for hours on end, regardless of what he’s actually saying. mags uses this power for evil by just spouting endless nonsense until someone finally tells him to shut up.

Random Headcanons for Mahtan and his Grandsons

It seems like not many people talk about Mahtan, let alone his relationships with his grandsons, so I just felt like jotting down a handful of thoughts about them.

- Maedhros and the twins are his absolute pride and joy.  He adores them.  He calls all three of them “Russa” and always ruffles their hair when he sees them. To the casual observer, it would seem like they are the obvious Favorites.  They are the ones he asks about first.  His workshop is plastered with drawings of them made by their mother, and he loves showing off his favorites.  He is super proud of every tiny thing they do, and even when they misbehave, he can’t stay mad at them for long.  He brags about them to everyone he talks to.  He dotes on them almost to the point of spoiling them.  He loves to make them things, always out of copper: jewelry, circlets, play weapons and armor, anything they want.  Maedhros in particular is his Little Prince, and the twins his Little Treasures.

- The one he’s most likely to get choked up over, though, is Maglor.  He’s the one most similar to his mother, and even if he doesn’t have the red hair, every time Mahtan looks at his secondborn grandson, he sees his precious baby girl.  He sees her in Maglor’s smile, in his mannerisms, those little gestures, a thousand subtle ways.  Maglor isn’t a smith, but Mahtan sees the same joy in him when he’s writing and performing his songs as he did in Nerdanel when she was learning her art.  He is there for every concert, every recital.  He can listen to Maglor talk and sing for hours on end and never get tired or lose interest in what he’s saying.  They may not have much overlap in hobbies, but they have the best conversations.

- Celegorm is his Little Buddy.  He learned early on not to let Tyelko into his workshop, but he loves to play with him.  He would give him piggyback rides all the time when he was little, and tickle fights, arm wrestling and other rough-house horseplay were common.  They’d go on nature walks together and Celegorm’s constant chatter and excitement makes him laugh.  Even if he’s otherwise busy, he always takes time to have fun with Celegorm.

- His relationship with Caranthir is a bit more mysterious.  He teaches Caranthir how to channel his temper productively.  He has a ready ear if he ever wants to talk, and Caranthir knows he can tell his grandpa anything and doesn’t have to worry about his reactions.  Sometimes, they can just work beside each other on separate projects, never saying a word, but communicating in small ways.  A hug from Grandpa Mahtan can always make Caranthir feel better if he’s unhappy about something.

- Curufin is his Little Helper.  Whatever Mahtan is working on, Curufin wants to help.   He brings Grandpa tools and equipment or helps clear away things no longer needed.   He absorbs EVERYTHING Grandpa has to teach him and he’s eager to show off his ideas and projects.  Curufin is the one full of questions and wanting to know how things work, and he is rapt with attention when Mahtan explains and demonstrates.  He’s one of the people Curufin looks up to most, aside from his father.

feanorian drink headcanons

feanor drinks coffee which is 95% cream and sugar

nerdanel drinks coffee which is as dark and bitter as her soul at 7 am

maedhros drinks heavily flavored spicy black tea

maglor either drinks the most elaborate coffee drinks that take hours to make, or just straight up tap water

celegorm drinks soothing herbal teas that his parents got him hooked on as a child

caranthir drinks fizzy drinks and vodka

curufin drinks coffee which is 94% cream and sugar

amras drinks hot chocolate and cocoa

amrod only trusts drinks that are iced or at least room temperature

anonymous asked:

I really like the art you did of them! I have never considered Glorfindel/Maglor before, could you please tell me your thoughts on them as a ship?

I’m very happy that people ask me more about them bc I thought that it’s mb very vierd and didn’t show my arts with them before.

First of all they are my Cat and Flower OTP :DD

Ok, I‘ve always liked the idea of Maglor wandering and striding around Middleearth for Eru knows how many years and finally arriving to Elrond’s lands where nobody lets him wander further.

It seems to me that happened not so far from the Hobbit events. Just imagine:

Maglor casually walks through the woods and gets caught by the border guard  troops, he tries to run away that doesn’t work out, than he knocked down everybody around, but luckily or unluckily Glorfindel was there. They had a great deal of a mighty fight, yet Glorfindel mighty won, partially thanks to good sleep and diet, he is also high and ancient as fuck (and according to some theories he is equal to maia in power). Glorfindel is quite smart so he notices that the vagrant he had caught looks bad and em.. dusty, his  armor, though has some noble and old patterns, the sword is also good, so It’s better to take him to Elrond.

·         Elrond sure recognizes him and experiences lot of contradictory and mixed feelings, yet Maglor is his mummy in law and  ofc it’s an intimate reunion all Disney films should have.  Glorfindel, after realizing these two have known each other long before, all the feels and stuff like that… just gets extremely happy for them with a light heart. Maglor now gets that Glorfindel was only doing his job, nothing personal, yet he hisses and glances grumpily for a week or two, bc, you know, «Who dared  to defeat Son of Feanor , how dared he put a dagger to his throat blablabla». Firstly, Maglor avoids every type of contact or conversation with other elves, gloomily walks around the huge libraries, around the gardens and  has long-long meaningful talks with Elrond. Yet Elrond is still a king  and the times are getting darker, so Maglor has long time for himself too. Here,  in Rivendell halls they have evening songs and they tell tales of old times when the night comes in, all gathering near huge fireplace.  Maglor, being  a goth child of his time, ofc doesn’t go there first couple of times. Then he eventually comes, finds a dark corner, sits and listens. AAAAAAAAAAnd gets very surprised by not hearing any hatred or accusations towards the Feanorians.
Maglor long time haven’t sang   but one time he sits in a garden under a beautiful blooming tree and sings quietly.  Glorfindel having returned from surveying the borders, hears   the song by lucky chance and he likes it sooooo much. Maglor notices him yet continuous singing.  From this moment a special bound forms between them.

Some time later  they’ll spend more time together bc Maglor feels much better,  he got used to being here, Glorfindel and him are like dinosaurs among the young ones in this realm and so on.
Together they babysitting Elrond’s children, Maglor is an exceptional warrior which is convenient in battles and patrols, plus Glorfindel has a soft spot for hot musicians, and …well… Maglor sings way better than  Ecthelion. They spend hours talking, Glorfindel talks Gondolin, his previous live, Ecthelion, and many personal things. 

In this hc Maglor had been so closely attached to his family ( esp Maitimo)-he simply didn’t have the time and energy for someone else. I mean, he did marry and had a wife (I guess he did, or not, idk, but I’d prefer to think he wasn’t married, definitely not in this hc), yet she was once seen and gone in the very beginning of their Middlearth journey. Sad as it is, but only losing everyone he cared about, Kano slowly starts to take care and listen to himself, trying to focus on his own happiness and priorities. That’s why Glorfindel  is his first soulmate (who’s not a close relative and not your child). 

One warm telling-tales Rivendell evening Kano, inspired by all he had heard about Gondolin, sings a long, sad and magnificent song about the Elven City in the valley of Tumladen and his voice echoes like a loud bell. Glorfindel stares at him across the hall, it’s hard to guess his emotions, the music and voices go silent. Overwhelmed by magic and grief of the song, all the feelings and memories it evoked, Glorfindel comes up to Maglor and kisses him. 
Everyone in the hall is…genuinely shocked and impressed. Elrond is the first to collect himself, so he quickly draws the attention from these two. 
Before this kiss they sure had tons of cute moments, but they didn’t attach any significance to it. 

So this evening had a huge influence on Maglor, such a strong influence he actually fell in love so hard he couldn’t breathe. After couple of days when they were walking around the gardens he mb could have said smth like “ It was my first kiss you know..” and Glorfindel would freeze plain shocked bc Kano is old as a moon, smoking hot and is simply a cinnamon bun straight outta Aman so how can that possibly be his first kiss??? While Glorfindel looks at Kano and thinking stuff over, Maglor returns the kiss.. 
That’s basically it. They just live the fullest and love and feel loved from this time on.


summary: Maedhros and Maglor try domesticity. Elrond and Elros invite friends over. 

“Are those your…parents?”

“Yep,” Elros called casually over his shoulder, as he led the boy upstairs, “They’re brothers.”

“They’re really tall.” The freckled child responded, observing the redhead in the kitchen with curiosity.

“We’ll they’re elves,” Elrond piped up behind the his brother and the boy, propping the door open for the others, “The tallest kind.”

“There are different kinds of elves?” Wiping his feet on the doormat, another child stepped into the house, loose curls bouncing as caught up to Elros. Behind him, his sister follows, looking in awe at the homey space.  

“You didn’t know that?” Elrond closes the door behind him, letting the other three follow Elros upstairs, “There’s three kind. They’re Noldor.”

“What’s the difference?” the girl ask, craning her neck to look into the kitchen, “Are they the ones who live in the woods?”

“We come from across the sea,” calls the redhead from over the stove,  "The Silvan come from the forest.“

"Do you have magic?” the girl asks, braid bouncing as she breaks from the group and skips to the kitchen, “Can you grant wishes?”

“Maglor sings,” Elrond offered, gesturing to the elf sitting on the kitchen stool, sampling his brother’s bread, scowling when he bites into it, “it kinda enchants people.”

“That’s hardly magic,” corrects the elf, clearing his throat as he slides the bread into the center of the table, “Anyone can do it. Even you.” He looks at the girl, offering her a gentle smile.

Meanwhile, Maedhros glares at his brother, slightly insulted at his reaction towards his bread. Unwilling to accept Maglor’s judgment, he takes a bit himself.

Elros plops a piece into his own mouth as well,  raising his eyebrow as he swallows it. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“If it’s not perfect, it’s not good enough for Maglor,” Maedhros jokes, humorously, “That’s why he spends hours writing his music, even though the end result always sounds the same.”

“That’s why your bread taste like dust.” Maglor snaps, “You think the first try is the best.”

“Because it is–”

“Would you all like some?” Elros offers the loaf to his friends, tilting his head as they take a cautious step back. They exchange nervous glances amongst each other. Fearful, almost.

Maedhros sighs, the look on their faces all too familiar.

“We are not fae, and you will not be stuck with us forever if you eat our food,” Maedhros, sensing their reluctance, eased, “We are elves.”

“Here they call us fae folk,” Maglor clarifies, “No matter what we are.”

“Oh,” Maedhros turns towards the children again, scratching his head, “Well..if you don’t eat, you’ll starve. Perhaps we could go to the market? Buy food there?”

“I suppose if you’re offering to spend your own money on us, then your food is good,” the boy surmises, “And besides, it’s not every day we get to say we ate an elf’s food.”

“Maedhros’ food is nothing spectacular,” Maglor reiterates, turning his attention to the child still staring at him in wonder, “Would you like to play my harp?”