this is made for humorous purposes and you know it

If Kyuhyun and Sungmin were a Disney Prince and Princess

Well the story begins with Sungmin being the cleaning Ajumma

And he lives with 7 hot dorks

Then there is Kyuhyun, the handsome young prince

Prince Kyuhyun has won all verbal wars against all possible bitches and hoes

Everybody admired his snarky attitude, except his loyal butler Hyukjae

But his parents, King Kangin and Queen Leeteuk wanted grandchildren

And they knew that Kyuhyun only had eyes for his stupid Starcraft game

They blame Hyukjae for giving their son that hardrive full of porn, that’s what probably helped Kyuhyun last that long without fucking anybody

But they’ve had enough, so they sent Kyuhyun to work in SM town

They knew there were a lot of hot princesses there. Thank you plastic surgery.

SM town was holding an audition for those who wish to be enslaved for the rest of their lives. And Kyuhyun was one of the judges

Sungmin heard of the auditions and decided that he wants to share his talent of being flexible as fuck

But the EVIL manager hyung called him fat and sent him back to the kitchen

Well of course Sungmin went to cry afterwards… Disney’s cue for shit just got sad

And that’s when Fairy Ryeowook poped out of nowhere and said, “What a little bitch”

Fairy Ryeowook gave Sungmin the magical powers of tight skinny jeans to make his legs look nice and shit

But Fairy Ryewook warned him, “That shit will rip by midnight… I mean that’s cheap material, bro”

Sungmin didn’t even thank fairy Ryeowook and just ran off to SM town

Evil manager hyung was there but he couldn’t recognize Sungmin because he looked like such a slut

Sungmin performed his “you can fuck me in any position” tricks

And the audience loved it

Especially prince Kyuhyun

So Prince Kyuhyun took Sungmin back to his bedroom using a parachute or some shit. They flew over the seven seas too and that’s when they met Sebastian.

Sebastian, the love doctor, decided that these two should fall in love because you know… that’s what’s supposed to happen

And da mood was created. Wine, dim lights and the soothing voice of some singer on the radio…. oh and it was raining outside too. Prince Kyuhyun and Ajumma Sungmin were having so much fun chatting

But then time passed by and it was midnight and that’s when Sungmin’s pants ripped and his lovely thighs became visible

Sungmin started crying calling himself fat and stuff

But then Prince Kyuhyun LOLed and told him, “Dude, outside Korea you’re considered underweight, k.”

“Plus, I like it when there are things to grope”

And then not so PG-13 things happened in the bedroom

But the next morning, Kyuhyun asked Sungmin to come with him to the garden

And that’s when Sungmin saw the flashmob that Kyuhyun prepared for him… every good movie needs a musical number, right

Then they confessed their eternal love for one another even though they literarily met just like yesterday

Then prince Kyuhyun announced to the WORLD that he was getting married to Ajumma Sungmin…. because hey, there were fans with cameras everywhere

King Kangin and Qeen Leeteuk were very happy for their son

But Sungmin doesn’t have a vagina obviously, so they decided to adopt a grandson and call him Kyumin

And they all lived Super Junior Happy ever after!