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Prompt idea: trimberly hanging out at the coffee shop for a date and Kimberly's fake friends start talking shit. And trini's like :)))))) "square TF up son." And Kimberly's like "Tini, babe don't fight people" ya.

This was very hard, and is probably really bad but here you go!

tw: minor homophobia and racism

“No Trin! Get your hands away from it, the glazed donut is mine!”

Kimberly swatted Trini’s hand away, Trini giggling as Kimberly exclaimed, a small smile spreading across her face. They had decided to go on a a café date instead of going to Saturday detention, which they both knew would bite them in the ass later, but they couldn’t care less. They hadn’t been able to spend much time together lately, other than sneaking into each others rooms late at night. Trini and Kim both missed being able to see each other every day, but since Rita attacked Trini, leaving horrible marks across Trini’s skin, something that caused waves of anger and rage to flow through Kim’s body, and massive dents in Trini’s wall, Trini’s mother had buckled down on her, much more protective and manipulative. So they had decided to skip, and eat donuts and laugh, and just be carefree, a feeling that they cherished much more lately.

Trini went to pick up her fork, a mischievous glint in her eyes, a knowing smirk spreading across her lips. Kimberly squinted her eyes, a playful smile on her face, as she grabbed her fork with lightning speed, and stabbed at the donut, her hand being swatted by Trini, who in turn, started moving the napkin which the donut laid on top of sporadically, her eyes trained on Kimberly. Their little game went on for at least a couple minutes before Trini lunged at the donut, her fork lodging into the table, as she yanked back, and stuffed the entire donut into her mouth. Trini smirked victoriously, her cheeks popping out. Kimberly wanted to pout and act all sad but she couldn’t help but smile at how cute Trini looked, like a little chipmunk. Kimberly giggled as Trini struggled to swallow the donut, Kimberly giving her a look, which said ‘you deserved that’.

Kimberly was still smirking at how cute Trini looked when she heard the cafe door open, the familiar bell ringing, and shutting. Both girls didn’t pay much attention to it. Kimberly was to focused on Trini chugged her coffee, trying to wash down the donut, but then Kimberly heard the sound of heels hitting the hardwood, and the smell of overly expensive make up. Kimberly didn’t want to look up, she didn’t really care, but Trini started to become smaller in her seat, her defence mechanism, one that Kimberly knew all to well. Kimberly tilted her head slightly, and she could see her ex cheer mates, Rebecca and Amanda, her fellow queen bees, or at least the queen bees, seeing as nobody on the cheer team of football team would look at her, unless they were bad mouthing her. She made eye contact with Amanda, Kimberly’s eyes holding a fiery glint, her jaw tightening. They held eye contact until Amanda scoffed and looked away, her eyes setting on Trini, who was trying to make herself smaller, memories about mean girls at her previous schools washing over her. Kimberly clenched her jaw, taking Trini’s hand in her own, squeezing it, the other girl opening up a little more, returning from her shell. Trini could see the fiery glint in Kimberly’s eyes, but she could also see the guilt and remorse, remembering the horrible thing she had done. Trini started rubbing the pad of her thumb across Kimberly’s knuckles, wordlessly calming the girl down, reassuring her.

Kimberly and Trini both tried ignoring the other girls, trying to enjoy the time they had together, but that was quite hard when the two girls had super hearing, being able to hear all the rude and mean things the cheerleaders were saying about them, specifically Kimberly.

“Shouldn’t she be in detention, with all the other freaks?”

“How much do you think she hates herself after everything that happened?”

“Probably a lot considering she’s hanging out with the new dyke.”

With each insult, Trini’s could feel her hands clenching, and Kimberly wanted to say something, wanted to yell at the other girls, but she didn’t want to cause more trouble than she already had, so tried to stay quiet, she tried not to pay attention, but Trini on the other hand, she was not having any of it. Trini’s hands clenched once more, trying to conceal her rage, but her attempt failed as she finally said something.

“Try saying that to our face!”

Trini yelled, jumping out of her seat, her hands balled into fists. Luckily for them, the cafe was quite empty, but the few people who were inside bowed their heads away, trying to ignore Trini, who was radiating anger. Amanda turned towards Trini, tilting her head in curiosity, a devilish glint in her eyes. Kimberly knew that look all too well, she knew what was to come, and it wouldn’t be good.

“What did you say to me, bitch?”

Trini visibly shrinks, stuttering slightly, as she tries to step back, to get away, to run, to escape. Kimberly feels her hands clench, Amanda and Rebecca could taunt and bitch at her, but Trini was strictly off limits, Kimberly knew that Trini wouldn’t be able to take Amanda on, seeing as the cheer leader could ruin her life, but Kimberly wasn’t about to let that happen. She decided against smacking or yelling at Amanda, even though her entire body was telling her too, so she just grabbed Trini’s hand, pulling her away.

“Let’s go.”

She mutters, hoping that Trini would listen, neither of the girls wanting to stay near Amanda and her lackey, or start a fight. Trini pushed past Rebecca, who knocks Trini of balance slightly, another wave of protectiveness rushing through Kimberly. They are about to walk out of the shop, but Rebecca says something that makes Kimberly stop dead in her tracks.

“I wonder when she’ll get deported.”

Kimberly stoped, even as Trini tried to pull her away. Trini had heard the racist slurs before, the “go back to your own country” and the “just wait until he builds the wall” most of the time she ignored it, knowing that her retaliating would cause more trouble than good, but Kim didn’t know that, didn’t know how many times Trini’s family had faced the racist comments and threats, and how many times Trini had to walk away, making herself smaller every time. Trini could feel Kimberly’s hand clench around her own, she wanted to do something, to yell, to scream, to wipe the stupid smug look of the Rebecca’s face. Kimberly turned around, her eyes glaring daggers at Rebecca.

“What the fuck did you just say!?”

Kimberly yells, the astonished rage radiating from her body. Trini held on tight to Kimberly, trying not to say anything, but she wanted more than anything to retaliate. Amanda scowled at the both of them before brushing them off.

“Why don’t you just go run off with your girlfriend, lezbos.”

Trini didn’t know what she did next, she just reacted, all the pent up aggression shooting through her as she turned around, bringing her hand up, backhanding Amanda square across her cheek, the sound radiating through the silent cafe. Trini stared in awe at what she did, as well as Kimberly, who reacted quicker than Trini, yanking Trini’s arm, pushing them through the door, both of them running away from the cafe, but not without hearing Amanda yell something along the lines of “YOU’RE GOING TO HEAR FROM MY LAWYER” or something else a spoilt, white, brat would say.

The girls ran away as fast as they could at a normal pace, not wanting to look suspicious, once they were far enough away, they slowed down their pace. A quiet, astonished laughter erupted from Kimberly, as she commented, slightly out of breath.

“That was not how I expected our date to go.”

Trini chuckled slightly, still quite in awe of what she did, she had never stood up for herself like that before. Trini didn’t say anything, staring at the ground, which Kimberly noticed, asking her warmly.

“Are you okay?”

Trini just chuckled and stated, laughter bubbling in her throat.

“We are so utterly, fucking, screwed.”

Kimberly started laughing, a little surprised, but she couldn’t help the feeling of satisfaction she felt as Trini hit Amanda. She knew it was not the right thing to do, but she was proud that Trini had been able to stand up to the girl, knowing that Trini had never been able to do it before, as well as laugh it off. Silence filled the air around them, as they took in what happened. They knew that the following monday, they would face a lot of shit, but right now they didn’t care, so they just laughed it off, everything else fading away.

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As much as I would like to believe in a doting dad King Endymion, isn't that contradicted in the anime when Chibiusa is whole-heartedly convinced that her parents don't care about her? That Pluto is the only one who even likes her? And in the new Sera Myu, if I remember correctly, she feels that she's rejected by everyone, not just some dumb kids. That doesn't sound like a child who grew up with loving parents by her side. She just sounds so lonely.

That is Chibi Usa’s perception, and I think it’s pretty clear in both the anime and manga (especially the anime, honestly) that Chibi Usa is a flawed narrator on that front.

For example, look at the memories we’re shown in the anime to illustrate the idea that Chibi Usa was lonely. There is the one where everyone mysteriously was too busy to celebrate her birthday. Then it turns out they were planning to surprise her with her parents returning from their trip early to celebrate it. Then there’s the one when she falls down in the rain and her parents did not immediately pick her up. In her mind, they were coldly refusing to help her. In reality, it turns out they were encouraging her to pick herself up (and I’m no parent, but it seems like pretty good parenting to me, not to race to pick up your toddler every single time she falls).

I think there’s a lot of factors in Chibi Usa’s loneliness growing up.

  • Her parents are busy all the time. They’re king and queen of the world, after all. There’s a reason most politicians and monarchs employ full-time nannies. The most loving parent can seem distant and cold if their attention is divided because of their job.
  • She’s an only child.
  • She’s the one and only child of the king and queen of the world. Think how much scrutiny she must have been under from the moment she was born. Imagine being a little kid seeing your own face on the tabloids all the time, for absolutely no reason other than who your parents are. Imagine how impossible it would be to feel normal.
  • Kids were mean to her, probably because of that aforementioned scrutiny.
  • She felt like she could never live up to her mother’s legacy, and clearly did not know how to communicate her fears to her parents.
  • Her fears turned into suppression of her own growth and magical powers, keeping her a child forever.
  • It turned into this negative feedback loop where her own fears of failure stunted her growth, but the lack of growth made her feel like a bigger failure and made people scrutinize her even more, so she became trapped in a cycle she couldn’t escape.

The first point is one that I relate to a lot. I have a really loving mother, someone who a lot of my friends and cousins have said they love and wish they had as a mom, but there was a point in my life when I was still desperately lonely. Because she was working long hours at the same time that kids at school were being bullies. Feeling alone at school and then coming home to an empty house really did make me feel rejected by everyone, even though that was objectively not true. That fact that she cared for me and supported me just… wasn’t enough to fix the situation. It was too big for her.

But leaving aside her parents for a moment, even if they were actually cold and distant, what about everyone else? What about the other senshi? What about Diana, who was already there in the manga?

Somehow Chibi Usa managed to be sad even with Diana in her life. You can make me believe that somehow every one of the senshi, including Usagi Biggest-Heart-in-the-Universe Tsukino, became cold and seemingly heartless, but you cannot tell me that Diana rejected Chibi Usa a single time in her entire kitten life.

So what made Pluto special, in a way that her parents and the other senshi and Diana could not be? Other than the fact that Pluto is wonderful and perfect and also incredibly lonely, Pluto has nothing to do with the world that Chibi Usa feels pressured by. Where Chibi Usa’s parents and even the other senshi must represent the world she feels inadequate at accessing, Pluto is literally outside of it all. Being with Pluto was an escape from a reality in which she is a princess living in the shadow of an immortal queen.

But let’s go back to the real issue Chibi Usa had: feeling overshadowed by Neo Queen Serenity, and the need to live up to her legacy. I feel like this is the main isolating force for her. And it is largely internal. Because look at what happens when Venus questions how Chibi Usa can take over as queen if she doesn’t have any powers.

King Endymion is not here for that kind of talk. He shuts that line of questioning down hard. It doesn’t matter that his daughter has been a powerless child for 900 years now, he still believes in her.

And look at how Neo Queen Serenity reacts to the same issue.

Chibi Usa thought she was not good enough, but her parents have never thought that. It was entirely her own insecurities, which she kept too bottled up for anybody to help her deal with them.

And we know that that must be the source of her problems, because from this point on, Chibi Usa is so much happier. She never indicates that Crystal Tokyo is a sad place for her to be anymore. The only time those same insecurities flare up again? Is when she feels overshadowed by Sailor Moon in the present. But she works through it and becomes both a happier person and a better soldier for it.

Long story short, knowing who Usagi and Mamoru are, knowing who Chibi Usa becomes after that first arc, knowing how easily childhood memories can be clouded, I see no reason to believe that Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion are bad parents. If they were, then there was no resolution when Chibi Usa became Sailor Chibi Moon, and all that character development should have been directed towards resolution with them instead of her own personal growth.

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Imagine that Taegi were dating and they had a bad break up. They're sad and still in love but don't want to be together. Then two years later Yoongi gets a call from Taehyung's little Sister that Taehyung is in the hospital and is asking for him. Yoongi drops everything and goes but he pace in front of the hospital for 20 minutes before going in. Taehyung was in some kind of accident that made him forget the two years and he is back to the mindset him and Yoongi are a couple. Yoongi sees this-

((Look i’m actually crying and laughing at the same time because i had so much written for this but then i went to minimize the page and instead i accidentally closed the entire thing and it didn’t save T_T anyways though! Look at you Satan! I thought i was angst queen but it looks like you’re coming for my place lol!) (Also you totes are the more popular one out of both of us baby! That’s why you have more request)


So many people liked to compare Taehyung and Yoongi to the sun and moon as if they were fucking Shakespeare or some shit, as if their relationship was some fairy tale out of story books read to children at night. It was romantic sure, in a way, the thought of these two beings fitting so well together. Everyone wanted a relationship like that. Everyone wanted to fit so well with their partner that nothing was ever wrong. No one really bothered to stop and think about the fact that the sun and moon were basically the same fucking thing. They were both stupid shapes in the solar system that lit up the earth at different times of the day and eventually it would get tiring. 

Taehyung and Yoongi were exactly that. 

Taehyung and Yoongi were two beings on the same planet, in the same city, living in the same apartment that fit so well together it pissed Yoongi off. 

It sounds dumb now that the elder thought about it. How could anyone be pissed off that their relationship was so perfect? How could anyone get so angry about how well they fit with their boyfriend that they felt the need to cause a fight just to get some excitement? At the time it’d sounded like a wonderful idea to Yoongi. The elder can remember the way he actually fucking laughed when Taehyung began yelling at him. He can remember the way he was actually happy they were doing something other than their routine date nights even if it was yelling at each other.

It was so fucking stupid but Yoongi was happy that they were FINALLY disagreeing on things. 

WE HAVE LITERALLY BECOME THAT COUPLE AND IT’S FUCKING GROSS!”  Yoongi pants angrily as he watches the way Taehyung’s perfectly shaped eyebrows furrow in confused irritation. 


The fact that Taehyung doesn’t even realize what Yoongi means angers him more. 


The entire apartment shifts into a silence Yoongi hasn’t heard in a while and it frightens him a bit. Of course his pride won’t let him say anything else. He was just so angry with how easy and boring had become, how routine their relationship had become. There where times when they first started dating that Yoongi can remember when he and Taehyung would run around like reckless kids breaking into empty pools to have sex under the stars. Hell there were times when they would just get in their car and drive for miles with no where to go just because they wanted an adventure. Now the most they did was eat at a different restaurant once  a week, it was maddening. 

“Well then.” Taehyung pauses and Yoongi’s not sure if it’s so the younger can calm down or hold back a sob. “I hope your next relationship is as fucked up as you want it to be.

Flash forward two years later and Yoongi is once again panting for breath.  The giant white building looms in front of him looking almost as if it’s mocking him, almost as if it’s daring him, teasing him to enter. He’s not sure if he wants to honestly. Yoongi’s not sure if he can face the darkness that waits for him inside such a bright building. 

“Yoongi, It’s Taehyung. He’s hurt.” 

The sound of Taehyung’s sister sobbing still played in his head as he fought back the urge to gag. He can still remember that night, although just barely, he can still think back hard enough and remember the way he’d been drunkenly fucking into some faceless man when his phone had begun to ring with a number he hadn’t seen in year flashing across the screen. 

“Let it ring baby.”  The faceless man had moaned out but Yoongi had barely noticed it with the way his body shook. He’s almost did though, he almost let it go to voicemail until something in his gut had told him better. He almost let the past stay in the past until something, someone, had screamed at him to raise the small device to his ear.

It’d taken Yoongi two years to let something he wanted so much get ruined, two minutes to answer the phone and two days to race to the boy that held his entire being in his hands. 

“Before you see him you need to understand…. Taehyung… he still thinks you two are together.” Taehyung’s sister sighs. “During the accident he hit his head against the window on the drivers side door hard, the doctors say the blow caused short term memory loss. Taehyung thinks it’s still August of 2014.” 

Yoongi stiffens. August of two years ago, that would have been two months before the fight that broke them up and two months before their anniversary. 

The door to Taehyung’s hospital room opens and Yoongi nearly falls to his knees in tears. 

“Yoonie! Baby, you came!” 

Yoongi will never understand how Taehyung still shines even while in a hospital bed with bandages covering his head and cheek. Thought, it could be because Taehyung has always been the light that shined in Yoongi’s life. Either way the elder does his best to smile as he hands over baby pink roses to the younger boy in bed. 

“Sorry it took me so long to get here, Doll. I had to pick these up for you.” 

“Oh that’s okay!” Taehyung giggles and Yoongi can see the way the younger’s sister clenches her fist. 

It’s understandable, he can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to watch your brother smile at the boy who broke his heart and have to act like everything was alright. Taehyung and his sister had always been more than just siblings, they were best friends and each other’s guardians. Hell Yoongi was surprised the girl hadn’t punched him in the throat the moment he’d suggested acting like he was still dating the younger to save him from anymore pain. 

“But Yoonie, where were you??” Taehyung’s still perfectly groomed eyebrows furrow in confusion. “You weren’t in the car with me during the accident right?”

For a moment Yoongi thinks Taehyung remembers everything and the younger is just trying to punish him by asking something like that, but Yoongi knows better.  Yoongi knows Taehyung would never do anything to purposely hurt Yoongi because that was Yoongi’s role. Yoongi was always the one to hurt Taehyung. Yoongi was the one to cause fights when he was bored. 

“No, Doll.” The elder fights back a sob. “I wasn’t in the car with you.” 

“You know, now that i think about it, we’re probably really behind on Goblin huh?

Not for the first time in the week that he’s been by Taehyung’s side, Yoongi stiffens. 

“You are starting to remember things?!”  A small smile blooms on Yoongi’s lips as he thinks back to all the nights he would spend curled up with Taehyung running his fingers through his hair as they watched the tragic story of Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin. Something Yoongi once thought was so fucking boring. The smile he wears shifts into something a bit sadder and the elder sighs. 

“Yeah we are a bit behind but we can catch up when you get out of the hospital.”

It’s two nights later and Yoongi is awoken to screams. 

The elder shoots straight out of his seat and is by Taehyung’s side instantly he tries to clam the shrieking sobbing boy. Fear races through his body every time he catches the sounds of Taehyung’s heart monitor beeping uncontrollably with every shout and kick the younger lets out and it’s only when Taehyung sits up covered in sweat and shaking that Yoongi realizes the younger had been having a nightmare. 

Yoongi himself feels like he’s trapped in his own personal night terror when Taehyung sobs out the words the elder never wanted to hear. 

“Please don’t leave me.” 

“Hey Doll,” Yoongi gently rubs his thumb against the back of Taehyung’s hand as he holds the younger. “Do you want to talk about the nightmare? From two nights ago?”

It’s Taehyung’s turn to stiffen at Yoongi’s words. After the elder had been able to get Taehyung calm and back to sleep the younger had wanted to completely ignore whatever it was that had him screaming but Yoongi….. Yoongi needed to know what it was. Yoongi needed to know what had left Taehyung to shaken that he’d barely let Yoongi go to the restroom without his heart monitor spiking.

The younger sighs quietly and turns so he can rest his face against the fair skin of Yoongi’s neck. 

“We were fighting.” Taehyung’s breath shakes, Yoongi takes that as his cue to rub the younger’s lower back slowly. “In my dream we had been happy and having a date and then suddenly we were fighting and screaming at each other.  You had said you didn’t love me and then i stormed out and left.” 

Yoongi knows Taehyung’s dream must have been a mixture of the younger’s fears and his memories of the night they’d split up. It hurts him to have to think so but he knows it’s time to tell the younger the truth. It was time to end the little happiness he had if it meant helping Taehyung get better. 

“That wasn’t a dream.” 

Taehyung looks up and Yoongi swears he sees his entire past and future in those brown wide orbs he’s fallen in love with all over again. The elder is about to start talking again but before he can Taehyung’s quit voice is interrupting him.

“Yes it was….. because in real life…… during our fight…. you never said you didn’t love me.” Taehyung frowns. “You called us boring.” 

Just like that Yoongi’s entire world stops spinning. 

“When did you remember everything?”

They two boys now lay in the hospital bed facing each other with only their hands locked together between them. Just the way they would lay once upon a time in the bed they shared in a perfect apartment in Daegu. Yoongi gently squeezes Taehyung’s fingers when the younger smiles at him and for these moments they’re happy. 

“Two nights ago, after the nightmare.” Taehyung scoots a bit closer until Yoongi can feel his breath against his own lips and it’s not really a kiss but almost. “It all came back to me in a rush during the time that i was crying after you woke me up. I was just afraid if i stopped pretending i’d forgotten everything you would leave.”

For the first time in the two years, two minutes, two days that everything had happened, Yoongi lets his lips press against Taehyung.

“I love you, i’m never leaving.” Yoongi grins. “No matter how boring we get.”


(i probably butchered this idea :c but anyways you should totally write the smut part!) (i suck at porn) 

CS One-Shot: The Moment

@georgianablythe16 requested something from this prompt: “we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…” This got VERY feels-y and it’s almost TOO fluffy. Hope it helps with the angst! Set post Underworld. 

Emma stared into the crackling fire, her feet curled up underneath her and her head pillowed on Killian’s chest. His hand stroked her hair as she listened to the steady rhythm of his (their?) heart and let out a contented sigh. It had been a day full of family fun in the freshly fallen snow. Little Neal tottering around in his snow suit while Henry and Killian ambushed Dad with snowballs only to be sent running when Mom joined in the fray. Snow White had deadly accurate aim. Now tucked together enjoying a quiet moment Emma thought of another day spent in the snow what felt like ages ago. Killian in his long black pirate coat catching her around the waist and breaking her fall. Snow in his hair and eyelashes while he grinned up at her as she lay atop him. She smiled at the memory.

“What?” Killian asked as if sensing her thoughts.

“When was the moment you knew?”


Emma sat up to face him. “About us.”

He smiled softly. “Ahh. When did I know that I was madly in love with you?”

Emma’s grin grew. It didn’t matter that their kiss had broken a curse, that their heart literally beat as one, she would never tire of hearing him say it. “Yes. Well no. I mean was there a moment when everything just came into focus? The world fell away and you knew in your soul that we were meant to be? Like fate or destiny tapping you on the shoulder and saying ‘this is your future’?”

Killian chuckled. “Swan I thought you hated the very idea of fate and destiny.”

She gave him a smirk. “Recent events have made me more open to the idea. Now answer the question, pirate.”

He cocked his head as if thinking it over but a smile tugged at his lips. Emma was pretty sure they both knew when his moment was but she loved hearing him tell the story of how their kiss in Neverland changed everything.

His expression shifted and Emma knew he was lost in the memory. She nudged him with her shoulder. “Tell me.”

“Alright, love.” He reached out and played with a strand of her hair as he talked. “Now you already know that from the moment you held that dagger to my neck I started to fall for you. Though I hardly realized it at the time each of our moments built upon the other until I was half-way in love with you without even realizing it.” His hand slipped from her hair to cup her cheek. “It was quite the shock I assure you.” She giggled thinking of his face after their kiss. He had fallen much sooner than her but that kiss had still rocked her world.

“So I knew I cared for you long before a moment such as you described occurred.”

Emma crinkled her forehead. “Really? It wasn’t the kiss in Neverland?”

“That was a delightful moment and one I am more than happy to reenact.” He waggled an eyebrow and she gave him a light smack on the shoulder. He gave her a false pout before continuing “However it wasn’t until I spent a year apart from you thinking I would never see you again that I realized the depth of my feelings and that I would do anything to be with you again.”

Emma felt tears sting her eyes. She knew exactly what he meant, had felt the same in the long days without him and the days in the Underworld searching for him. His hand found hers and she bit her lip as she met his eyes.

“My moment was in New York City when you opened the door in those delightful pajamas.” She smiled remembering how confused and freaked out she had been by the man in the pirate costume. “It was like my whole life had led to that time and place and it was so clear to me that you were my True Love, and I wanted to be with you forever.”

Emma remembered the look on his face that day. The way his beaming smile warmed her heart and made her question her own memory. Because how could a man look at her like that if he didn’t already know her? She also remembered his attempted kiss and realized how caught up in the moment he must have been.

“Oh Killian.” She surged forward and kissed him; kissed like he probably wanted that day at her door. She tangled her hands in his hair and sighed into his mouth and practically climbed into his lap. But he stopped her and then slowed the kiss. Emma let out a whimper when he pulled away that caused him to smirk.

“Now Swan. I told you mine. It’s only good form for you to share your moment.”

She blushed suddenly shy. “It’s not as good as yours.”

He shook his head. “Nonsense. It’s not a competition, love.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She twisted in his embrace and placed her head back on his shoulder as she closed her eyes and conjured up her moment.

“You remember when Elsa was trying to apologize for the ice wall and she turned the park into a winter wonderland?”

“Aye. Just after she almost killed you but before we discovered the Snow Queen.”

“Yeah. You remember how you slipped and we fell to the ground. You rotated so I landed on you?”

He chuckled. “And you laid on top of me staring into my eyes until I thought for sure you were going to ravish me right there.”

“But instead I jumped away and said I had to go pick-up Henry.”

She felt his body shake in silent laughter. “You were as skittish as a colt.” She was happy he could laugh about it now but she knew that at the time her inability to give him clear signals had been very difficult. She faced him again.

“That was my moment. You had twisted so I could have a soft landing and I was crushing you and it was freezing but you just smiled like there was no place in the world you would rather be. And I just knew. That you would always give me a soft landing, that you would always want to be with me, that it was forever.”

“And in true Emma Swan fashion you commemorated the moment by running away.”

She went to punch his shoulder but he anticipated the movement and captured her arm and pulled her to his lips instead. They didn’t speak for several minutes but they didn’t really need to. They had a whole lifetime to talk. Right now they were living in the moment.

Today is the birthday of someone really dear to me, in case you don’t know who i am talking he is 1/8 of the ot8 and ½ of the boys of the OT8. Today is Daniel McPumpkin’s birthday (son-of-rome) Happy birthday friend, i hope you’re having an amazing day and i hope you like your present.

They really don’t talk about their first kiss, they like to pretend it never happened, because it was awful. It was after their first capture the flag, the first one since Percy got kidnaped. Piper and Jason were in the same team as Athena and Hephaestus. This game was made for Annabeth, to distract her, and distract her they did because they end up winning. It was after the bonfire when the kiss happen. Jason and Piper were really hyped on Adrenaline, they were still near the bonfire but almost everybody had gone to bed. Jason was looking at Piper laughing at something Annabeth said before saying goodbye to them, from the corner of his eye he saw Annabeth walked towards Poseidon’s cabin, not Athena’s.

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Zoolander Starter Sentences
  • Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?
  • Orange Mocha Frappuccino!
  • Just because we have chiseled abs and stunning features, it doesn't mean that we too can't not die in a freak gasoline fight accident.
  • Do I know what I'm doing today? No. But I'm here, and I'm gonna give it my best shot.
  • What is this? A center for ants?
  • I don't wanna hear your excuses! The building has to be at least... three times bigger than this!
  • I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.
  • It's that damn _____! He's so hot right now!"
  • There was a moment last night, when she was sandwiched between the two Finnish dwarves and the Maori tribesmen, where I thought, "Wow, I could really spend the rest of my life with this woman".
  • Die, you wage-hiking scum!
  • Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.
  • Screw you and your little dog too!
  • Listen to your friend ____, he's a cool dude!
  • Obey my dog!
  • You're dead to me, son. You're even more dead to me than your dead mother.
  • It's a walk-off!
  • ____ is so hot right now he could take a crap, wrap it in tinfoil, put a couple fish hooks on it and sell it to Queen Elizabeth as earrings.
  • Now, what's a while? Like, eight days?
  • Excuse me, bra.
  • You're excused, and I'm not your bra!
  • Are you not aware that I get farty and bloated with a foamy latte?
  • I just thank the Lord she didn't live to see her son as a mermaid.
  • I felt like, "This guy's really hurting me." And it hurt.
  • You is talking loco and I like it!
  • Well I guess it all started the first time I went through the second grade. I caught my reflection in a spoon while I was eating my cereal, and I remember thinking "wow, you're ridiculously good looking, maybe you could do that for a career."
  • Taste my pain, bitch!
  • I hear words like "beauty" and "handsomness" and "incredibly chiseled features" and for me that's like a vanity of self absorption that I try to steer clear of.
  • If nobody has any objections, I believe I might be of service.
  • You think that you're too cool for school, but I have a newsflash for you Walter Cronkite... you aren't.
  • Trippin' on acid changed our whole perspective on shit!
  • Whoa, whoa, easy! How 'bout a "Good afternoon, ____. Thanks for the freak fest last night."
  • They're break-dance fighting.
  • I've got a prostate the size of a honeydew and a head full of bad memories.
  • Look, I gotta go pee, but I'd really like to continue talking about this conversation when I come back.
  • Who are you tryin' to get crazy with, ese? Don't you know I'm loco?
  • What's the dealio, yo?
  • I'm not an ambi-turner.
  • They're *in* the computer?
  • A eugoogalizor, one who speaks at funerals. Or did you think I'd be too stupid to know what a eugoogoly was?
  • You have no evidence. ____ destroyed everything.
  • The designer's got your nuts in a vice! He's offering you three percent for every pair of underwear sold! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO!
  • He had to pull his underwear out of his butt to beat you!
  • Now if you'll excuse me, I have an after-funeral party to attend.
  • Oh, I'm sorry, did my pin get in the way of your ass? Do me a favor and lose five pounds immediately or get out of my building like now!
  • What say we settle this on the runway?
  • I'm sorry that good-looking people like us made you throw up and feel bad about yourself.
  • This has been an emotional day for all of us. I think we should get naked.
  • Don't ask questions. Just give in to the power of the tea.
  • You want an opinion? With a push-up bra you could have a nice rack of lamb up there.
  • I do not like snoopy reporter with lack of fashion sense, not one little bit.
  • When I was in 7th grade, I was... the fat kid in my class.
  • Seriously, do you like service yourself ten times a day?
  • I friggin' worship you, man.
  • They're the same face! Doesn't anybody notice this?
  • Do as you are trained... AND KILL THE MALAYSIAN PRIME MINISTER!

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"I understand the whole sleeping talking thing but what I don't understand is the princess dragon dream and I'm in it?" For Percabeth please?

“You talked in your sleep again,” Percy told her while he was serving blue pancakes on her plate.

“You know i sleep talk about blueprints when i am really stressed at work,” she replied. “This is old news. Percy.”

“Oh, but you see.” Percy said after he finished serving breakfast. “This time it wasn’t  about blueprints.”

After seeing the smirk on his face, Annabeth couldn’t stop her groan. “Oh gods, it was a sex dream, wasn’t it?” she hided her face between her hands. “We haven’t had sex in weeks and i have needs.”

Percy laughed. “It was not a sex dream.”

“Oh,” Annabeth blushed a little. Part of her was regretting telling him about her “needs”, he would use it against her later, she was sure, but the other part of her was looking forward to that. “So what was the dream about?”

Percy smiled at her. “Look, you know i find adorable your sleep talking, even if it’s mostly architecture terms and i have no idea what you’re saying.”  

“Shut up.”

“But i think this has been the best sleep talk so far,” Percy said. “Mostly because i haven’t hear your sex dreams yet.”

She wanted to punch the smirk out of his face. “What makes you think you are in them?”

“Wait what!?” his face was a mix of surprise, hurt and indignation. “What do you mean by that!?”

Now it was Annabeth’s turn to laugh at the face he was making. “What i said, Seaweed brain.” She laughed a little bit more, the look of indignation in his face was priceless “Yes, you’re in the them, now tell me about the other dream.”

Percy looked like he wanted to keep the other conversation going, but he just sighed. “I am not really sure.” he confessed and before she could replied he started talking again. “You know most of the time i don’t understand what you’re saying, you just mumble stuff.”

“Yeah, you have told me that.”

“But what i got was that in the dream there was a prince, a dragon and evil queen” he said. “And you keep saying my name.”

Annabeth opened her mouth like she was about to say something, but closed it again. She didn’t remember having that dream last night but he knew what dream he was talking about. It was a dream that she started having after she was told Her-royal-pain-in-the-ass-Hera took Percy and his memories.

“Oh.” was all she said.

Percy’s face went from teasing to worried. “Oh? Was it a demigod dream?”

“No, it’s not that.” she said. She felt embarrassed of telling him the dream. “I know that dream, I have been having it since we were 16.”

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want.” Percy said, reaching his hand to hold hers.

“It’s silly.”

“You don’t have to tell me.”

“It’s not a nightmare.” she told him. “I started having this dreams when i found out you were in New Rome without memories.”


“It’s a fairytale.” Annabeth said, trying and failing to hide the blush on her face.

“A fairytale?”

“Please don’t laugh.”

“I won’t,” Percy said squeezing her hand. “I am just curious.”

“Don’t interrupt me, ok?” she told him and he nodded.

She took a deep breath and she started telling him about her dream. How they were both heirs from different kingdoms that were supposed to get married but an evil queen, that had hated Annabeth since birth, kidnapped him before their wedding and had put a spell on him that made him fall asleep and the only way to break the spell was with the potion the dragon was protecting.

“No true love kiss?” Percy interrupted her.  

“What did i tell you!?”

“No interruptions, i know, but really” Percy said looking offended. “You wake me up with a potion, not with a kiss, that’s not very fairytailish”

“Fairytailish is not even a word.” Annabeth said. “I just literally told you i keep dreaming about us in a fairytale world and the only thing you can say is ‘No kiss’?”

“Well, sorry for wanting you to kiss me.”

“I fought a dragon for you!” Annabeth exclaimed. “And you do get a kiss, after you wake up.”

“No judo flip me after the kiss?” Percy asked her. Annabeth was about to punch him but she stopped when she saw the look on his face. He was looking at her in a way she could only describe as love and admiration.

“Unfortunately no.”

“Do we get to live happily ever after?” His voice was soft and he took her hand to his lips.

“I like to think we do.” she said while he kissed her fingers.

“I like to think that too.”

Years later Percy would tuck their daughter to bed and tell her the story about the brave princess who saved the prince from the spell of the Evil Queen and how they lived happily ever after. He might have added a true love kiss in the story (He did.) 

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For some reason, an idea popped into my head. Remember when you find Victoria and that one dude's phone conversation about how Vic was only wearing a crystal necklace. Well, imagine the idea of Victoria "accidentally" sending Max a pic of that and Max getting all flustered and thinking about it all the time afterwards when she's around her. Don't know why I thought of this. Maybe reading some of the dirtier fics floating around didn't help.

I don’t remember this at all holy shit. But yes omg, Victoria ‘accidentally’ sends Max her nude XD


Victoria is plenty of things, pretty, graceful, poised. Subtle isn’t on the list. Max had been laying on the floor of her dorm, not on the bed, literally the floor. Earlier in the day Chloe and her had managed to have a silly string war in the room and now the stuff was everywhere, including the ceiling. Max could almost make out their signatures fused to the ceiling. 

Her phone vibrated and Max rolled onto her stomach and made a grab for it. It was probably Kate asking if she wanted to go get tea or something of the like. She expected something mundane. Instead what she got was a nude. Not just any Nude, but a Nude of Victoria chase, the queen bee herself. She was stretched out languidly, looking completely relaxed and confident. Her lips were painted bright red and the only thing the girl was wearing was a Chrystal necklace that looked like it cost more than Max’s entire college fund. 

Yelping and shoving her phone away Max smushed her face into the carpet as if it would help get the mental image of Victoria chase naked out of her head. What was she supposed to do? Did she dare reply and tell her that she was DEFINITELY not the intended receiver? There was the sound of a door slamming shut and Max squeaked, instantly fearing that it was Victoria on her way over to murder her.

She waited in tense silence for five minutes without incident. Breathing out a breath Max scrambled to retrieve her phone. Opening it once again brought the photo up just as she’d left it. flicking it away Max deleted it before going to change in her pyjamas despite the feeling she wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.

The next day was spent ducking away and actively hiding from the blonde. There was no way she hadn’t yet realize her mistake and Max was sure once Victoria found her, her life would be forfeit.

 She made it the whole day but her luck ran out in her last period of the day, photography, the one class they shared.  Sitting in her usual place in the Back Max slumped in her seat, making herself as small as possible. The room was silent for a few minutes and Max let herself relax. Big mistake.

There was a thump and Max’s eyes flew open. across the room Victoria looked up from where she’d dropped her purse on the table. Their eyes met and Max hurriedly looked away, blushing bright red. Just seeing her again brought up memories of the inccident and Max really didn’t need that mental image stuck in her head during this class (The image was seared into the backs or her eyelids anyways, she hadn’t managed to push the thoughts away all day.) 

Her phone vibrated in her pocket. Max clicked it open to one new text message from Victoria herself. Gulping Max opened it.

“Like what you saw?”

Holy shit.

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would you mind writing a tiny something based off the royalau? my Christmas was rly bad and I need something to cheer me up. (its ok if u don't want too u btw)

Jungkook was scared. 

Not too long ago, as he was helping Ms. Brook take the dirty laundry to be washed, he saw they had a guest. It was only a bit weird, since, usually, one of his Majesty’s personal assistants would announce the palace was expecting outsiders so that they would all be on their best. This not having happened meant it was either someone who visited often (like Namjoon) or a surprise visit. 

Turns out, it was the latter.

Jungkook doesn’t remember that much from his childhood. Jin says it’s for the best. He can’t help but be jealous his brother remembers how their parents looked and how their voices sounded, but he can’t deny he doesn’t want to remember those few weeks of chaos that killed them. His memories are spotted and disheveled and he only has vivid ones from when he turned twelve. 

He can barely remember the first two or three years he lived at the palace, but there are three very specific memories he will never forget. The first was when it was his birthday and, even though he was a mere child, not even serving the royal family yet, the queen bothered to send him a plush in the form of a bunny. The second, when he was helping out in the gardens and fell in the pond, almost drowning himself. The third, was when the king’s brother slapped him so hard he had a bruise for almost two weeks.

And right now, right in front of his eyes, strolling casually through the main corridor, completely uncaring of the mud prints he was leaving in the expensive red carpet, was that same brother. 

For a second, he felt his heart stop beating, before it picked up on a dangerous pace. 

He was scared.

He was scared and he was sure his hands were shaking, so he tried his best to not show it, just moved to the side of the hall, bowed his head and waited until the man moved away. And then… he must have backed out, because he doesn’t remember how he got from the front entrance to the servant’s quarter, in his room, inside the closet, clinging onto his bunny and praying to anything and everything that his Highness’s brother wouldn’t have a long stay.

He doesn’t know for how long he’d been inside there, just fidgeting with his little toy, dazed, but a soft knock startles him back to reality. What was strange, however, was that the knock didn’t come from his door, but from right on the other side of the closet.


He immediately relaxed when he recognized the voice to belong to Taehyung. He waited a few seconds, until another knock came, and then slowly pushed one of the closet’s door open.

Taehyung was kneeling on the ground, breathing heavily and frowning. He looked… worried.

“Kookie… can I come in?”

Jungkook didn’t really know if he was joking or not, but he nodded all the same, and watched as the young prince shuffled inside the closet as well, closing the door behind him. “Come here.” So he did. He moved, tho it was rather hard, considering the small space, until he was sitting right in between the elder’s legs, back pressed into his chest, Taehyung’s arms wrapped around him. It felt nice.

“When I came looking for you, Jin said you weren’t working anymore for the day. He said it’d be better to not bother you for now. He looked really worried, so I had to warn him with throwing flour all over the kitchen for him to tell me what was wrong… I’m sorry.”


“He told me that uncle Chihee hit you when you were younger… I didn’t know. And he’s not very nice to anyone who isn’t of royal blood. He once almost hit Hobi, because when he was telling me and Yoongi about a town, he used the wrong currency. When Hobi corrected him, he got mad and raised his hand. I was really startled, but Yoongi pushed Hobi away and got slapped instead. Dad was really mad… Mom as well. I was just scared because Yoongi was bleeding, because uncle Chihee was wearing rings. Hobi felt really guilty, but Yoongi was really cool about it and told him to shut up haha.”

Somehow, Jungkook found himself relaxing greatly in Taehyung’s arms, listening to his tales, even though they were a bit worrying.

“And one time, Yoongi told me, because I was a baby at the time, that uncle Chihee came over and told him not to worry, that he’ll be king, so he shouldn’t, you know, care a whole lot about me. And Yoongi got mad so he yelled out that a pervert was in the room. Uncle Chihee was really startled and then the guards came in and Yoongi pointed at him and said he touched his butt. Hobi didn’t want to tell me what happened, but Yoongi said that dad just laughed, and made fun of his brother… Uncle really is mean, isn’t he…”

Jungkook nodded, weakly, feeling himself drift to sleep, not scared anymore. Taehyung was really an angel.

“Don’t worry Kookie, I’ll protect you!”


Day 7 Dragon Queen Week: Time Period AU [Salem AU, 7643 words, rated M]

You discovered her one night in the forest. The full moon was out and that’s when your kind are at the peak of power. Her brown hair clinging to her face, a thin sheen of sweat glistening in the moonlight; she looked utterly disheveled and lost.

She looked at you with widened eyes, tears filling them to the rim, “I don’t know what’s happening to me, I feel, I feel different,” her voice shaky and filled with terror. You had never seen her before, but you were drawn to her like she was drawn to the moon.

You remember when it first happened to you. The voices woke you up in the dead of night and you felt this call to the forest. The deeper you got, the more you felt this electricity surge through your body until finally, release. The connection to the earth hasn’t left you since then, its bond stronger than any other, formed as you were in your mother’s womb. A blessing and a curse, eternal life in a world of mortality.

“You’re gonna be okay,” you whispered, approaching her cautiously. You felt the unrefined power radiate off of her.

“What is this?” She asked, her fingers extended, her shaky open palms facing the ground.

“What’s your name?” You asked, noting her question, but saving the answer for later.

“R-Regina, who are you?”


“What are you?” She asked tentatively.

“The same thing as you, Regina, a witch.”

The tears fell from her face as she shook her head rapidly.

“No, no, no,” she whispered, “make it go away, give it to someone else.”

You almost laughed at that, almost. You remember thinking, poor girl has no idea.

“It’s not a curse, it’s a gift, and not mine to give and take,” perhaps you were a little rusty in the comforting department, years of solitude will do that to a person.

“They’re going to kill me,” she cried, her hands shaking, teeth chattering. Her helplessness awoke something in you; compassion. In that, she was not wrong. The puritans were on a witch hunt, spilling the blood of hundreds.

You approached her further, always proceeding with caution. You extended your hands toward her energy, shuddering at the raw power that emanted there. You tried to ease the tension, and she looked up at you, thankfulness painted on her face. You knew then, this woman was a canvas, a work of art, unconventional beauty, dark, filled with life and death, sorrow and joy, she was the fuel to your flame.

That night you explained everything to her. You told her how witches were nothing like the dreadful propaganda printed on the papers plastered to every hard surface of the town, nothing like evil step-mothers in those godawful folktales. You explained to her, that a witch is someone born with a deep profound connection to nature, almost like a physical manifestation of the earth. It’s your job to be the earth’s advocate, to protect it from the true evil of this world; humanity’s selfish nature, and in return you’re granted the gift to manipulate the elements, to speak to all living things.

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“I stand before you today the representative of a family in grief, in a country in mourning before a world in shock.

We are all united not only in our desire to pay our respects to Diana, but rather in our need to do so. For such was her extraordinary appeal that the tens of millions of people taking part in this service all over the world via television and radio who never actually met her, feel that they too lost someone close to them in the early hours of Sunday morning. It is a more remarkable tribute to Diana than I can ever hope to offer her today.

Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity. All over the world, a standard bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcended nationality. Someone with a natural nobility who was classless and who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.

Today is our chance to say thank you for the way you brightened our lives, even though God granted you but half a life. We will all feel cheated always that you were taken from us so young and yet we must learn to be grateful that you came along at all. Only now that you are gone do we truly appreciate what we are now without and we want you to know that life without you is very, very difficult.

We have all despaired at our loss over the past week and only the strength of the message you gave us through your years of giving has afforded us the strength to move forward.

There is a temptation to rush to canonise your memory, there is no need to do so. You stand tall enough as a human being of unique qualities not to need to be seen as a saint. Indeed to sanctify your memory would be to miss out on the very core of your being, your wonderfully mischievous sense of humour with a laugh that bent you double. Your joy for life transmitted where ever you took your smile and the sparkle in those unforgettable eyes. Your boundless energy which you could barely contain.

But your greatest gift was your intuition and it was a gift you used wisely. This is what underpinned all your other wonderful attributes and if we look to analyse what it was about you that had such a wide appeal we find it in your instinctive feel for what was really important in all our lives.

Without your God-given sensitivity we would be immersed in greater ignorance at the anguish of Aids and HIV sufferers, the plight of the homeless, the isolation of lepers, the random destruction of landmines.

Diana explained to me once that it was her innermost feelings of suffering that made it possible for her to connect with her constituency of the rejected.

And here we come to another truth about her. For all the status, the glamour, the applause, Diana remained throughout a very insecure person at heart, almost childlike in her desire to do good for others so she could release herself from deep feelings of unworthiness of which her eating disorders were merely a symptom.

The world sensed this part of her character and cherished her for her vulnerability whilst admiring her for her honesty.

The last time I saw Diana was on July 1, her birthday in London, when typically she was not taking time to celebrate her special day with friends but was guest of honour at a special charity fundraising evening. She sparkled of course, but I would rather cherish the days I spent with her in March when she came to visit me and my children in our home in South Africa. I am proud of the fact apart from when she was on display meeting President Mandela we managed to contrive to stop the ever-present paparazzi from getting a single picture of her - that meant a lot to her.

These were days I will always treasure. It was as if we had been transported back to our childhood when we spent such an enormous amount of time together - the two youngest in the family.

Fundamentally she had not changed at all from the big sister who mothered me as a baby, fought with me at school and endured those long train journeys between our parents’ homes with me at weekends.

It is a tribute to her level-headedness and strength that despite the most bizarre-like life imaginable after her childhood, she remained intact, true to herself.

There is no doubt that she was looking for a new direction in her life at this time. She talked endlessly of getting away from England, mainly because of the treatment that she received at the hands of the newspapers. I don’t think she ever understood why her genuinely good intentions were sneered at by the media, why there appeared to be a permanent quest on their behalf to bring her down. It is baffling. My own and only explanation is that genuine goodness is threatening to those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum. It is a point to remember that of all the ironies about Diana, perhaps the greatest was this - a girl given the name of the ancient goddess of hunting was, in the end, the most hunted person of the modern age.

She would want us today to pledge ourselves to protecting her beloved boys William and Harry from a similar fate and I do this here Diana on your behalf. We will not allow them to suffer the anguish that used regularly to drive you to tearful despair.

And beyond that, on behalf of your mother and sisters, I pledge that we, your blood family, will do all we can to continue the imaginative way in which you were steering these two exceptional young men so that their souls are not simply immersed by duty and tradition but can sing openly as you planned. We fully respect the heritage into which they have both been born and will always respect and encourage them in their royal role, but we, like you, recognise the need for them to experience as many different aspects of life as possible to arm them spiritually and emotionally for the years ahead. I know you would have expected nothing less from us.

William and Harry, we all cared desperately for you today. We are all chewed up with the sadness at the loss of a woman who was not even our mother. How great your suffering is, we cannot even imagine.

I would like to end by thanking God for the small mercies he has shown us at this dreadful time. For taking Diana at her most beautiful and radiant and when she had joy in her private life. Above all we give thanks for the life of a woman I am so proud to be able to call my sister, the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds.”

~ Charles Spencer


Happy 54th birthday to Diana, Princess of Wales, The Queen of Hearts, and The People’s Princess


1.7.1961 - 31.8.1997


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Since you're asking for prompts... how about something about Felicity and Oliver talking about Moira - Oliver reveals that his mother knew he was the Arrow and Felicity talks about the conversation she had with Moira regarding Thea's parentage (or one or the other). We don't really know if they've ever talked about Moira. Many thanks for always being awesome!

They were lying in bed, naked after their latest round of lovemaking, Oliver’s hand lazily stroking over her back, when his whole body went tense.  

“Oliver?” she asked, the worry obvious in her voice as she lifted her head from his chest.  

“My mother.”  Oliver’s eyes are wide and grief-stricken.  “I forgot.  The anniversary.”  

Of her death, Felicity realized.  Because of Ra’s Al Ghul and Al Sah-him and the Alpha/Omega virus, Oliver had forgotten the death of Moira Queen.  

“Shhh,” she said immediately, reaching out to run her hands over his hair and cheeks and jaw.  “Oliver, it’s not about remembering her on that day.  It’s about remembering her, period.  And she knows how much you miss her.”  

He closed his eyes, but not before she saw the pain in his eyes.  It had been weeks since she saw anything but happiness and love and joy in his blue orbs and she felt her throat close up at this reminder of how many hurts he had inside his heart.  The fact that he was even able to be happy now, after everything he had suffered–he was so strong, and he didn’t even realize it, and it made her love him so much.  

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