this is luke's three legged cat

luke making you go for a lil drive to grab some coffee or to see a movie or something - anything to get you out of the house after dealing with a sick, screaming baby all day - and after sitting down by the pier for an hour or so with a to-go cup of tea and a magazine you’d picked up at the store, you finally head back home, holding your breath as you cautiously walking through the front door, expecting to hear the continuous sounds of your wailing daughter, but instead it’s silent, and as you toe off your shoes and slowly pad down the hall to the living room, you’re met with the most heartwarming sight you’ve ever seen - there’s luke on the couch, his head leaning against the back where the cat is stretched out, her head resting on the broadness luke’s shoulder has to offer, and while soft snores emit from your husband’s mouth, your little girl is asleep in his arms, her tiny legs pulled up into her body as she coos in her sleep, and her tiny hand is wrapped around luke’s finger, much like she, even at the young age of three months, has you and luke wrapped around hers