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Jess & Reagan: Pep Talks

Imagine Reagan trying to comfort a crying baby.

Edit: Dudes, I know the point is that Jess understands Nick more than Reagan and not about their motivational skills. ‘Tis me trying and failing to be funny. Come on, I thought you’d be used to my bad jokes by now.

I just love the creeping resignation on Reagan’s face as she word-vomits. It, erm, hits home. Sigh.

I do feel like Lucas and Dorothy’s love will survive. The question is how does she forgive him if she chooses to at all. I think that while we were filming we kept saying that when she puts Lucas on the cross, it doesn’t come from anger or hurt but a sort of understanding between the two that he HAD to carry out the order however hurtful it is. I think that Dorothy knows that you can’t cross a witch and in a way understands the situation however much they both hate it. So… in conclusion… I do think that their love will carry on, once they get over this. Their love is born out of purity; and the love that Roan shares with Glinda is clouded with duty and a hell of a lot of baggage.

A bit of Mac’s face before tonight’s episode of MacGyver “Ruler”, made from the previews for the episode!