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Best Nap Ever

Harrison Osterfield ~ Tom Holland Fan Club

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You find a nap buddy that doesn’t want to nap anymore as much as you beg him to.

Requested by: @tanovic54321 wanted a fluffy Harrison imagine so

Written By: Head Honcho - Zoe

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Fluff, long af

A/N: Inspired by the episode in FRIENDS when Joey and Ross take a nap together. Also, I called that ‘fancy’ chair that actors get (the wooden foldable chair with the black ‘padding’ a director’s chair. Idk, I googled what it was but it was just that.


“Gotta head to set.” Tom stretches as he stands up from your couch.

“Aw.” You frown, pausing the scary movie Tom thought it would be smart to watch. “You guys are going to leave me in such a vulnerable state?” You pout out your bottom lip as they make their way towards the door.

“Harrison can stay.” Tom offers, you smile while Haz’s eyes widen.

“Really?” You gape, holding a pillow to your chest.

“Yeah, yeah.” The brunette nods, sending a smirk to his friend. “I’ll shoot you a text if I need a coffee or something.” He hits his arm and walks out of the trailer, closing the door behind him.

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This morning my dissertation tutor looked at my poetry (which makes me feel sick with nerves) and he said “hmm” and “good” and ticked it which was quite nice if a bit of a strange feeling. 

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jimon + 'you found me hanging by my fingertips from your window and i don’t want to tell you i was trying to rob you but idk how else to explain this and i don’t want to go to jail and also you’re kind of cute we should make out when i’m not clinging onto your window ledge for my life’ au (only if u like it if not just ignore me sorry !!)

sjdsjdjsdjs i love this prompt i’m sorry it took me so long to answer. also i think this derailed a bit but i was having too much fun constructing an entire au in my head for this world, so. 

“Hmm.” A voice echoes from above Simon. “This isn’t what I expected.” Simon freezes, his fingers tightly gripping the window ledge as a handsome and strangely familiar blonde wrapped up in a form-fitting grey sweater leans out the window. 

“This isn’t what it looks like.” Simon says quickly, and then groans because it’s probably the most suspicious thing he’s ever said. In his ear, Clary is furiously whispering through his earpiece for him to get out, drop down and extract yourself, what do you think you’re doing, Simon - 

No?” The blonde asks, a delighted smile crossing his face. “It looks like you were about to break into my apartment.” 

“Well, I wasn’t.” Simon says insistently, and he shivers. “Look, if we’re going to do this, either call the police or let me in, because it’s freezing out here and my fingers are going to fall off - “

“You’re awfully talkative for a thief.” The man mutters, before he leans down and hauls Simon in by the shoulders, surprisingly strong. They tumble to the floor, and Simon scrabbles for purchase, accidentally groping the man’s very fit torso in the process, before he pushes off and rolls away, getting up and staring warily at the man. 

“I’m Jace.” The man says, sticking a hand out to shake. Simon stares at it and shakes hesitantly, noting where the front door is and how fast he can run to it. He knows the layout of the expensive flat from the plans Clary got him, knows everything from the painting studio down the hallway to the sleek-looking espresso maker he can see sitting on the kitchen counter. 

“S - Robin.” Simon says, tripping over his own name. “Robin Hood.” 

“Yeah.” Jace sticks his hands in his pockets, shifting his weight and raking his eyes up and down Simon’s body. Simon suppresses a shiver, strangely attracted to the man in front of him, oddly charmed by the way his blonde hair is falling softly in his face and his sleep pants are rumpled, like he forgot to fold them properly. “You steal from the rich and give to the poor, Brooklyn’s newest superhero. Or,” he adds, as Simon flushes and tugs his mask and cowl tighter across his face, “depending on what circles you move in, a supervillain.” 

Hot anger rushes through Simon, and he tamps down the instant urge to turn invisible and pummel the guy. So far, nobody’s been able to cotton on that the reason Robin Hood and his accomplice Red Riding Hood - and seriously, what newspaper was in charge of giving the him and Clary the most obnoxious names in the history of the world? - get away with all their heists is because he can turn invisible and Clary has super speed, and they have Magnus helping them from his command center with keeping surveillance of the city. He needs to keep it that way, even if Hot Blonde Mysterious Dude - Jace - is attractive and checking him out even though it looked like he was going to rob Jace just a few minutes ago. 

Though to be fair, he was going to rob Jace, who’s the adopted son of one of the more powerful families in the city. He’s here for the money, and to investigate what shady deals the three eldest Lightwood children seem to be involved in, since Magnus constantly sees them ducking in and out of buildings they definitely shouldn’t be in. 

“It’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose.” Simon says, shrugging and starting to edge towards the door. “For example, it may have looked like I was going to rob you, from your perspective - “

“I think it’s fairly explanatory what a handsome thief is doing hanging off the window of a wealthy man’s apartment.” Jace says dryly, crossing his arms and smirking as he steps closer to Simon. Simon grinds his teeth, torn between flirting back or telling the man to fuck off. “I’m not going to call the police, Simon, chill out.” 

Simon freezes, his blood turning cold as he hears his real name, and he immediately turns invisible, leaping backwards and sending a lamp flying. Jace’s mouth drops open and he looks horrified with himself as he stumbles forward, eyes fixed on a point five feet to Simon’s left. “No, shit, don’t go - I’m sorry, I’m Angel, I should have led with that - fuck.” 


Oh no. Simon’s face drains of color as he considers possibly catapulting himself off the roof of the apartment building in embarrassment. Angel is part of the other trip of superheros working in Brooklyn, fast and strong and equipped with a set of distinctive russet-colored angel wings. He, Archer, and Whiplash dole out vigilante justice, and are well-loved by the people. 

Angel is also obnoxious and attractive and started following Simon around when he started using his powers to be Robin Hood and constantly flirted with him and infuriated him, and now Simon’s been stupid enough to not connect the dots between the superhero he was crushing miserably on and his target for the night, oh God

A set of wings are unfurling from Jace’s back, even as Simon holds perfectly still, hidden by his invisibility. Jace looks around, and calls out, “Simon? Did you leave?” He waits a few seconds, and then sighs, tucking his wings tightly against his body and flopping onto the sofa to grab his phone, dialing a number and pressing it close to his ear as he runs a hand through his hair. 

“Alec?” Jace asks, and Simon could kick himself because obviously the Lightwood siblings are crime-fighting superheros. That would explain the shady behavior, at least. “Yeah, Simon came by tonight as Robin Hood. He didn’t know I was Angel, and - “ There’s a pause on the other end of the line, and then Jace laughs bitterly. “No, I think he’s gone. He shifted to invisibility and my windows still open, so I think he climbed out - no, obviously I didn’t ask him out, are you crazy? He hates me right now.” 

Simon makes a disbelieving noise, his heart speeding up his chest, and Jace freezes, slowly turning his face to the sound.

“Call you later.” He says into the phone, and then he shuts it off. “Simon, you’re still here.” He squints suspiciously in the general area of where Simon’s standing, and mutters to himself “If he’s not here, I’m going to feel like such a fucking idiot.”

Simon exhales, focuses, and turns visible again, and Jace visibly jumps in shock. 

“I have to get used to that.” He says, and he bites his lower lip. “You heard.” 

“Yeah.” Simon says, eyes wide. 

“Well, now you know.” Jace spreads his arms wide, his expression defeated. “You’re shit at hiding your identity, and I like you. I’m sorry.”

“So Angel swooping in and interrupting my fights,” Simon says slowly, “that was you…flirting?” 

“I thought I was doing okay.” Jace defends himself, and Simon cuts him a look before he glances down at his watch. 

“I still have work to do tonight. There’s a flat in upper Manhattan owned by a Camille that’s just begging to be trashed and redistributed by Robin Hood.” Simon says in a rush. Jace watches him carefully, his eyes dark, and Simon half-smiles at him. “But…you know, maybe - if you want - we can go on a date tomorrow? Just Simon and Jace. No - no this.” He makes a vague motion with his hands, gesturing to his own mottled green-black uniform and Jace’s wings. 

Jace laughs, genuine and carefree, and nods, stepping closer to Simon. “For now,” he says, smirking, “how about a kiss for luck before you go off to be a criminal?” 

“You’re such an asshole.” Simon grumbles, and then he cups the back of Jace’s neck and pulls him down for a kiss, groaning softly as he realizes that Jace’s lips really are as plush as they look, and that Jace kisses like a champ - slow and wet and deep - and that Jace’s slight stubble scraping along his face is apparently the hottest thing Simon’s felt. Frankly, it’s unfair how much Simon likes this. 

“Okay,” Jace pulls away, his face flushed and his breathing ragged, “go save the world. Or just Brooklyn. Break into someone else’s house.” Simon grins and salutes him, taking a few steps back and leaping out the window to climb back down the building. “Don’t kiss anyone else, though! I better be the only person you steal a kiss from!” 

Simon grins even wider, and puts a hand to his earpiece as he uses his other hand to swing down a floor. 

“Red,” he says, “I think I’ve found my Maid Marian.” 

Jace is going to hate his new nickname.

BTS | You Being Pregnant

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BTS reactions to their wife telling them she’s pregnant

When you had talked to Jin about the possibility of starting a family together he was more than happy. He would probably get a little bit on the side of baby feverish as well.

“What in the world did you buy?” you questioned.

“Just some stuff we might need,” he said, setting down the bags from the baby store.

“I’m not even pregnant yet!” you said.

So when you found out you would have no issues what so ever bringing yourself to tell him. “Jin, Jin, Jin!” you said jogging up to him just before he entered the practice room at BigHit.

“Oh hey, Y/N,” he said smiling, “You look happy…what’s up.”

“I’m pregnant,” you said, not caring that probably a dozen people just heard you.

“That’s amazing Y/N!” he said hugging you, “Look I have practice, but we’ll celebrate later.”

That night when you heard the door open and close you called Jin to the kitchen. “Oh good I’m not late…oh I bought something…you think the baby will like it?” 

You turned around and saw him with a foam flower circling his face. “Yes…yes I’m sure the baby will like it.”

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You and Yoongi had decided that you wanted to start a family not long after you got married; only problem was you were having some problems actually conceiving. You had talked about adoption cause it was an option that you were both open to but you both wanted to try just a bit longer.

It worked…

You were ecstatic when that pregnancy test finally came back positive and at first you had it in mind just to run to the studio and tell him. But then you had a better idea…you wanted to tell him in a big way. So you got the guys involved and decided that at the next awards show you would reveal the news to him. He had talked about your struggles to start a family publicly so sharing the news with the fans wouldn’t be a problem,

So when the awards show came around and BTS was called to the stage, Namjoon gave an acceptance speech and then moved on to the big surprise…”I would also like to say one more thing, and this is for Suga if we could get a spotlight over in that area,” he said pointing into the crowd where you were.

You were standing there along with a staff member who handed you a mic. “Congratulations on the award guys…and Yoongi a big congratulations on becoming a father…”

The crowd started to scream and cheer and Yoongi started to clap until it hit him what you had said and the flood of emotions hit him and he started to cry tears of happiness.

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You were trying to start a family, but at the same time you weren’t. Meaning for you and Hoseok you wanted a small sunshine in your lives and you weren’t necessarily going to try but you were going to stop your birth control and well he wouldn’t use condoms for the time being. So if it happened it happened.

So when you became pregnant, though it wasn’t much of a surprise, you were surprised that it happened so soon. “Note to self, be careful in the future or will end up with football team.”

The thing was with Hoseok’s playful nature you didn’t want to just tell him the good news you wanted to have some fun with it so you started leaving subtle hints around the apartment and even when you visited him at work…although when the small hints didn’t work you had to push forward a bit more.

“Is one of your friend’s having a baby shower?” he questioned, looking at the plastic bag from the baby store.

“Hmm? Why do you ask?” you questioned.

“Because of the bag…” he said pointing.

“Oh this…I just thought we should start getting prepared…” you replied.

“Prepared…why…oh my god…are you?” he started getting even more excited as he saw a smile cross your face,” OH MY GOD YOU’RE PREGNANT!!!!” He jumped up and started dance around the practice room.

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Rap Monster/Namjoon:
He knew something was up when you started acting strange around him. You had never been secretive around him or avoided him for any reason so when you said you had a doctors appointment and then you began to act funny around him he started to get worried.

“Y/N are you okay?” he questioned.

“Um…yea why?” you asked.

“Well…” he started, looking at the worried looking on your face, “Ever since your doctors appointment you’ve been acting very strangely.”

He had noticed; you knew he would…he was far from stupid and how in the world were you supposed to hide the fact that you were pregnant from him. When you two had gotten married you hadn’t really gotten a chance to talk about whether or not you wanted to take that next step. You did…but would he?

“Well…I am…” you started.

“Then why have you been avoiding me?” he asked.

“I’m pregnant,” you replied, receiving nothing but silence from him before a smile appeared on his face.

“Are you really???” he questioned, “This is amazing, jagi. I can’t wait to tell everyone.”

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Smol bean did indeed want a smol bean of his own. That being said you had talked about starting a family of your own and you had both agreed that that’s what you wanted.

However finding the time with his busy schedule to actually work on that goal was beginning to become difficult so it was taking longer than either of you had really anticipated hoped. However, you did get your moments together and one of those moments worked.

But how to tell him? Easiest route would be to just run to him as soon as he got home and tell him. But that would be no fun…

“What’s with the fancy dinner?” Jimin asked, walking into the apartment to see dinner neatly laid out on the table instead of just waiting in the kitchen for him.

“Well…I have something exciting to tell you, but first food,” you replied.

Throughout dinner he kept trying to get out of you what you had to tell him but you wouldn’t relent, he had to wait. When dessert came around you turned on your phone camera and walked over to him.

“If you could ask for anything special…what would it be?” you questioned.

“For us to be together always,” he replied, smiling.

“Besides that cause that’s already gonna happen,” you said.

“Hmm well there is one thing,” he said, “Oh gosh this is embarrassing since I know you’re recording it.”

“Just tell me…” you urged.

“Well…we’ve been trying to start a family,” he said, “I would love for that to happen.”

“Well guess what Park Jimin…you’re gonna be a father,” you said.

“What? Really? Are you serious?” he said, “Oh my god jagi that’s…that’s amazing.”

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You know the term “one time won’t do any harm”? You knew you should’ve known better than to even listen to him when he said that. Yeah, yeah “safe sex” and all that but you did kinda want him to go without a condom too…it didn’t just feel good to one partner.

Now…you and Taehyung had talked about starting a family and it didn’t really seem like the right time what with another tour starting up so you figured you would return to the subject at a later time.

Yeah, that’s not happening. You missed your period and that was the first oh shit and then the second was the fact that you were feeling sick and then strike three on the ‘oh shit list’ was the positive pregnancy test….

Dinner that night felt very different to you. Although he was going on like the atmosphere in the room wasn’t even different; then again, maybe it was just you. 

“So then after practice we got lunch, but we were waiting almost an hour for it so we just canceled our order and went and got some fast food because we were hungry and at that point didn’t care what we were eating and-”

“I’m pregnant,” you spit out.

“What?” he asked, popping his head up.

“I’m pregnant,” you said again.

He was silent for quite a while trying to process this information but eventually managed to get out how happy he was.

You had both had a long and extensive talk about starting a family. You both wanted kids, but being young were you both ready for that. You weren’t quite sure about that…

So you had decided that even though, yes you did want to start a family together, you would wait a little while and make sure you were completely and absolutely sure you were ready.

“ha ha”

That laughter…yeah that was life laughing in the face of your plans. “Well this is um…” you started as you stared down at the positive pregnancy test. You really didn’t know how you were supposed to react at that point, because you had to many emotions going at once. And on top of it all…how where you going to tell Kookie.

After a long walk from your apartment to BigHit, you had decided you just needed to tell him. Straight forward, no beating around the bush.

“Oh hey, Y/N…did we have lunch plans?” Jungkook asked when you walked into the practice room.

“No…No…” you said, “Do you have a minute?” 

“Sure, we were just taking a break…you okay?” he questioned.

“Can I talk to you in private?” you asked.

He nodded and led you to the empty recording studio and shut the door behind you two. “What’s up?”

“I’m pregnant,” you replied and he was silent, “You okay?”

“I’m just…wow that’s a lot to take in,” he said, “I’m happy but wow.”

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We’ve had time traveler young and old Obi-wan and Qui-gon, so how about a time traveling Anakin who gets hurled back into his 9 year old self? This time he sees what Qui-gon’s renouncement of Obi-wan does to him and proceeds to play match maker instead? Maybe Yoda could be in on the whole thing (you know he’s a huge Quiobi shipper) and Anakin could save his mom along the way.

After the first few hours…okay days really, of panic, Anakin had managed to settle himself down and figure out what was going on.

He was in his nine year old body.

Okay enough.

He was in his nine year old body back when he was a slave and he had not yet been picked up by Qui-Gon.

Panic had clawed at him.

He was a slave again, he had been thrown back in time and then…

His mother had stepped into the room and wrapped her in his arms and Anakin was not ashamed he had spent close to an hour crying into her rough spun clothes, taking in her scent and the way her arms felt around his too small body.

Then he did something he never thought he’d do again.

He meditated like a Jedi would and not a Sith.

He tried to fix his mind, tried to…figure out what had happened.

It had been him and Obi-Wan at the end, blue and shimmering, both wonder what was going to happen and then…

It was as if he had been pulled back, pulled through a hole to small for him until he woke up in the shack on Tatooine with the Force practically vibrating around him as his screams died on his lips and he clung to his mothers warm body.

He can’t fix himself but really, after so many years…what did the Force expect?

He clearly had PTSD among several other things like depression and anxiety.


To see Qui-Gon again after so long…

Its a marvel.

His mother.



And Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan with his braid and clear green eyes and no age aching body. Obi-Wan who’s young and warm and a bit cautious but doesn’t dislike him or is scared of him like Anakin had thought when he was a child.


Because Anakin can see what he didn’t before.

The way Obi-Wan’s eyes lingered on Qui-Gon’s hands, the way the other man got his focus with ease, the slightly to fond smile curling Obi-Wan’s lips.

The way his shoulders slumped in the council chamber when Qui-Gon preferred Anakin.

Obi-Wan had always been a good actor…

Apparently he had been that from the start.

“That wasn’t nice of you.” Anakin said quietly, peering up at Qui-Gon when the man set a plate down in front of him.

“Hmm?” The Jedi smiled at him. He quite liked Anakin, the blond was proving to be a little challenge all in himself. “What wasn’t?”

“Making Obi-Wan sad when he loves you.” Anakin offered.

“…Why do you say that Anakin?” Qui-Gon sat down, watching the other with a small frown.

“Because he does love you, else he wouldn’t have said he was ready up there with the other Jedi’s. Now he’s sad because you don’t want him anymore. That’s why he’s not here…” Anakin stared at him. “Don’t you know?”

In retrospect it made sense to Anakin, Obi-Wan had fallen in love and just never fallen out of it with Qui-Gon for all the other did that hurt him. That must have hurt, that must have hurt him so much, Qui-Gon’s constant rejection of him and then to top it of this and the death of a beloved one in his own arms.

As if realizing that Obi-Wan wasn’t with them, Qui-Gon looked around the apartment. “…I need to find him, would you be alright here Anakin until I return?”

A normal nine year old would not in Anakin’s situation.

But Anakin was not normal anymore.

So he nodded and watched the tall man leave the rooms. ‘I wonder where Obi-Wan is hiding…’ Then he turned his mind over to his mom. Perhaps he could save his mom now?

Even if they didn’t let him become a Jedi this time he could become something that would help his mom and they wouldn’t just throw him out on the street.

That had been a real fear before, that he would just be…abandoned.

The Jedi Order might not make him a Jedi but they wouldn’t leave him like that either.

‘Would have been great to know last time around.’ He thought dryly.

And then there was Palpatine…and Padme.

Sweet, gorgeous, wonderful Padme, his angel…

‘I can’t…do that again…I…she…’ He dropped his heads in his hands.


Obi-Wan looked withdrawn when they returned and Qui-Gon…

Well best Anakin could say was frustrated looking.

‘Guess they didn’t figure things out.’ Anakin peered at the two, blinking as Yoda followed behind them.

“Found these two I did, arguing like crechlings they were.” Yoda tisked. “Not necessary that was.”

Obi-Wan had no response and went right for his room, shoulders tense and a flush in his cheek even as Qui-Gon moved to the kitchen, smiling down at Anakin.

“You’ve eaten, good, I was gone longer then I thought. Are you more hungry or would you like something to drink?”

“I found myself some water.” Anakin lifted the big glass in front of him. “I’m okay. Thank you thought Mr Qui-Gon.” He peeked at the closed door. “Is Obi-Wan okay?”

“He needs some time to…think.” Qui-Gon settled on, glancing at Yoda then at Anakin. “As do I. Anakin I wouldn’t normally ask but do you mind if Yoda looks after you a bit while I meditate? I will be here just…meditating.” Qui-Gon offered.

Ten minutes later the two looked at each other, Yoda contemplative and Anakin a bit wary and curious.

“…Idiot crechling of mine never get together alone do they?”


“Hmm, Force is strange, send a man back in a child body. Need to stay in the Order you do.”

“I’d like to save my mom this time around.”

“Liked each other we did?”

“…That’s a stretch but we were respectful of each other. You’re a lot calmer about what you’re suspecting then I thought.”

“The Force is what drives us, you an anomaly now, always an anomaly…understand the Force has sent you back I have, figure out the why we have to. Become a Jedi you did?”

“…Yes. And a Sith through failure both on my own and the Council’s part.”

“…See I do…Jedi now you are?”

“My attachments both condemned and saved me.”

Yoda tapped his claws on the table, watching Anakin.

“Understand you the Council may not, watch you closely they would…”

Anakin frowned, he had a bad feeling.

“Decided I have, my padawan you will be.”

“…Oh boy this might either be wizard or terrible.”

“Drive each other to distractions we shall.”

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hi alice!!!! i heard that u are looking for some inspiration :P how about a scenario featuring someone who holds a grudge against Jumin and wanna get revenge on him by attempting to kill off every single person important to him one after one, from least to most? :3c

Title: The Pierrot’s last Joker

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Genre: Angst/Romance/Mystery

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

a/n it’s funny how i was listening to synchronicity while writing this. it actually added more to the mood i wanted to achieve. lololol anyway here you go!! let me know what you think, yeah? oh anon-chan you are so evil for requesting this lolol i like how your mind works

Every story has a beginning. For example, how did the universe begin?
Who created it? Was everything part of a greater plan?

When you were given birth, were you planned? Were your first cries as a sign of life immediately welcomed? Who planned to give you to your current family? Were you born to be a part of someone’s story?

Stories. Stories can equal life. And in every story there will be choices. You move and decide according to what you believe in, what your emotions tell you or even according to what you desire. The strength of a human will can go lengths just to prove that they can and they will.

And the moment you try to take that will away, death will become the only last resort.

It all began one rainy night. This story that could have qualified to become a tale. A storm was to pass over Seoul and the streets were empty enough that only the pouring rain can be heard.

There was a victim.
And a culprit.

The Victim. A group of men in black wearing black masks over their faces were dragging a poor soul across the wet asphalt, not caring enough if he gets wounded or might break his limbs. The man seemed to be already dead anyway and no movements of protests were made by him.

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Private Thoughts

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[Part 2]

Summary: you are a telepath like Charles. Even though the professor has told you not to read people’s minds without there permission you become bored and do it anyway. What you didn’t expect was to listen in on some private thoughts that you probably weren’t supposed to hear

Pairing: Alex Summers x reader
Warnings: some swearing
Fandom: X-Men

You had become bored. The professor had given you a book that was supposed to help you with your powers but you just couldn’t focus at all. See you were a telepath like the professor himself but you obviously weren’t as powerful as him.

“How is a stupid book supposed to help?” You thought miserably “if I want to get better I should practice on real people”.

“[Y/N] people’s thoughts are private, you shouldn’t intrude on people’s minds”. Is what the professor had said to you.

You groaned “oh come on it wouldn’t hurt”.

Sean, Hank, and Alex were the only ones in the room with you at the moment. Sean was sitting in front of the television, Hank had his nose in a book as usual, and Alex was off playing an arcade game that was in the corner of the room.

You always wondered what happened in boys minds. A sly smirk formed on your face as you began to focus on Sean.

Meet the Flintstones
They’re the modern stone age family
From the town of Bedrock
They’re a page right out of history
[There’s no way a dinosaur would let a person slide down its neck like that]

You couldn’t help but giggle softly to yourself. You had a feeling Sean’s thoughts would contain something like that. It was a good thing none of the guys seemed to take notice to your silent laughter.

You had a feeling you already knew what Hank’s thoughts would be about as well but still you took dip inside the scientist’s head.

Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylarginyl…isoleucine (the words has a total of 189,819 letters)
[I’d like to see Alex try to pronounce that]
is the chemical name of titin also known as connectin. Which is the largest known protein.

You winced as all this this information hit you at once. It made your head start the throb. Like you said you weren’t as good as the professor yet so sometimes reading minds made you a bit dizzy.

Unfortunately this time everyone noticed your strange behaviour. Alex, Hank, and Sean all turned to look at you with raised eyebrows.

“[Y/N] you good?” Alex asked.

You shot him a weak smile “oh yeah I’m fine. This book’s just giving me a headache”.

You managed to laugh and Alex smiled back. Sean and Hank both shrugged and went back to what they were doing but Alex kept his bright blue eyes on you. Hmm I wonder… You bit your lip hesitating for just a second before you took a trip into the blonde’s head.

Man she has such a good smile. God and her laugh. She’s so pretty. Why can’t I just tell her that I’ve been crazy about her ever since we met? You’re pathetic Summers. Why is she looking at me like that? Shit how long have I been staring?!?!

You felt your cheeks going red and you quickly looked away before he could catch you blushing. You suddenly felt rather uncomfortable. Not because you didn’t feel the same way, actually you felt exactly the same about Alex but it was almost like you walked in on someone changing. You had seen (or well in this case heard) something you weren’t supposed to. Maybe the professor had been right…

You thought about saying something but you stopped yourself. Those were Alex’s thoughts and if he wanted to come out with them that was his choice.

“[Y/N] you look sort of freaked out” Alex said snapping you out of your thoughts. He seemed unconvinced you were truly fine.

“I’m just thinking is all”.

nuttyrabbit  asked:

Vlad Masters meets Reigen and Mob. What happens?

Mob had seen ghosts, and he had seen other espers.

He had not, however, seen anything like Vlad Masters.

The man seemed normal enough- he smiled, he frowned, he shook Master Reigen’s hand when it was offered. Mob wasn’t the best at judging people’s emotional displays, but Masters seemed to be doing just fine on that front.

No, what made Mob blink was his aura. It wasn’t that of a powerful spirit- loosely flowing and intense, nor that of an esper, a shimmering curtain that softly pulsed like a heartbeat.

It was tight to his body, faint lavender and red wine, shifting just slowly enough that it was hard to tell when one color ended and the next started.

“What brings you to Japan?”

“Oh, simple business.” Masters waved it off easily, and Master Reigen had on one of his client-smiles; the one that Mob had learned came about when the client was nearly sold and just needed a little extra push. “If you’ll excuse me, I must be attending to it.”

Master Reigen said something, but Mob didn’t particularly listen, trying to figure out if the man’s aura was closer to the color of dragonfruit or roses.


Mob didn’t puzzle over it too long- if the man wasn’t attacking him or his friends or causing a fuss, he didn’t need to worry about it. Perhaps he was simply an esper who’d used his powers here and there but didn’t fully unleash them, and it had led to a strange aura. (Mob had heard from Teru that his own often looked odd, due to how sporadically he used his powers.)

His question returned, however, during an exorcism a day later, when that same aura, albeit four times as strong, pulsed around a spirit with horned hair and an outfit out of one of Shou’s comic books.

“Oh, what have we here?” Mob doubted he would have recognized the voice if he hadn’t recognized the aura- it was doubled, echoed, twisted- a mockery of the one he’d heard before. It was the voice he expected from a cocky spirit.

“Spirit, begone!” Master Reigen dug into his bag, pulling out a handful of salt. Blessed, this time.

“You can’t be serious. The last thing that could defeat me is a seasoning.” He started laughing, until Mob blinked and he was stuck in place. “Hmm?”

“Blessed salt would help weaken you.” Mob said, twisting his hand slightly to the side. “You seem very powerful, I’m not sure how you don’t know that. Did you die recently?” Perhaps he was overshadowing someone, like Dimple had done, and had picked a victim similar in stature to his living body.

“Not too recently, no.” The spirit had a strange soft of smirk-smile, one that looked strangely like the one Teru had before he’d turned over a new leaf. Master Reigen tossed the salt, but it missed by a few centimeters, a bit too low. The spirit winced but didn’t seem to be in pain.

“Oh. All right.” Mob moved to exorcise it, but it vanished out of his grip.

“I don’t think so. Perhaps we’ll meet again.” With a wave of its cape, the spirit was gone.

Mob flexed his fingers, turning his hand over. 

“Another job well done, right, Mob?” Master Reigen let the remaining salt trickle through his fingers, back into his bag.

Mob nodded. “Yes.”

The red-tinge of the spirit’s aura looked more like raw meat, he decided.

ranaahh95  asked:


I’m from Texas and I’m currently watching Friday Night Lights so that’s the only excuse I can give for any of this ridiculous high school au. Also this is a bit longer than my usual drabble but I’m not sorry about it.

You too can have a drabble like this. Just drop a word in my inbox.

Tagging: @wrongshipper @releaseurinhibitions @scu11y22@lovelycssefan
@pleasantfanandstudent @scu11y22@almondblossomme @seaolicity@miriam1779 @jaspertown @wherethereissmoak (let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged in my fics)


Felicity cursed at her old beat up car, kicking at the flat tire for good measure before leaning against the driver’s door with a sigh. It was the exact wrong time for her to be stuck in her school’s rapidly emptying parking lot. Fate was often against her so it didn’t exactly come as a surprise either. Tugging at the end of her ponytail, she reached into her purse to dig for her phone, hoping that her mother had charged her phone that morning.

Just as she unsurprisingly got her mom’s voicemail, the sound of a rumbling engine reached her ears and she glanced up in time to see a very familiar, ridiculously large truck rolling to a stop just behind her car. Her eyes narrowed as Oliver Queen himself leaned out of his driver’s window with a grin on his face. It would be much easier to dislike him if he didn’t look so damn good with his flannel shirt rolled up to his elbows and his damp hair strikingly messy.

“Can I help you?” Felicity asked, lifting her chin as she put her hands on her hips.

“Funny, I was about to ask the same of you.”

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Yesterday was kiss day

Tetsuya had to bite his lip and ground himself not to make a noise, as he felt his stomach twitch. His fingers gripped his book and he tried to focus on the text before him but it was neigh impossible when Kagami-kun was in the mood to make him focus on him. He always had his ways of making Tetsuya forget about anything, especially when he used his stupid mouth.

Tetsuya’s eyebrow twitched.

“Taiga-kun.” He said finally, knowing well that he was admitting defeat and he lowered to book to look at his boyfriend who seemed to have a field day.

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Three Notes & Four Dozen Roses

You woke up and notice Dick wasn’t next to you, “Babe?” you called out.


You got up and stretched a bit before you began to look for him. ‘Hmm, that’s weird…’ you thought as you notice the apartment was completely empty.

You walk back into your room and grab your phone, you then call him but strangely he doesn’t pick up.

You shrugged slightly and thought ‘he’s probably okay, I’m just overthinking nonsense.’ You place your phone back on the nightstand.

You sigh softly as you walked into the kitchen, you quickly notice a pink box sitting on the counter with a note on top of it. You smiled softly as you knew it was from Dick:

Morning beautiful and Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s a little something for your sweet tooth.
 I picked up early this morning, hope you like it ;)


p.s. Look around, I left you another note. Here’s a hint if you need some help:
You slide the door in order for it to open.

“Crap!” you face palmed yourself, you had forgotten it was Valentine’s Day. ‘No wonder Dick’s AWOL.’ You though to yourself.

He tends to disappear all day and surprise you with a big grand gesture just like every cliché romantic movie out there. You smile as you remember last year’s, he filled your whole apartment with roses, cooked dinner and cuddled with you as you two watched movies. You can’t help but love him a tad bit more every single day.

‘That little…’ you shook your head in disbelieve before opening the box. There, in the center of the box sat a delicious cupcake with BE MINE written in black frosting.

“Be Mine? Well, isn’t that cheesy.” You giggled as you picked up the cupcake.

You admired it for a minute more before you took a bite. ‘This is amazing’ you thought to yourself as you swallowed, this is definitely the best cupcake you’ve ever had.

When you finished it you quickly threw the cupcake paper and washed your hands. You reread the note and tried to figure out where the next note could be.

“You slide the door in order for it to open.” you repeated the hint out loud in hopes it would make sense. You sigh as you sat on the couch “You slide the door in order for it to open” you closed your eyes and imagined a door and well, you sliding it.

“The closet!” you ran into the room and opened the closet door, right when you did the note fall out and landed on top of your toes. You quickly opened it:

            It’s new and it’s blue, you have some shoes that go with it too.

          P.s. Hope you like it, Dami helped me pick it out. Next note will be
      at the place we had our first kiss. Hint: You’re greeted with sass and class.

You look through your closet and pull out a beautiful blue dress, you place it on the bed before coming back into the closet to grab some sandals. You quickly put on the dress and slide your sandals on, you then grabbed your phone and purse before you ran out the door.

‘You’re greeted with sass and class.’ You smirked slightly, you knew exactly where the next note is and who might have it.


“Thank you, keep the change.” you payed the taxi driver before you got out. You walked up the steps and to the front door.

You looked around and couldn’t help but grin, you loved this place so much. You were about to press the doorbell when the door swung open.

“Welcome Miss (Y/N).” Alfred said as he stood before you. You smiled and walked in “Thanks Alfred, hey Al-”

“I believe this is for you.” Alfred extended his hand and there it was, the third note. ‘Hmm, straight to the point.’ You thought as you thanked Alfred once more before you grabbed and opened the note.

Roses are red, violates are blue, smile you’re almost through.
Your chariot awaits, by chariot I mean the car. :)

You giggle softly as you think, ‘you’re such an idiot Dick.’ You then close the note and put it in the bag for safe keeping.

“Miss (Y/N), your ride has arrived.” You turned around and watch a back car pull up. You and Alfred then walk out and make your way to the car, Alfred then opens the door for you.

“Thank you Alfred.” He nodded and closed the door.

You looked out the window as you were taken to Dick’s desired destination. You were getting a bit sleepy but that quickly changed as you felt the car stop. Your door is then opened and you step out of the car.

Your eyes widen as you see him, the Richard Dick Grayson, your Dick, holding want seems to be four dozen roses. You of course, smile wide.

“What in the world?! First the cupcake, then the dress…you’re spoiling me rotten babe.” your eyes begin to get a bit water but you blink the tears away.

“Too much?” he rubs the back of his neck nervously as he walks towards you.

You bite your lip to hold back your giggle and met him half way, “No, not at all. It’s perfect, you’re perfect. Thank you.”

He chuckles softly, “Am I the best boyfriend or what?”

You giggle softly as you shake your head. “Don’t get cocky Grayson.”

He then winks, “I’ll take that as a yes, you look stunning by the way.”

You blush lightly, “Thank you. Now, mind telling me what we’re doing here on the docks?”

“Right, let me set these aside.” He carefully places the four dozen flowers inside the car you arrived in, he then tells the driver to take them to the manor and thanks him before the man drives away.

He walks back to you and grabs your hand. “Why should I tell you when I can show you. Dinner awaits.”

You look at him a bit confused “Dinner? Where are we having dinner?”

He smirks slightly before he leads you up a ramp and into a boat. You look around in awe. It’s funny how he still manages to blow your mind.

He takes you straight to the boat deck, your mouth drops open right away as you both stop. Right in the middle of the deck was a table for two. A beautiful path made out of rose pedals and candles lead straight to the table, nice soft music playing in the background, the full moon. Were you dreaming? Was this actually happening? You couldn’t believe the sight in front of you. ‘This tops last year’s Valentines for sure.’ You thought to yourself.

You continue to look around and can’t help but think how lucky you were to be with Dick.

“This… You…” you begin to talk but stopped because you were completely speechless. There are no words to describe how you feel right then and there.

“I wanted to do something more special than what we did last year.” Dick grabs your other hand as well and looks into your eyes, “Do you like it?”

“No…I love it. I love you.” you smile as you look into his eyes as well.

Dick then kisses you softly, “I love you more (Y/N), Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I hope you liked it DC Valentine! :)

From @double-trouble-dc
Happy Valentine’s to @lovelylittlebirdy
Length of the fanfic without the title: 1,227

Stan Pines, Farmhand - Chapter 15: Forty-One Years Later

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Chapter 13   Chapter 14   Chapter 15   Chapter 16   AO3

Holy cow guys it’s finally here!  Chapter 15 of “Stan Pines, Farmhand”!  It has been far too long since I’ve updated, and for that I am sorry.  But we’re in the home stretch folks, we’re almost done!  Anyways, in this chapter, Stan gets yelled at by multiple people, Mabel thinks her Great-Aunt Angie is a werewolf, and Emily thinks her Uncle Ford is a bit strange, even for her admittedly odd family.  Enjoy.

July 30, 2012

               Dipper and Mabel were finally in bed.  Stan could hear them moving around upstairs, but at least they’d have a harder time eavesdropping from the attic.  As he talked on the phone in the kitchen, Stan looked outside.  Some sort of bear-thing was chasing gnomes in the backyard.

               Just a normal Monday here in Gravity Falls, he thought tiredly.

               “So I took the kids on a trip to some of the other tourist traps in Oregon,” Stan said.

               “Mm-hmm,” Angie replied, on the other end of the phone.  “This weren’t a ‘business trip’, were it?”

               “I have no clue what ya mean.”

               “Did ya use child labor to ruin yer competition’s places of business?”

               “See, now when ya say it like that, it sounds dirty,” Stan said, slightly put out.  Angie chuckled softly.  

               “Did anythin’ interestin’ happen on this trip?”

               “I almost got eaten by a spider-lady.”

               “A spider-lady?”


               “What was her name?”

               “Why are you interested in knowing her name?”  

               “My college roommate is a spider-person.”



               “Her name was Darlene.”  There was a shuffle over the phone as Angie apparently shifted her phone from one ear to the other.

               “Ya shoulda told me ya were goin’ to see spider-people.  Darlene is Marley’s cousin.  She prob’ly wouldn’t have tried to eat ya if she knew who ya were.”

               “Dammit.  See, this is why ya need to come back.  Ya get me outta all sortsa sticky situations.”  Angie laughed again.  “Seriously, though, when are ya gettin’ back?”

               “I’ll be in Gravity Falls in a week or so.  I’m in the Augusta airport right now, to head over to California and stay with Harper and Emmett fer a bit.  Emmett’s got that dance recital,” Angie replied.  She paused.  “That’s the boardin’ call.  Real quick, anythin’ else ya wanted to tell me?”

               “Ford’s back,” Stan blurted out.  There was a clatter and shuffling over the line.

               “Sorry ‘bout that,” Angie said.  “I dropped the phone. Now, what did ya just say?”

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anonymous asked:

In the Sheevsson verse, how did Obi Wan and Palpatine get to acknowledging their relationship to each other? When did they figure out that the other knew and how did that conversation go?

It had been an offhand comment, Sheev hadn’t expected the sarcastic reply from the clearly overworked knight when he had questioned him about his health and his missions.

“I’m fine father.”

That had come out of Obi-Wan’s mouth, his eyes rolled for effort before the Jedi froze, both staring at each other as they realized what he had said.

And then Obi-Wan had turned wary when Sheev hadn’t denied it. “…You know.” He whispered.

“…I was informed back when you did the genetic match back when you were twenty five…I wanted to get to know you so I invited you to my office.” Sheev murmured, deciding to continue his route of being honest with his son. Well about most parts, not saying something was not the same as lying since Obi-Wan had never asked him about the darkness that Sheev sometimes let slip.

“I…oh…” Obi-Wan shifted, the thirty one year old still wary looking and a bit confused about how to go forward.

“How about…we continue as we have…and you continue to tell me about that mission to Pon-Pon? Hmm? You said Anakin threw himself in front of you like a shield?” Sheev carefully prompted the other.

“I…yes. Yes he’s been behaving strangely lately. Latches onto me at the slightest of chances and doesn’t like to be separated from me. He hasn’t been like this since he was twelve.”Obi-Wan frowned a bit. “I worry for him…”

Sheev hummed quietly. “Perhaps you would like for me to speak to him?”

“I…perhaps. He respects you. He may listen to you.” The other looked so damn hopeful, open and trusting of Palpatine.

It was a good thing he wasn’t about to abuse that trust and for a moment Sheev wondered how things would have been if Obi-Wan trusted the order more then him.

But no, Sheev had done his job when Obi-Wan had been fragile and lost after the death of his Master and become the one person Obi-Wan could always talk to and never get judged for, even when he was lost.

No, Obi-Wan was not without support here even if he felt lost.

“Please, do send him my way and I’ll see about him.” Sheev chuckled quietly.


Of all the sith damned things to come out of the boys mouth!

Sheev continued to pound himself on his chest, coughing up the tea that had gone the wrong way even as the blond watched him warily.


“I am not screwing Obi-Wan!” Sheev managed to cough out, rubbing his chest before wheezing. “Little stars boy, just no.” He settled on even as Anakin relaxed at the vehement denial.

“I’m sorry sir it just seemed like…are you alright sir?”

Sheev grasped a napkin and wiped his mouth, mind spinning a thousand miles a second. Skywalker was jealous, that was why he didn’t want to be separated, he thought he and Obi-Wan were fucking and therefor latched onto the other as tightly as he could.

Sheev could use that, could use his jealousy, a protector for his son…

And if his coming apprentice was loyal to his heir…well that was fine by him.

Yes he could use this jealousy he thought as he sipped his tea to sooth his aching throat a bit, hiding away the sudden smile that wanted to lure itself along his lips. “You’re rather fond of Obi-Wan, are you not Anakin?” He started sweetly as the blond flushed and squirmed in his seat.

“He’s nice and smart.” Anakin tried.

“Very popular too is he not, he doesn’t speak much about it but I get the sensation he is often flirted with?”

And there was that angry flush in the others cheek as Anakin looked everywhere but at Sheev.

‘Lets fuel the fires…’


Happy birthday Jackson! He is the sweetest person ever, and he’s perfect in every way, so I hope he had a wonderful birthday ^.^  I know this scenario is a tad late, but I hope everyone still likes it!

Summary: It’s Jackson’s birthday, so you surprise him by inviting his parents to dinner.

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1607

“Yes, Mrs. Wang. We’ll be leaving in about 15 minutes,” you said, talking on the phone in a hushed whisper. “I’ll see you soon. Okay. Ba-bye.” You clicked the phone shut, but when you heard Jackson’s voice, your heart skipped a beat.

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According to rumors, the original ASOIAF outline had love triangle Tyrion - Arya - Jon. And Sansa was a minor Stark character, like Rickon for example. She actually married Joffrey and gave him a son..and she chose her new family over her old one. And that’s it.

If this is all true, than George definitely changed many things, Sansa is very important now, and instead of Joffrey, she was married to Tyrion.. And Arya really has no connections with Tyrion, and to Jon she’s just his little sister, you know… 

So.. I was thinking… What if George decided that he still wants that love triangle in his story, but with Sansa instead of Arya?

I mean, the way ShowJon looks at her.. and she was married to Tyrion both in the books and the show… So, I don’t know, in the show that probably will not happen, or we’ll maybe see some of it, but nothing serious, just a little bit of jealousy and strange looks.. But the books… hmm.

anonymous asked:

So I just discovered that apparently a average normal human Jedi life in Star wars is around 160 (120 on a bad day) years, with good medical and their brand of exercise, and suddenly Qui-Gon Jinn makes a lot of sense because he looks like the daddy of all daddies at 60 as is the first movie. But Ben Kenbi reaches roughly the same age and it got me wondering how the council and Qui-Gon himself would react to his adult, and obviously mad as a hatter, Ben Kenobi from the wastelands, your thought?

Qui-Gon resisted the urge to reach out and grab his padawan by the shoulder.


Instead he kept his eyes on the old man standing beside him, examining him as best he could. The man was fifty five, the same age as Qui-Gon himself but he looked closer to a hundred, especially with how he moved too.

Pure salt and pepper hair and beard was cut short and wrinkles lined the aged face in a manner that told of stress and pain, not laughter. That alone would tell Qui-Gon that this man had not lived a happy life. But more disturbing was the broken soul he could feel slumbering inside the man, a soul that he could faintly recognize.

This was a aged Obi-Wan Kenobi and once again Qui-Gon had to resist the urge to grab his twenty year hold padawan by the shoulder and hold him close.

Obi-Wan…Ben had appeared in a wave of Force, falling over in the temple garden in full confusion, looking around as if he wasn’t sure anything was real and perhaps to him it wasn’t. There was a broken madness to this older man, as if age and loneliness had taken much from him.

If it wasn’t for the muted aura in the Force, he wouldn’t believe that this man was the same as his padawan, only older by a scant thirty five years.

After confirming that the man was no danger to the temple, indeed he had only seemed lost and a bit confused, he had been taken to the healers and Qui-Gon swore he could still hear Vokara Che yelling echoing through the temple as she examined Ob-Ben.

Early onset of rheumatoid arthritis.

Sjogren’s syndrome which had lead to dryness of mouth and eyes.

Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Several infections in major organs and joints.

Malnutrition which had lead to anemia coupled with dehydration.

There was even a slight hitch of breath that told Qui-Gon that the other could no longer breath as deeply as he used to as a young man and the idea of the other being able to spar or do the more strenuous katas seemed far out of the question at least for now. Sith hells, Qui-Gon wasn’t exactly young anymore but so far his only issues were some aches and pains in his knees that came with being overly tall.

The healers would be keeping a close eye with his padawan for the future and by the speculative look in Healer Che’s eyes when they left, he was due for several tests the healer could expose him to and Qui-Gon would make sure he attended.

The man had been given fresh clothes, the ones he had were rough and worn down by age, several of them patched and close to falling apart and told to take as long a shower as he wanted before he’d be brought before the council. The older man had mulled over that and then done as told, tired resignation in his aura.

“Master Obi-Wan?” Qui-Gon shifted as Mace tried to get the other mans attention, frowning and glancing at Yoda when the man showed no sign of recognition to the name and continued staring out at the sunset of Corescant as if he hadn’t seen anything as fascinating as it ever.

Yoda sighed and tapped his cane lightly. “Master Ben?” He tried, his old voice kinder then when the other had appeared earlier that same day.

This time Ben reacted and looked at Yoda with a strange kind of bemused puzzlement. “Yes? I’m sorry, I was…come to think of it, I’m not sure what I was doing.” He smiled a bit and despite the wrinkles, Qui-Gon could see the dimples that came out each time the younger man beside him smiled.

This time he didn’t resist and grabbed Obi-Wan by the shoulder, pulling him a bit closer to him. Not that anyone seemed to blame him.

“Questions we have, but answers we do not think you’ll have. Obi-Wan Kenobi we know you are though older you are.” Yoda eyed him. “But not as old as you seem.”

“No…hmm, this is all very strange.” Ben mused.

“Strange Obi-Wan?” Shaak questioned, keeping her voice even and Ben shot her a look. “Well yes, this is the strangest kind of Force vision I’ve ever had.”

“A vision you think this is.”

Slow shoulders shrugged and the man glanced about again. “Well, if not then I must have lost my mind fully or I’m really in the council chambers next to my old master and a young version of myself…and that’s strange even by my standards.”

Yoda fingered his gimer stick. “And if real this is?”

Ben blinked slowly at him. “Then I don’t know.” He looked lost again and Qui-Gon squeezed Obi-Wan’s shoulder tightly, causing his padawan to shot him a worried smile.

Yoda jumped of his chair and moved to Ben, staring up at the human while the human stared back.

And then the green troll slammed his gimer stick into Ben’s legs.

“AH!” Ben almost toppled as everyone stared at Yoda in stunned surprise.

“Grandmaster!” Mace half stood.

“Feel that you did. Real this is. Know that you do.” Yoda ignored them as Ben wobbled a bit before bending painfully to rub his shin and Yoda prodded the man in the chest with his stick, gentling. “And in pain you are, Obi-Wan.”

“You did ju-”

“Soul pain. Shattered you are Obi-Wan. Pained you are. Touched by darkness though not dark yourself. Much has happened to you.” Yoda continued before reaching out and touching the other mans leg gently with his clawed hand, channeling healing energy to it in apology.

“Real this is Obi-Wan. Real you are. Here you are among friends. Perhaps put together again you can be.”

All My Friends Are Wasted

Originally posted by baexkhyun

Featuring: Jongin/Kai (EXO)
Genre: Fluff
By: Admin L

I’m all up in EXO’s business because of this album so this really came out of nowhere lol.

You wanted to ask how many drinks he’d had before he started thinking this, but it didn’t matter. It was a valid question, sober or not.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a suga scenario about when the readerxSuga are in high school and have a crush on each other but are both too shy to say anything until he finally decides to ask you (the reader) out on a date?

Hi! This one has been in my ask box for a while. I’m sorry for replying so late! I’ll try to make it good. ~~

He’s right there, you thought to yourself as you saw Min Yoongi sit in his desk across the room from yours. Why was he so attractive? His face in all of its perfection made your heart flutter, as it had for the past year. It was the longest you’d ever had a crush, and also the least successful crush so far—you still hadn’t even managed to talk to him. Where would you start? Would you start by asking him his favorite food, or would you start with confessing how you’d been drooling over him since junior year?

You wished your seat was in a better position so that you could stare at him less obviously. Surely he’d noticed you by now. What if he thought you were creepy, or that you-

“______?” The teacher called your name, bringing you out of your train of thought. Your head went to the instructor immediately.


“Did you hear me? I said congratulations on being the only one who made a perfect score on the exam.” He said, handing you back your test. The class let out a few unenthusiastic claps as you received your test and the congratulatory bonus points for a future test. A boy in your class groaned.

“Does she need the bonus points? She always gets a one-hundred on the tests. Shouldn’t you give it to someone a bit more deserving?”

The class all nodded in agreement. You shrugged.

“One of you can have them… I don’t really need them.”

Everyone all raised their hand, trying to bribe you jokingly as you held the extra credit points in your hand. You noticed Yoongi being one of the enthusiastic students eyeing you with his hand raised. Well, that’s unfair to the rest of them. I literally have no choice but to give it to him. How can I resist those eyes? You walked over and handed Yoongi the points as everyone else groaned.

“Min Yoongi barely failed!”

“But I still failed. Thanks, ____.” Yoongi said, smiling at you. You smiled back and walked back to your seat, and spent the rest of the class wondering if your smile was too broad or not.

At your locker at the end of the day, you pulled out your phone to call your older brother and ask if he was already outside to pick you up, to which he informed you he would be late.

“Seriously,” you groaned in frustration as you attempted to put your last textbook in your backpack, only to have it slip out of your hands. You bent down to pick it up, and while on the floor, you noticed a familiar pair of shoes approach you.

“Yoo–?” You started, but on your way up, you hit your head on your locker door, the metallic corner making your head sting. “Ow,” you winced.

“Shit,” Yoongi said, caught off guard. “Are you okay?”

Once you finally got a good look at him, you could only curse yourself. What were the chances something this embarrassing would happen right in front of him?

“I’m fine. Did you need something?”

“Right,” he remembered, reaching into his backpack. “I was wondering if you could show me what I did wrong on these three problems. I thought I had them down, but… I’m sorry, do you need to be somewhere? I don’t wanna take up any of your time.”

“No, I’m free! Completely free!” You said (a little too enthusiastically). Yoongi nodded.

“Do you think we could go in the auditorium or something so that you could work these out with me?”

You nodded quickly, and packed your backpack to help him with the work.

“And on this one, you have to just plug in the x and the y into the equation,” you explained while Yoongi held his graphing calculator in his hand, a confused look on his face. You couldn’t help but think how attractive he looked, even if he was struggling internally with the work in front of him. He looked so adorable.

“What did I do wrong, then?” He asked, showing you his test.

“You plugged in the wrong number.” You told him, and he groaned in frustration, running a hand through his hair.

“This is ridiculous. Why do I even need math? My career path isn’t to be a damned Algebra teacher,” he cursed. You sighed. Would this be the chance to get to talk to him a bit more?

“…what’s your career path?” You asked lightly, wondering if he’d be open to answering the question.

“I wanna be a ball player. That’s my goal. But if I can’t pass this class, I’m kicked off the team. And if I’m kicked off, I lose my scholarship to the school I’m going to in the fall.”

You tsked. “Sounds stressful… but you can do it, Yoongi. You’re really smart. It just takes practice.”

He looked at you for a moment and snorted.

“What?” You asked.

“You think I’m smart?” You nodded. “I thought you thought I was a stupid jock or something.”

You shook your head. “No, not at all! Why would you think that?”

“I mean, you gave me your extra credit points when there were people in the class who needed them much more than me… and you were extremely excited to help me…”

You wanted to hit yourself. Damn it, he completely noticed how overly-enthusiastic you were. You laughed nervously, trying to think of a lie.

“I just… I know the athletes of the school have high expectations academically because my big brother used to play ball here. So, I wanna help them whenever I can.”

“Your big brother?” He asked. “Who’s your brother?”

“Seokjin. Graduated three years ago.”

Yoongi’s eyes grew. “Jin’s your brother? You’re kidding.”

“Nope,” you laughed, feeling more comfortable around him.

“That guy was my mentor when I was a freshman. Wow… I can’t believe you two are related.  I mean, you look nothing alike. He looks a bit like a fish.”

You laughed out, not able to control yourself. “A fish? Wow. I’ll be sure to tell him that.”

Yoongi laughed as well until you both heard your phone buzz. A text from Jin saying he was outside.

“Ah, I have to go,” you said sadly. Yoongi stood.

“Do you want me to walk you out?”

“No, it’s fine,” you declined sadly. Anymore time around him and I might melt into a puddle. “But if you need help with anything else, just let me know. Okay?”

He nodded. “Okay. Thanks, ______.”

“No problem.”

That night, you stared at the ceiling of your room, heart racing as you thought of Yoongi. You actually talked to him… you actually talked to him! And you both seemed to get along so well! Could you two potentially be friends? Or more? And what did he mean by you looking nothing like a fish? Was he calling you cute?

Your thoughts were interrupted as Jin knocked on your door.

“Dinner’s ready,” he said, and hurried to exit.

“Jin!” You called him back in.


“If someone says someone looks like a creature that’s generally perceived as unattractive when applied to the human face, but then says that you look nothing like that… is that a compliment? Are they calling you attractive, or are they implying you look a bit less-like that unattractive creature?”

Jin’s eyes went dead before he groaned. “You’re so strange. Just come downstairs for dinner.” He said sharply, closing your door. You huffed, collapsing back on your bed in deep thought.

The next school day started, and you were a bit more prepared to face Min Yoongi. No awkward hitting your head on the locker, and no obvious overly-enthusiastic smiling or nodding at him. You’d be calm and collected.

“_____!” You heard your friend Jimin call your name as you entered the front door of the school. You turned to him and waved. He stopped in his tracs and gave you a half smile. “Whoa.”


“You look really pretty today.” He complimented. You couldn’t help but blush a bit.

“Thank you. Do I look almost dateable?”

“Dateable? I don’t know. Your cheeks look really pinch-able, though.” He cooed, pinching your cheeks and making you frown.

“Anyways, why’d you call me?”

“Oh! Right… do you wanna hang out after school?”


“It doesn’t matter… the mall? That ice-cream shop? It just feels like we haven’t hung out in a while.”

You shrugged. “Sure.”

You went through your algebra class without garnishing Yoongi’s attention, except for when he waved at you briefly when he entered the class, thus striking a feeling in you that had made your heart race all day.

When school ended, you met up with Jimin and you two walked to the ice-cream shop right off campus.

“So, did you dress up like this for Yoongi?”

“Shh!” You hissed at him, looking around. Jimin was well aware of your crush by now, and still threatened to tell him whenever things didn’t go his way. Jimin smiled.

“Why don’t you just tell him how you feel? It’s been a year now. I’m getting exhausted listening to you talk about him all the time without actually talking to him.” You shook your head.

“It’s not that simple, Jimin. He’s so handsome, and so sweet… how am I supposed to just talk to him?”

“Well,” he said as you two entered the ice-cream shop, “start by getting his attention. Yoongi-hyung!” Jimin called, and you froze as you noticed the entire basketball team sitting in a booth.

“J-Jimin!” You hissed, and Yoongi rose from his seat and approached you two.

“Hey, guys.” He said. Goodness, he’s so cute up close like this. “On a date?”

“We’re not dating,” you cleared up immediately, shaking your head. Jimin tsked.

“Geez. I’m gonna go to the bathroom. Order me some ice-cream, _____-ssi.” Jimin said, leaving you and Yoongi together. You couldn’t help but question if Jimin had set this up on purpose.

You both stood in silence before Yoongi opened his mouth.

“So… thank you for helping me the other day.”

“Oh! No problem.”

“I still need a little help, but… you really helped.”

You nodded dryly. “I’m glad I could help. If you need help with anything else-”

“I’ll make sure to let you know.”

You smiled at him, and he smiled back. You felt your knees threaten to buckle right underneath you. “Are you ordering ice-cream?” He asked you.

You sighed. “Yeah. I should get Jimin some, too, since he asked.” You went to the counter and ordered the ice-cream. As you were told the price, you reached in your bag for your wallet.

“Thank you!” The cashier said as you were still searching. You looked up, and noticed Yoongi had paid.

“I… you didn’t have to do that, Yoongi.”

“It’s cool. You don’t have to pay me back, but tell Jimin I’ll be expecting my two bucks back by next Monday.”

You snickered, holding the ice-cream. “Will do.”

The day ended, and you sit on your bed, watching an old drama as your mind raced yet again. You could still feel that you were getting nowhere in this crush on Min Yoongi. You wanted him to notice you, and right now it felt like you were a bit more like a potential friend than a possible love-interest for him, and that’s what you craved to be. You huffed, standing up from your bed and grabbing your phone.

“Okay,” you said, pulling up the Instagram app. “Time to be a big girl. You like him. Start acting like it.”

You went to his Instagram, the account you’d been watching for months but had never actually followed. It was only lucky that he happened to keep it off of private. You inhaled a sharp breath, and followed him. You squealed in embarrassment and threw your phone down. Why did a small gesture like this make you feel so flustered?

You went to your dresser, and picked up your makeup bag, something you tended to never use. You were gonna get Min Yoongi’s attention one way or another. As you set up the makeup you’d wear, you squealed even louder as you got a notification that he’d followed you back.

You walked into class, feeling a few eyes on you. You’d curled your hair nicely, and even bothered to put on makeup this morning and spray a bit of your mom’s nice perfume, so you felt unbelievably cute—you could only hope Yoongi would think the same.

When Yoongi walked into the classroom, his eyes fell on you immediately. You sat up, gulping. He approached your desk, and you could feel your heart begin to beat quickly. It hadn’t worked that easily, right? Did it really just take some makeup and a new hairstyle to make him yours? Had you done it?

“_____…” He said your name delicately, and you smiled at him.

“Yes, Yoongi?”

He leaned in close to your ear, and you gripped the edge of your skirt, feeling your skin begin to heat up as he was so near to you that you could feel his body heat.

He grabbed your clenched hand, and slowly slid something into it.

“Your backpack was open in the hallway… this fell out.” He whispered to you before leaning up and walking to his desk.

Wait… what?

You looked down to the item in your hand.

A…. a tampon?!

You felt yourself completely ossify in embarrassment before placing your head on your desk, unable to face the class.

You sat on the bathroom counter, feeling your eyes water after school ended. You were so embarrassed to the point of tears. Of all the things that could’ve fallen out of your backpack, a tampon had to choose to jump its way to the floor right in front of Yoongi?

Still, you couldn’t help but admire how secretively he handed the item to you to save from embarrassing you in front of the class. It was a very gentleman-like gesture of him, one that you appreciated greatly.

You heard your phone begin to ring, and grabbed it from your bag.

“Oppa?” You said, answering the phone call from Jin.

“I’m outside.” He announced, and you grabbed your things to head out to your big brother’s car. Once outside, you stopped once you saw Yoongi leaning into the car, talking to Jin.

You walked over slowly, feeling nervous to face Yoongi again.

“_____, you didn’t tell me you knew this kid.” Jin said, smiling at you as you sat in the car. You nodded.

“She helped me in Algebra the other day.” Yoongi said, looking over to you with a smile in his eyes. You swallowed roughly before looking back over to your big brother. “Hey, Jin-hyung, you should come to the basketball game this Friday! It’s been a while since the guys have seen you.”

“There’s a game this Friday? What time?”

“At seven. You should come, too, ____.” Yoongi said. You nodded nervously.

“I’ll see.”

“Oh, by the way, can I have your number? I wanna ask you something later about tonight’s homework.”

What? He wants my number??

You looked at Yoongi, eyes wide. Was this a kind-hearted gesture? Was this his way of trying to flirt? Or did he just genuinely want help with math and nothing else?

“S-sure.” You said, giving him your number. He wrote it in his phone before giving you a thumbs up.

“Thanks. See you tomorrow!”

He left from leaning into the car, and you rested your head back on your seat, letting your heart beat finally slow down.

You watched your phone anxiously for hours waiting for a call or a text from Yoongi. You started to fear that maybe you’d given him the wrong number or maybe he’d found someone smarter or prettier to help him with his studies. What if he decided you were too weird to help him, or too-

Your phone began to buzz with a phone call from an unknown number, and your heart skipped several beats before you grabbed your cellular and pressed the green button.


“_______,” Yoongi’s voice over the phone said. Ahhhh! His voice is so nice over the phone!

“Hi, Min Yoongi,” you said shyly. He chuckled lightly.

“Before I ask for help, I just wanna apologize if I embarrassed you today… I didn’t know how else to hand it to you. I should’ve waited until after class.”

“No, I appreciate you handing it to me when you did. Thank you, Yoongi.”

“No problem.” He said. You sighed quietly. Were you actually on the phone with Min Yoongi at the moment? How unreal was this!

“So,” you cleared your throat. “What problems did you need help with?”

After an hour and forty-five minutes of helping Yoongi rigorously, you exhaled as he groaned.

“I think I finally get it, but my brain is fried.”

“Math’ll do that to you.” You commented. He sighed.

“How are you so good at this?”

“My big brother. Jin’s a good tutor.”

Yoongi chuckled. “Yeah, that guy’s awesome. Are you two coming to the game Friday?”

“Of course!” You said, and then coughed. “I mean… yeah. Yeah, we’ll be there.”

“Cool… it’s a big game. I’m really nervous.”

“Don’t be.” You said. “I’ve seen you play, Yoongi. You’re really good. You’ve got this!”

Yoongi was quiet for a minute. “…thank you.”

“No problem!”

He laughed lightly at your enthusiasm. “Well, um, it’s a bit late, isn’t it? I should let you go.”

“Oh… yeah.” You cooed, looking at the clock. “I’m free to help you some more with the school work if you need it, Yoongi.”

“Thank you, _________.” He said. “Also, I really liked your hair today. You look cute with it curled like that.”

You tried not to obviously choke on air. Your heart didn’t race this time—it nearly stopped. For a moment, everything around you did. D-did he just… call you cute?

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said before hanging up the phone, leaving you frozen in silence in your bedroom.

You were silent as you entered your Algebra class Thursday morning. Absolutely silent. You were too flustered from last night still. Yoongi had reached an unbelievable level in your heart. He’d surpassed the level of a mere crush. You were certain now that you loved him.

But with this also came great heartache and pain. You knew you were too nervous to talk to him, and you were scared of rejection. He’s never treated you as more than just a friend… how on Earth could you guarantee that he even saw you as remotely attractive?  Sure, he called you cute, but that could mean anything. How’d you know he wasn’t just being nice?

You knew you were overanalyzing everything, but you just couldn’t help it. You’d been here before. You’d fallen for guys in your school just to have them say that they didn’t feel the same. You couldn’t risk falling for Yoongi just to have him say he doesn’t feel the same way that you feel.

“I have to let it die.” You mumbled to yourself, so low that nobody else could hear. “I have to let this crush die.”

After school, Yoongi called your name, and you felt your heart race violently. You clutched your books closer to your chest and walked faster out to the parking lot to your brother’s car.

“Hey… you okay?” He asked, looking over to you. You looked in the window, and saw Yoongi standing by the door, wandering where you went until his eyes met Jin’s car. You inhaled sharply.

“Just drive.” You said, putting on your seatbelt as your brother began to drive you two home.

From: Yoongi


You received a text from Yoongi later that night, and you eyed it carefully. Quickly, you opened a new text chat to Jimin.

To: Jimin

Jimin! I need your help.


From: Jimin

-.- you interrupted my game. What is it?


To: Jimin

Yoongi is texting me! He called me cute the other day and I think I may have overthought things and I don’t know if he likes me, but… I don’t know what to do!


From: Yoongi

_____, I’m really sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my comment… I didn’t mean to make you wanna avoid me. I’m sorry. I’ll leave you alone now… thanks for helping me with math and everything. I really appreciate your help. Sorry for creeping you out.

You stared at the message from Yoongi, eyes wide.

“No… no!” You cursed yourself, wanting to throw your phone. He thinks you’re creeped out by him! You looked at the message sadly. You felt like such a huge screw up… why did you have to overthink everything? Why couldn’t you just reciprocate the attention he’d began to show you? Why’d you have to make everything much more complicated than it was?

From: Jimin

I think that Yoongi kid likes you :P he keeps asking me about you and how you’re doing ~ text him back! Become close with him. Hehe good luck ^^ I’m playing my game now so leave me alone >:)

You looked at the message from Jimin and covered your mouth in disbelief. It can’t be… Yoongi… likes you?

Well, liked. After how you ignored and avoided him today, you wouldn’t be surprised if he never wanted to speak to you again. You could feel your eyes begin to sting with tears. You had never screwed up a crush this bad. You were this close, and just like that, it was gone… There was no way to fix this, was there?

School went by quickly Friday. You attended your classes and kept to yourself. If Yoongi looked at you in Algebra, you wouldn’t know. You were too busy keeping your head down. He was never even yours, but you felt heartbroken and you felt a loss. How could you have been so dumb?

When school let out, you headed outside when he felt someone grab your arm. For a brief moment, you hoped it would be Yoongi.

“Hey,” you heard Jimin’s voice. You sighed.


“What’s wrong? You’ve been looking sad all day. Does it have something to do with Yoongi?”

You shook your head. “It’s not gonna work out with us two.”

Jimin frowned. “Really? I was so sure he liked you, too. Don’t be sad, though. Things will be okay.  Have a good day, okay?”

You nodded. “You, too.”

When six-thirty rolled around, Jin opened your door.

“Hey, I’m about to go up to the school for the game.”

“I’m not going.” You announced. He frowned. “What? Why not?”

“I don’t feel up to it.”

Jin nodded. “Ah. Okay. Well, I’ll tell you how it goes.”

You nodded, and he left your room. Just like this, you lay your head down on your pillow, not allowing any tears to fall.

To: Yoongi

Hi, Yoongi. It’s me… you didn’t creep me out. I want to apologize for that. It’s just that… I’ve had feelings for you for a while now. I was afraid that just maybe those feelings were unrequited. I learned recently that you do have feelings for me, too… I’m sorry that I was so stupid. You felt the same way I did and I made you worry so much. I’m so sorry. Does your heart hurt, now, too? Are you regretful now, as well? How long have you liked me? I want to ask you these things… I want us to talk about it… but I’m so afraid, Yoongi. I’m so sorry for making you worry… I do like you, Min Yoongi. I like you so much. Please forgive me…

You stared at the message, and sighed, deleting it and leaving it unsent. You weren’t strong enough. You couldn’t send these words to him. It was too much. You wanted him to know the truth…

…maybe this was for the better.

You stood up. “No,” you said, shaking your head. You looked at the clock on your phone. It was almost nine o’clock, meaning the game would be ending soon, if it hadn’t already ended. No more feeling sorry for yourself. No more regretting what could have been. You would tell Yoongi how you felt. And you would tell him tonight.

You ran to the school in under fifteen minutes, skin sweating and throat burning from dryness as you raced. You had to see him. You had to tell him everything. This was too important to you. You didn’t want to miss out on something so important. This was by far your strongest crush… how could you have almost let him get away? You would never forgive yourself if you didn’t try at least this one time. You were too in love with him. You needed him to know this.

The school came into view, and as normal, there were cars parked all around for the game. You entered the front door and ran down the vacant halls, and you could hear your school’s chant coming from the gymnasium where the game was hosted. You ran harder, knowing the chant was always called near the end of the game.

You reached the double doors, and opened them just as the buzzer sounded, and you looked at the scoreboard.

Your school had just won the game by a one point lead, and everyone chanted Yoongi’s name as his teammates propped him up on their shoulder.

“A brilliant three-pointer by Min Yoongi! Home team wins!” The student commentator called as the crowd roared violently. You watched him, your eyes watering for a reason you didn’t know. The room seemed to move in slow motion as the crowd moved out to the floor to congratulate the ball players. You had to reach him. You had to.

As everyone filled the floor, he became harder to visualize. The sea of people all dressed in school colors all blended in together, but you fought desperately to find Min Yoongi, until you found yourself in the middle of the crowd, looking desperately. Where was he? Where did he go?

“I lost him…” you whispered to yourself as everyone around you cheered. He wasn’t in this crowd anymore, you realized. He couldn’t have been. You searched violently, and not once did you see him. He was gone.

You walked outside, tears in your eyes. You could still hear the cheers of the crowd inside, but only barely, as your heart beat pounded in your ears. You’d see Yoongi in school on Monday, but it would be too late then. You didn’t have the courage to text him your true feelings, and by Monday, he’d already have moved on from it after not hearing from you for three days. You couldn’t believe you’d been so dumb… how could you let him slip away? You loved him… you actually fell in love with him in your time crushing on him. Over a year with him in your heart, and in a week, it had all crumbled away.

“I’m so stupid,” you called out, looking up at the sky, folding your arms. You wished the stars could just swallow you whole and take you away after this long and stressful week. “I’m so stupid!” You said, again.

“I think you’re smart. You helped me.” You heard Yoongi’s voice behind you, and you turned quickly, facing him. He had a smile on his face, and he still wore his jersey, and his cheeks were pink. You noticed then that he’d left immediately after the game. You felt your heart sting looking at him. He smiled lightly.

“Y-Yoongi… what are you doing out here? You should be celebrating with the school… You won the game…” You said. He began to walk closer to you.

“I don’t wanna be in there right now. I wanna be here.”

You swallowed nervously.

“Yoongi… I’m so sorry for making you think you creeped me out. That’s not it at all. I… I just…”

“You have a hard time showing your heart.” He said, smiling. “I know. Me, too. Hell, I’ve liked you for this long and I couldn’t even tell you.” He said, approaching you finally. Your breath hitched.

“You… you do like me?”

“I’ve been thinking of you for the past year, _______.” He admitted. You felt your heart jolt in your chest.


He nodded. “I just couldn’t tell you. I was too much of a coward.” He held your trembling hand. “Jimin told me you liked me, and I figured then was my perfect chance to approach you, but I still couldn’t. I liked you so much that… that you crippled me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to confess to you no matter what. So, I convinced myself that I creeped you out, even though I knew you felt the same way I did. I figured it’d be easier for the both of us. Neither of us were strong enough to tell each other how we felt. But… I saw you today for a brief second when you entered after I made the winning shot. And my heart told me that I couldn’t risk losing you again. I had to tell you. So, I’m telling you. I think that after a year of having feelings for you that I do love you, ________,” Yoongi confessed, and you closed your eyes and looked away, feeling tears fall. He laughed, wiping your face. “Don’t cry.”

You were filled with the utmost happiness… He loved you. He actually loved you. His feelings matched yours.

“I think I love you, too, Min Yoongi.”

He smiled, and placed one hand under your chin as he pulled you close to him lightly. When your lips met, you could feel the world around you fade away. All you could feel was the softness and warmth of the lips that you’d dreamt of kissing countless times. His hands circled around the small of your back, and you wrapped your arms around his neck, melting into his kiss. It was perfect, much like him. He pulled away, and looked in your eyes before smiling.

“Come on,” he said, taking your hand.

“Where are we going?”

He exhaled. “I wanna tell you everything that I’ve been holding in for the past year. Everything I’ve felt for you. What better place to do that at than the ice-cream parlor?”

You snickered. “Is this our first date?”

He tsked. “Our first date was in the auditorium. This is our second.”

You laughed. “Ah, I see. Well, let’s make it count, Min Yoongi.”

He nodded. “Agreed.”

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