this is long man



For a blue eyed main character whose love for a dark skinned, black woman knows no boundaries.

Silver has sacrificed himself and a treasure for Madi. He isn’t self-conscious or worried about what others think when it comes to his love for Madi. Hell, he even told the Queen Mother! (Thank You Black Sails). 👏🏽🙇🏾‍♀️

Without hesitation or ceremony, Silver has declared his intentions. Mores, laws, haters and a war be damned!

Their’s is a Revolutionary Love. They are a united front, in all things. For them, there is never a question of trust! Iconic. #ThankYouBlackSails


Robert Sugden
       ↪ Then & Now


“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be.”


the 5&1 thing i did may be pushed back to chapter 11 as it turns out because chp10 was pushing out of 18k and like

no that’s too much

tfw u know that two of the new people in Arrival are married and they make fUCKING ADORABLE KIDS

i am so excited oh my god

Can we talk about this poor man

His heart is captured by a drunk man at an after party asking him to be his coach.

Then this video comes out, clearly directed at Viktor,

He drops everything and goes to Japan,

Gets rejected,

They build a beautiful relationship together,

And his soon-to-be husband doesn’t remember his starting moment in their relationship.

Pray for Victor.

obamas still literally part of the reason chelsea manning was imprisoned in the first place. it was activists that pushed him to make the decision. he still treats and has been treating political dissents like shit lmao and has the audacity to list venezuela as a national security threat because of how they treat political dissents. like shut the fuck up. if there wasnt such a push by activists he wouldnt have given a shit. just sayin.