this is literally the most adorable thing in the world

are you cute as hell?
  • aries rising: yes!!! your energy is magnetic, you're so adorably bubbly. i'd say yes to anything you ever suggested because your excitement is infectious. i love your hair.
  • taurus rising: yes!!! your smile is so sweet, you're just the sort of person i want to hug all day. i want to buy you so many presents & cuddle you all the time. i love your skin.
  • gemini rising: yes!!! it's just the cutest thing when you speak fast like you're so excited about something. your laugh is perfect & you just seem sooo cool. i love your hands.
  • cancer rising: yes!!! you're so kind & precious & expressive in like 1 million ways. you are literally too good and pure for this world omg, i want to hug you. i love your eyes.
  • leo rising: yes!!! when you're happy or excited it is honestly the most adorable thing. it's so difficult to take my eyes off you whatever you're doing. i love the way you move.
  • virgo rising: yes!!! omg you're so funny & sweet in so many different ways. you're the sort of person i ALWAYS want to hang out with no matter what. i love the way you dress.
  • libra rising: yes!!! how are you so kind to like everyone ever? i swear there is not a single person in the world you don't make so god damn happy. i love your cute tiny habits.
  • scorpio rising: yes!!! you're so quiet, it makes everyone want to know more, & your jokes are A++ bc we never expect them!! you have such class. i love the way you hold yourself.
  • sagittarius rising: yes!!! how do make everyone like you so easily??? honestly tell me your secrets, you're so funny & magnetic & just generally awesome. i love your laugh.
  • capricorn rising: yes!!! idk but i just wanna hug you & keep you safe, like, forever. i look up to you so much, plus you are sooo funny!! you rock. i love the way you walk.
  • aquarius rising: yes!!! omg your comments are always appreciated bc they're so dry & funny, and your dress sense is so quirky and cute, you're a pleasure. i love your voice.
  • pisces rising: yes!!! you're like the softest baby of light, can i wrap you up in tissue paper please??? you're so sweet & lovely & well meaning all the time. i love your smile.
Got7 appreciation post

Mark Tuan

reasons to stan this cute lil muffin:

  1. He’s pretty fucking insane at acrobats, okay.
  2. He raps out the side of his mouth, and if that’s not the hottest thing eVER, you’re invited to leave. 
  3. He probably gives the warmest and best hugs ever. Mark is so fluffy and sweet and loveable no one touch me 
  4. His laugh is so c u te goodbye
  5. He’s the quiet one, so there’s sure to be a lot of secret observing and I am just so into the concept of quiet wallflower Mark, tbh.  
  6. Also this happened: 

Im Jaebum

reasons to stan my sweet soft baby boy

  1. He’s a softie. Feeds stray cats in his downtime even if they scratch him.
  2. He is a precious little pancake who loves being onstage and being praised. 
  3. He’s an only child but he loves the members like they’re his brothers. 
  4. He’s kinda really fucking hot
  5. Chic and sexy
  6. soundS LIKE AN ANGEL
  7. also he is the mOST boyfriend-looking mf in the world. look at this shit

b y e 

Jackson Wang

reasons to stan the epitome of boyfriend goals

  1. He loves his family so much omfg (posterboy for Momma’s Boys R Us tbh)
  2. He is a literal angel, I’m pretty fucking positive. 
  3. He’s the comic relief for my boys and I will forever be indebted to him for keeping them happy.
  4. His laugh and that smile, someone put me in a cage 
  5. He knows, like, five different languages
  6. He does this adorable thing where he runs away from pretty girls okay do not touch me 
  7. Wang Puppy. 
  8. He’s also hot af goodbye

Park Jinyoung

reasons to stan the bean

  1. He’s an A+ actor
  2. His English has improved so much since their debut and I am so glad to say that I got to hear it in person and I am so goddamn proud
  3. He’s like a real-life sour patch kid– sour on the outside (savage, actually, lol) and secretly a big softie on the inside 
  4. Have you seen his performances lately because hot damn
  5. He literally has the voice of an angel tbh
  6. Park Gae is my life, alright?
  7. He, too, is fine asf.

Choi Youngjae

reasons to stan my lil otter

  1. He is literal sunshine incarnate. It’s impossible to be sad when you look at him. 
  2. Coco’s mom 
  3. 300-time thickest calves award winner
  4. Makes everyone their smiley best <3
  5. He sounds like Fergie and Jesus had a baby, that gorgeous voice ugh
  6. That blonde glow-up though
  7. He’s hot af too don’t touch me

holy shit rip


reasons to stan the love of my life

  1. Do you see that smile on his face omfg what a cutie pie???
  2. Dab boi
  3. Sweeter than frickin’ candy
  4. Designer hoe boyfriend
  5. Yugbam
  6. Chelsbam (ship it)
  7. It is literally impossible to be sad in his presence okay it’s like he’s the sun and I’m the earth
  8. His accent is so cute I fucking die okay
  9. He’s so hot, man.

ultimate bias af

Kim Yugyeom

reasons to stan the evil maknae who ruins my life

  1. He can freestyle the fuck out of some dance moves
  2. Hit the Stage. B y e 
  3. Cutest smile in the entire world oh sweet lord
  4. Sweetest baby in the universe
  5. Got excited over ordering a hotdog in English (thank u based naver app + Hard Carry)
  6. My pure sweet boy
  7. I cried when he came out onstage bc he really is the most pure human being I have ever come into contact with, my little muffin
  8. Silver Yugyeom is my religion
  9. also hot af

stan talent, my friends. 

disclaimer: none of these images are mine. 


Happy Birthday Jung Hoseok aka JHOPE

I can’t put it into words how much I love and adore you, you’re literally our beautiful sunshine, our hope and our angel; our hobi :)

You’re the most talented person that i’ve ever met; your dance is mesmerizing, your voice makes me happy, your personality makes me love you more

I wish I could protect you from all of the bad things in this world :D

I want you to smile more this year too!

ARMYs will always love you from the bottom of our hearts

you’re incredible Jung Hoseok; I will forever support you

anonymous asked:

ayyyy could i request the rfa + saeran and v's reactions to an mc who likes to collect rlly cute lingerie.. like kinda pastel goth-ish? but mainly pink? (sorry if that sounds weird and specific lmao)

That is very specific, but it sounds really cute so I enjoyed writing it. Sorry if it’s a little short- I don’t have much time to write at the moment. I hope it’s what you wanted!~ H x 

RFA with MC that collects cute pastel/goth lingerie


-He didn’t really get it
-He knew that you always wore pretty pink or pastel-y coloured underwear from experience
-But when you told him that you liked to collect it he was just like
-Despite not really getting it, he does think it’s adorable
-He loves that you’re into such cute stuff because it makes him feel like a man
-And after much persuasion, he’s happy enough to go lingerie shopping with you
-“MC why don’t you buy the LOLOL underwear range?”
-Oh heavens, no!
-He likes the ones you pick out, though
-And agrees to come shopping with you again
-He actually loves them but he wants to pretend to be a man
-When it comes to sexy times, he’ll probably admit that he does like your collection
-Before ripping them off your body


-He thinks it is simultaneously the most adorable and the most sexy thing in the world
-You can bet he’s gonna admire your collection
-And go shopping to pick out the nicest stuff
-You find he has a really good eye for cute pastel lingerie
-Plus there’s the fact that Zen thinks you look sexy in everything
-In his eyes, you are so. freaking. beautiful
-You once got mad at him for ripping one of your favourite panties
-Zen blames you
-Because you allowed The Beast™ to escape
-So he ripped them off you
-Literally ripped them
-When you’d… finished… you cried for an hour
-He repeatedly apologised
-But those were your favourites, Zen!


-She noticed the theme the second you moved in with her
-Really, all she had to do was look in your lingerie draw to see the pastel-goth theme
-And despite not being willing to wear them herself
-She thinks they’re really cute and that they suit you
-When it comes to shopping, you totally shop for bras and panties together
-So if Jaehee sees anything she thinks you’ll like, she’ll sneakily buy it without you noticing so she can give them you as a surprise later
-Save your money, Jaehee, you don’t need to buy cute bras for you gf
-Whatever it is that she picked, it’ll fit perfectly you obviously know each other’s bra sizes 
-And you’ll love it
-You make sure you’re wearing it next time the two of you are
-Getting it on
-But Baehee gets flustered at first when she realises it’s the one she bought you
-Basically just loves all your fashion choices and things you’re interested in
-But your pastel-goth lingerie is one of her favourite interests of yours


-When he finds out you have a particular taste in lingerie I bet you can guess his immediate request
-“Cat lingerie, MC. Please.”
-He actually finds a really cute, pastel set online, though
-So he buys it for you
-He’s happy to buy you any lingerie set that you like
-He’s honestly just your own personal, unlimited supply of money
-But you make sure he doesn’t buy you too much
-Jumin thinks it’s adorable that you like pastel goth lingerie because he thinks it looks so unique
-Would probably ask you to just walk around the house without your clothes occasionally because he knows you like your underwear and he wants to see your beautiful body
-It works for both of you
-Whenever you guys are getting steamy, he always removes it so gently because he doesn’t want to damage it by being in a rush
-Unlike some people, ZEN
-Definitely thinks that cat ears make all your lingerie sets look better
-He probably tried to buy Elizabeth lingerie to match yours


-“Haha, you like cute lingerie? Me too!”
-Ok, but we all know Seven has a collection too
-“For cosplaying purposes” Yeah, sure
-So whenever the two of you go shopping, you always make sure to find the cutest stuff
-And he hacks into clothing websites to find really rare sets he thinks you’ll like
-He’s definitely going to try and wear some of your sets, though
-“MC, don’t I look hot?”
-“Saeyoung this is the fifth time this week. Get out of my underwear!
-He’ll force you to wear his so that it’s fair
-And you actually steal a set
-He’ll joke that he looks better in them but he actually gets really turned on when you wear your pastel goth lingerie
-Especially if it’s a cat set
-Saeran just leaves the house if the words ‘bra’, ‘panties’ or ‘lingerie’ are even mentioned because he knows exactly where it’s about to lead
-The bedroom
-I wasn’t kidding when I said they always bang in my headcanons


-Like Yoosung, he just doesn’t really get it
-Sure he’s all into pastels
-And goth
-But why would you want to collect underwear??
-He kind of changes his mind when he sees you in it
-Saeran.exe has stopped working
-It’s just everything he loves in one
-After that, he decides he likes your collection
-And will definitely recommend some to you if you ever go shopping
-Before blushing and turning his head away in embarrassment
-Because he’s so precious
-You eventually encourage him to start his own pastel-goth theme with his underwear
-He’s definitely all for it tbh


-This boy just supports literally everything you like
-Pastel goth lingerie? Sure! You look great!
-But the pastel colours are so aesthetically pleasing for him
-Especially because you wear pink pastel colours
-And he has blue hair and definitely matches you by wearing blue pastel boxers
-Cutest aesthetic couple
-He’ll definitely want to take photos of you in pastel underwear
-But he asks permission first because he’s a gentleman
-And he definitely would never share the pictures anywhere
-Personal gallery only
-He doesn’t even get embarrassed about shopping for lingerie for you
-He’s just happy to have input in your clothing choices- especially if it’s something you’re really interested in
-And no matter what colour or style you choose, he loves it on you
-Honestly, if you didn’t have a praise kink before this boy came into your life you sure do now

Dating Hugh Apiston would include

Anon asked:  Can you do a “dating hugh would include” please!♡♡

Quick note: I’m mainly going off of book!Hugh because of age so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted

- You two walking through the garden and him telling you about plants because he’s precious

- Him introducing you to all his bees and you two having conversations about them

- I feel like the way you’d hold hands would be unconventional? Like you’d kinda interlock pinkies:

- I feel like when you’d cuddle it’d be a lot of spooning

- Of course you’re little spoon

- I feel like he’d really love running his fingers through your hair

- I feel like you two would sometimes just lean up against a tree and just take in everything. Like sometimes not even talk just kinda sit there with your head resting on his shoulder and taking in the endless world around you two

- I feel like you two would be really shy about PDA but that’s what’d make it literally the most adorable thing ever

- I feel like you’d go in for the first kiss cause he’d be too nervous 

- He’d literally hug you 25/8 

- If you were to fall and or get hurt he’d literally lose his mind like omg

- He’d name one of his bees after you

- He’d probably carry around some little thing of yours in his pocket like a small ribbon or pin of yours because he ‘always likes having a piece of you with him’

- I feel like his favorite part of you is your eyes 

-. He’s really tall so you probably have to stand on your tip toes to kiss him if you’re short as which is !!! so cute !!

- Hugh is !!! so cute !!

- He thinks you’re !! so cute !!

- Protect him !!! 

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mahnoorjahan  asked:

How do you feel about the pages in EOS where Aelin casually thinks of colonizing other countries and Rowan AGREES to it and boosts her on?

I mean, how do I /*feel*/ about it? As in how does is affect my enjoyment and support of SJM’s books?

basically like this: *shrugs*

And that’s because I’m really good at reading things and not being bothered by issues that tumblr thinks are problematic, and I’m also pretty good at enjoying literature that has a ton of problems because uh, that’s like, the entire point of literary criticism + the discipline i spent so long studying in college? I mean literary crit has saved my life as an historian and I’m deeply committed to the idea of textual analysis being the backbone of study for any humanity (srsly humanities students, every source is a fucking text that can be picked apart and analyzed until you die and it will improve your argument tenfold). So basically, I’m all for picking apart a text, because I enjoy doing so, but I’m also very skilled at not picking apart a text and just reading it and enjoying it. 

And I also think that books/texts do not need to be morally great and completely pc in order for us to enjoy them or in order for them to be deemed readable. I mean like…take Wuthering Heights for example. I ship the shit out of cathy and heathcliff (and if all else perished and he remained i should still continue to be like FUCK ME UP EMILY ugh so good), but i also acknowledge that its just about the most unhealthy problematic ass relationship every written. she is a literal demon??? he is also horrid. but i still adore them and the relationship and am very good at separating the things i like in literature from what i expect/want for myself and the world in real life

So in terms of Aelin’s colonization that means two things:

1) if she were to colonize, I’d probably be annoyed because I’m very against colonization irl and as an historian who lived in england I am sort of familiar with how shitty it is for the countries who are colonized (in that i have seen how england continues to treat them and their concerns and its very…sad and fucked up). i was at oxford during the year of rhodes must fall, and i was uh, for the rhodes falling side of the argument. like frankly i think we should ritualistically burn every statue of cecil rhodes in an enormous bonfire meant to summon satan from the depths of hell to come collect his blood stained soul but that’s a discussion for another time. however, aelin is not cecil rhodes, and she isn’t colonizing any real world country, and if SJM chose to have aelin colonize anywhere, I can imagine we would see Aelin bring peace and prosperity wherever she went b/c this is SJM’s universe and she can make whatever decisions she wants regardless of if they are realistic or not. And I’m cool with that. Fantasy is fantasy is fantasy. I’d be annoyed and roll my eyes but ultimately it would not affect my enjoyment of the book (and frankly no piece of media you consume is going to be unproblematic. but there are so many good parts of tog and acotar, good parts that have helped me survive and have made me feel accepted. and those good parts far outweigh the problems i have with the books)

2) and secondly…i kinda…disagree with the idea that Aelin is casually mentioning colonizing. In fact, I think this bit of text plays an important role in character development and the whole idea of having so much power that it corrupts. I’ll paste some analysis of this that I’ve done in the past bc I’m too lazy to do it again from scratch (anything below was written in response to another post, so it’s not directed at your ask specifically, but it does explain my feelings on this issue):

Let’s look specifically at the bit where Aelin says “For a heartbeat, she could see it- here face carved into statues…” Clearly this part is Aelin having grand dreams. Just…imagining what it would be like to be queen of the world. To have all that power.

Lets also consider how…afraid Aelin was/is of her own powers. How long it took her to accept that part of herself. How much she struggles with the burden of being the fire bringer. Great power = great responsibility (lol spiderman I’m sorry). Aelin was afraid of that responsibility. And i think…that she was also afraid of what it might do to her? Of how using her powers might make her hunger for more power and glory? And I think thats what we are seeing here. She’s admitting that parts of herself- for a heartbeat, for a literal second- want power and glory and fame. She’s admitting that she has that capability, that she has it within herself to hunger for extreme power and rule. Let’s not pretend like that isn’t within many of us as well.

But then, almost immediately, she thinks that these ides are “stupid and useless.” and she also says “Even wondering about the possibilities…perhaps it made her no better than Maeve or Erawan.” She’s fully acknowledging that thinking about colonization is not a good thing. She understands that it makes her like her enemies. Frankly, this is a really realistic thing for Sarah to include? Are we all just going to sit here and act like if we had tremendous power and were Queens that some of us wouldn’t be tempted by the power of expansion? Of gaining more power? Of course we would be! Not everyone, but some of us. Some of us would want power and fame and glory. But wanting something for a second before realizing how bad it is (what Aelin does here) is NOT the same thing as doing it.

Sure, maybe this scene is a bit…off putting, but I also think that it is a) realistic given the amount of power Aelin has and b) a problem we see a lot of fantasy heroes face. They always struggle with balancing power with…goodness. And they struggle with not letting their power make them corrupt. This is just an instance in which we see Aelin struggling with the same thing.

The temptation to do the wrong thing with power is not the issue, or the problem. What the hero actually does with said power is the issue. And do we see Aelin colonize in this book?? Nope. Nah.

Finally, I’d like to analyze the bit where she mentions giving her people kingdoms. I think it’s important that we think of how this relates to Terrasen specifically. The kingdom essentially does not exist. The people of Terrasen are homeless. They have nothing. No nationality, no kingdom, no identity. Aelin is specifically thinking about giving them everything she could in this moment. She’s thinking about conquering places specifically for her people. Of course, the reason behind colonization doesn’t matter, but it is important, for a character who rejected her destiny and responsibility, to finally start thinking about doing things for her country. I doubt Aelin actually *will* colonize, especially given that she BLATANTLY ADMITS IT WOULD MAKE HER LIKE MAEVE AND WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO DO SOMETHING LIKE MAEVE, but I do think that this scene functions as a way to show the reader the lengths she is now willing to do for her country and people.

Also, this scene sets up a pretty essential parallel between Aelin, Maeve, and Erawan. We need to know that our heroine is on the same level of power as her adversaries. And as I have already discussed, power does not come for free, and without the temptation to use it in the wrong way. Aelin needs to be faced with the same issue that someone like Maeve was faced with—do you use your power for good, or for evil? Do you let it corrupt you or do you resist the temptation?—so that we can see her make the right choice, the choice diametrically opposed to Maeve’s choice, and so that we perceive her as being as powerful as Maeve is. The potential for both good and evil is not unique to Aelin or Maeve, but it is a problem compounded by the amount of power they each have. Any good choice Aelin makes has more power to do goodness in the world than a good choice that someone like Chaol makes. Similarly, any evil choice she makes does more evil than an evil choice that someone like Chaol makes. Aelin’s struggle with good and evil within herself is necessarily more pronounced than any other character’s. Any character with as much power as Aelin or Maeve needs to face this problem, otherwise we would just have characters who had immense power and always used it for good and were never tempted by evil or whatever and that would be…unrealistic in the extreme, and not a satisfying story.

The capacity to do evil, and speak of evil, and think of evil, is not the same thing as doing evil. That’s a trait that all of us have in us. But what we actually choose to do, those are the things that matter.

I’m going to say something that will probably cause me a lot of backlash. 
I’ve read a lot comments were people rant about how terrible Laura is, how she’s an asshole toward Shadow. And don’t get me wrong this is all true, to a certain degree. It stops being true when you think a woman deserved to die because of cheating on her husband. Yes, Laura wasn’t the faithful, sweet wife that american tv shows usually portray. She was a depressed, apatic woman, who tried to kill herself and literally felt nothing. 
Now Shadow is adorable, the man of everyone’s dream, but he totally failed to see Laura’s depression. Can you really love somebody and not to notice how empty they feel? I think not. He had in his mind this idealized version of Laura, in which she was this sweet, meek thing, that she’s not. 
He did know nothing of the person he married. 
So yes she isn’t exactly the most correct person in the world, she promised she would wait for shadow and didn’t mean it, but can we really say she is an asshole for the sole reason of not loving him back? even when he’s in love with a mystified version of her?

anonymous asked:

justin boops alexs nose. a lot, bc alex has a real cute nose. and when justin does it he scrunches up his nose and its even cuter and justin cant stop smiling. like the only reason alex still lets him do it is bc of that smile.

Okay but Justin tries to be sneaky when he’s about to do it, but he gets so excited that it totally gives it away.

Alex honestly doesn’t see the point in it, and every time Justin does it he instinctively scrunches his nose and squeezes his eyes shut. He’ll always focus back on Justin to glare at him, but when he sees Justin’s smile he just melts into a puddle and can’t help but fondly smile back.

He wonders how he ended up with a boyfriend who literally appreciates him so much that simply bopping his nose is entertaining, but he appreciates it anyway.

Justin almost goes all shy when Alex focuses back on him. Some days he’ll even blush, and he absolutely can’t control that smile on his face. Alex just thinks it’s the most adorable thing in the world, and it’s usually followed with so many cuddles

Why rugby aus should be popular

I may be biased because I have a sister that plays rugby and I play rugby, but I really think rugby aus should be a thing. Let me just give you a few reasons

-Look up “male rugby players thighs” it literally should be the only think on this list
-tight shirts and shorts
-muscles on muscles on muscles on mu-
-lots of physical contact with tackling/tackling practice
-sweat, dirt, cuts, injuries (angst)
-yo people get super aggressive (if you like that)
-people smiling with their mouth guard in is the most adorable thing in this world
-it gives people (girls especially) such great confidence and it’s the most amazing thing
-there’s literally a position for every body type!!!
-one position is called the hooker and then there are other positions called hooker’s props, so you could make some jokes
-I’m going to say it again, but thighs

I encourage people to think about it! If you do decide to write one, please research a bit!! Know simple stuff, like scrums, rules on tackling, what kind of cleats they wear, what positions do/body types for positions, and how to do basic things (hint! In rugby, you throw the ball to someone behind you!)

I’m not sure. I’m biased, but I would just love to see some rugby stuff!!

Reasons why Nyongtory Might be real..!!

Is Nyongtory real? Yes,No,Maybe? who knows.. Indeed most of us wonder if they are real or just playing with our hearts,souls and minds.. but anyway  I personally Believe that there is something going on between G Dragon and Seungri.Here are some of the reasons why i believe that they might be real  Or at least they have feelings for each other and it is not just Fan service.Because these 2 have seriously gone past Fan Service..

First and foremost,,Have you seen the way G dragon Stares at Seungri?? and the way he smiles at him.? Like OMG. I’m sure most of you including me of course wish we had someone to stare at us the way Ji stares at Ri..

In this world there is one thing that can never be faked..And that is the way you stare at someone you love. Ji literally stares at Ri the way i stare at my food..You can indeed see the love in GD’s eyes just by the way he stares at Ri, and it is not just any look,It is the look of “ I really Like/adore you!”.And even Seungri has been seen giving G Dragon that stare,  its like the “ i cant believe you are mine ,You are so perfect and i am lucky i met you kind of look..”

How they Play Fight and tease each other.Whats there more to say??

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How G-Dragon always wants to kiss Ri..

OK this might be part of Fan Service,,But really..Ji really wants to kiss Ri and we know it..He has been trying to kiss him since way back and our wish is that Panda stops acting silly and let The Dragon kiss him because most people want to be kissed by the Dragon and This Panda literally takes it for granted..Aigoo!!

Originally posted by seungriseyno

How they take care of each other

The Secret outings/Trips just for them two and the couple things!

Why is it That GD mostly take trips/go out with Ri..I mean why not other members? And these couple rings once again..Other people say they don’t mean anything since they wear them on TV and stuff ( just part of the costume) ..But!! here is the thing, GD has been wearing this ring for a really long time and Not only when he is on stage/Tv or performing and He literally does not take them off..(Check his Instagram/ Fan  pics)..He still wears the Ring even now that BigBang is not on tour or performing..(Although Ri does not)..And what baffles me is that Why is it that GD and RI are the only ones spotted with these rings? if they were just BigBang accessories then at least we would see other members wearing them..Why is it Just Nyongtory who wear these rings??????? COINCIDENCE??  I don”t think so!!!

The perverted look that GD gives to Seungri!!

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

Originally posted by k-livee

Like really Now..G Dragon looks at Ri like he wants to bite that piece of Cake..Its like “I want you and i want you now!!” Is this normal? Do you give perverted looks to your friends or people u don’t care about?? What is with this Sexual Tension i sense between these 2? 

Seungri posting Nyongtory Pics when They are in different Countries.

OK OK..Seungri is the biggest Nyongtory Shipper and we appreciate that..But really now..Seungri was in America Recently and yes BigBang is on Vacation.They are not promoting anything at the moment and Ri posted this on his Weibo account..

Why is Seungri posting Nyongtory when BigBang has no activities and To all those who claim that This is all part of Fan service..Seriously who is Seungri Servicing when he posts pictures of him and GDragon when they are not together??If anything this seams like G-Dragon service to me..And he has posted a lot more nyongtory pictures online (Check his instagram account) ( isn’t this what couples do? Constantly uploading pics of each other?) 

How they touch each other/ Skinship

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There is a sense of ownership in the way G-Dragon touches Seungri..It Just Screams “I own you” he locks him in like “you are mine” and i love touching you..I get it..Skinship is not a big deal in korea but really now..People are just so blinded these days, i believe that most people especially idols who have desires for same sex relationships literally Disguise their desires for same Sexual relationships through this Skinship and Fanservice since people will not suspect it as “it is deemed normal in Korea.” And what the hell were they doing in the last gif where GD bent over/grinding on Ri..How is that normal?? and Ri seems to like it!!

And what about the Jealousy, The Love bites/Hickeys on their necks for the past few years??And more couple rings,clothes,Accessories,Constantly talking about each other,Constantly taking photos/Videos of each other e.t.c.The Glances,The touching??..Anyway What i am saying is that indeed there is no way to know if they are real or not unless they confirmed it themselves/got caught by the media or something..And Maybe it is normal for 2 Guys to act like this in Korea but where i am from and live(Australia) you wouldn’t find 2 Straight guys acting the way these 2 act around each other.. (would this be normal in your countries? or is it just me?). I get it that there is cultural differences but still i don’t think that straight men in Korea act like this..Correct me if i’m wrong..!

MY OPINION (Not Nyongtory Related)

Most people should know that there are gay idols in Korea..That is a given!!, These idols suffer in silence and they are in denial because of their fans and their culture, and for all those who support Same sex marriages the least they can do is support these idols.) 

CR To Gif owners..!!

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Have you seen Dan's new picture? He's so beautiful omg! I know this is really stupid, I but I'm genuinely scared that Dan's going to get stolen away by some hot male model and phils just going to be alone. I don't want my little Philly to be alone :(

I JUST GOT HOME AND I JUST SAW IT, HOLY FUCK. Why is he so beautiful? I literally think he is a piece of art, I adore him. But! But this, is the most sweet ask ever, anon!!! Dan is not going to get stolen away. Have you seen that boy’s love for Phil? That love is so insanely strong and possessive and adoring. I don’t think Dan could ever leave Phil, he just… couldn’t. Phil is his world, and regardless of whether you think “heart eyes howell” is real, just the way he talks about Phil, and the things he’s said in defense of Phil, and the way he speaks to Phil, and the things he tweeted years and years ago….

anon, you have nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about. 

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If your doing them could I have a headcannon on what the Paladins S/O does that turns them into puddy in their hands? And could it please be really fluffy?

Omg yes! I’m sorry it’s taken me forever to do this!!!!


  • If you nuzzle into his chest and giggle while you’re hugging then he just melts. You are literally the most adorable thing in the world and he will tell you that, he will probably pepper your face in kisses afterwards!


  • He loves it when you run your hands through his hair when his head is resting in your lap. He’ll hug your waist and bury his face in your stomach. If you stop too soon then he’ll grumble and poke you until you continue.


  • Rest your head against his shoulder when you’re cuddling and tired. He thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and it’s so hard for him to contain his happiness. He usually just settles for kissing your forehead and letting you relax.


  • Hug her from behind and lay your head on her shoulder, maybe give her a kiss on the cheek as well for good measure. She’ll snuggle into you and  may or may not fall asleep on you.


  • Lay your head on his chest and stare up at him, every once in a while reach up and kiss his cheek. He will hold you for hours because it’s so comforting having you there. Give him puppy eyes while you do it and you can get away with anything.

Episode 43, Part 2: into the most adorkable game world ever designed by an emotionally stunted teenage prodigy and/or a group of literally evil corporate executives.

Mokuba brings Yugi and Jounouchi into the Duel Monsters Adventure Game. He knows it is the _Duel Monsters_ Adventure Game.

Apparently he does not elect to share that information with Yugi.

They soon get into the swing of things though.


Presumably when they finish the duel they’ll be less a-fucking-dorable.

Nope. Dead.

Seriously almost the entire rest of this episode is Yugi Mokuba And Jounouchi’s Adorabkle Adventures.

Look at those expressions!

And here is the montage of them actually trying to get information:

Actually asking. Good start!

Playing adorably with adorable children in an adorable manner. Likely to yield information, information unlikely to be at all useful.

Meditating silently. Unlikely technique from loudmouth Jounouchi… also unlikely to work.

GETTING THROWN OUT OF A BAR. I desperately want to know what Yugi did to GET THROWN OUT OF A BAR. 

Helping an old woman. Headcanon: Mokuba’s not trying to get information here, he’s genuinely helping this old lady, and she’s the one who tells him the information unexpectedly.

Getting chased by a small dog. Somehow.

Mokuba’s the one who hears something useful; an unknown person was seen being brought to the CAVE OF DEATH.

The Cave. Of Death. I fucking love the sub.


They can’t cross the desert, a sandstorm blows them back to town when they try, in a very Adventure Game kinda touch.

Side note: Yugi is so freaking short. He’s shorter than Mokuba, despite being 4 or 6 years older than him!

While they try to figure out how to get the card they need to cross the desert, let’s check in on Honda and Anzu.

Oh jeez, we’re on the first episode of this arc, she’s going to get SO BORED.

… WHY.

Luckily for Anzu, they are interrupted by the arrival of the Big Five’s thugs and have to build a barricade instead of hearing about Honda’s love life (or his alternative suggestion, detailing his “When I grow up I want to be a pilot” school essay!)

Back in the game world. Yugi, Mokuba and Jou have found out that if they defeat the undefeated Champ busty blonde woman who is definitely not Mai in a mask, they get the card that allows them to cross the desert. The problem is, the battle is to the actual death – if you die in the game, you die in real life. Jounouchi volunteers because he figures without him, the other two can rescue Kaiba.

Jou is loud and brash and annoying, but damn, that kid’s got heart and guts.

(Also that weird green guy behind him is a frog-man who ends every sentence with “gecko” for reasons I can’t determine. So there’s that.)


Hello, my darling anons!

I know I literally requested these asks in my tags, BUT THANK YOU FOR OBLIGING ME SO BEAUTIFULLY. I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to talking about 2jae’s Extremely Close Interview because I haven’t had much time to keep up with GOT7 lately, and I know that the wonderful @huggableyoungjae already talked about it so beautifully, but I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS MOMENT AS WELL BECAUSE:

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