this is literally the funniest thing in the world

The whole running gag about no one but Tsuna recognizing Reborn in his disguises despite it being painfully obvious is literally the funniest thing ever, but the thing is, Reborn continually insisted that he was a master of disguise and, given that he’s the best hitman in the world, it would make sense for him to have that skill, so there really is no reason to not believe him and it’s actually far more likely that he’s telling the truth and the fact that Tsuna is able to recognize him every time, without fail, is probably proof of his worthiness of being Vongola Decimo and perhaps a sign that his Hyper Intuition has been active since the very beginning, and the only reason Reborn’s disguises are so obvious to us, as the readers, is because the entire series is told from Tsuna’s pov.

The Two Types of Every Sign

a) You’re either THE loudest person in the room, constantly starting arguments and planning the next party
b) You’re playing scrabble and silently or quietly passing shade on the people surrounding you, or you’re home happy to be the fuck away from people.

Taurus: a) You’re either the most caring loving devoted person, whose laughter sounds like sunlight
b) You’re a mean bitch who loves to gossip about literally every single person that existed.

Gemini: You’re either witty and intelligent, with sparkling charm that you bestow upon all your besotted admirers
b) You’re a broody moody sad fuck who will stab you in the back to save themself or just because :))))

Leo: You’re either the most fun person in the room, with childlike wonderment about the world
b) You’re a smug chill cheschire cat who got the cream and is eating it ;)

Virgo: You’re either sitting there quietly observing your surroudings only stopping to add occasional witty one liners
b) You’re the LIFE of the party, wait no; You ARE the party. Shots? You’re pouring them! Breaking and Entering into a locked basement party, you’re the mastermind. You’re a funny sign Virgo.

Libra: You’re either dressing all your friends up in your clothes and sharing all your makeup with them because you’re a kind generous soul, while also debating moral issues
You’re a snobby mean person whose nose is so upturned you may as well be Cindy Lou Who ;P

Scorpio: You’re either sitting there encouraging and chanting on the squad doing drugs and alcohol, talking about the world as if you’ve learnt every crevice and cranny
You’re not saying a thing. You’re not even there. No one sees you, yet you see all.

Saggitarius: You’re either lighting up the bonfire and handing out smore sticks and playing the guitar for all your groupies
You’re smashing literally every person at Cards against Humanity. Yes, you are the funniest person in the room. Don’t let it go to your head, oh wait. It already did.

Capricorn: You’re either the Mother Hen, helping drunk and disorderlies to bed, you ARE Nurse Joy; Everyone comes to you for advice. There is nothing you don’t have in your handbag.
You’re a cynical ass who is shade AF, the literal opposite from you’re other sort of capricorn, you need ALL the help. You’ll smash those pregame drinks and drugs early and spend the night being comforted as you lay in your own vomit :)))

Aquarius: You’re likely drawing the party, rolling creative joints and encouraging everyone to jump off the roof. You’re a wild child Aqua.
You’re at home knitting. No inbetween.

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The funniest thing ever is all the stupid haters who were basically telling Liam he didn't know how to dress, and Liam fucking went and proved them wrong. He showed up in the most banging yet simple suit, looking fine af and so effortlessly gorgeous and stole the show. He literally proved how unattainable he was to the world. That Glamour look was essentially a mic drop.

Hiii mate, 

Okay so this is ages late and I’m so sorry I sat on this ask for so long, but in hindsight maybe it’s a good thing because Liam provided me with beautiful receipts.

“That Glamour look was essentially a mic drop”, where is the lie??

Look how crisp, how sharp, how well-fitted. ARMANI LIAM BLESSINGS.

Look at his strong hair game, look at how beautiful he is, look at how smug he looks because like you said, he looked so attractively unattainable.


Part 1 of Capital STB: so stylish yet comfortable

Part 2 of Capital STB: Easily one of the most suave performer on stage


KISS concert at Boston: aka that green jacket accentuated his stage jazz by a factor of 100





That’s a candid, not a photoshoot, jejdfshkjhskjsjgj

Liam James Dean Payne

or, Liam James Bond Payne, you decide

Anyway, haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate and Liam gonna keep slaying. :’)

*credit to pic owners*

I got bored and decided to try headcannons.
These definitely fall under crack.

Loki headcannons:

-10/10 sass queen

-will vouch for you, but still reek havoc (cos he’s the God of mischief)

-ride or die, he literally would die for you, you’re his world, his future queen.

-takes things to heart, like jokes, does not understand midguardian jokes.

-“knock knock”
-“is there someone at the door,love?”
-“no Loki, it’s a joke ”
-“then what is this knock knock you speak of?”


-literally almost burnt the house down trying to make toast, this poor little bean.

-overly protective of you

-“Loki, they were just walking by”
-“but the way they looked at you, it was suspicious”

-sometimes a little too serious

-like one time you tried to have a pillow fight with him and he got angry because he was wearing his ‘good robes’

-has a tiny bit of hatred towards the sisterly/brotherly relationship you have with his brother Thor.

-thinks it’s a bit cute to watch you try to pick up mjölnir

-keeps close eyes on you, even if he’s not there.

-“Loki why did I find a frost giant in my bathroom?”
-“he’s just making sure you’re fine,love”
-“do you think I’m gonna fucking die from taking a shit?”
-“love I don’t enjoy the harsh language you use”

-he’s a cute smol bean.but so are you.

-he seems tough, but in reality crushes under pressure.

-like the time Clint was sparring with him and he got upset because of the trash talking Clint was throwing towards him.

-still wants to rule the world, but this time with you by his side.

-even after dating for so long, he still gets a tad bit blushy from kisses or hugs.

-you both are literal couple goals.

-like the way he treats you, it would make anyone jealous at the site.

-did I mention the fact that he would poof you anywhere you wanted to go??

-Paris? Poof
-Japan? Poof
-Russia for some reason? Poof

-his parents literally adore you.

-your fights are probably the funniest thing.

-“since when were defecations holy?”

-trying not to crack up in those types of situations.

-there have been probably no serious moments.

-did you say prank wars?

-like be prepared for never ending prank wars.

things about hamilton you should know
  • before the show, king george comes over the speaker in character and tells everyone to silence their cell phones and to “enjoy my show”
  • the ensemble in incredible, like one point they literally throw a stool across the stage and catch it. they do all of the shifts and move everything. they are always standing or sitting on the side or on the top of the set watching/participating in every scene. it’s incredible.
  • the flow in alexander hamilton is insane. and the whole show. everyone moves at the perfect timing and its so interesting to watch at all times
  • the turntable is the coolest thing.
  • the lighting for the whole show in probably one of the best parts. every cue is perfectly timed and it changes at the best times. it adds to the storyline tremendously. 
  • the choreography in my shot is incredible. there’s one part when hamilton is standing in the middle of the turntable on “for the first time i’m thinking past tomorrow” and the ensemble all lunges towards him and then on “and i am” the lights change and then all jump back and it looks absolutely incredible.
  • at the beginning of schuyler sisters, peggy is literally being dragged on by her sisters. it really seems like she’s the annoying little sister.
  • at the end of schuyler sisters, the movement on the turntable is so cool because the different layers of the circle are all going in different directions and the cast is walking on it and the lighting and ugh it just looked unreal.
  • whenever the king walks, he walks so slowly and he like waddles. it’s the funniest thing ever. he also always carries his cane and uses it during his songs and i’m crying he’s the funniest part of the show.
  • during the boom’s during right hand man, the lights flash really bright like an explosion onstage
  • when burr says “martha washington named her feral tomcat after him”, hamilton jumps forwards and says “that’s true” and it’s a really cute funny moment
  • during helpless these candles on tables roll out and it’s really pretty and then at the beginning of satisfied they roll back during the rewind and it looks like they’re being sucked back and it’s really cool
  • as you probably know when they rewind in satisfied they literally walk in reverse and dance in reverse and hamilton and eliza kiss in reverse and ugh it’s the coolest thing ever and they keep going until they reach the beginning of helpless
  • in story of tonight reprise they’re all so drunk and it’s the funniest thing ever
  • washington is literally hamilton’s dad even moreso in person
  • in wait for it the ensemble sits in chairs and it’s just so powerful
  • after “immigrants, we get the job done” everyone applauds!!!
  • yorktown is HYPE. like the lights, the CHOREOGRAPHY, woowow. i could watch that number all day everyday and not get sick of it.
  • in yorktown the ensemble moves all of these chairs and boxes onstage and it looks literally like the world is being turned upside down and then at the end they all stand on them
  • when king george goes “i’m so blue” he stomps his foot and the lights all turn blue
  • there’s one scene in between dear theodosia and non-stop when laurens dies and he comes onstage off to the side and is singing parts of story of tonight like “i may not live to see our glory” and eliza is reading a letter from laurens’ dad, and then laurens sings “tomorrow there’ll be more of us” really slowly and it’s beautiful and then eliza says “alexander are you alright?” and he says “I have so much work to do” and BOOM hamilton jumps away and AFTER the war i went BACK to new york
  • in non-stop when they’re talking about the federalist papers they bring 3 empty chairs onstage that are facing upstage, and hamilton sits in the furthest upstage one. as they say “john jay got sick after writing 5″ etc, ensemble members turn the chairs around as if to show they’re empty 
  • “lez go” is really funny
  • at the beginning of the non-stop all-skate washington is on rolling stairs and when he goes “history has its eyes on youuuu” they roll him center stage with a spot on him 
  • when jefferson said “uh… france” he added a “duh” in there
  • at the end of what’d i miss, washington goes “mr. jefferson welcome home” and then hamilton pretty much pushes him out of the way to say “mr. jefferson, alexander hamilton” and it’s v funny and classic
  • when washington says “you could’ve been anywhere in the world tonight” he like involves the audience and jefferson does a thing where he’s like “let’s hear it” and it kind of breaks the fourth wall
  • “doin whatever the hell it is you do in monticello” hamilton bounces around in a circle like a dork
  • at the beginning of take a break philip and eliza are sitting at a piano on the turntable and philip is squirming like a little kid would that didn’t want to play piano.
  • at the beginning of say no to this, maria enters and is walking around the turntable and it’s almost like she’s taunting hamilton
  • hamilton and maria only kiss once during the scene, which makes the kiss so much more powerful 
  • everything about the room where it happens was incredible. i cannot say enough positive things about it.
  • when hamilton goes “wait for it, wait for it, wait”, he mimics burr singing wait for it
  • at one point in room where it happens the lights form a colorful circle within a square over the table and UGH the lights in this number were UNREAL.
  • IT WAS JUST SOO GOOD and after the click boom people applauded for like an hour
  • in one last time, during the part when washington sings about the fig tree, they project a light on him and it’s textured and looks like a tree and his voice is so good and it’s such a beautiful moment
  • i know him is so funny because king george is so confused at the beginning and he has this evil laugh at the end omfg
  • when hamilton says “sit down john, you fat mother -” he is standing on the upper balcony thing and he drops this HUGE stack of papers on from it and there’s all of these flashing lights
  • when jefferson says “my god” in the reynolds pampHlet he makes this face of disbelief and it’s hysterical 
  • the ensemble is moving all different objects during hurricane an it looks like a hurricane onstage and wowowoowowow this number was really cool 
  • THE REYNOLDS PAMPHLET. king george is off to the side and he is reading it and he gets so excited and he comes onstage and is dancing and throwing papers and jefferson is literally throwing papers all over the stage and it’s hysterical in a sad way
  • at the end of the song there’s hundreds of papers all over the stage and the ensemble picks up all of the papers as fast as they can before eliza comes out for burn 
  • eliza brings out a lantern with a candle and a stack of letters, and she lights them on fire and puts one into a bucket and then she puts more into it and you can see the fire come out of the bucket and then after she goes offstage you could smell the smoke from it, it was legit 
  • philip literally interrupts a play within a play, there’s ensemble members performing a play onstage and when philip comes in and interrupts it in blow us all away the “actors” stop and look really confused and frustrated
  • stay alive reprise is the saddest thing EVER. when eliza comes onstage she is wearing a black coat and she cries out “nooooo!” and the lights go on her and she runs over to philip and hamilton “is he breathing is he going to survive this” and it brought tears to my eyes
  • when he dies, eliza SCREAMS this bloodcurdling scream and ugh
  • when eliza forgives hamilton in its quiet uptown, she takes his hand, and she speaks for the first time in the song when she says “it’s quiet uptown” and it’s a beautiful moment, and they say “forgiveness”
  • when burr says “i’m chasing what i want, and i learned that from you” a weird realization goes across the whole audience and its a weird sort of burn 
  • burr and jefferson stand facing the house and look up when hamilton is saying “the people are asking to hear my voice” and burr looks hopeful and jefferson looks smug and when he says “jefferson has my vote” burr’s face subtly turns to shock and jefferson does this little victory dance
  • burr fires at hamilton and then an ensemble member comes onstage and pretends to hold the bullet as hamilton has his moment “i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
  • in who lives who dies who tells your story, eliza is the main character, she is focused on, and is forward the whole time
  • at the very end of wlwdwtys, eliza gasps, and i think it’s so powerful, because it’s almost like she sees the audience and she sees how she has told his story and how his legacy has continued
  • OVERALL. this show is insane. everything about it is above and beyond. note i saw this show with the original broadway cast (except jonathan groff) on may 26, 2016. the hamilton hype is real, i promise. 
  • feel free to send me any questions you may have about anything from the show, i’d love to talk about it!
{ vacancy // hercules x reader }

prompt: reader hears a noise in the house in the middle of the night and wakes up herc bc she’s scared

You were sleeping soundly next to Hercules, his arm wrapped around your waist lazily. You opened your eyes slowly when you heard a loud noise. It sounded like someone had hit a wall. Or maybe hit something to get inside. You weren’t sure if it was coming from the inside or the outside, but you were still nervous. The sound was loud enough for you to wake up.

You bit your lip, slowly getting up. You felt sick to your stomach, shaking Hercules’ arm desperately.

“H-Herc,” You mumbled. “Hercules, please. Wake up.” You shook him once more, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes until eventually, you felt him shift. 

“M-Mm?” He moved slightly, opening his eyes slowly. “What’s w-wrong, sugar?” 

“I think I heard something,” You whispered. “I think maybe someone b-broke into the house.” You sighed. “C-Can you go check?”

Hercules didn’t like how small your voice sounded. He didn’t want you to be scared, especially if he could do something about it.

Hercules nodded, sitting up. He swung his legs over the bed and pushed himself off the bed. He went to the closet, reached just behind the door and found the bat. He twirled it around in his hand slowly, almost methodically, before quietly opening the bedroom door to leave. 

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I saw Hamilton tonight, and I just need the world to know that during We Know, Daveed fucked up a little and said, “and the evidence suggests you engaged in sex-culation

And it was the fucking funniest thing I have ever heard and I couldn’t stop laughing I literally had to cover my face to not be disruptive. And he made such a face when he did it and it was the literally the highlight of the night so yeah thanks for that Daveed

Things That Would Kill: Wu Yifan
  • Lazy days where you both wake up hella late-
  • especially when he wakes up to you cuddling him.
  • You overworking yourself ‘till you get sick,
  • but not doing anything about it and being always like, “no nono i got this, don’t worry~” and he gets to go out and buy you medicine and feel needed by you.
  • Also how you give him that smirk when he gives you the medicine in a really cool manner as if he doesn’t really care when he secretly does and you know it.
  • That time he ordered food for you and said “no onions please” and you were like ???????how did you know I never told you???????
  • Legit it was the funniest thing in the world to him because you literally pick out the onions whenever your food had them-
  • like someone had to be SUUUUPER inattentive in order to miss it.
  • How freakin’ amazed you get at his lame-ass magic tricks XDDDD
  • The way you got him to accidentally drop the cool image on your first hangout (you stressed how it wasn’t a date when you asked him out ‘cause you hate rushing into things and that is also something he really loves about you).
  • You: *Picking up a sparkly pink cat-ears headband* “THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN.”
  • Him: “Hahaha are you sure? I’m standing right here, though.”
  • You: “Mmmm you don’t quite beat the headband.”
  • Him: “….Excuse me?”
  • You: *with that mischievous sparkle in your eye* “Do you know what’ll help you beat it, though?”
  • Him: “What?”
  • You: “If you wear it~ :3333″ 
  • Him: “Hell no.”
  • You: “Please?”
  • Him: “No!”
  • Him: “Fine.” *Takes the headband and puts it on* “There, happy?” 
  • You: *with a grin* “Now do something really cute.” 
  • After a bit of a protest, you actually got him to do aegyo and he died a little bit on the inside- no one has ever managed to break him so quick LMAO
  • The way you are unconsciously learning the languages he knows by always listening to him switch from one to the other during business calls.
  • You guys saying ‘I love you’ to each other back and forth in as many languages as you can-
  • you lose if you run out of languages/repeat a language. 
  • How you genuinely care about the people around you-
  • like you don’t even talk about others very much, he can just see it in the things you do for them.
  • The way you worry about your family a lot and make an effort to Skype them at least once every week and a half.
  • You being such a connection obsessed person.
  • It sounds real weird but he admires the way you always aim to connect with the people you meet on a deeper level compared to the level most strangers would probably connect on.
  • You asking him for fashion advice LOOOOOOL
  • How his family  A D O R E S  you!!!!!
  • You being soft whenever he holds your hand and how you try to hide it.
  • You not being afraid to tell him how you feel and how you’re very honest with him- even if it might sting him a little. 
  • Plus when he’s very honest with you about things, you handle it really really well and actually listen to what he’s saying and IT’S JUST A REALLY GOOD RELATIONSHIP OKAY
  • Snuggies on the couch while watching TV omg
  • And finally, (he would never admit this until you both are further down the road in your relationship) how he can 10000%, wholeheartedly imagine a future with you because it really does feel like you guys were meant to be together~ <3

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-Karina :D
{I’m not doing these in any specific order, so if you want a certain member of a group to be done ASAP, you’re free to send a message and I’ll prioritize your member! Groups going to be done are (BTS IS COMPLETED), EXO, Seventeen, Mamamoo, and Red Velvet. I also go by how many times a member is requested!}

Casanova’s escape from the Leads (as the prison in the Doge’s Palace in Venice was called) in 1755 is literally the funniest story ever. He used to tell people it over and over again, absolutely revelling in the fact that everyone loved hearing about it (after it happened, the story soon travelled around Europe and made Casanova a legend). He’d even include some of the more unsavoury details, like the fact he filled two chamberpots with urine from anxiety, and when the ladies objected, he’d say “The world is not a lady!” so he wasn’t going to clean up the story for their refined ears.

Hilarious things about the whole escapade:

  • He was arrested for suspected atheism and owning pornographic books. Of course.
  • He was firstly placed in a really shitty cell, without a trial or anything, but he started to lose his wits after literally an hour. It’s as if he’s never been stuck in a tight place before.
  • At one point, he fell asleep and when he woke up his hand touched another cold, lifeless hand. He screamed! OH NO, A DEAD BODY? No, actually, it was just his other hand.
  • He manages to convince his influential friend, Count Bragadin, to have some of the restrictions on him lifted. He’s allowed out into the courtyard to wander and is given warmer blankets, better bed and better food. Because of this, he manages to regain some semblance of sanity and collects things that may be useful for an escape from the courtyard. This included a piece of marble and an iron bar. He sharpened the bar with the marble and began to make a hole underneath his bed (he was right above the palace and planned to drop down into during a period of time when he knew it would be empty). Unfortunately, Bragadin had managed to get him moved to a bigger, better cell. Casanova protested but the jailer said he must move. As they moved the bed from one cell to another, they saw the hole he had been making. The jailer said “Did you make this hole?” to which Casanova faked a scandalous tone. Of course he didn’t! And if the jailer said he did, then Casanova would just tell everyone the jailer had given him the tools to do so.
  • So, he has to come up with a new plan. He manages to pass notes from his new cell (in the spine of a Bible that they managed to smuggle through under a pile of pasta) to a libertine priest, Father Balbi, who says he will carve a hole in the roof of his cell, pass into Casanova’s cell, pull him up into the roof and they’ll escape together.
  • Casanova’s new cell-mate is a spy and not very nice, however. So Casanova has to convince him not to give him away. Lucky for Casanova, the spy is super religious so he convinces the spy that an angel is going to come through the ceiling and rescue him and the spy should not interfere with God’s plan. The spy believes him wholeheartedly.
  • The plan actually goes pretty smoothly but climbing through the roof is messy and when the pair finally drop down into the main palace, Casanova makes Father Balbi wait whilst he puts his hair up in a net. Wouldn’t want to ruin his curls, would he? GOD, GUYS, HE JUST HAD TO CLIMB UP ON THE ROOVES. HE HAS TO SORT OUT HIS HAIR AND HIS CLOTHES AND HIS FACE. WHY WOULD YOU BEGRUDGE A MAN THAT RIGHT?
  • The pair manage to convince a palace guard that they were accidentally locked in overnight and were attendees at a party. The guard absolutely believes them. And off Casanova goes, to France, to go and flirt with Madame de Pompadour and preen and stuff.
  • This was his most famous escape but it wasn’t his last. Very soon after this, he was on the run again and ended up staying in the inn of the wife of the head of police (who was after him). She didn’t know who he was so naturally, he slept with her.

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Niles for the send me a character?

First Impression: A rogue who’s also a sadist? no thanks

Impression now: He’s such a good retainer and he’s such a broken guy and he needs love asap also he’s hilarious

Favorite moment: His entire support with Odin because that’s one of the funniest supports I’ve read with how they bicker throughout everything and they both think the other is too unqualified to work for Leo because they both give off such a bad public image lol

Idea for a story: *whispers* birhtright au

Favorite Relationship: His relationship with Nina is so unique compared to how he treats literally everyone else. She’s the light of his life and the only good thing he put into this world and he’s just so genuine with her it’s great.

Favorite Headcanon: super random headcanon but can you imagine him buying cute dresses for nina as a child and helping her put her little tiny shoes on and he probably has baby shoes just hidden away in his clothes somewhere cause he lost them so if he shakes his clothes out baby shoes fall out

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Who are ur favourite blogs and why??


Okay, I feel like giving some shout-outs to some of the other girls on here who run stellar history blogs that are kind of Not Super Serious because history is fun, right? But they still know their area well:


Living proof that history is evolving!!! David Starkey whom?

Then, a few more super amazing people who I love:
@enfant–terrible (my Best Friendo)
@nikolaevnas (MY FELLOW HARLOT) A • @lessthansix (Jacobean play as a person)
@compressedsass (CUTE AND LOVELY)
@breakfastautocrat (taught me so much about American history like….before I was like “Who Is He” but now I KNOW)
@parkersrevenge (Again, taught me so much about American history and for that, I am eternally grateful; I feel it will come in handy in the future)
@black-brunswickers (um, chickens, history memes, Napoleonic aesthetic???? Constantly hypes me up???? Shouting at Americans??? LOV)
@storywonker (actually didn’t know anyone from my uni, let alone my actual course, was involved in ~history tumblr~ BUT HERE WE ARE and his blog is just the right mixture of history and memes which are obviously the most important things in the world. Plus, go congratulate him for graduating!!!)
@baroquekid (beautiful, glorious woman with a top blog aesthetic and I remember when she tagged my selfies with “Simonetta Vespucci WHO?” AND that’s iconic)
@wilfredowens (like, literally has one of the funniest blogs on here and his history knowledge is so vast like….How)
@vonmetternich (again, so knowledgeable, good taste in memes, a top person….HOW are all my mutuals so perfect)

And I gotta hype up my boyfriend so you know, follow @tuftymandias because his blog is basically mine but better and more virtuous but just ignore every self-deprecating thing he reblogs because it’s wrong and He Will Be Punish’d for his Slander.

TBH that’s just the tip of the iceberg because I love so so many of my mutuals and I wish I could mention you all. Alas.

My Stupid Fan Fiction Writing Technique (Be warned this is really stupid) PART 1

So a friend asked me how I write certain scenes in fan fiction like sad, tense and romantic moments. So I told her how and she said it was both stupid and brilliant at the same time, so now I’m going to share it with you all…

I watch videos to make me feel the emotions I want to write about, literally I have go-to videos to make me feel happy, sad, angry and scared, I know it’s silly but it really works. Here’s a selection…

Happy/Funny scenes

The Sideshow Bob Rake gag just makes me laugh like an idiot, I remember watching this when I was 7 and thinking it was the funniest thing ever and it still makes me laugh FUN FACT: Rich Moore one of Zootopia’s directors was the director for this scene 

The ‘Nobody’s a Nobody’ song from The Amazing World of Gumball makes me feel all toasty inside, it’s a cheesy as hell but I love it. Damn it I want cheese on toast now…

‘Sol and Vince rob the bookies’ scene from the film Snatch is my favourite scene from the whole film, these two are the worst armed robbers ever and the great dialogue always makes me erupt with laughter

Action scenes

The Raid is woefully unknown to mainstream audiences but it’s one of my all time favourite action movies and the Machete fight stands out as my favourite fight scene that always gets my imagination alight…

The first intro for Attack On Titan is the perfect mix of striking imagery and epic music that gets me psyched up to write an action scene

#103: The Silent Treatment

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An irritated sigh escaped your lips as you rolled your eyes and looked behind you from sitting in front of the counter on a barstool in your kitchen, watching as Luke leaned his chin against the back cushion of the sofa he was resting on, a smirk plastered around his beautiful face features. “What do you want?” You asked, pressing your pencil into your chin and looking at him tired. Your mood wasn’t the best right now, you have used more than three hours on working on some kind of assignment for University, but could not get it finished at all since Luke came to interrupt with whatever news he had in mind, whether it had something to do what had happened in the studio or just on his way home from work today. “Your attention.” He smiled cheekily, sticking his tongue out at you. “Please, just stop Luke.” You mumbled, shaking your head at him and trying to focus back on your assignment, but it seemed to get interrupted again. “Y/N you literally have to hear what Michael did in the studio today it was the funniest thing eve-“ “Please, Luke, can’t you tell me all of this after dinner, I’m trying to focus and you’re ruining it.” You said frustrated, looking back at him irritated. Not wanting to deal with him anymore you shut your mouth closed and focused on your assignment, blocking the world out. “Are you ignoring me now?” He asked, sitting on his knees on the couch, and when there was no answer, he made a fake gobsmocked expression. “Are you giving me the silent treatment?” He warned in question, standing up from the couch and being ignored completely from you. “You think you can just ignore me like that and get away with it?” Luke chuckled from behind you, yet you didn’t move in your seat, just keeping on looking at the notepad in front of you and just focusing on the letters in front of you, wanting to finish it as fast as possible. Even though you didn’t turn around, you could literally see Luke in your mind standing with his arms crossed and his teeth bighting onto his bottom lip as he smirked over at you, and you could hear his footsteps as he started to walk closer towards you, stopping just as he was a few centimeters behind you. “Baby if I tell you that I’m really really sorry, will you forgive me.” He mumbled into your hairline, his cologne thick in the air and almost at the point of seducing you and making your mind dizzy. “Because I am.” He said, starting to kiss the skin of your shoulder. You were about to open your mouth and speak up, telling him to literally just fuck off because even though he was apologizing for interrupting you from making your homework before, he was clearly doing it again and preventing you from finishing it. Luke let out a huff as his seducing methods clearly didn’t affect you at all which made him take a step back in thought, scratching his stubby chin, his eyes going wide as he thought of something. “Y/N if you won’t speak, I’ll use dirty tricks for this.” Your eyes went wide by Luke’s sudden threat clearly knowing what he was going to do. Without further ado, Luke’s hands came up to your waist, starting to tickle as much as he could around your sides and as he predicted you started to spit out giggles by his sudden movements, shaking around in the chair to pry off his hands from your body. “You’re an idiot.” You exclaimed loudly with giggles, hitting in in the stomach with your elbow. “I just don’t like when you won’t talk to me.” He pouted, stopping and leaning his head on your shoulder. “I just need to finish this okay? It won’t take long but you keep on interrupting.” You explained, pressing your pencil into his pouty lips. “Fine, I won’t interrupt from now on, I promise.” He whined with a smile afterwards, pressing one final kiss to your shoulder before standing up and heading back to couch, continuing on watching How I Met Your Mother.


For some odd and unbelievable reason, Calum had been grumpy all day. Whether it had been the cause of too much work at the studio or just some old grumpy reasons you had no idea but one thing was for sure and that was that Calum was mad as hell and taking it all over you for no good reasons. “Is something bothering you?” You asked as you were resting on the bed in your bedroom, having Calum sit on a chair next to it with his feet on the mattress and his laptop resting in his lap. Calum looked up at you irritated, letting out a small grumble before mumbling out a no. “There is. I can tell.” You said more stern, moving around from resting on your back to rest on your stomach. “Nothing is wrong, okay Y/N, I’m just not in a mood for anything!” Calum’s harsh tone made your eyes go wide and your jaw hanging open, just staring at him as he gave you a small glare before staying silent from now, clearly too occupied with his laptop. “Calum put that fucking stick out of your ass, you have been grumpy all day and nothing seems to change your mood at all!” You exclaimed, throwing your phone onto the mattress to sit up straight on it, eyeing him but he didn’t move. “Oh so now you’re so mature and start to ignore me?” Calum didn’t even flick one muscle by your words, just keeping on looking in front of him on the screen and typing whatever onto his keyboard. “You’re such a freaking ass for giving me the silent treatment without any reasons at all!” You said in a huff and moving around so you could stand up from the mattress, starting to march towards the door. “Calum I’m gonna give you the last chance to say something to me otherwise I will get really mad.” You warned and usually at this point, Calum would always react and start to speak to you again but this time, he didn’t even flick his eyes up towards you just kept on typing. “You’re an idiot seriously.” You grumbled to yourself, starting to head towards the door but a thought crossed your mind which made you stop in track, and looking over at him before cocking your head. “Fine. If you wanna do it that way mister then I’m on.” Calum’s eyes didn’t remove from the screen as you spoke but you could see on him that he was clearly listening and probably guessing that you would be so insulted now and walking out of the room to crash on the couch. But to his surprise, you did the exact opposite, turning off the TV behind you and starting to take pieces of article of clothes off. Calum’s eyes couldn’t resist leaving his computer screen to look up at what you were doing occasionally even though he tried desperately to focus on the screen in front of him. Your smirk only grew bigger because you knew that he was still totally wrapped around your finger and it wouldn’t take long for him to break.  His breath started to hitch in his throat as you had now taking off your pants, leaving you in your panties and bra now. Your hand came up to wrap the elastic band out of your bun, your hair now falling down wild and curly around your shoulders. Calum took a last glance to watching you before grumbling, almost throwing his MacBook on the mattress next to him, marching towards you in two large steps before he wrapped his arms around your waist pressing you up against wall. “What a fucking tease you are.” “It’s literally the only way to get your attention.” You giggled, letting him wrap his lips around your earlobe and sucking. “Maybe I should give you the silent treatment more often if this happens each time.” Cal joked, placing his warm hand on your cheek before pressing his plump lips against yours in a wet heated kiss.


“Are they still mad at each other?” Ashton asked, leaning his body against the kitchen counter, Calum and Luke sitting in front of each other at the table, both with a bowl of breakfast in front of them. “Well Michael seemed to cool off, but Y/N is still mad as hell.” Luke said with mouth full with food, pointing his spoon down towards the back area. “She slept in there?” Ashton asked shocked, he hadn’t even realized that you hadn’t been in Michael’s bunk over the night. The boys had been silent audience to you and Michael’s rather pointless discussion last night, so pointless that they couldn’t even remember anymore why in the world it had started, even Michael had forgotten by now, but he still knew that you were mad as hell and didn’t want to interact with any of the boys at the moment. You both had fired off the silent treatment card towards each other and none of you seemed to bug in for attention.  But being on tour with the boys made it slight difficult to stay away from Michael to get space but Calum was gentle enough to suggest that you could sleep in for the night at the couches in the back of the tour bus, away from the boys and away from Michael. “Is Michael still sleeping?” Ash asked interested, but just as he had asked, Michael almost felt out of his bunk only in his boxers and eyes half shut. “Morning.” He mumbled with a yawn, looking over at the boys sleepily before heading towards the back area where you were, the boys looking at each other with wide eyes. “Let’s see if he’ll survive this.” Cal joked, watching as Michael went inside. His eyes landed on you who were sprawled out on the couch, lying on a blanket and having a white duvet over you to heat you up. Michael let out yet another yawn to see if you were awake, but he couldn’t conclude whether you were actually sleeping or just ignoring him. He thought for some seconds before taking action, starting to crawl onto the couch right next to where you were resting. “Mh- Move your ass, can’t sleep when you’re not around to let me wrap my arms around you.” Michael mumbled groggily as he rested his knees against the couch, lifting your duvet and inviting himself in. “Go away.” You mentally said in your head and wanted to speak up, yet didn’t say anything but didn’t fight against Michael as he squeezed his arm under your sides, pulling you into his chest afterwards. Michael leaned his head against yours and it didn’t take long for him to almost snooze off, his breathing getting deep and small snores leaving his lips. A small giggle slipped through your lips which made your eyes go wide and Michael formed a smirk still having his eyes closed. “I know you can’t stay silent and mad at me.” He mumbled into your ear, kissing you on the cheek repeatedly. “Yes I can.” You mumbled fake grumpy, moving your head so it was pressed into the pillow. “You literally just said something Y/N.” Michael laughed, pressing his nose into your cheek to make you move your head towards him again. “Okay, fine you fool.” You exclaimed, moving around so your face was pressed against his chest, a satisfied smile coming to Michael’s lips. “You can’t stay mad at me.” He cooed, looking down at you in provocation yet it was goofy. “I can, until you start acting like nothing has happened and then I can’t take anything seriously.” You mumbled tired, shutting your eyes. Michael let out a small giggle as replay, wrapping his arms tightly around you. “Will you sleep in my bunk tonight? It’s awfully cold with you.” You looked up at Michael to see he was already looking down at you, placing a small kiss to your forehead. “I will. No more silent treatment. For now of course.” You chuckled by the last part, Michael giving you a fake gobsmocked expression.


The loud massive noise of banging coming from your recording room in your house, or more likely Ashton’s recording room made the whole house sound like some kind of outcast for world war two video edition, the floor staring to reverberate to the beat of Ashton hitting his big drum with his foot and the aggressively was clear as a bright day. After so many hours of silent treatment, he was still pissed at you from when he had come home from the studio until now, the clock around 9am and people in the neighborhood wanting to go to bed but couldn’t because of Ashton’s loud banging. You had tried a few hours ago to try and make him stop, but the sound of your voice had only made everything worse and Ashton more aggressive on his drums, you could literally count from downstairs how many drumsticks he had broken since he kept throwing something towards the wall when silence felt for a few seconds until they appeared again. It was almost at the point of you forgetting why in the world he was mad at you but clearly Ashton could still remember that. It all had started out with you “attacking” him for forgetting dinner for tonight and as you expected, Ashton gave you some sort of lecture about how stressed he have been lately and working hard and he could continue his rant if you hadn’t stopped him. When you had said that you understood but still didn’t think that it was a good excuse Ashton had been mad as hell, clearly not seeing it from your point of view even though you were just as stressed as him, just in a different way than him. Since then you had tried to befriend him but for some odd reason, he didn’t want to be near you in any way, not talk with you and behaving childish and giving you the silent treatment. At first, you had thought he was just acting and would cool down after some minutes, but clearly Ash had other things in his mind. And that was what he was doing now, drumming like life depended in his recording room. Without anybody to buy the dinner, you had made yourself to rise from the couch to go the grocery store without telling Ashton, he wouldn’t even notice if so, and cook a meal for him. The question was then if he even wanted something, so you went up to his recording room and walked straight into it without knocking, not that it would help anyways. ”Are you just gonna drum all of your madness away?” You exclaimed loudly to make sure Ashton could hear it over the loud banging, yet he didn’t seem to react or care, just keeping on banging his drums like life depended on it. “Fine.” You huffed, throwing your hair over your shoulder and walking out of his recording room, clearly acting girl insulted now and doing the exact same as him, ignoring his presence and walking down the stairs again to fix the rest of the dinner. Ashton stopped in track just as soon as the door had smacked shot, looking behind him and breathing uncontrolled. He took a look back towards the door before hearing your footsteps heading towards the stairs which made him throw his drumsticks to the floor before standing up and opening the door in a fast move. You could hear the door open but it didn’t seem to affect you as you were now the one trying to act pissed off, but just as soon as Ashton wrapped his arms around your small form, you were caught. “I’m sorry okay. I felt like an idiot earlier and I couldn’t get myself to admit that to you because I felt ashamed of yelling at you. Do you forgive me?” He asked, leaning his sweaty forehead against yours. You looked up at him with no emotion on your face but as he started to kiss your forehead you couldn’t remain in position. “Fine.” You mumbled which made him send an award-winning smile towards you, “Good because I was fearing that you wouldn’t let me have any of the dinner tonight.”


This is going on right now and it is literally the cutest/funniest thing in the world

one of the funniest things i remember about this site is during one of the olympic games some user screenshotted an image of the queen (british queen) looking disgruntled as she looked out at the parades from the other countries and the user captioned it as “she’s thinking about how she used to rule over most of the world” or something and i remember this every time some geek who wants benedict cumberbatch to nut in them says “uwu tumblr used to be so nice back in the day” because people would make literal colonialism and imperialism out to be a cutesy haha joke (i mean, people still do, but the cringe fandom culture kind of amplified it at that point) so! 

BTS Reaction to their girlfriend laughing like them.

Request: “Hello! I’m so glad you figured something out! Could you do the boys reacting to their girlfriend laughing like them? Thank you~” -Anon

A/n: Ah, I loved writing this! I had to watch loads of videos of them laughing individually and honestly, if anyone knows me, they should know that Jin’s laugh is LITERALLY my favourite sound in the whole world. Honestly. I love Jin’s laugh so so so much! (also, why are videos of Suga laughing so hard to find?)


You were hanging out at the dorms again for yet another movie night. Tonight’s movie was the funniest anyone could find; you googled it and yet again it did not disappoint. You and Jin were on one sofa, Jimin, Taehyung and Yoongi were on another, and the rest were on the floor.

You and Jin always found things funniest out of all of you. You two -although it didn’t seem like it- would always be the first to crack bad jokes and howl with laughter at the tiniest things. Today was not any different.

As soon as you started laughing along with Jin at something not even that funny, clapping your hands together like a seal and bobbing up and down at the shoulders, all of the other members turned to you and Jin with confused yet amused looks on their faces. “Hyung.” Jimin stopped laughing for a moment and caught Jin’s attention, “She’s laughing exactly like you!” Jimin laughed, and Jin turned to you to see you now, eyes closed and hand in front of your mouth, muffling the sounds of your laughter. When you opened your eyes and looked to Jin, you both burst into laughter again, and Jin pulled you into his side to hug you while you both laughed it out while everyone laughed at you both. And for the rest of the movie, yours and Jin’s laughter was the loudest thing in the room; no matter how hard you tried to muffle it with your hands.

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You walked through the door to your living room, laughing at something stupid on your phone until you sat down next to Yoongi who was now looking at you rather oddly. When you finished laughing, you looked at him, grinning. “What?” You asked as you took in his astonished face. When he realised you had no idea what you were doing, he shook his head and looked away from you with a prideful smile. “What?” You pressed, poking his stomach and silently giggling again.

When Yoongi turned to you at last, he flashed you a gummy smile and whispered, “You’re laughing like me.” In a low, husk voice that made your face flash red. Yoongi laughed at your now red face and you realised that you had started taking on his laugh without noticing. Batting his chest, you suppressed your own laughter. He pulled you into his body and laid down on the couch with you draped over him like a blanket, “Don’t stop it,” He whispered into your hair as he rubbed circles into your back, “I like it.”

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You and Hoseok were at a theme park. You had always wanted to go, and up until yesterday, Hoseok said no. But after years of begging he finally gave in, so here you were, clinging onto his arm to try and drag him towards one of the rides. “Come on Hobi! It’ll be fun!” You insisted, pulling at his arm and putting on the cutest face you could muster.

“I’ll hold the bags. Can’t trust staff these days.” He shook his head and pulled your bag off of your shoulders and hugging it into his chest. Shaking your head too, you pecked his cheek before running off to go on one of the roller coasters. This was how it went for every roller coaster. But one.

You were determined to get him on at least one while you were there for the day, and you found the perfect one. It wasn’t too small, but it also wouldn’t bring him to tears; hopefully.

“Just this one! I’ll buy you ice-cream!” You promised, taking both of his hands into yours and swinging them between you.

“Just the one?” He asked.

“Just the one.” You confirmed, and reluctantly, he followed you to the line. While you were waiting, you leaned into Hoseok’s chest and listened to the rapid pace of his heart while he rested his trembling hands on the small of your back. “You’ll be fine.” You chuckled, pecking his lips as the staff opened the bars and you all ran on. Well, all except Hoseok.

When you eventually got him on, you took his hand and told him to squeeze as tight as he wanted too; and he did. And as it took off, his eyes screwed shut and you could tell he was trying not to scream even though you were just going up slowly at this point. You let a small chuckle escape your lips and stroked your boyfriends hand with your thumb. As you reached the top, you instantly burst into laughter and then, you dropped. Your laughter increased as you heard Hoseok’s screams, but as you howled with laughter, is screeching died down and he started at you instead. You would have looked too but you were too busy enjoying yourself.

The ride stopped and all of the passengers hopped off. Hoseok kept hold of your hand, and you didn’t want to let go in case he fainted. “See, you got through it.” You grinned, picking up your bags and slinging them over your shoulders.

“Only because of you.” He shook his head, still looking dazed. But inside he couldn’t stop smiling at the sound of your laughter. Exactly the same as his.

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You and Namjoon had always done this, and you did it without realising. At night, you would both lay in bed, staring at each other, and just speak your mind no matter what was on it. Sometimes, you had intelligent conversation, other times, it was waffle with no meaning. And tonight, as you laid in bed, his hands linked with yours while you played with his fingers next to your pillow, you just listened to him talk about his day. It was nothing very interesting, he knew that, and he also knew you weren’t listening to the words flowing from his lips. You were focused on his voice and his hands, nothing else. Eventually, his voice faded away and you were left playing with his fingers, and all of a sudden, one retaliated.  As you were about to take one in between your own, it flicked you away. Letting out a hearty laugh, you attempted again and he gave in, smiling widely at you. And as you played with his hands as usual, you kept laughing lightly and casually.

“You don’t even know you’re doing it do you?” He asked after minutes of silence. Peeling your attention away from his hands and towards his face, you furrowed your eyebrows. “Your laugh. It’s mine.” He smirked, engulfing your hands in his and pulling you closer to him so he could embrace you. Chuckling lightly, you nestled yourself into his chest and fell asleep in his warm, comforting arms.

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You and Jimin were just sat on the sofa talking about something when he suddenly said something that made you burst into uncontrollable laughter. You were rocking back and forth and whenever you tried to calm down, you just remembered what you were laughing about and started laughing again.

“Jagiya~” He sang, placing a hand on your back while you doubled over in laughter. At this point, your laugh had turned almost silent and you were merely shaking while making the occasional sound. As soon as you stopped laughing though, Jimin deliberately made you laugh again, just to hear it. He could never hear enough of it, and it just told him everything he needed to know.

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It started with his smile. The oval smile that was loved worldwide. Without you realising it, you had started doing exactly that. Grinning with your mouth so wide it almost hurt and so your teeth were on full show. Taehyung didn’t notice, because when you were smiling, he was smiling, and when he smiled his eyes screwed shut.

Then when his laugh became yours the members knew. They had noted that your smiles were now almost the same, but now it was your laugh too they knew it all must be real. That you weren’t just messing around.

You had left late one night because you had spent the day with the members and you were in no hurry to get back, even though you had to eventually. And when you did, Taehyung was left with the other members who all looked at him with amused expressions.

“He has no idea does he?” Namjoon laughed, turning to Jungkook.

“Not a single clue.” Jungkook laughed, and Taehyung looked at them all in confusion.

“Do you never look or listen to her when she’s happy?” Jimin giggled, and then it hit him. His furrowed eyebrows lifted and his face broke into the widest smile ever as he giggled like a child. He pointed to his own mouth as to ask for confirmation, and the other members nodded, which made him giggle even more.

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Walking hand in hand down the street, you looked at the night sky above you. You and Jungkook had gone out for a walk together around the town. Both of you had accepted that you were going to get noticed, but honestly you didn’t care. The company however would care, because even though you two had come out as a couple months ago, it was still seen as a scandal to some. And a few people hated you. But others saw how happy you made Jungkook and, even though it took a while, they warmed up to you. You even had gained a few admirers of your own.

As you stopped near a fountain, you spotted two girls not too far away watching you. They weren’t watching you in a creepy way, or in a way that made you uncomfortable. By the looks of it, they had only just spotted you. One of them -not realising you could see them under your glasses- hit the other on the arm and pointed to them. The friend jumped and tried to conceal her squeals, and as she went to lift her phone, the first pushed it down and by the looks of it told her it was rude. When they both turned to look at you and Jungkook, you tugged on his sleeve and nodded towards the girls. Jungkook looked down at you and then towards the girls before smiling. This seemed to give them the courage to walk over to you.

“Hi.” The first girl squeaked, bowing her head. You and Jungkook greeted her back and then the other friend said hi too.

“How are you?” You asked, trying to ease the slight tension and let them know that you were people able of holding a conversation. They replied and you had a conversation about you and Jungkook. It started by them asking how you met, and you replied, answering most of the questions they asked. One of them said something that made you laugh and then they both smiled at you.

“You laugh like him you know?” The second girl grinned at you, making you both blush.

“Really?” You laughed again. Both of them nodded rapidly.

They left after getting photos and you and Jungkook were left feeling overjoyed. “You laugh like me then hu?” Jungkook nudged you a few times, smiling ear to ear.

“Shut up.” You mumbled, walking off to hide your own smile. But he didn’t shut up; he did quite the opposite. For weeks to follow, your ‘Jungkook inspired laugh’ as he called it came up in all conversations, and he just wouldn’t let it go.

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