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not to be dark™ but like do you ever think about harry and zayns relationship and how strangely perfect it worked with these two completely opposite personalities having such a weird connection that was so captivating yet so private in comparison to something like zayn and louis’s friendship that was so out there and everyone knew they were best friends/partners and crime and i think a lot of people assumed louis was the obvious one to have felt zayns absence the most yet harry and zayn at one point couldnt even sleep in separate hotel rooms without each other, have matching tattoos, have a cute dance thats just their own to a song that was just their thing and literally let the other tattoo them multiple times(!!) harry and zayn were so close in such a quiet way it keeps me up at night and im positive it effected harry the most when z left

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My husband overheard someone say she was just going to use her new ray bans as eclipse glasses. ����

I convinced my bartender Kim that I was going to stare at the sun, and all this anti-eclipse watching propaganda was just the liberal media trying to turn men soft so we can’t defeat sharia law. Give me the best supporting actor award because she literally held my arm and said “Doug, do not stare at the sun.”

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someone just said that jason todd is like a white school shooter (bc he apparently killed some school kids?? i don't remember this??) and mentioned that all tim drake-critical meta is written by jason todd apologists... idk what to say

This is called ‘hypocrisy’, really. I saw the post in question, because it was helpfully not tagged with ‘anti jason’ anything, so once again certain segments of fandom would like to have their cake and eat it too. 

As for the school kids thing, Jason never actually killed school kids, iirc (he killed 200 people in a prison which is slightly more his style but still doesn’t fit his stated agenda and moral code). When they turned him full villain I believe they had him like suggest using kids for some plan that might have resulted with them in harms way if they went through with it, but it didn’t actually happen. Again, this is when DC was literally slaughtering Jason’s character in Robin just prior to Battle for the Cowl to make him a full villain. It directly contradicts the character as established in Under the Hood and Lost Days. DC freely admits they did this, so idk what there is to apologize for. Jason fans are aware of what those writers did to Jason but when characterization comes into direct conflict like that you have to pick which you’re going with, and one is a nuanced anti-hero and the other is a villain who makes no sense and was contained within a book (Battle for the Cowl) that fandom regards as terrible for ALL characters, not just Jason, and DC later got rid of that characterization THEMSELVES so…? 

People don’t actually need an agenda to dislike a character or be critical. People can also be critical of a character they actually like. There’s also being critical of a character and being critical of fanon for that character, or how fandom treats a character. Or, y’know, being critical of the writing.

People also need to just let it go because honestly the amount of fuss being made in reaction to the ‘hate’ has far exceeded the hate itself and it’s honestly annoying at this point.

yall im literally pissing myself bc of how FUNNY it is when someone puts up a bbsim sign up and it becomes a BLOODBATH as to who gets a spot within that same exact moment of posting. then u have those poor souls that was 3 seconds too late like @ravensrawchicken and miss the entire thing and have to wait for another unannounced sign up

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

Your sexuality isn’t a fucking threat to minors, okay? Since staff is deciding to be a total asshole to the LGBTQIA+ community during pride month I’m gonna spit some facts to set things straight

- “gay” and “lesbian” are sexual identities, do not reduce their meaning to a fucking porn tag. It’s dehumanizing and fetishizing

- being anything other than straight does not automatically make things nsfw

- your existence is not “sensitive content” and is not inherently dangerous

- there is absolutely no reason Tumblr needs to worry about “protecting” minors from gays especially when a lot of the content they are censoring are helpful, supportive posts for LBGTQIA+ youth

I’m so sorry that staff is literally censoring our entire community out of existence. Your sexuality is real and valid and you deserve better than to be treated like this

Until there are literally 0 unwanted pregnancies in the entire world (100% of the population has affordable access to contraceptives, and those contraceptives are 100% effective 100% of the time, sexual assault never happens, and contraceptive sabotage never occurs), and until pregnancy is 100% safe and never presents medical risks or complications, and until pre and post-natal care is 100% affordable for 100% of the population: legal abortion will be needed. 

Never forget that. Abortion is a medical procedure that serves a wide variety of situations and may be needed for a wide variety of reasons. And until only people who want to be pregnant get pregnant, and only when all pregnancies are safe and affordable, and all pregnancies are carried safely to term, until that somehow happens, people will need abortion. 

If you want to reduce abortions numbers (and really, we ALL do) then we need to address the factors that make abortion needed. 

I have a nibling who is not even two and has a model toy of the Endeavor space shuttle that he calls “my plane” when he plays with it. He loves it. And today we went to the California Science Center see the ACTUAL Endeavor space shuttle and I tell you what-

that kid lost his goddamn mind. It was the ACTUAL BEST. 

Cool fact about kids: they are small and dumb and they don’t know anything.

Like, for instance, their life experience gives them no reason to know that their toys are often based on actual things that exist.

It took him a while to realise the shuttle was even there because- protip about space shuttles: they are freaking huge. So like it didn’t even really register to him as an object? It was too big, it just seemed like the ceiling? But he saw the photos on the wall and he saw the gift shop and he was looking all around like “MY PLANE! MY PLANE!” because his toy “plane” was on every single thing. Models. Shirts. Mugs. Plushies. Books. This was a whole warehouse dedicated just to his plane, and that would have been amazing enough. Except, also, the actual life-size real has-been-to-space thing was there too. 

So eventually we got him to look up at the actual shuttle like, “yeah, look! There it is! It’s your plane, and it’s REALLY BIG” and when he finally took it in he literally screamed and I swear I thought for a second he was gonna die right there “IT’S BIG. MY PLANE MY PLANE MY PLANE” (looking at all the other people in the science center, pointing at a NASA space shuttle, shouting “MY PLANE!” like the actual proudest person in the world who just willed an entire spacecraft into existence).

Anyway I had a migraine for most of the day, but I’m still super glad I went out because it was totally worth it.

stop treating todoroki like a stupid fuck pls

oohhh my goddd y’all todoroki didn’t grow up in a cave. the boy lived with an abusive father for years, he was abused, he’s socially awkward but he’s not a reckless idiot. did y’all sleep on his entire arc

and listen, as much as i love todo//deku myself, he didn’t blindly rush to midoriya’s location when he received that mass text, he knew something was wrong & was the first and only one of midoriya’s contacts to figure out that the boy was in trouble

“all you did was mass-send your location pin to all your contacts”

actually, let’s go back to the very beginning of the series:

his very first line shows us that he’s….. not… dumb?

AND (manga spoiIers ahead) DID Y’ALL FORGET ABOUT THIS?


can you tell that i’m sick of abuse victims being mischaracterised as dumb by their fandoms?


plus, for some mysterious reason everyone seems to be forgetting that he ranked 5th out of 20 in the end term written exam? (midoriya was 4th) hmmhhm

hell, when midoriya asks todoroki what he’d do with kouda, he straight up gives advice that i’m 100% certain comes from a personal standpoint:

todoroki knows how to express himself. he knows how his actions influence others, what impression he gives off. HE’S NOT DENSE.

and my dudes. even if you’re gonna write him as a lovestruck fool in fics: being in love means you can sometimes make irrational decisions or act flustered. it doesn’t mean you Suddenly lose half of your braincells.

MHHHHMM CONCLUSION: being socially awkward as a result of years of abuse doesn’t mean you’re “not with the times”. todoroki has a phone. he understands sarcasm. he gets jokes. he knows what an emoji is. he can communicate face-to-face with someone. he gets social cues. he’s an excellent fighter, analyser and strategist. 

so stop treating him like a stupid fuck.

A quick review: Future refused to meet Russell, lied about child support & custody on twitter, publicly called Ciara a bitch, wrote multiple songs trashing her and this

is all it takes to redeem him? Nigga wrote 2 run-on sentences and suddenly he’s not a trash ass human being anymore. She literally had to take him to court to see his son regularly and y’all want her to wish him a happy father’s day and ready to talk shit if she doesn’t? Y’all love to make Ci the villain.Get the entire fuck outta here.

not to beat a dead horse but it literally doesn’t matter whether or not the ‘queer alignment chart’ is bait/trolling/what-have-we or not because 1. acting like lesbians/gay men/trans women are Dumb and Gullible for seeing an expression of attitudes people have towards em in real life makes u a very sad person with very little understanding of like, other peoples experiences methinks and 2. even if the op is ostensibly bait the number of most probably real people who read through the entire post and could apparently think of nothing to respond to it with but “lol!! im lawful good :3″ tells you like everything you need to know doesnt it

Let’s talk about the elements!

I’ve written a lot about the seven classical planets and celestial/cosmic witchcraft. I think it’s time to bring things a bit more down to earth, though!

This is a new two-part series! It will focus on the natural elements as understood by the Western Magical Tradition.

In today’s article, I’ll be explaining a bit about the history of these concepts and how I see them. I hope you find this interesting and informative!

Thinking About the Elements

Elements are one of the first concepts I learned when beginning a journey into witchcraft. 

But! How do we view the elements as concepts? Lets consider how they relate to us and the whole universe. Here’s my views!

Some believe the elements are simply words for natural phenomena.
In other words, Fire is fire - the burning of a campfire or candle, or another flame. Water would always be something like a stream, the ocean or other liquid. I don’t see it this way. They’re far more complex than that!

The four elements stem the observations of ancient philosophers. These thinkers guessed that these substances were the building blocks of physical reality. Of course, they were wrong! In reality, atoms comprise matter. Matter and energy, then, make up the physical universe. 

We could associate four classical elements with the four states of matter. These are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. They’d correspond to earth, water, air, and fire in turn. This is a very simplified view, though!

These concepts were fundamental to the ancients. A wealth of lore has developed around them. They have grown into complex metaphors for aspects of the human condition. The physical manifestations of the elements have become potent symbols. 

They represent various mental and emotional phenomena. Symbols are important in witchcraft. The way I see it, all tools of the Craft are symbols used to connect with larger forces that work within the universe.

The elements themselves, and their attributions, are in fact, somewhat arbitrary. This means that each of us will have a different idea of what each element represents!

There’s nothing wrong with this, though. The point is to use them as symbols. What they symbolize to you is your own business!

Qualifying the Elements

In the Western Magical Tradition, there are four core (classical) elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  

Some traditions do posit a fifth element called the quintessence, also known as Spirit or Aether. This fifth element stands apart from the other four, as it doesn’t behave in the same way.  

I’ll be focusing on these four, not on the quintessence. Spirit as an element is a very large topic best suited for its own series of articles.

Alchemical thinkers have placed these four into categories. . They’re quite useful for understanding the system. 

Each element is either “hot” or “cold,” as well as either “dry,” or “wet.”

This doesn’t describe the physical qualities of the phenomena in question. Rather, these terms are metaphors. They refer to the roles taken by the concepts each element embodies.

Hot and Cold Elements

Hot elements are active in human existence. 

They stand for concepts that penetrate and alter the world around them.
An outdated way of putting this would be to describe them as “masculine.” This comes from historical stereotypes about gender. I tend to use the term “active” to describe hot elements. That’s Fire and Air.

Cold elements are passive and receptive. 

They represent concepts from which we draw nourishment. They are the structure or substance that forms our mental landscape. The hot elements tend to be the essence or organizing principle. 

Cold elements are often stereotyped as “feminine.“  They are Water and Earth, both of which play a nourishing role in human existence.

Wet and Dry Elements

Dryness as a concept within the Western Magical Tradition refers to a fixed state. In other words, the dry elements are things that don’t often change. These elements are full of stability. 

The key feature of a dry element is lack of intense motion. We can depend on the stable parts of our existence, represented by these elements.

The dry elements are Fire and Earth. It may seem strange to call fire stable, but it is a reliable source of warmth to us. It represents a constant feature of human life.

When we speak of wet elements, we mean the two elements that aren’t fixed. In other words, elements that flow ,change and transform. It is the concepts associated with these elements that drive the changes. They are reliable, but only insofar as change, itself, is something to rely on! 

The wet elements are Air and Water. Both are natural features that shift and flow through our lives. The inclusion of Air as a wet element shows that these are metaphorical, not literal terms.

Much more could be said about how people have described the elements throughout time. The above image shows the alchemical view of how the elements can combine to create secondary principles. 

As you might guess, “fixed” and “volatile” here stand for what we’ve been calling “passive” and “active.” If you want to know more about these further topics, I recommend Robert Bartlett’s book, True Alchemy. 

The entire concept of the elements is a metaphor, though. It’s a metaphor that can work for you. It can help with your Craft, and help you connect with the universe. I’ll be posting the next article tomorrow! In that, I’ll be discussing each element in detail.

Male intellectualism is so fucking pretentious, like I literally had to read an entire post about how difficult it is for some guy to remain interested in people because he can’t do small talk and wants to find someone that’ll “stoke the embers of [his] mind.” Like, I had to read that with my own two eyes…

anyone: hi, how are you?

me: we gonna do this? let’s engage. *video game start up noises* doWN DoWn DowN rIGhT RIGHT RiGHT SHUT UP! SHUT UP! oHhH *game over noises* *creepy whisper* wiLL……. ~ominous noises~ Hey, guys do you see the… *bADURN* *LIGHTNING* w-W-WILL! … Are you okay? ~eerie music~ Nothing’s gonna go back to the way it was… Not really. I saw something. *SYNTH WAVE TUNE* What is it? I d-don’t… know. *choking sobs* I felt it… EvEryWhERE…… *creepy laughter* Darkness falls across the land… the midnight hour is close at hand… CREATURES crawl in search of BLOOD… to terrorize y’all’s neighborhood… *beginning of a remixed Thriller starts* dreams however shall be found… sometimes I feel like I still see her…….. *ghostly voice* Mike….. Must stand and face the HOUNDS of HELL… and ROT inside a CORPSE’S shELL….. *more killer Thriller bops* Whatever is happening is SPREADING… from THIS PLACE…  What does it want?,,, Not me… Everyone else. WILL, WAKE UP! ABORT! ABOOORT! …….. if you’re out there, just please,, give me a sign…. *more eerie tunes* *creepy laughter* *iconic stranger things theme plays*