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Man when will tumblrs constant attack of Everything ever Cease

i know thats it probably not canon but can we just imagine if keith and lance end up having the same birthday cause it would turn into the most ridiculous competition ever

At dayjob camerastore work we do canvas prints– photos printed on canvas in the wide-format inkjet, and then we stretch them over wooden bits and glue them down, there are precut adhesive strips and the like, it’s all very efficient and sort of… not my aesthetic.

rarely, but sometimes, we have those prints rejected. we hate that, because the ink is pricey, the canvas expensive, the wooden bits very expensive, and then there’s a bunch of labor getting them cut to size and stretched and sprayed with fixative and such. 

at one point a couple months ago, we had a stack of like, three rejected canvas prints. two were black and whites where nobody had calibrated the printer, so they came out fucking cyan, and then some dumbshit still went ahead and mounted them. come on. one was a picture of a black dog so poorly exposed that the animal was almost unrecognizable. 

Well, instead of throwing them out, I claimed them, and took them home, and just painted them over white. So now I have three or four primed stretched canvases.

I haven’t painted (well, except for sign-painting, I’ve done a shitload of that) in twenty years or so, not seriously since my art instructor told me, junior year of high school, that I wasn’t cut out for art and my work just wasn’t “good”, refusing to elaborate. But I have these canvases. And, see. I could paint them, if I wanted to. I don’t know what I’d do with them when I was done, but. I could paint them, if I wanted.

I have no point to this, it’s just an observation. I could paint on them. I guess I’d give them to people, so I should paint things people would like…

Hm. Well, I’ll think about it, anyway. 

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can i just say i agree with everything your saying im sick kof all the evak people who only watched season 3 and all the people who hate on wilhelm or hate that sana isnt getting enough screen time like its all so pointless. its literally the reason i dont talk to anyone in these fandoms anymore im just here for the pretty edits people make and htese characters that i love. pls keep talking about chriseva and noorhelm i love your comments and agree with all your opinions

gurl ilu honestly there are so many people on here that are like me we just get bogged down by all the negativity unfortunately. lemme list my faves:

@wandarogers @alrightpotter @giishere @evakmohns @bellamyblak

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 15

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.6k

A/N: Why did I even bother to write a cliffhanger for last part? It’s so pointless, I literally update this story every day or every two days, I played myself - again!

Warnings: trouble in paradise; swearing; hurt; comfort; i’m not good at warnings and I always forget them


Part 14 <<< >>> Part 16

“Chris?” She croaked out, finally spotting his huddled figure on the ground, leaning against the back of the couch.

Both her hands shot up to cover her mouth as she saw his bloodied, battered face, covered in fresh wounds layering the old ones. She dropped to the ground, falling right on her knees. Her brain vaguely processed the physical pain, because her heart ache was so great at this sight, that any other kind of pain was barely worth acknowledging.

“Chris…” Mara cried out, reaching out a hand to touch him but he seemed to be hurt all over and she feared she would hurt him by a simple touch. “W-what happened?”

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oh, shit! it was a span of seconds until the blonde lost balance, spilling the – oh, no – nuggets out of their containers. for a moment ferris thought ‘karma’, but where’s the deserved karma in being honest? might as well let that be a goal. rest in pieces, nuggets. ” ( @tokengcths )

hey its 413 heres a homestuck critical post

whatpumpkin make terrible business moves in general, feferi and nepeta were wasted characters with a lot of potential, the entirety of act 6 felt dragged out and like a waste of time, the alpha kids were unnessiscary to the plot (although they are good characters) everything couldve ended after cascade in 2011, the retcon was a cheap move that undermined all the development of the entire main living cast, vriska shouldve stayed dead, TEREZI DESERVES TO BE HAPPY, the entire second half of the plot felt like intentionally setting up complex questions only to answer them with “uuuuuh time shenanigans” because hussie set his sights too high, [s] act 7 was beautiful but ultimately nonsense, we still dont know what happened to aradia, sollux and davepetasprite, did we ever know what happened to fedorafreak, we never got explaninations of half the canon godtier titles outside of fan speculation, how did sburb happen in the first place, who created the troll universe, post retcon vriska seems to only be interested in keeping things similar to the pre-retcon timeline in terms of who survives purely so hussie didnt have to rewrite much, RETCON WAS LITERALLY POINTLESS BECAUSE VRISKA DID JACK SHIT, terezi shouldve saved all the trolls and not just the objectively worst one to save, where does caliborns masterpiece fit into the timeline, why was LE murdering horrorterrors in the first place, dave never bleated like a goat, why do trolls have boobs, you could skip about 4 years of homestuck and not miss a thing because the fucking retcon aaAAAAA…..aa

Wow, that was the laziest drama ending I have ever seen.

First, let’s talk about Kang So Young.  She wasn’t a better person at the end.  She wasn’t a worse person at the end.  She didn’t change or develop at all.  Also, how coincidental it is that Eun Byul destroyed her phone and erased the video?  “I’m so thankful to Eun Byul.”  No.  Eun Byul didn’t destroy your phone to fix you.  It’s all coincidence.  You’re not thankful.  You’re relieved.  You’re de-stressed.  But you’re not thankful.  And I’m really sad you didn’t try standing up to your dad, or that you didn’t consult with someone about him.  

Next, what the heck Eun Byul?  Exactly why are you studying abroad? You just came back after your mom and sister thought you were dead. Obviously the time you spent reflecting on yourself didn’t do a damn thing.

Eun Bi, part of your charm is that you were so soft spoken yet determined.  In episode 16, I feel like you’ve lost your memories again and that you’re acting as Eun Byul.  Your lines weren’t like your character at all.  When you told Han Yi Ahn you liked him, it was so upfront and nonchalant.  That’s not the Eun Bi we’re used to, at all.  I feel like the writers tried to squeeze too much too quickly into this episode.

Saem, I thought you were going to take a break from teaching.  You should’ve clarified that you were just taking a break from teaching class 3, not from teaching in general.  Also, did anyone ever tell you Eun Bi was playing Eun Byul all this time?  I don’t think so. 

Eomma, do you make so much money that you can close down shop, move in a week and transfer both of your daughters after recently enrolling one in an academy?  I call BS on that one. 

“It’s okay, you can be hurt at 18″ or whatever that crap was: is that supposed to be encouraging?  Eun Bi, you were literally bullied to the point that you attempted s u i c i d e.  But now you’re saying it’s okay to be hurt?  No.  No.  Bullying, depression, etc. don’t care about how old you are.  Sure, several people have the attitude that you can move on if you’re young.  But the way you said it… Ugh.  It’s like you lost all sympathy for others struggling.  Like you’re on so happy la-la planet and you’ve never experienced pain before (which we know is not true at all.)

And finally, let’s talk about the male leads. Gong Tae Kwang.  You were really cool letting Eun Bi go.  Really, really cool.  And then for some stupid reason, the writers decided to keep beating you with a stick and make you cry in front of Eun Bi, telling her you lied and that your feelings wouldn’t stop.  That was the last we saw of you, until the end of the episode where you were glad to see her back at school.

Han Yi Ahn.  Oh, geez.  Where do I begin.  No one in their right mind would’ve let you swim that competition. No one.  You are seriously just a burden to everyone.  And what the heck was that grabbing of Eun Bi’s wrist and trying to take her away from Tae Kwang?  Rude. (To be fair, Tae Kwang is guilty of this too.  But Yi Ahn, it’s the last episode and you’re just further proving that you haven’t changed at all.  I don’t blame Tae Kwang from trying to stop you and grabbing her other wrist; you don’t deserve to walk her home.)  

Congratulations to the people that wanted Yi Ahn and Eun Bi together.  To all of my fellow TaeBi shippers, my heart aches with you.  Don’t lie to yourself and say that it was open ended.  She told Taekwang she didn’t like him.  She told Yi Ahn she liked him.  She gave Yi Ahn the gold medal back.  She was coupled with Yi Ahn, and the PD’s tried to make it as soft as possible.  Why?  Because they knew that the TaeBi shippers were the real fuel behind the success of this drama.  

In summary, this drama was actually pretty bad.  Sure, it probably made lots of money off of us kdrama lovers and had high ratings, but let’s reflect on it some.  

-Let’s not ignore the fact that there is an unidentified dead person with “Eun Bi” on their gravestone.

-Eun Bi never went back to the Love House like she promised Ra Jin. 

-Soo In was nearly non-existent in the last episode. 

-We haven’t seen the ahjumma who runs Love House since Eun Bi’s mom went to visit.

-Forget about Taekwang’s mom actually being important to the story.

-The drama over the jewelry thievery wasn’t important either 

-So Young’s threat to release the video was pointless; literally everyone hates her and that wouldn’t have made her image any better.  She wouldn’t have released it, because her dad would probably disown her.

-Why did they even cast a father for Yi Ahn; to once again beat up Taekwang and make him envy a healthy father-son relationship?  Cheap. 

-The “School” series is known for being relatable to high school students.  What was relatable about this series? 

-Why introduce a 6 month time skip if literally nothing changes?  Just have Eun Bi go to Sekang right away.  It’s not like So Young’s parents will do anything about it.  They disappeared quickly in the last episode. 

-I don’t understand the point of Eun Byul asking Tae Kwang if he liked Eun Bi if she was  going to tell her to date Yi Ahn.  In her conversation with Eun Bi, she could’ve said “You like Tae Kwang” and it would’ve just as easily swayed the love triangle in that direction  Once again, the writers milked the love triangle for everything they possibly could, and lazily paired her off with Yi Ahn.  I’m not even that mad about it being Yi Ahn; I’m mad that it was done so poorly.

I’m sure I could rant more, but I’ll just leave these thoughts here. School 2015 will be remembered as the most underdeveloped kdrama of the summer.