this is literally one of my favourite songs ever

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If you had to pick 5 songs that people with bpd could relate to most what would they be?

hihi! okay sorry this is alex ive been super absent due to a lot of my own personal drama and this ask is old BUT i wanted to let yall know i was still alive. 

okay SO obviously everyones music taste is different and no one will like the same stuff etc etc but here r some that i rly like off the top of my head in no particular order!!!

-the frights // you are going to hate this 

-um like ever the front bottoms song ever tbh…. i really like today is not real tho

-be your shadow // the wombats

-days n daze // self destruction anthem (i love this band overall for songs about addiction, mental illness, etc AND this song is really wonderful basically they change the lyrics every show but ill link my favourite live version)

-los campesinos! // by your hand 

(honourable lowkey obligatory mention is 505 by arctic monkeys fr that one choke line, wont link it cause literally everyone n their grandma has heard that song i think ;;; still good tho…..) 

ALSO i have an 8tracks account (shameless self promo) where i post stuff sometimes! 

hoNESTLY these arent even the best ones im just tired and have been absent for way too long. but im here! so keep interacting with us! im so sorry for all the absences! 

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Hell yeah, you love Lego Batman, too? Both Lego movies so far are among my favorite films ever tbh they are genuinely well made and clever postmodern joys and the Lego Batman Movie is also really gay


legit when me and @itsbeanefun came out of it we were like “I can’t believe Lego Batman invented cinema”

I’ve seen it twice at the cinema and now thanks to you making the gifset turn up on my dash I’m now going to go again on Friday because my best friend still hasn’t seen it

  • entirely around the importance of found family
  • genuinely hilarious like we were laughing out loud the whole fucking time, I’ve seen it once in a cinema of mostly adults and once with a cinema of mostly kids and the adults were laughing more, this movie is not juvenile in any way that isn’t wonderful
  • Batman sings a song while beating people up and that sounds like it should suck but it’s the best thing ever somehow
  • Excellent running jokes
  • Badass female character
  • the entire plot is…. literally a gay best enemies romance like the entire dialogue is cliched romantic dialogue with reversed language for hero/villain dynamic
  • it makes you emo about an emotionally constipated piece of Lego like, fuck, how did it do that
  • 100% my favourite Batman movie, like, I love Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises but like… yeah. this one is my fave. 
  • it’s so fucking gay oh my god how did they get away with it were they all just pissing themselves laughing in the writer’s room
  • Jemaine Clement aka half of Flight of the Conchords and your fave shiny crab from Moana is the one who voices Sauron
  • “I don’t have [feelings], I’ve never seen one”
  • *while flopping up some stairs* “no no no no no no no no no” what a fucking mood 
  • seriously how is Lego Batman the most relatable character I’ve ever seen

I have one complaint and it’s… if Ralph Fiennes was already in the cast playing Alfred, why the fuck doesn’t he also voice Voldemort?!

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could you recommend some fluffy mileven fanfics?? i'm in desperate need of fluff and i feel like i've read everything! btw i love your writing <3

Oh hey anon! I have a list that’s probably five miles long, but here are a few pieces I immediately thought of when I saw your request—they are just all so amazing and I hope you’ll enjoy! 

The incomparable @raesberri wrote this wonderful drabble called Pink and it is just the sweetest thing. 

There’s also this amazing fic by the ridiculously talented @forfutureglory — it’s so beautiful and really well-written. Well you’re at it, check out everything Kit has ever written. I’m especially fond of this little after school story.

Also everything ever written by @eggos-and-promises is a hit. Her headcanons are gorgeous and will very likely give you at least one cavity from how sweet they are. I literally can’t even link all the stuff you should read. Just read everything. 

@theamiableanachronism wrote some of my favourite pieces of fluff in this fandom: “A Guitar Song” and “Sunrises” and “Twelve Roses” and honestly just check out everything on her Ao3 page. She’s a genius

The lovely @supercomsandeggos also has plenty of amazing stuff on her Ao3 page with some of my favourites being “Winter Wonderland” and “Road Trip” — her recent fic “This is My Family” isn’t all Mileven, but it’s still adorable and just gorgeous!

Thanks, anon <3 I’m off to reread all this myself!

My favourite fanfic tropes

Mostly for @gleek-runner but also anyone who’s interested
-Running and holding hands is literally my favourite thing ever, do that
-Hugs where the smol one clings to the tall one
-Almost kisses with pulling away just before they actually kiss
-Ducking away and getting all flustered (legit the best, I use about 10 times with tanlove)
-When one kisses the others cheek/head ect and after they leave the person touches that spot and smiles fondly
-Clothes borrowing of all kinds
-Love declarations
-Love declarations where they call each other by the full name is better!
-Wrapping arms around the other persons neck when kissing
-One person tells the other a song ‘reminds me of you’ (yes please)
-Getting jealous (not creepy possessive jealous though)
-One person getting so flustered they fall off something or over something
-Anything domestic
-Sharing or talking about books
-First meetings where the tall one has to get a book for the small one
-Anything to do with libraries
-First kiss which neither speak about for several weeks but pine about

Feel free to add more


«What is your favourite song stored on your brain’s hard drive?»

«– I think it’s collaboration between the reunited One Direction and the robot My Chemical Romance.
– Zayn and metal Gerard sing such a beautiful harmony together! It’s a shame though that Niall Horan can’t play his guitar anymore ever since he transplanted his consciousness into that potato»

Arts for the Tatinof Illustration Project!

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Hola. This is for your ask, deneb or venus or gemini or hydra. Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day.

thank you! :D

deneb: have you ever been out of your home country?

yup!! i’m a third culture kid so i’ve actually spent significant lengths of time living outside of my home country!

venus: what’s your first language?

english! i hope to be able to speak at least 3 or 4 languages some day, and i’m currently learning russian.

gemini: favourite song?

this changes literally every day but right now it’s castle on the hill by ed sheeran and something like this by the chainsmokers & coldplay

hydra: favourite sound?

i’ve answered this but another one is the warm hum of lots of computers in an otherwise silent room

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1 2 5 6 23

1. Fave runway outfit ever worn 

either that high fashion look alaska did for s5 final 3 or violet’s passing of the crown lewk for s8 finale, with the flesh crown ugh…..gag

2. Least favourite outfit ever worn

literally anything alyssa, bianca, or trixie has ever put on.

5. Ideal lipsync song

chichi already blew up and i’m telling you, so i can never ever do that one. second choice is probably crazy in love

6. Favourite design challenge

here suh

23. Favourite catchphrase

I’M FEELING MY OOOOATTSSSSSSS, i don’t like messy queens, i don’t like cheap queens, and i don’t like manly queens. generally anything gia gunn says.

Ok so it always annoys me when people think Jon hates Sansa or is written that way. Jon thinks of Sansa rarely but when he does he moons about how radiant she is. Uses her advise to talk to a girl. Thinks about how she would find the Wall pretty. And remembers her singing with fondness. He’s the only character that comes to mind that likes her singing.

I’m not saying that they were close or anything but his tone has always been respectful and he has thought of her with fondness. He didn’t think ‘stupid Sansa with her stupid songs’. He thought Sansa my sis has some pretty rad musical skills. One of his favourite memories of her is her singing and brushing Lady’s fur.

Please stop doing this thing where Jon repeats or thinks the same rhetoric as Sansa’s abusers. I’ve seen this thing where people apply other characters thoughts of Sansa onto Jon and it needs to stop. There is literally no canon basis that Jon ever hated or found Sansa annoying or stupid. There is nothing to support the claim that Jon hated Sansa’s songs. The same could be said for Sansa. Neither of them hated each other.

Not only does it cause us to fall into the same trap in thinking that Sansa’s is a stupid little girl. Its just not something Jon would do.

Were they distant? Yes.

Was Sansa haughty at times? Yes?

Would they be awkward af around each other when they next meet? Hell yeah.

However, just because these statements are true does not mean that they ever hated the other. They didn’t.

get to know me

for the 2nd time because my laptop conked out halfway through typing out the first one

tagged by @ruinsrebuilt (thank you so much aaa!<3)

Rules: Tag nine people you want to get to know better

Relationship Status: in a v nice & wholesome relationship (but also married to Tommy Shelby on the side)

Favorite Color: this is pretentious af, but when the sky goes all pastel-y on summer evenings, those are my favourites

Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick!! good god i love lipstick. if it wasnt for the bfs unfathomable rationality i would literally spend every penny i ever acquired on lipsticks

Last Song I Listened To: im only partially ashamed to admit that it was avril lavigne’s complicated  

Last Movie I Watched: free fire!! which is fucking awesome. i wanna write a BoB crossover for it someday soon but i have other things to crack on with first. im also gonna go see kong for the 2nd time later on which im buzzing for because i love the big monkey with all of my heart

Top 3 Fictional Characters: since the BoB guys were real, then; Tommy Shelby (who was also technically real but i cannot specify enough how much i mean the fictionalised version and not the real deal), Gendry Waters (i mean it’d be rude not to include him honestly), and probably Samwise Gamgee

Top 3 Ships: For BoB only, then; Baberoe, Webgott, and Luztoye (i fkn love luztoye okay)

Books I’m Reading: i have been reading the hobbit for like 2 years now i keep putting it down and picking it back up and repeating the cycle. im also dipping in and out of the handmaid’s tale and wuthering heights for english lit purposes (not keen on the first, indifferent about the second)

im shy as heck but im gonna tag @luzlicious, @aces-low, @spoondragon, and @starwarz96 (sorry if any of you have already been tagged btw!!) and anyone else who wants to do it! x

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Got7 and Exo (if you still answer the kpop questions)


  • My first bias: BamBam
  • Your current bias and why: BamBam & JB because BamBam is so adorable and he’s kinda always been my bias from the beginning and JB is just so..I have no words to explain I just love him sm
  • Favourite song: Out
  • Favourite MV: If You Do
  • OTP: MarkSon, YuYoung & BamBum
  • Member you think has the best smile: Jackson 
  • Favourite choreography: Just Right
  • Favourite era: Never Ever or If You Do because BamBam LOOKED FINE AS FUCK
  • Do you own any merchandise: No
  • Have you seen them live: No
  • Favourite voice/singer: JB and Youngjae
  • Favourite dancer: BamBam and Yugyeom


  • My first bias: Chanyeol
  • Your current bias and why: Chanyeol, Baekhyun & Suho I literally triple bias I love them all so much and I can’t choose just one
  • Favourite song: Lighsaber & Artificial Love
  • Favourite MV: Monster and Lotto
  • OTP: BaekYeol, ChanHun, ChanSoo
  • Member you think has the best smile: Kai
  • Favourite choreography: Probably Monster and Love Me Right
  • Favourite era: Hmm, Call Me Maybe era cause grey Chanyeol but I also love Red Chanyeol and Black Baekhyun
  • Do you own any merchandise: No
  • Have you seen them live: No
  • Favourite voice/singer: D.O
  • Favourite dancer: Sehun

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Heyyy !! ♥ Since you love Stéphane so much, i was wondering ; what are your fav programs of his ?? Mine would be "Water" from Hurts (Art on Ice), "Votre Toast" (the Ice Age version, omggg), "Poeta", and "William Tell" (i know it's not a good memory but damn i love this programe like ???). I'm curious to know your thoughts ! He's such a cutie pie ...

literally same, William Tell may have not so pleasant memories attached but it is such a masterful program with one of my favourite step sequences EVER. My favfavfavfav program is Votre Toast (It’s my favourite song/scene in Carmen + sung by my favourite character which is a plus) but I have to say I prefer the Opera on Ice version with the red and black costume (EXCEPT THE DAMN CAMERA CUTS).

top 10 stephane programs in no particular order:


William Tell

Votre Toast

La Valse

Four seasons (except the costume oh my god)

Ne me quitte pas

Father and Son

Paint it Black



(bonus programs include: his pas de deux with Carolina Kostner in La Poeme and his Romeo and Juliet with her, Water, Nessun Dorma and his Ave Maria)

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for the kpop meme ask, exo and monsta x!!


  • My first bias: chanyeol
  • Your current bias and why: chanyeol because i love him thats why
  • Favourite song: i have too many omg
  • Favourite MV: growl and lotto (for chanyeol’s shoulder move)
  • OTP: baekyeol
  • Member you think has the best smile: literally all of them???
  • Favourite choreography: angel, lucky one, growl, hurt, history
  • Favourite era: mama, growl and cmb 
  • Do you own any merchandise: i have 2 of their albums and a lightstick
  • Have you seen them live: yes! last year in NJ and i’ll see them again on the 28th!!
  • Favourite voice/singer: baekhyun, suho, chanyeol
  • Favourite dancer: yixing

monsta x

  • My first bias: hyungwon
  • Your current bias and why: hyungwon. i just love him lots ok :/
  • Favourite song: rush, last page, because of u, blue moon, be quiet
  • Favourite MV: all in, rush (dance mv), beautiful
  • OTP: none
  • Member you think has the best smile: hyungwon’s turtle smile ;_____;
  • Favourite choreography: beautiful, rush
  • Favourite era: i dont really know since i’m still fairly new to the fandom
  • Do you own any merchandise: no
  • Have you seen them live: no
  • Favourite voice/singer: ……hyungwon and changkyun
  • Favourite dancer: MY TURTLE SON OK
Carnival of Rust: Jerome x Reader


*This wasn’t on the list but the song Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall is literally one of my favourite songs ever so a small fic loosely based on the song had to be done sometime.*

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I'm the top 10 moments anon from mindy lahirisms blog and I'm posing the same questions to you. YOUR TOP 20 (YES, 20) MINDY/BJ MOMENTS GO GO GO

OKAY I’M FINALLY DOING THIS. this is off the top of my head and in no particular order (despite the numeration):

  1. the time mindy requested a homemade birthday card from “keo” AND KEO ACTUALLY DELIVERS ON THE REQUEST A MONTH LATER. heart stickers and all.
  2. the fact that #1 happened literally hours after MINDY AND BJ LITERALLY BECAME HARRY AND SALLY
  4. mindy gets her own line in the acknowledgements of bj’s book, one more thing, right after he acknowledged his entire family. 
  5. in the least chill move of the century, bj casts mindy as “the girl of his dreams” in the book trailer for one more thing. COOL.
  6. mindy reads the part of every (non-robotic) love interest in the one more thing audiobook, including an entire love story that is a direct counterpart to a story that bj reads. ONE MORE THING HAS GIVEN US SO MUCH.
  8. bj novak cries during sex, pass it on
  9. actual visual proof that mindy and bj text + tweet while standing directly in each other’s personal space (s/o to cathy from the office)
  10. THE HOWARD STERN INTERVIEW HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD. mindy admits bj was the love of her life, would’ve married him if he’d asked. moment of silence in commemoration of this interview.
  11. moment of silence over. bj’s mom calls him up after the stern interview to tell him to GET HIS FUCKING LIFE TOGETHER. another moment of silence, pls.
  12. i once had a fever dream where mindy and bj reunited after bj was touring around europe for like a million years and they went on a date where they gazed at the supermoon on a malibu beach. CRAZY DREAM, AMIRITE???
  13. i’m starting to stretch the definition of ‘moments’ here but that whole thing where mindy wrote a two-episode arc for bj on her show about two best friends who don’t realize that they’ve been in love all along! can’t even make this stuff up!!! 
  14. july 24 - the day mindy psyched us all up because there was a SPECIAL GUEST coming to work that day!!! is it rhea perlman, the upcoming guest star??? NO, IT’S BJ NOVAK, THAT ONE GUY THAT SHE SEES LITERALLY EVERY DAY OF HER LIFE.
  15. suddenly, out of the blue: “you are the girl of my memes.” what??? why???? how???????
  16. that ongoing thing where mindy explains that she can’t write a chapter on bj in her books ever, because their story isn’t over yet and maybe she should write a song about him instead
  17. hey mindy kaling! what’s your favourite place in the world? let me guess - the empire state building, right? SORRY, WHAT, IT’S BJ NOVAK’S DECK?????
  18. bj KEEPS PROPOSING….. the idea that he and mindy should write a book together, much like abelard and heloise, two french philosophers known for their tragic love story.
  19. look out mindy, ‘cause bj’s fictional little sister is gonna be the WICKEST AUNT TO YOUR KIDS
  20. happy birthday, rude boy. can you get it up?

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Fav fics on ao3?

Omg I’m so late for this, I’m so so so so sorry!!! Okay here goes:

fight me ‘til the sun rises and fight me — so so beautiful. I’m not into second person but this author absolutely nails it. 100% recommend it!

blood rush in the hazy glow — so so beautiful. Ended even more beautifully. You have to read this, it’s a Clexa must.

you’re fired (so yeah you win) — I can’t believe this is over already D: read it. That’s all I have to say.

help, i need somebody (not just anybody) — OMG THIS IS SO WONDERFUL. GO READ IIIIIIITTTT!!!

bare my soul — it’s my favourite Tanagariel fic and it’s so amazing and I luuurv it to death. Absolute death. I’ll take this fic to my grave with me (sorry for the sordidness, Carmen)

between the sheets and remember when (we used to be between the sheets) — dude, if you’re not reading this, who even are you? Just drop everything (yes, even the champagne glass, and no, I don’t care that it stains the carpet) and go read it. It’s mandatory.

strangers on the phone and strangers don’t write (love) letters — my favourite Clexa celeb au, so please do yourself a favour and read it!

you see the smile that’s on my mouth (it’s hiding the words that don’t come out) — (damn I just wrote this from memory) This fucked me up SO bad. It’s beautiful but heartbreaking in some instances.

greencard — I have an undying love for this little sucker. Please go read it. You will cry.

coconut icing — haha another one that will fuck you up pretty bad. Go read it :D

falling but not alone — I LOVE THIS. PERIOD.

she got me up all night (all I’m singing is love songs) — this is probably my favourite one-shot ever. I don’t even know why since it didn’t make me cry or was extremely fluffy or anything. It just filled me with such uncontainable joy. I literally could not stop smiling after reading this one.

chocolate, raspberry, cinnamon — turns out, I love coffee shop au’s. Here’s one of the best for you ;)

you’re annoying (but in a good way) — here’s another one!

I just want you to do me no good (and you look like you could) — this so UH-MAYZING

when love becomes the reason — AAAAAAAGH THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL

doctor goodlove — this is so peculiar and hilarious that it became one of my favourites

the art of co-parenting — it’s dogs, okay? I’d sell my soul for dogs.

those icy fingers up and down my spine (the same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine) — (omg I just wrote this whole title from memory in one go!) I one word: WONDERAMAZANTASTIC

make this leap (say geronimo) — this is unlike any other fic and it’s definitely a Top 5 for me

love remember me (sweetly and tenderly) — simply amazing. Go read it, please.

no church in the wild — this is so sad.

I didn’t have your back (so I’ll give you mine) — I totally did NOT cry in the second chapter. And if I did, I totally have the alcohol excuse. Inebriated or not, this fic is fucking fantastic. Edit: I (hypothetically) cried (you can’t prove it!) because it was so beautiful. It’s happy!

enchanted. — a HP au and it’s so fucking great!!! Read it!!!

There’s some others I love but these are, I feel, my absolute, absolute faves :)

also, check out breaking out, all i want (is you and me, to be)  the world has no right to my heart. They’re all so great ^-^