this is literally one of my favourite songs ever

My Favourite
  • Me: *listens to tøp* this band is great. All their songs have a different sound to them. Every one of them is great. This is my favourite band.
  • Me: *listens to fob* nononono THIS right here is my favourite band. This is the first band I ever really got into and is my favourite and I love it. All their songs are awesome. My favourite.
  • Me: *listens to panic!* Uhh actually I think I prefer this. Beebo has the best voice literally the BEST voice he is the best person ever I love him this is my favourite.
  • Me: *listens to MCR* okay I know they're technically dead but they'll never be dead to me. They make me cry but I love them. They just make me so happy they're definitely my favourite.
  • Me: I give up

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Somehow every time you reblog something about a show i watch it and love it like WTNV? My favourite. OTGW? Watched it last night and am in love. Do you have any recommendations?

I’m too lazy to list all of the things I’m super into, so I’ll just give a few. A lot of them are obvious/common interests, but worth checking out if you aren’t into them already.

Podcasts: Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn’t Dead, The Adventure Zone, Limetown, Siblings Peculiar, What Should We Draw. (Currently listening to, like, forty podcasts, though, so… )

Cartoons: Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, and Adventure Time are popular for a reason; they’re great. Rick and Morty and Camp Camp are two things I enjoyed watching, but they have their problems and aren’t for everybody. Good background noise/easy watching, though, if you can tolerate some less-than-ideal comedy tropes.

TV Shows: Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Pushing Daisies, Star Trek: The Original Series, Preacher, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, The Twilight Zone, classic Doctor Who, MST3K, Ghost Adventures.

Movies: Wristcutters, Restless, Coraline, Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, Moonrise Kingdom, Fight Club (I KNOW, I KNOW, BELIEVE ME, I KNOW), Little Shop of Horrors, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (it was cute, shut up), Hairspray (the John Waters one), Ghostbusters (original), all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies because I have bad taste, The Addams Family/Addams Family Values, and HONESTLY, I HATE TO SAY IT, but the It remake was really cute and fun, too. Also, Thirteen Ghosts is the worst movie I’ve ever seen and it is my favourite. Just. I’ve written literal essays about it. It’s. Oh, boy. It just really… is.

Books: Silk, The Graveyard Book, The Summer is Ended and We Are Not Yet Saved, One Bloody Thing After Another, To Be or Not to Be, Overqualified, Fight Club (just leave me alone and let me die; I have my reasons), Welcome to Night Vale, Song of Solomon, The Dresden Files, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Dark Tower series, Fahrenheit 451 (fuck y'all, I really liked it as a kid), and mostly poetry if we’re being honest.

Comics: Lumberjanes, Tank Girl, Backstagers, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Squirrel Girl, Fight Club 2 (I WILL EXPLAIN MYSELF IN AN ESSAY IF NEED BE, JUST LET ME LIKE THIS ONE SHITTY THING, PLEASE), tons of webcomics, too many webcomics.

Video Games/Series: BioShock, Fallout, Portal, Night in the Woods, Ocarina of Time and SPECIFICALLY Ocarina of Time but all Zelda games are p good, Half-Life, Resident Evil, Silent Hill… Ya’ boi got garbage taste in games, okay? Clichés all the way down. It’s bad!!! I’m bad!!! I like having a shitty, bad time because I’m a shitty, bad person.

YouTube Channels: Drawfee and Regular Car Reviews.

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If you had to pick 5 songs that people with bpd could relate to most what would they be?

hihi! okay sorry this is alex ive been super absent due to a lot of my own personal drama and this ask is old BUT i wanted to let yall know i was still alive. 

okay SO obviously everyones music taste is different and no one will like the same stuff etc etc but here r some that i rly like off the top of my head in no particular order!!!

-the frights // you are going to hate this 

-um like ever the front bottoms song ever tbh…. i really like today is not real tho

-be your shadow // the wombats

-days n daze // self destruction anthem (i love this band overall for songs about addiction, mental illness, etc AND this song is really wonderful basically they change the lyrics every show but ill link my favourite live version)

-los campesinos! // by your hand 

(honourable lowkey obligatory mention is 505 by arctic monkeys fr that one choke line, wont link it cause literally everyone n their grandma has heard that song i think ;;; still good tho…..) 

ALSO i have an 8tracks account (shameless self promo) where i post stuff sometimes! 

hoNESTLY these arent even the best ones im just tired and have been absent for way too long. but im here! so keep interacting with us! im so sorry for all the absences! 

Canadian Queens...the Not-So-Exhaustive list...Part 1

Hey girls…you wanted it…and now you’re getting it!


Celine Dion

Arguably Canada’s biggest and brightest star. You think of the ethereal goddess of Canada…you think of Celine Dion. A French-Canadian many people around my age grew up with her on the radio. Here’s one of my favourites…

Shania Twain

How do you become the best selling solo country female artist of all time? Play your cards right and become the most iconic crossover artist to ever walk the earth (Snakelor wishes). Born from complete poverty and suffering immense hardships by losing both her parents…a star emerged when she moved to Nashville and pursued her dreams…the rest is history. With 3 Certified Diamond albums…Check out her newly released song “Life’s About To Get Good” and start preparing for her new album NOW on September 29.

Joni Mitchell

Another absolute legend who has inspired countless singers today. Get into this masterpiece from her. 

God Tier

Alanis Morissette

This queen literally invented being angry. Jagged Little Pill will always be one of my favourite albums of all time. Albums later and she still has a big fan base while also being a mother, columnist, self-help guru, and spiritual guidance counselor of sorts for many people. Here’s an excellent song about life.

Sarah McLachlan

Before she was being spoofed on SNL for “saving the dogs” this woman had an iconic career in the 90s/2000s. I sometimes think she is my mother because my mother would listen to her every night when I was a young child. Here’s one of her best. 

More to come later…

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Hell yeah, you love Lego Batman, too? Both Lego movies so far are among my favorite films ever tbh they are genuinely well made and clever postmodern joys and the Lego Batman Movie is also really gay


legit when me and @itsbeanefun came out of it we were like “I can’t believe Lego Batman invented cinema”

I’ve seen it twice at the cinema and now thanks to you making the gifset turn up on my dash I’m now going to go again on Friday because my best friend still hasn’t seen it

  • entirely around the importance of found family
  • genuinely hilarious like we were laughing out loud the whole fucking time, I’ve seen it once in a cinema of mostly adults and once with a cinema of mostly kids and the adults were laughing more, this movie is not juvenile in any way that isn’t wonderful
  • Batman sings a song while beating people up and that sounds like it should suck but it’s the best thing ever somehow
  • Excellent running jokes
  • Badass female character
  • the entire plot is…. literally a gay best enemies romance like the entire dialogue is cliched romantic dialogue with reversed language for hero/villain dynamic
  • it makes you emo about an emotionally constipated piece of Lego like, fuck, how did it do that
  • 100% my favourite Batman movie, like, I love Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises but like… yeah. this one is my fave. 
  • it’s so fucking gay oh my god how did they get away with it were they all just pissing themselves laughing in the writer’s room
  • Jemaine Clement aka half of Flight of the Conchords and your fave shiny crab from Moana is the one who voices Sauron
  • “I don’t have [feelings], I’ve never seen one”
  • *while flopping up some stairs* “no no no no no no no no no” what a fucking mood 
  • seriously how is Lego Batman the most relatable character I’ve ever seen

I have one complaint and it’s… if Ralph Fiennes was already in the cast playing Alfred, why the fuck doesn’t he also voice Voldemort?!

missnobody008  asked:

Hey! Mind if I ask... What's your favorite music? Also, do you have any Klance songs recommendations? (It can be more than one!) I'm just... Needing some good music xD

I like a lot of music!
My favourites tend to be ones that make me feel like I own the room i’m in and just go hard af
i mean like, this is my youtube watch list rn so??? that kinda stuff rly just makes me go nuts 

or i like tender emotional ones that leave u feelin a bit empty
A whole load of 80′s stuff


honestly i’m just gonna dump a bunch of songs i like to put to all my otps here, wether or not they’re klancey is up to you

Semisonic - FNT  please god watch 10 things i hate about you it’s like, my favourite movie ever

Spin Doctors - Two Princes literally, my favourite song in the world, have listened to this repeatedly since i was like 10 and still feel joy every time

Alter Bridge - Wonderful Life not a happy song sorry but i put this to every otp i have and cry, think angsty character death fics

The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir this is just a damn cute song

Passenger - The Last Unicorn again, not happy, really angsty, a love that never was, longing for someone else, one of my favs to sing

Of Monsters and Men - Love Love Love Possibly the angstiest song ever about a one sided love from the other persons perspective, very much a klance song from Keiths point of view. I have a personal connection to this song.

and because I can’t not include these CLASSICs

Angel With A Shotgun

Accidentally In Love

Ever Fallen In Love

Honourable mention: Snow Patrol - Dark Roman Wine not many people like this song but it gives me a certain tender vibe that sticks??

it’s about now I’m realising i specialise in angsty songs like I legit have like SO MANY song for otps that don’t work out/break up/never confess/one sided love etc

if u want angst then come to me i’ll set u up

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could you recommend some fluffy mileven fanfics?? i'm in desperate need of fluff and i feel like i've read everything! btw i love your writing <3

Oh hey anon! I have a list that’s probably five miles long, but here are a few pieces I immediately thought of when I saw your request—they are just all so amazing and I hope you’ll enjoy! 

The incomparable @raesberri wrote this wonderful drabble called Pink and it is just the sweetest thing. 

There’s also this amazing fic by the ridiculously talented @forfutureglory — it’s so beautiful and really well-written. Well you’re at it, check out everything Kit has ever written. I’m especially fond of this little after school story.

Also everything ever written by @eggos-and-promises is a hit. Her headcanons are gorgeous and will very likely give you at least one cavity from how sweet they are. I literally can’t even link all the stuff you should read. Just read everything. 

@theamiableanachronism wrote some of my favourite pieces of fluff in this fandom: “A Guitar Song” and “Sunrises” and “Twelve Roses” and honestly just check out everything on her Ao3 page. She’s a genius

The lovely @supercomsandeggos also has plenty of amazing stuff on her Ao3 page with some of my favourites being “Winter Wonderland” and “Road Trip” — her recent fic “This is My Family” isn’t all Mileven, but it’s still adorable and just gorgeous!

Thanks, anon <3 I’m off to reread all this myself!

ID #83683

Name: Molly
Age: 19
Country: Australia

Hey there stranger!
So about me…I’m currently in my first year after finishing high school. I’ve differed from University (but when I was going I was studying double degree Commerce and Arts), I basically differed to work, travel and find myself (what a cliche’ but oh well). So atm I work in retail part time and spend the rest of my time with visiting my older sisters, hanging out with my friends, planning my trip to Europe and South America for September (so a fellow travel or someone in these areas would be bloody amazing) and just generally living it up as a gap year leech on my parents.
My personality type is ENFJ-T (the protagonist) and I feel like it completely just sums me up. My main hobbies are playing guitar (though I’m self taught and still learning so I’m pretty crumby), and hanging out with my friends ,and watching tv shows (if those last two are even considered hobbies ahahhah). I literally have seen every tv show ever and I love to talk about them my top ones are probably The Office, Shameless, Game of Thrones, Friends, Girls, Greys Anatomy, Riverdale, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks and Rec, How to Get Away with Murder, Offspring and Pretty Little Liars (until the final seasons, bc lets all agree that was a shambles in seasons 5-7). I also love movies…I won’t bother naming favourites though because there is too many, however my favourite genres are romance, rom-coms, comedies, disney classics and indie films. As for music I love different songs in all genres and I would describe my taste as like songs that make you feel something or make you feel like that the feelings you already have are in other people - again here I love love love if you want to discuss music and we can trade suggestions!
I guess I’m looking for a penpal because I just feel like it would be nice to know people who don’t live in my town and who my family and friends don’t know…so that I get not only learn about their culture but also so we could just talk so freely and openly and if one of us is feeling down then we can talk about it together or if something great happens we can share it with each other or if we are in a sticky situation and don’t know what to do then we can talk to each other without like the worry of judgement or telling other people. I just think it could be a great friendship across the world and make life that little bit less miserable for each other.
Look forward to hearing from you…hopefully ;) !

Preferences: Nothing strict, just more looking for someone aged close to me 16-26


«What is your favourite song stored on your brain’s hard drive?»

«– I think it’s collaboration between the reunited One Direction and the robot My Chemical Romance.
– Zayn and metal Gerard sing such a beautiful harmony together! It’s a shame though that Niall Horan can’t play his guitar anymore ever since he transplanted his consciousness into that potato»

Arts for the Tatinof Illustration Project!

My favourite fanfic tropes

Mostly for @gleek-runner but also anyone who’s interested
-Running and holding hands is literally my favourite thing ever, do that
-Hugs where the smol one clings to the tall one
-Almost kisses with pulling away just before they actually kiss
-Ducking away and getting all flustered (legit the best, I use about 10 times with tanlove)
-When one kisses the others cheek/head ect and after they leave the person touches that spot and smiles fondly
-Clothes borrowing of all kinds
-Love declarations
-Love declarations where they call each other by the full name is better!
-Wrapping arms around the other persons neck when kissing
-One person tells the other a song ‘reminds me of you’ (yes please)
-Getting jealous (not creepy possessive jealous though)
-One person getting so flustered they fall off something or over something
-Anything domestic
-Sharing or talking about books
-First meetings where the tall one has to get a book for the small one
-Anything to do with libraries
-First kiss which neither speak about for several weeks but pine about

Feel free to add more


Heya Taylor! 

My name is Tatiana, and I have been a hUGE fan of yours since i was 10. I’m now 17, 

(18 in the start of November! big shoutout to you for releasing rep so close to my 18th!)

my absolute favourite song ever is either The Lucky One, or Holy Ground (yup i’m a red fan)

Here’s a bit about me!

  • I love music, (i’ll listen to literally anything, i just love the compositions and UGH MUSIC IS AMAZING) 
  • im in my second last year of school, and am studying psych, french and legal! (bien que le langue Français est très difficile!) 
  • I fell in love with your music (and subsequently you,) in grade four, with the song ‘never grow up’ (i still cry when i listen to it!)
  • i love fashion and style, and i own another tumblr acc for expressing my artistic and colour themes! here: @comfortablysweet
  • i low key have a dream of becoming a model and trying my best to change the industry, (i know thats gone be hella hard, but a gal can dream!) I’ll share some of my photos maybe!
  • i wanna do my best to be a light in the world!
  • I  can’t wait to make new friends and i’m so exited to finally properly be apart of the tumblr Swifty Fandom! 

lots of love for you @taylorswift !

xx tatiana xx 


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Rules: Answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you are contractually obligated to know better

1. Nicknames: Conny, Conibal, Connickel (that one is from my brother and he thinks he’s super smart for it)

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: aquarius

4. Height: 1,80m / 6'0 I think?

5. Time: 12:13

6. Birthday: 8th february

7. Favourite band: The only bands I ever actively looked for songs of and all that are MCR, panic! at the disco and fall out boy but I think I like mcr best (my profile picture is literally gerard way as a bee)

8. Favourite solo artist: I used to really love kesha when I was 9-11 and since then I never bothered to look up any other solo artist. i just listen to songs i find on youtube

9. Song stuck in my head: MS MR - Hurricane (it’s the intro of a show i’m binging)

10. Last movie I watched: I saw some scenes from american history x yesterday because my father was watching it (he had to stop the movie because i couldn’t handle it :)))))))

11. Last show I watched: Club der roten Bänder (german show about kids in a hospital, two have cancer, one is in a coma, one is anorexic, one has some kind of heart condition and one is autistic and it’s SO good)

12. When did I create my blog: Some time in 2014 probably

13. What do I post/reblog: Mostly Gotham but sometimes other fandoms too, shitposts and german puns and sometimes politics

14. Last thing I googled: Justice League Action because of the episode with Riddleboy

15. Other blogs: Just this one (or is it…?)

16. Do I get asks: Once in a blue moon, please ask me stuff

17. Why I chose my URL: I mixed my two ex-favourite homestuck characters’ names before I knew what shipnames were

18. Following: 887 (I’m usually never on my dash tho I just visit the blogs I really like and reblog from there)

19. Followers: 267 (how are you even still here wtf)

20. Average hours of sleep: 5 or 10

21. Lucky number: 9!!!!! It’s the number on my team shirt since I started and my mom and my brother both have the same number

22. Instruments: I used to play the piano but I hated my teacher so I hid under my desk when he came in so now I can barely play (my keyboard has a learn-mode so I can play the right hand of für elise)

23. What I’m wearing: Justice League shirt, jeans and a jacket

24. Dream Job: I have no idea and I’m graduating in half a year :^)))

25. Dream trip: Comic con and the trip I’m planning with two of my school friends

26. Favourite food: Anything spicy

27. Nationality: german

28: Favourite song RIGHT NOW: I guess Non-Stop from Hamilton? Or Hurricane again (I listened to it five times today) I don’t have an actual favourite though..

29. Favourite Book: Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson (my godmother bought it for my 9th/10th birthday and I named my guinea pig after the main character and I haven’t read it in a while but it’s SO GOOD)

30. Top three fictional universes you’d like to join: …probably doctor who? It’s the only one of my favourites I can think of that I wouldn’t 100% die the first few minutes I’m there (I mean Hannibal??? Gotham??? Literally any other superhero thing???) plus I could maybe see space and the future as long as I’m not there for season 6-9 (ugh)

@idkjustbreath @wittygaypuns @socktrollqueen @roguepythia @ravenwald @schiffeversenken @mrgoldsdearie @artsy444 @holycrap-itsnygmobblepot @actuallykaymcdoogle @jasontheninja @andersandrew @sleeping-potatoe I want to tag more people but I never know who it’s okay for me to tag :( I don’t wanna seem creepy (I miss talking to y'all where are you)

Also you obviously don’t need to do this if you don’t want to and if you want to do this and I didn’t tag you do it!! (and also tell me I can tag u please I wanna be friends with all of u)



Heya Taylor!

My name is Tatiana, and I have been a hUGE fan of yours since i was 10. I’m now 17,(18 in the start of November! big shoutout to you for releasing rep so close to my 18th! 

my absolute favourite song ever is either The Lucky One, or Holy Ground (yup i’m a red fan)

Here’s a bit about me!

  • I love music, (i’ll listen to literally anything, i just love the compositions and UGH MUSIC IS AMAZING)
  • im in my second last year of school, and am studying psych, french and legal! (bien que le langue Français est très difficile!)
  • I fell in love with your music (and subsequently you,) in grade four, with the song ‘never grow up’ (i still cry when i listen to it!)
  • the fringe in the photos is very new, i’ve only had it for a week and a bit! I love it so much!
  • i love fashion and style, and i own another tumblr acc for expressing my artistic and colour themes! here: @comfortablysweet
  • i low key have a dream of becoming a model and trying my best to change the industry, (i know thats gone be hella hard, but a gal can dream!) I’ll share some of my photos maybe!
  • I  can’t wait to make new friends and i’m so exited to finally properly be apart of the tumblr Swifty Fandom!

lots of love for you @taylorswift !

xx tatiana xx

Ok so it always annoys me when people think Jon hates Sansa or is written that way. Jon thinks of Sansa rarely but when he does he moons about how radiant she is. Uses her advise to talk to a girl. Thinks about how she would find the Wall pretty. And remembers her singing with fondness. He’s the only character that comes to mind that likes her singing.

I’m not saying that they were close or anything but his tone has always been respectful and he has thought of her with fondness. He didn’t think ‘stupid Sansa with her stupid songs’. He thought Sansa my sis has some pretty rad musical skills. One of his favourite memories of her is her singing and brushing Lady’s fur.

Please stop doing this thing where Jon repeats or thinks the same rhetoric as Sansa’s abusers. I’ve seen this thing where people apply other characters thoughts of Sansa onto Jon and it needs to stop. There is literally no canon basis that Jon ever hated or found Sansa annoying or stupid. There is nothing to support the claim that Jon hated Sansa’s songs. The same could be said for Sansa. Neither of them hated each other.

Not only does it cause us to fall into the same trap in thinking that Sansa’s is a stupid little girl. Its just not something Jon would do.

Were they distant? Yes.

Was Sansa haughty at times? Yes?

Would they be awkward af around each other when they next meet? Hell yeah.

However, just because these statements are true does not mean that they ever hated the other. They didn’t.

a-z game

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to know better.

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Age: 19.

Birthplace: Mexico.

Current time: 7:00 am bc a bitch has to study.

Drink you last had: Strawberry smoothie (with water since I’m lactose intolerant)

Easiest person to talk to: Mmm probably my best friend because I can tell her anything and she won’t judge me even though a very messed up person I love getting in trouble lmao.

Favourite song: Well shit this is very hard but I guess Somebody else by The 1975.

Grossest memory: How the hell can I chooses just one if my whole existence revolves around gross memories.

Hogwarts House: Probably Slytherin.

In love: With my bed and my career.

Jealous of people: I’m the least jealous person ever, I literally don’t give a shit about anyone because we can all do whatever the fuck we want.

Killed someone: Been trying to kill my anxiety for years.

Love at first sight or should I walk by again: I don’t believe in that I’m sorry my dude.

Middle name: Laura.

Number of siblings: 3. The youngest and the ones that’s suffers the most because of the nagging at home goddamn.

One wish: To have a Tesla and 35 dogs.

Person you called last: My boss (had to ask for vacations because I’m one lazy motherfucker)

Question you’re always asked: Are you really your age? Are you really Mexican? hoe don’t do it pls

Reason to smile: Kim Namjoon.

Song you last sang: Kiwi by Harry Styles.

Time you woke up: 5:15 on weekdays and 10:00 on weekends.

Underwear colour: Black.

Vacation destination: Bali is literally the most beautiful place.

Worst habit: I roll me eyes all the time and people think and the meanest person ever.

X-rays: Just once, when I got my wisdom tooth removed.

Your favourite food: Um, I guess sea food but made in the Mexican way.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius.


I don’t have many mutuals because I’m not really all that social so I’m only tagging two people ): @soloelcielo @tvehyungs-gf

Repost, Don’t Reblog

Name: Myca, Char

Nickname: MC, Char Char, Charm
Age:  20
Faceclaim: Jeon Jungkook of BTS
Pronouns: she/her
Height: 5′0″
Birthday: July 17
Aesthetic: black, silver, and white accents, things related to music and art and writing, 
Last song you listened to: Toy by Block B

Favourite muse(s) you’ve written:  Charmaine because she’s literally been my day one ever since I started roleplaying and writing in general. I love writing as a lot of my muses actually especially when I update their bios and characters. 

What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on):  They are all part of my classical mythology inspired series

What are your favourite aspects of your current muse: The interactions and that she’s actually grown up from how she was in the very beginning. I love the world I made with @eternallydreamingstar and the thread with @drew-a-tanaka and Jason is so good because I’m able to show her dark, supernatural side which I need more of.

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing: Time, or when I’m just looking at something and I describe it in my head and say oh damn that sounded good

Favourite types of threads: I like threads that give me a lot to work with. Threads where I know what to say the moment I read it and give me an insight of what can possibly happen later in the future. And I love threads where I can actually portray my character the way they are and it’s not always fluff or about romance.

Biggest struggle in regards to your current muse: I just don’t have the time. There’s so much going on and it kind of sucks

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anonymous asked:

What's your favorite got soundtracks? I'm just curious after you posted that you were listening to the s7 soundtrack.

oh god, that’s so difficult because of the fact that most of the songs that ramin djawadi creates are amazing. like he is a literal music wizard, he’s done some of the best orchestral songs ever for thrones.
my all time favourite song for thrones, is “you know nothing” which i believe is on the season three soundtrack, it is just so beautiful and it makes me cry nearly every time, it is one of my favourite all time orchestral songs ever. other than that one here are some others i love:

• light of the seven (s6)
• truth (s7)
• home (s7)
• the north remembers (s4)
• winter is here (s7)
• chaos is a ladder (s3)
• the children (s4)
• goodbye brother (s1)
• dragonglass (s7)
• kill them all (s1)
• see you for what you are (s7)
• the lannisters send their regards (s3)
• maester (s6)
• i am hers, she is mine (s2)
• before the old gods (s5)
• gorgeous beasts (s7)
• for the realm (s3)

…basically all the soundtracks. BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING. thank you so much for asking!!