this is literally one of my favorite interviews ever


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i already know who andrew rannells is but your summaries of lin and katherine were both wonderful so can you do one for him maybe? only if you want to x

oh my god thank you for giving me an excuse to ramble about him 

andrew scott rannells, the love of my life except not really because we’re both gay and he’s like 25 years older than me 

he’s from omaha, nebraska, he mentions it literally every interview he will not let anyone forget 


u probably know him from the book of mormon, falsettos, or the new normal and a lot of other shit i can’t be bothered to list 

u also might know him as the guy who had a boner while performing at the tony’s and didn’t give one single fuck about it literally iconic

and he’s literally one of the most attractive people i’ve ever seen in my life ?? like fukcing look at this man 

that’s my favorite picture of him btw might print it out and frame it because he resembles actual sunshine 

(spoiler alert it’s bc he’s literally made of sunshine)

also he’s really gay like really gay and like he did one of those it got better videos i watched it like 800 times and cried,, honestly he’s so wonderful i love him

i’m a bit offended by how tall he is though i literally hate it he is taller than 90% of trees he’s over an entire foot taller than me i am filing a lawsuit against this man

also when he laughs his face is like,, s o g o o d ,, look at it

honestly what a gift

also he’s currently writing a book of essays and tbh it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me like i am so fucking h y p e d 

and another thing !! please look at this picture of him !!

it’s from the new normal and you all deserve to see it 

anyway, in conclusion i can’t believe andrew rannells singlehandedly saved the world thank u for ur time

Alright so here’s what SDCC has proved, at least to me, so far:

-Malec isn’t breaking up (so calm tf down now)

-Someone fucking dies in the season finale

-Luke needs some loving (maybe with mama Lightwood?? ;) )

-Simon is cute and unproblematic as always

-Sarah Highland is the seelie queen and I’m already dying (she’s gorgeous af and hearing Dom talk about her made me cry I love them)

-Clace will happen (but like we already saw that one coming)

-Matt loves farm animals a lot and he had a PSA about calling out to them if you see them because it makes them happy (like honestly I love him so much)

-Finally, no one, and I mean NO ONE, ships Malec more than Matthew Daddario himself. 

Key quotes from Matt about malec:

“You mean like you’re mixing the hearts, because it’s one heart after awhile. ”

“Because you’re not insulting malec right now. No way” 

*When Em suggested Magnus cheated on Alec and kept it from him* “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! WHAT HIDEOUS THING ARE YOU SAYING?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” (literally my favorite thing ever) 

*when the interviewer said malec was his favorite ship* “Damn right it is!”

Anyways, Matthew Daddario is special and I love him. Have a great night/day/afternoon/morning. 

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Do you have the sources for the video for the gif set about Sebastian not talking? Please😄

i’m surprised at the asks i got about this, bc i feel these are the kind of quality videos everyone must have seen a thousand times already because they are incredible and ICONIC. if you haven’t seen yet, you’re in for a treat!!! here’s the ca:cw cast video where you get lizzie talking about how civilized sebastian is and chris does the hilarious ‘CHEADLE?? CHEADLE???!! who said cheadle? get outta here. cheadle’s playing grabass with the rest of us’ in one of my fave boston-drowned soundbites from him ever. joe russo’s bit is from this video, where they literally follow up joe’s answer with a cutaway to a muted sebastian with the sound of silence playing in the background a;lskfdj:

and the stackie one’s from one of my all-time favorite interviews with this infamous show-stopping spectacular moment that launched pining!needy! (look at me, praise me, ANTHONY I LOVE YOU) seb straight outta canon:

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In celebration of continuing Ziam Day, how about we talk about how obviously thirsty they are for one another? Because that is my favorite thing quite frankly

Sometimes I see Ziam gifs on my dash, and I wonder if science has ever studied them, because sometimes their thirst levels seemed so intense that I wondered how they ever survived that kind of dehydration

I literally had this whole answer planned where I could just show 138583573 gifs, but I was like “Nope, I’m gonna go introspective. I’m gonna go balls deep (A PUN) in research here. I’m gonna go with the Ziam Bed Interview”. EMOTIONAL THIRST!

The Ziam Bed Interview, or “That Time Liam Got a Devotion Boner During an Interview” as its referred to in anthropological circles,” is iconic for one moment: when Zayn stares earnestly and owlishly at Liam, and proves that he is the #1 winningest Liam girl and names every song Liam ever danced to since 1812.

“Well it begins with the invention of the phonograph,” Zayn says, settling in further on the bed

as the interview concludes and the sun sets in faraway magical lands, Liam readjusts the pillow across himself to hide his impromptu Devotion Boner™ from the interviewer. 


Sorry if I’ve been negative about the renewal of MMFD! I just think it seems a little out of reach. BUT HOWEVER! One of my favorite shows, Drop Dead Diva (above gif) got CANCELED. But then, the fans literally RALLIED and they got the show back! Brooke Elliott (above, main actress in DDD) said in an interview, she was so stunned. She couldn’t believe how much the fans were willing to fight to see the show back on air and they got it! I feel like DDD doesn’t even have that big of a fanbase tbh. Just saying, I know what this fandom is capable of if that ever happens. ;) 

xo all you emus ugh too much love

literally any r5 interview in the history of ever
  • riker: it's just awesome you know getting to do my favorite thing with my best friends you know it's a dream come true it's just you know it's really awesome
  • ross: like we just like we like grew up around music so like this is like what we've always like wanted to do so like it's really our dream and like it's so cool like
  • rocky: sexy
  • rydel: im just one of the guys!!!!1!1!11!!
  • ellington: they're like my second family
normally is real (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧: a masterpost (UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING)

anyways ive been asked to do a masterpost proving the realness of normani and ally from 5h so here it goes :) 

ps: this ruined me :)

pss: many of these gifs/edits are not mine :)

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is it awful that I love when everyone is so hyper and excited about stuff and Zayn is looking on from the sidelines, clearly not that bothered? Like that time in TIU he was napping while N, H and Li were visiting the Mexico stage. I was so endeared.

literally one of my favorite things EVER

and like it’s not that i think zayn ~doesn’t care~ because obviously he does and sometimes he does get all hyped up and ridiculous with the boys but i also have SO MANY FEELINGS about introvert zayn keeping his energy for the stuff that’s really important and like. all the times in interviews when everybody’s a manic mess and zayn is just the chill one and it doesn’t set him APART because he is always clearly undeniably inextricably part of this bizarre codependent unit that is one direction, like he does not drag the boys down or make things awkward or make them like maneuver around them, he is PART OF THEM, he is just a part that isn’t always wild around the eye area

my favorite is interviews where everybody is totally out of control and zayn’s just like lounging back with one or both arms around somebody, listening and chuckling to himself and doing ZERO THINGS to assist whatever poor hapless interviewer is getting steamrolled like god fucking bless