this is literally me and my boyfriend

I know I don’t really look little in this picture but that’s kinda why I wanted to share. It shows big me and the love daddy and I share without the pigtails and pretty dress. I have never felt so loved, protected and safe by any man before and it literally is the best feeling in the whole wide world! Daddy loves meeee. He loves all of his princess. Whether I’m acting 3-7 and little or I’m acting like a brat or even when I’m acting big and seductive like his submissive. I have all these different personalities/ moods and yet daddy still loves me more and more each day. I’ve never had a relationship where I actually knew my boyfriend loved me as much as I love him. It always felt one sided where I loved someone more than they loved me but that’s not the case in daddy and mes relationship and I absolutely love it!
Thank you to all my followers for loving my relationship just as much as me and actually take on an interest in it! Stay tuned for more fun adventures with daddy and meeee! 👨‍👧🙈❤️

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i love my boyfriend so much, we have this incredible balance and chemistry together that ive never had with another person before. my heart literally feels like its gonna burst with how much i love him!! he makes me so happy and breathless and hes so!! so incredible and talented and i'm so lucky to have someone like him. i'm so lucky to be in LOVE and to have someone who truly understands me.. gdhdhskh im in a call with him rn!!! and he doesnt even know im gushing abt him hsjdjd.,, im so in love

<3333333333333 cute! i love this and im glad that you two are happy, it really warms my heart to hear. u two are goals

every time I talk about my mineral collection my boyfriend reminds me of the time he was helping me move and he made the suitcase full of rocks joke when he was unknowingly lugging around my literal actual suitcase full of rocks

jake peralta appreciation post
  • was open and honest about his feelings towards Amy from almost the very start
  • didn’t try to sabotage her existing relationship 
  • didn’t lie to her about his feelings except once but then he felt bad and told her the truth the same day 
  • tried to move on in a healthy manner, accepting that she was taken 
  • dated someone else and didn’t immediately dump her and try and get with Amy once Amy became available (seriously it bugs me so much when characters do this. If you’re just using a relationship as a stopgap until your preferred partner becomes available, DON’T BE IN THAT RELATIONSHIP!!) 
  • didn’t tell Dave not to ask her out even though he liked her because he knew it wasn’t fair to her - “I can’t go around telling guys not to ask Amy out because I like her and I’m too dumb to do anything about it" 
  • never once tried to control her or emotionally manipulate her to be with him and was open and upfront about his feelings 
  • when they actually became a couple, is completely committed & in love with her and is willing to make sacrifices for their relationship like moving into her apartment because he realises it’s important to her and would make her happy
  • in the episode where she’s undercover in the prison and he keeps interfering bc he’s worried about her getting hurt he doesn’t try to make her leave bc he can’t handle it and instead accepts that he’s the one that needs to take himself off the case bc he knows she can handle it by herself and him being there is only hindering her progress because he can’t stop worrying
  • isn’t afraid of her becoming more successful than him - is really supportive of her taking the sergeant’s exam which could result in her outranking him and even becoming his boss bc "You can’t be afraid to be successful, you’re too good for that” and “I’ve always known you were gonna be my boss”
  • tl;dr jake peralta is one of the best male tv protagonists & boyfriends of all time and peraltiago is literally the healthiest and best relationship ever and has given me unrealistic romance expectations for life
things that got me yelling from episode 69
  • badass pilot davenport
  • “i stole your cousin’s shoes” “and i’m currently wearing them”
  • all the new music jfc
  • merle finally healing and its the ULTIMATE HEALS MVP POTG
  • *travis rolling for damage against john* “92…” “fuck off”
  • scared taako standing up to john 10/10
  • “you’ve solved my goading puzzle” one last you’ve solved my blank puzzle joke i love
  • everyone went unconscious
  • pan!
  • joaquin coming to their world
  • literally everyone that came out of the bonds
  • everyone confused when it seemed clint just started to take over and dm but it was just that 9 second thing
  • “Well. Bye!”
  • the use of Arms Outstretched during the whirlwind like yes fuck me up
  • istus!
  • “And then light.”
  • taako getting jealous of lucretia when jeffandrew said she was the most powerful person they ever met
  • “Johann was right! We won!”
  • angus makes so many friends and plays soccer now
  • “i’m about to smooch your fucking brains out”
  • P R I N G L E S
  • taako is a media empire bc of course he is
  • “everyone is in House Taako”
  • get shit on sazed literally burn in hell
  • career woman ren i love her so much
  • “my boyfriend is death”
  • the ango and taako hug and the “starting salary is nonnegotiable”
  • Earl Merle
  • merlegaritaville
  • “I know how hard you’re trying.”
  • kravitz’s hands are warm contrary to every taakitz fic in existence
  • “I have to shit.” never change magnus
  • carey wearing the bff necklace for her wedding
  • magnus naming his dog after johann :’)
  • “he found something worth living for” and i found something worth crying for thanks travis for sending that gut punch to me personally
  • just the entire scene where magnus dies surrounded by everyone he cares about
  • J U L I A
  • julia built the cottage for them and im a m e s s
  • “That was the ending you earned.”

1. You cry. Holy shit, do you cry. Sobs choke you on buses and in the bathrooms at school and most heavily late at night as you wait for a text.

2. This text won’t come. You cry harder.

4. You run into him in the hallways. You may try to catch his eye but when you do, it feels like ice slipping down to your stomach and proceeds to gather there like lead. Next time it happens you walk fast with your head down.

5. Polite mumbles are finally passed between the two of you. Maybe an obligatory thank you as he holds a door, or an excuse me as you walk past, utterly daunted by the prospect of brushing his arm. He mumbles an unintelligible reply, and your ears will by habit perk up to seek that special and soft tone of voice reserved only for you.

6. You won’t find it. And eventually, you stop looking.

7. The two of you are officially on speaking terms again. Possibly not one-on-one conversations, but if he’s in a group you no longer feel the need to exclude yourself. Your heart breaks as he laughs easily at other’s jokes, but then proceeds to mend itself and soar as he does the same to yours. He always loved your sense of humor.

8. You text him for the first time since everything happened. It’s strictly for homework help, it’s been nearly two months, and it takes you four hours to work up the nerve to hit send. He replies within the minute. You can’t help but marvel at the fact that even now, he’s still coming to the rescue when you call.

9. You’re good friends by this point. Conversations alone are no longer scary things, but something you hope to happen throughout the day. But then, when one does, his friend flashes you two a heart symbol across the room. Like a tidal wave crashing down on to the beach, you’re reminded of how much you still love him with such force it nearly knocks the breath out of you. You walk away without meeting his eyes. You go home with your head down.

10. You cry. Holy shit, do you cry.

—  How To Not Get Over A Boy In 10 Easy Steps
my favorite parts of ragnarok (because i need to list them out)

i’m literally sorry y’all i just gotta relive this masterpiece. definitely gonna misquote everything but you get the gist 

  • “BEHOLD… my stuff.”
  • taika’s infamous shakewake literally making a cameo
  • sam niell’s presence 
  • thor *arrives* loki: *spittake* o shit
  • “i swear i left him right here.” 
  • the weirdly flawless selfie thor takes with those girls 
  • *thor’s hammer smashes all of doctor stranger’s shit* ssssssssorryyyyyy……. 
  • literally valkyrie’s entire existence 
  • “anywhere else in the universe i’d be like a billion years old but here…….” *weird goldblum face journey* *loki and thor stare at each other*
  • “she’s the, starts with a b—” “trash”
  • “i tried to start a revolution but no one showed up… except my mum, and her boyfriend who i hate so…”
  • loki, mouthing: then you, and me… *makes leaving motion*
  • “piss off ghost!… he’s friggin’ gone.”
  • loki’s blank trauma-fueled expression upon seeing the hulk
  • “sun’s getting real low… sun’s… sun’s getting REAL low buddy… sun’s getting–”
  • “YES! YES! THAT’S HOW IT FEELS!… sorry, i just love sports.”
  • the fact that hulk now has a personality and bonded with thor independently of bruce
  • “oh! very naked… ah, it’s in my mind now…”
  • the revengers 
  • “he turned into a snake and he knows i love snakes, so i picked it up to admire it and he turned back into himself and was like “ARRGH IT’S ME”. and he stabbed me. we were eight at the time.”
  • the orgy leisure ship 
  • “did she just saw the grand master uses this for orgies?” “yes… don’t touch anything”
  • “I CAN’T FLY AN ALIEN SPACE SHIP” “use one of your phDs!!!!” 
  • loki making 0.00001 seconds of eye contact with the tesseract and everyone in the theater screaming 
  • when the hulk attacks the giant fire dude and everyone’s like “NO DUDE DON’T”
  • “The damage is not too bad. As long as the foundations are still strong, we can rebuild this place. It will become a haven for all peoples and aliens of the universe……. oh. No those foundations are gone. Sorry.“ 
  • “if you were really here i’d hug you.” “i’m here.”
  • “king of asgard” *thor awkwardly waves to entire population of asgard behind him*
  • “it’s a tie”
jealous reddie (richie version)

aged up because i’m not a creep

-despite not being the most popular of students at derry high school, eddie has always been labelled as cute

-literally everybody thinks he’s an adorable little loser with his fanny packs and short shorts

-then one day over the summer he got hit by the puberty truck and he comes in looking h o t

-he’s probably like 17 when people start calling him hot

-his shorts aren’t as tiny as they used to be but still in no way appropriate 

-if you don’t think he’s a fashion icon you’re wrong and that’s the tea

-you’re also wrong if you think he doesn’t absolutely OWN pastel colors because he scooby dooby doo

-his legs are muscular because dancer!eddie is canon and idc what anybody says

-everyone stares and sometimes people will look him up and down and get that look in their eye 

-and richie knows the look because he’s been looking at eddie like that for years

-precious eddie of course doesn’t notice it

-and he vehemently denies it whenever richie brings it up 

-my boy eds has some confidence issues 

-”richie nobody would ever look at me like that” 

-”mcscuse me mr spaghetti boy i’ve been looking at you like that for like 4 years”

-eddie calls bullshit and continues to wear his tight pants and the white sneakers that make his legs seem so much more toned

-richie’s a jealous bitch and obviously everyone who ever talks to eddie in the hallway is flirting with him (but a lot of the time he’s right) but he’s a lot tamer now than he was when eddie first glo’d up

-anytime anyone so much as smiled towards his eddie bear in the wrong way and he was instantly all up on him like “hey babe, can i walk you to class” very touchy and hands-on

-but since then eddie has expressed how richie’s violent reactions have made him feel uncomfortable and objectified so now he just has to sit back and watch  

-just imagine one day johnny whatshisface from biology comes up to him in the hallway and starts flirting and is like “excuse me if i’m being too forward but you’re really attractive” and eddie chokes

-richie’s just watching from a couple feet away, sandwiched between bev and stan, and he feels sick to his stomach because this idiot just openly hit on eddie and there could be no possible way eddie could not notice

-he grabs onto stan’s leg out of anger and stan’s just like “ow”

-meanwhile eddie’s face is all hot and this slimy feeling is creeping up his throat 

-and he shocks damn near everyOnE when he turns to the guy and is like “yeah? my boyfriend thinks so too. have you met richie? he’s right over there, i can introduce you if you’d like”

-richie literally CHOKEs

-stan is in shambles 

-bev’s just there like “i knew the little fucker had it in him, mike owes me ten bucks”

-richie’s literally over the moon with happiness and he practically floats over to his boyfriend and is like “you never cease to amaze me, eds.”

-and they’re all cute and happy for the rest of their long, long lives because eddie kaspbrak doesn’t die sorry stephen you tried sweaty

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Maybe a "You promised you wouldn't laugh" Ladynoir. And Ladybug would share something a little embarassing to Chat. Just something cute.

“You promised you wouldn’t laugh,” Ladybug pouted, crossing her arms defensively.

Chat Noir held up a hand. “I’m sorry, my Lady, you’re right,” he chuckled, attempting to look chagrin and failing miserably. “I’m really not laughing at your confession. The way you said it was just too adorable.”

She stomped her foot in irritation. “It is dumb that I haven’t kissed anyone yet though! I don’t see what’s so adorable about that,” she huffed.

“It’s not dumb,” he grinned fondly, “but I do think you’re forgetting about a very special person you have indeed kissed.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine, let me revise. I’ve never kissed anyone when it wasn’t a life or death situation.”

Chat Noir glanced around the rooftop. “Well, it isn’t a life or death situation now. How about a kiss?” He puckered his lips and leaned forward and Ladybug pushed him away with a finger on his nose.

“Not a chance, Kitty.”

“Rude. I’m just trying to be a good friend.” He tilted his head, studying her. “Wait, does it really bother you?”

Ladybug dropped down to sit on the ledge of the building, swinging her legs over the side. She shrugged with a soft sigh. “I don’t know. A little. My best friend makes out with her boyfriend a lot and it’s like there’s something in the water at school. Everyone is kissing everyone.”

“It has seemed like that,” Chat Noir frowned. He caught her expression and blanched. “I mean, I see a lot of people pairing off lately too.”

She nodded, satisfied enough with his answer for the moment. “I guess it just makes me wonder what’s wrong with me, you know? Why is no one kissing me?”

“To be fair, I literally just offered to kiss you,” he reminded her, sitting down.

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