this is literally like half the fandom

Tag Yourself: Fanfiction Authors Edition
  • the newbie: has written like 1 super cliche fic, doesn't space paragraphs, everyone secretly hates them but doesn't want to be rude
  • the high schooler: only writes high school aus, is actually a middle schooler, writes 3 chapters then gives up and writes a new fic, wants to be more creative but nahhhh
  • the firecracker: CRACK FICS, just writes weird shit, usually only writes one shots but when they do go for chaptered it's super creative and well done, likes body swap a lot, always uses overdone memes
  • the fluffmaster: their stuff is short and sweet, always G rated, but they secretly have ten million kinks
  • the texter: can literally only write group chat fics, not creative enough for anything else
  • the infamous: wrote only one fic ever but it was super long and it's the most popular in the fandom
  • the smut addict: only writes smut, probably really kinky, seriously though you haven't even heard of half of these, this is messed up
  • the nonexistent: writes such average fics that you forget them, but they're actually really creative
  • the procrastinator: chapter 2??? what chapter 2???
  • the wattpad: writes self insert fics for one direction, uses wattpad, probably 9 years old, always adds vampires, generally hated
Company Stan Facts

Big Three


  • Biggest question… What does the SM stand for? Stans know
  • SMTown
  • SMRookies
  • The Basement KunSol are you guys in there???
  • Probably messes up their hip joint dancing to Ring Ding Dong
  • Justice for all of F(x)
  • Variety Legends (SuJu alone proves that)
  • Usually don’t play well with YG stans
  • The cloud background is nostalgic also Shinee’s Lucifer dance practice is legendary
  • Chinese members are protected like crazy because the actual company seems to not care about them
  • Invented lawsuits and being sued (JYJ only winners there) literally has a controversies section on wiki
  • Any artist that left them is pretty much taboo for music shows
  • Brought about over half of the pioneering kpop groups just saying
  • Has successful girl groups they seem to forget about like seriously barely any dance practices, solo concerts, or fandom names for years
  • NCT are our new boys and we love them, but really what the fuck is this Neo Culture Technology system were you high when you thought of it SooMan


  • He failed when it came to Wonder Girls they should’ve stayed together
  • *whispers* JYP aka an iconic line
  • “You mean JYP or Park Jinyoung” (two different people in that context)
  • Waiting for 15&
  • Praising based gods for Every Day6
  • Stans get along with SM or YG stans
  • JYP Family aka Dad JYP and his meme children
  • Can probably dance all of Miss A’s songs not as good as Bambam though
  • Collective embarressment over JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama?” video
  • Stans are divided on whether they like the title tracks JYP produces or not
  • Wonders why 2AM hasn’t officially disbanded even though all the members work with other companies
  • Speaking of 2AM… bow down to the true Queen, Jo Kwon
  • Hardcore Twice defenders
  • Divided on whether Somi would’ve been a good addition to Twice


  • Hip Hop is life
  • The Dungeon aka why you can barely see during the dance practice videos
  • Sechskies are gods
  • Epik High are legends
  • Playful with JYP but SM…that’s a no
  • The songs have dances…but do they really?
  • Real PSY stans are in abundance
  • Had to deal with too many scandals at one time protection squads through the roof
  • Equal questioning and love over TOP’s instagram but we all got emotional when he started posting again
  • 2NE1, Minzy, and Park Bom deserved better
  • Taehyun deserved better
  • If they aren’t promoting in Korea, then they are in Japan for who knows how long
  • Support of CEO Seungri
  • Solo work rivals their own groups
  • Probably cries everytime they hear Lee Hi’s angel vocals
  • Wonders when focus will be put back onto IKon, Winner, AKMU etc oh seems it took a disbandment and enlistment
Pros and Cons of being a Rare Pair Shipper


  • chances are, just about five people actively ship it in your fandom
  • there’s hardly any fanart, fics, or edits of your ship
  • if you want something done, you have to do it yourself
  • you literally just signed yourself up for like ten, with about half of that ten actually being good, fics in their ao3 tag
  • constantly being asked why you ship them when [insert reason as to why it apparently makes sense to NOT ship them]


  • when ship drama happens in your fandom, at least your ship is safe from it
  • usually the people that actively ship the rare pair are nice
  • literally nothing else

Hello, all my kpoppers out there!

I don’t know if anyone besides us Bestfriends will see this, but if you do it would mean so much if you could help. 

As you may or may not know, Boyfriend is still a band! And their fans love them so so much, I have been a Bestfriend for six years and it’s been the most loving and rewarding experience on this earth, and I don’t want me or any of us to have to let that go. We have been forgotten a lot over the years, but we never lost our ability for compassion and kindness and the propensity to welcome anyone with open arms. We are truly a fandom who has done everything to emulate those we look up to and to live up to our name.

Recently some news has come out that a new band will be debuting on the say day Boyfriend debuted, and they happen to be going by the same name. I tried very hard to help solve problem internally, but we do not have the numbers that many fandoms do. We do not have a problem with these young children who are debuting, they are young and innocent, so we have no ill feelings towards them. But we are so heartbroken that our Boyfriend has been neglected for literally half the time they’ve been a band. We are tired of not seeing them, we are tired Starship didn’t root for them when they weren’t as popular when they wanted, we are tired because they didn’t fight for their own NAME. This is especially devastating because at this point it feels like their name is all they have left and now that’s been taken away from them. It’s cruel, it’s immoral and dehumanizing. One of our very own band members just is clearly so immensely distraught that there is nothing he can do, and I am distraught too that there’s nothing I can do. But there is something perhaps WE can do. These  boys, AND MAybe I’m biased….they are the six most wonderful, kind, talented, loving people who only from day one wished to spread joy. We can’t just lose them like we are, it’s not fair. I don’t want to go down without a fight but I need everyone I can to help me. It would so much to me, it would mean the world and I would be eternally grateful. Sending this out and hoping it gets read really is the last resort.

Please if you have a twitter, tweet and encourage others to tweet at Starship with the hashtag #SAVEBOYFRIEND even if it’s one tweet if we can get a lot of people to do it maybe it will add up to something and if you can spare the time please sign this petition! 

Thank you so much in advance, and if anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, I am always available 

  • Disney: might cancel gmw
  • Gmw Fandom: makes twitter campaign's about renewing gmw and saving the show trending multiple times
  • Disney: uses gmw fandom for publicity by posting about gmw on their social medias to bait us with hope even though they intend to cancel the show
  • Gmw Fandom: fills comment section up with the save gmw campaign
  • Disney: calls MJ and tells him about the cancelation and plan to tell everyone in possibly a few days...
  • MJ: beats them to the news and alerts everyone immediately the show is over while dissing Disney
  • Gmw fandom: starts arranging a Netflix campaign and start to call them that night
  • Disney: posts a half assed goodbye to gmw announcement on instagram
  • Gmw fandom: fills up the comment section telling Disney how exactly stupid they are for canceling their best show
  • Rowan Blanchard: the star of gmw disses Disney in her rant/goodbye about the show angering Rowan supporters
  • Disney: the next day they accidently like a tweet saying that Disney are idiots
  • Gmw: literally gets nominated for two awards
  • Gmw fandom: now expanding to Hulu
  • Gmw fandom: live chatting and calling Netflix 24/7 to the point where they make a tweet about it and get two articles written about the campaign
  • Disney: posts a picture of gmw reminding everyone the show has been canceled
  • MJ: is a genius and the picture that Disney posted is from World Meets Girl which is an one hour special that literally shows just how STUPID Disney is for cancelling gmw and Disney is airing it on their own channel
  • Gmw fandom: continues campaign
  • YouTubers: start making videos about the news and Netflix alerting the YouTube fandom about what's going on
  • The Writers: show that they are all for gmw changing networks and support the campaign without even saying it.
  • Netflix: has been getting requests all around the world and the representatives think we might actually have a real shot at this
  • Disney: tries to post something
  • Gmw fandom: floods them in all social media begging them to hand over gmw rights
  • I'm crying
  • @netflix @hulu plz save this show

can my mutuals please tag all aggressive hate towards miranda and cora with “i’m wrong” 

A (little) Killing Stalking Rant

I’m not sure where to begin, to be quite honest. I just found out that apparently there is a chapter 18 despite everyone thinking there’d be a break after 17 and of course I instantly read it. Now me being my obsessive, overexcited self instantly went into the tag to see what kind of funny shit this precious fandom came up with this time only to be…well disappointed is such a hard word but I kind of am. Not because the jokes were repetitive (they were, but that is not the point) but because the fandom seems to be split in two entirely and I don’t understand why? Or why people have the need to constantly shade one another. 
Anyway, feel free to ignore this, but I’m going to voice some of my (probably unpopular) opinions.

1) Ji eun is a major bitch and I do not understand why people are glorifying her for punching Sangwoo in the face like she is some sort of hero. She didn’t do it for Yoonbum, but to save her own skin. It also didn’t show guts or anything, just her will to live. I wanna bet that all the girls he chopped off before her tried much the same. Nothing special, moving on.

2) That being said, she most certainly is not a bitch for offering to have sex with Yoobum. In a situation like this, live or die, every last one of us would probably offer much more than sex, trust me on this one. Nothing is more precious than survival, it’s in our DNA to do our best. That being said, she is still a bitch for offering to basically RAPE Yoobum to safe her own skin. Bitch is selfish, not a hero. Yoobum obviously wasn’t down for the idea of getting fucked by her.

3) I really do not understand how people are still surprised that most of the fandom ships Sangwoo and Yoobum. Nor why people are surprised that most of the fandom loves Sangwoo. We basically got half of the explanation for this coming from Sangwoo himself in Chapter 18: He’s pretty so people are drawn to him. Where is the big deal? It’s a cartoon, for heavens sakes. It’s not like we have a bunch of real life Harley Quinn’s running around the street. Now for the shipping part, this one REALLY goes over my head. I literally saw comments about getting help and getting Jesus being thrown around and shit like that irks me for many many reasons, but I digress. We see the story through Yoobum’s and Sangwoo’s eyes. OF COURSE WE ARE ROOTING FOR THEM! Not just them as a couple but them as people! I’m 99% sure that we are supposed to! Yoobum loves Sangwoo so we love Sangwoo.
Yoobum loves Sangwoo, so we want him to get Sangwoo.
We love Sangwoo so we want him to be happy.
We love Sangwoo so we want him to succeed in his murder spree. 

I was happy when he killed that asshole in the last chapter and I most certainly am looking forward to seeing Jieun being killed by either of them, really, because that is what Sangwoo (and Yoobum) want and since I see the story through their eyes, I want that to. Does that mean I’m about to go out and start killing people? No, because I faint at the sight of blood and really don’t like the idea of taking someones life. Nor the fact I’d get a lifelong sentence, really. Just throwing it in there for good measures. So, it’s safe to say I’m not going to go on a killing spree anytime soon. Still enjoy the deaths.

4) To elaborate on that. I really, really am surprised how people go into this story disliking Sangwoo and the relationship between him and Yoobum. Like you do realize it’s all about that, right? About Sangwoo getting satisfaction by killing and Yoobum getting satisfaction by being by Sangwoo’s side. This story isn’t about character growth , overcoming your mental illness or getting out of the shit situation you’re in. Quite the contrary. It’s about giving in to those primal urges, this quiet need to kill in the back of every humans head. The story is supposed to make us route for the killer and the psychosis and that sick twisted part of them so we end up questioning just how fragile our and societies morality is. I had Philosophy for for a couple of years and morality was a big part of that. I have my own opinion on morality and how it is a mere illusion anyway but that isn’t the point right now. The point is, let go of your false morality and get off your high horse and enjoy the comic called Killing Stalking for what it is! About two psychopaths giving in to their mental state to stalk and kill their prey together. 

 I mean seriously, what did you expect?!


Okay so I’ve just came into the Supergirl fandom and I gotta tell you something. I’ve been in multiple fandoms before and I shit you not, antis are so full of themselves. I’ve heard so many hate towards mon el and I literally went into the series thinking “oh this dude is the bad guy bcs half of the fandom hates him” and I fucking waited for the big betrayal. And then I watched and found out yall hate him for not telling the truth about his ugly past??!?!?!! And you ship a girl who lied about her come out (WHICH SHE LIED BCS SHE WAS ASHAMED OF HER PARENTS -OH WAIT THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR), cheated on her ex GF and yelled at Alex for wanting Valentines? AND you forgave Mgann for killing innocents and regretting it?? Like?? You guys are such hypocrites. Mon El was ashamed of his past. He couldn’t stand to think of what he’s done, he didn’t go back to Daxam where he could live luxuriously as a prince. Just bcs Mgann decided to leave and lead a rebellion resistance against the white Martians and Mon El didn’t leave and KILL HIS FREAKING MOTHER, you don’t forgive him??? WOW. He literally was ready to go back and change the system bcs he thought Kara wouldn’t be safe. He legit proved himself to be noble time and time again, literally saved Kara a couple of times, even saved her by going with his toxic parents, heartbroken and just praying for something minimally good to come out of it (to change Daxam). So yall antis think you can judge people bcs what? You’ve never done any mistakes in your lives?? Of course he’s not a superhero yet, but he’s trying so hard to be bcs he now knows the right things to do. This show is really trying super hard to make the stories of superhumans relate to us by having them flawed and forgiven after they’ve tried so hard to change. I look up to the show BECAUSE of that sole reason, to know I can be forgiven for my past and I am worthy of happiness too if I work hard for it. And you guys are just gonna condemn the writers for giving out that kind of hope to people? And are you guys seriously gonna say “he’s nt even a hero he’s saved 0 ppl, kara should be with James” PLEASE how many times have Iris saved ppl other than pushing them out of the way of danger? How many times have Jane, Pepper, Lois and all the other love interests been perfect heros? They don’t have to be superheroes to be with a superhero. He loves her and he makes her so so happy. That’s what matters. And before you antis talk about how Kara doesn’t look at him like she looked at James, NEWS FLASH people don’t fluster and blush around ppl they love, that’s called having a crush. Look at westallen look at scallison. When ppl are in love, they’re comfortable enough to cry on their shoulders and eat breakfast together every morning without worrying about bacon greese and pot sticker stains, not mumble, blushing and fidget with their glasses whenever they’re around. She loves him. She literally cried several times for losing him. Yall antis should back off and pretend you want Kara to be happy for once.

Ps: don’t misunderstand my sentence on Maggie and Alex, I love them together bcs THEY MAKE EACH OTHER HAPPY AND THEIR PAST DOES NOT DEFINE THEM.

Pps: Lena is one of Kara’s closest friends, Kara isn’t gay, I love the dynamic duo and I hope they could be the next Kal El x Lex (without the insane sociopath part). Just as you won’t force Alex to be straight, don’t force a straight character to be gay. Respect all preferences.

I don’t want to start anything but I find it so interesting that the fandom is so determined to portraying Damian being BFF with Jon kent who he only met recently and have been fighting with for half the short amount of time that they have know each other (or with Colin who haven’t been seen since 1964) over lets say Maya (a Black/Latino girl) or Duke (a Black boy) or Suren (an Arab boy just like Damian) or Maps (a Japanese girl) even though he has better relationship with them than he do with Jon and actually showed interests in being their friend (Damian literally calls Maya his sister, like what else do you want?)

as someone south of the mason-dixie line, i am Giving You Permission™ not to feel bad for making supportive bittles headcanons or fics or art or whatever. i will say that y'all really don’t get the deep-rooted fear that lgbt folks down here face because you just. don’t live with it, but despite what some people are saying that DOES NOT mean that the bittles won’t possibly be accepting. it is completely possible for coach and suzanne to have learned to unlearn their homophobia when they started to suspect that bitty was gay even if it’s hella unlikely. it can still happen. to be honest i doubt moomaw would be okay with it but again, anything is possible (my grandma had two gay kids that she loved and accepted completely and she lived in georgia, so). i just don’t understand 1) why some of y'all think that southern people can’t unlearn things just like others can?? even if it’s unlikely because of the hive mind thing going on and wanting to look good and all that Southern Shit that you know about if you are southern, it could still happen. i’ve seen it happen. and 2) why you are so upset by supportive bittle hcs even if they aren’t realistic? if they make people happy then what is the issue? sure, a lot of them are hella optimistic and not likely at all, but that shouldn’t matter? this is fandom for chrissakes. literally half of the shit we post isn’t canon and probably doesn’t have a chance of becoming canon. i get that it’s so unlikely it might as well be getting snow on christmas but??? if it makes people coping with (southern) homophobic family feel better then chill a bit, kay?

now i will say that people saying bitty is just misunderstanding his parents’ intentions really need to not because he probably isn’t bc it’s so bad down here it’s more likely that they are homophobic in some way than not (esp bc coach is a gym teacher,, like Yikes all of my male gym teachers have been. hmm anyways). like. example one of my friends had a brother who came out when he was seventeen and his parents disowned him, they haven’t seen him since and they don’t talk about him at all. this shit is not an outrageous thing that never happens and bitty is not being dramatic by being afraid.

but truth be told i’ve only seen one post that said that he’s misunderstanding the situation and i feel like everyone used that one post to condemn everyone with supportive hcs? and that’s not cool either.

so anyways both sides of this need to think clearly about this and try not to demonize each other, but also if you have supportive headcanons, it’s okay as long as you acknowledge that bitty’s fears are not irrational. they’re a normal part of growing up gay in the south, trust me. and not all of bitty’s family members will accept him and that honestly isn’t something you could debate. but if you think his parents will still love him (as any good parent should) then rock on and keep making those headcanons.

people with unsupportive headcanons (no matter the degree of lack of support) y'all rock on too. because it is good to know that even if your parents don’t accept who you are, it isn’t the end of the world, and you can move on from it.

sexy-walker-bait  asked:

Ash give me patience someone said that rick loves daryl more than michonne and that we (richonners) need to get over it. Lucille give me strength i cannot deal with these people in denial smh

Oookay. The delusion is strong with that one. I guess that’s why he’s leaving Daryl at the Kingdom and going home with Michonne? Thats why he spent his entire day with Daryl searching for toothpaste for Michonne? That’s why he constantly looks to and for her at his side, and he’s caressing stray locks of her hair and walkie-talkies when she’s not there? He literally breathes her like she’s his air.

Daryl is his brother, and that’s all well, fine, and good. He loves him, of course. But Michonne is his wife, the goddamn love of his life. Mother of (his) children both living and dead. Most bomb pussy. Who, because of him, sleep evaded (that one morning in 7x04). (I’m gonna stop before I recite all of Lemonade. 😄) Point is, Michonne is Rick’s everything. And for anyone still questioning it, I’m pretty sure that this half season will make that clearer than ever. So we don’t have to get over anything. Not so long as Rick is under (or on top of, beside or inside) Michonne. 😬

anonymous asked:

i want to love the supercorp fandom but half of y'all are just as bad as the karam*l shippers or the superc*t shippers at not caring about kara at all beyond whoever she's sleeping with. like you watch an episode that f*cks up kara's family for someone kara's dating and fix it by just having the person she's dating be another gender? that's not a fix sorry. that's literally the exact same thing. only gay.

So! There’s a lot for me to say here.

Quite honestly, the fix-it posts are more of a joke than anything. They are me saying, “How much fan service could I put in the last scene of this episode?” They are not meant to be taken as what I truly wish had happened; rather, they are my version of the ridiculous relationship drama the writers seem intent on writing. If I were actually going to rewrite the episode, you are correct: I would change a whole lot more. I would not have forgotten the entire Jeremiah plotline to begin with; I would have allowed Alex and Kara to be there for each other in a way they really weren’t. I would change the fact that this entire season has sidelined an incredible female character for a conventionally attractive, straight, white man who comes from a planet that condones slavery and misogyny. 

But I didn’t rewrite the whole episode. In fact, I specifically only wrote the last scene, because I wanted to write about what my ideal little fun, quasi-romantic scene would be. I specifically took what the writers gave us and said nope, I don’t like that, but without majorly changing the episode, how could I like it? The posts are meant to be a brief respite, a chance to find a way to make a single scene something I would like to watch in the midst of a long plotline that I have no interest in watching.

More importantly, I am frankly insulted by your insinuation that all I–and most supercorp shippers–care about is who Kara sleeps with. That really couldn’t be further from the truth. Do I ship Kara and Lena? Obviously. But I have no qualms stating that they’re almost certainly not going to become canon; I never thought they were. So I’m not sure where that statement is coming from. I genuinely am not sure how you took my headcanon post–where, mind you, they don’t even kiss. they literally sit together and eat a donut–and got the message that all I care about is who Kara sleeps with.

And every single supercorp shipper I follow feels the same way I do: we do not like k*ramel and the way he is treating her. That’s where our problem lies. It is not because he is not Lena; it is because he is a misogynistic, toxic asshole who does not listen or respect Kara. 

So I’d also like to argue that your last statement–”that’s literally the exact same thing. only gay.”–is patently false. There are a great many posts that explain this better and in more depth than I am willing to do here, but I will try to summarize. Lena likes Kara for Kara, even if you interpret it as simply friendship. Lena says Kara is her hero. Lena fills Kara’s office with flowers. Lena has been nothing but kind, courteous, and respectful. M*n-el tosses aside the flowers Kara gets him. M*n-el immediately announces to the DEO that they are dating, despite Kara’s explicit desire that he do the opposite. M*n-el has done nothing but go against Kara’s requests, disrespect her wishes, and hurt her. It is not the same thing–in fact, one is a relationship built on genuine connection, whereas the other is a relationship built on lies. One is healthy, the other has truly redefined what an unhealthy relationship is in my mind. (Also, you should not ignore the societal implications of that “only gay” relationship. That’s a pretty shitty thing to do, and I could write an entirely separate post about that.)

So, look. If you don’t want to read my fix-it posts, then don’t. I really don’t care. You do you, pal. But to read one post, come into my ask box, say that all I care about is who Kara is sleeping with? That’s not okay. You not only missed the entire point of the post, but you are also making sweeping generalizations about an entire fandom that are incorrect and, honestly, offensive. But go off, I guess.

it amazes me that the mcu fandom literally calls tony stark a murderer despite his entire first movie’s plot being about realizing how dangerous his company had become and then doing something about it for the greater good of the people (all while risking the future of stark industries) and then dehumanizes him by calling him a monster for his realistic severe anxiety and ptsd (because yes, the attack at the beginning of iron man is enough to give anyone ptsd, INCLUDING trained soldiers. never mind being held captive for all that time).

but then we have bucky (whom i love), one of hydra’s brainwashed, trained assassins. this fandom does nothing but romanticize his brainwashing, over glorifying his skills as a blood stained assassin and sympathizing with the shifts in his brain that were physically caused by hydra.

bucky would have been bucky without hydra. tony stark, on the other hand, has a mental illness that he literally cannot do anything about.

the fandom views bucky as a man who severely needs help. they view tony stark as an absolute monster.

thus, we have a clear example of how the mcu fandom literally does not give a fuck about actual mental illnesses and only cares about them if they aren’t ugly in any way.

Kuzuhina deserves so much more love in the fandom honestly like, Fuyuhiko trusted Hajime after Peko died, and Hajime was his first ever friend. They literally own half of each other’s lives and Fuyuhiko says he wasn’t allowed to die without him, on top of that Hajime was his sister’s only friend while she was alive, and there can be so many possibilities with that. Plus calm sassy smart Hajime with hotheaded adorable Fuyuhiko who likes to bottle up his emotions, Hajime helping out Fuyuhiko, helping him to cry and let out his feelings. Fuyuhiko talking about how Hajime doesn’t need a talent, Hajime accepting him and not being phased by him being in a gang. Fuyuhiko being a romantic but also hating how he is, god I could go on for hours but in short kuzuhina is an underrated ship and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu deserves the world.

anonymous asked:

Just wondering but what are all the admins' opinions on Snape?

Personally I’m not a huge fan. There are a lot of things Snape did that I can’t forgive and I definitely would not like to know him in real life. However I think we still need to appreciate his contribution to the story, he forces people to question the line between love and infatuation and the lengths people go to in its name

My problem is the way the fandom treats Snape. Half view him as a god amongst men, completely forgiven for any wrongs as they were performed in the name of love, he’s idolised and any faults are ignored. The other half view Snape as the literal devil but do so with incredible double standards. I’ve met so many people who hate Snape but forgive the Malfoys for simply being a product of their surroundings, or hail Pansy as the ultimate feminist icon

JK Rowling created incredibly characters, each with many flaws and that’s what makes them so inspiring. Snape was incredibly problematic. He was the wizarding equivalent of a racist, using slurs against people he supposedly loved. He verbally abused children and took advantage of his position of power, behaving in a completely unacceptable way for an educator. However he also ultimately tried to protect Harry, even if he wasn’t happy about it

Snape is not a nice person and I certainly wouldn’t want him as a friend, but he’s a complex and engaging character and the series is richer for his presence 


Okay so Idk if its canon or a fandom invention/headcanon that Sideswipe and Sunstreaker  have half sparks and literally share one spark, and with that comes a really deep bond, but thinking about that bond is amazing.

Like what they could do with it is so awesome??

Someone is having a conversation with Sideswipe and they don’t know that he’s secretely relaying everything they’re saying to Sunstreaker, or pretending to listen while he instead talks to his twin.

Or when one of them is having a serious conversation with someone in command or getting in trouble the other is making jokes across the bond or sending a ‘tickling’ or a funny feeling along the bond.

Cause they can send and feel each others emotions right?

Sideswipe’s armour fluffs out when he feels anger or irriation coming from Sunstreaker’s half of the spark

Sometimes Sunstreaker has to hold back laughter or smiles in public because Sideswipe is telling him a funny story or joke over the bond.

When one is in the brig or on boring work duty the other will watch a tv show or read something and ‘send’ it over to their twin.

Like literal bond live streaming.

They can ‘give’ each other emotions or feelings. Sunstreaker’s feeling angry or violent, Sideswipe will esstentially suck it out of him and send back love and calmness.

Sideswipe is getting fidgety and bored from having to sit still, Sunstreaker will send over stabilty and try to distract him from the itch that makes it uncomfortable for him to sit still for too long,

They feel each others pain

One of them gets injured on the battlefield, the other feels it and the added sorrow of their twin getting hurt is pure agony .

They can also transfer or send the feeling, taste or texture of something. 

Sideswipe suddenly perks up during monitor duty because Sunstreaker is consuming something delicious.

Or on patrol Sideswipe will send Sunstreaker image captures of landcapes he thinks his twin would like to draw or paint.

They do things in sync without even thinking about it.

Whether its talking, picking up energon cubes at the same time, or sitting down at the same time

It hurts when they are away from each other. They aren’t made to be apart, and it’s agony when they are.

Sideswipe sings songs over the bond, and Sunstreaker will find himself absently humming along to whatever it is he’s singing.

Their sparks are very small, concerningly smaller than the average spark size, but they still have one of the strongest, most stable bonds Cybertron has ever seen. Deeper than any amica or conjunx bond.


I’m done with this god damn hate spreading through the fandom about how they handled the Malec sex scene. YES THEY COULDVE HANDLED IT BETTER AND YES THEY COULDVE WRITTEN IT DIFFERENTLY BUT THEYRE NOW GETTING INTO THE HEART OF THE STORY. They can’t fit everything in 40 minutes guys please understand that. This fandom is literally stooping to the level of the book!fandom and it’s starting to not only piss me off but really start to upset me. There’s literally nothing we can do to change the first half of season 2 but guess what? THEYRE SHOOTING 2B RIGHT NOW AND THAT MEANS THEY CAN STILL CHANGE SHIT. Voice your concerns to them now and make sure they do it better and not fuck up. For the love of God please just…..STOP SPREADING HATE. I REFUSE to see something as pure as this fandom be infected and poisoned like the damn book fandom is. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Voice your concerns but STOP THE DAMN HATE. Not only are we making fellow fans uncomfortable but we’re making the writers and directors feel like shit but have you stopped to think about how Matt and Harry are feeling about this? They work so damn hard to give Malec the representation they deserve and they work long and hard to not turn this fandom into the book!fandom. We all need to learn to respect that and voice our concerns civilly and not harshly. Let them know to change that in 2B. We can’t change 2A. Accept it. Now for the Izzy being addicted to Yin Fin thing? Just because she’s played by a Latina actress doesn’t mean it’s racist. If she was played by a white actress or a black actress or an Arabian or Asian one, the story still would’ve been the same thing. She would still be addicted to Yin Fin. This season is all about character development (THAT MEANS BOTH GOOD AND BAD) and that’s what they’ve been doing. Developing the characters. Clary and Jace are learning to love each other as siblings and move on. Clary is making split second decisions that usually fuck things up. Jace is being a douche because he’s been forced out of the institute and the field. Alec killed Clary’s mom and obviously is not handling it well considering he almost killed himself because of it. Izzy is going down a dark path BECAUSE OF ALDERTREE TRYING TO TEAR THE NY INSTITUTE APART FROM THE INSIDE. Simon grew a back bone and confessed to Clary while at the same time trying to move on and being called out for it by Maia. Magnus is obviously growing to care about the Shadowhunter group and his relationship with Alec is growing beautifully in the midst of this chaos and we’re getting bits and pieces of his back story which is amazing. He’s growing to trust the main cast which isn’t something easy for him to do so he’s opening himself up, and it’s wonderful. Luke is still mourning Jocelyn and that’s perfectly fine she was the love of his life, but he’s not gonna let Clary of anyone push him aside and walk over him like a doormat. Guys this is literally a season about changing the characters whether those changes are good or bad. That’s how character development works. That’s how it’s always worked. It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows and happiness. And Alec punching Raphael? We all know Alec is an impulsive person that’s been proven more times in both seasons especially season one. Isabelle and Magnus probably weren’t able to explain the whole situation before Alec immediately went after Raphael. I’m not saying Alec punching him was OK and I’m not trying to defend him but we all know that Alec is an impulsive person, so before you start to go bitch and complain about how he’s handling it just think for a second on how you would handle hearing your baby sister is addicted to drugs and went to a local source someone that’s in the same room with you to help with it. I would be pissed too and I would probably punch him as well. Because Raphael willingly bit Isabelle that first time in the alleyway. That second time? That wasn’t OK because Isabelle literally forced Raphael to bite her because she didn’t have access to Yin Fin and she was desperate so she went to desperate measures. It wasn’t right and she should feel bad and I hope she does because that wasn’t OK that was the drugs clouding her moral compass. I know we aren’t happy about some of the writing and editing mistakes this season but you have to remember that it’s only the first half of season two it’s already been written and it’s already been approved and aired and we can’t change it. We need to stop thinking we can, they are writing and shooting the second half of the season right now and things can still be changed so go let them know to not fuck up this time. So how about we all stop bitching and complaining about how the editing team could’ve done better or how the writers need to get their shit together and how 2A would be better if they did this thing one way and that thing the other and tell them to do better in 2B. Re-blog and spread this around the fandom please. Because even if I have to hold this whole damn fandom up by myself at the foundations so it doesn’t crumble I will gladly do it. I will not let this fandom crumble and become as toxic as the book fandom is. I will not give that satisfaction to Cassandra Claire. And if you really care about this fandom as much as I do you will re-blog and spread this around. I know this is a long post but this needed to be said. This will not be a toxic fandom I refuse to let it become such.

Why the Voting Gauntlet is Flawed

Alright, people, I have to get this off my chest because it has been bothering me from the start. It’s about the Fire Emblem Heroes’ Voting Gauntlet. It’s terrible. Absolutely terrible!

At first, I liked the idea of a popularity vote contest since Awakening did the same thing as did Heroes for its 5 star characters, but this Voting Gauntlet is awful for many reasons.

Before I start, let me make this clear: I have only played Awaking and Fates. I haven’t played any of the past Fire Emblem games so I am not a ticked off veteran looking to pick a fight.

Second, this is simply my opinion. If you love the Voting Gauntlet, that’s fine with me; however, I despise the way Intelligent Systems is handling it and how broken the mechanics to this Gantlet is.

The first issue I have with this Voting Gauntlet are the characters that were chosen to participate.

Here’s the characters of the last gauntlet:

And now here’s the current gauntlet:

The problem here is as clear as day. Popularity imbalance. What I mean by that is that there are some people, myself included, who go into these things knowing only two or three characters at most because they played the games they were in. I have no clue who Erika, Minerva, or Palla are. Am I likely to side with their army? Well…I sided with Erika because I liked her design, but nothing more and that’s a problem. Fire Emblem Heroes is a game that exposed the newer players to older Fire Emblem characters, but it doesn’t give the newer players a compelling reason to like the characters enough to side with them. The people who are complaining about Lucina and Camilla (so far) single handily winning the Gauntlets have to realize that Awakening and Fates brought tons of people into the series; therefore, it is not surprising at all that Lucina and Camilla, the most popular characters from those games, are beating both Gauntlets.

None of the new fans have either heard of the past Fire Emblem games or even wanted to play them, so they don’t know any of the older characters like Erika. Why support a character whom you don’t even know the game they are from? Which brings me to one of the reasons why the Voting Gaunlet is flawed: the fandom is divided.

There are the old Fire Emblem veterans and there are the Awakening/Fates players. The veterans despise every aspect of Awakening and Fates and the toxic side of the fans who played the games while the newer fans are turned off by the older games due to either toxic veteran fans or Classic mode. So the fandom is literally cut in half with the needless bickering of what Fire Emblem should be. Why do a voting gauntlet that brings all the characters from all the games and expect it to be fair with everyone choosing “this character” because they look cool? No, people are picking their characters in the gauntlets because they know the character compared to the rest. That’s why Lucina and Camilla are winning because it shows how many new fans there are compared to the old fans. Whether you want to debate with me that it is because Lucina and Camilla are waifus and nothing more is up to you, but my main reason why is the former.

Now let me talk about the mechanics of the Voting Gauntlet. Oh…my…lord…the Voting Gauntlet is Takumi levels of broken and not in a good way! Tell me: what is the first thing you think of when you see “Voting Gauntlets”? A mode where you join with countless people around the world and vote for the character you like the most to win these things, right? Well here’s what’s bugging me: You can vote more than once and depending on the number of flags you have, your vote is worth more or less than other people. I’m sorry to the people who like the flags, but I fucking hate them.

The way the flags work is that if you have collected a certain amount through missions, which are more of a chore than anything else, you can use them to boost up a number of points your vote is worth. Depending on your rank in the arena, a regular vote can be worth around less or more than 100 with the difference being around 5 more or fewer points, but as we go higher in the multiplier, it gets worse. In the maximum amount of point multipliers, 200, the difference in points you could contribute is separated by 1000. So if you contributed say 19000 points, somewhere out there, someone contributed 20000 points for the same price of 200 flags because they are ranked higher than you!

And people are complaining about the roster being unbalanced, the flags are close to the rosters of how unbalanced they are. You can say how much I am blowing this out of proportion, but I’ve never had a good feeling about the flags ever since I saw what they could do and how much they could affect the scores. Just look at Camilla’s score when she slaughtered Hinoka. 5 billion+! Might as well stop participating right there and then because no one else is going to hit that. And now look at what’s happened in Camilla vs Cordelia. Camilla hit almost HALF a million in the span of a fucking hour at the START and now she’s at 4 billion points looking to break her record! And people are saying Minerva stands a chance? Not with the bullshit easter costume Camilla got which, in my opinion as a person who likes Camilla, is completely unnecessary and too coincidental.  That’s why I hate the Voting Gauntlet flags. They give too many points and all people need to do is collect them through chore missions, score high in the arena, and spam the fuck out of the 200 multipliers knowing that someone is doing the same but with higher points at the same price. It saps out the confidence of a team which is why Hinoka and Cordelia are scoring so low! They see the massive score Camilla has and just gives up.

Chrom vs Ephraim and Subaki vs Beruka were the best parts of the Voting Gauntlet because the no one knew who was going to win. Everyone had to pitch in and not laze around, or the team could have lost a vote that would have gotten them their victory. Those are the kinds of battles people want more of. The kin that are a test to how much people really want their character to win. People can’t just drop their phone or tablet and not do it for a few hours like they know they’re going to win. The Voting Gauntlet is something that requires undying loyalty and dedication which is something Hinoka and Cordelia fans are unable to display thanks to Camilla’s lead. What’s the point of even trying? That’s something I should never think of when it comes to these things. Even though I don’t like the fact that you can vote more than once, the concept behind it is debatably understandable.

While I do like the Voting Gauntlet as a concept, it isn’t a perfect mode to participate in. It’s too broken with both the characters that are selected and the flags points that are used in it. The first gauntlet kinda made these problems form in the back of my mind, but with this gauntlet with Camilla in it, there’s no doubt in my mind that Intelligent Systems are screwing everyone over.

Last time an Awakening character won and now a Fates character will win. How much of this can the Fire Emblem veterans take before they just start boycotting Intelligent Systems? How much more divided can this fandom get before it falls apart? Say what you want about the old veterans, but they do not deserve this level of neglect IS has continuously shown. As an Awakening fan, I know people will say that I don’t have a right to say this, but this is not what I want from a game that is suppose to bring old and new fans together. This game is supposed to introduce the new players to the old Fire Emblem characters and promote the past games. It worked for me because I have a 5 star Maxed out Lyn as the leader of my team and I want Erika more than even Camilla and Cordelia! I even want to play the games they are from because they are so interesting!

That is the purpose of Heroes and no one can tell me otherwise!

So I am going to make a post on how to fix the obvious mess that is the Voting Gauntlet. Sure it will be subjective and based off of my own opinion, but I’d rather be subjective than stay completely silent forever on this issue. One of the messes that needs to be fixed are definitely the flags. GET RID OF THE FUCKING FLAGS INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS!!

And on a final note, my 5 star Maxed level Lyn says the next Voting Gauntlet will be Blue vs Red vs Green tome mages and Tharja will win it single handily with Male Robin in second place.