this is literally everything i've hoped for


Since we’ve been a couple on the show for some time, do you think that our comfort level is good or that it needs work? Oh, shut up. See? That’s me being comfortable.

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If You Know the Name of Any Given Song You Qualify to Do This Simple Task


Now, of course, preferably send me a song I might know. I’m not a library of music (so not super hipster indie music I’m not hipster). But If you know a song that exists then send me the name of it!

I’m gonna say what I’m gonna do with the song name under here so you can actively ignore this post if you don’t care

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I envy the drarry/Scorbus shippers who also ship dramione/scorose because you literally have everything right there. You got Scorbus as a brotop but you also have scorose as the (possible) otp

you win at life

okay but adding onto that one answered ask, I hope everyone that’s involved with her (platonic, romantic, I don’t care) does realize she is going to make you a lei. She will literally look up flowers and their meanings that most reflect the person, spend hours crafting everything together and will drape it around you because it’s another way of showing her affection. Really important, really big deal so yeah.


He always taught me that it was okay not to feel 100% all the time. That we should let our fears drive us to become someone greater than we expected. I feel completely hypnotised by his voice, thank you for everything. Happy Birthday Michael Clifford xx

Pratap Pothen’s next directorial,
scripted by Anjali Menon,
cinematography by Rajeev Menon,
music by Ilaiyaraaja
*ing Dulquer Salmaan & Dhansika
~shooting begins July~