this is literally an oc from middle school

last two

If they have an LI, how much of their character is tailored to be compatible to that person?

i love this question i literally don’t need to do this cause they do it to themselves

Did you know what the OC’s sexuality would be at the time of their creation?

yeah, i wanted to make a bi nb kid, and when their personality came into shape a bit more the idea was that they were fairly newly out? like they’re that kid who “dated” every boy in their circle of friends at some point from like, kinder to middle school, but they’ve only kissed the one girl (now two though lol). classic “straight” best friend story, insisted it wasn’t a big deal in any capacity, and when clea thought it maybe was actually a little bit of a Thing, she brought some other dude to the school formal and that was that. very drama. one of the reasons they’re so weird about recognizing that they like girls/girls like them, because it’s Totally not a big deal, don’t read into it, that just gets embarrassing, remember?


Here’s a literal challenge for all y’all since we have such a shortage of art from tumblr users.

  1. Favorite Ojamajo
  2. Favorite Ship
  3. Favorite Friendship
  4. Favorite Female Classmate
  5. Favorite Male Classmate
  6. Favorite Parent(s)
  7. Favorite Witch
  8. Favorite One Episode Only Character
  9. Favorite Setting
  10. Favorite Magical Item
  11. Favorite MahouDOU
  12. Favorite OC/ Insert Character
  13. Favorite Animal Transformation
  14. Favorite Seasonal Theme/ Outfit
  15. Favorite Special Outfit
  16. Favorite Side Witch Apprentice
  17. Favorite Bedroom
  18. Favorite in show tv show/franchise
  19. Favorite mahouDOU product
  20. Favorite Episode
  21. Favorite CD Album (redraw)
  22. Favorite Trading Card Outfit
  23. Favorite middle/high school uniform
  24. Favorite fairy
  25. Favorite in series photo
  26. Favorite Familial relationship
  27. Draw a character with an alternate hairstyle
  28. Cross over time
  29. Most Developed Character
  30. Favorite Alternate Age Design