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Other ways TRR could have ended
  • rmb that diamond scene where that reporter noticed that the Beaumont family is poor? Maybe that could have reached the news (especially since i did not buy that scene) making the Beaumont family too controversial for Liam to pick without the queen trynna interject or something
  • Or maybe that money scene (that i also did not buy) comes back to haunt us? Maybe the brothers Beaumont are shady af (like drugs or something lol) and that reaches the news, and maybe cliff hanger then so that Liam isnt picking the snake in the green dress
  • Savannah comes back and calls the Prince her baby daddy
  • Maybe the traitor should have been revealed & cliff hanger on that  (looks like the queen was in on it tbh)
  • The prince picks MC, and they live happily ever after
  • The prince picks MC, who slips out the backdoor before anyone notices and runs away with Hana or Drake
  • The horse finally runs MC over and kills her
Liverpool FC as Cakes part 1

#thecakeseries in honour of my genius and wonderful anon who deserves the world, all credit goes to them bc they literally came up with all of this and they are amazing, thanks for talking to me and being the founder of this amazing thing yall better appreciate this post for them istg 

disclaimer ive tasted like none of these cake i dunno what the fuck im talking about, dont take it serious, its not meant to be 

aight so kloppo is banoffee 

  • the banana fits w his bvb side 
  • and the toffee is obvs lfc cus we get ourselves stuck in all sorts of dumb situations
  • im lookin at u defence 
  • plus it matches his hair colour

emre can is toffeeee

  • “cus we all wanna get stuck him”- ancient proverb by anon the literal genius 
  • thats it, thats the main reason
  • hes sweet and delicious as hell, i mean i dont actually kno but he looks it
  • who doesnt want a piece of emre can is the real question here 
  • the cake is tan, he is tan, thicccc afff

Sadio Mane as Black Forest 

  • do u literally see any difference??? no, me either
  • both badass and sweet as hell
  • literally no one can resist 
  • supermane is literally the cherry on top of this team and its so good

Ben as Chocolate Cupcake 

  • tiny and smol, so good and hard to resist 
  • full of all the good stuff
  • both actual babies too good for this world, too pure, 
  • seeing ben play is like enjoying a chocolate cupcake its totally fitting 
  • both babiessss just like a cupcake to an actual cake, and ben woodburn in the senior team


  • cus he my life and a sunshine and the brightest thing and he needs all the love
  • AND HES UNDERAPPRECIATED prolly like rainbow cake 
  • rainbows are full of love, and im full of love for him, and he is perfection, 
  • he needs more love

James Milner as Red Velvet (this all started cus of james milner, it is entirely his fault)

  • i literally see no difference between him and the cake 
  • he was born to play in red, he looks the best in this colour
  •  i find red velvet a lil bland which totes fits w the ‘boring james milner’ persona
  • plus some people love him some people dont, totally like red velvet
  • both very pretty to look at 

Trent is Charlotte Cake 

  • because HE IS TOO IS SMALL AND FILLED WITH AMAZING THINGS (im talking about talent) 
  • He is also v pretty like the cake 
  • if anyone deserves a good cake its trent, cus hes the best bean and we all love him 

Momo as Ginger Spice

  • have u seen him play
  • this dude got something in his locker bruh and its full of spice and magic
  • i would die for this man, look at him hes an actual angel on earth, 
  • the icing represents his beard, 
  • ginger cake is warm and fluffy and good just like him, 

Studge as Chocolate 

  • studge is cheeky just like when u eat chocolate cake and make sure no one sees
  • uve heard of cheeky nandos w the boys,now get ready for cheeky chocolate cake and a slice of daniel sturridge ;)
  • literally no one can be chocolate cake cus its studge and no matter what we will always love him 

Couti is Chocolate Mousse (this happened before he fucked us over)

  •  bc he’s tiny, delicious and makes everyone happy, 
  • also high key magical and fluffy
  •  smol but magical and everyones guilty pleasure,
  •  everyone wants a piece of couti (ykno back before he stabbed us in the heart and make us all sick,
  •  we had to much chocolate mousse and this is our punishment 
  • good enough that to give us a heart attack 

loris karius as angel cake 

  • hes an actually looks like a fucking angel goodbye
  • like bobby, why isnt bobby angel cake idk
  • is angel cake as pretty as loris??? no it isnt
  • i would chose to eat loris over angel cake anyday who said that not me
  • im to distracted by that picture to even write a description bye

adz is strawberry

  • like we often forget about stawberry cake but when we have it we love it
  • a bit like adz not playing and then surprising us w his cruyff turns again and his quick feet
  • if lallama was a fruit he would literally be a stawberry, so smollll

s/o to my anon, they came up w literally all the cakes, give them all the love

link to part 2 

Have you ever seen a man so beautiful, you cried, punched your laptop screen, swan dived into your pool of tears, and drowned in your feelings.

Yeah… too.

if u come here and tell me that sara lance is a lesbian i will personally come to your house and kick your biphobic ass

fic; electronic surgical words [Orphan Black] chapter 1

pairing/characters: Sarah/Rachel (eventually), Beth/Veera. Sarah, Helena, Rachel, Beth, Tony, Veera, Cosima.
summary: Sarah, Cosima, Tony, and Veera start an underground radio show in protest of Rachel Duncan’s soul-sucking high school radio station. The last thing Sarah expects is for it to bring her closer to her arch-nemesis. (Radio Free Roscoe AU)
author’s note: did someone say fluff? this universe has been my happy place since like, january, and after the summer it’s been i had to just get this out there for anyone who might need it. you don’t need to have watched radio free roscoe but if you were one of the few who did, just know this is exponentially gayer. as it should be.
(on gods: the last chapter is 95% done - i haven’t had time to touch it with work + sheer exhaustion but it’s my main focus now that i’m on break. hope we’re all up for another ending.) 

Damn, I’m still waiting for KNK world domination. Why hasn’t it happened already?

Saturday’s update

I’m the kind of girl who comes across the possibility to buy herself a nice diamond necklace for a good price that everybody says looks good on me and that I have the money for.

But I’m also the kind of girl who keeps thinking “I wish my man would buy it for me.”

I don’t need a man do define me. I’m a strong, independent woman. I’m fine.

But buying it for myself.

It’s not the same.