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Steven Universe is desperately trying to “shake things up” by changing certain Status Quos, Connie’s haircut (which looks hideous) Sadie quiting her job at The Big Donut to form a band with the cool kids, and the rewrite of Kevin yet they can’t give a Greg a damn house already. 🤔

They….just don’t get it. No one really cares about the Beach City characters. Big whoop Sadie quit her job. THERE ARE LITERAL ALIEN OVERLORDS WHO WANT TO KILL THE CRYSTAL GEMS OUT THERE. No matter how big the story gets they always want to treat the Beach City stuff as the primary focus. Who cares if Connie cut her hair. Her character really hasn’t been all that important. Who cares if Lapis left. We know she’ll be back eventually because Status Quo is God. They never focus on the right stuff and it’s really getting annoying. Greg still hasn’t been given a gosh darn house and as far as I’m aware still lives in his van despite getting money. They’ve totally wasted all the big plot on this show.

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Oh my god that anon was so fucking stupid, please dont kill yourself I love you, and i never want to lose you bc even though ive only been following you for a while, I still love you, and you dont deserve all this hate, and you're amazing and never forget that, because you matter and I wouldn't want to live in a world without you. ❤

aaaahh oh my god. This is so sweet I literally cannot function! thank you so so much. I know that anon was only being stupid, but it still wasn’t great to get. I’m so glad that you care. 💜💜

okay so, i’ve been doing work and decided to take a break, during which i ran into some shit again. the thing is, everyone is open to think and headcanon whatever they want, you do you boo, but just…  that fanon thing that makes merlin just gay tires me. i’m not nearly close to ignore the fact he was blatantly crushing on literally everyone, i’m not going to erase freya from his life, just as much as i’m not going to ignore he’s also Super Unstraight™. two things can be true, and for someone who just ?? doesn’t care about this?? at all ??? who has bigger issues to worry about ?? it doesn’t matter okay. merlin’s whole character is based on duality and whatnot, and that is just one of the things which brings you to a point…….. it doesn’t matter which way it goes.

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and I hope this thread dies here tbh

Oh jesus fucking christ. Do I really have to bring you step by step into this?

First off I did not put words in your mouth, I drew the consequences of your implications. It’s a thing you should try. When you make a statement, it has consequences and implications, it doesn’t just STOP there. Which is why children like you shouldn’t try to speak politics and social matters as a hobby instead than with some civic spirit.

a) This post was LITERALLY about stopping to divide transmen and cismen. It was literally about that and about how it’s actually transphobic.

Op was all cute and nice about it . And you and your friend above couldn’t grasp it, so I had to spell it out in a rude way and YOU are still not getting it.

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I might be stuck in 2016 but why is it ok that Kanye literally says (WHETHER OR NOT TAYLOR EVER APPROVED OF THE LYRICS) “i feel like Taylor Swift owes me sex. Why? I made that bitch famous,” like wtf people? What kind of message does that send to young women OR young men?

That teaches impressionable and suseptible young people that if someone advances your career, you owe them sex. That borderlines casual rape culture. Just like all those Hollywood dirtbags who feel they’re entitled to young starlets’ bodies.

It doesn’t matter who the celebrity in question is, nobody “owes” Kanye (or anyone for the matter) sex. Kanye knows the original lyrics were terrible and disgusting. That’s why he changed them to what they are now, which still are horrible because he’s still basically saying “i made you famous so we might still have sex.”

TLDR; Kanye is trash and I’m still pressed almost two years later

Essential components of any fantasy rolepaying group:

  • The player who brings exactly the same swishy elf character to every table; 50% chance of wizard, 50% chance of bard, 100% chance of banging a dragon before the campaign is done.
  • The player who favours dwarves because they’re uncomfortable with speaking in character and dwarves aren’t expected to have personalities.
  • The player who thinks they’re cleverly subverting expectations by playing their halfling as a bloodthirsty, sexually promiscuous drug fiend, unaware that - thanks to players like them - literally 80% of all halfling player characters are like that.
  • The player who designs their character purely for novelty value - like, this time they’re a giant telepathic praying mantis, or whatever - yet inexplicably manages to have the deepest character arc out of anyone.
  • The player whose character’s stats honestly don’t matter because their real contribution to the party is being the only adult in the room.
About Sexiest Man Alive...

I already know I am going to offend some people out there when I make this post, but this whole thing with Blake Shelton getting sexiest man alive has made me really mad. You pick this baked chicken over all these men of color? Like literally there are so many beautiful men of color out there! “The Sexiest Man Alive” is a scam that is mostly dominated by white men! Denzel is the only African-American male I know of that has got this ridiculous title. Like what the hell? So I have made a small list of some men of color that I think could bless a cover of Peoples magazine: 

(I picked people in my opinion that I thought fit the bill better than Blake Shelton)

(Ps. Peoples Magazine, you are a joke :))

  • Idris Elba

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  • Rami Malek

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  • Isaiah Mustafa

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  • Jason Momoa

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  • Chadwick Boseman

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  • Steven Yeun

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  • Jesse Williams

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  • Harry Shum Jr.

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All of these are in my opinion. I am just tired of American Media being mainly “white“. America is supposed to be a “melting pot” but it’s not. White ran media is over everything. There are multiple people of color out there and giving Blake Shelton Sexiest Man Alive in my opinion was brainless and stupid. There are so many other celebrities they could have chosen. 

okay full offense and i know this wont make complete sense but im honestly disgusted that episode 7 has the lowest rating of season 2 and the scathing article GQ wrote about Kali and her “murder teen crew” as they called it. 

they literally said that the episode offered nothing towards eleven’s development like??????? its a standalone episode where for once Eleven isn’t focusing all of her energy on Mike or following Hopper’s rules like she gets guilty and ultimately comes home we KNOW that but there has been such little information about who Eleven TRULY is and what exactly happened to her and what everything represents like ??? hell fuckin yeah episode 7 was necessary for her character development.

like im so sorry that the little girl isnt thinking about her puppy love but is instead actually learning to “grow up” as Hopper said and take matters into her own hands and figure out just who she is (because a hero’s journey cant exactly be complete or consistent if they don’t eventually find their sense of self!!!)

ALSO Kali’s character is fucking necessary for eleven because she stands as her foil, a parallel character who reflects the anger and raw energy that eleven is afraid to tap into (ringing any bells about a certain scene in ep 7????) and the murder “teen” crew wasn’t even a teen crew to begin with like these were grown ass adults who were misfits, people used and chewed up and spit out by society that ultimately chose to fight back. Everything about Kali’s character and her group symbolizes an untamed resistance that most CERTAINLY existed in the 80′s, and isn’t anything that shouldn’t be touched on in the show. 

Eleven is never going to be the cute little girl carrying around a box of eggos with her torn pink dress forever. she has to shed that image and grow into the adult and hero she was destined to become, and if it means the “””””””””rebellious””””””””” teen phase with smudged eyeliner and slicked back hair and a band of misfits beside her then all right i’ll take it, but don’t suggest that episode 7 wasn’t important to her development 

there is SO MUCH MORE to eleven that we need to discover and the fact that they treated episode 7 like it was trash is so fucking insulting (and don’t think for a second that i’m not gonna pull the race card too! if kali had been a feisty doe-eyed white brunette with the SAME exact hair and outfit yall would be MUCH MORE VOCAL about episode 7) 


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Why the Jungkook GCF Tokyo video is important !

🔹 The fact that Junkook used this Troye Sivan song. It’s no secret Kook loves Troye, but he loves this song SO MUCH that he used it despite copyright claims. He could have chosen any song, any of their own songs for no copyright, but he chose this song and as a result, the video is not monetized. Meaning they’re not making money from it. Jungkook uploaded the vid solely because HE wanted to, not to get money at all

🔹 He filmed, directed, and edited this amazing video because he just loves Jimin so much. He spent all that time for Jimin alone when he didn’t even give the other members birthday presents. He treats JM differently, he clearly cares a lot for JM whether as just friends or lovers.

🔹 The video is all Jimin from Jungkooks perspective. Every scene had something to do with Jimin, he barely even showed himself. It was the literal definition of “he thought the view was pretty but I thought he was prETTIER” jk is whipped. When you love someone, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re with them. This was JM through JK’s eyes.

🔹 The fact that SO MANY comments were saying they feel like they’re on a date with Jimin.

What does that make Jungkook then??? All these fans who can see the romance in the air but like to put it on themselves since they wanna be with Jimin is fine, but it showed the video was extremely date-like, as if Jungkook himself was on a date with Jimin. If jungkook treated a girl like that, everyone would lose their minds. But since it’s a guy, it’s just a friendship.

🔹 People even have the audacity to say JK made the vid so army could have a dating sim with JM??? Are you fucking kidding me? JK made the vid for HIMSELF. That’s why he used copyright music. If he was doing it for fans, he would have used their own music to make profit and he would have told Jimin about it

🔹 Since Jimin DID NOT KNOW JK was gonna post the video. He said he would have acted differently. If the video were a “dating simulator” Jimin would have been his stage persona but he was real, raw, and as pure as we will ever see him. It was the real JM that only JK gets to see. And he was so happy. He was truly happy with JK at his side.

🔹 Dreams do come true, kids. JM since 2013 wanted to go on a vacation with JK, just by themselves if they ever had time and they finally were able to, in the happiest place on earth. I don’t care if jikook is real and I don’t know but it’s obvious that they definitely love each other, romantically or platonically.

the signs as (fucking) new year’s resolutions

aries: go to the gym n get fuckin’ ripped also do yoga to calm the nerves a bit, yeah?

taurus: stop drinking, you fucking alcoholic take your little drunk ass to rehab, and no don’t you dare drive, take a nice long walk

gemini: be a “better” person smh and stop destroying your own relationships, ya fuckin’ mess on legs

cancer: pay your fucking rent – YES, on time, and quit crying over people that don’t matter oh my god

leo: don’t be such a bitch like seriously quit stomping all over everybody just because your mental penis is a fucking chode

virgo: save more money, and um???? shut thefuckup??? about literally everything?? eat a god damn slim jim i don’t care if it’s not vegan

libra: stop cheating on your fucking boyfriend and maybe…. don’t…? catch an STD? this year?

scorpio: straighten up your emo little spine and stop blaming the world for your problems, also take a goddamn shower

sagittarius: travel the world and get the fuck away from literally everybody, and maybe eat a fuckin’ ice cream cone while you’re at it

capricorn: get some more friends and stop fucking complaining about every. little. thing. for fuck’s sake

aquarius: literally — you just calm the fuck down.

pisces: stop fuckin’ crying over these fuckboys they don’t care about your heart also learn a new recipe and do your goddamn homework

not to be dramatic but I’m like 99.9% sure that everyone i know regrets being a part of my life and wishes they could leave me 

The LBGT representation matters movement isn’t about having LGBT characters on television as a placeholder, it’s about how you tell their stories. How your LGBT audience can relate to the characters. Showing your audience you understand their day-to-day lives. We aren’t just asking to have characters, we want to be shown healthy coming out transitions and positive LGBT relationships. It’s saddening that as an audience we even have to ask for happy endings. This is the major flaw in television and it won’t be solved until television shows include LGBT writers and creators into the picture.

It’s not about contract extensions, season regulars, guest stars, “show biz”, etc… it’s about being invested into the wellbeing of an already vulnerable audience. It’s about having the tenacity to sit back and realize your mistakes in storytelling. It’s about dedicating MORE time and effort into characters the LGBT audiences NEED to see.

If you are hurting right now, know it is justified. Know that feeling sad about fictional LGBT relationships coming to an end is not “too invested in a relationship”— it’s your heart wanting to see yourself portrayed through these characters. It’s how you relate to them. Let yourself feel sad and mourn the loss. I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

fuck antis

I will take this time to remind everyone of the #anti tactics tag that I really feel is worth reading when antis decide you’re their victim of the week.

I also want to say this in the hopes that the people being harassed internalize it and remember it:

With antis, nothing you do matters. Your actions will not encourage or diminish their efforts. Antis do not see you as another human being because that is beyond them, and because they will go out of the way to dehumanize you, up to an including lying about your identity to all their friends until they feel Justice when they put a target on you.

It’s not about your art or your fic or your headcanon. It’s about power, and bullying, and getting a fucking emotional high off crushing people. We literally know this from former antis who have spoken about it.

Do not for a second think “if I drew something different” or “if I was a better writer,” or anything. It would not help, and there is nothing more worthwhile than you continuing to make the content you want to make, and fuck the antis with a rake.

I remember back a year ago when I was writing ASAFAF and some anti got all up in arms because I was just another author making Jake white. Me, Arcturus, who has never written a white Jake in her life.

Even if you are “perfect” or at least don’t fall into their easy categories of “Women and Queer People We’re Allowed To Hurt,” they will happily invent shit and lie. They do not care.

Block them. Keep creating the shit you want to see in fandom. Support your fellows who are attacked with these lies and harassment.

Death to purity politics. And fuck these dehumanizing, lying puritanical shitstains.

Shout out to Simon Lewis, one of the more underappreciated characters in this series. He has gone through so much in such a short amount of time, and still manages to keep a smile on his face. He is more than Clary’s other half, or the pairing to a ship. He has grown so much since the first episode into the wonderful man he is today.


in football, players don’t say “i love you,” they murder their dearest life partners on the pitch, and i think that’s really beautiful

Thor accepting that Loki is The God of Mischief, but recognizing that he could be more. Thor being able to talk to The Hulk like a typical meat head, but also being able to dish about science with Bruce Banner. Thor trying to help Bruce cope with his anxiety and trying to convince Valkyrie to take up the sword again, even when his world is falling apart and time is running out. Thor stating that it doesn’t matter what happens to him as long as his people make it out alive. Thor trusting that everything will be okay as they make their way to Earth, and telling Loki all of this because in the end he’ll always care about Loki’s well-being no matter how many times he stabs him in the back (literally.) Thor always prioritizing everyone’s needs, acknowledging his limitations, and pushing past them to do what is needed to save others. Thor Odinson, everyone.