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You know what I fucking want? 

I want an episode where our two manly men (I mean Sam and Dean)get kidnapped and Mary Badass Winchester™, Bad Bitch Rowena™ and Queen Jody™ all get together and hit the road to save their asses. Like, literally, that’s the dream, y’all. 

Bonus: Claire and Alex want to come too but Jody tells them no but she’s worried about leaving them alone so Rowena volunteers Crowley to babysit them and Crowley somehow gets Cas (his new bro) to help. 

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I live in Austin and literally every single person I know has met or seen Jared padalecki. Like this one time some person in my class was talking about supernatural and then everyone chimed in with "oh I see him all the time" "I once saw him at a barbecue place" "I've randomly ran into him like 3 times" and I feel like it's become a right of passage like you're not a really austinite unless you've ran into Jared padalecki somewhere

I’m laughing so hard

MTV Scream Preference: Halloween Together


It’s Halloween today where I am, and I wanted to get more into the spirit by making up some quick headcanons for these characters. Hope you guys like it!

A/N: I know most of the couple costumes include boy/girl (most couple costumes that I looked up are like that. But that doesn’t mean that you dress up in a masculine/feminine way. If I said it’s Donald and Daisy Duck you could easily be Donald in a dress/skirt and vice versa. I feel like al of them would be comfortable with that and wouldn’t question it.

I just wanted to point that out because I know it would mess with me.

Emma Duval:

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  • After everything that happened she DID NOT want to do something scary.
  • So instead you decided to celebrate it with the cheesy side of things
  • You guys had a couple’s costume (Wendy and Peter Pan) and handed out the candy to the trick or treaters
  • You guys were the cheesy ones that the little kids loved because you found something nice to say about all of their costumes and were really sweet
  • “Awwww look Y/N it’s a superhero! Lakewood has to be safe now”
  • In between trick or treaters you guys would be cuddled on the couch watching cutesy Halloween movies
  • Nightmare before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Casper, Halloweentown
  • All the works
  • You had the volume on high in order to prevent any sounds that might mess with her outside
  • You guys fell asleep halfway through your list of movies
  • Maggie came home from work and had found you two adorable
  • She was really happy that you helped Emma celebrate the holiday even after everything had happened

Brooke Maddox

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  • You think this girl doesn’t want to drag you to a costume party????
  • She invented costume parties.
  • And does it really count as dragging her S/O if it’s her party????
  • No. Not according to Brooke.
  • She threw a costume party the day before Halloween (kept the list pretty small) 
  • It’s actually pretty tame.
  • You guys both dress up as the Incredibles
  • You head over to her house again when it’s actually Halloween
  • She splurges on the Halloween candy for the kids (each one gets like two handfuls)
  • Brooke has to keep herself from squealing whenever she sees someone dressed as a princess
  • She isn’t able to stop herself when she sees an Ariel
  • “Y/N that was my favorite princess when I was younger!”
  • Legit tears up when she closes the door
  • You guys go trick or treating when you run out of candy
  • You don’t get a lot (because it’s really late), but you guys have tons of fun

Noah Foster

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  • Horror. Movie. Marathon.
  • Sppppoooookkkyy movies
  • You guys set out the candy, head over to where he works (grab snacks on the way) and binge on them
  • You are literally surrounded by blankets on that couch with candy and popcorn surrounding you
  • Oh… and did I mention… scary movies?
  • You better have seen these ones beforehand because Noah is gonna talk to you through all of them
  • “You know there’s actually a conspiracy theory on the internet that this….”
  • You hear that fifty times
  • You don’t care because his eyes light up so much when he talks about them
  • You guys mostly watch supernatural/paranormal ones (avoid serial killers) because… Lakewood….

Jake Fitzgerald ( I l o v e d writing this one)

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  • You guys dress up as a pair of devils
  • “Jake what’s your costume?”
  • “… A devil? We talked about it Y/N-”
  • “You can’t dress up as something you are everyday Jake,”
  • “…”
  • Cue overdramatic face with a hand on the heart
  • You guys do really really really innocent pranks as Halloween comes closer
  • Like you guys seriously think it through on whether or not it crosses ANY lines
  • You guys play it safe and do things like the shocking ring, whoopee cushion, putting random flavoring in their drinks so they drink their water and spit it out bc now it tastes like cherry????
  • You guys pranked Noah by making up a really really bad rap and naming it as a Morgue podcast draft on his computer
  • “Thiiiiisss is Fitzgerald.” “And L/N!” 
  • “And you better not forget to be sppooooookkkkyyy today…”
  • “Boo!”
  • (Best lines out of the entire thing you dorks)
  • But you changed the rest of the file’s names so he had to listen to them all in order to figure out which one was the draft he had to edit
  • (Realizes that wasn’t the only rap)
  • “Hey Foster you came for our comeback rap!”
  • “We know we’re just that good!”
  • You guys try to make those DIY Halloween snacks while listening to Halloween music
  • End up dancing to the music more than cooking.
  • You don’t finish any of the recipes

Audrey Jensen

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  • You guys are going trick or treating.
  • It’s said. And it’s done.
  • You guys are Jack and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas
  • “Oooohhh Audrey can I have that Kit Kat?”
  • “What? No. Get your own Kit Kat”
  • “Auuuuddrreeeyyyy”
  • You have to trade in order to get the KIt Kat
  • Audrey definitely takes her video camera out every once in awhile in order to get clips of you while Trick or Treating because she thinks you are adorable
  • If anything scares you while you guys are out Audrey wraps her arm around your shoulder
  • Mumbles insults to those people
  • “Come near us again chainsaw guy I dare you…”
  • You both go to her house afterwards and dump out your candy on the floor after most of the candy in the blocks around you are done
  • You guys watch the cheesy Halloween specials on TV
  • Munching on candy the entire time
  • You two are gonna get cavities…

Zoe Vaughn (because she’s my babe and why aren’t there more gifs of her)

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  • Took a picture of just the two of you tooOkay but…. I feel like she’s an older sister….

  • So she WANTED to go hang out with you at your house watching a few movies before heading to a costume party

  • But her Mom got sick and couldn’t take her little sister and brother out trick or treating (They were the Tweedledee and Tweedledum)

  • So Zoe called you as she got in her Alice in Wonderland costume (she was not letting it go to waste) to cancel

  • You told her that you’d go with her. Got dressed in your costume (Mad Hatter) and the two of you went out trick or treating

  • Zoe actually had a lot of fun

  • You two would take her brother and sister up to the scary looking houses when they were too scared to go by themselves

  • You guys got candy

  • You both stared at each other shocked when it first happened…

  • … Neither of you thought you would get candy because you were older…

  • You went with them to every house after that because you were gonna get candy if they offered it

  • (Some houses gave you guys extra because you were a group costume)

  • When it started getting later you guys headed to her house

  • The little ones almost fell asleep as soon as they got home

  • Zoe made them take a picture that had all four of you because she thought it was adorable

  • You and Zoe sat in the living room eating your candy and watching the horror movies that were on while you cuddled
Jealous ~S.S.~

Summary: season like 4 Stiles and Malia plus a jealous reader.

Requested: no

Note: sorry it’s so long. I had so many ideas and I don’t want to just everything into one story.

Me and Lydia stood at my locker planning the pack meeting tonight and decided that Derek’s loft would be the best.

“I feel like there’s so many of us, you know even though we’ve lost a few people with Malia joining it’s just” Lydia says fixing her lipstick

“Can we not talk about her please?” I plead closing my locker.

I’m not the biggest fan of Malia Tate. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure she’s a nice person but she gives me bad vibes, and she stole my man.

Ok maybe that’s the wrong phrase. I just-

“Y/N you’re a witch, you’re the witch. Just because she’s illegitimately dating Stiles, doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure they’re just friends anyway.”

“Dude, every night she comes in my room because she can’t sleep and then ya know” Stiles says engrossed in another “serious” conversation with Scott.

“No Stiles. I don’t know” the Alpha says rolling his eyes. He’s never been one to take hints.

Stiles just lifts the back of his shirt up revealing red lines with some dried blood on his back.

I gasp and run my hand over the scratches quickly making them disappear as if they weren’t there.

“Y/n, what did you just do. They actually don’t hurt now. Oh she healed me.” Stiles says pulling his shirt back down. “What have I said about using your mojo on me.”

“You’ve said it’s extremely cool and to do another trick.” I laugh rolling my eyes. “And don’t call it mojo. That’s disrespectful. My magic isn’t a joke stiles” I say giving him the look. He salutes me before we all continue to History with coach.

“So where’s Malia?” Kira says from her seat in class.

I shrug and look down at my worksheet.

“STILINSKI, put your phone away!” Coach yells causing our group to laugh.

“Yep. Got it coach. Putting it away” stiles awkwardly says putting the phone in his back pocket.

The rest of the school day is spent like every other. Admiring stiles from far away. Except Malia wasn’t here to cling on to his arm. Okay maybe I’m extremely jealous that Malia has the love of my life.

It’s actually not my fault. After becoming The Grand Priestess last year, all my emotions, senses and abilities were heightened. The Grand Priestess wasn’t supposed to be appointed until they were 19 or pregnant with their first child, but both my grandmother and mother were killed when I was 12.

The entire “world” of witchcraft had been trying to figure out what to do until eventually they just taught me what to do. It’s been a long, lonely process but I’ve got the hold of it.

“Y/N! Are you listening? Of course not.” Lydia says waving her hand in front of my face.

“Oh sorry Lyd. Why were you saying?”

“I was saying, it’s time to go. Derek has somewhere to be tonight and doesn’t trust us alone with peter.” She says grabbing her purse and moved to her car.

We arrived at Derek’s Loft and I immediately moved to the kitchen to grab some drinks. But when I walked in Malia was sitting on the kitchen counter with stiles in between her legs.

I stared at them before shaking my head and continuing to the fridge. I roughly opened the door cause the pair to jump apart and almost causing stiles to fall.

“Oh no. Don’t stop on behalf of me. Tongue Tennis is my favorite sport” I spit before popping open the soda can.

“I see you’re more of a spectator than a participant?” Malia says crossing her arms and hopping down.

“Ohhh. Big words, did Lydia teach you what those mean last night. Oh wait, you were a bit busy last night” I sarcastically state. I could practically taste the venom in my words.

“Oh go to hell.” She growls stepping closer.

“I run it bitch” i say stepping just as close as her. Malia is the only one to have never seen my powers, or even know a lot about them, but she might just today.

“Wow, no wonder you’re all alone”

“HEY. GIRLS, as much as I love reality TV. We have a meeting so drop it” Derek barks at us. Malia jumps and walks away while I stay still for a little bit.

Stiles still hasn’t moved and is just staring at me with wide eyes. I roll my eyes and move to the living room.

“Okay so Scott turned a freshman into a werewolf and the full moon is in less than 3 days so we need a plan.” Derek says looking at everyone.

“I can chain him up somewhere safe.” Scott offers.

“Malia is using the chains still” I say fake smiling at her.

“And you’re still a brat” she says returning the smile.

“Okay, y/n do you think you can find a spell to help sedate him or calm him down?” Derek says ignoring our argument.

“Course she does, how else would she get dick”

“MALIA” Scott and stiles shout at the same time.

I laugh darkly and clench my fist.

“Look hun, there’s a boy that could possibly hurt himself or other innocent people. We don’t have a lot of time to figure out what to do with a naturally angry new werewolf on top of training you how to control your shit” I quickly stand up and before anyone can blink the lights go out and Malia is pinned up against the brick wall. The whole scene looks creepy because the only light came from the setting sun. My eyes had turned a glowing black and my aura was showing. It bascailly looked like I was floating in pure black smoke. “So how about you shut up, chill and listen to Derek. I really don’t like you and no one in this room has the capability of stopping me from killing you. It’s out of respect and second hand care that you’re still alive. So shut the hell up, sit down before I use my actual powers” I didn’t even realize I had moved closer to the terrified Werecyote.

I drop her from the invisible hold I had in her. My eyes returned to normal and the “smoke” had cleared and the lights came back on.

Malia was coughing on the floor before growling at me. She stood up to come for me before Stiles and Scott grabbed her arms restraint her. I just smile and return to my previous seat.

We continued the meeting with a lot of tension. Once it was time for everyone to leave, stiles asked to speak to me. He lead me up the spiral stairs and into a room. Malia was sitting on the bed and Scott was sitting at the desk.

“You both need to stop. We’re a pack and this isn’t how you act. You’re both being childish and it’s getting annoying. So you’re going to talk it out. ”

“I don’t see why I can’t just leave. She’s the only problem here. Who cares if I don’t like her?” Malia says rolling her eyes.

“You can’t leave because like Scott said we’re a pack, whether you like it or not. This group of people are all we got. Eachother. Respect is necessary and if you’re going to stay I mine as well like you. So let’s talk it out. I’ll start. Stop acting like you’re all alone in this world. You have people. You have supernatural people. Stop acting like you are the only one in the god damn world who’s lost someone close to you. News Flash, literally every single person in the pack has. You’re not special. Quit lying and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Because as soon as you realize that there’s more than one place that’s willing to give you what you want you’re going to leave. So stop playing games. And quit coming for me, because if we’re comparing problems and issues we can and I guarantee I’ll win.”

“I never said any of that. You just want everything I have. I’ve been through shit you cant even think about. So stop.”

“Why would I want everything you have? Who wants diseases, an unstable ‘relationship’ and to have my first time on a nasty couch in the basement of an insane asylum. So fuck you and fuck this. You stay outta my way and don’t speak to me unless necessary then we’ll be okay. Because let me tell you a 17 year old with unimaginable powers is a mine field. So watch your step. And maybe if one of your little friends didn’t murder the only thing I had, we wouldn’t be here.”

“Y/n, what are you takin about?” Scott interrupts me.

“Scott, you know my grandmother and mother are dead. And I swear when I figure out who it was-”

“Stiles didn’t tell you?” Scott says making eye contact with the boy.

I spin around quick and look at stiles confused.

“Tell me what stiles?”

“We uhm. We know who killed your mom and grandma.” He says sadly not looking at me.

“You knew and didn’t tell me? Who is it. Let’s go.” I say running down the stairs. I could finally get revenge on the bastard.

“Y/n no. Uhm. We can’t go. Look it was an accident and they didn’t mean to. They’re so sorry.” Stiles began stepping closer to me. Malia and Scott stood at the bottom of the staircase while I was almost to the door.

“Stiles. What are you talking about? Just tell me who it is” I say looking in his eyes. Just like that my love grew taller.

“It was Malia” he whispers a tear running down his face. And just like that my love fell.

“No. I don’t understand. She killed them?” I said not bothering to look in any other direction than the boy I wanted to kill right now.

“Yea. Y/n look im really sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I-”

“EARLIER. YOU THINK THATS WHY IM UPSET. GOD DAMN IT STILES HOW THE HELL COULD YOU. SHE FUCKING MURDERED MY FAMILY AND YOU SLEPT WITH HER. YOURE SLEEPING WITH HER. LIKE YOU DIDNT HOLD ME FOR YEARS AFTERWARDS. LIKE I DIDNT COME TO YOUR HOUSE ALMOST EVERY NIGHT BECAUSE I COULDN’T BE ALONE AND MY NIGHTMARES WERE TERRIBLE. LIKE I DONT FUCKING LOVE YOU. I HAVE SINCE WE WERE CHILDREN. AMD HERE YOU GO SCREWING THE BITCH THAT KILLED MY ONLY FUCKING FAMILY. You know exactly how it feels to lose your mother. And yet you just said fuck me and our lifetime of friendship. That’s wrong Stiles. And don’t think you’re safe either bitch. The ONLY reason you’re alive this second is because I’m going to fuck you up. Every single one of you.” I screamed and vented and yelled and in a blink I was gone but the entire loft was in a huge mess of papers, furniture, files and clothes.

I didn’t even bother going home. I went straight to the sheriff station. To say goodbye of course. Sheriff Stilinksi was the father I never had. Strong, caring and always welcoming.

“Y/n? Hey. Where’s Stiles?” Parrish asks me. I ignore him and go straight to the sheriffs office.

“Sheriff. I’m just here to say thank you and I love you with every ounce of me but I can’t stay here. Thank you for welcoming me and allowing me to be the person I am. Thank you so much.” I say finally bursting into tears. Stilinski runs around his desk and hugs me.

“Y/n. Sweetie. What’s wrong. Please tell me.”

“Malia- she-she killed my mom and grandma and stiles knew and still has sex with her and i-I’ve always lo-loved him” i sob. My sentences were barely comprehendible but I knew the sheriff understood.

“Oh y/n. It’s okay. Where are you gonna go?”

“I’m not sure. My dad has family down in Georgia. I can go there”

“Please be safe. I understand your need to leave but promise me you’ll be back to visit me.”

“I promise”

You Owe Me - Part 1

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Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,398

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned. 

“Is your house on fire?”


“Is your freaking house on fire?!”

“Um, no. I need to…”

“Ok then I’m hanging up.” Click.

Is your coworker seriously serious right now? You grab your phone again while swearing under your breath. 

“Y/N, please don’t hang up again! I know you hate me cause I woke you up. But I need a huge favor and it’s time sensitive!” Kelly almost squeaks. 

Oh, this should be good.

“Ok I’m listening.” You sigh loudly. 

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How do I write: Modern Vampire AUs

Realized that while people are trying to make their vampire characters more different from the rest, the core ideas are beginning to stale – vampires hate werewolves, they’re empathetic blood drinkers, dangerously beautiful, ext. Here’s a few AU ideas and headcanons to freshen up your Vampire AU.

  • Character A works for an orphanage in the mountains that takes in “abandoned” vampires  – meaning they didn’t have a sire/group of experienced vampires to teach them – and teaches them how to function in society. It’s not easy to help a bunch of fresh vampires dampen their natural, predatory instincts.
  • Tight-knit polyam vampire covens that use Google calendar to keep track of everybody’s activities and plan dates together.
  • “Lol I’ve only been a vampire for a decade, I’m not sure what you want me to tell you about? I guess I can help you write your paper on Vampirical rights though.” AU  
  • When vampire Character A and werewolf Character B decide to start dating, nobody has a problem with it. Everybody knows that it’s witches and vampires that don’t get along, werewolves and vampires actually get along splendidly.
  • Character A and Character B are vampires and can’t have children, but since Character B loves kids. The two of them adopt older kids who are about to age out of the adoption program and teach them important life skills/morals/the likes. Best part, the kids all get a house that they can come back too, and parents that will be around for (quite literally) forever.
  • “I don’t know why you were expecting all vampires to be incredibly beautiful gods and goddesses? I mean were were all human once? I guess we do get better looking with age, but really, we’re pretty mediocre looking.” AU
So basically Dean's the sweetest

I convinced my younger cousin to watch the first episode of Supernatural, and not even halfway through, this happens:

My cousin: “I can tell that Dean is one of those guys that acts tough…”
Me (interrupting him): “but really cares about everyone and loves with all of his heart?”
My cousin: “yeah”

If my 13 year old cousin seeing Dean’s heart of gold LITERALLY NOT EVEN 30 MINUTES into the pilot of the show, doesn’t prove what a truly good person he is, then I don’t know what would.


Amidst all the presents and festivities, remember that the real gifts are your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

Thoughts about Ran Mao (or literally « Blue Cat »)

I finally got some time to watch entirely Book of Murder part 1 animated (thanks Jane Doe Subs) and even if I knew that arc almost by heart, the animation made me aware of things I hadn’t noticed in the manga arc.
Especially concerning our little Ran Mao. It’s been a long while since I’ve started thinking Ran Mao was not a human but a supernatural being, different from Agni, Shinigamis or Sebastian and even if I had noticed several things in the manga, Book of murder made them even more blatant.

Let’s make it direct, I believe Ran Mao is a cat in a human body, probably something akin to a bakeneko (thanks wondrouswatchdog for finding info about it).
(I’ll be using the manga only to prove my theory, so no counter-attack with s1 and s2 please, I don’t consider that to be canon.)

Now, unto proving that:

  • Facts we know about Ran Mao so far thanks to the manga in general
  1. She’s very strong (she can hold chui weapons easily), and capable at fighting and killing. (Curry Arc when she kills Mina and Harold West)

  2. She seems to harbor an undying loyalty for Lau, and is rarely seen away from him

  3. She almost never speaks but when she does, she uses very few words and never speaks a complete sentence. She also often seems aloof. 

  4. She lacks common sense (remember the panties on the head?) and dresses outrageously, which goes against England’s customs for the Victorian era but also even against China’s. One other thing is that sometimes she doesn’t seem to realize that her outrageous clothing fluster people (Book of murder the, when she bumps into Arthur C.D.).

  5. She has bells always hanging around her ankles and her hair is always up in long braids circling cat ears.  

  6. Lau always pets her like one would an animal (stroking the top of her head) and calls her a “cat” (Curry Arc) and her name means “Blue Cat” in Chinese.

That’s mostly what one can gather from her different appearances in the manga. Now, thanks to Book of murder being animated, I managed to gain maybe some more info. (Just as a reminded: BoM is the arc in which Ran Mao appears the most and Yana indeed left small details hanging around throughout it.)

There is:

->  the peculiar color of her eyes.

I’m pretty sure many won’t agree on that point but compare it with Mey Rin’s from Book of Circus, Wendy’s, anyone who have brown eyes in Kuroshitsuji and you’ll see the shade of Ran Mao’s eyes is clearly different to any shade of brown or hazel that there is.  

Personally I call that color amber and after some research on the Internet, I’ve found out that while many animals have that eye color (dogs, cats, owls, eagles…), it’s way less frequent for humans (but not non-existing , which is I agree that point isn’t a proof in itself). 

-> A strange habit that she has is also to sniff food in front of her. There is that scene in the manga…

and it was also animated (check it at around 38:00). And I don’t know for you, but for me that’s not something a human would do, however that’s something cats do.

-> Also after discovering Phelps’ murder, she’s seen sniffing the dress Lau offered Ciel. Check it at around 39:55, you can even see her nose moving (that’s so cute).

So, adding the sniffing habit to the other facts + that small scene in the first episode of Book of Circus when Lau gives her food to eat, for me it’s quite obvious that Ran Mao is more cat-like than human-like except for the physical appearance

About that, I was speaking earlier of the possibility for Yana to be inspired for Ran Mao by the Japanese legends of Bakeneko (yōkai cat, literally “monster cat”) especially since their abilities includes shape shifting into humans and they can also speak human words.

More generally, I think if not a bakeneko, Ran Mao could simply be a Chinese girl possessed by the spirit of a cat, since there are a lot of legends about Chinese spirit possession and we all know how Yana researches a lot before introducing a concept in Kuroshitsuji. In any case, for me it could be that Ran Mao isn’t a human.

  • But what does that bring to the plot?

Well, except for demons and Shinigamis, we’ve had proof of other kinds of supernatural beings existing in Kuroshitsuji. Agni is an example of that with his godly hand, even if he is a human outside of this gift, but there are others that we can suspect of being supernatural (like John Brown after his moment in the current Werewolf/Greenwitch arc and maybe even Frances Midford).

Having Ran Mao as supernatural gives Lau a sudden power-up for things to come, because in the Underworld Lau is a very important ally of Ciel’s, and even if they’re not enemies yet, Lau’s got his own agenda and his own goal, and he might not stay Ciel’s ally until the end.
Furthermore, he’s a complete mystery and the fact he appears to be an airheaded idiot is something not to be taken lightly, so if a conflict between Ciel and Lau arises, you can be sure there will be a Ran Mao vs Sebastian show down (and just like how Undertaker showed to be different from his anime version, maybe Lau will have a way to beat Sebastian with Ran Mao this time).

One last thing, I don’t think I have to point out that Lau is probably aware that Sebastian is something not human (which means that if he believes supernatural beings that could be because he knows they exist, and that means more evidence to the ‘Ran Mao not being human’ theory) since he doesn’t seem unfazed by Seb’s “resurrection” after Book of murder while he showed signs of surprise to see him “dead” (his actual words being: “to be able to kill that butler, the culprit must be…”). 

That’s yet one more proof to take Lau very seriously, especially when he was the only one who managed to guess Ciel and Sebastian’s plan of introducing a 13th character in Book of Murder, right before Jeremy’s arrival (and you can be pretty sure that Ciel didn’t tell him beforehand, otherwise he wouldn’t have been surprised by Sebastian and Siemens’ murders).  

I hope it made sense. On that, I’m out. ~

Ambassador Hotel: A Night in Room 507

We arrived at the Ambassador Hotel at exactly 9:45pm Thursday night, May 19th. I remember the exact time because I was starving and worried that we wouldn’t be able to order room service because the kitchen closes at 10. That night we stayed in room 504 because 507 was occupied at that time. In the morning we would check out of 504 and move just a few doors down to room 507 where we would spend the remainder of our trip. 504 is a bigger, nicer room than 507 so we were not exactly upset about spending one night there, so long as we got to spend my birthday in 507, we were happy. That night we missed the last call for room service because there was no menu in the room and we had to have one sent up; because of this the hotel was nice enough to accommodate us despite the kitchen being closed. We ordered room service, ate, and went to bed. We slept extremely well that night. The next day we got up, got ready, and went out for some coffee. Checkout is at 11am so we had to wait for the current occupants to check out of room 507 and for the room to be cleaned. The hotel called us around 12:30 to inform us that room 507 was ready for us, so we returned to the hotel to check into 507. That day we didn’t spend much time in 507. It was my birthday so I wanted to go out and visit all of the Dahmer related locations I had read about. We quickly crossed all of the locations on my list off, so we decided to head back to the hotel to grab a bite to eat. That night was relatively normal, just like the night before, only that night neither of us slept very well. I woke up on the 21st and it was as if I was hit by a ton of bricks…”HOLY SHIT…today is Jeffrey Dahmer’s birthday!”…I could not believe that I had actually forgotten that Jeff’s birthday is the day after mine. We would literally be staying in the hotel room that Jeffrey had murdered Steven Tuomi in ON his birthday! At the time, I didn’t know whether or not this was cool, creepy, or both. Actually, I knew it was creepy. The entire trip in general was morbid and creepy, but considering that this was supposed to be the ultimate ‘Dahmer’ experience, I let the excitement take over and planned a little surprise for later that night. That day we explored Milwaukee. We had already crossed everything Dahmer related off of our list the day before so the first half of that day kinda just felt like an actual vacation rather than some kind of morbid class project. We had a lot of fun that day and actually spent most of the day talking about how surprisingly awesome Milwaukee is. When we returned to room 507 that night something was majorly different. The room itself had always had a creepy vibe about it but that night it was incredibly heavy. It was something that both of us felt immediately and although we were still packed full of energy from the awesome day we had just experienced, all of a sudden we were completely drained. We ordered room service thinking that we were probably just hungry and my ‘surprise’ went into full swing. That night we would raid the mini bar, mix a couple of drinks, and watch a documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer. It seemed like the ultimate 507 experience and I wanted to maximize the creepiness, despite the fact that by this time we both felt like something was not quite right. Before we could get the documentary set up on my laptop, we heard a commotion outside of the room in the hallway. We quickly made our way to the door and immediately had to hold back our laughter. There was actually a crowd of drunken people outside of our hotel room, taking photos together and talking about the dark history of 507. I heard one guy say “Yea, that’s the room where Jeffrey Dahmer killed some guy!”, while another said “Oh my God, I think there is someone in there!” Then before we could compose ourselves they all started singing, extremely loudly I might add, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFFREY DAHMER!!!” repeatedly as they walked down the hallway towards the elevators. Had I thought of it at the time, I would have thrown on my Dahmer glasses, flung open the door, and screamed “THANK YOU!!!” before they walked away from the door…but sadly, I was still in awe and by the time I thought of it, they were gone. After laughing for a good 20 minutes, we watched the documentary. I have seen pretty much every documentary and read every Dahmer related article, book, blog…etc. but the person that was with me (my partner) had never heard of Jeffrey before I dragged him along on this crazy adventure. And if not for that fact, that night may have not been as terrifying for me as it ended up being. After the documentary we talked for a bit before eventually falling asleep. That is when things went downhill. That night I woke up at exactly 3am and turned over to find my partner rubbing his eyes and staring at me. We had literally both just woken up on our own at 3am on the dot. He didn’t know the significance of this hour, but I certainly did and as someone who believes in the supernatural, I knew this was not a good thing. We talked for a bit about how uneasy we both felt and about how we were both having really bad nightmares right before we had woken up. He couldn’t remember his, but I could remember enough of mine to know that they all involved Jeffrey and room 507. We finally drifted back to sleep at some point but it wasn’t long before I was awake again, but this time it was only I who was awake and my partner was fast asleep, only this time he was hanging over the side of the bed in the creepiest, most awkward way possible. I sat there for at least a minute before reacting because I literally thought that I was having another nightmare. My partner knows NOTHING about Steven Tuomi that was not in the documentary that we watched that night. He knows nothing about Jeffrey Dahmer, except for what I have told him and what he saw in the documentary. The documentary mentioned the Ambassador Hotel but said NOTHING about how Jeffrey found Steven hanging off of the side of the hotel bed, dead. But there I was, looking at my partner in this weird, uncomfortable position. It looked like something out of The Exorcist and it didn’t even look like a position that anyone could sleep in. He looked dead. I snapped out of my initial state of shock/horror, grabbed his arm, and pulled him back onto the bed. He woke up for a moment and then quickly fell back asleep. I, on the other hand, spent the rest of the night looking up at the ceiling. I didn’t tell him what had happened when he woke up. I didn’t tell him until we got back home. He was already creeped out enough so I didn’t wan to make it any worse while we were still staying in room 507. I was creeped out too. I know that the trip was supposed to be scary/creepy and that this is the kind of story that people hope to bring back when they stay in a room like 507, but the whole experience was more than I bargained for to say the least. I still get chills imagining the position that he was in, with his head almost touching the floor, sound asleep as if it was the most normal sleeping position imaginable. I don’t know if it was the energy surrounding the room itself, a coincidence, or just the room combined with the energy surrounding Jeffrey’s birthday. I don’t know and I probably never will, but I do know that it is nothing that I ever want to experience again. Paranormal or not. I know that in earlier posts I used the phase “Retracing the footsteps of Jeffrey Dahmer”…I feel like this was a mistake now. Waking up next to my partner looking like he had just been murdered was definitely not what I meant to accomplish during my trip to Milwaukee. I just wanted to see for myself the places that I have read about so many times, and of course, creep my partner and I out a bit. It was supposed to be fun, and up until that last night, it was. I forcefully brushed off that night rather quickly and tried to enjoy my last day in Milwaukee, and somehow I managed to do just that. We ended the trip by ordering two rum and Cokes and toasting to Jeff before heading to the airport. I don’t regret my trip to Milwaukee at all, but I do have a lot more respect for places where tragedies have taken place, and I would caution anyone who stays in that room knowing what took place there. It’s definitely not something that you want to joke around with. If you want to stay in that room, it is something that you should take seriously. I will visit Milwaukee again in the future and I will definitely stay at the Ambassador every time I visit…but from now on, I will just stick to room 504.  

Talk Dirty To Me

[Note - I’m going to use he and his in this post because I hate using plurals for one person, but they should be considered gender-neutral.

Because that’s what love is, after all: blind.]

So, why do we love this story? Why do we think back on it, why do we remember the way they look at each other as we trot along and do our boring, mundane things? 

Because it’s a great story. Simple as that. I mean, remember how it goes?

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a trip to the supermarket with my dad

so about an hour ago, my dad noticed that i’d been on the internet all day and hadn’t been outside for days/weeks/whatever so he decided to drag me outside to go shopping with him

we didnt talk much in the car on the way to the supermarket but once we got there i realised i was literally dressed like dean winchester (which i didnt point out because my dad doesnt know supernatural) but i started laughing and he sort of gave me a look that said “oh no not my weird daughter again”.

 having not been outside for a while and living on tumblr for a week, i had forgotten what was socially acceptable so i just randomly started singing the ghostbusters theme song because a box of cereal fell of a shelf by itself then i said “DAD DAD IT’S A GHOST CEREAL BOX! WHO YA GONNA CALL?” and he just facepalmed and kept walking. i just started humming fall out boy songs and skipping around and talking enthusiastically about pizza and my dad just put his hand on my shoulder and said “grace, people are gonna think youre on drugs” so i stopped and started talking too enthusiastically about jillian holtzmann like “oh my god holtzmann is so amazing i love her so much she is amazing and awesome and l mean youve watched the film you saw her she is just perfect in every way” and he was like “grace, youre making me question your sexuality” and i laughed and said “you dont have to do that for me” but i almost said “dont worry im gonna come out in january” and just managed to stop myself

as my dad was paying i was talking to him about harry potter. i was saying “dad youve only read the first book. you have to read all of them” and he was like “no i dont because ive watched the films” and i was like “im not lending you the cursed child until youve read all seven books” and he was like “maybe i wont read the cursed child then. maybe i’ll just go and see the play” and i was like “we might not be able to see the play” and he just looked at me and said “oh, i’ll see it”

when we left the supermarket i said “but what if we dont see the cursed child” and he said “we can all act it out” and i said “who would you be?” and he said “silvius balfoy” and i just stared at him and said “who the hell is that?” and he said “y’know. draco’s little one” and i said “SCORPIUS MALFOY YOU IDIOT” and he was like “yeah i’ll be that one” and i said “dad, he’s 14. youre nearly 45″ and he said “i’ll be harry then. you can be scorpius. molly can be albus.” and i was thinking “woah dad youre casting me as scorpius and my girlfriend as albus? scorbus much” then i remembered he doesnt know im gay or that my best friend is actually my girlfriend. then he kept going on about how he could be harry potter

on the way home some boys like 17 or something rode their bikes across the road in front of us and my dad said “watch out, lads” and i looked at him and said “you do know they cant hear you, right?” and he said “they can. i used telekinesis.” i groaned then a few seconds later said “wait isnt telekinesis when you move objects with your mind?” and he said “yep”

later he was like “did we ever finish watching shadowhunters?” and i said “i did. you didnt” and he said “im sure i did” so i said “you didnt. you watched up to episode 5. whos your favorite character?” and he said “magnus and harry” and i looked at him and said “whos harry?” and he said “the gay one” and i was like “THATS ALEC” 

and that is what happened when i went to the supermarket with my dad

Reason I love wendy #34580

she’s been basically gone for so many episodes and now she just comes back 100% ready to accept that mabel has asked her to go get unicorn hair with her to prevent a triangular demon from entering the Shack, where there is currently another Stan who literally came out of nowhere

Stop Calling Hannibal Queerbaiting

I wasn’t going to make this post but I thought, “hey, what the hell” so I’m gonna do it.

I noticed that I get a LOT of people who are not in the Hannibal fandom and who don’t even watch the show trying to start random arguments with me out of nowhere about how “Hannigram isn’t canon” because “Hannigram is queerbaiting” and let me tell you I am always left in disbelief by these people especially when literally all of them begin to compare it to Destiel (don’t get me wrong, Destiel is a FAB ship, but as we know Supernatural does use a lot of queerbaiting unfortunately). Now I usually ignore most of these people, because I know the truth, I don’t need someone who doesn’t even watch the show telling me my canon ship isn’t real. Today was different. I had someone comment on a tweet I made 5 days ago that had one favorite on it to tell me that Hugh Dancy’s statement of Hannibal and Will having a “Profound” love was queerbaiting because “They use the same term in SPN and its queerbaiting” Now as you can tell this made me real salty. Do these people even know what queerbaiting is?

Queerbaiting, if you didn’t know (I’m sure most of us are aware), is the constant promise or baiting of a queer relationship with no payoff. It is an awful scheme to lure in fans of the LGBT+ community without actually giving them what they really want, and usually having the gay played-off as jokes. Queerbaiting is not Homosexual Subtext. Queerbaiting can be used as fan-service but fan-service is not necessarily queerbaiting.

So here’s the thing with Hannigram:

Hannibal is pansexual or omnisexual. Will Graham is considered heterosexual, and biromantic but is also bi-curious and influenced. Hannibal and Will are in a canon queer romance. They are canonically in love. It is not queerbaiting. When one character is sexually attracted to the other or even in love with them, there will be homosexual subtext. When it is put in to cater fans, it is fan-service, not queer-baiting. Queerbaiting would imply that it would never go canon (which it has) or that they would use the subtext to bait fans without resolution.

If we look at this from a sexual angle, Bryan claims there would be much more of the sexuality aspect of their relationship explored in a S4. Nothing about this is queerbaiting, because we are not promised something or baited with something that we aren’t going to get if the show continues. “But why didn’t we already receive it? If there is sexual subtext why was that not resolved yet?” you may ask. Because it’s about relationship development and character development. We have never been so blessed and gifted with such a slow-burn and in-depth queer romance on television as we have with Hannigram (or at least I’m not aware of any others like it). It’s not queerbaiting to have homosexual undertones that will be explored later or even left alone. Why? because subtext is bound to be apart of a relationship in which one character is sexually attracted to the other and the other is “sexually confused”. Hannibal and Will are in love, they have a romance. Both of these facts are TEXT. Not Subtext. So PLZ, especially if you don’t watch the show, stop telling me that my canon ship isn’t canon or accuse the show of queerbaiting because the relationship isn’t necessarily a sexual one. The idea that relationships have to be sexual to be canon is extremely ace-phobic.

And It’s totally fine not to like or ship Hannigram. No one has to like it. This post isn’t about the people who hate Hannigram. It’s about the people who don’t even watch the show claiming they know that it’s not real, because with all heteronormative television, and all the queerbaiting on television, and all the non-canon ships who have tons of fangirls, what else would they expect! But let me tell you, Hannibal ain’t about that life!

But even with the Hannigram aside. Don’t comment hate or negative things on harmless ship posts that have nothing to do with you at all. I know I should ignore haters, but it’s incredibly difficult not to be at least a little salty when they can be so incredibly ignorant and persistent in starting arguments.

Don’t think you know everything about a show you don’t watch and don’t think you can hate on harmless shipping posts about a ship that you know nothing about. It’s immature, disrespectful, and only makes you look ignorant. Done.

Good Student

Request: Deanxreader oneshot where reader is really stressed out because there is so much homework and stuff like that and she is crying and dean helps her calm down…?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 734

Warnings: Implied smut

Tagging: @ath99 , The Pond @spnfanficpond

A/N: Just a short little fluffy thing. Also, I am thinking of doing a small little mini sequel thing to Family of His Own, which y’all seemed to love, so I hope you guys are ready for more extreme fluff


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literally okay I have a feeling that every single crew member on the supernatural set and every single guest star are like always “meh” about deancas right up until they see Jensen and Misha interacting in person. Then it’s all downhill into cocklesville

Tbh i feel like at this point Sam and Dean could literally kiss onscreen after one of them almost dies and the writers could make it seem totally platonic. And like, even I would buy it, I would be like, yup, just guys bein dudes, brothers being brothers. This season already we’ve had floor cuddling, thigh touchin, every imaginable incarnation of, “I can’t lose you,” “I’ll never leave you,” “All that matters is that we’re together,” and the goddamn samulet is back, and it’s all been about brotherly love, so, you know. I’m not saying they’ll do it, of course, I’m just saying that if they wanted to, they almost could.

Destiel positivity

A very nice person sent me some questions they wanted me to answer, so I’ll do my best to come up with something good. The questions are:

1. Do you believe Destiel will be canonized as *explicitly romantic*?

Yes. I do believe that. However, I’m also aware that it’s a 50/50 chance. In fact, in a previous post, I wrote this:

Dean and Castiel are endgame because if they both survive (which they should, the same as Sam), Cas will definitely choose to stay with Dean rather than go back to Heaven even if the writers end up using some “I love you, bro. No homo”. However, if the writers wait until the last moment to resolve the Dean/Cas relationship (a la Xena: Warrior Princess), I think they might be willing to take the risk the writers didn’t take for Xena and Gabriel back in 2001. They wouldn’t have anything to lose anymore. On the contrary, if they pulled a “no homo” or an “open-for-interpretation” crappy ending, they would just turn Supernatural into the most recognized example of queerbaiting in the history of television for years to come.”

Just by reading the story the way it’s been foreshadowed, I’ve speculated about the endgame for Sam, Dean and Cas here, and I’ve also explained here why I think the three of them will survive at the end of the series. I’m fairly sure that Dean’s endgame includes Cas and vice versa. They could definitely have a happy platonic ending together, but Dean has been set for a love interest since season 9. (I talked about it a little over here. And I was right. Someone did try to commit suicide, though I got the person wrong). Therefore, I think that at the end of the series, Dean won’t be a loner anymore. He will have someone. Who will that someone be? Definitely, I don’t think ‘the Darkness’ would make a good long-term partner, so… my bet is on a source of goodness per se. I don’t think an ordinary civilian would be ideal for Dean either because that would be a remake of season 6 with Lisa and that didn’t work out at all. So, personally, I do believe the chance for explicitly romantic canon Destiel is real.

2. How do you feel they’re most likely to do this? (Given the road they’re already on).

This is something very difficult to speculate about since we don’t even know how many more seasons of Supernatural we will have. However, my previous speculations include a Cas that will have to choose whether to be an angel or a man (he literally was asked that in 9x06). I believe at the end of the series Cas will choose to be a man and to become a hunter (x). He will stay with Dean to continue the mission they both so much love: “saving people.” That’s why I said above that they could have a happy platonic ending together if the writers decided that. But, as I said in another post

“TPTB are NOT going to make Destiel canon unless they’re in the show’s final season and the final episodes of it. I believe this because of many factors. Audience reaction is just one of them. They have set a very good love story for Dean and Cas, one that cannot be denied on rewatch once the series ends. If they have Dean and Cas get together at the very end of the series, everything they’ve done so far can be used to “prove” that was their intention all along. Which is exactly what I think they’re gonna do.”

3. Do you have any info on what I’m gathering to be some kind of bts power-struggle in the writer’s chairs?

I don’t really have any special info. Everything is just pure speculation. I’m one of those who think that Jeremy Carver is a huge fan of the Dean/Cas dynamic (as I explained here). Robert Singer, on the other hand, seems to me the kind of person who would never allow something like that to happen. Before 11x01 aired, though, we could still believe that there were two sides in the writers’ room: the ones who are pro romantic Dean/Cas and the ones who are against it. However, something incredibly unexpected has happened. Up until the season 10 finale, Robert Singer was an executive producer along with Jeremy Carver and Philip Sgriccia. But now that the season premiere of season 11 has aired, we know that Robert Singer is currently an executive consultant. That became the role of Eric Kripke (the show’s creator) once he left. I can’t help but feel hope after learning that Singer has been demoted. Supernatural now has only two executive producers: Jeremy Carver and Philip Sgriccia, and both of them are huge Dean/Cas fans. Philip Sgriccia, in fact, was very glad about Jensen’s performance in 8x13. Dean was hit on by another guy, Aaron, and Dean’s reaction showed that Dean was like “Wow, somebody likes me.” Not my words! They are Sgriccia’s words! Phil thinks that this scene showed “potential for love in all places” (x). If this man thought that Dean could find love even with a random guy in a pub, do you think this man could be against the idea of Dean finding love with Castiel?

I’m certainly a positive person all the time. I still see a lot of potential for Destiel and I’m sticking around until the very end to see how wrong or right I was all along. I hope my answers to the questions made some kind of sense. ;)


i figured today was the perfect day to make a post celebrating nonbinaries that are certainly, undebatably canon! (ie, either having been explicitly stated in show/comic/etc to be so, or was confirmed by someone who worked on the project). i know this isn’t many, but it’s all i could come up with off the top of my head.

feel free to mention any i’ve excluded!

in order:

BMO- adventure time (show)

crowley- supernatural (show) 

hanji zoe- attack on titan (show, manga) 

roughly half the gem population- steven universe (show)

castiel- supernatural (show)

ember- blindsprings (webcomic)

sailor uranus- sailor moon (show, manga)

literal angels- the bible (book)

haruhi- ouran highschool host club (show)

lafontaine- carmilla (webseries)

My Jensen auto story at A14

god this photo is so big and this story is so long I’M SO SORRY

I’ve been meaning to do this for the past week and it’s only now (conveniently when I have the first of my final year exams on Monday) that I’ve finally gotten around to doing it.

I think it’s better if I start with some background about me. If you know me or have read my #AlwaysKeepFighting story then you will know that when I was young I was a victim of sexual abuse. A couple of years ago I was struggling to cope with it as well as a number of other things. My mental health was at an all-time low and I was all over the place. At the same time a friend of mine lent me season one of Supernatural to ‘take my mind off things’ - and it worked. To see its characters go through hell (literally at times, heh) and keep going - it helped me a lot. I marathoned the then eight seasons in a single week. I learnt about the actors, their personal fights, stories and charity work. Supernatural and its actors, I can honestly say, is one of the main reasons I’m still here today.

Flash forward one year. Asylum 12. I was shitting myself. First con and I was completely alone. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. I was too scared to talk to the cast or to other attendees other than a little ‘hi’ when it was necessary. I was still healing.

Flash forward another year. I was in university now. On a course I never thought I’d be accepted on. I’d been to Africa alone volunteering with elephants. I’d immersed myself in charity work and making people happy in my job. My confidence and self esteem had sky rocketed and I’d managed to save enough money to attend Asylum 14 in May 2015.

I’d sat in front of my computer for hours waiting for the small chance that I’d managed to preorder a Jensen autograph successfully due to limited numbers. When I got the confirmation email that I was successful I danced around my flat for an hour. I was going to meet Jensen Ackles. I could thank him in person. I could thank Misha and Jared too and tell them what they’d done for me. I decided to write a letter telling them my story. The problem was I didn’t know how to write it. I didn’t know how to put it into words and I thought I never would be able to.

Then it came to when I had to travel to Birmingham for Asylum 14. I was sat on the platform waiting for the first of my trains. The sun was shining and it was stupid o’clock in the morning but it was at that moment I realised how truly happy I was. I was so lucky to have what I do now and now I’m at a place where I can find myself able to help other people who need it. I grabbed my notebook from my rucksack and wrote the letter while sharing my breakfast with the pidgeons.

The next day, after already having the time of my life at the convention, it was time for my long-waited autograph with Jensen. There was about three hundred people in the queue and I amused myself by chatting with fellow con-goers and trying to plan out what I wanted to say to Jensen.

I was fine all the way done the queue and when I was just a few people away from the autograph table. I’d heard that any letters/gifts were meant to be given to their handler so when Jensen was talking to the person in front of me I handed my letter over as the person in front left the table. “I’m supposed to give this to you, right?” I asked. “Hell no!  If it’s for him, you give it to him!” She said, elbowing Jensen. “Jensen, you’ve got a letter here.”

At that moment Jensen saw me and smiled. “Hi!” He said.

I smiled back. “Jensen–” I said quietly. Then, I burst into tears. Well, shit.

“I just want to say that thanks to you and Jared and the show I wouldn’t be here so thank you.” I babbled, struggling to fight the urge to just turn and run. 

Jensen smiled at me then, big and bright. “Well,” He said. “I’m glad you’re here.” He signed my photo and then picked up the letter that the handler had slid across the table to him. “I will read this.”

I thanked him, picked up my signed photo and then basically ran out the room.

All down the hallway I was crying but I managed to keep some composure. I heard whispers all around me in the queue. “Why is she crying?” “What’s wrong with her?” “Is she hurt?”

I all but ran to the hall where I knew some friends of mine were stewarding and practically threw myself into a friend’s arms. I then started to hypoventilate and go into one of my panic attacks. I couldn’t get a good breath and around sobbing I began to shake violently. They sat me down and while I told them what happened someone ran to get me some water from the bar.

After a few minutes I managed to get some control of my breathing and I calmed down. 

“He said he was glad I’m here.” I whispered. “Jensen is glad I’m here and he’s going to read my letter.”

And here we are, a week later. This autograph and experience was amazing. Jensen and the other cast know my story. They know how they have helped me and others in their work.

“I’m glad you’re here.” Jensen said to me.

And you know what? So am I.