this is like... my fangirl dream

Henry Cheng is literally like a fangirl that cba to read all of trc so just got trk and started reading it halfway through. Up untill then he’d only read fanfictions and already loves all the characters but has like …. no idea wtf is going on.

  • who is this gay gray guy…..
  • *grips chest* no- my biggest and only fear of kidnapping...
  • guys…guys i dont want to interupt but this guy is dead - he’s legit bones
  • gansey, get out, we all want to see you cry
  • PaRrisH stOP kILLing RoNan I tOaTaLLy ShIp U GuYs 
  • TAKE - tAkE im to the MAGIC FOREST!!!!!
  • YEAH!….that will work!
  • my guy< do not say u cannot save,
  • i know u lien
  • u just killed this bitch with ur mouth
You know, the perfect way to end Star Wars Rebels would be...

In the last few minutes before the final episode ends, a strong and hopeful peace of music chimes in, just like they did for the end of Twilight of the Apprentice. The crew don’t speak. But they don’t need to as you watch everyone gathering in the cockpit together, Hera speaking to them with an excited expression.

Then, you watch as each member of the crew’s face lights up in pure joy as Kanan stands by Hera with a warm smile. Time passes, allowing us to see the crew in a few years ahead, and as the music reaches it’s climax you see an older Kanan and Ezra standing in front of a glass window, staring out into space.

And finally, a little Twi'lek/Human girl runs onto the screen and jumps into Kanan’s, her father’s arms…

The screen wipes away, the triumphant rebels theme plays, and then it’s finally complete…


This is Aner. @taylor keep dancing . I really wanted to make a post for her, she loves Taylor so much, and does so much for her. She is so sweet and kind, And I really mean this from the bottom of my heart . I just really want her to see Taylor perform once in her life . She never got to go to her Houston show, and even made a cardboard version of herself that attended the show with her friends. I just want her to experience what I do when I see her preform. I have the best time of my life when Im in that stadium with her, and I want her to know what thats like just once in her life . I just want her dream to come true one day. Thank you for bringing us together too, we love you very much, and fangirl over you all night. I hope Tay has an amazing time at her pre- super bowl show. Hope one day I get to meet this girl too Xoxo , Lisa… @taylorswift


the 3 stages of fangirling by Winwin + 3 extra dancing kings 😂😂😂


i was talking with my friend’s brother and he told me harry and i would be cute together so naturally whenever this happens i dream of harold. science is weird, man. this piece was born from that dream. a certain tale about a certain solo tour. add VIP tickets and harry styles and you got a match made in heaven.

WARNINGS: fluff overload. if you hate fluffy fluff fluff, click off this story asap. so, if you’re still reading, you either like that sort of thing or are a rule breaker. i like both. enjoy :)

side note: there’s certain topics in this that are pretty specific and might not relate to your situation on being a fan of harry. you might’ve become a fan sooner or later but i tried to set a common ground and felt like tmh was a very popular time with one direction’s fan growth. y/n, in this, first becomes a fan during that era. again, it may or may not fit your certain criteria, neither does it mine. fanfiction is all just imagination, evidently.




She tries to not let it all get in her head, she was just another fan, just another girl going to his concert.

Why would she be anything special to him?

What Y/N didn’t know yet, is that she was.


y/n is a fangirl and harry is mesmerized.


Y/N wasn’t expecting much. Meet and Greets were rushed, that’s all she knew. Not that she had ever really been to one. But many of her friends had before and they always loved to inform her on what happened.

Because Y/N was the definition of a fangirl. You probably can’t even count the number of “fandoms” she’s in on one hand. But as the saying goes, the dedication a fangirl has is unreal, she herself was ultimately dedicated to one in particular.

They called him Harry Styles.

Girls swooned over him. Boys wanted to be him. He was the image of perfect to many people’s minds.

Unproblematic, an amazing singer/songwriter, charismatic… he was also the perfect thing to fangirl over.

But there’s the exact thing. Y/N would like to think of herself as more than just a silly old fangirl.

Because, yeah, she obsessed over him and she has a couple posters of him stuffed under her bed an maybe possibly she’s made a fan account about him.. but she’s more than a fangirl.

She’s been there for what feels like forever. 

November, 24, 2013. The day Y/N found him.

Her friend had been going on an on about something called “1d day” and Y/N eventually watched just to get her friend shut up about it. Through this, though, she fell into a complete trap. Add the countless of “One Direction funny moments” videos that made her heart swoon and a very dorky Y/N thought that if love could be real, it was right in front of her.

She was in the hospital, staying there for a whole week and then on bed rest for three weeks at home, and Harry was her little ray of sunshine.

So she supported him (and the other boys, but Y/N always did favor Harry) through everything after that.

That coming Christmas her parents got her tickets to a show she had only dreamed of being present at. A One Direction concert, of course.

But then there were complications with her surgery and she wasn’t able to go.

Yet, that didn’t stop her from supporting him. She bought each and every song that the band came out with, endless amounts of support for a boy millions of girls already worshipped.

It wasn’t until the following year, the summer of 2015 that she got to see him in person for the first time. Nearly two years she had been supporting a British dork who could sing really well.

What Y/N didn’t know, is that the tickets her best friend (more her parent’s money really, but the seats didn’t even put a dent in their savings) were nearly front row.

Maybe Y/N was crazy, absolutely and madly delusional. But she swore he noticed her. More than once, actually.

He looked at her three different times. Three different times during three different songs.

The first song being 18, and Harry looked right at her during the chorus, an almost intense stare down that made Y/N question her makeup choices for the night. The second song was No Control, a sleezy little hip roll sent her way and the lyrics of “taste on my tongue, I don’t wanna wash away the night before” and Y/N could fully be brought up to heaven if it did mean a happy death. Thirdly, it was What Makes You Beautiful, and if Y/N’s being honest, if the dimpled smile that was sent her way during his iconic solo wasn’t enough to prove her sanity, nothing was.

But Y/N was always a peculiar one so when her friends started commenting on it, she wouldn’t dare take it to heart.

“Y/N, he’s totally eye fucking you!”

“What?! No way, dude!”

That night he called her the girl almighty and maybe just maybe, she had fallen in love with him. Which might sound a bit extreme, but she swore it was the truth.

It wasn’t until she fell in love with a different boy, a couple months after the concert, she realized she was in fact, not in love with Harry . Y/N loved Harry, but she realized you can’t be in love with someone who doesn’t even know your name. Unfortunately.

But in the end, the other boy decided to break her heart and Y/N decided maybe love just wasn’t for her. She had played with fire and when you play with fire, you always get burned.

Which might be true, yes, but at this point she was just a heartbroken girl and she’d soon remember a burn is healable.

It wasn’t until the next summer, three summers after her last concert, that she was able to see Harry in person again.

She had been supporting him for nearly 5 and a half years. She deserved to meet him finally.

And that’s exactly what she was doing.

With Harry announcing his solo tour, Y/N knew she had to see him. Coming with her best friend again, they made a road trip out of it. The best time of her life and if anything could top this weekend, it would be the surprise of VIP tickets from her best friend.

Maybe she really was going crazy after all.

In fact, Y/N would say meet and greet lines are about as nerve wracking as the SATs, if she’s being honest. More than that, she thinks her damn wedding won’t be as unorthodox as this chaos.

Her heart is practically beating out of her chest. Her head is spinning and her legs feel like they might buckle to the point she’ll fall over.

She was finally meeting him.

She tries to not let it all get in her head, she was just another fan, just another girl going to his concert.

Why would she be anything special to him?

What Y/N didn’t know yet, is that she was.

Her best friend was with her, easing some of her nerves with jokes about anything and everything. But Y/N was freaking the fuck out, in the most causal way of saying so.

The dumb and lame introduction she had prepared that consisted of a rose and a certain reference he tweeted about an ancient time ago, was making her second guess herself, thinking he would find it annoying or childish.

And maybe it was, but it’s at that moment that she remembers he likes that kind of thing. But then she’s getting ushered to a room where a black screen is separating her.

She barely has time to think about what is about to happen when a man she swears she recognizes mumbles a “go ahead” as if he’s said it a million times before.

It’s at this moment that Y/N completely dies.

Figuratively of course, because she’s standing right in front of him. In front of Harry.

He’s saying goodbye to the girl before her, and Y/N doesn’t know if she really wants him to turn around.

She could run, it’s not too late for that, right?

But it seems fate takes control because he turns around and she’s met with his jade eyes.

Through some ounce of confidence, she remembers her plan. Her lame, dorky plan.

“Harry, will you accept this rose?”

How lame could that have been? So lame. So fucking lame-

“The bachelor, huh? That was actually good!” He laughs a genuine laugh that has Y/N’s heart melting as he takes the rose from her hand. He’s just as perfect in person.

“Tell me no one else has done that before?” She smiles with those legendary dimples that everyone else thinks are cute but her.

“Can’t say so,” he looks deep in thought, “seems like a first.”

“Well damn, I’m fucking good.” She swears she meant to say that in her mind but with Harry bursting out into laughter, she may be wrong.

Harry doesn’t think he’s ever genuinely laughed this much at a meet and greet.

There’s something abut her, he realizes.

And Y/N really wants this conversation to keep going, because the thing she wants to say will embarrass the living hell out of her and if her little joke wasn’t enough, this would surely top it.

She does it anyway.

“Okay so, like, I know these things go really fast and we’re probably already supposed to be taking a picture but, uhm, I have to tell you how proud of you I am. Like, Harry, I’ve been supporting you since TMH - It’s like I’ve been on this journey with you and it’s just insane to finally get to meet you and, uh, I’m rambling because I ramble when I’m nervous. I’m proud of you.. basically.”

Harry doesn’t think anyone has ever really expressed their congrats to him in such an honest way and it does something weird to his heart. Maybe she was just cute or something. He can’t possibly like a fan.

“I would say thank you,” he pauses bringing her in for a hug that surprises both of them, “but that would be an understatement.”

Every girl that passes through here thinks the situation is intimate. Physically meeting Harry and getting to hug him, that’s as close as you can get.

Harry, on the other hand, wouldn’t necessarily call it intimate.

Because, yeah, he loves his fans and he appreciates each and every one of them but he doesn’t know them like they know him so he can’t exactly relate to the feeling.

The thing is though, he’s feeling it with Y/N.

He breaks the hug suddenly, seemingly breaking Y/N’s heart because she never wants this to end.

“Love, um, I never really do this, yeh know, meet and greets are super rushed, like yeh said. But,” he reaches for his phone which has all of his team give questioning looks, “could you maybe, I don’ know, hit me up sometime or whatever people say these days?”

Did Y/N just make Harry of all people... nervous?

Did Harry just ask for her number?

Is this real?

“Oh! Um, yeah! Sure thing.” It’s then that she grabs his phone and types in the 10 digit number she never would’ve guessed she’d be giving to him.

He’s smiling a bashful smile with rosy cheeks when she hands his phone back, “Y/N, huh?”

And it’s her turn to bring him in for a surprise hug this time.

She’s listening to the crazed thumping in her mind when she whispers in his ear, “You’re gonna kill it tonight, Harry.”

“I’ll look for you in the crowd.” He assures her.

“Oh, I’m pretty far from the stage-”

“I’ll find you.”

And it’s the confirming tone in his voice that makes Y/N realize he’s not just talking about his view from the stage, but for the rest of whatever comes from this.

She can’t wait.

And neither can he.


this was originally posted elsewhere but i’m bringing it over here bc i just like it that much xx

not sure how i feel about this really, but i wanted to get something out for you all :) we just hit 500 and I’m so grateful for you all! when christmas break hits, i’m going to try and write a ton. stay tuned ;)

as always,

all the fucking love!

– amanda :)


ok! more Sonic Skyline characters :D

Cream, Cheese and Vanilla: their ears are inspired on grand-metropolis post wich i loved so much! it is so smart! XD

Cream is a fangirl of the chao.. she likes to draw.. so she always carries a big backpack where she has a big notebook  and a lot of pencils.. she draws Chao inspired on the person she think that are friendly.. and she gives to them..

she is friend of Tails and Charmy

she dreams to visit angel island where live the most of the chao

Vanilla helps Amy with her pastry shop,

it seems that she doesn’t open her eyes too often because she is always happy in that way.. “certain detective” who has a crush on her, wonders so bad… how those eyes are … or if she is blind  O_O

Freedom fighters: well here is bunnie, antoine and rotor, they are always suporting Sally with everything.. they follow their leader an trust her …

i did bunnie taller than antoine because i love when she shows up like somebody stronger than her man XD

i wanted to use the old ant style.. sort of.. :D heheh

also for Rotor, i did him fatty, gentle face and something similar to his old archie style but with differnet colors..and sandals XD

Metal Sonic: i got inspiration from the Mecha Sonic from Sonic and Knuckles.. on his feet actually.. but i wanted something round and cute.. i’m not too good with robots but this time i like what i did :)

he has no nose.. why?… XD a blue hedgehog toke it away.. and lost it.. ahaha

hope you like it <3

Coffee Shops & Cafes AU

1k - 5k

5k - 10k

10k - 15k

15k - 20k

20k - 30k

30k - 40k

50k - 100k


My OTP hopes and dreams...

You know what I seriously need in ACOMAF? For somebody to outwardly call Rhysand a whore while Feyre is in his court, and for Feyre to just flip her absolute shit and beat/try to beat the hell out of them.

And for Rhysand to just be like… hot damn, my girl’s protecting me *blush*

Ima go cry ok bye


So here are the rest of the character sheets for now, Annabeth, Nico, and Reyna :) These sheets were all really simply colored to look like they were part of an animated show haha one can dream  

Lost Hero Trio Sheets 

Son of Neptune Trio Sheets

It is has a meaning when you can stop the game in the right moment and it looks like your OTP became canon.
But when you didn’t mean to do it and you just wanted to go to the toilet, then come back and THEN have a freaking heart attack because you realized just NOW what it looks like on the screen…well, let’s just say that I cried and laughed. And then I had the worst fangirl attack in my entire life.


TAEKOOK SERIES: if jungkook was a cosplayer

in which jeon jungkook is a cosplayer and kim taehyung, his classmate, works with him from time to time.

“kookie, I have like twenty messages or so of people fangirling over us, what’s going on?”

“they probably found out that I like you.”

“ah, cool—- wait, what?”


Today, I got my TABINOF. Best day ever.

We got to know each other, even though he was really shy.

Then I learnt that he LOVES to draw, so why not a drawing competition?! I hate to admit, he won; even tho my drawing was prize-worthy.

So I challenged him in chess, in which I am, not to brag, really good, but DAMN.

Then it was about time to show him his masters. He liked their hair. Who the heck doesn’t?!

But then he spotted my MCR wallpaper, which he cried over…

… And over 20 mins of existential crisis.

After that, some fun online. (And yes that is my Pinterest account #spoon)

And some fangirling. A lot of fangirling.

I suggested playing Dress Up. He wasn’t amused.

Not at all.


Everything was going really well!

He was kinda disgusted by my diary, tho…  

We played catch, even though he was horrible at it. And he dreams to be a basketball pro…

After that, we got classy with a glass of white wine (water in my case)…

… And more reading.

After that, it was bedtime. It was a really fun day, and I look forward to it again. For now the story ends.



RinHaru Week - Day 2: Mook

 ↳ Blue - Discussing Rin’s dream [x]

Tiny Haru is being tsuntsun, because he doesn’t want to show that Rin’s dream interested and intrigued him…Oh you, Nanase!


So I might have lost my fangirl shit when I got to visit the ONLY romance-exclusive bookstore in the United States. 

The Ripped Bodice was a fangirl dream come true, and you bet your petticoats I was fangirling the whole time through.

I got to meet the one of the co-owners Bea, WHO WAS SUCH A SWEETIE! She didn’t even bat an eye when I was like, “Can I be a dork and get a photo?”

As evident, I had zero chill.

And ya’ll fangirls know, you KNOW I couldn’t leave without giving The Ripped Bodice literally all my money.


The actual “Fiction Books Imma Read” pile…

  1. The CEO Buys In by Nancy Herkness: Contemporary workplace forced proximity secretary-billionaire
  2. A Study In Seduction by Nina Rowan: Historical, mathematician heroine, hero in pursuit, OTP bet
  3. The Game and the Governess by Kate Noble: Historical, governess heroine, rich hero in disguise as poor servant, bet
  4. Roses in Moonlight by Lynn Kurland: Historical, back-in-time travel, scholar heroine, Highlander hero
  5. Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins: Historical, POC characters, enemies to lovers, alpha heroine, pirate heroine steals hero’s ship, hero in pursuit
  6. Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho: Fantasy, adventure, hero freed slave, heroine magician
  7. My Reckless Valentine by Olivia Dade: Contemporary, librarian heroine, hero new boss, workplace romance
  8. A Convenient Arrangement by Maggie Marr: Contemporary, bad boy billionaire hero, opposites attract, no strings attached
  9. Pretending with The Playboy by Tracey Livesay: Badboy hero, contract dating
  10. Trade Me by Courtney Milan: Contemporary, interracial couple, billionaire hero, financial lives swap bet

(Hmm. “The bet” trope popped up a lot in that list. Didn’t notice that til now. Also I’ve already read A Study In Seduction, AND SO GOOD OMG OMG OMG!)

Okay, so what about non-book-hoard romance swag? Oh I got ya.

What’s that? A Fabio book? Can it get better? IT CAN!

But no, Fabio, no matter oh big your man-titties are, I’m not reading your Old Skool Romance. Sorry. 

But wait, what’s that necklace, you ask? Oh well let’s look closer.

A MOTHER FLIPPING FABIO NECKLACE HOMESKILLET! You know I couldn’t not get that. YOU KNOW! He’s the figurehead of our genre, after all.

Our cheesy, cheesy figurehead. 




As well as over the Choose Your Own Romance adventure book. Like, c’mon. COME! ON!

And last but for real not least, of course I also bought one of those cute AF woodcuts made by a local artist BECAUSE ONCE AGAIN HOW COULD I NOT?!

The Ripped Bodice, you complete me. YOU WERE MY EVERYTHING. I mean, even your receipts were pink. PINK!

(Okay so I paid 40 bucks for a necklace, SUE ME. And okay, so the pink doesn’t show up all that well on camera. DON’T SUE ME I’M BROKE!)

Either way, the fact remains that this bookstore was the bomb diggity, and to all the naysayers and book snobs out there, let me just say…

Because until you do, I don’t wanna hear shit.

anonymous asked:

I don't even play FFXV but bc of you I had a really pleasant dream about Ignis??? We were sitting in a meadow on a picnic blanket and he was sewing up a hole in my shirt while we talked about this book I've been reading. I later asked him if I could play with his hair and he said no LOL I think I'm an unconscious fangirl now

Omg??? This is such a cute dream!!! And Ignis really is a dream ahhh I love him so much and I’m more than happy to hear that you’ve fallen for his charm!! Don’t worry, I didn’t think Ignis would be my fave until it hit me like a damn trunk. Like I was struck with lighting bc it didn’t gradually happen… I didn’t even notice that I was falling for him… I was washing dishes one day and boom, I was like “oh shit I love him.” As I dramatically dropped the plate LMAOO but ahhhh!!! That’s so sweet how he would fix up your shirt!!! Lmaoo he’s very picky about his hair!! Even I wouldn’t wanna mess it up! Haha

When Draco is lack of sleep

Draco: Well hello, Granger. I didn’t see you there. I mean, I always see you everywhere. Like in the hallways, in the classes, going to your dorm, in your bedroom, and even in my dreams!

Hermione: in your what?

Draco: It’s not sexual!

Hermione: what?!

Draco: *blushes tomato red and slaps his forehead and run away because of embarrassment.* MY FATHER WILL HERE ABOUT THIS!

Hermione: *just standing there, shocked.*



Minho woke up in a sweat, the sun burning his eyes. He rubbed his eyes, adjusting to the fresh morning. He got up and went to get some breakfast from Frypan.
“Out of my way shank!” He pushed a small Glader walking to slow out of his way.
“Woah! Minho! What’s wrong?” Newt pulled him aside. Minho was reluctant to tell at first.
“Just tell me, mate.”
“I keep having these dreams,” he began, “about a beautiful girl. I can’t help but feel I know her. Like maybe this is a flash back to our old life. The dreams are pretty hazy, but she’s always there, calling out my name. I want to do more to help her and get to know her, but there’s this wall that prevents me. And in each dream she’s screaming more, and each dream is more intense and louder. Newt, I can’t help but feel that I miss her, and I don’t even know who she is. It’s even affected my running. I can’t remember where I’m going because she’s all I can think of, shuck she’s beautiful. I wake up in the middle of the night crying, because I love her, and I can’t have her.”
“Minho’s got a girlfriend huh?” Chuck over heard.
“Shut up shank!” Minho yelled and he ran away laughing.
“Don’t worry mate, maybe she’ll come up soon, you never know,” was all Newt could say as he patted his back, “let’s go get some food, maybe that’ll take your mind away for a little.”
But still, you were the only thing Minho could think of.


Dream about ninjago

Think about ninjago on lessons, when I go to school and when nobody talks to me

Ninjago is the only thing I’m talking about

Looks on ninjago at my free time

When to write about something in school I write about ninjago


it feels like I’m the biggestninjago fangirl on earth.

Is it just me?

Just a Dream

A/N- Hey there everybody. I would just like to say that this is my first fanfic on tumblr, so please go easy on me. One last thing, thank you to @thedragonblood for encouraging me to do this. Anyway enjoy!

Summary- Giavana(O/C) is from this dimension. No superheroes, no supervillains, though she definitely would not mind if there were. She is one of us. A fangirl, probably spends a little *cough*25 hr.s a day*cough* to much time on tumblr. The normal person. But what happens when she gets sucked into their world head first? A lot of weird shit she wasn’t ready to handle.

Warnings- none as of yet, slightly angsty, but not for a little while.


The first thing I am aware of is pain. My throat hurts. My back hurts. Everything. Hurts.

The next thing is a voice I would know anywhere.

“J.A.R.V.I.S. Why is there a 16 year old girl on the hood of my car?”

‘17.5 years old, sir. She just appeared there roughly 2.75 seconds before you came into the room.’

Okaaay. THAT’S definitely not in any movie. I blink my eyes open and Oh, look at that. A wild Tony Stark is in front of me. I blinked a couple more times.

“Kid, how did you get in here? I mean,” he huffs for dramatic affect, “I built the security system here and there is no way YOU broke in.” He is waving his arms around like a maniac, not that I would expect anything less… But this can’t be Tony Stark.

“Nooo.” I stood up and gently let myself down from the hood of the car popping a few bones.

“No what? No you didn’t break into my house? ‘cause you standing in front of me kinda says otherwise. What are you? Some kind of midget spy? Did Hydra send you? Huh? Answer me, kid!”

“I’m not that short. And I definitely am not a spy. I can’t even sneak into my own kitchen!“ My voice is all high pitched now and he is standing there his arms crossed doing the eye roll thing. ” and why am I dreaming about you? I should be dreaming about someone who is actually interesting. Natasha maybe?“ I closed my eyes and tried to conjure her in front of me.

‘Sir, the Captain has informed me to ask if you needed water.” J.A.R.V.I.S. said to us and Tony feigned a look of utter betrayal, as I smirked.

“Okay, how did you get in here. You know I can’t take you seriously in those pajamas though. C'mon.” He looks me over and motions for me to follow him up the stairs. I looked down. Of course. I am wearing my zebra onesy. Kill me now.

“You coming Stripes?” I shrug, why not. It’s just a dream. It could be worse. I could have been in hydra. I already am deathly afraid of needles. Okay pushing those thoughts aside. Tony has led me to the common room where the Avengers had the whole who can lift Thors hammer contest.

“Hey, Nat! You got any EXTRA small clothes? We have a surprise zebra.” I glare at him silently and look around noticing that there are a lot of hallways. It all seems pretty real … No. It’s just not possible. The pounding of my head told me otherwise.

*it could be.* a little part of me whispered.

*yeah, and Tony could go a month withoyt alchohol* my rational slf retorted.

*to be fair he would not even make it a week. But that is besides the point-*

*crap is someone talking to us?* “KID!!!!!” Tony yelled snapping his fingers in front if my face.

“Sorry?” I said sheepishly. Everyone usually gets really annoyed when I do that.

“Whatever. Here. These will fit you. Nat told me to tell you that she is watching you.” I nodded as Tony stared at me like I am some equation he has yet to solve, before shoving me unceremoniously into a bathroom. I hear grumbling as he walks away.

Rolling my eyes I slip out of the embarrassing onesy and into the black jeans and red shirt. Of course. I have no socks though. I look in the mirror and fingercombing my short blonde hair. Okay… my skin looks terrible. You’d think I would dream myself acne free skin.

“But nooo. I have to screw myself over. Even in my dreams. Idiot.” I glared at my reflection, looking back into her matching gray blue eyes, and stare uneasily at her waaay to skinny form. I mean, I look like a sack of bones. Not pretty, I think to myself before heading over to the closed door. I jiggled the handle and my heart skipped a beat.

It’s locked.

“TONY!!! LET ME OUT!!!“ I screamed feeling my chest tighten again and my breaths get shallower.

‘Calm down. It’s just a dream. It’s just a dream. It’s just a dream.’ I repeat as I rock back and forth, hands around my knees. I have claustorphobia. Soon I was hyperventilating and everything went black. The last thing I remember thinking was what a weird dream.


Okay guys, this is my first fanfic, and this is just the first part. Please let me know what you thought. Next part will be up in a week or so.