this is like. my favorite pic (of many)

amgfitlife There are many wonderful things about tonight’s @supergirlcw episode that I wrote with @professorllanas like the insane special effects (seriously they’re out of control in this one), or the Barenaked Ladies storyline, BUT my favorite favorite thing is this stellar wardrobe pic because, as we all know, the future is female 💁🏼 *8pm on @thecw*

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my favorite Ghost type(s):
ALL OF THEM, no really I love every single ghost pokemon design, you will see them appear in so many other days too, I tried to only use them when I had no other option for that category (like sandygast on ground) and of course I am still following the no repeats rule…

so for this pic I chose one of each region whose evoline will not already appear on other days   
so have seven ghost 
If I were to name them they’d be: 
Wrath (Haunter), Gluttony (Pumpkaboo), Sloth (Shedinja), Envy (Yamask), Pride (Decidueye), Greed (Drifloon), Lust (Misdreavus).

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Hey there! 👋 Congratulations on 900!!! That's amazing! I love ships, so I look like my profile pic lol, auburn maybe copper hair, brown eyes, pretty thin but I love food more than many things in life. I love sports, singing, playing the piano or guitar, road trips, cook outs, hiking, reading, and writing. Supernatural is my favorite, so sarcasm and dark humor are pretty much all I'm capable of. Once again, congrats and hope to hear back from you!

Hello! Thank you! 

I ship you with…

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Sam would be more than happy to do any activities with you, in fact you might have met on a hike on some gorgeous mountainside. Teaching Sam to play the piano is one of your favorite things, with those gorgeous long fingers of his. Sam’s sassiness totally fits with your sarcasm, and the two of you against Dean always leaves the elder Winchester huffing to his room and the two of you laughing so hard you cry. Sam loves that you are in love with many of the things he is, and that just might be one of the first things that makes him realize he’s falling for you. 



I didn’t get too many pics from the con of others, but here’s what I did get! I had so much fun. Oak City is definitely one of my new favorite conventions ❤️

The Star Butterfly is instagram user emoebic, the Deadpool is instagram user steveedmonds, the Rick Sanchez is me, and the Poison Ivy is instagram user emmaiams! If you see yourself let me know so I can mention and/or @ you! (That, or let me know if you’d like your picture removed!)

“Slowlife Beach”

Another my favorite work in Mega Evolution Artbook from last year ////v////!

Mega Slowbro became my favorite child because he look so chill and many people said that Mega Slowbro in this pic is looklike me a lot. (Haha Whyyyyy “XD)
At first, I think that his Mega Evolution form is so humorous! (and I still think like that.)

I love many pokemons because I drew them, Mega Slowbro as well! He’s become my lovely child ///v///!  

skating tumblr recs

every once in a while people ask me to recommend skating blogs to follow, which is hard because there aren’t that many general skating blogs on tumblr. but i’m taking a semi-organized stab at this. obviously, there is a lot of bias towards my favorite skaters here. i also tend to include blogs that post original content instead of ones that mostly reblog (unless they reblog with a specific theme in mind). this is not a comprehensive list, only a partial sampling of blogs i like or find useful (or at least interact with sometimes). there are many other skating blogs out there!

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“You boys are the homosexual supporting cast! So please make sure that you don’t step across this line.”

Kaoru - @hannahleenerts
Hikaru - @bethleenerts
Kyoya - @llazuli
Tamaki - me

Well it’s been like 100 years since I’ve posted any cosplay pics on here??? But at nekocon we had an entire Ouran Host Club group and I died of happiness so many times it was amazing Tamaki is my favorite cosplay ;A;

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NICKNAMES. Jen, Wicebol/Wibbonbol, Leina
TIME RIGHT NOW. 06:30 am
LAST THING I GOOGLED. list of different sushi with pics
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST.  I can’t list them all because too many…some I can name are Whitney Houston, ZUN, and L’arc En Ciel.
LAST TV SHOW I WATCHED.  Black Mirror (I had to pause within the few few minutes cuz I had to go to class then lost motivation the rest of the day… but gonna continue it later)
WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW.  Pink tanktop with matching black and pink shorts.
WHEN I CREATED THIS BLOG.  May 5th, 2016 (holy crap its been almost a year owo;;!!)
THE KIND OF STUFF I POST.  Nightmarish Posts (Trigger Warnings), Dark Humor, Birds, Painting, Medical Things/Aesthetics,  and Yvonne being a strange dork with her love interest (mostly Vlad atm :’D).
DO I HAVE OTHER BLOGS.  Yep. In total, five, and they’re all OP ocs. I run this one, galvxnized, ampedpredxtora, hapaxnuenue, and recently sevenmystxries.
DO I GET ASKS REGULARLY.  Not regularly ;w; I don’t mind getting any at anytime as long as its not hate or drama-fueled shit…
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL.  Being curious and having a questionable sanity are what Yvonne’s mainly about plus its loose lowkey references to Alice in Wonderland, which kinda drives some themes on this blog. 
HOGWARTS HOUSE.  Hufflepuff~
POKEMON TEAM.  I chose Team Valor, but I think I’m more Team Instinct and I’m kinda regret I chose a team so hastily….
FAVORITE COLORS. Purple, Blue, Indigo, Salmon, Teal
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP.  Varies, but its like 5-7 or more if I get lucky…
FAVORITE CHARACTERS. Too many of them I guess I’ll name some: Rock Lee (Naruto), Android 18 (DBZ), Usopp(One Piece), Okuyasu Nijimura (Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure), Jyushimatsu (Osumatsu-San), Sanae Kochiya (Touhou Project), Mumen Rider (One Punch Man), Lyn (Fire Emblem)
BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH. 0-2 because I end up kicking all the layers off most of the time by morning :’D

My copy of Salty-Dog IX came today. It’s a gorgeous book of course like all of Minekura’s works. I will eventually get around to scanning the whole book, but I just had to post the pic above. It’s one of my favorites so far. The book contains art from Gaiden, Ibun, some Wild Adaptor…many that we’ve seen before in one form or another but many new pics too. I can’t wait to share it with you guys. *blowkiss*


And now it is time for our lovely leader, my lowkey spirit animal, an amazing human bean who is so fucking cute like he’s a tol green bean but he’s also so precious like his laugh is so cute and his smile is like a ray of sunshine I love it so much, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Visuals are first as always bc gotta paint that picture
  • Ight my favorite hair on joon to this very day is the purple hair he had for 2.5 seconds and it was like a mix of the purple and white.gray (in some pics it looks white and in others it look gray
  • That was such a good look and I need so many more pictures of it I need videos I need a mv with it I need an entire comeback for that hair bc it is still my favorite and that’s saying something bc joon has had some nice ass looks like 10/10
  • Like blonde!joon that is some good shi T and the pink look and the black and the silver and just all the things are so nice
  • Side note wet hair joon fuck me u p and his collarbones would be doing the thing just take a minute to think about that shoulders for days
  • His tail would be s o pretty
  • It would be blue but it’s a bunch of different shades of blue so it’s not just one solid color, it’s dark blue then light blue then a medium blue and they just all mix together and it’s such a pretty pattern
  • He’s also got some hints of white and silver throughout it and when he swims during the day, sometimes those lil scales of silver will catch the light just right and it’s so pretty to see
  • Similar to Yoongi, Namjoon can turn his tail into legs on command but can’t go without water for too long so he’s forever got a cup or a bottle sometimes a gigantic ass jug of water with him
  • Bc he is part fish and a lot of fish need water, including mermaids it’s just that bc they’re also half human, they can go longer without water
  • Okay so this one day, a human either tosses the ring or ends up accidentally dropping one of their rings into the water and joon finds it and is just really curious 
  • Bc mermaids don’t really do rings bc webbed fingers so he’s got no clue what it is it’s just a simple silver ring but there’s an engraving on it so maybe it has a deeper meaning
  • He puts the ring onto a necklace and carries it around for a couple of days but it keeps bothering him that there’s writing on it and he doesn’t know what it means
  • He had never really been able to understand the human written language but he was slowly starting to pick up on it by listening to the humans read their books to him and point out what each word was. One of his human friends, Jin, would spend hours and hours sitting on one of the large rocks and just read book after book to Namjoon
  • One day, Jin decides to bring you along
  • You’re not sure what to expect bc all Jin will tell you is that Namjoon isn’t human but he won’t tell you what that means exactly
  • You’re more fascinated than shocked by the fact that when you get there, you see a boy with a long tail swimming around the rock Jin is waiting at
  • You do have to admit that he’s actually reall Y fucking handsome so you’re thanking Jin in your head bc literally everyone knows it’s a set up to get you two to meet and maybe date
  • Namjoon is really flirty but in a cute way like it’s all friendly hey stop me if you don’t feel the same way type of shit but both of you are feeling that I wanna get to know you better thing and you really love seeing joon swim around so gracefully
  • But then he turns his tail into legs and it’s like seeing a bby giraffe try to walk for the first time bc it’s just all long legs and stumbling around and he has no idea how to work the new limbs at all bc he’s never really used them much
  • He’s gone onto the beach with them a few times but he normally just sits in the sand and tries to make friends with the humans but that’s about it
  • Both of you are giggling too much to even notice that Jin’s left the books on the rock and walked off to the ice cream shop with Jungkook to give you two a minute alone
  • You help get Namjoon used to his new legs but you can tell he won’t be as graceful on land as he is in water and that’s actually really fucking cute bc he’s like a lil bby taking their first steps except he’s a tall man with broad shoulders and a cute lil tummy that looks like it’d be a great pillow or even just a good spot to give kisses to bc it would make him giggle and giggly!joon now THAT is some good shit 
  • As he’s walking around the beach, trying to get used to the new way of moving around, you notice your ring around his neck and just get really happy bc you’d thought you’d lost it a few days ago
  • “Se E I told Tae it’d be important!!! What does the writing mean??” 
  • The two of you start talking about everything and anything, you tell him about the ring and its meaning, he tells you how he found it, you tell about the human world and he tells you about his world deep in the ocean and how he’s trying his best to learn the human written language bc he can speak it fluently it’s just the writing thing
  • “I’m pretty sure that Jin’s not coming back so why don’t you and I read the books together instead??”
  • “I would love that so very much”

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Name/Nickname: Alice, Nick, Nikki, Nerd(take your pick)

Height: 5′8

Hogwarts House? Hufflepuff

Last Thing Googled? “how to draw feet”

Fictional Character I’d Like As a Sibling: For younger siblings, probably Gon from HxH or Nagisa from Assassination Classroom. Older siblings, Either Shizuo or Celty from Durarara, or Hei from Darker than Black.

How Many Blankets do you Sleep With? 3

Favorite Artist/Band: Marina and the Diamonds will always be my fav

How Many Blogs do You Follow? 132

Do You Get Asks Regularly? The only times I got asks was when someone asked me a couple questions regarding favorite characters, another helped me find a novel I was looking for, and another was an angry Trump supporter who I think called me something along the lines of an “unintelligent sheep”(great insult by the way, a little bit more work and you can make a small child cry!). So yeah not that popular lol.

What’s Your Aesthetic? cute and fluffy animals, rain, eye colors (realistic and unrealistic), the moon, artwork, suits, and books.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to post all that valuable information!! Love the "safe" story!! I just rewatched that scene to see if I could catch her saying "safe". Can't wait to watch tomorrow.

You’re welcome! It was incredible watching Rupert up-close. He waved at the audience, high-five’d them, took a zillion pics with the Kelly crew. Towards the end, he even walked over to the audience section (I’m guessing to take pics), but got whisked away by security😏  He seems like a really chill, easy-going, humble kinda guy. 

The “safe” story was my favorite part of the interview too! I’ve rewatched that portion a few too many times on Youtube 😉  Cheers! 

Okay so can we take a second to appreciate red haired Michael?

I mean first of all it brings out the green in his eyes so nicely <3

And of course there are so many memories associated with red haired Michael!! Like all the award shows! For example the AMA’s!

And of course the Aria’s!

And then there’s this unforgettable pic, hot damn

And then of course just the day to day, general sexiness

And of course it just brought out the eyebrow ring even more ;)

And of course the hair dye fiasco!

Let’s not forget the creation of the man cave 

And Taylor Swift’s birthday party! 

The people’s magazine pants down pic <3 <3 <3

And then, my personal favorite: After months of being MIA, he came out looking like this.………

We had a great run with Red Haired Michael <3 hopefully he will make a swift return because damn you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone!


Happy Birthday dear beautiful Shigure!

I know I’m late… I am still working on my commissions but I couldn’t pass by his birthday so I finished it ;w; Forgive meeee *also feels guilty about missing Siegbert’s*

I do like him, more than I thought I guess. I think he’s in tie with Laslow for my second favorite male FE:F character. Guess who the first favorite is *coughJOKERcough*

May you be happy with your mommy and daddy (in my game it’s Odin so with Ophelia too) for the rest of your life!

Also a big Happy Birthday to my dearest @joeygeag ♥♥♥♥♥

I don’t know if anyone else finds this fun, but I included work process gif again! I was in a rush while painting it and didn’t take many screenshots, so I made more pics for the decorating steps.


When you send him one pic of you in snug fitting pajamas and he send you an essay. That’s how life should be lol. Wonder what he’ll do if I ever send nudes 👀👀. And not only does he call me Princess, he treats me just like a princess. I’m so glad we reconnected. Everybody, I present to you….Lawyer.

I met him on tinder last yr. He’s awesome in soooo many ways. But my favorite thing about him is that I never have to ask for anything. All I need is to show slight interest and he offers.


marchetta week day 4: favorite adult ship 

I remember love. These two people taught it to me and when I see Hannah lean over and kiss Jessa’s sleeping head, I know that for the rest of my life, no matter what, Hannah and Jude are going to be there. Like they always have been.