this is like trying to make that secret santa list

Sign Up Form!

So, you’re interested in signing up for the Thomas Sanders Secret Santa?

Here’s some information you need to know:

First of all, this event is for fanfiction and art. These are the only formats that will be accepted.

Secondly, please remember that this is a gift! Whoever you will be creating for deserves time and effort put into their gift. Please treat this event, as well as your prompts, with respect.

-FANFICTIONS: Should be well written-show that you put time and effort into it! Minimum word count of 1,000.

-ART: Should be colored and clean.

The deadline for this event is the 15th of DECEMBER, which gives me plenty of time to sort and organize your submissions and find some creators who are willing to step in and take on a second gift in case anyone drops out. Anyone who provides a gift with receive one!

Gifts will be posted to this blog in groups, so I ask that you do not post any part of your gift until after it has been posted here. This includes drabbles and work-in-progresses. Please remember that this is a secret santa!

Sign up form under the cut!

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Illness & Injury Secret Santa 2017 Application Form

 To join the I&I Secret Santa 2017 you need to fill out this form and submit it to this blog until October 29. We only accept fully filled out forms. A link to each submitted application will be added to our “Participants” page. You will also find a link to this form in our blog’s sidebar for easy finding.



(Copy/Paste this form and remove the hints in the brackets)


Name/Tumblr url: (Put your url/link to your blog/sideblog here)

Character/s you would like to receive art/stories of:(Can be a link to your character page or links to each individual character if you have written/visual reference posted somewhere. If not give a description about them. Remember, the gifter cannot ask you about specifics so be as descriptive as you need. There is no max length for these)

Do you prefer visual art or written gifts or is there no preference?: (Remember even if you put “art” in here it is not guaranteed that you will receive a drawing, it is upon the gifter but if they feel confident enough to do either art or writing it might help them decide)

What would you like to receive: (This is where you list any topics, symptoms, scenarios you would like to be possibly included in your gift)

Anything you don’t want?: (List any and all scenarios, symptoms and topics you’d rather not see included in your gift.)

Have you read and understood our rules and guidelines?: (Make sure to read them carefully and remember, if there is any point you are not quite sure of or don’t understand don’t hesitate to ask us to clarify. We will try our best to help.)

Shoot Secret Santa

Anybody want to gift the gift of Shoot to someone? And bless the Shoot fandom at the same time?

We thought we might try a Secret Santa exchange this holiday season to keep Shoot alive. And to give more holly and jolly to this time of year, because 2017 has been a rough year. Plus, who doesn’t want more Shoot in their life! And their timelines! 

How it works

  • You must have an email address
  • Sign up with what you want to make ( e.g. fic, drawing, graphics, etc.)
  • Also list what you’d like to receive (e.g. gifsets, drawings, fics)
  • Sign ups are done via a form

»» SIGN UP FORM   ««


After that assignments will be send out to everyone by email on Halloween, and then you’ll have about eight weeks to make gifts for the person assigned to you.

Gift Giving Guidelines

Just in case it isn’t clear to anyone, all the gifts have to be Shoot related.
And there are more guidelines in the next blog post. Again, I’ll try and get better and learning Tumblr and links :-)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: SUNDAY DECEMBER 17th (Please, submit by this date or let us know if you’re running late)

On Christmas Eve/Day all the gifts will be posted for everyone! On Boxing Day (aka December 26th) it will be revealed who made gifts for whom (if you choose to reveal yourself), then after that you’re of course free to post the gifts you made to your own Tumblr and hopefully AO3 or anywhere else.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

I’ve never done anything like this before, so any help is greatly appreciated :-)


Secret Santa Gift Exchange and Holiday Card Exchange

Yep, that’s right – it’s that time again! Time to share the joy and warmth of the holidays with the Secret Santa Gift Exchange and Holiday Card Exchange! :D This is an event that has been popular in the past and I’m not about to let the tradition die! This community deserves a Mega-awesome holiday and we’re going to make it one! :D But before I get to the rules etc. I need to call attention to one veryimportant rule first:

Only sign up to participate if you intend and are able to send something in return. Let me put this another way as well: If you plan to receive something, send something. It is VERY unfair to everyone else if you sign up to participate, receive gifts and/or cards, but send out nothing. Now I understand that sometimes Life doesn’t play out as we might wish; we may sign up fully intending to participate but then emergencies come up or paychecks fall through or any of a hundred different things that might force us to change our plans arise and that’s fine – BUT if something like this happens, please let me know BEFORE the e-mails go out, ESPECIALLY if you’re participating in the Gift Exchange. It’s only fair to ALL involved that if they spend their time and money (a luxury many of us may not have) to send out a gift to someone that they should have the joy of receiving one as well. If you sign up to participate, please hold up your end of the deal and send something out – or at least let me know before the participation deadline (Friday, December 1) that you can no longer participate so I can make sure everyone gets paired off with someone and no one gets left out. Let’s make this fair and fun for all! :D Thank you.

OK, now, on to the fun! Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of country! I don’t want to restrict this to the U.S. only; everyone is welcome to spread some holiday cheer! So don’t let your location hinder you – we’ll have participants from all over the globe! Participation is simple! (As both the Secret Santa gift exchange and holiday card exchange require physical addresses to which stuff can be mailed, please get permission from your parents to participate if necessary. Thank you!) Here’s how it works:

Send an e-mail (megamind[AT] to me with your name, an e-mail address I can use to send the final list to, your address, and whether you want to participate in the Secret Santa gift exchange, the card exchange, or both. If participating in the Secret Santa gift exchange, please also include a few suggestions for gift types you might like. It’s that easy! I will accept entries for both until Friday, December 1 at midnight Eastern Standard Time (I’m choosing this date so that participants in both events will have a few weeks in which to send out their cards/gifts so they will arrive at their destinations before Christmas Day, December 25 :D). On Saturday, December 2, I will send an e-mail to you with the information you’ll need depending on which event you will be participating in!

The rules for the card exchange are simple: Everyone who participates in the card exchange will receive the addresses of everyone else participating, this way you can send cards to only a few on the list, or everyone! :D

The rules for the Secret Santa gift exchange are slightly more complex: There will be a $10.00 price limit on the gifts; this way no one person gets something super-expensive while others get less extravagant gifts. If anyone thinks the price cap should be raised or lowered, we can discuss it. I just want to try to make it fair for all involved. :) Homemade gifts are acceptable too if you get the itch to make something! (All I ask is that if it’s Megamind related, like artwork, please scan it/take a photo of it and post it to the comm after your recipient receives it in case they are unable to do so; this way the rest of us can share in the goodness! :P Please keep any artwork rated G though, in case the recipient is too young or simply not into smut. :P) The key here is to have fun! The recipients will have no idea who their Secret Santa is until they receive your package in the mail! That said, here’s how the names will be paired for the Secret Santa gift exchange: On December 3, after I’ve gathered all the participating names together, I will throw them all in a hat and draw names at random. First name drawn will give a gift to the second name drawn, second name drawn will give a gift to the third name drawn and so forth, with the final name drawn giving a gift to the first. This way everyone gets one gift and no one knows who’s getting who what! ;D However, if you could send me a few suggestions for things you might like along with your interest in participating I can forward those ideas to your Secret Santa so they’ll be able to better personalize their shopping for you! <3

And there you have it! This should be easy enough to organize, and loads of fun to participate in! I, myself, will be participating in both the Secret Santa gift exchange and the card exchange! Let the fun begin! :D Happy Holidays, Everyone! <3

helping hand

Summary: Rose needs help picking out a last minute present for the holiday gift exchange at work. She finds a rather attractive employee at Idris Books to assist her in selecting a book.

Pairing: Eight x Rose || Word Count: 1360 || Rating: All Ages

Notes: For Eight x Rose August + AU month on @doctorroseprompts + general Eight month and the prompt “a helping hand” on @legendslikestardust


Rose was panicking. That was the only way to put it. She had forgotten to pick up a gift for the Secret Santa exchange at work and the deadline was tomorrow. The info sheet she’d received had mostly mentioned books and tea and a love of traveling. She wasn’t about to buy tea for someone who she didn’t know and couldn’t ask about their tea habits so that really left her with books.

At least the person had put down a couple of genres that they liked, and if she absolutely couldn’t find anything fitting, there was always the gift card route. That screamed last minute though, and Rose would rather her recipient not know that she forgot about them.

She nipped into the first bookshop she found. Idris Books was a cozy place, full of soft golden light and a maze of shelves with seating scattered throughout. It was the kind of place Rose would like to spend an entire afternoon in, forgetting that the world outside existed, but today was not that day.

It took her a few minutes to find the sci-fi section in the bookstore but once she finally stood in front of the shop’s collection, she was completely lost. Sci-fi had been first on her recipients list of book genres but it wasn’t one that she usually read.

Rose had no idea where to start. She stared at the shelf, eyes glancing over the myriad titles as she worried at her bottom lip. A noise to her left startled her and she turned to find a man reshelving some books on the next bookcase over.

“Excuse me, could you help me?” Rose asked.

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This is for thefangirlingglass, who listed a bunch of pairings/characters she liked. I decided to try to draw as many as I could before the deadline, and this is what I got! Made them Christmas-themed ‘cuz it’s fun that way.

And yes, I know that’s holly that Wheatley is holding in the first picture. It’s a common mistake for people to mix up holly and mistletoe, and I figured it would definitely be a mixup Wheatley would make.

Hope you like! :D Merry Christmas!

Young Justice Secret Santa 2016

Hello everyone! This year, I have teamed up with Caitlin from lilgreenshits to make a Secret Santa for the Young Justice fandom in celebration of its renewal! So if you want to participate in this event, keep on reading!

How it Works:

- You will be assigned a Secret Santa.

- You will also receive a list of things they would like and a list of things they don’t want.

- From December 4th to December 25th, send your person sweet or funny messages over anon. You must send your first anon message by December 7th! Try to send them at least 1-2 times a week! Make sure you don’t reveal who you are!

- Over December 4th to 25th, you will work on a gift for your person.

- Use the list of things they want to come up with one thing that you can send them, such as digital art, head-cannons, or anything that they asked for! This will be your gift to them. 

- It doesn’t have to be over the top, just something to make your person smile.

- On any day from December 23rd to December 25th, you will reveal to your person who you are, and you will give them your final gift!


- You should probably to be following me (youngjusticeplus) on Tumblr for updates.

- Your anon asks must be on! You won’t be able to get nice messages if its not on!

- You can’t reveal who you are early! 

- Be kind to people!

- Please don’t hate on any ships/pairings that people have. Its a friendly event, let’s all just have fun and be nice.

- Fill out this survey to apply. If you don’t then we won’t be able to enter you! 


- Sign-up Deadline: December 2nd, 2016

- Secret Santa Handed Out: December 4th, 2016

- Final Posting and Revelation Day: December 23rd through 25th


- I would highly suggest sharing this by either reblogging or liking this post! We need to get the word out there so you are more likely to receive someone who can give you what you want!

- Feel free to ask me any questions, although there is a place to put your questions on the sigh-up form!

- We will be using the tag: #YJSecretSanta2016 so try to tag any posts related to this. 

- Make sure not to give your person any content they did not ask for!

- Tell us if you change your URL over the course of this event!

- Please notify us if your Secret Santa is not participating!

Roni’s Tumblr for Contact:

Caitlin’s Tumblr for Contact:


ok so im host a secret santa thingy for dragon quest fans~! ill put more info under a read more so people who dont care dont have to scroll through a bunch

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Time to listen to Taylor’s version of Santa Baby on repeat and dish out festive emojis like the woman herself. Taylor was SO incredible last year at showing us generosity during the Christmas period, and I thought it’d be so brilliant if we took a page out of her book this year and spread that Christmas spirit as far as it could possibly reach, to the farthest corners of the fandom. 

                   ❄️ SO WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT, JESSIE?  ❄️

Good question! This Secret Santa is going to be about trying to reach as many people in this fandom as we can, and about making new friends regardless of whether you have ten followers or ten thousand followers. We be breaking down those barriers here, all in the name of Christmas spirit. There are far too many people on this website who feel lonely or unimportant and Christmas is the last time we want people to feel that way. 

                            ⛄️  HOW DOES IT WORK?   ⛄️

  • Reblog this post before the 25th November and help spread the word to as many people as you can, the more people the more fun this is going to be!
  • Keep an eye on your IMs, that’s where I’ll be messaging you the name of the blog you’ll be the Secret Santa for. Be patient with me, because I am a one-woman trash machine.
  • Check out the blog, lurk on them just like Taylor!
  • On December 5th you can start messaging them (anonymously), obviously real life is important but it would be so, so nice if you could try and message them once a day. Check in with them, keep up to date with their personal posts, ask them about their day, send compliments and motivational messages, literally anything cute. If you’re stuck for ideas I will be writing a day-by-day list of things to send. 
  • Maybe you want to make your Secret Santa blog a gift for Christmas day? This isn’t compulsory, but if you’re handy with graphics or videos that would be so cute, maybe you could give them a shoutout or record them a little Christmas video message. 
  • On Christmas Day, reveal yourself to them off-anon and let them love you down. 

         Questions? Suggestions? Want to help out? Message me here.

Fantroll secret santa!

This is a 2014 secret santa for fantrolls far and wide <3

please note that this is a FANTROLL secret santa but other ocs can be offered up in your wish list, just keep it revolving around your oc’s and fc’s

The Rules and how to enter: 

- you may not switch your secret santa

- no canon characters

- try to keep all gifts art based, it makes things more convenient!

- please have your ask open! having anon on is optional but it allows your secret santa to ask any questions they might need for your gift

- post the gift to your blog and then tag/send the link to your secret santa

- reblog this post and fill out this form to enter: 

What you would like: 
Specific details:


Deadline to join: November 25, 2014
Secret Santas will be assigned: November 26-29, 2014
Secret Santas reveal themselves along with the gift: December 20-25, 2014