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jack ———– H E L P !!!


avatar the last airbender book one: water

You know what the worst part of being born over a hundred years ago is? I miss all the friends I used to hang out with. Before the war started, I used to always visit my friend Kuzon. The two of us, we’d get in and out of so much trouble together. He was one of the best friends I ever had, and he was from the Fire Nation just like you. If we knew each other back then, do you think we could have been friends too?


-mnet (honestly, THE WORST)
-international streaming
-underrated groups disbanding
-fan wars
-mnet editing
-companies not appreciating girl groups
-lack of support to idols dealing with mental illnesses and eating disorders
-mnet being FAKE™
-netizens acting problematic, like 80% of the time, tearing idols apart
-lack of privacy for idols

To all y’all who wanted V’s route to be him and Rika getting back together

Guess what? Make the right choices during his route, and you get your wish! :) And guess what else? :) 


So basically, if you’re enough of an asshole to both V and Rika towards the end of the route, you’ll be treated to a lovely bad ending on Day 10 where V ditches you to go back to Rika. And this bad ending perfectly encapsulates why V and Rika’s relationship is absolutely toxic, has always been toxic, and will always be toxic. 

As soon as V shows up at her door, Rika pretty much dissolves into desperate sobbing, telling V that she was wrong and begging him to stay with her. She asks for forgiveness, and promises that she won’t hurt him anymore. So that’s good, right? Everything is lovely and romantic and #relationshipgoals now, right?

In order to gain his forgiveness, Rika offers to let V hurt her now instead. 

Yup, that’s right. Now the oh so healthy cycle of domestic abuse is being reversed! Rika tells him that he can do anything that he wants to her, telling him that he can “mangle” her body and complete their “Reunion” photoshoot. 

And V agrees. He stays with her, and agrees to hurt her…so that he can protect her (???). Like great, good job guys, now they’re both crazy.

At this point, they both know their relationship isn’t based on love for one another. Rika is desperate to be wanted (by anyone) and V is desperate to find his meaning in providing someone else with “love.” Essentially, they’re just obsessed with the idea of love itself, and very much want to feel love, but are not and have never actually been in love with one another. 

I literally do not understand how people can still be romanticizing their relationship. I still see people who are upset that V’s route ended his and Rika’s troo wuv story, and I’m just??? So confused. Because listen. I like Rika. I like V. But their relationship together is actually the worst thing ever™. Unless you literally hate both characters, I don’t see how you could support this pairing. If they get back together, they will destroy each other. In order for either of them to even begin healing/moving towards happiness, this relationship has to end. And that’s why Cheritz gave us the great route that they did. 


This ship needs more content

modern losers club has a gc and richie only posts in it by sending really bad meme edits. like the worst. utterly incomprehensible. stan asks mike if he can come into town to see a movie w them but hes too busy on the farm. richie sends a quickly made edit of understandable have a nice day but instead its ‘hey mike can you come to the movies with us’ ‘mike machine broke’ ‘unacceptable’

munday meme // multimuse edition

send me a symbol and I will tell you…

⚔ which muse is the most likely to go to jail/prison
☠ which muse is The Worst™
👅 which muse is the kinkiest
💑 who would make the best couple of two of your muses together
💔 who would be the worst couple of two of your muses together
👑 which muse is most likely to take over the world
👎 which muse secretly (or not so secretly) loves terrible movies
😍 which muse is the biggest heart breaker
🌱 which muse is the most gullible
💎 which muse is the biggest drama queen
🍒 which muse is the most innocent
🎭 which muse is the easiest to write
🌛 which muse is the biggest dreamer
🐢 which muse always runs late
🌉 which muse is most consumed by wanderlust
🏠 which muse is a happy homebody
👛 which muse is the most frugal
👠 which muse loves shopping sprees
🎉 which muse loves planning parties
💕 which muse falls in love too easily
👍 which muse would you most likely get along with
🔪 which muse would you most likely be enemies with
🍕 which muse is a terrible cook
😔 which muse is the biggest spoilsport
💘 which muse have you written the longest
🎶 what song makes you think of (specify muse)
💪 which muse is a health nut
🐷 which muse is most likely to win a pie eating contest
🎨 which muse is the most artistic
🍁 what inspired you to write/create (specify muse)

Me: *Watching The Worst Witch on Netflix* Wow, this is pretty much exactly like Harry Potter/Hogwarts except they’re all girls. I freaking love it, but it’s a total ripoff 

Me: Looks up the book series its based on and sees that it predates Harry Potter by more than Twenty Years.