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Random thought…I wonder if the boys have had Tim Hortons yet…like they’ve been in Canada a while now, so like I would hope they have had it. But I mean Haz didn’t even use real maple syrup in his video so I doubt they’ve attempted to embrace the full Canadian spirit. 

huckleberry is one of those highly regional flavors that i’m not really familiar with or used to seeing, but that pops up all over the place here. i just discovered the local convenience store has huckleberry slushies, and while the machine looked like it was out of order today i’m tempted to try one at some point

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Why don't you like them together? Just curious.

I don’t like Jenny. She’s a horrible person. I didn’t like her before she started dating Chris and I still don’t like her. I tried to tolerate it.

The things she’s said, and no one especially Chris is holding her accountable.

This man has no problem calling others out on their BS (Trump is a prime example) but Jenny? Nope he’s completely overlooking all the things she’s said, things that are offensive to his own fucking brother!

Gray’s ‘Death’ / Avatar Arc

So discussing this with @i-ced earlier tbh since I was thinking about things after seeing a fake texting kind of post thing. What happened during the dragon fight was something that wasn’t so easily let go by Lyon. When he saw Gray get shot one by one in that one minute flashback it felt very real to him. So after returning back to Margaret Town, back to the guild, there were some nights when Lyon would have nights of restless sleep. Either unable to fall asleep or finding himself waking up in the middle of the night because of that memory creeping into his nightly thoughts. There isn’t really a way to reassure himself that it was just a past memory and that things were alright, other then to sketch for an hour or so until his mind was more at ease. This lasted for a month or two until Lyon was able to reassure himself, learn to cope with the past memory. 

The Avatar Arc later plays into this kind of thing happening since it’s known that Gray pretty much poofed without a notice or word on where he was going (During his Undercover assignment at the Avatar guild for 6 month’s). During the time of Fairy Tail’s disbandment Lyon and Gray did keep in touch with the occasional visit every now and again, up until he disappeared. Which pretty much in a way brought Lyon back to his thoughts after the Games, he didn’t know what had happened to Gray or where he went. So to him it did cause a lot of worry even if he did have faith in Gray, his mind still fled back to those happenings and it did cause some restless nights again. Not because of the past memory but because he didn’t know the state of his friend. He could of been dead, or alive but who honestly knew. The whereabouts of the Fairy Tail guild members wasn’t something he’d kept track of so he couldn’t go ask one of them. All he could do was try and remain in faith, hope.

So during the 6 month’s it did eat away at him, and he honestly wasn’t alright. His appearances showed otherwise outside of the moments when he felt his outer facade falter which he’d take to hiding away or distracting himself by taking a job. When Gray did happen to come back, and he knew the state of things Lyon was rather angry and upset but in the end (after thinking logically on it) he understood the circumstances of why he hadn’t told him. Before learning these circumstances however he had come off as cold to Gray because of what he was feeling, but that didn’t last long after he ended up having a talk with Gray the moment he was able to privately speak with him. Usually he is one to think logical but at the same time his emotions as well do get the best of him sometimes when it involves matters of the heart.

Even so it took his mind a while to get back to being more at ease so some nights when things were restless. He’d find himself sending a text (via lacrima phone) to Gray with simple words like “Are you there” just to reassure himself that things are fine now. Calming himself, putting his mind at ease when he received an answer. 

This all only happened because he considers Gray to be like a brother to him, family and someone really close and dear to him. He doesn’t want to think of what would happen if he were to actually die. Tbqh if any family member or person close to him disappeared for month’s on end or such without notice then he’d freak out internally for them also. 


The Climax of V’s Route


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Anakin Skywalker: 41 BBY — 4 ABY

Luke Skywalker: 19 BBY  — Present (34 ABY)


If you ran away, come back home
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