this is like the themeless theme

Get ready for Wizardess Heart Sin Week! 3/21 – 3/27

From March 21st through March 27th, this blog will reblogging your sinful Wizardess heart fics, art, and more!  

To help inspire you, we’ll be going with a Seven Deadly Sins-inspired theme.  Publish your work on the appropriate day!  (Or not – this theme is entirely optional; we like themeless sinning too.)


1. Sin!  Write, draw, or otherwise create something sinful and Wizardess Heart related. Anything goes!

2. Tag your post with wh sin week in one of the first five tags (and to help us, please also tag us in the post somewhere too). We’ll reblog!  For the sake of others who may not be as sinful, please appropriately tag your kinks, and remember to add the nsfw tag when necessary.

3. Enjoy the sin!

  • 3/21: Pride
  • 3/22: Greed
  • 3/23: Envy
  • 3/24: Gluttony
  • 3/25: Wrath
  • 3/26: Sloth
  • 3/27: Lust

Questions?  Send us an ask or a message!