this is like the most important thing to me rn

Person: *Interacts with me*

Me: *talks to them to be polite but secretly wants to go back to daydreaming*

All members raji 3/24

Uruha (reading mail): “This isn’t related to the theme and it’s also kind of a boring question, but what’s a cool way to answer when your girlfriend asks you, ‘what’s more important, your job or me!?’” …….so guys what’s the answer?

Kai: Huhuhu! What’s a cool way to answer?

Uruha: But like is this something that ppl actually ask? 

Kai: “What’s more important, your job or me?” Well like I hear it in dramas but idk…that doesn’t mean anything (laughs) 

Uruha: But I mean if you said “my job” that would be bad, right? That would set them off?

Kai: No no no I don’t think so, at all! Rather if you said “you!” wouldn’t it seem…too much like a lie? (laughs) Well I mean I don’t know

Aoi: Hmmm- [Uruha: I wonder what the right answer is] -mmmmm…… know….at that point….you should probably just break up with them no? 

Kai: (laughing) Like as soon as she asks you that? 

Uruha: This question is taboo, you know? As soon as this happens, it’s over. 

Reita: As soon as you say that, you’re not the most important thing anymore

Aoi and Uruha at same time: AWWWW! [not like aw thats cute but like AW SHIT FAM]

Reita: Cause u just asked that

Aoi: The shit-eating look u have on ur face rn istg


Uruha: So it’s like, you were the most important until you said that, you blew it now

Reita: Yes yes yes

Uruha: So that’s the right answer!

Reita: Well for me yeah

(Aoi and Uruha guffawing)

Uruha: What about you, Ruki-san?

Ruki: U-uhh, I don’t know..???! But like, u gotta work to make a living so…….

Uruha: So like, “it’s my job tf u thought”?

Ruki: Uh, like, if i don’t work…..I’m a NEET?? Like, I’d be unemployed, so….and then I wouldn’t be able to be with you anyway

Reita: What if she’s like “I don’t care if ur unemployed!”

Ruki: ….Oh yeah that’s okay then! 

Reita: You’d quit? 

Ruki: I’m cool with freeloading

Reita and Uruha: HUHUHUHU

Uruha: Ur ok with that

Ruki: But I mean that’s not the case [for the gf in the mail i guess] …she just wants attention

Aoi: But before it got to [the point where she would say that]…wouldn’t you have already ditched her?

Everyone: Ah mhm yes hmm maybe ur right ahh

Aoi: So maybe the guy is the bad one.

Everyone: Ahh I see so that’s your point of view ahh yes ok

Aoi: Thanks guys

(Everyone dies laughing)

Uruha: So Aoi-kun, if a girl asked you how would you answer? 

Aoi: “I’m sorry.”

(Everyone dies laughing again)

Uruha: “I’m sorry”….


Ruki: All u could do is cry. WAHH!!! WAHH!!!!!!!!

Reita: Man u just busted my ears

Everyone: HuhuhuHUHU

Uruha: Okay leader what about you?

Kai: Well I definitely wouldn’t say her. 

Uruha: Ahh, so it’s your job?

Kai: Yep. Anyone would say that, no? It’s your job. I mean, she’s a part of that!

Uruha: What?

Kai: Like, the fact that I’m working

Uruha: Ah that you’re making a living, it means you can take care of her

Kai: Yes yes 

Ruki: Yep, yep, yep

Uruha: Wow u really thought that through calml–


Uruha: Op

Kai: Huhuhu sorry sorry 

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What's your favorite Danny x Colleen moments in The Defenders? Separate and together! :)

why would you ask this because the answer? every scene of them. every scene. but also like this is my favorite thing to talk about right now so I’m going to go thru a bunch of it. 

  • that moment in episode one with colleen being all worried and touching danny’s face all gently like wow ok help me
  • “but do you trust me?” “of course”
  • the way danny looks at colleen in general like this boy is so in love
  • holding hands in the helicopter
  • that little moment in episode 8 after they get out of the building and danny just kinda hugs colleen to his side
  • “but we can figure this out. together”
  • colleen basically being the Supportive Wife 
  • danny calling colleen to let her know he’s safe and everything
  • like he’s so good and pure??
  • that look colleen gives danny in episode 3 before she and claire leave him and luke together 
  • danny running into the dojo and immediately hugging her rly tightly like ok i am dead
  • that scene in ep 3 where they’re at rand and talking to the lady and just seamlessly going back and forth explaining stuff to the lady like y’all are so married
  • the fact that they are the cutest married couple to ever cute
  • “i’m glad you’re meditating, you need a break” further proof of supportive wife colleen wing
  • colleen being excited about the sword guy’s workshop and the whole “is it weird that i want to live here?” and danny probably falling 100% more in love with her right then
  • colleen being all defensive when luke is super skeptical about the iron fist stuff “there’s this mystical place called k’un lun”
  • danny being like no i’ve got this and then saying the exact same thing 
  • danny completely ignoring bakuto once he realizing oh colleen is hurt and instead immediately goes to her
  • have i mentioned the way they look at each other yet bc i cry
  • they trust each other so! much!
  • colleen “i’m just here to blow up the building and save my husband” wing
  • them both wearing soft sweaters at the same time and looking adorable 
  • matching outfits in general oh u lil dorks (ep 8 specifically)
  • danny just sort of living with colleen even tho realistically he could buy somewhere else to live but he’s just kinda there with his colleen
  • colleen cupping danny’s face all gently!
  • before kissing him!
  • the fact that danny pretty much just gets much happier every time colleen is in the room 
  • when colleen is injured and they take her into the police station and danny gently touching her face (me crying)
  • colleen just wanting something stable in her life and that absolutely can be danny now haha i love dying
  • also that kiss in general like that??? was so pure??? 
  • they’re! each others! home!
  • they’re! each others! family!
  • “it’s starting to feel like home” im not crying ur crying (haha yea i cried)
  • the parallel thing between colleen in ep 1 “what do you need it to be?” “home” and danny’s “it’s starting to feel like home”
  • this picture
  • colleen smiling at danny before and after kissing him and the way he looks at her after the kiss like she’s the most important thing in his life  

this is just what comes to mind from my admittedly fuzzy memory of defenders rn so i’ll probably add on when i finish rewatching

also jw but why didn’t they bother showing us the scene where keith tells everyone he’s galra??? thats kind of an important moment???? wtf?? like. we don’t even rly get to see shiro’s reaction, and he was There. what did coran do??? it didn’t look like coran was avoiding keith like allura was but was he at all upset?? we dont know!! what did lance do??? did he make a sarcastic comment like “oh great now i bet he thinks he’s better than me bc he’s part alien” ??? was pidge all excited and geeking out abt the genetics and what this could mean abt keiths abilities and Science??? i bet hunk just said “but u arent purple?” and asked if he was gonna sprout big fluffy ears. and then that made lance laugh. and then pidge said that if he didnt have fluffy ears by now he probably never would. and then shiro was like guys this isn’t rly the most important thing to be discussing rn. but yes pidge i agree i think if he was gonna have galra ears he’d have them by now. where is this quality content???? dark dreamworks show me the forbidden alien content

consider this:

consider that, overnight, you became a global viral legend, because of something good or funny that you did. in this day and age, its fairly relatively easy to become one.

tastes good, doesn’t it? people /know/ who you are. by name. people recognise your work. people talk about you and your work. the social, political, emotional and/or financial impact it’s having. more people find you on social media and begin following you bc “you’re the biggest thing right now.” you’re not a “thing” though, are you? you’re a human. with real life feelings and emotions and good days and bad days, despite the impact you’ve made.

so, people start talking about you. people you don’t even know are talking about you. they talk about your country, your city or your hometown, your neighbourhood. and slowly, you see that, people are starting to care less about your work, but more about you, as a thing that they feel they rightfully “own”, because “well, their work has had such a huge impact on me, but what’s more important is that person. they’re the most hottest, talked about thing rn on the planet. i gotta be a part of this and snap up my chance of meeting them, no matter what.”

this desire of people wanting to meet you, seems cool at first. you like that your work’s had such a huge impact. its nice.

but then this desire to meet you isn’t a desire anymore. its becomes a necessity. like food and water and shelter and “I NEED TO SEE THEM” and oxygen. it becomes so controlling, that it becomes obsessive. so obsessive, that all these people couldn’t care about whether you’re having a good or bad day, couldn’t care about how you feel, so as long as “THEY GET TO MEET YOU.”

you start to feel like a fucking object at a museum or an art gallery, not a human anymore, that people can just come and take pictures with and poke and prod and touch or want to kiss and hug, some of these things which you’re not even comfortable with doing. all things that made you feel human at one point, like places or people, that made you feel normal … don’t anymore. you’re not an “object” though, are you? you’re a human. with real life feelings and emotions and good days and bad days, despite the impact you’ve made.

these people are coming in by the numbers now, from places close and near, and far and wide. and its all becoming … a little too overwhelming. and not in the good way. your social medias are FULL with comments, objectifying you. these people are now more interested in your private life, like “are you single? are you gay? do you have a girlfriend?” and less about your work.

they’ve found your family and friends too on social media. and these people are spamming them, wanting to know about you, how you are. you become inactive for 2 days and they’re bombarding you and your family and friends with comments saying “they haven’t posted in 2 days WHERE ARE THEY??? I NEED MY DAILY FIX.” you’re not a “drug or medication” though, are you? you’re a human. with real life feelings and emotions and good days and bad days, despite the impact you’ve made.

these people have now found out about where you LIVE. the places you go to, the places you work or educate at. your parents and siblings are starting to get really worried. angry sometimes, though they don’t show it. your neighbours are starting to feel disturbed. so are your coworkers, fellow students and teachers. and you simply … cannot escape. from anywhere. everywhere you go, they are THERE. waiting. a working institution has now become a tourist attraction, with you being the centrepiece. you’re not a “centerpiece” though, are you? you’re a human. with real life feelings and emotions and good days and bad days, despite the impact you’ve made.

and you realise …. you didn’t want this. you didn’t want this one bit. you just wanted your work to have an impact or make a small change, that was your only intention, or rather, in this case, your only crime.

you didn’t ask for this feeling of constant imprisonment, where you can’t even feel human anymore. you just feel like an object … being flung here and there, that has to run and hide to feel somewhat normal again.

but tarjei and henrik and the entire skam cast are not “objects” though, are they? they’re human. with real life feelings and emotions and good days and bad days, despite the impact they’ve made.


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did you know that there are 171,376 words in the english dictionary, but pewdiepie decided on one of the most racist, derogatory slurs to “slip” out of his mouth in a fit of rage? don’t tell me he did this on accident. he uses this word on the daily. he knows it.

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2.Open my messages until hours later. I get he may be busy sometimes but all I ask is for him to just let me know yet it's always the same thing over n over. I love him and I know he loves me even tho what I'm saying rn sounds like he doesn't, he does but I just don't know how to handle the lack of affection. It's long distance and the little things are the most important yet he doesn't even give me that and I'm left wondering whether giving up on the relationship means giving up on him...

I completely understand you’re situation me and my bf are in a long distance relationship too and I know it can be very difficult with the lack of affection. It can be difficult being in a long distance relationship as you have to be a very strong person to just keep going but I just try think about the future when there won’t be the distance that keeps me going tbh I don’t know if it will work for you. But I think you need to think about your feelings and whether you’re able to carry on in the relationship or if it would be better to give up and move on from it without having to go through this difficult stage of being in a long distance relationship. I hope this helps in some way. 

Organizing Blog

Hey y'all, I’m working on separating my garbage reblogs and art into two separate blogs. As it stands rn, I’ll most likely create a new, blank blog titled artistic-optimist and post new art on there from now on, and rename this blog sconekid.

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did you see that a full pro video of marianne furevold's talk has been posted? vimeo(.)com/232815818 she mostly talked about the same things mari did (why they made skam, how it worked etc - the basics really) but i really liked the clip she chose to show to portray their mission statement. eva confronting the 3rd year girls always stood out to me as one of the most simple but realistic moments of s1, how everything feels incredibly important and 10 times more dramatic when you're 15/16.

I haven’t! I can’t watch it rn either but i’ll watch it later, thank you! :)

bUt sEriOusly ThO


- Jonas standing up like ‘guys we’re leaving’ and already packing up all the beer but magnus and madhi being like no we wanna meet this even guy

- the incredibly cute chaos that is isak kicking the boys out and the ‘‘c’mon guys, the most important thing rn is that we leave’’ JUST KILL ME

- even probably HEARING isak kicking the boys out and PROBABLY SMIRKING TO HIMSELF ABOUT IT

- isak needing to take a moment and breathe before opening the door for ‘the guy of his life’ 


- isak looking all cute and innocent and not knowing what to do or to say or how to act


I think……… the most important thing I can do spiritually rn is like. Focus time on figuring out who I am. I know I talk a lot of shit about doing that anyway and like ~~~living authentically~~~ or whatever, but I keep thinking about the synchronicity in the posts that really hit me that day & my reading the day of the eclipse and like……… idk. Identity and names seem to be,.. a big thing rn.

if there was one thing matilda hated, it was parties especially parties where she was the center of attention. she’d begged her manager to make this event something small and low key with just the people important to her but somehow it’d practically turned into a full blown gala, most likely at the behest of her parents. sighing to herself she took another hit of her joint before forcing herself to go inside, cringing as her voice flooded the speakers. “ god please get me out of here. ” she whined leaning her head on the shoulder of the first friendly face she met, “ there are too many people here ‘nd my manager is expecting me to fucking perform and not pass out or cry or freeze. ” chewing on her bottom lip she picked at her nail polish. “ ‘m sorry this whole freaking party is about me ‘m sure you’re tired of hearing about me. ”

I will bet actual real money that Jack ‘0% to 110%’ Zimmermann said “I love you” first. I bet he said it when he was in Madison. I bet it was in Bitty’s childhood kitchen. I bet Bitty was baking, singing along quietly to his iPod, hips swaying and Jack saw him. Gold and warm and like a dream, but better because he was there and real and Jack could reach out and touch him, could run his thumbs down Bittys cheeks and cup his hips and rub his cheek into Bitty’s hair.

I bet Jack was looking at bitty and thought 'god i love you’ and it’s not until bitty stares at him, silent, red faced that he realises that he said it out loud. I bet he didn’t even care that it was so early. That it was probably too soon. Because it’s true and he does. He loves bitty so fucking much.

I bet Suzanne was in the next room or maybe outside hanging laundry out so bitty couldn’t scream or throw himself at Jack or even yell at him because his hands are COVERED in pie filling and he can’t even kiss Jack now

I bet bitty wanted to cry. Hearing that Jack, his Boyfriend, loved him there. In that place where he’d spent so long thinking he’d never get to have this. Never have a boy that he loved who loved HIM and yet. There’s Jack smiling at him, his eyes so warm and soft saying 'I love you’ like it’s not the most important thing anyone’s ever said to him.

I bet that didn’t even kiss after. I bet they just looked at each other, blushing, and thought about how lucky they are.


I just unfollowed everyone who wasn’t active anymore and now my dashboard seems to be so fucking empty. (I’m only following 140 people rn, before I started the cleaning I followed like 360 or so)

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- Twenty One Pilots 

- Knuckle Puck

- Bring me the Horizon

- Fall Out Boy

- The Amity Affliction

- Being as an Ocean

- Deez Nuts

- Architects

- We came as Romans

- Gnar Wolves

- Major Lazer

- Man Overboard

- Capsize

- Northlane

- Parkway Drive

- Wiz Khalifa

- The xx 

- Of Mice & Men

- Maroon 5

- Imagine Dragons

- Hollywood Undead

There are probably way more but this should be enough :)


- Tattoos (male/female idgaf) (side fact: I reblog more tattoos than bands, but just because half of the blogs I follow are tattoos-only blogs, so please don’t message me if you ONLY reblog tattoos)

- Quotes (funny, deep, interesting facts, everything)

- Nature (I do not reblog much nature, but you will always get me with a sky full of stars or with a beautiful forest by night)


- Selfies (I will at least like (probably also reblog) every selfie I see on my dash ♥)

This should be everything. (Or at least these are the most important things)

As I said, the bands and artists are the most important things for me. 

I’m checking out everyone who messages me! ♥ (But please remember, I live in germany and if you message me when I’m asleep I’ll check out your blog when I wake up)

I hope to get a lot of amazing blogs to see! :) 


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Yixing is such a sweetheart and seriously I've NEVER seen an idol where i said smth like 'I want to marry him' but with Yixing ... it's like.. he's perfect??? He's not even my bias but he is such a good human being, caring for fans, the exo members and his family. He's kind and cute and i hope he will always be happy. Your blog just kinda made me love him even more. Thank you. Have a beautiful day!

hello~ yes!! thank you so much for your message ;;; reading this made me so happy ughudsd pls give Yixing more love~ this is a very long reply (i would like to expand on your ask~) and i know my view of Yixing is biased because i’m Yixing biased (have always been Yixing biased tbh *u*) but i really hope i can convince some of you (or refresh for memory) on why Yixing stans (xingmi) and EXO-Ls love him to bits. I really think Zhang Yixing is a very humble, polite [(x) (x) (x) (x)] and kind hearted [(x) (x) (x)] person who always put others before himself (x) ;_; 

I know all artists work very hard, are very determined and strong, but Yixing in my eyes, he’s a little stronger than the rest? I cant even imagine how hard it must have been when he left home at 17 to train in a foreign country, where he had no family, no friends and no knowledge of the language spoken there (he’s definitely not the first, nor the last idol who has had to go through this, but it must have been so hard). People in our generation often forget to care for our parents and grandparents, but Yixing - if he was given one day off, he’d spend it with his family. Yixing who puts on shoes for his grandmother, Yixing who holds his grandmother as they go for walks [(x) (x)]. He often tells the fans not to wait for him and to go home, spend time with their family and to care for them. Why? Because he misses his family so much and he doesn’t want his fans to forget the importance of family. Also I have to point out, his birthday messages (2012 // 2013 // 2014) truly show Yixing. The one thing Yixing said that really stood out to me (everything he said in his bday messages are important tho!) was “Even if you’re sad, don’t be afraid! Because I am here to write a healing song for all of you!” being able to hear something like this from the person I admire most when I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life was just so encouraging (I teared up when I read his 2013 bday message ;;; actually tearing up rn as well ;A;)

He’s very talented as well: he draws well, sings well, self-learned piano/guitar, composes songs, dances well - but he steps away from the spot light and lets the other members shine instead. When EXO was on Happy Camp in 2013 (Wolf Era) and they were asked to rank themselves according to appearance, Yixing immediately moved towards the end of the line and insisted that the other members are more handsome. Recently he said that his main role is an exo member and that he is happiest/most at ease when he is with the members. He stresses the fact that he is an exo member - he doesn’t want us to think he is putting his movie filming before exo (because he rlly isn’t :|) I don’t recall Yixing ever telling us he is tired but recently he has said that he hasn’t been able to sleep and that he is very tired having to jump from exo schedule to his movie filming schedule (yes, he “signed up for this,” ofc yixing knows the idol life is very busy/tiring but he enjoys performing on stage, dancing and singing. we cannot just tell them to “sleep in” or “just get more sleep” because their schedules are very packed, but as his fans, we can give him strength by supporting him, encouraging him)

Yixing is hardworking and determined to keep going when he is tired, determined to improve himself, determined to achieve his dreams. One of his dance instructor once said “As long as it is what he wants, there is nothing he cannot achieve.” His weibo username is “努力努力再努力x” (work hard, work hard, work even harder). However, yixing is very stubborn though ;; when he is injured, he continues to push himself to keep going (i still remember back in october 2012 he injured his waist and couldn’t walk without the help of staff members ;; and he refused to use a wheelchair because he was stubborn :x). Speaking of Yixing and injuries, everyone probably knows about how he injured his hand during a music show recording. I’ve seen a lot of people say that he “should not be on stage because he has haemophilia/blood disorder” - haemophilia ranges from mild to moderate to severe, depending on the clotting factor an individual is lacking and the degree of deficiency. Small cuts do not affect most people with haemophilia any more than anyone else, they may bleed a little longer but internal bleeding is the biggest concern for people with haemophilia. Just wanted to point this out - I’m not saying that Yixing’s injury wasn’t important (i was very worried tbh ;_;) - but a lot of fans don’t seem to know much about haemophilia except it is a x-linked blood disorder and that it can be life threatening for an individual with it. (NOTE: also just wanted to clear some things up, I am in no way romanticising yixing/idols + the injuries they encounter idk I’ve seen some posts floating around about this :|) 

Yixing adores his fans; he loves and cares [(x) (x) (x) (x)] for each and every one of them. He often reminds the fans not to buy him presents and to save the money to spend on themselves/their family. In the song he wrote for his fans, ”Because of You” (因為你), he called himself ordinary (as in ordinary person like everyone else) and us, his xingmi and EXO-Ls, his heroes and the reason why he is happy everyday + why he holds back his tears (in the song he said it’s because our love touched his heart ;;). In his song, he also says “Don’t know how high or how far I can fly, but (i’m) hoping all of you will stay by my side.” He doesn’t know where he’s going to end up in the future, he doesn’t know what will happen in the future - no one knows, and that’s all part of the human experience; but he clings onto the hope that his fans will always love him, support him and stay by his side. EXO-Ls, please stop doubting Yixing, please give Yixing more love, please have more faith in Yixing.

bonus: best of yixing (x) (x) (x) (x) my baby uhguhgd \o/

As the Battle Born/Direct Hits Tour chapter comes to a final close, I would just like to say that the past three years have left an incredible impact on me. I would have never become a victim without this tour, and so many amazing memories that go with it. I have met some lifelong friends through this band and have been lucky enough to attend three shows from this tour. But the most important thing I’ve taken from this tour was learning how to be battle born, and that is something that will stay with me forever. ♥ ϟ ♥