this is like the first time there's have been an actual interaction between the two of them

Voltron/Avatar AU

Okay, okay, okay, so I know this has been done a million times by now, but I wanted to tackle the idea from my own personal narrative perspective. So, here we go –


 Shiro – Gifted earthbender that was raised inside Ba Sing Se and was being trained as a member of the Dai Li before he was abducted by firebenders and taken prisoner. His abduction was a result of a plan by the Fire Nation to secretly infiltrate the Earth Kingdom and take down its most gifted benders. Before he was realized as being talented and brought in to train for the Dai Li, he lived in the lower ring of the city with Keith, who’d he’d long since adopted as a younger brother. They found out during their youth, however, that Keith was a firebender, which Shiro told Keith had to be kept secret. He encouraged Keith to learn his talents nonetheless, if only for self-defense. After he’s kidnapped, he loses his arm and his tortured, etc, and eventually develops metalbending out of sheer desperation to escape. Metalbending is what allowed him to create and use a metal arm as replacement for the one he lost. He eventually gets away—after learning that the Dai Li has been corrupted and secretly overtaken by firebenders—and goes back to the city to find Keith. But when he returns to Ba Sing Se, he comes home to find that Keith is gone and clearly has been for some time.

 Keith – Firebender. A very good firebender, in fact, but too ashamed of his talents to really do much with them. He grew up with Shiro in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se—basically poor—and grows so distressed when Shiro disappears that he lashes out at the Ba Sing Se law enforcers. His status as a firebender is revealed and he has no choice but to flee the city. He’d planned on leaving anyway to go looking for Shiro, and so it becomes his mission to find his older brother—even if he has to search the entire world. Unbeknownst to Keith, however, he was tossed out of the Fire Nation palace as a baby because he was an unwanted bastard son to the Fire Lord. Also, spoilers, he’s the Avatar as well, but is unaware of the fact due to how subdued he’s been forced to keep his talents his whole life. Lots of drama for Keith, haha. Poor child just wants his brother back. Oh well.  

 Lance – Waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. Prince, though he’s nowhere near being in line to become chief. Still, there are plenty of responsibilities he has, but he decides to run away in search of adventure instead, wanting—more than anything—to be a hero and stand out, basically. He’s had this plan since he was a child—was his dream to see the world—and so he spent a lot of time not only mastering waterbending, but the spiritual connection and teachings of the Northern Water Tribe, as well as healing despite the fact that, as a male, he wouldn’t normally know how to heal. Though he wasn’t the most gifted waterbender, he spent most of his youth studying and practicing in preparation for his big leap out into the world. As a result of being a healer and having studied the spirits extensively, he’s very knowledgeable, but generally keeps these things to himself (wants to be a lady’s man, not a nerd, basically). He is a bit spoiled nonetheless, and doesn’t have a real realistic idea of what’s going on in the world. He and Keith are both opposites and foils as a result of their upbringing and positions.

 Pidge – Waterbender from the Foggy Swamp Tribe. Her father was an inventor from the Earth Kingdom, however, who found himself studying the energy levels of the swamp area before meeting her mother and promptly falling in love. Her brother and father are earthbenders, while she and her mother are waterbenders. And while she is trained in the techniques of swamp people waterbending, Pidge is far more interested in technology and the things her father studies. Her father and brother make regular trips into the earth kingdom—for research supplies, etc—and eventually end up abducted by the Fire Nation for being meddlers or something. Which inspires Pidge to leave her home in search of them, determined to rescue them much like Keith is aiming to rescue Shiro. She isn’t one to be trifled with, however. While she doesn’t have much interest in bending, she is trained and is more than capable of defending herself, as well as using the plants around her to her advantage. She and Lance practice very different types of waterbending as a result, but this doesn’t come between them or anything. They probably bond over it, actually.  

 Hunk – Earthbender. He’s from a small village to the north that is occupied by the Fire Nation and generally has no interest in getting involved with business outside of it. However, when Lance shows up and causes a ruckus (no doubt by accident), he gets caught up in it and ends up wanted by the fire nation and unable to return home because, if he did, he’d be putting his family in danger (they’re already in danger from the Fire Nation, but Hunk is kind of sheltered and naïve). So he ends up tagging along with Lance, deciding that he’d simply go to the Fire Nation higher ups and explain the misunderstanding, thus clearing his name and allowing him to go home. Obviously, he learns that this isn’t really going to work and that the conflict is much larger than he and Lance really realized. Upon seeing how people are suffering because of the Fire Nation, Hunk vows to do all he can to stop it.

 Allura and Coran – The last two airbenders in the world. They were originally part of a secret society that—after the airbenders were basically destroyed—vowed to find the new avatar (who was murdered during the airbender raids) and return balance to the world. However, the society has basically died out and so Allura and Coran are all that’s left. They’re still going around the world, searching, but to say the mission has kind of become hopeless is a bit of an understatement. Still, they’re determined, convinced that if they can find the Avatar, they can stop the Fire Nation.


 And so we have our misfit team of heroes whose paths eventually cross. Lance and Hunk come together first, and then probably end up with Pidge as a result of trying to help her (likely when she doesn’t need help), before those three maybe meet Keith in a prison where he’s searching for Shiro (they’re there because Pidge is looking for her family in the same place). Meanwhile, Shiro is hunting for Keith, knowing more about him than he realizes (Shiro knows Keith is the avatar, which is half the reason he was so protective over him. He probably saw him accidentally bend earth or something, but then lied and said he’d done it instead). He meets up with Allura and Coran, and as they have a shared interest in finding the avatar, they team up. Likely the two teams meet up as the finale of season 1 or something, where it’s revealed during a dramatic battle or something that Keith is the avatar before they all make a break for it.

 Hunk and Shiro end up as Keith’s earthbending teachers, Allura is his airbending teacher, and Lance is his waterbending teacher (though neither are happy about it. Pidge doesn’t really have the knowledge to teach waterbending, or so she claims, though she does end up teaching Keith a thing or two as well). Water ends up being the element Keith has the most trouble with, which of course spurs antagonism between him and Lance. And when it’s revealed that Keith is actually a bastard prince from the fire nation, this makes things between him and Allura rather tense as well. While all this is happening, Lotor is around causing trouble like Azula did and we’re getting a more in-depth look at what Fire Lord Zarkon is really aiming to do. Basically he not only wants to take over the world, but the spirit world as well (which Haggar, his right hand lady and spiritual expert, thinks is silly—he should be content with the normal world, obv). Zarkon is looking for the avatar not to kill them, but to somehow remove the spirit of Raava and merge with it himself. This is becoming increasingly more difficult for him to do, however—especially with Keith getting stronger—and so he learns instead (maybe from the owl library that he forced his way into) about Vaatu being imprisoned and decides to instead merge with that spirit. Which is kind of what brings us to the season 2 finale. Probably the main group has split up because they’re fighting and they all get reunited in the end, where Keith tries to fight Zarkon and fails. And it’s Lance, who maybe shows up last, that uses his knowledge of spirits (which has basically been lost to Allura and Coran, despite them being airbenders) to separate Vaatu from Zarkon before a dark avatar can really be created. But as a result, he, Lance, ends up attached to Vaatu. Why? Because he and Keith were painted as foils for a reason, that’s why.

 So basically Lance is all sorts of fucked up now, and is dealing with some pretty dark shit that Keith has to help him with, which kind of allows a friendship to form between them where there previously hadn’t been one. Through a lot of interaction and development between all the characters, they eventually come to understand that Vaatu being attached to a human is similar to having him imprisoned and that, so long as Lance remains uncorrupted, he should be able to function as a second avatar. After all, it’s about balance in the end, dark and light, yin and yang, and so while Keith and Lance seemingly oppose each other, they also complement each other. Thus Lance is the first Dark Avatar, a new avatar that will be reborn along with the original and will need to be trained in how to master the evil inside them or something like that. He gets to learn all the elements too, but probably isn’t a master by the time we reach the end of season 3, unlike Keith. Meanwhile, Zarkon is pissed and is like, fine, I don’t get an avatar spirit, I’ll create my own and he basically uses secrets taught to him by Haggar to harness raw spirit power for his own gain. Now he’s really dangerous and threatens all the worlds with potential destruction. And yeah, all of team avatar(s) have to work together to stop him!

I can’t decide if I should do a more in-depth outline for this or not. Like, one that reflects the importance of all the other characters, not just Lance and Keith, haha! Because, obv, they’re all crucial. I mean, clearly Shiro needs to have a personal connection to Zarkon, maybe even some kind of connection to the spirit world. And, like, I was thinking of trying to incorporate the lions as spirits of some kind too. I dunno–we’ll see XD

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@paperlemonpaper asked me for fic recs a long time ago whoops sO HERE’S SOME OF MY ALL-TIME FAVES IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
(ps take note that like,, several of these have the secks in them)

  1. Cake Or Break by Crollalanza
    (DaiSuga w/ background IwaOi)
    It had been an accident - an actual accident - that had brought Sawamura Daichi to a pleasant, sunny side street in Tokyo on his way to work. But then he’d caught sight of an angel with quicksilver hair setting out the tables at a cafe, and he’d stopped, dumbstruck. And when the waiter-cum-owner-cum-angel-in-human-form had turned around and smiled, all the breath had left his body. A story about chance meetings, the importance of cake and how a sack of icing sugar can change your life. 
  2. National Hot Dad Alliance Is Now Calling… by dicaeopolis and OwlinAMinor 
    (Focus on friendship between Daichi, Kuroo, Bokuto, Oikawa and Ushijima, w/ DaiSuga, KuroKen, BokuAka, IwaOi and UshiTen)

    Sawamura Daichi: What the fuck.
    (Or, the captains’ squad interactions that definitely happen outside of canon, presented in Skype chat form.)
  3. Wingman Watari by SatyrSyd37
    (MatsuHana, KyouHaba, KinKuni, IwaOi and Best Wingman Watari)

    It begins as an accident. Watari never planned on setting up all the members of his volleyball team, but, for some reason, it turns out he’s the perfect matchmaker. (also known as the getting together stories of the ships listed in the tags)
  4. Answers Without Questions by SecretMaker
    Koushi had learned a long time ago to stop wanting things. He learned to stop wishing, letting his eyes linger too long, wondering what it would be like if only. There were no if onlys in Koushi’s life.
  5. Police Dog by surveycorpsjean

    Yahaba takes home a gruff looking, beat up dog. He patches his ear, and wraps his leg, and goes to sleep. The next morning he wakes up to a hot guy rummaging through his kitchen. “I took a pair of your shorts.” He says, standing up and away from the fridge. “Hope that’s a’ight with you.”
  6. Lost With You (Take My Hand) by airblends
    When a missed stop or ten lead to an involuntary day trip to Kyoto for Matsukawa and Hanamaki, they find that maybe the journey really is its own reward sometimes.
  7. Do Unto Others by darkmagicalgirl
    Over time, Kunimi has realized he really likes having Kindaichi look after him.
  8. Plus One by safra

    “Did you know we’re dating?”
    “What? Says who?”
    “Says everyone apparently.”
    “Oh,” Hanamaki frowns for a few seconds before shrugging and turning his attention back to the chocolate fountain. “Nice.”
  9. Close To The Chest by darkmagicalgirl
    It takes Yahaba thirteen years to realize he’s different from the other kids, one to figure out how to hide it, and two more to learn to be happy just the way he is. Yahaba’s journey ft. an extremely annoyed Kyoutani, best friend in the world Watari, and loads and loads of good senpai Oikawa.
  10. The Truth Is Out There by shizuoh
    (IwaOi w/ background KuroKen)
    “I work at NASA,” Hajime said, setting down his coffee. Oikawa immediately jumped up and slammed his palms against the table. “I’ll suck your dick if you tell me about the aliens.”
  11. 30-Day HQ Writing Challenge: Kinkuni by emerald1963
    “"I don’t swim,” said Kunimi flatly, redirecting his gaze to his book.
    Kindaichi gasped. “You can’t swim?! Akira, that’s just wrong!” He grabbed Kunimi by the arm and dragged him out into the sunlight. “Come on, I’ll teach you!”
    “If you insist,” muttered Kunimi."When Seijou goes to the beach, Kindaichi gets more than he bargained for.
  12. Right In Front Of Me by shions_heart
    "I don’t think we should hang out so much anymore outside of practice.”
    Kunimi Akira’s parents have expectations. People assuming he and Kindaichi are together because of their constant proximity is not conducive to these expectations.
  13. Hella Gay by helloyesIamtrash
    Though no one knows how or why, at midnight on a person’s 16th birthday, they get writing on their wrist, almost like a tattoo. This writing, whatever it says, has something to do with your soulmate. It’s usually something like the first thing they say to you after it appears, or an inside joke you two will have, maybe a phrase they say a lot. Simply a push in the right direction, fate’s little nudge-nudge wink-wink about what future you have in store. This is the story of what happened on Matsukawa Issei’s 16th birthday.
  14. One Step Forward by parasolghost
    At the end of their middle school days, Kunimi begins to wonder if what he feels for Kindaichi is a bit different from close friendship.
  15. Creatures Of Logic by ectoBisexual
    When you turn eighteen, your soulmate’s name is supposed to appear somewhere on your body, as if written in their very own handwriting. When Kunimi wakes up on his eighteenth birthday, he doesn’t know whether to be surprised or not.
Farkle Minkus Season Three: OOC or Just Unhappy?

Girl Meets World is, for the intents and purposes- an extremely meta show. A metaphor here, subtlety here… I’m a huge fan of “she’s reaching your honour” for most fandoms but with this one- well, every little thing really does seem to add up to something at some point. The writers enjoy their teasing, knowing that we’re going to start analysing every little thing. In the process of this; we seem to miss the things that are right directly in front of us. Stuff like Farkle definitely not being okay. 

It’s certainly arguable that Farkle took a step back so far this season, his role is definitely a lot closer what his semi-regular season one character did than what we saw him doing in season two. Season two Farkle had more substance and depth, he became more than the nerdy genius who loved Riley and Maya. We watched him really develop into their friend, somebody who’s open and emotionally there for them. Season three reverted him to that, without actually doing it. A huge chunk of Farkle’s lines in the first half of season three was a reminder that he loves both Riley and Maya equally and his moments became time dedicated to helping Lucas sorting through his feelings. (Sorta like he was to Riley in season two I mean what.) Yet when the triangle- which Farkle and Zay as well had done so much to work with- came to a very unclimatic end, they had nothing to do except sit around a look pretty. That doesn’t mean Farkle isn’t being written, this is Girl Meets World and things don’t exist by accident.

So as I said- GMW is a very meta show, which means that all metaphors have meanings. So let’s talk about Pompeii from 3x07 for a second-  specifically, how “Pompeii” aka Maya didn’t really explode. This would make Cory’s entire life lesson nearly unrelated and we know that doesn’t happen. Which leads me to believe- the volcano is still getting ready to burst.What was it that the class said about it?

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: So this whole time, Nijimura and Akashi were actually talking to each other and still on a friendly basis? He left after graduating Teikou, when the miracles were in their second year of middle school, so if he gave Akashi his phone number before leaving, that means that Akashi would've been able to contact him in his third year at Teikou, when all the angst hit and the miracles start to lose their motivation and everything pretty much went to shit for them. Did they talk during that infamous third year, or did they only start talking recently, like say, around the Winter Cup? Do they talk often? Or only every once in a while? Does Nijimura know how Kagami and Kuroko defeated the GoM and how the miracles all grew up and improved a lot from back then? Did Akashi tell him everything, including the Seirin vs. Rakuzan game? Did Nijimura know about Akashi's two personalities? Did Akashi ever tell him, or did he ever figure it out on his own if they talked regularly? Did he get pissed off at how pretentious and angsty everyone became? He looks rather fond of the miracles in the last panel, commenting on how happy they look, as if he's still their #1 Team Dad™, so does he actually know about how much they've changed thanks to splitting up and going to high school and having new experiences with new partners and senpai? Does Nijimura know that Haizaki's still a little shit? Does he know about all the new cool moves that the miracles have (some with their new partners), like Midorima and Takao's Sky Direct 3P Shoot? Does Nijimura know that Himuro Tatsuya, the boy he met in L.A. and fought gangsters with, the boy he thought was really pretty and good-looking and badass is actually the "older brother" of the new redhead that teamed up with Kuroko during their first year of high school? And how long has it been since he became friends with Kiyoshi in America? How much time has passed between when the actual Extra Game and when Kiyoshi was rewatching it on an iPad with Niji? There's so much that Nijimura missed when he left for America and since it was only revealed that he and Akashi still talk in the final chapter of Extra Game, which is likely to be the only KnB sequel we get, we won't ever really get answers on how much he actually knows about what's happened since then.
Romance in SVTFOE (updated)

At some point last year, I opened up a can of worms and examined the romantic aspect of Star vs the Forces of Evil. A lot of people like the post, and the post still continues to get notes every so often, but none the less… it is wrong.

In some ways I gave the show too much credit, and in others I gave the episode very little credit. I was also very dismissive over some pairings that have actually picked up quite a bit of traction. And given the fact that the mid-season finale Bon-Bon the Clown has already aired, making one ship in specific, at least for the moment canon, I feel that theres a bit more to talk about.

Anyways, lets get to it. Expect spoilers.

Star and Oskar

My opinion on this hasn’t changed, and so far it seems that I was right the first time around. While Oskar is certainly a fun character to watch, he’s still little more than a decoy love interest from Star. 

Not to mention, the events of Both Sleepover and Bon Bon the Clown has pretty much shown that Star is in fact interested in somebody else.

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Theory: The Fiddles Pamphlet, Part 1

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Welcome to the Fiddles Pamphlet, a three part series about the secret life of Fiddleford McGucket. Over the next few theories, I’ll be answering a few questions about our favorite Arkansas (sinnamon?) cinnamon roll such as:

  • What exactly are the Guck’s engineering capabilities?
  • What was Fidds working on before being called to Gravity Falls?
  • How old is Fiddlesticks?
  • What did McGucket contribute to Ford’s research outside of the portal?
  • What’s up with Fiddleford’s hair? Is that a highlight? A grey streak? Or something much, much more meaningful….

But let’s dive in. I present to you: Part 1 of the Fiddles Pamphlet! 

Part 1: Fiddleford’s Computermajigs and Other Doohickeys

Fiddleford Hadron McGucket, even in his worst condition, was nothing less than a genius. He invented a prototype portable personal computer system years before the PC market took off. In season 1 alone, while in his mentally compromised state, we watched him operate and create the Gideon Bot and the Gobblewonker, two massive feats of mechanical engineering and robotics, operable through a personally created computer system designed by the Guck himself. 

But what else has Fidds created? During those years with Ford in the shack, which designs did he contribute to? Below I’ve made a list of inventions and devices we can infer were created by Fiddleford McGucket based on the show, and what we can learn about his engineering and science prowess as a result.

Let’s begin with an analysis of two of the inventions we already know can be credited to him.

  • Laptop

The creation of the personal computer in a portable form so many years ahead of schedule is amazing enough, but it’s also able to access a localized internet connection to the portal to project information from the portal’s interface.

Of course, this means Fiddleford was a leader in software and hardware design, as well as computer engineering before computer engineering was really that big of a thing.

  • Memory Gun

So we know for a fact that the memory gun was created by McGucket, and used for the first time shortly after he left Ford’s team. But what are the mechanics behind the memory gun’s design. Well, after the initial use, McGucket suffers memory loss, but also seems to experience temporary elation and emotional highs.

It would seem the memory gun uses a mixture of Transcranial magnetic wave stimulation, which is the magnetic stimulation of portions of the brain (evidence shows it can be used on medication-resistant depression and neuropathic pain), as well as electroconvulsive shock therapy. Both of these methods have been shown to lead to the loss of memory, with the use of magnetic waves applied through coils held close to the head resulting in temporary relief from chronic depression.

Edit: I rewatched “Legend of the Gobblewonker” and it seems not only was that giant robot a massive feat of robotic technology, but it also used a “biomechanical brainwave generator” once again calling on Fiddleford’s know-how in neurotechnology and physics.

This would mean that Fiddleford has a strong command of Neurotechnology and electromagnetic physics and its adaptation into therapeutic methods, creating a device that uses transcranial magnetic waves nearly 30 years before the method was publicly tested.

So aside from the giant robots, the memory guns and the laptop, all explicitly stated to be created by McGucket, what else could we infer he had a part in creating based on the fields he has shown to excel at, as well as other clues in the show?

So which clues are offered to us by the laptop?

Let’s take a close look at something here:

So, next to the “Enter” key, we see this signal:

And this is actually very familiar. Where have we seen this before?

Now, the symbols aren’t identical, but there’s a similarity. Not only that, but it bears a resemblance to an illustration of electromagnetic waves, which we know he utilized in his creations. Maybe it could be a coincidence, but just to be sure, let’s think about where we find this symbol in the journal.

For one thing, it’s on the page of the portal design, which we know for a fact McGucket worked on.

It’s also on the page for the shapeshifter’s cryogenic chamber, which we know for a fact McGucket had to have at least worked near, since that’s where the laptop was found.

So we now have connections between this symbol and two pieces of mechanical engineering in both labs. I think from this, we can infer that McGucket also aided in the design and invention of these two devices.

Deducing which other inventions are his based on the skills he’s shown previously

Now that we have some idea of where Fiddleford’s skills lie, as well as some vague idea on the type of inventions he’s created, we can come up with some idea of what else may have been created by McGucket.

  • Project Mentem

Project Mentem is a device created seemingly for the case of encrypting one’s thoughts and memories for the sake of preventing the possession of Bill. It’s interface is mainly computer/monitor-based and it applies a signal of some kind into a helmet placed on the user’s head to detect their thoughts.

This is neurotechnology we’ve seen before, utilized in the memory gun created by McGucket. The principle is similar—through waves applied closely to the brain, the device interacts with the memories of the user. In once case, it encrypts them (possibly similar to the way files can be corrupted to be rendered unreadable in a computer system) and in another it erases them from the brain’s memory database. 

Not only is the interface of the device similar in appearance to the design of the laptop and other computer systems created by McGucket, but it uses tech we know he has a strong command over. In fact, the memory gun might just be a portable and less clunky manifestation of the same idea, an improved smaller design derived from Project Mentem.

Fiddleford, who was aware that Ford was not himself and possibly knew Ford was under the influence of Bill probably created the device as a safeguard, or as an experiment to detect Bill’s influence.

  • Mind Control Tie

The mind control tie uses everything we apply primarily to Fiddleford’s work. Neurotechnology and computer engineering. The design was probably based on blueprints left behind by Fiddleford. The Reagan administration was put into place in 1981. The same year I have Fiddleford leaving Ford’s team.

The idea here is that the government attempted to hire Fidds (someone with experience in neurotech), but Ford was the only one left. And Fidds or no Fidds, Ford couldn’t exactly turn down this Cold War era political entity (especially not with an illegal interdimensional portal in the basement) without raising suspicion or attention. Not to mention, at this point Ford most likely would have lost his grant money (either for the misuse of funds for Bill statues or the lack of progress in the months of paranoia after Bill revealed to have betrayed him) and he may have been desperate for the cash, so he took on the Reagan project, and created the tie, using either what he learned from Fidds, or using blueprints for computer systems left behind by Fidds when he left. (He did leave the laptop after all, so who knows what else he left behind)

Next time on The Fiddles Pamphlet, we answer these questions:

  • Why might the government have hired this team of scientists in the woods to make a tie for the president?
  • Why did Fiddleford mention having a “retirement party” in “Legend of the Gobblewonker? Is it important?
  • What else was Fiddleford working on before he came to Gravity Falls?

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Note: Special thanks to the-ford-twin for lending me a land in organizing this theory ^_^

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Hey!! Thank you so so so very much for the blog like I really needed the details about the play since I live in Asia so the chances of me actually seeing the play is close to zero. So, much love! ❤️ Also, could you maybe describe what Scorpius's behavior is like towards Delphi? I mean there's obvious jealousy; "He sees his friend talking to a girl. He doesn't know if he likes it...." How does it come off in the play?

Thank you so much, that’s kind of you to say! <3

But yeah, the jealousy is blatantly visible on stage.

This all really comes to surface from the second act forwards, namely in the Expelliarmus scene, the “how many owls has he sent you now” scene and the Owlery scene. Before Delphi gets introduced we haven’t seen Scorpius being possessive of Albus’ attention: quite the opposite, he even tries to get Albus to cheer for his cousin. This is also the first time after the first Hogwarts Express where Albus shows any interest in interacting with anyone else when Scorpius is around - before this, his attention has always been solely on Scorpius.

Delphi pays more attention to Albus than Scorpius from the beginning, as Albus is essential for the prophecy and Scorpius isn’t. This proves to be her first mistake, and she admits it herself later on: “It took me a long time to discover your weakness, Albus Potter. I thought it was pride, I thought it was the need to impress your father, but then I realised your weakness was the same as your father’s - friendship.”

You can see her adjusting her strategy on the go, but that’s not enough. She could have picked clues of this dynamic as early as the bookcase scene (“there’s a reason - we’re friends, Albus - a reason we found each other, you know?” this is a topic for an another day but there’s a lot to be said about the romantic fatalism in this play - isn’t the point of the Romione arc to play with the concept of some people being bound to be meant for each other in all possible worlds?)

Anyways, Delphi doesn’t figure this out early enough. At this point, she wasn’t prepared to Scorpius being so possessive of Albus  (which leads to Scorpius paying so much attention to Delphi and growing more and more suspicious of her) or Scorpius being so important to Albus (which leads to Albus agreeing with Scorpius to leave Delphi behind for the first task).

By the second act, Albus has a very visible crush on Delphi. This isn’t really surprising - everything Delphi says and does is engineered to get Albus to follow her plan. There’s a lengthy scene where they practice Expelliarmus (which looks really cool, the wands don’t fly but they just reappear in the other person’s hand) and Delphi flirts hard with Albus. Albus attempts to flirt back: his line “then you should stick around - teach me more -” is said in such a suggestive tone (accompanied with ridiculous hand moves) that it unintentionally almost ends up sounding like a joke.

Delphi doesn’t laugh though: “Of course I’m sticking around, we’re friends aren’t we?” to which Albus answers “Yes. Yes. Definitely friends. Definitely” in the most flustered way. This is not the only scene where two people who are definitely not just friends assert their friendship in this play: Ron and Hermione do it later on. The third proclamation of friendship happens between Albus and Scorpius, make of that what you will.

Scorpius has watched this exchange from behind the trees and chooses this moment to intervene. He approaches them, body language all closed off, contrasting with the way he tries to act all cheery (“over-enthusiastic, trying to join in” per the stage directions). Scorpius wears his heart on his sleeve throughout the play and it’s instantly obvious that he’s not enjoying this at all. He was never enthusiastic about Albus’ plan in the first place, but he only grew visibly hostile when Delphi got involved.

There’s a heartbreaking moment when Albus asks how Cedric distracted the dragon in the first task. The script only mentions Delphi raising her hand on air to answer Albus’ question, but on stage, both Delphi and Scorpius raise their hands simultaneously - and Albus chooses Delphi, entirely ignoring Scorpius who looks disappointed and awkward when lowering his hand.

At this point Scorpius pretty much drops the over-enthusiastic attempts to join in and starts throwing in reasons why the plan won’t work (“okay, two points”). Delphi tries to poke fun at him (“it’s always two points with him isn’t it?”), presumably trying to invalidate Scorpius’ quite reasonable concern by making him look foolish.

Albus sides with Delphi for a while, and when Scorpius suggests that Delphi shouldn’t come, Delphi turns to Albus once again for support, and seems incredibly upset when Albus suddenly agrees with Scorpius. Here her cover almost slips for a second as she’s trying to contain her anger. Scorpius remains on the side of the stage, away from Delphi and Albus, and he hugs the Durmstrang robes in a defensive manner, looking increasingly uneasy.

When Delphi kisses Albus on the cheek, Scorpius stares, his eyes wide. When Delphi walks past him, he tries to lean in, but Delphi very pointedly avoids him entirely. Albus doesn’t even seem to notice and pretty much ignores Scorpius’ “you look pale and red at the same time” line, still surprised by the kiss.

a recap of the kings rising fan event with c.s. pacat

HI CAPTIVE PRINCE FANDOM!!! tonight i was lucky enough to attend the kings rising q&a and book signing event in melbourne and it was such an exciting and special night, i’m so happy i went! 

thought i’d try and recap some of the things c.s. pacat talked about in case anyone was interested, i’m sure i’m missing a bunch of points because i was SO SWEATY WITH NERVES AND ANTICIPATION and my heart was pounding the whole time she was talking, so do message me if you remember anything i’ve forgotten to mention!

without further ado~~~ 

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anonymous asked:

I agree with you on that notebook thing. Even with Elliots current mental condition, theres still a part of him, not mr. robot, that remembers bits of Tyrell. Tyrelliot is really not one sided! They do bond over their daddy issues like Sam said in the interview.

Hello, friend! Yes, totally. I’m glad that you agree with me! That’s one of the key moments of their bonding. Even it was Mr. Robot in that scene, there was still a bit of Elliot in there, or we could say that there was still a bit of Mr. Robot in Elliot as well.

I’m probably over analyzing there, but I can’t stop thinking about the fact that the notebook was the first (and probably the only) thing that Elliot asked for when he arrived in prison. I’d imagine him writing down “red wheelbarrow” on the cover the moment he got the notebook. He probably didn’t really know why he wrote that down, but he just had to. Since then, Elliot had been holding on to that notebook, trying to get better. I would argue that Tyrell isn’t necessary a bad influence on Elliot, but rather, he might actually be the one who gives Elliot the determination and courage to regain control.

Tyrelliot is never one sided to me, and there are proofs from season one. I LOVE the scene where Elliot saw Tyrell calmly (not threatening in any way) sitting in his apartment holding a key when he was having that withdrawal dream. We even had Qwerty saying something like “don’t be shy, you can come closer”. It actually reminds me of the penguin and Marla scene in Fight Club, which was probably the first time that The Narrator realized that Marla wasn’t just somebody he appeared to dislike, but rather someone he couldn’t get out of his head.

Then, after Elliot remembered who Darlene was, he saw a sequence of faces in the mirror, and one of them was Tyrell’s. Since Sam Esmail said that the two first met in the scene in the pilot, there was no further history of them. So why would Elliot kept seeing someone he just met in such situations (when the other faces he saw were his father, his sister, and his best childhood friend/crush), unless there was a strong connection between Elliot and Tyrell.

In season 2, when Leon asked Elliot the very important question of if he dreamed, Elliot painted a picture of the future, where he and his friends/loved ones were living happily. And there they were: Tyrell, Joanna, and their son. Elliot clearly wanted to be friends with Tyrell, and he wanted Tyrell to be happy. He even remembered the details of Tyrell’s family even though he’d only met Joanna and the baby once then, and in a rather unpleasant manner. Elliot here was in control of his thoughts, and some part of him was preventing himself to realize his true feelings towards Tyrell. Besides the fact that he forgot about 80% of the interaction with Tyrell, it could simply because that Tyrell was a married man with a newborn kid, and the Elliot we know would never knowingly take away a man from his wife and child (we all know how much Elliot hates cheating, eg. how he protected women in his life against cheating boyfriends). On the other hand, Mr. Robot was the one who cared less about these rules, and he was able to show his true feeling toward Tyrell…which was why Tyrell was more smitten and playful around Elliot in the season 2 finale.

I guess I’m just really hopeful about Elliot, not just Mr. Robot, realizing his feeling towards Tyrell at some point in the show.

The email I sent to “The Today Show”:

To whom it may concern,
(I hope this is the right address to send this type email)

You may or may not have received a email similar to this (I sent it way too early on my phone)
In August of this year, these two YouTubers “danisnotonfire" and “AmazingPhil" also respectfully known as Dan Howell and Phil Lester are coming to Australia for their tour, “The Amazing Tour is not on Fire”. This is a really big deal to not only me but to heaps of people over in Australia who like them, as the opportunity for us to see them in our own country is extremely rare (as their home turf is in the UK so as you could imagine it’s on the other side of the world). But first let me give you an introduction to Dan and Phil.

First thing you need to is they’re YouTubers, but please don’t let that fool you. No they may not be Taylor Swift or Brad Pitt but you need to know that they are loved so many people, and have help a lot of them through their videos. They interact with their followers in a way that normal celebrities wouldn’t. (e.g. tweeting back to fans and having a really genuine and authentic connection with them). Between them they have 12 million subscribers on youtube, and millions more on other social media sites, were previously BBC Radio 1 presenters, plus have been named some of the biggest you tubers out there, and were  amongst some of Britain’s most influential peoples.

Dan and Phil are well known for their content they bestow on their channels, danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) containing videos which relate to so many, from being addicted to your phone, skits about school, procrastination to giving advice in his well known series “Internet support group”. He also does collaborations with other YouTubers and even one with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchinson and our fellow Aussie Liam Hemsworth, and also recounts some anecdotes based on events that have happened in his life in a series called “Reasons why Dan’s a fail". Amongst all the funniness he makes deep videos about various subject such as, The Meaning of Life, A Message To My Younger Self, Opinions and about Being Nice to Others on the internet.
Here’s the link to his channel:

On the other hand AmazingPhil (Phil Lester) upload content that is simultaneously funny, quirky and creative, and was one of the reasons Dan started out on YouTube being one of Phil’s fans. Phil on the other hand creates content a bit differently to Dan veering more towards talking about whats happened in his life and different situations he’s being in, from destroying his house, to smashing 3 mirrors and being trapped in a pair of jeans when trying them on. Phil has also been a maker of many tags and challenges people make videos about on Youtube, even other big YouTubers, such as The Tumblr Tag, The Toilet tag, The Not-Milk Challenge, and more famously the “7 Second Challenge”. And a special mention that he has collaborated with our very own Kylie Minogue.
Here’s another link but to Phil’s Channel:

One of the more notable videos they both make is a collaboration with each other each year called “amazing phil is not on fire” which is basically a very creative, cool and quirky version of a Q&A. Another thing you have to understand is they’re both video bloggers, not vloggers (they don’t talk about their full life and makes daily vlogs of what they do each day). Sorry I just had to get that straight because most people I talk to don’t get the difference.

I thought that this would be a good idea, because sometimes life’s unfair and some of us may not get that opportunity to see them, whether that’s meeting them in real life, going to the show or in some coincidental chance bumping into them in public. So why not have them on a TV show that will be broadcasted nationally. I’m aware that even if it’s a yes, Dan and Phil would still have to agree to the interview, but hey, whether theres even a 1% chance that this could actually I’m willing to try at least.

I’m writing to ask a big favour, could you maybe consider having them on The Today Show when they come to Sydney? I know what a big deal I’m asking, trust me, but I thought it would be a nice idea, considering how rare this opportunity is.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and please consider having them on your show.
Ps. With this email I attached a video about them talking about The Today Show, along with a picture of the tour dates.

Kind regards,
(my name)

@unicorns-are-fangirling this is the email I sent :)

anonymous asked:

Your art and stories are amazing but one thing bothers me. Why do you always make it zelink? Can't you do midlink or malink? Zelda has no personality and you hardly see her in the games. There's no way she's be with Link because they don't interact a lot yet you see Midna all the time. she has a sassy personality and is always with Link. They love each other so much and he's heartbroken when she leaves. I'm just sick of seeing a good author waste her talent on a overhyped pairing.

I guess the easy answer is that I simply like Princess Zelda. I absolutely adore her in every game. She’s my favorite character, even above Link, and I love the idea of her and Link getting together, despite the little amount of interactions they may have. I like the idea that when all is said and done, he goes back to her because whether they remain just friends or grow more romantically involved, she means the world to him, and he to her.

As for the more complicated answer, I admit, I feel very little towards Malon. She’s a sweat girl who gives me a horse, and that’s it. When you actually consider it, Link has far less interactions with Malon than he does with Zelda. There’s a brief scene where you help Malon at the beginning by waking her father up, but after that I only ever went to the ranch three times while playing OoT. Whereas you see Zelda constantly throughout the game, whether as Sheik or herself. I guess it also depends on how often you purposefully go out of your way to visit them. Showing young Zelda the masks, for instance, and seeing her cute reactions was fun. While Malon will just repeat the same things over again.

Now for Midna, I really do like her a lot. She starts out as sort of an anti-hero and softens up close to midway through the game. There is a fondness there between her and Link and he may even love her, so I see the possibilities. Although it doesn’t change the fact that she leaves at the end of the game, and Link will never see her again. But that’s canon. I suppose some fanfics can write it differently, and I’m not opposed to them. They’re just not my cup of tea. His interactions with Zelda may be few and brief, but you can still see the instant connection between the two. They trust each other at once and even fight together at the end. Truthfully though, I see all three of them as only friends during the game.

But seriously, what do you mean Zelda has no personality!!!! That’s actually very irritating how you can just claim that, and to me it’s a very shallow take of her character.

In OoT she has as much personality as Malon! More even. As a child she’s bubbly and bright while at the same time jaded with the intelligence of someone far older. She is trapped in her role as princess and a youth. She’s unable to leave the castle on her own and she has to put up with a father who refuses to believe her because of her young age. But STILL she makes plans and is active, which shows she’s clever and unwilling to sit by while there’s a threat to her kingdom. This she does as a child! And when Ganondorf does take control and Link is put in his seven year sleep, does she sit back and wait uselessly like a damsel??? No! She trains to become a Sheikah, she manages to hide from Ganondorf, a powerful sorcerer, for seven whole years (although I attribute that mostly to Impa). I even bet she went out during those years to help the citizens and protect them from monsters. Then Link wakes up and she’s at once there to make sure he’s not confused and to guide him during his quest. Can you imagine the hurt she must have gone through seeing Link pull his sword on her when she first appeared to him as Sheik? How she had to hide her identity from him to keep her Triforce safe all the while probably aching to go to him and reveal that his childhood friend is right here. Her interactions with him as Sheik are brief, she recognizes that she has to distance herself from him to protect them both. She has an untold amount of patience and willpower, and willing to wait until Link is ready to face Ganondorf to reveal herself. She’s overjoyed when she finally does face Link as herself and when it is time to send Link back to his childhood she is agonized and apologizes for all the unfairness he’s experienced. If anything she is the most dynamic character in OoT. To say she has no personality shows a lack of insight.

Zelda in TP, however, is more difficult to read, but even with the few times you see her you get a feeling as to what she’s like. At first she comes off as reserved and quiet. That may be because of her upbringing and the responsibility put on her shoulders, or it might be because her people are in danger and her country has been taken over by a usurper, but you get the gist. What’s annoying is that you’re essentially saying that these kind of people don’t have personalities! Just because some people aren’t outspoken and bubbly doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings and emotions. TP Zelda is altruistic, putting the wellbeing of her country above her own freedom. When she dropped her sword she knew that she was risking the possibility of being executed by Zant. Lucky for everyone he only locked her up. Since then she’s had the death of her soldiers on her mind and is constantly worried about the fate of her people. Still she doesn’t lose hope. When Midna and Link arrive she blindly places her trust on them even though they are complete strangers and when it comes to Midna, it’s really questionable whether she should trust her or not. She later on gives her own life for Midna because she recognizes that Midna’s life is more valuable than hers and she’s sorrowful when she realizes who Midna is and what she’s been through. In the battle against Ganondorf she shows her complete respect to Link as not just a hero, but a man who fought long and hard to save her country even though he didn’t have to. She’s kind, humble and always caring about everyone else. It may not be an exciting personality, but nonetheless that’s who she is.

I won’t even bother describing Tetra, and SS Zelda’s personality is too cute for words.

I’m not trying to persuade you to change your preferences, nor am I implying I hate those pairings, but please respect that this is my preference. I don’t care that it’s overhyped, I don’t care if people hate the pairing. It’s what I enjoy, and unless you’re willing to pay me, I write and draw for myself first and foremost. I don’t understand why you read them anyways if you don’t enjoy the pairing. I’m sure there are a ton of great authors who write for Malink and Midlink. Just please don’t belittle the use of my writing just because you dislike Zelink.

anonymous asked:

Lately I've been think about /discourse/, and I've been trying to figure out where the line lies between like Reylo and Twilight and villain/hero ships versus, say, Fifty Shades of Gray. Like, there's clearly a line 50 crossed into glorifying abuse and being all-around despicable, but where was it? Is it due to authorial intent, actual content, or what? And /discourse/ is only confusing me on this issue. You have v good opinions; any thoughts?

I think it comes down to how willing the text is to examine the relationship dynamics it’s introducing.

Twilight is often lumped into the Unquestionably Problematic, Indefensible, and Harmful category. It shouldn’t be. The relationship between Edward-Bella in the first book raises the issues of immortality, power dynamics, self-esteem, and familial love. Edward consistently questions whether they can be together, not because he for one half-second wants Bella to feel inadequate, but because he’s been telling himself he’s something monstrous and unlovable for a century. That’s his central flaw, and when his self-loathing causes him to behave in a way that is unacceptable to Bella, she articulates the problem and tells him to stop. He listens. Bella plays a vital, active role in her own story by clearly communicating her desires and making informed choices that have a real impact on her arc. What makes the story work for a lot of people is that both characters have conversations about the stakes of the world, their obstacles, and what being together for them means. Those questions are an integral part of the story, and it makes for great tension that–because they usually succeed at talking things out–leads to relationship development that earns the way the author wants us to feel about it. 

But what makes the story work for most readers isn’t enough for others who would have preferred more questions, more obstacles, or different conclusions. It’s possible for readers to think certain aspects of the series were handled very well, whereas others were taken for granted in a way that didn’t allow them to be thoroughly developed. 

And that development is all that people are really asking for when they try to Discourse about stories. The Discourse will frame underdeveloped stories/moments as “glorification,” “romanticization,” or “apologism,” when really it’s just a flat moment that doesn’t introduce enough complications to sell the story’s tone and dynamic.

If development is the primary factor that we’re trying to pinpoint, then we can get away from the whole flawed discussion about Tropes Themselves being harmful. We all have certain tropes that immediately appeal to us, and usually that’s because we’re already doing the mental narrative work that it would take to examine where a fictional relationship could go and what hurdles it would need to overcome in order to succeed. Or, if we’re not thinking of it as endgame, what issues would need to be raised to keep this interesting? 

As long as the text continues to generate questions for me, even if the characters don’t come to definitive, moral conclusions (and often they can’t, because it’s an ongoing series that hasn’t ended yet, or because they’re hard questions that are only going to generate answers the characters can live with), then I’m there for the dynamic. If those questions are evident in canon, great. If those questions are raised and answered in fic, awesome. 

If the text simply fails to raise believable questions, that’s usually when they begin to lose me. A good example (for me, not necessarily every viewer) is Rumpelstiltskin/Belle on Once Upon a Time. I am primed to love Beauty/Beast dynamics in nearly every form. It’s inherently appealing to me because it cracks open a set of questions I am interested in. But I felt that Once Upon a Time wanted to use Beauty/Beast as a shorthand pasteover for a relationship that they didn’t take sufficient steps to explore. This is a Beast who kills often and selfishly, and Belle does not consistently question this or hold him to account, which means his attempts to perhaps move away from that behavior either never come or never feel sincere, because it’s just occasionally raised as a source of conflict. It does not have a coherent, chronological progression that makes me feel like I understand where it’s headed. So I move away from it.

But my willingness to move away from a trope/dynamic depends on a lot of other things. I expect far more development from a canon story, because I’m reading that story to experience catharsis, to explore intriguing questions, to learn about how to empathize with characters that aren’t like me. In fic, I don’t necessarily need the same level of development of problematic/intriguing elements in every instance, because I’m not reading with the same goals. I’m reading to imagine a world where the characters have already dealt with those questions and are making out in pretty ways. Or I’m reading to have fun by imagining them in a totally different AU. Or, occasionally, I want to find questions in fic that aren’t showcased in canon, even if it’s something as simple as, “Did this character have a strong emotional reaction to violence that we didn’t get to see? What if we saw that moment? What would it tell us about this character’s psychology and motives?”  

Fans of villain/heroine ships are just fascinated by the specific set of questions that happen when evil characters and good characters interact. We don’t even need them answered–in many cases, we will feel as passionately about two characters working together to become better people as we do about two characters who regularly hurt each other and sabotage their own emotional attachments. Occasionally we’ll find canon storylines that deal with those questions exactly the way we want them to (Psycho-Pass! Arkham Knight! Strange Magic! Phantom of the Opera!) and sometimes something about the story doesn’t answer those questions in a way that feels believable (for me, Hannibal, to some extent, which I sort of feel hand-waved too many questions after a while; Once Upon a Time, Fifty Shades of Grey–and I’m not saying all those stories disappointed me in equal ways, just that I can tell you how they fell short for me). But when people LOVE a villain/hero(ine) ship that hasn’t quite come to its full fruition yet, they’re filling in the blanks themselves in a way that satisfies their narrative requirements (which, like I said, change depending on what they want out of the story). They know what it takes to sell the thing, and they’re doing it, whether they’re slapping that disclaimer on every post they make or not.

The most important thing is that stories develop the questions that need raising in a believable way that’s consistent with the tone (Is this story about redemption? Or is it about finding solace in something darker?). And at a certain point, you have to realize that not every reader even cares about those questions and thinks there’s nothing remotely interesting about asking them. And those people will always think a story about these issues is some form of abuse apologism, regardless of how much nuance the author delivers re: a particular dynamic. Villain/hero(ine) is a language they don’t speak, a trope they don’t like, and there’s no amount of development that you could do to turn them around. So I think just talking about stories from a craft level is your best bet; it avoids the weird mismatch that can happen between authors and readers, between the story’s intent and how it’s landing to a very disparate audience. It can’t be abuse apologism if no one who’s reading it is looking to the story for relationship advice. And it’s not the author’s job to tell them not to do that. Their job is to just tell a convincing story, look at difficult moral/interpersonal issues, and let the characters figure it out. 

tl;dr Your Mileage Will Vary. Stories are stories are stories; bad ones leave important stones unturned; good ones don’t take anything for granted. Readers all have different questions they want explored, and just because someone has fewer questions on their list than you doesn’t make them dismissive of those questions when they come up in real life.

Deadpool Is Pansexual: Get Used To It - Quill’s Scribbles

In case you haven’t heard, in a recent interview Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller have confirmed that Deadpool will be officially pansexual in the upcoming movie. Cue the delighted cheers of both the LGBT community and Deadpool fans the world over.

Now we could have a serious discussion about whether Deadpool, despite being labelled as pansexual by the director, will actually display evidence of his pansexuality in the film or if it’s just going to be conveniently absent like Dumbledore’s homosexuality was in Harry Potter. We could even discuss whether any pansexual references will be enough to plicate the number of fans pumped up by the hype train. Instead we have to discuss something a little bit silly.

It appears there are some people out there (let’s call them idiots) who seem to have a problem with the idea of Deadpool being anything other than straight. The arguments I’ve read on this website are beyond ridiculous. In fact I’m going to list a few of my favourites and then tell you in excruciating detail why those people are talking out of their collective arseholes. Won’t that be fun?

‘Deadpool has never flirted with a man in the comics’

Um.. sorry to burst your bubble, but he has. Not only has he flirted with men (including Cable and Spider-Man), he’s also flirted with aliens, robots, mutants and Death. Perhaps you should actually read the source material before making such statements.

‘No, but those times don’t count because it’s clearly meant to be a joke’

This one I’ve heard a lot and for some reason people seem to think this is a good argument. The flirting is done as a joke. Well my response to that is… So? It’s still flirting, isn’t it? God forbid a comedy character should actually be funny. And even if it’s not meant to be taken seriously, there’s no reason why Tim Miller couldn’t perhaps expand on that aspect of his character, is there?

‘No man has ever reciprocated Deadpool’s feelings’

Again, so what? John Constantine has never been in a relationship with a man, but he’s still bisexual. You can still be attracted to a certain gender without having to shag them. If the person doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, it doesn’t make your sexuality null and void, does it?

‘It contradicts Deadpool’s character’

How?… Seriously, in what way does it contradict his character? If anything it’s a perfect fit. Whereas other superheroes follow the same formula of power and responsibility and winning the heart of the girl, Deadpool takes the piss out of all of that. He laughs at his own tragic back-story, he’s never brooding, he’s so hyper violent it’s comedic and he often comments on the plot holes and contradictions of his own stories. Why should he be confined by his love life when everything about him grants him complete freedom to do what he wants? Say what he wants. Kill who he wants. Flirt with whoever he wants. That’s who he is.

‘It’s inappropriate for children’

I don’t think I need comment on a) why pansexuality is not inappropriate for children and b) that you shouldn’t be taking your kids to see an R-rated movie in the first place.

‘Why is everyone making a big deal? Who cares if Deadpool is pansexual?’

Actually it’s a MASSIVE deal. Name one openly pansexual character that’s appeared in a major Hollywood movie. Just one.

We have an infestation of the exact same straight white man stereotype, especially from Marvel movies. We need a pansexual Deadpool not just for representation, but to also shake up the formula otherwise the entire genre runs the risk of becoming stale (in fact some can argue it already is).

‘Pansexuality is against the will of God’

Really? I wonder how that conversation went:

Jesus: “Dad! Dad!”

God: “What is it Jesus? Can’t you see I’m watching Strictly Come Dancing?”

Jesus: “Sorry. It’s just there’s a new film coming out called Deadpool. It goes against everything you stand for. There’s blood and violence and foul language…”

God: “Jesus, I have a very busy schedule. I have to make sure that gravity works and that atoms spin. Why should I worry about some comic book movie?”

Jesus: “But there’s more.”

God: “More?”

Jesus: “Yes. Deadpool… he’s…”

God: “What? Spit it out!”

Jesus: “He’s… flirting with men!”

God: “What… the… fuck?!”

Jesus: “I know!”

God: “This is unacceptable. I mean graphic violence and senseless killing is one thing, but flirting with a man? It would be the end of civilisation as we know it! Who’s the director?”

Jesus: “Tim Miller.”

God: “Fetch my lightening bolts! I’m going to smite his fucking arse!”

‘I don’t want the movie to become an advert for pansexuality’

Aside from the fact this perpetuates the age-old myth that people can choose their sexuality, people seem to forget that theres more to a person than their sexuality. You liked Deadpool before when you didn’t know about his sexuality. Why should that change how you view the character? it’s still the same character. Deadpool’s not going to become like Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served. Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa is going to be in the film, so the most we’re going to get is perhaps the odd flirtatious remark anyway. It’s still the same old Deadpool. He’s still going to be making pop-culture references and wise cracks and breaking the fourth wall. So what’s the problem?

‘But if we give pansexuals representation, what’s stopping Hollywood from making films about pedophiles next?’

I swear to God I’m not making this up. Someone has genuinely said that.

Okay. Pedophilia 101. Repeat after me:

Pedophiles. Rape. Kids.

Do you understand? Perhaps if I were to put it in big bold capital letters, the message will sink in:


It honestly astounds me that people still hold this ignorant and offensive attitude toward the LGBT community in this day and age. Seriously, what kind of fucked up little prick are you to view an adult couple making a conscious decision to screw (or not screw) each other and compare them to a creepy old man sitting on a park bench with his dick hanging out wanting to rape a child? Can you not detect the slightest difference here? Surely any sane person can see that raping a child is not the same thing as consensual sex between two (or more) adults. If you’re one of those people who holds this archaic, disrespectful and idiotic view, do me a favour and unfollow me this fucking instant. I don’t want you reading my blogs. In fact I don’t want to interact with you ever again.

There’s nothing you can do or say to me that’ll convince me that any views against Deadpool’s pansexuality is to do with anything other than prejudice. Stop coming up with bullshit excuses and just admit you’re a bigot. I’d actually respect you if you did that because at least you were being honest and upfront with us. Just admit that you’ve got a problem with Deadpool being pansexual because of your own irrational hatred. Or better yet, get the fuck over it and drag yourself into the 21st century. There’s nothing wrong with pansexuality or any sexuality for that matter and it’s about bloody time we got some variety in these films.

Hibike! Euphonium 2 Episode 10

We’ve got double digit episodes now! I honestly can’t believe it’s already been ten weeks since the second season started airing. Remember this time last season, the first Reina drama was starting up? Well, now the second one seems to have hit us. But first, we’ve got what looks like the conclusion of the Mamiko issue and an interesting stopping point for Asuka. For now, I’ll be discussing Kumiko (as always) and how her experiences and opinions come face-to-face with Asuka (literally).

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NaruHina Month - Day Seven

Title: Dates
Prompt: Wedding Planning
Rating: T for language and sexual themes

A/N: This is my favorite prompt so far despite the fact that it’s haaaardly naruhina at all. But I don’t care. I love when my girlies interact and I hope you do too.

“You’re stressing out about this.”

“No I’m not.”

“Look! And now you’re lying!”

“I’m not—seriously!”

“Hinata, sweetie.” Ino was beginning to slur her words, but as she turned toward her friend and pointed a finger at her, her gaze was as steady as ever. “Have another drink. You need it.” As if to emphasize her point, she took a huge swig of her own. “Trust me,” she mumbled under her breath, placing her glass a little too hard against the table in front of her.

“No… I’m fine really.”

Suddenly, TenTen slammed her hands down on the table and stood up abruptly, eyes wide and mouth agape. “Oh, my god! You’re pregnant aren’t you?!”

Sakura choked on her own drink as TenTen began jumping up and down over-excitedly. “Shut up. Is that why you’re not drinking?” Hinata could see her green eyes dart directly toward her midsection, and suddenly she felt entirely uncomfortable under her scrutinizing gaze.

“What? No! That’s not it, I swear!” Hinata could feel her cheeks begin to burn with the accusations held against her. She really, honestly wasn’t pregnant, although she had been fibbing when she claimed she wasn’t stressed out.

But stressing out over the fact that she was getting married in two days seemed like a pretty valid reason for her anxiety.

It wasn’t that she was questioning her decision to get married, definitely not. Cold feet were the very last of her worries, on both her’s and Naruto’s side. It was just… she wanted it to be perfect.

As a child, instead of daydreaming about weddings and a family, instead she’d dreamt about what it would be like to be a successful ninja, or what it would feel like to perhaps one day earn some genuine praise from her father. Her days were spent learning how to snap bones in different directions and how to stitch arteries back together with nothing more than a little bit of chakra.

So ever since she and Naruto had picked out a date and made everything official, all her stress was centered around making sure everything was ready, people were prepared, and making sure the ceremony would go off without a hitch.

“Okay, so no bun in the oven?” TenTen asked skeptically, eyeing her up and down as if she’d be able to physically see whether Hinata was telling the truth or not.

“No,” Hinata assured them, making sure to meet all of their eyes so that they’d be able to undoubtedly see that she was telling the truth. “I promise you guys, I’m not pregnant.”

“Not yet,” Ino added with a grin. “It’s not like you two haven’t been trying, right?”

Wincing inwardly, Hinata fought back an exasperated sigh. Eyeing the drink Ino had placed in front of her when she’d arrived at TenTen’s apartment, she decided that maybe putting some alcohol in her system wouldn’t be a terrible idea; besides, if she wanted to survive this night, she’d probably be better off being a little bit tipsy.

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mmmoth-deactivated20150301  asked:

Hello Yogi! I'm turning 21 in less than 4 months and life seems to get darker as I go. I feel angrier with the world and sad about it, and I feel as though i haven't quite found the people in which I can associate with. I just quit my job which made me depressed and anxious and that has lifted a weight off my shoulders, but there's something missing. I feel unhappy most of the time when, really, I don't have much reasons to be unhappy...

You are not alone. This is the hallmark of the modern world, especially of modern society. It is a pronounced and lingering sense of lack.

Then we are told how to fix it. Go to school. Get a job. Find a significant other. Make money. Have sex. Get married. Get pretty clothes. Be like the celebrities. Go on expensive vacations. Get cool cars. 

You can’t sell people shit they don’t need if they are happy and content. You can’t perpetuate archaic and corpulent systems if people have the time to question them. That sense of lack, anxiety, insecurity is how we are controlled. 

But there is no overlord. There is no evil and malicious bad guy helming the whole process. Even the people who profit from it all are themselves drowning in confusion and pain, which is what drives their role in it as well. 

What is at the core of this problem? Ego. The term ego has had a lot of uses over time and as a result it isn’t always clearly understood in the context in which it is being used. 

Here in this context, ego is the contrived and unreal sense of self. We are born into this mysterious and vivid world of sensory experience. At first, we know and need no language. We owe no identity, no aspiration, nothing. We live in pure experience and aliveness. 

But as we get older, we have confused demands put on us by confused people. We have to define ourselves and “set ourselves apart from everyone else” so that we can be accepted into schools. We have to have ambitions and career aspirations, but only the ones that fit into society such that we can make money and “contribute.”

We wind up creating a character for us to use and play the game of society. But we forget it’s a game and we forget that we aren’t the character. 

Then everything becomes derived. We limit our joys and desires, passions and inspirations, to that single character. Who you take yourself to be determines what you take the world to be and how you go about finding happiness in the world. 

There is no way to win that game. The idea that it can or should be won is nothing but materialistic philosophy. Whoever dies with the most stuff or with the coolest experiences wins. 

That sense of lack and lingering feeling of anxiety is never going to be satisfied or quenched by trying to fill it with things. It’s like drinking saltwater and only growing more thirsty. Why can’t happiness be found that way? Because the whole thing is based on a lie. You are trying to make a character happy and whole rather than awakening from the confusion that makes you think you are limited to the character and individual you play in daily life. 

The thing you are missing, that we all feel is missing, is YOU. Your wholeness will never come about because you are already whole

On one level it’s like great! What a relief. But on another level it’s like fuck…it would be easier just to buy a ferrari and be happy for the rest of eternity, if that were possible. 

Instead, we are forced to confront our own ignorance, our own confusions and desires and preferences, so that we can finally recognize and be as we actually are: radiant and blissful consciousness. 

If you are and always have been that blissful Beingness and yet you do not know and experience that right now, then you can only imagine the amount of confusion standing between the two! And yet confusion is very flammable. Being of the unreal, it can’t do anything but vanish. 

“Give up defining yourself - to yourself or to others. You won’t die. You will come to life. And don’t be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it’s their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don’t be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

That is the difference between ego and Being. Ego isn’t alive nor is it an entity within you that’s weighing you down. It’s your own operating system of judgments and definitions that have been mistaken as the operator itself. 

First liberate yourself from that confusion. Rediscover the immediacy of peace and joyful lovingness that can diffuse from your soul at any and every moment. It is free from conditions, identities, and activities. 

Then with that newfound peace and freedom, the rediscovery of your innate wholeness, you may return to the game and your operating system and really play it. 

The ego is what cares about winning and losing, finding pleasure or pain in accordance with the two. It’s the sincerity of your existential Being, the Heart of your Existence, which enjoys the game, the dance, for and as itself. Outcome is a small way to live and reduce your joys. 

The world, the people, the jobs cannot give you happiness. But when you are willing to discover the dimension of peace and bliss within you that surpasses all that the mind can imagine, you have something beautiful to give the world and the people in it. 

A book to get you started, which I cannot recommend highly enough, is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 

Namaste :) Much love

anonymous asked:

@bmgmw said that Riley does not receive her hormonal telegram in IDF. Any comments/clarifications? Is the telegram only received by one of the two involved parties? Or none, but a slight suggestion that it will happen soon (like STEM)?

I think that I answered an ask in a way that made it seem like I was claiming Riley gets her hormonal telegram in IDF. I do not think that!

I think that in STEM, it is the first time Riley switches from seeing Farkle as “the strange friend who wears turtlenecks” to “the boy who is her friend who cares about her and has become a handsome young man”. I think that clicks in her mind, and she’s not totally sure what to do with it. She even mentions to Maya at the end of the episode, “I think it was easier when we just saw each other as friends, and not as boys and girls. Our guy friends are pretty great.” It’s pretty evident she’s talking about Farkle in that moment, seeing as how he was her partner, he was the one that supported her, believed in her, succeeded with her, while Lucas and Zay had little to no interaction with her throughout the entire episode. But she pushes that away immediately with “It was easier when we didn’t see each other as boys and girls”, because seeing Farkle, the non threat, the boy who has followed her like a puppy dog, wanted to take over the world, and been the “nerdiest” kid in the class since they were 6, as an actual handsome, supportive, real, potential guy-meant-for-her-guy? No way, no how, NOT READY. 

But regardless of that epic moment between them (it’s an epic episode in general for Riley to be honest, almost a pre-mature episode that stands out, like a flash forward-this-is-who-Riley-will-eventually-grow-into-episode), she is still not in a place where she would even consider that maybe those wheels turning in her mind, or those new thoughts about Farkle she can’t shake from her head, are actually supposed to mean something. She is so caught up with being a Princess, living in the fairy tale world of unrealistic romance with Lucas, that there is literally nothing that could happen which would divert her attention from it, until she actually lives out that fantasy. The same one she has had since the pilot/subway. Her relationship with him has to play out first. 

But in IDF, her relationship with Lucas has played out, and although it’s sweet and it’s cute, I think we will see a lot of moments in Season 3 where it’s evident that it’s also a far cry from what she expected. IDF is also, although left ambiguouspotentially the episode where her relationship with Lucas comes to an end. 

So when Farkle says the things he says to her in IDF, it becomes like a STEM moment 2.0. Her feelings shifted a little bit in STEM but were completely shut down. Now they are shifting a little bit more and because she has now officially had first boyfriend and gained some experience and had some growth and learned a little bit more about feelings, the shift is a little more prominent in her mind- i.e: perhaps a red flag starts to go up, and these feelings may not be shut down so quickly this time. Here he is again, this boy who has loved her since the ripe old age of 6, saying these beautiful things to her that no one else ever has, looking pretty damn handsome while saying them,making her feel all types of ways she was pretty damn certain she would never feel about him…she might just be ready to start entertaining what that may mean. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to fully embrace them, or admit them, or understand them, or that she’s received a hormonal telegram because of them. 

I think IDF is just about her potentially moving one step closer to finally lifting her head and realizing the relationship between her and Farkle is a lot different then the relationship either of them have with anyone else. I think that it might prepare her for her hormonal telegram, and it may be a clue (among so many in the series) towards her eventually getting it with Farkle, instead of Lucas or some other random guy, but it isn’t the exact moment it happens. 

Hormonal telegrams are more about timing and growth, then they are about a specific person (although of course that also has something to do with it). It’s when you are both physically and mentally ready to move from “girlish crush” to “legitimate physical attraction”. It’s why Maya has such chemistry with both Josh and Lucas, because she’s had that moment, she has the capacity to feel those feelings. If I kissed my high school first love in 6th grade, like Riley kisses Lucas, I wouldn’t have gotten my hormonal telegram in that moment- it would have been just another pre-teen peck. But when I kissed him as a freshman in high school? When BOTH my body AND my mind were ready? Whoa mama, did it make all the difference. 

Anyway, I think these moments, like STEM and IDF, are moments that hint towards Riley getting that big “spark” of undeniable chemistry (Chemistry, you know, like what they were doing in STEM?) with Farkle sometime in Season 4. They have kept their relationship dynamic growing and flourishing in a way that the build up is all there for it to eventually happen when Riley (and hey, maybe even Farkle) is ready for it to happen. As I have said before, theres more context and evidence to prove this then almost any other theory about this show. 

Gotta LOVE that slow burn…

CARYL - The Trifecta

Carol and Daryl might have only had a few direct interactions this season BUT it’s important to note that their moments weren’t set up to serve the plot all that much, and in fact felt a lot more like instances of two people checking-in with each other’s stance, than the typical filler-beats TWD usually crams in between two crisis points. 

Each exchange had a very significant emotional undercurrent and highlighted the intimacy between the two of them by confirming out that despite their lengthy separation they continue to be each other’s ‘exception’. 

And all THREE scenes highlighted the CARYL exclusivity factor;

Carol avoided Daryl because she knew he would see and question the turmoil she was going through, only to confess her emotional fragility in their very first scene. 

On the other hand, Daryl picked up on the fact that something wasn’t right about Carol as soon as she granted him some access, and promptly started asking the questions she had tried so hard to hide away from. 
In other words he pretty much proved that she was justified in thinking that HE was the one person she couldnt fool no matter how much distance she put in between the two of them. 

The last scene they were together in is practically wordless but the emotion governing it is almost overwhelming. 

Denise had challenged Daryl to take more chances and not be afraid of actually living and that’s likely going to connect later on, but at this point in time the moment is about Carol supporting Daryl and making sure that he knows that he isn’t alone in his pain. 
He didn’t have to say anything to her, she knew what he was thinking and it was breaking her heart to witness the anguish take control of his. 
The world demands ‘killing’ to survive but Carol knows that there is a price to pay for it as well and she doesn’t want to watch Daryl have to pay it too. 
She doesn’t know if she can. 

And that’s the moment that precedes her goodbye note. 
That’s the moment she realizes that she has to leave Alexandria behind. 
She is reminded of just what the world and its rules will eventually take away from her. 

Add those moments to the fact that Daryl’s Season 6 major storyline connects to Carol through a Cherokee Rose that Daryl spotted in the burnt forest during his first encounter with Dwight…. 
AND that Dwight killed Denise just as she was trying to tell Daryl to TRY and not be afraid to live…

There is more CARYL in Season 6 that you think there is! 

Albeit separated physically an attempt was made to connect them emotionally by making sure that their moments featured poignant references to the BIG things that happened to them separately. 
That means that there is a future in mind where their individual experience will matter to one another in some way.
If CARYL was set to end and a permanent separation is taking place then the scenes wouldn’t have been so emotionally driven and so important to them personally. 

Carol is going to need to FEEL and to be LOVED to recover from her emotional breakdown.
Daryl spent Season 6 learning about relationships, LOVE and taking chances. 
Theres a lot of overlap between the two
and I for one can’t wait to see how the dots connect for both of them.
It’s not done. Not by a long shot.

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!