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A/N: Chapter 2 is up!
It probably wouldn’t have been now though, if I hadn’t reach 100+ followers. Thank you all so much for the response. I didn’t expect so much from all of you in less than 3 days. I’m very, very thankful.
If you have any criticism or suggestion about, well, my writing in general (god this is embarrassing) please drop by the ask box to let me know. Also, just let me know if you liked this chapter or anything else there’s on this blog (only 4 contents including this). I really look forward to asks :)))

GENRE: Fluff, Smut, Angst
WARNINGS: mentions of alcohol, swearing, a pretty matured read.

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I follow a lot of ATL blogs, which is great, but I listen to some other stuff too so like/reblog this post if you post about:
- Twenty One Pilots
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- My Chemical Romance
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- Paramore
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- Band blogs in general/other stuff similar to those bands

I will definitely check out your blog and give you a follow. Thanks!!

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Honestly? I hadn't been /into/ DBZ in around two years, I gave up on DBS after a few episodes. But your blog and your art actually helped me get back into it? It's helped me grow back into the series that I grew up with and I can't thank you enough for indirectly doing this?? Your art is amazing by the way, I've never seen a style like it and you're definitely in my top 3 favorite artists now.


sobs, thank you so much ;O; im so happy!!! ur welcome..

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girl your art and photography are so so beautiful! love your blog also. you seem like such a genuine, talented, and caring person. c:

Thank you so so much!! Your message really lifted my spirits, it means a lot whenever people like my artwork ( and think I’m all of those nice things you listed ;^;’’ ) 💗🌺💗🌺💗🌺💗🌺 You seem incredibly considerate and thoughtful and I’m definitely going to check out your blog right now!! I hope you have a relaxing and pleasant evening (or a really fun one, heheh, whichever you’re aiming for), hopefully I don’t disappoint in the future!

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Are we ready kids? AYE AYE CAPTAIN!

Now that I’ve caught all you lovely folks attention, time to get down to serious, oh yes, SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!

I’m ready to get this blog kicked back into gear so! If you don’t mind interacting with the most FANTABULOUS girl of them all, Junko Enoshima originally from DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc then please give this a LIKE && RE-BLOG ( preferably re-blog it my loves! ). 

Just remember if you’re allergic to any kind of despair, this definitely is NOT the blog for you!

This is Junko Enoshima saying, peace!

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What do you think of the Prequel Trilogy? What were its positives and negatives? Does it deserve more or less love and attention? What are your favorite scenes? In which order do you like the movies? What influence did it have on the whole Saga, according to you? [XD Sorry for the long ask but I just really want your complete views and review on the Prequel movies.]

As anyone who looks at my blog can tell, I’m mostly an original trilogy fan, but I will fight anyone who bashes the prequel trilogy. I really don’t think it’s as bad as a lot of people claim. Yeah, it definitely has its problems. A lot of the dialogue is stilted, and George doesn’t know how to direct. There are large plotholes, but then the OT has them too. But overall, I think they were trying to tell an important story and they succeeded. Plus Padmé is a gem and deserves the world.

I love the casting choices. Hayden did the best he could with what he had to work with, which, as I said above, was terrible dialogue and a director who can’t direct. But his performance, especially in ROTS, frequently makes me cry. And he looks like Mark in a lot of ways, which I appreciate. I like Luke looking like his father. And Ewan McGregor is a perfect Obi-Wan. (Give us an Obi-Wan movie, you cowards!)

The PT does a good job of building up who Anakin was. We get to see who this “great pilot, cunning warrior, good friend” was, and how he could go from that to Darth Vader. We learn that Anakin was a sensitive, broken boy who felt too much. We saw how Palpatine preyed on that. We saw how screwed up the old Republic and Jedi Order was, and how that system could make someone like Obi-Wan, who decided it was okay to lie to someone’s son and try to convince them to kill their own father unknowingly, a father who was once their best friend. I don’t entirely blame Obi-Wan for that. He was the product of a system that toted the “greater good” above all else. Yes, he could have chosen to go against it, but it was ingrained in him from early childhood, and that kind of indoctrination is hard to break.

Learning that Anakin was a slave as a child really does a lot to explain his general despair and hopelessness in ROTJ. The line “I must obey my Master” is very chilling in that context.

I also really like that we get to see who Luke and Leia’s mother was. She’s so rarely mentioned in the OT that it’s nice to get to know who she was. And also Bail Organa. It makes the destruction of Alderaan that much more painful, when you know someone who was on it. Things like that, with such high numbers of deaths, are so hard to grasp. The enormity of it can’t be easily comprehended by our brains. But when you have a name, a face, a person to lose, it’s so much more painful. There’s a reason that the saying “one death is a tragedy, a hundred is a statistic” exists.

ROTS is my favorite of the PT movies, then AOTC, and TPM last. As for favorite scenes, I love the one in ROTS when Anakin and Padmé are staring at each other across Coruscant, him in the Jedi Council tower and her in her apartment, just before everything crashes and burns. The pain on Anakn’s face in that scene is heartbreaking, and I usually cry there. I also love when Padmé tells Anakin that she’s pregnant. They’re both so scared and excited, and they don’t know what to do, but they’re so happy. They’re going to be parents. I firmly believe Anakin was born to be a dad.

I like the arena scene in AOTC, and Obi-Wan and Anakin’s final duel. I always cry when Obi-Wan screams “You were my brother, Anakin!” I like all the times Padmé kicks butt throughout the PT, both when she fights and when she verbally eviscerates people. She doesn’t get enough credit for this side of her.

Overall, I think it enhances the OT, and it get an unnecessary bad rap.

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I had a hard time, initally, with your definition of Tom as a ludicrous popinjay, because english is not my native language, but now every time I read it under some pictures I laugh way too loud!

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Well both of those words are very low frequency in English and I am not using them for their strictly literal meaning.  I can see how the term would be difficult to understand.  That’s part of why I added a FAQ page to my blog, to help with things like that.  :)

And for anyone who is wondering, here is the Ludicrous Popinjay explanation. 

Thanks for the message!

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Hey... I love your blog! My confession is not so much about you, but rather about the SPN fandom in general... I find the fandom quite (how do I say this...) clique-ey? Sorry, really not directed at you. It kinda makes me sad that I haven't really ever been accepted or extended the hand of friendship since I joined the fandom a few months ago... anyhoo, that's my confession. Much love.

Ooh, I can definitely see where you’re coming from. Like there are certain groups of people you see interacting on tumblr and you’re like “oh… they’re friends I should just see myself out.” Been there, felt that. My advice to you would be just try to reach out to other bloggers or people in the fandom and be friendly with them :)

Confess something you’ve thought about me on anon

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Are you gay?

Y E S .

surprise! 🙂

i’ll write more about this soon. questions/comments/messages are welcome. i have a side blog where i have discussed some of my thoughts and posted things i like (photos and stuff - beware). i’ll be sharing more thoughts and details over there, but i’ll definitely share some here as well.

side blog: learningtoembrace.

How do Animal Crossing blogs manage to make screenshots look more high-definition than the game looks on my screen when I’m playing it

Like, you can’t download graphics mods for a 3DS game, and simple photo editing wouldn’t increase the resolution of the images

How do they make them look so good

100+ Followers Event!

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Hello my beloved followers! This blog has hit over 100 followers and I’m very very grateful! As thanks, I would like to open requests for drabbles for the next few days! Feel free to drop by my inbox with a request, or if you just want to talk and fangirl with me! 

The following are groups I’m most familiar with (the ones in bold are the ones I’m most comfortable writing) if you send me a prompt with a member of any of the following groups, I can definitely try whip something up for you because I’m grateful for your support. Please specify if you would like a member x member drabble, member x oc drabble.  :

Super Junior



Monsta X




I will be reblogging a series of prompts as possible ideas for you guys to pick up from. Click here to have a look at the prompts! You can feel free to combine prompts as well! But if none of these prompts appeal to you, you can give me an idea of what kind of drabble you want! Please try and limit yourself to a maximum of two drabbles if you do request.

I usually do not take requests, but this is the only way I can say thank you for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy my work!


I’m thinking about moving accounts. Majority of my followers are homestuck blogs and tbh I can’t see myself drawing anything homestuck related anymore. I mean I might definitely draw hiveswap art when it get’s released but other than I have more of an interest in other stuff now. 

also it would help me out to make a new blog starting fresh. I just feel like homestuck is the only thing I ever get requested to draw anymore and the only thing that gets more notes. i just don’t have any motivation to draw homestuck and strive to look for something else I feel passionate and motivated enough to draw and post fanart of. 

idk what do you guys think?

quick disclaimer because critical thinking on this site = low (not that this really matters because I’m rarely online); any post reblogged by me does not necessarily mean I agree with everything said in it. It means I found it an interesting read (and having enough good points) that I wanted to share. My blog won’t be 100% exactly what I align myself with because 1) people change and 2) I like to engage in perspectives outside of my own. I encourage others to do the same. Some of the worst years of my life were ones where I only surrounded myself with one intellectual environment - while certainly not the sole cause, it definitely did not help. Reading other viewpoints is a good thing - even if it’s hateful, as it’ll help you get a thicker skin (although I would recommend moderation on that kind of thing). Anyway peace tumbs

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I mean Eevee sent her name in so now I'm kind of tempted to send my name in but at the same time it says character and not name so I dunno -a shy mun and I know you know who I am but I'm still a shy mun so uh yep

// found ya!
Yes I will definitely give my opinion
General opinion: like them
Hotness level: gorgeous (but not my type)
Hogwarts house: hmm Hufflepuff
Best quality: adorable
Worst quality:thinks too lowly of themselves
Ship: @2pcanadas-googlehistory
Brotp: @ask-the-hunter-Ludwig idk the blog name :P
Stay away from: mean people and your parents
Miscellaneous thoughts: a smol bean under my protection who is adorable

My life’s work is finally here!  Keep Beach City Weird - THE BOOK!!! 

I’ve collected all of my findings into a single, very legitimate looking book, so that everyone can know the truth about my hometown of Beach City!  Finally, my legacy is protected for the ages.  Even if a giant solar flare wipes out all of the world’s computers  - MY BLOG WILL SURVIVE!

Writing this book was a monumental task.  It took me countless hours of slacking off at work to compile all of my writings, illustrations and far-flung theories into one place. I did have a little help from some fellow truth-stigators I met on a Koala Princess forum, Ben Levin and Matt Burnett, but most of the work was definitely done by ME!  

So if you wanna read about lots of weird stuff like Radioactive Centipedes, Giant Women from the Sea, and The Great Diamond Authority - then order a copy!   It’s sure to be an Empire Times Best-Seller!



Some things never change lmao 😂😂