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Make a move (requested oneshot)

Requested: “ Could you do a jughead smut where the reader and jughead have been best friends since they were toddlers, Archie sees her as a younger sister so when jughead wants to make a move he tries to stop him but. Betty and Veronica (who are dating) convince her to make the first move and it leads to smut…”~ @thegoddessofbeautyandperfection
Pairings: Jughead x reader, BettyxVeronica
Warnings: Smut, yup definitely some sin in this one, fluff and swearing.

A/N: Fun idea my lovely! Hope you like it!

Jughead POV.

Okay Juggy breath. Breath. This is worse than ask a father for their daughters hand in marriage…I presume.

I stood at the edge of the field waiting for the semi final to be over. I’m going to ask him now when he’s on a high and already too tired to chase me. Breath. Breath. Breath.

Final whistle blew and with it cheering came. A win. Good good this means he’ll be on cloud 10, yup cloud 10, he’ll just skip 9.

After the immediate congratulations and cheering Archie ran over to meet me.

“JUGGY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! WE’RE GOING TO CHAMPIONSHIP!” He was like a child on Christmas and I loved it, so nice to see your best friend happy.

“Yeah congratulations man listen I need to ask you something?”

“Whatever it is man yes! I’m so buzzed right now whatever you want!”

“Okay I’ll go ask y/n out right now then” I turned as fast as I could but not fast enough for the champion athlete. He caught me by the shoulder.

“I’m sorry maybe it’s all the crowds or something I don’t think I heard you right could you repeat that” his grip on my shoulder tightened. Maybe asking him about this while he’s pumped with testosterone was a bad idea.

“Okay emm I’m going to ask y/n out”

“Hah no you’re not” he let go of my shoulder with a light shove.

“But why not?”

“Dude she’s like my little sister, she’s in my house more than I am. I don’t want my brother dating my sister that’s just yanno illegal”. I couldn’t help but laugh at this comment. He’s being ridiculous.

“We’re not actually siblings Arch like the sentiment is nice but I’m not her brother I want to be her boyfriend” this received a stronger shove.

“Nope no dude,no, don’t do it, I won’t let, don’t do it, you’re not allowed do it, I forbid you”

“I’m sorry YOU FORBID ME?!” this was about to turn into a serious fight, it did last time.

I could see archie about to retaliate just as Y/N, Veronica  and Betty ran over  in their cheer gear. Wow y/n looks amazing.

She ran directly into Archie’s arms.

“Congratulations!!!” She hugged him tightly and he shook his head slowly at me over her shoulder. I hate that he’s scolding me like I’m a child.

This was a divisive point in our friendship. He wanted to protect her as if I’m something she needs to be protected from…if only he knew Reggie wanted to get in her pants more than anything. Hah. That’d kill him…I’m going to tell him…later.

Y/N let go of Archie and let the wonder couple give him hugs.

“Come here Juggy, you’re all left out" she cooed wrapping her arms around my neck and burying her head in my chest. I want her to stay like this forever. I could feel Archie’s eyes on me, burning holes in my head.

“Come on y/n we have to go get ready for Cheryls victory party, you’re coming aren’t you Jug?” Betty smiled.

“Nah” not my thing. Y/N looked at me like I had just hit her puppy with a lawnmower. “Ummmm yes you are Juggy” she took my hand in hers lightly. Damn it I’m putty. “Ughhhhhhh fine.”


“Okay seriously love birds if ye don’t stop I’m leaving” I laugh at B&V messing around in my room. “Yeah maybe you should” V purred into Bettys neck. I laughed knowing while that wasn’t all a joke it for the majority was.

We were getting ready for Cheryls in Veronicas. The two of them are sickly sweet and I was sickly jealous of their connection.

“So when are you going to ask Jughead out” Betty pushed Veronica off the bed laughing.

“Sorry what?!”

“Oh please y/n/n you two are weak for each other.totally head over heels. If you asked him to bring you a goat he’d find a unicorn for you” Vernonica teased. I smiled at the two of them. Yeah Jug and I are like that.

“Yeah I guess….but Archie won’t let him near me in any other way besides friendly, he thinks I don’t know but he’s so obvious” It’s not like I couldn’t feel him trying to explode Jughead with his mind earlier.

“Yeah Archie won’t let Jughead make a move…..” her eyes lit up and Betty’s grin matched her girlfriends eyes.

“YOU SHOULD MAKE THE MOVE” They say…scream in unison.

“Oh no no no no no no”

“YES! Betty Get me my makeup bag princess!, it just got serious”.

Jughead POV

Archie and I got there when the party was in full swing. He was whisked away instantly by Moose and Co.

I stood in the doorway looking on at the madness before me. Suddenly an arm sneaked around my waist under my dark denim jacket.

Y/n rested her head on my shoulder from behind. “Don’t worry damsel I am here to rescue you” she smirked.

I turned to face her “Wow” she chuckled at my response. Smooth Jughead smooth. “Um thank you?” She laughed.

Archie came practically running over “Y/N! Where are mrs and mrs gone?”

“Who knows there’s a closet around here somewhere isn’t there?”

“Ugh yeah…”

“Well they’re in there I’d say”

“Haha probably. Do you wanna dance y/n?” I shifted slightly on the spot at Archie’s question.

“Nah I’m going to get a drink, I’ll be back in a second”. I watched her walk to the kitchen.

“Jug please can you just not with her tonight” ughhhhhhh okay, time to use my secret weapon.

“Oh sure Archie, I mean I’m not the one you have to worry about” I say as nonchalantly as I possibly can. “What do you mean by that Jug?” he furrowed his brow at me.

“Oh nothing it’s nothing”

“No tell me” he stepped closer to me. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

“Oh well I heard Moose say he was going to try it with Y/N tonight…he’s probably trying it now" boom. Gone like a flash he took off. I laughed, too easy Andrews too easy. I might get a bit of peace now.

The party got a little out of hand as y/n joined my side again. “WEDNESDAY ADDDDDDDAAAAMMMMMS” well goodbye peace, hello drunk Reggie. I felt y/ns hand slip into mine.

“Hey baaaaaaaaabe why are you with this tool? Come here to Reggie baby, Juggles here probably wants to murder you and wear your skin” he was met with laugh from his goons behind him. Y/n stepped a little behind me. She was never good with confrontation of this nature, especially drunken confrontation.

“Reggie just leave her alone” I tried, squeezing her hand gently in reassurance.

“Oh yeah Wednesday? What are you going to do about it” he reached out and caught y/n from around the waist roughly as she screamed.

I didn’t even know what was happening till I did it. His jaw met my fist and he flew back into his goons.

Y/N scurried back towards me as Archie ran to catch Reggie before he realised what had happened.

A crowd gathered and I felt my face turn red as everyone was looking at me. Y/N caught my hand and swept me away up the stairs.

Before long we were in an empty guest room. I began pacing “oh God he’s going to kill me he’s actually going to kill me” y/n stood silent watching me pace. I ramble on about how he was going to kill me before I realised y/n was yet to say something.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and she still stared at me with soft beautiful eyes. She slowly moved towards me, our eyes locked.

She caught my face in her hands and kissed my lips. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her into me.

She pulled away from me and slowly pulled her dress over her head. I must be dreaming because this is not happening. She smiled and kissed me again. I wiggled out of my jacket and moved further up in the bed bringing her with me.

3rd Person

Jugheads breath was practically knocked out of him as he was coming to terms with what was happening. A nearly naked y/n was on top of him and he was wide awake definitely not dreaming.

Jughead bury his head into your neck and smirked as he begin biting your neck receiving soft moans. Your hands began to slip under his t-shirt. He made it easy for you, sat up and took off his shirt tossing it in the direction of your dress.

You began grinding down on his clothed legs causing groans to rise from both of you.

Jughead moved his hands from your back to your hips, gripping them and dragging them down to meet his. You pulled off his hat and let your hands roam his untamed hair as he began fondling your chest.

You felt his member pressing against your thigh as he lightly nips your neck until you let a high pitch moan leave you, his new favorite spot.

You unbuttoned his jeans and helped him to strip them off. He unclasped your bra and threw it in any direction.

You slipped your hand into his boxers and slowly began to stroke his member. You picked up the pace as his breathing got heavier and uneven.

“Okay okay y/n, my turn” he was just about able to breathe out. He flipped you onto your back.

He kissed from your lips down your neck, bare torso and finally your thighs. He looked up, head hovering above you. Jughead pulled down your underwear and began to rub your clit.

He slowly began to explore your entrance with his tongue spurred on by your moans. You tangle your hands in his locks again and guide him, your moans increasing in volume.

He laid out the length of your body hovering above you and meet your lips again. You moved your hand and removed his boxers, jacking him with the other hand. Jughead moaned deeply driving you wild with lust.

“Juggy. Now.” You whined and he slowly moved into you with the help of your hand for guidance. He propped himself up with one hand and the other groping your breasts. Jughead buried his head in the crook of your neck before slowly starting to move,

Your head began to tilt back as your hips snapped together. Moans and groans leaving the both of you loudly. You wrapped your legs around his waist encouraging him to go faster.

He, happily obliging, began to thrust into you deeper until he hit your g-spot perfect. Your moan to this was particularly loud and he soon moved faster to this exact spot receiving the same result. Jughead grunted at the feeling of your walls tightening around him.

The band in your stomach was being stretched to the limits. “Jug I’m so close” “come for me y/n come for me” he groaned. The band snapped at his encouragement and his hands slipping to rub your clit again. Your nails digging into his back you screamed his name.

The sound of his name on your lips drove him over the edge. His thrusts became sloppy sending you to overstimulation still moaning from your high. He grunted inside of you and stayed their for a moment riding out his high with you still around him. Completely breathless he collapsed next to you. You gathered the duvet to cover ye as both of your legs shook. Highs still being enjoyed.

“Y/N” he huffed.

“Yeah” you say rolling over to put your head on his chest.

“I have been in love with you forever”. You sat up and looked down at him. He instantly regretted it. You cuddled back into him “I love you too Jug…the minute you squeezed my hand earlier it got rid of any ounce of doubt in my mind, I love you Jughead Jones”. Jughead smiled ear to ear. “This is great for 2 reasons, 1) you want to be with me and that’s just… phenomenal 2) this is going to kill Archie" he laughs rolling on his side to deepen the cuddle.

“Dibs not telling him” you say quickly

“No fair y/n/n! He’s going to kill me! The worse he’ll do to you is yell”

“Sorry Jones, better luck next time” you meet his lips.

“You’re worth a grumpy Archie”

“Am I reaaaally though…” you laughed

“Actually yeah you’re right sorry we’re done sorry” he teased pretending to get out of the bed. You pulled him back into cuddles and hit him into the chest laughing before kissing him again.
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What animal would the 104ths be?

I would also like to refer you to this post on the 104th’s patronuses, as that is also some commentary on what animals they might be. And because I’m linking that one, I tried to make this one a little different so hope it’s not too out there. 

Eren: Bull. Powerful creatures with a serious stubborn streak, Eren’s definitely like a bull in a lot of ways. 

Mikasa: Wolf. Can be vicious and deadly, or gentle and nurturing. Also fiercely protective.

Armin: Dolphin, for his intelligence. And the fact that dolphins can be fiercely protective of the ones they love, and are also pretty cute. Armin is all of these things.

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Okay, so funny story about this pretty tree light here (and since I have a long car ride ahead of me I might as well share). I was at my aunt’s house the other day and she gave me this rose tree lamp that was sitting on her porch because it didn’t really go with anything. So I was like, sweet! This will go perfectly in my hippy/fairytale aesthetic bedroom! It had a few cobwebs on it (okay a lot of cobwebs) but I figured a quick wipe down with a wet paper towel and it would be all fine and dandy.

Well it wasn’t. They weren’t cobwebs. And they were definitely not empty.

Turns out the damn thing was covered in spider egg sacks nearly on every flower because Florida is a hellish nightmare pit where stuff like this is a regular occurrence and I spent a good twenty minutes battling with hundreds of tiny little spiders (and the occasional mother DX) crawling out whenever I tried to brush them off.

Now at this point I’m nearly about ready to pitch the whole thing in the trash and set it on fire, aesthetic be damned but I thought no. I’ve come too far and have killed too many spiders and this fragging tree is going to look gd amazing in my bedroom. So I carry the whole thing inside and stick it in the shower for a couple seconds and basically suffocate it with Clorox spray for a few hours before wiping the entire thing down again flower by flower until there was not a single eight legged menace to be seen.

So yeah, long story short, I managed to salvage what was almost a lost cause and that lamp is going to look flipping adorable when I get it home.

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I know you get a lot of messages like these, but you're so sweet and kindhearted to others that I feel like I can trust you. I think I have a mild-ish case of PTSD from mental abuse, but I'm afraid to tell my parents about it. We just moved, so we don't have any doctors yet, and I also feel like they'll pass it off as, "oh, it's just hormones." I tried telling my old counselor months ago that I was feeling emotionally detached, and she told me the same thing. Idk, do you have any advice? Thanks,

Why, I’m honored that you feel you can trust me with something like this!

Hmm..That’s a toughie. I definitely think you need/should tell your parents rather than keeping quiet about it. And if they start to pass it off as that, then perhaps you could sit them down and explain it more. Try to make them understand, y’know?

Hopefully, your parents understand and they help you. Keep me posted, okay?

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What inspired your art style?

I have a lot of inspirations, but my main ones are the aesthetic of 80s and 90s anime like Sailor Moon and Urusei Yatsura, and video games like Sonic the Hedgehog.

I really love the character designs and expressiveness that comes out of characters at that time and I tried my best to recapture that sense of style in a somewhat modern edge towards it.
It’s definitely an art style I would love to perfect one day.

okay. i’m gonna explain myself bc i feel bad for people who stand up for me and now they’re losing followers bc of this.

i said that i like asian girls. i didn’t mean it in a rude way. i’m not saying that other people isn’t beautiful. i’m saying that i like asian girls. just bc they’re who they are. why it’s okay to say “i love people of colour” but it’s not okay for me to say that i love asian people? “bc you’re generalizing them” but when people say “i love poc” it’s also a generalization. i don’t expect them to look the certain way. i just love them for who they are. i don’t care from which side of asia they are. it may be russia, it may be japan, it may be china. whatever. i don’t care. i just love them. i wasn’t fetishizing them as some of people said. i just found them attractive. ALL OF THEM. so i don’t get why i should say sorry for saying that i like certain people just because they’re people. 

i said in the past that i don’t like poland and i don’t trust people from poland. i take full credit for this. yes THIS was racism/nazism. I KNOW THAT. BUT i have REASONS from my personal experience to feel the certain way. i’m not saying that they should die or some shit. i just don’t trust them bc of the reasons. try to understand me as well.

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This isn't a ntamw, but my ex boyfriend was really verbally abusive, and it occurred to me that the girl he dated before me dated another girl after she broke up with him, I came out as lesbian after I broke up with him, and his current girlfriend is pan, so she could very well do the same thing once she realizes he's an manipulative asshole (trust me, I tried to tell her). I just find it really weird that all the girls he's dated have gone for women after they dumped him??

Maybe he attracts women who are so in the closet they assume that this is the type of man they should date. Like, he fits some archetypal model of ‘man’ that closeted lesbians see as safe to date? Idk. It is interesting though. There were a lot of guys which fit that model for me, and most of them ended up being sort of ‘asexual’ types, if that makes sense? But definitely still controlling and capable of abuse. (I’m also a lesbian btw.) Also, congratulations on figuring things out! Being a lesbian is great 😉

-Mod Ava

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hi hey i saw that post about the playlists and the last song made me think of neil being one of those people who Knows Whats Good and getting Invested in queen and by the end of the week he can bohemian rhapsody backwards and dan is proud and andrew is less proud but mad that this is what his life has come to, thank you for your time i love your blog!

Thanks so much!

Neil definitely leeches most of his musical taste off of the other Foxes because that’s how he gets introduced to stuff. Dan and Matt would so enthusiastically educate him. I could definitely see Neil liking Queen and after Dan has introduced him to them, he tries to introduce the Foxes to Another One Bites the Dust like he has just discovered this amazing new obscure song and they’re all like ‘literally everyone has heard this, Neil’. He would pick up on Dan and Matt’s music and Andrew’s the most.

Simblr Tag

So I saw this tag on @annawhims and figured it would be a good way to get to know me :)

1. What’s Your Favorite Sim Death?: I think laughing to death is…hysterical (wow I’m so funny)

2. Alpha CC Or Maxis Match CC: 99% Maxis Match…I have like 4 alpha hairs (they’re just so pretty!!)

3. Favorite Mod: MC Command Centre, hands down - it expands your game so much and I honestly couldn’t survive without it

4. First Expansion/Game/Stuff Pack you ever got?: Get Together

5. Have You Made A SimSelf?: I tried (it’s my icon)

6. What Sim Traits Do You Give Yourself?: Bookworm, Romantic and Creative

7. Are You A Builder Or Do You Like Gameplay Better?: Definitely gameplay, I couldn’t build to save my life -__-

8. Are You A CC Creator?: Nope not yet…I tried once but it’s soooo confusing

9. Do You Have Any Simblr Friends?: Not yet…but trying to! (feel free to message me if you wanna chat XD)

10. Whats Your Favorite Sims Game: Sims 3 for its gameplay and Sims 4 for its graphics

11. What Expansion/Game Pack/Stuff Pack Do You Want Next?: Seasons and University (pls EA pls)

12. Whats Your Favorite Expansion/Game Pack/Stuff Pack?: City Living/Parenthood/Backyard Stuff

I tag anyone that wants to do this <3


@witchnyx made a post about roleswap au months ago and i hadn’t gotten out of my head since;;

lissa is a pegasus knight and chrom is a pseudo-mercanary and both mess around constantly as prince frederick wonders why he even has guards when they accidentally hurt each other more than their foes


“Feindesliebe” (ger.) - loving your enemies

“They sent me to kill you. And I tried… I really tried.

But I couldn’t do it.

Because he loved you.

And when I look at you like that, I know the reason

why he did.”

Okay, so today I finished watching s3…. And hooooly shit. I totally understand why a lot of people think the “new” Shiro might be a clone.There’s definitely something wrong with him. Not sure if he’s really a clone or they just put something into is brain, though. But something’s fucky.

So here’s some clone!Shiro (or Kuron?) stuff I made after watching the last episode. Because… what if the real Shiro is still out there and the Galra sent their “Project Kuron” to infiltrate the castle and kill the Paladins one by one?

But since Kuron seems to have acess to all of Shiro’s memories and emotions, he falls for Keith instead of killing him. And he falls hard.

Keith in return knows exactly that this isn’t his Shiro… It’s just small things, like the way Kuron looks at him or touches him with his Galra-tech arm, without noticing. It’s the way Kuron lets himself fall for Keith in a way Shiro would’ve never allowed himself to.

So… what if Keith falls for the clone instead of the original?

(btw, I’ll still stick to my smol bean Kuro and the headcanons I made for him… Kuron is just…another Shirogane? :) Like Shiro, Kuro, AND Ryou aren’t enough already. One can never have enough Shiroganes.)


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)


ugh i have so many emotions going through my head that i can’t focus on anything but voltron, and then i saw the whole “leak with keith in lance’s hoodie and close to tears???” thing that i had like no idea about (don’t ask me for details), and immediately, like the person i am, drew fanart. i didn’t actually have the chance to see it for real, this is just my take. 

haha this ain’t no real leak, but boy i wish it was. 

honestly, i feel like lance being MIA (missing in action) in later seasons would be a breaking point for him. he would have all of that build up from the team teasing him even though it actually hurts him more than they know, you have the scene in the bedroom where keith tries, but fails to comfort lance correctly bc he’s awkward and doesn’t know how to handle people, and lance was left feeling unsure yet again. 

lance, with still no confirmation that he’s valuable to the team, that he’s talented, that he deserves more recognition than he gets, get’s thrown into a horrible future situation, probably involving lotor. it gets so much worse, right?

and after all of that build up with he and keith? can you imagine how terrible that’d feel? for the one person you finally learn to trust, to confide in, now the closest thing you have to family, is abruptly taken away? and for you to be taken away from him? and not just away from him, but from the entire team?

if i’m correct, and i have no idea if any of this will happen, it’d totally destroy keith. specifically him. 

lance threw away the rivalry thing, and they actually became closer. they both gave each other smiles that no one else received before. i think they grew closer than any other paladin in the team. probably even shiro. sure, hunk and lance were close, but keyword were.

hunk and pidge are now spending way more time with each other, being the “smart” ones. and honestly, the scene when hunk calls lance dumb (in all fun) really surprised me. and pidge jumps in, assuring lance that: yes, you are dumb, we’ve established this before because you’ve made so many mistakes in this team. 

i don’t think they meant any harm, but they don’t tell lance that. they don’t ask him if he’s okay with them doing that. lance isn’t laughing along, but he’s playing along. all they see is his wall of bravado, and assume he brushes off insults just like that. 

but lance, he’s a lot more sensitive than they’d think. 

he takes things to heart, and he remembers them. he remembered the “goofball” comment from pidge, and he took it seriously while blue shut him out. a seemingly harmless comment only fueled his growing concerns.

and keith, he does stop the teasing, and he has this fond look on his face, but you can still see lance grimacing. imagine your group of friends teaming up on you…

keith had shiro, he always had shiro to back him, to comfort him when he was sad. then lance steps in shiro’s place while he’s gone. he comforts keith, he’s keith’s rock. he supports keith, and even with shiro back, he doesn’t let that go.

lance doesn’t just toss the reigns to shiro (or “clone” shiro lmfao) when he comes back. he keeps them for himself, he matures a lot. lance doesn’t want to let go of what keith and himself have made.

you see lance, then, struggling with some really deep issues, but he doesn’t have anyone. no one notices, so he keeps it to himself. he bottles it up until it just goes too far, so what does he do? he goes to keith. and keith isn’t great with people. lance confides in keith for that scene because he believes he would do a better job of reassuring him than shiro, and because the two had grown a deeper, more meaningful relationship. they both care about each other, but go about completely different ways on doing it. lance is great at comforting people, keith is not. but he tries, and we definitely saw that in s3.

lance chose keith over shiro. i think that’s very important. 

and imagine it, if lance is taken from the team in some situation in the next seasons, think of keith.

he would probably be really, really guilty. he’d probably look back at his words from the bedroom scene, and immediately want to fix it. he’d, to my hope, realize what he did incorrectly, and want to change it. just like for shiro, keith would want to find lance as soon as possible. he wouldn’t give up on lance, because lance didn’t give up on keith. 

lance kept pushing him forward even when he was splitting up the team by being reckless. lance was keith’s right hand man. 

and i hope, i sincerely hope we’ll see some confirmation for lance. i want the team to know how he feels. mostly by action, rather than words. if lance takes a beating for his friends, i think it tells us a lot more than him saying a few sentences. either one is fine, though. 

and action works a lot better for keith than words. he moves, he fights. he protects lance with swords, but lance can protect keith with words.

the dynamic between the two paladins is really exciting, and i just need the hurt/comfort amp volume to go up a couple notches. and romance. the bedroom scene was so damn romantic, dear lord. look me in the eyes and tell me they don’t have more than platonic feelings for each other. 

anyways, this was literally supposed to be like a paragraph but it evolved as i got more and more hyped for s4. 

i can’t wait.


sweet shop ➹ peter parker

summary : to put it simply, peter parker doesn’t like candy that much, but somehow he keeps finding himself at the same candy shop in manhattan, and it’s definitely not because of the cute worker always standing behind the counter at precisely four in the afternoon. definitely not.

wc : 1.6k

author’s note : if there’s typos my bad i don’t proofread i’m lazy

  “The freckly dork with the sweet eyes is back.” It’s the first thing you hear when you walk into work that afternoon, four o’clock sharp as usual, fiddling with the strap of your apron with the shop name scrawled across the front in lovely cursive letters. You lift your gaze from the cash register toward the aisle you’ve noticed he wanders in most frequently- not that you’ve really been noticing the cute boy of course- and find him through the throng of people, though he’s quite easy to spot considering he’s shuffling awkwardly through stacks of chocolate whilst blatantly staring at you. You’re not sure he even realizes what he’s doing until you lift your hand in a tentative wave and his entire  face pretty much glows pink as he smiles back nervously and he knocks into a display shelf. 

  “Poor kid is smitten,” your coworker sighs with a smirk plastered on her face as she unties her own apron and slips into the backroom to hang it up. “Does he even know your name? Do you know his?” 

    You wave her off dismissively. “My name is on my name tag, I’m sure he knows it. He never buys anything, anyway. He just… like, lingers here.” You shrug. “He’s cute so I let him stay.” 

   She throws her head back and lets out a laugh, returning her scrutinizing gaze back toward the boy with the precariously gelled hair who is hastily trying to restock the shelf he knocked over while simultaneously stumbling into another one. You wince at him, trying not to stare because god, he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen but he reminds you of a baby deer learning to walk for the first time in the clumsiest, messiest way imaginable. “He comes here to gawk at you, dumbass. His eyes never stray,” she places a hand mockingly on her heart as you roll your eyes toward her. You flash a jovial smile to a customer when they approach you to ring up their order before turning back to your friend. 

   “Should I talk to him?” You inquire, placing the money in the correct slots of the register. You glance back up at him as he holds his hands out in front of a chocolate, silently pleading with it to stay put so he stopped looking like an absolute moron in front of you. He looks back at you and this time waves back a little, running a hand through his hair in an attempt to appear cooler than he actually was. “I’m gonna talk to him.” You say, not waiting for your friend to divulge her own opinion on the matter. 

   She shrugs, slipping on her jean jacket and grabbing her purse. “You’ve always been a sucker for the dorky, in need of help, doe eyed type of guys.” You swat at her shoulder playfully but she dodges it, winking at you before walking around the counter and lightly patting the boy on the shoulder as she makes her grand departure. He looks around in confusion until he sees your friend gesturing toward you. 

   “Scotty, can you cover for me for just a sec?” You call, your face turning to the backroom of the store while Scott, your other coworker, emerges from it. He gives you a scowl, brown eyes narrowed, though you know its playful. To avoid song quite conceited, you don’t admit it often, but you’re pretty much everyone’s favorite employee. “Thanks babes.” He takes your place at the register, and despite the tattoos and nose ring he sports, his smile is practically contagious. He’s another favorite among the customers just because of how pleasant and charming he is. 

    Peter, though you don’t known his name just yet, watches as you exit your position at the register and hastily tries to make himself look busy standing in front of the same selection of candy that’s he been for fifteen minutes now. He picks up a chocolate bar, pretending to examine it as thoroughly as possible when you lean against the stand next to him. His palms feel sweaty. “I- I was gonna buy something eventually, you know, one of these days. I swear.” He practically shoves the Hershey’s bar in your face, but you lightly push his hand back. “I’m just- I’m, um, very, very indecisive.” 

   You laugh a little. “Um, it’s fine. That’s not even what I came over here for.” You scratch the back of your neck for a second, an anxious habit because suddenly, you’re pretty nervous standing in front of a sweetly awkward boy with possibly the nicest eyes you’ve ever seen and the cutest shy smile that he seems to be trying to maintain desperately. 

   “Oh.” He nods, heat crawling up his cheeks as he sidesteps out of your view. “I- I- I- um, sorry for blocking something, I probably am-” 

   “You’re not,” you assure him. Peter can feel his heart squeeze tightly when you take a step closer toward him, but your smile is the least intimidating thing he’s ever come across. It’s gentle. He appreciates the gentleness of it. “So, um, what’s your name?” It doesn’t come out as smooth as you would have liked it to, but Peter grins back at you like you’ve just asked him the greatest question in the universe. 

   “I’m Peter,” he replies, running a hand through his hair again in a way similar to your own nervous tick of rubbing the back of your neck. “Uh, Peter Parker, he repeats, not knowing if you wanted his last name or not. 

   Scott, across the room, cups his hands around his mouth and calls toward you, “Y/N, if you’re gonna flirt with that kid, at least reorganize the shelves, too!” You turn around to give Scott the finger. To be honest though, you’re also turning around to mask the embarrassment on your face. 

    Peter steps out of the way again so you can stand in front of the mess he had already created just a few minutes before. “I’m Y/N, in case you didn’t catch that.” Peter likes the little disconcerted expression you’re donning now. He’s glad that he’s not the only one flustered here, and in an odd way, it makes him feel a little more confident when talking to you, the same person he’s been trying to gather the courage to hold a conversation with for the two weeks. 

   “I knew that already,” he says. Then, realizing the odd way you’re looking at him suddenly, he continues, “because of, you know, the uh, name tag. Your name tag. It has your name on it. So, that’s how I know.” Another nervous smile flashed toward you. 

   “Oh, yeah,” you look down at it. You continue stacking the shelves in the proper manner. “You really did a number on these,” you wave your hand toward the shelves. “Tell me, how’d you manage to knock down two different shelves in under five minutes and put everything back in a way not even remotely close to the way they were before?” 

   He knows you mean it lightheartedly, but he still blushes even deeper than before. “Hey, at least I tried,” he answers defensively. “But, um, I don’t even really know. I think you made me nervous. You- you waved at me.” He glances down at his shoes, shuffling his feet again. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, he thinks to himself. He misses the beam you give him, secretly pleased with yourself for having that effect on him. It was flattering. 

    “I made you nervous?” You raise an eyebrow at him, and he nods. “That’s cute, Peter. I’m not much to get nervous over, though. Trust me.” You turn your back on the display shelf just in time for Peter to shake his head at you. 

    “I’ve been coming in here for two weeks now, and I haven’t bought anything because I’m too nervous to go up to the register and talk to you. So yeah, you are. Something to get nervous over, I mean.” You knew what he meant, but he had a habit of over-explaining every little detail that you found endearing, so you let him talk. “Is that weird? Am I weird?” 

    “Nah.” You reach out to squeeze his hand for literally a millisecond, which irritates him to no end because he kind of wants you to hold on for longer. “Like I said before, it’s kind of cute. You’re a cute kid.” 

   Puffing out his chest a little, he says, “Well, I wouldn’t really call myself a kid, I am fifteen so…” Oddly enough, it’s that comment alone that makes you sort of fall in love with him in that moment, and the way he so terribly wants to impress you. There’s no way to describe him other than ridiculously sweet, which is ironic considering you’re standing in a candy shop when he admits that you’re the prettiest person he’s ever laid his eyes on and when he asks for your number, you don’t hesitate to give it to him. 

   It’s the first time he buys something from the store, and he walks out with a stupidly happy grin on his face and approaches Ned with a new bounce in his step. He’s been standing out there for a half hour and patience that was diminishing faster and faster. As they’re walking back to the train so they can go home, Ned eyes Peter as he bites into a chocolate bar. “Peter, you literally hate chocolate, what are you doing?” 

    Peter shrugs, taking another piece off. “This chocolate bar scored me a date and the number of the cutest worker in that store. I’m gonna learn to love it.” 

    “The worker you’ve been stalking for the past two weeks?” 

    “It wasn’t stalking, Ned!” 

    Ned gives Peter an unconvincing nod, but truthfully, he’s glad to see his best friend so excited over someone. It’s been awhile since Liz, and Ned knows Peter deserves to be happy. And boy, is Peter ever so happy, even while he’s eating chocolate that he hasn’t liked since he was seven.

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SF!Paps x Reader Fluff

Raffle Winner One-shot
For @artsietango
SFW SF!Paps x Reader smooch/ confession

Papyrus came in every day, like clockwork, and ordered a shot of whiskey and a bottle of barbecue sauce.  

You’d been working at Muffet’s for several months now, and despite the fact that it was monster-run (and that the job had taken you a considerable amount of courage to accept with your arachnophobia), your presence as a human had helped draw a more diverse crowd.  Muffet mixed the drinks with a deft, practiced speed that only someone with three sets of arms could possess, while you carried a platter of drinks from table to table, and numerous little spiders took pastries and burgers to customers from a network of webs in the top of the tavern.  

And every day since you started, Papyrus would walk in and sit at the same seat in the same booth and order the same thing.  

You slide the barbecue sauce to him as you pass his table and wink.  Papyrus usually chuckles and calls you saucy, but this time, he doesn’t even acknowledge you.  He’s got his hood pulled up, and he’s looking down at the table, his usual laid-back grin pulled into a grim line.  The expression startles you enough that you falter in your steps and cause the tray to unbalance, a few drinks sliding along the edge of your platter.  Hurriedly, you correct yourself before they spill and keep going, but you’re distracted as you distribute your orders.

What was wrong with him?

By the time you make it back around to his table, he’s already got two empty shot glasses in front of him, and three spiders are bringing a third glass down the web.  "Hey, Rus.  You didn’t even say hi to me,“ you state lightly, trying to rib him into a response.

His phalanges close around the shot glass, and he shrugs lightly.  His posture’s slouched, with his elbows on the table.  "hey.  sorry,” he mutters, holding up the whiskey to stare unseeingly at it.  

“You’re really pounding them back,” you observe, trying to tread lightly.  Usually, your friend is full of jokes and flirtatious remarks.  You’ve never seen him in a mood this sullen.

He hums, though the sound is nearly lost in the music playing from the jukebox.  "jus’ needed somethin’ to whiskey me away for a bit,“ he murmurs, before taking the shot.  He chases it with a swig of barbecue sauce, straight from the bottle.  You’ve never understood the appeal, and it doesn’t seem to be a monster thing.  But it’s definitely a Rus thing.

“Wanna talk about it?”

He finally turns his head to look at you, his orange eyelights shifting along your body, up to your face.  When his gaze locks with yours, you see resignation flash through his expression, before it hardens.  "actually, yeah, i–“

"Hey!  You!  Can I get my drinks here or what?”

You turn to face a group of humans sitting at the booth across from Papyrus’s.  They look like a rowdy crew to you, but you know you have to keep your smile on your face when you address them if you want to keep them placated.  "I’ll be with you in just a moment,“ you insist in your Professional Voice, which only makes another one of the men sigh.

"We’ve been waiting forever, but those creepy spiders aren’t coming!”

Ugh.  You turn toward Papyrus, but he’s already shaking his head and taking another gulp of his barbecue sauce.  "work’s callin’ you,“ he states the obvious.

He’s right.  If it wasn’t a Friday night, you’d have a better chance of being able to sit and talk to him.  "I’ll be right back,” you promise with a sigh, before turning and going to collect the human group’s order from the bar.  

When you reach the humans, you place your platter on the edge of their table to balance it.  "Okay, so who ordered what?“

One of the men grins.  "Why don'tcha guess?”

You really don’t have time for this.  "I really don’t know.  Did you have the bourbon and coke?“

The group laughs; apparently, you got it wrong.  

One of the man’s buddies leans in.  "What kind of drink do you like, babe?”  His eyes flick up and down your body.  "Sex on the beach?“

Ugh.  Keep your smile on your face; you’re representing the entire establishment when you serve someone.  Muffet taught you that–and if the customers decided to leave, your pay would end up docked.  The spider monster happened to be fiercely competitive, likely because of the bakery that had opened up across the street.  Apparently, Muffet and Grillby had some sort of bad history Underground. 

You laugh without any feeling behind it and shake your head.  "So you must be the one that ordered the Screwdriver,” you state tightly, moving the drink in front of him.  The others laugh, and you take a moment to cut your gaze toward Papyrus’s booth.  He’s staring at you directly, another empty shot glass in front of him, his expression blank and unreadable.  It’s difficult to even see his eyelights within his sockets at this point.  

This is taking too long.

“And you must have the Magic Night,” you guess randomly, sliding one of the cocktails with magic liquor in front of another human.  It crackles and fizzles, swirling with purples and reds.  

“So what’re you doing after work?  I can show you a real magic night,” the human states with a smirk and a brow wag, while his buddies laugh and shout exaggerated ’Oooohhh!’s

Your smile tightens.  "I doubt that,“ you shoot back before you can stop yourself, which wipes the smirk right off his face and causes the others to shove him with more exaggerated shouts.  They’re obviously already drunk.  

"Ouch.  Well, I could at least buy you one,” the man offers, holding up his magic cocktail for emphasis.  

“I’m sorry, but I–”  you glance back toward Papyrus… only to spot him walking out of the bar.  Your heart sinks, and you start unloading the rest of the drinks randomly onto the table.  "I have to go.“

You rush toward the front doors, calling out to the bouncer (a hamster monster in a leather, studded jacket), "I’m taking my break!”

You burst through the doors and spot Papyrus leaning against the building, a lit dog treat between his teeth.  Purple smoke curls around his face, and your steps begin to slow as you approach.  "Rus, I thought you wanted to talk.“  Your voice is slightly shaky.

"ya seemed busy tonight,” he replies with a shrug, holding the dog treat between his index and middle phalanges.  “’sides, it’s nothin’ really.”

Your chest clenches; you hate seeing him like this, so unlike the grinning pun-master you’ve come to befriend… and have a huge crush on.  Tentatively, you reach out and place your hand on his arm, gripping the thick fabric of his jacket.  His eyelights shift down to your fingers, staring at them, and you begin to feel self-conscious.  Usually, he’s all about physical contact and casual touches.  

“It doesn’t look like nothing to me, Rus.”

He flicks ashes on the sidewalk.  Standing outside, this close, you could smell just how heavily the alcohol is clinging to him.  It’s obvious now that he had been drinking before he even came to Muffet’s.  “jus’ somethin’ m’lord said to me today that’s been on my mind.”

You relax slightly.  You’re getting somewhere now.  “What did Sans say?”

Papyrus shrugs the opposite shoulder.  “it’s busy in there.  you should be gettin’ back.”

“No,” you blurt, hard enough that his gaze immediately flies to your face.  You know that your expression has hardened, your grip on his jacket tightening with your resolve.  “They can wait.  I don’t care.”

There’s an instant where his gaze searches yours for something, but you’re not sure what he’s hoping to find.  Then, he rather abruptly snags your waist with his arm and twists around the corner of the building, reversing your positions so that your back’s against the brick and he’s got one arm above your head, supporting his weight as he looms over you.  The alley is dark enough that you can see his orange eyelights clearly glowing in their dark sockets, and you can smell a mixture of alcohol and smoky barbecue permeating from his breath.  

Instantly, your breath catches in your throat.  His arm is still around your waist, trapped between your back and the wall, and now both of your hands are fisted in the front of his jacket.  

“but you care about me?”  

The query catches you by surprise enough that you forgot the last sentence that you had said, instead wondering if he’d somehow picked up on your crush.  Your face flushes hot, but you hold his gaze, taking in the sight of his sardonic smirk.  It wasn’t his usual flirtatious one–no, this one looked off, almost cruel.  Was he mocking your feelings?

Or mocking the possibility?

“Of course I do, Rus,” you evenly reply, lifting your chin ever-so-slightly.  A challenge.  “If something’s bothering you, then it’s bothering me, too.”

That seems to catch him off-guard; the smirk fades around the edges, the sides of his teeth twitching.  “heh, you sure ya wanna know?”

“Papyrus.”  Your hand moves up to cup his cheekbone as you say his full name, and his eyelights seem to glow even brighter.  His face tilts into your palm.  “Just talk to me.  Please.”

“ok.”  He sucks in a breath.  His fingers have wiggled beneath the hem of your shirt to trace idle patterns across your skin.  It’s not the first time he’s done this during your flirtatious moments, but it feels so much more intimate in this moment.  “humans and monsters really don’t mix in the long run, ya’know?”  You blink, sucking in a breath to refute him, but Papyrus shakes your hand off his cheek and continues.  “’specially skeleton monsters.  we’re a buncha bones, like a zombie or some kinda halloween decoration.  so why would a human want to be with a spooky skeleton when they could have their pick of any normal human out there?”  He shrugs, his fingers pressing into your skin, feeling the spinous processes of your spine.  “it jus’ sucks.”

His gaze focuses on yours, and he leans in closer, his face only a few inches from yours.  

“‘specially since there’s a human i’m really attached to.  i could probably get ‘em to jump my bones if i tried hard enough, sure, but… they’re not that kinda person.  they deserve better than that.”

His smirk has completely faded, and you feel your heart bottom-out into your stomach.  You’re looking at him with wide eyes, slowly processing the implications.  Your hand’s even still hovering near his face.  He starts to shake his head slightly and pull back, but you grip onto the front of his jacket again and stop him from moving away.  


He freezes, his hand at your back stilling.  You’ve never been the one to make the first move, but dammit, you can’t let this opportunity go to waste.  You tug sharply on the front of his jacket and lean away from the wall at the same time, pressing your lips to his teeth.  He’s completely caught off-guard and stumbles back a step (okay, maybe you put a little too much momentum into the kiss when you pushed away from the wall–whoops), but his arm immediately tightens around your waist, pulling you close against his chest.  You try to put all of your reassurances, all of your feelings for him, into that kiss.  

And then you pull away, your face burning and your lips numb from the tingle of his teeth.  He smirks suddenly, and it’s finally a smirk you recognize on his features–teasing and confident.  “hey, ya’know what they say ‘bout assumin’, dont’cha?”

Oh shit.

Your heart drops.  You begin to backpedal.  “Shit, shit, sorry, I–”

Papyrus starts to chuckle, backing you against the wall again.  His forehead touches yours.  “darlin’, you’re adorable when you’re flustered, ya know that?  ‘course i was talkin’ about you.”

You groan.  Your heart’s hammering in your chest.  “Ha, ha.  Why don’t you stop talking and put your money where your mouth is.”

“ah, so you’re jus’ tryin’ to get tips from your best customer.  i see what that kiss was about now.”

Your arm winds around his neck, and you kiss him straight on the smirk.  He holds onto you tighter, forcing your back to arch away from the wall, pulling your body flush with his.  The sweater he always wears is too thick for you to feel his bones, but your fingers play with the ridges of his neck, and you feel his teeth part your lips.  Something slips into your mouth, warm and crackling with electric magic, and you realize it’s his tongue.  It’s not the first time you’ve seen it, but you never knew it would feel that amazing.  Your body feels hot and tingly, and your heart is pounding so forcefully against your sternum that you’re certain he can feel it, too.  

You’re drunk off his kiss–or maybe just the lingering taste of whiskey in his mouth.  You suddenly remember just how drunk he is and pull back.  His mouth immediately moves to your neck, his orange tongue sliding down your skin, sending delightful tingles straight to your chest.  Your fingernails involuntarily scrape his vertebrae, and he groans.  

“Rus.  Rus, wait.  Were you drinking because Sans said something about me not wanting a monster?”

He pauses, his tongue receding so that only his teeth rested against the juncture of your shoulder and neck.  “eh–somethin’ like that.”  He shrugged, but didn’t move away from you.  “not like it isn’t the truth, i jus’…”  He trails off, obviously trying to censor himself despite his filter being partially down from the booze.  

“It’s not true.  What, you think I just want a quickie in the alley?”

“heh, ya mean this isn’t you just throwin’ me a bone?”  He lifts his head enough to smirk again.  

“Nope.  I like you, Rus.  I’d like to give the whole dating thing a try, if that’s something you’d want.”  

Good lord, you’ve never been this direct before–but after his admissions, you feel like it’s necessary to spell it out.  

“ok.  i’ll be your bonefriend,” he agrees, his smirk turning shit-eating.  You shake your head, laughing.  It always comes so easy when you’re around him.  

“Great.  Now that this is settled, wanna come back inside?  My break’s been over for a while now.”

“sure, i could go for another drink or two.”  He finally steps away, letting you step out of the alley on wobbly legs.  Just like that, everything between you both had changed.  It felt different, putting a label on the mutual feelings you shared, as if everyone could see the charge between both of you now.  

Your face is still blood-red when you re-enter Muffet’s, and you feel the eyes of the booth-ful of humans land on you again.  Papyrus instantly slips his arm around your shoulders, narrowing his gaze on them.  You remember the way he had looked through you while they flirted with you, the way he had obviously been thinking about what his brother said earlier, that you would end up with another human.  

And you turn and rock up on the balls of your feet to press a kiss to his cheekbone.  It actually lights up a soft orange, his eyesockets widening at the brazen display of affection.  

“I’m all yours,” you reassure him, before you step out of his possessive hold so that you can continue your shift.  

He chuckles, his usual lazy smirk more tender than usual.  

“darlin’, that’s my line.” 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could u write a fic where Lance is asthmatic and catches a cold that's been passed through the team? They got over it quickly, but it hits Lance really hard. Everyone thinks he's exaggerating for sympathy so they ignore him. Lance tries to take care of himself but it turns into a bad chest infection. When he shows up to a meeting all feverish and wheezy and coughing nonstop, the team finally realize something's wrong

(wOW I love this prompt?? Like this was lower down on my to do list but I brought it up because of s3 and the hype and also I couldn’t wait to write it..this is so good thanks anon!! sorry if this is medically inaccurate!!)

Lance’s space adventures taught him many things, but one of the many things he had definitely learnt was that he didn’t know a lot of things. The universe was far more vast, diverse and complicated than he could ever had fathomed, and at times Lance questioned everything he once knew.

One thing he still knew for sure, is that he was extremely adaptable.

If Lance was part of the X Men (which in his opinion, was just as cool as flying a robotic lion), he was definitely Darwin. He adjusted pretty well to the Garrison, despite being many miles away from the family he loved very deeply. Things were constantly tossed and yanked away from him, and he bounced back pretty quick.

It wasn’t easy, definitely, but Lance worked hard and put a 100% in everything he did. Of course he still felt he wasn’t good enough, and that he could work into being more, but he could be slightly assured that what he had done was all he could have in that moment in time. It was one of the only things he prided himself in and held dear to his identity.

Lance constantly had a flaming passion, this fiery desire burning in his heart to be a hero and to do good for others. He wanted to look out for the little guy, inspired by his young nephews and nieces to be the guy that people wanted to look up to. Hope that people would turn to in the darkest of times. He had promised his family he would always be protecting them from harm, and he vowed to himself to do all in his power to do so.

But of course, he had to work through trials and tribulations. Life was not easy, and not everything he wanted could necessarily be what he got, but he’d try.

One of the obstacles he faced in his journey was asthma.

He’d had it for as long as he could remember, and it was a irritating when it interrupted his daily life, but since he’d always had it it was pretty normal for him. Sure, it weakened his immune system, made illnesses hit him a little harder than the average, make him carry around inhalers everywhere and be a little more careful and cautious than everyone else, but Lance would not let it get in the way of his dreams and not let it hold him back from doing what he wanted.

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