this is like the cutest thing

domestic jamilton

domestic jamilton (plus lil philip) headcanons

✩ they rush around all day, only having time for quick kisses, until night. then they get to have long cuddles on the couch just relaxing

✩ half of the time it ends in someone’s hair being pulled

✩ the other half of the time philip jumps on top of them to join in on the cuddles

✩ about pip… in the beginning of their relationship, thomas was so worried that he wouldn’t get along with/like philip

✩ pip on the other hand is in awe of thomas it’s the cutest thing. it took some time, but thomas came to adore philip just as much as alex

✩ thomas pinches alex’s stomach fat when he ignores him. it usually turns into them play wrestling except that most times someone actually gets hurt

✩ que apologies and many, many kisses

✩ lots!!!! and!!!!! lots!!!!! of!!!! bubble!!!!! baths!!!!!

✩ seriously they can spend hours in the tub together either relaxing or intimately

✩ philip likes to hang onto thomas’ arms as he lifts him up and down/spins him

✩ alex gets so nervous he thinks pip will go flying and break something

✩ they’re the gross couple who is way to handsy when out with friends

✩ which is lowkey hilarious cause they talk like they’re worst enemies but then smooch????

✩ first date: thomas was punched in the jaw

✩ second date: alexander insisted on paying so thomas bought the most expensive meal what a petty bitch

✩ they can’t watch the news together. they just can’t

✩ they act like Those Moms who obnoxiously cheer on/brag about their kid and will Fight™ when something goes wrong for their kid

✩ pip gets soooooo embarrassed but he still always greets them with big hugs when they pick him up from school/games

✩ constantly trying to outdo each other (“i can cook dinner better than you” “i can fix that better than you” “im a better kisser than you 💋❤”)

✩ they live for mornings they can sleep in and lay together tangled in blankets and each other’s limbs. its just so warm and loving and comforting they never want to leave

a lecture by angela davis

ok so its been a few hours so ive finally cooled down from possibly the most sanctifying thing ive ever been to!!!!!!

so angela davis came to my school for a lecture and yall i already knew this from videos but she has the cutest most soothing voice. she so sweet too like everyone portrays her as always angry and serious (i wonder why lol) but she was joking with us and kept worrying if she was boring us (which she wasnt!!) and idk shes so nice

anyway she talked about the history of SNCC and the panthers and then she talked about the present, and yaaaaaaallllll she PREACHED to us I have a video everyone got their life

I tried to memorize my favorite quotes but a couple are a lil paraphrased:

-[after saying her next topic was feminism] “Now, I’m not talking that Hillary Clinton feminism, that ‘lets penetrate the glass ceiling’ feminism…I’m talking about feminism that takes work…to penetrate the glass ceiling you have to already be up high enough to touch it, what Hillary Clinton forgot was all the other women still at the bottom.” She also talked about heavily genderized white feminism (she didn’t directly name the Womens Marchers with the pussy grabs back shirts but it was implied lol)

-“Trans people, especially trans people of color, especially trans WOMEN of color, are the most targeted by state and socially sanctioned violence.”

“[After asking us if the school had done anything for the Black Panther 50th anniversary and all of us laughing/saying no] Some parts of the movement are assimilated into American history–the civil rights narrative and accepted, while others are completely marginalized!”

-“When you really look at the history of social movements, you’ll quickly find that most of the work was done by women! By black women! Queer black women!”

-“I’ve noticed recently that the notion of 'self-care’ has become more talked about, and that makes me so happy…the key to sustainable social movements is remembering to provide self-care. We need holistic movements. We can’t just provide self-care on the individual level, but on a widespread level. I’ve seen time and time again people dedicating their whole lives to the cause, always fighting, and never remembering to take care of themselves. They work and work themselves to death, and get so burned out they end up quitting! That’s what causes so many movements to end.”

-“Our movements need intellectuals. Not just taught intellectuals, but organic intellectuals! Intellectuals from fine institutions such as this, of course, but also intellectuals from prison! Who work blue collar jobs! They can provide just as much wisdom, if not more, about tackling institutions such as the prison industrial complex.”

-“Who here has been called racist after saying that black lives matter? [Most of us raise our hands] Why is that? Why do they go 'no, all lives matter!!’ so quickly? Why can’t we say we matter?”

-(my personal favorite) “I don’t see myself as an icon. I just see myself as someone who (and forgive me I forgot the exact wording) wanted to join the action…Ya see, back in the day, when I’d tell people I was on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list, they’d get a little scared. Today, when I say that, people cheer! That just goes to show you the span of history and how so much has changed.”

There’s so much more she said but I can’t remember the wording, but it was so good and afterwards on my way to the bathroom she walked by and she smiled at me!!! I froze but smiled back. If my goofy ass had remembered to speak I couldve asked her so many questions I want to die ajsedkfn

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I was just watching a compilation of animals freaking kids out, and this one little boy started bawling because a butterfly landed on his car seat and he was frightened by it. I feel like that's how Jonathan's little boy would be: absolutely adorable (literally the cutest kid anyone's ever seen in their lives) and an absolute marshmallow. Jonathan would always remind him that he doesn't have to like sports or rough things like the other boys, it's okay if he's more soft and sweet than them.

i’m the one bawling at this hc because i love it so much jesus christ

Dominic McKinnon and Evelyn Lightwood have been together for a couple years now, and could not be happier. They own a comfortable home in in a nice neighbourhood Willow Creek, where they live with their little, but wonderful family.

As a teenager, Dom had been pretty adamant about being a bachelor in his adult years, scoffing at the mention of a future in the suburbs, but it took one look at Eve one night in a bar for him to change that philosophy. 

Dom has a little girl named Harmony, who’s mother was a short-term fling, and isn’t around much. Really, Eve is Harmony’s mum in every way but blood.

Eve and Dominic also have a little boy, Kellan, who is an absolute angel. He looks just like his dad and is the cutest little thing ever!

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i always think abt yoongi always complaining abt being both a big and little spoon. like whenever he's the big spoon he's complaining abt ur hair tickling his nose, and the numbness in his arm when u fall asleep on it. but then he goes and complains abt being a little spoon too, saying it's too hot, and he always has neck cramps. but then u see his happy little smiles when ur arms are wrapped around his hips, or his around urs. and u know he secretly likes all of it. (idk im just so so f t djsk)

this..was the cutest thing I have ever read ever

I feel my sins melting away

he would do this, no question. yoongi would always act like he was bothered by whatever cute and cuddly situation he was in, but deep down he would love every second of it. 

just imagine him spouting his usual complaints one day, and it happens to get to you a bit so you remove yourself from his touch. just think how quick he’d pull you back, trying to convince you with merely his actions that all he ever wants is to be near you

yoongi night!! no more please!

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[if you're still taking requests] Could you do a smutty Bucky x reader ( or original female character & she is deaf so they use sign language to communicate but cause Bucky never hears her voice since she chooses not to use it, when he hears her moan and stuff during sex it turns him on like a lot XD thanks <3

OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST/HOTTEST THING IVE SEEN! I’d be honored fam (’: ❤❤❤😊😊😊

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I have a thing for Yuri plisetsky throwing up to the point of making himself cry but he still blinks back his tears and insists he's fine in a tough-laced broken voice. And trying to talk makes him gag a little and whatever person taking care of him is just like "shhh shh... I know.." just to shush him and he feels even more like a baby which annoys him and makes him try to shoo the person away even more X'D

Argh! M-my heart…
I love this so much, seriously, it’s the cutest thing ever.

I can imagine Yuri or Viktor looking after him, shushing him and stroking his hair while he fights and tries to push them off, but even as he’s doing that he doesn’t want to be left alone.
Yurio is just too adorable.

Boyfriend Series: Day6 - YoungK

- I honestly feel like he would be the cutest thing

- Like hugs and kisses whenever you were up for it

- He doesn’t want to burst your bubble

- Sits down practicing his bass guitar while you read, do homework, nap, or just simply enjoy the soft tunes

- Sings your favorite songs for you

- Loves your smile and laugh

- Likes to draw random shapes and figures on your back when you guys are cuddling

- Loves to cuddle and have movie marathon days with you

- Gets really flustered when the members tease him about you

- Wants to fight Jae sometimes because Jae will do tease him the most

- Sits and thinks about you when he’s having a bad day because you always make him smile

- Calls you whenever he’s free because talking to you is his favorite part of the day

- Tries his hardest to avoid being upset because he’s afraid to take it out on you

- Hugs you whenever you are upset and just need to be comforted

- Smiles just by looking at you

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im late but ur voice is now officially one of my faves also u say seokjin like 'sœkjin' or 'sòkjin' and it is. The cutest thing ily


x by 무구포
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  • [during yoshi's cookie]
  • arin: i'm sorry. did i mess everything up for you?
  • dan: whatd'ya mean? you'd never mess anything up for me.
  • arin: really?
  • dan: yeah, your friendship is a treasure.
  • arin: okay, now you're just being facetious.
  • dan: [sounding legitimately offended] no, it's a fucking treasure, arin.