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“We’ve achieved all the dreams we had in the past. We’ve gotten first place on Korean music shows, we received a daesang, and did a world tour.
I think we’ve done everything.


“Stop being stubborn, Cinderella,”, he tells her, annoyed, taking her into his arms.
“I’m not some sort of damsel in distress, nor I am a spineless princess,” she tells him, twisting in his arms so that he will let her go, but he just holds her tighter against him.
“No, you’re not the princess, you’re the witch and the witch never gets to the last page,” this is what he realized earlier. What he realizes now — looking into her wary green eyes —  is that he wants to make sure she’ll be the first witch who does.
                                                                                  — Dormiente, excerpt chs. 6-7, by Swamy.

Have you ever been interested in finding out what astrological placements make you like a certain kind of video game?  In my studies I have found several factors can influence this.  Those include the sun in the sign, the house sun is in the birth horoscope, and the sign placement that lies on the 5th house cusp of Fun and Hobbies.

Including below is a comprehensive list of Video games and styles of games a person may enjoy by the factors listed above.

When the Sun is In Aries, Sun is in the 1st House, or Aries is on the 5th House Cusp there may be an interest in:

War Video Games.  Call of Duty.  Battlefield.  Sports Video Games. Hack and Slash Video Games.  Games with little down time.  Games where you are moving forward.  Games that include asserting the will. Games that you can pick up and play.  A constant influx of something new as you play.  Games where you have to defend or occupy.  Tower Defense style video games.  Bare knuckle fighting video games like Street fighter.

When The Sun is in Taurus, Sun is in the 2nd house, or Taurus is on the fifth House Cusp

Musical Games.  Artistic Games.  Games about dressing up.  Games that you relax too.  Games involving Resources.  Making and Spending Money. Simulation games about Business.  Games about nature.  Exploring Nature. Games involving food play.  Cooking games.  Games that include progression. Role Playing games.  Platforming games where you collect things.

When the Sun is in Gemini , Sun is in the 3rd House, or Gemini is on the 5th house Cusp

Video games that may have multiple genres and variety in them.  Games that involve learning.  Brain games. Games that include puzzles or are puzzle games.  Communication in the games.  Games that involve writing.  Games that involve Driving.  Games with a sense of humor to them.  Video games with multiple tasks to complete in them.  Games that utilize the dexterity skill of the hands.

When the Sun is in Cancer , Sun is in the 4th House, or Cancer is on the 5th house Cusp

Games that have family appeal to them.  Games that include family bonding. A family atmosphere in the actual games.  Family simulators like the Sims. Multiplayer video games.  Games that may be about nurturing and raising.

When the Sun is in Leo , Sun is in the 5th House, or Leo is on the 5th house Cusp

The Ultimate gamer.  Games where they can lead.  Sports video games. Games where they can strive to be number one and strut their stuff. Games that include being creatively self expressive. Music Games. Games you can create your own character.  A game where you can raise your character from a youthful state.  Games that are just plain fun. May have a childlike aura about the games.  Video games involving creative characters.  Video games where risks must be taken to win. Dating Simulators.  Video Games that involve raising children. Video games where the main characters themselves are children.  

When the Sun is in Virgo , Sun is in the 6th House, or Virgo is on the 5th house Cusp

Games that have an everyday appeal to them.  Games that simulate real life. Specific tasks must be accomplished.  Games where they can offer services, like own a shop or be a healer. Games that require use of the mind.  Detail oriented video games.  Puzzle games.  Building a character for a role playing game.  Video games where they can raise pets or involve animals in the plot or character build.  Role playing games, or fantasy games.  Games where the storylines may include a medical or health overtone.

When the Sun is in Libra , Sun is in the 7th House, or Libra is on the 5th house Cusp

Social games.  Multiplayer Games.  Games you need a partner to complete. Games that involve dressing or beautifying a character.  Video games where you have to negotiate.  Strategy games that require diplomacy skills to win. Games involving a heavy emphasis on Law. Lawyer Simulators.  Phoenix Wright. Games where justice is solved. Story lines with characters who believe the pen is mightier then the sword.  Games where you work to bring balance that is out of sorts in some way.

When the Sun is in Scorpio , Sun is in the 8th House, or Scorpio is on the 5th house Cusp

Intense video games.  Video Games that require commitment and loyalty. Role Playing or Adventure Video Games.  Games where you have deep emotional attachment to the characters.  Games where there are twists, turns, upheavals, or mysteries to be solved.  Games where the storylines center on taboo, occult, or metaphysical things.  Games that are psychological in nature. Silent Hill.  Horror Games.  Games that test the willpower.  Sports Games. War Games.

When the Sun is in Sagittarius , Sun is in the 9th House, or Sagittarius is on the 5th house Cusp

Another ultimate gamer position.Video games that help broaden the horizons. Video games from other cultures.  Anime inspired video games.  Lots of adventuring and exploring to do.  Role playing type of videos.  RPGS that include building a higher education and philosophy system into their character. Games that involve stories including people with many different backgrounds and cultures.  Video games with storylines that have religious overtones. Multiplayer games where they have to teach the ropes to others.  Sports video games relating to precision. Passing specialists, quarterbacks, archers. Games involving precise shooting skills; sniping.  Middle-age or medieval games that use horses as a form of transportation.

When the Sun is in Capricorn , Sun is in the 10th House, or Capricorn is on the 5th house Cusp

Video games where there are serious overtones.  Storylines in games where people deal with real life situations and issues.  A game where you have to build a reputation.  Storylines where you start from the bottom and work your way up.  character driven role playing and adventure games.  Simulation video games.  Video games that teach real life skills that help build a career or aid in real life vocation.  Games where there is a sense of accomplishment as you play them.  Accolades or notoriety are given for achieving a high score.  Playing games to be on the top 10 list. 

When the Sun is in Aquarius , Sun is in the 11th House, or Aquarius is on the 5th house Cusp

Massively Multiplayer online games.  Being involved in the world and making a different to how it shapes.  Games they can build a sense of attachment with through their own aspirations.  Having the ability to choose between working with various factions.  Being able to work at their own pace despite being in a organization.  Options for working with others or going at it alone.  Games they can drop in and out of.  Games that including a sense of inventing something. Progressive games. Games including futuristic storylines.  Complex and progressive storylines.  Sci-Fi Games.  Video games that are cutting edge. Virtual Reality.

When the Sun is in Pisces , Sun is in the 12th House, or Pisces is on the 5th house Cusp

Big gamer position.  Escape life by playing video games.  Video games may be played in isolation.  Doing things in video games they dream they can do in real life.  Saving the world.  Games that have fantasy like realms.  Role Playing Games.  Adventure Games.  Games with dragons or mythology.  Games about foreign lands and other worlds.  Video games that you can drop in and out of socially.  Video games where your character can be customized as you go. Games with storylines that deal with horror aspects, like secret enemies or the subconscious playing tricks.  Storylines where people deal with grief and sorrow

fluffy wolfstar headcanon (first kiss)

One day Sirius realizes he hasn’t had his first kiss yet and that bugs him so he asks James if he wants to practice “just to see what it would be like”. James says no because he wants his first kiss to be with Lily (because James is a ridiculous romantic dork) and he jokingly suggests Sirius should ask Remus or Peter. 

Peter, who witnessed the whole conversation, immediately makes a disgusted sound and refuses Sirius before he even had a chance to ask - because James did so too and Peter is way too insecure to do something so “unmanly” like practicing kissing with another guy, even if it all happens in the 5th year Gryffindors boy’s dorm. So that day during dinner, Sirius confronts Remus (his last hope!) with this idea. James is suppressing his laughter  when sirius just suddenly turns to remus and says without any warning: “hey moony fancy snogging me some time for practice?“ Remus almost drops his fork and stares at his friend, mouth open for a few seconds and then starts to laugh hysterically which unfortunately turns into a coughing fit because he had been eating. Sirius frowns and makes his sad puppy dog eyes. James is laughing while Peter claps Remus back supportively.

The following weeks Sirius keeps complaining and nagging about his lack of experience in kissing and he ignores all of James’ remarks about how Sirius should just ask a girl because „You’re missing the point, James! I want to practice.“ and because moony’s reaction to his proposal had been the best (and also because for some reason Sirius actually gets kinda excited about the thought of kissing Remus but he doesn’t really know why) he keeps suggesting it to Remus at odd times. Sirius creeps up behind moony in the middle of potions and says:"snog me moony” which causes remus to throw way too much knotgrass into his potion which then explodes what leads to detention for all 4 marauders because the professors have given up a long time ago to make a distinction between them - usually they’re always all involved somehow.

Then Sirius asks him again another day during transfiguration and on the same evening in the dorm, while James has quidditch practice and Peter is out there too watching James, Remus is pacing around the dorm because the full moon is only one night away and he already feels restless and tense. Sirius is sitting on his bed, trying to study but he gets distracted by Remus. He almost snaps at him to stop pacing around but then he remembers it’s because of the full moon so he just asks him if he needs anything and if he should maybe turn into Padfoot to calm him down? moony declines and keeps pacing around in a circle, sometimes looking out of the window to the almost-full moon. sirius starts to ramble about things to distract his friend - he’s talking about school and pranks and quidditch and then he talks about girls and about how Kingsley Shacklebolt has a girlfriend now and moony just snaps, makes three long steps to sirius bed and says “ALRIGHT SIRIUS I’LL DO IT” and kisses him. Sirius is so shocked he breathes in and it’s all messy and their teeth clench but then suddenly it’s amazing and he never wants it to end and he tugs on moony’s sweater to get him closer and they are so distracted by the kiss that they don’t even realize James and Peter standing in the doorway staring at them and looking slightly traumatized.

( firagaproductions i hope this cheers you up? )

you know, when i think about it, in their first weekly idol where suga wanted to give a track he produced for doni and coni. strangely, that track sounds like it could belong to his mixtape, because the sound and feel is different from the usual bts music, and we know that he has been working on that mixtape for years now. but here was suga, bearing his heart and soul for the first time on television and doniconi rejected it. and i know they said it’s not their kind of music, but just imagine how suga felt knowing that he made something for someone and they didn’t like it. listening to his mixtape again (for the 5th time), i understand why it took so long for it to be released. 

if you’re an artist, especially an artist with an inferiority complex, it’s really hard to share to someone something that is a part of who you are and something that you love and put all your love into, and have it be rejected by someone who you look up to or respect. having it experienced first hand and in the most cruel way, not to mention the layers of insecurities and complexes in my personality, rejection of something that you love and is a part of you can destroy a person.

suga is brave and amazing to be able to share his mixtape with us, knowing that there will be people who will ignore it, dislike it, hate it, even reject it. i’m honored to be able to experience something very personal and raw and emotional, to be able to listen to his hopes, dreams, and happiness, to understand his insecurities, fears, and guilt, to read his careless thoughts and careful words, to know min yoongi the humble and caring human being, and suga the powerful rapper of bts, and agust d a force to be reckoned with, and everything else in between.

i’ve already posted enough about this on my main blog and i don’t want to annoy my followers any further but like…. someone tell me i’m not the only one who just feels like there’s something off about the new steven universe promo for Future Boy Zoltron.

like ok the change in art style was kind of more noticeable this time, but that’s only because we went from last episode having a really fluid and polished animation style with a guest animator. and i’m used to the look of the show changing from episode to episode so that’s not really the problem

the thing that really rubs me wrong is that steven appears to stare at the ground for like 10 seconds while he’s talking to mr. smiley with his arms in weird positions. and it seems like something that was intentionally animated that way but i just don’t understand. it feel like i’m watching a different show/.. even now watching it for the 5th time it makes me feel like i’m dreaming watching it…..

then there’s a part where the image of the robot, Zoltron, freezes completely, but the mechanical sounds continue as well as the robotic voice.

but here’s the weirdest part to me: there’s no music

i can’t think of a single episode taking place in beach city that isn’t accompanied by a chill, animal crossing-esque soundtrack. from the beginning of the clip the only sound we hear is seagulls, the characters voices, and the mechanical movement of the robot. when steven gets close to the arcade there does appear to be some music coming from the games, but it sounds muddled and not anything like the background music we’re used to hearing.

i don’t know, something about this clip just makes me feel like i’m watching a dream, something unreal. or unfinished at the very least. it’s probably nothing i just can’t help getting some odd vibes from it. idk man it just weirds me out.


Alec’s face gets me every time. I wonder how he’d react to Magnus’ flirts/suggestive comments if no one else had been around.

So trying to get something from Alec. haha. A smile at least. In the 5th one he’s like “What? Still nothing? Damn!” xD

I wasn’t sure I was going to post about this but, now seems like a good time ...

One side of my magic coin is to keep the specifics of my personal practices secret, the other side of that coin is the “let rumors do my work”.

You know who you are.

You took something from my yard very soon after it was placed there, I noticed right away. What you don’t know is that it was a decoy and not part of a system you think you were disrupting, it was a 5th wheel and removing it does nothing.

However, you have pinged the curse associated with removing it without my consent. I have started the activation of that curse, so have fun with that.

I suggest you put it back where you found it if you wish to stop what has been started.


H I D D L E S W E E K - D A Y 4 ( Feb 6th)

Favourite quote : “Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming. And don’t be afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve - in declaring the films that you love, the films that you want to make, the life that you’ve had, and the lives you can help reflect in cinema. For myself, for a long time… maybe I felt inauthentic or something, I felt like my voice wasn’t worth hearing, and I think everyone’s voice is worth hearing. So if you’ve got something to say, say it from the rooftops.” 

This quote always inspires me. 

When a unarmed black person is shot and people say “Shit like this happens in the hood all the time. Why is this case so special?” is equivalent to a child dying of cancer and saying “There’s so many people who’s died of cancer. What makes this child dying such a big deal.” We could cover as many cases as we can, but unfortunately, there will ALWAYS be a case that is left out, swept under the rug, etc. Just because every case isn’t covered doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t discuss serious cases like this, so think about that next time you say something as stupid as the phrase above. ANY story where unarmed black man that is shot and killed is tragic, so cut the “this happens all the time” shit. Something happening all the time, doesn’t make it acceptable.

Rip Trayvon Martin.
February 5th 1995 - Februrary 26th 2012.

The cover for the last book in The 5th Wave series was revealed today and if you’re like us, you’re having a lot of feelings. You’re outrageously excited for it to come out in May, but not 100% sure what to expect. We advise remaining calm and reviewing what we know about THE LAST STAR based on Rick Yancey’s twitter feed:

1. Rick’s on his game.

YES. I mean, given that this is the man who gave us The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea, we already know we’re in for something incredible.

2. Ringer is still a badass.

But who is she talking to here?? What unbearable things are we in store for this time around??

3. Redemption is on its way.

Ugh YES, redemption is the BEST! Wait, who’s getting redeemed though? Because we have a list of potentials we’d like to submit…

4. Zombie gets real.

Oh Ben Parish, reminding us that we’re all still human. Are you referring to someone in particular though?

5. Bear is still present. WE REPEAT: BEAR. IS. STILL. PRESENT.

But how long will he be around…

6. Its length is still undisclosed.

Does that mean it could have an infinite amount of pages…and never end? **fingers crossed**

7. This MIGHT be the opening quote.

Wait seriously should we be reading in to this? How much? Note: must google “Schiller” and “Oberon.”

8. It has a song.

This is the song that reminds Rick Yancey of The Last Star. Excuse us while we listen to it on repeat until May 24th.

9. Some will rise…and some will fall.

We’re not sure who, but we DO know that the end of The 5th Wave draws near and we’re prepared for epicness.

Ready to join The 5th Wave phenomenon? 

Get your copy of THE 5TH WAVE

Get your copy of THE INFINITE SEA

Pure (Remus)

Requested- 1) Just a fluffy Reamus imagine? You can make up the story you want😊 2) Can you do a Remus one where it’s the triwizard tournament time for them ( but they aren’t in their 4th year but like 5th, 6th or 7th) and they both want to ask each other to the ball but the reader ( who’s family pure blood and is all about bloods purity and even though the readers a gryffindor they don’t see her as a blood traitor ) gets forced to go to the ball with regulus or someone because of the whole blood purity thing and Remus thinks she likes Reg or something but like (next message)

A/n- I combined both requests and well, the next message never came, so I’ll just go with my plot??

- - -

Your heart sank when your mother called you over, holding your hands in hers. “Y/n, I’ve heard that the Triwizard Tournament is coming up this year! And you know that each time they have a ball where boys ask girls to be their date right, darling?” You nodded, knowing that she was about to ask you to do something you wouldn’t like since it has happened every time she holds your hand like that. She continued, “I want you to go with Regulus Black.”

“Regulus Black?” You furrowed your eyebrows. “Can’t I choose to go with someone by myself?”

“He’s a nice boy from a family with a good reputation.” Your mother added, seeming firm and certain about her decision. “Your father agrees on this.”

“… A good reputation, you mean their blood status.” You looked away, feeling disgusted. You love your family, but you don’t really believe in the beliefs they have. Your Pureblood family was all about that blood purity “tradition.”

“Yes, honey! I know how you feel about this, but it is really important for our y/l/n family. Promise me that you’ll go with Regulus? Please?”

“Fine.” You said, before breaking free of your mother’s hands and returning to your room.

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Little did this cute goofy baby from Virginia know that in 2005 his whole life would change. All the spotlights would be on him while he would struggle to balance being an entertainter and a teenager. Growing up in front of the world isn’t easy. Being judged for every little thing you do isn’t something a teenager is able to accept very well. You become a role model while you’re still trying to figure out who you are yourself. Some people get it right on the first try, but you, baby, you had to struggle a little harder. Finding the right path isn’t something they teach you at school. It’s not something you can read on books. We’ve been there for you through the good and the bad times. Not a single day has gone by when we haven’t been proud of being your fans and supporters. Just like God blessed your parents and family with a beautiful baby named Christopher Maurice Brown on May 5th, 1989, we were blessed to discover your amazing talent 15 years later. Almost 10 years have passed by, but we will never be tired of being amazed by your talent and pure heart. You are gifted, Christopher. Keep shining bright, baby! We hope you get all the things you wish for! WE LOVE YOU BREEZY! Happy 25th Birthday!

hiii, i’m sure you’ve seen posts like these that are too many to count but if you’d take a few minutes out of your day and keep reading it would mean so much to me. first off, my name is natalie. i’ve been on tumblr for around 6/7 years which sounds insane when i actually think about it, but i turned into a “one direction blog” in 2013. throughout that time being on this website, i never thought i’d do something like this but it’s gotten to that point.

my mom and i are really struggling financially - the worst we’ve ever had - and it’s really difficult. my mom has 2 jobs to keep us stable and they’ve cut her hours a lot. enough to where we don’t have any money for groceries, barely have enough to pay bills. the rent for where we live is due the 5th and i don’t even know if my mom has the money for it or not. if it’s late it’s an extra 90$ late fee and then after that we could get kicked out of our apartment. my mom wants to get a loan but that’s just another bill to pay in the future. we almost got our electricity turned off and my mom is terrified that her car will get repossessed because she can’t make her car payments, which would make everything 10x worse if she didn’t have a car because then she couldn’t get to work and neither could i. that being said, yes, i do have a job. i only work part time because to put it short - the company i work at doesn’t make enough money to have me there longer, and obviously to pay me. i’ve started looking for a second job already, which is just more stress because anyone who has a job or is looking for one knows how damn hard it is.

my mom and i both work really hard and seeing my mom cry once or twice a week because we don’t have enough money is hard and heartbreaking. that being said, i’m setting up a donation page for anyone kind enough to help me and my mom out. i know it’s such a weird thing to ask, and i hardly feel comfortable doing this, but i really really need it. my mom really needs it. i wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t. if you feel so kind to donate, you can do that
here. ***OR, a lot of people have been coming to me saying the link is broken or there’s an error message and i have no idea how to fix it. if you’re looking to donate to me, please try by putting in my email: - thank you all so much for your generosity!*** any little bit helps and it would mean the world and more to me. even if you read this or just reblog it, it would mean just as much. if you have any questions, feel free to message me! thank you.

someone told me something very inspirational today and i think it’d be something nice to share with you guys! HATE is good if you learn to twist it to your advantage. it’s only when you hate something do you make the effort to change it; and change can lead to revolutions, to new beginnings. 

it’s okay to hate your art from time to time even if that’s like the 5th style you’ve settled for, because that’s when you’ll do something to conquer the self loathing and unlock the doors to a completely new level.

I’m making TWEWY charms! They’ll probably be available for sale around January.

★★★ I’m debating whether or not I should include a 5th character, so I’d appreciate it if people could comment on what other character they are most likely to buy a charm of! 

((Also this is my first time doing something like this and I’m still trying to understand all the process and junk, so I ask for your patience and understanding! //0// ))

Hello my darlings! It’s Laney, and I’ve just hit 10k followers! As a thank you to all of the lovely people who’ve helped me along the way, I’ve decided it’s high time I give something back to all of you in the form of a giveaway.

Here’s how it works:

  • You must be following this blog to qualify for this giveaway. I will be checking each entry before it is counted and again before I award a winner. 
  • Reblogging this post counts as one entry into the giveaway. Likes do not count. 
  • People reblogging this giveaway who followed me before I initially posted it on January 5th will have their reblogs counted as 3 entries.
  • There will be no other forms of “bonus entries.” Multiple reblogs does not mean multiple entries. Only the first one counts.
  • There is one winner, and the winner will be selected completely randomly from the entries at such a time I feel enough people have entered to make the giveaway reasonably random.
  • Shipping only available to the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.

And here’s what you’re winning:

  • Stormtrooper beanie
  • Darth Vader can koozie 
  • Star Wars travel tumbler 
  • scented lidded candle
  • mini flower pot kit
  • Star Wars calendar
  • Star Wars journal 
  • 2016 day planner
  • 10.2 megapixel Samsung camera, charger, and case
  • Double Life and Alliances: the first two novels in the Razia series signed by the author, S. Usher Evans

and a few other goodies and knick-knacks I have bagged up for fun.

I can’t believe my little tumblr blog has actually come this far. I just made it as an after school hobby, and it means the absolute world to me that you guys actually seem to like it enough to bother giving me the time of day. Thank you for putting up with my wacky writing, crazy posts, periodic bouts of no-participation, and wild mood swings. I hope this goes some distance on showing you guys just how much all this support and encouragement means to me. Thank you.