this is like so cute

Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe being extremely cute on the set of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2′


When they tried to pull the oldest’s leg

red velvet head canon thing idk

in my head with the red velvet thing is that like five years after they’ve broken up they meet somewhere random but like reader is still in a relationship with the other guys. But thomas just wants to be friends and get some closure over what happened so the reader agrees to see him to dinner or something, and then like Thomas would act like he use to with her and she’d get mad bc like they aren’t dating anymore and she has a life without him. Thomas apologises and they remain friends, but the reader keeps thinking about Thomas and what could’ve been. So then it gets to a point where the reader is obviously falling for Thomas again and she hates t by her partner is all nice and like “Hey it’s okay he was ur first love and that cool i know you love me… right??” and she’s like “uuuummmmm hahaha” and then they break up. Reader is vvvv sad and goes to Thomas for comfort and then (sneaky wink wonk happens) The reader doesn’t leave in the morning and they have a chat about everything that happened and agreed that they should take it slow- without the sugar daddy aspect this time. And so hen four years after that Reader has an amazing career and Thomas has gotten point where he wants to settle down and he realises he wants to do that with the reade but she’s hesitant (bc she’s scared that he isn’t actually ready and he just wants to do it for her). So after a year of waitin around they finally get married and then a few months down the track she’s pregnant and Thomas low key freaks out bc he doesn’t know how to act around children. The reader and thomas have the kid (they only have one child bc they both enjoy spoiling the baby and want to continue their jobs) and then they’re a cute little family (and james makes so many jokes about Thomas being a grandpa and it’s very nice and fluffy bc i can’t deal with this ANGST!!!)) okay this is all ❤️❤️ sorry for any spelling mistakes in on my phone- i just love this series so much i can’t deal with any sadness


I love everything about this gif. Mick handing out forks. Look at his diva face. Paul throwing his. Topper being adorable. And Joe like “Gimme my fork bitch.” And that smile too ❤️

“Do your best!”

IT’S TIME FOR SUMMER ୧( ‘̀ ᗩ ‘́ )୨

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Are his blasters like floating masks, or do they connect somewhere in the back we can't see? Also, it looks like the two halves are separate, so could they be pulled apart? ((sorry if this has already been said))

i sketched it like that bc it’s easier to copy and flip one half for symmetry and i have trouble keeping my head up to draw evenly lmao;;

they’re normally locked together. the blaster is like a massive skull that unhinges when firing, and the the holes and split on the head allows excess energy to vent out so the whole thing doesn’t explode. when deactivated, the halves are taken apart for maintenance. 

When you’ve been having bad luck with teams all evening in Overwatch and now you’re on a new team with a quiet kid on mic that sounds six and he isn’t doing very well at all. But you hold back your built up frustration from the past games because he’s just a child and you can’t get mad at him for just having fun playing a game 🙂…. until he fucking spawns the hello emote to an enemy genji kicking my ass in a tight hallway that I’m obviously struggling against and die to while he did nothing and… you just…

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