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Masquerade 2.2: The Reunion (Jimin x Reader)

Will things have changed after 10 years?

These 2.somethings will consist of little drabbles related to the characters in Masquerade II. (Mostly, Red Mask, because he is a complex character and there is still a lot to tell about his story, but the other characters will probably get their own drabbles eventually too ^_^)

If you haven’t already, please read Masquerade II first !!

Summary: The continuation of Masquerade 2.1 (<- please read before this drabble). Jimin journeys to his high school reunion, albeit unwillingly, to deal with the demons in his past. Will he be able to battle them head on or will he be swallowed up like before?

Jimin x Reader ft. other characters ;)

High school reunion au

Fluff, some slight smut, & some slight angst

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           "I can’t believe you have work…“ Jimin exhaled. "I need you there with me! This is going to be horrible.”

           "I’m sorry, sweetie.“ You cupped his face, knowing he had been dreading this day for a long time now. But last minute, the lead of your show came down with a sickness so you were called in to fill in for her, even though it wasn’t your day to star. You couldn’t turn it down and forsake the show. "I believe in you, Park Jimin. Hold down the fort until I get there okay?”

           "Okay.“ He pouted, but you kissed him to placate him.

           "I love you.” You grinned, trying to ease him. “And who knows? They may have all matured like you kind of started to.”

           "Gee, I love you too.“ He rolled his eyes.

           You giggled and kissed him again. "Be good until I get there, please. Just stand by the refreshments and stuff your face.”

           He exhaled. “Break a leg on your show.”

           You smiled and grabbed your purse then with a last apologetic look, you left.

           Jimin groaned, lugging himself around the apartment you two shared, debating on faking an illness so he could get out of going. But he knew you would see through it immediately and drag him there regardless.

           He had whined and complained as much as he could since he received the invitation. He even told you his embarrassing past that he had never divulged to anyone in hopes that you would sympathize with him, but adversely, it only fueled your determination to have him go. You had said something about “showing off”, but he didn’t feel confident enough to flaunt at all. He had avoided reconnecting with anyone from high school because it reminded him about times that he would rather forget, but with one measly piece of paper, all his efforts went down the drain. You had convinced him by banning sex until he agreed to go, which was insanely unfair, but he knew that you were only doing that to force him to face his inner demons. And that this reunion was the only chance he would get to do so.

           Nervously, he parked his car in front of the hotel where it was being held. He handed his keys to the valet and before he could compose himself, someone called out to him.

           "Is that…Park Jimin??“

           He bit his lip and turned to greet the group of people warmly.

           "Yes, it’s me, Park Jimin!” he chuckled, trying to be as lighthearted as possible.

           "Oh man! You look good!“ They chimed. "And wow, what a car!”

           Jimin smiled and nodded, recognizing their faces. They definitely were people in his high school class.

           "Let’s head in dude!“ One of the guys slapped his back and threw an arm around his shoulder chummily.

           Jimin gulped and followed the crowd of his old classmates, who were chatting happily. Everyone seemed to have stayed in touch because they were asking pretty detailed and personal questions.

           "Hey guys! Names please.” The secretary of your student council back in the day greeted the group.

           "Check it out, Secretary. It’s Jimin!“ One of the guys beamed and presented you, as if he was showing off his son or something. "He used to chubby and small, but look at him, so built and fit! Still a bit on the short side, but he looks great!”

           Jimin smiled awkwardly, not enjoying the attention for once. He wasn’t sure whether to be offended or pleased by his classmate’s comments.

           "Park Jimin? You mean the playboy of our high school?“

           "Yeah he’s right there, see?”

           "I told you he looked good.“

           "He must definitely still be a playboy with that look.”

           People inside murmured excitedly as he stepped forward sheepishly.

           "Yeah, it’s me.“ he scratched the back of his head.

           The old student council secretary smiled warmly, and checked off his name on the list. "It’s good to see you, Jimin. You and your guest will be in Table 9.”

           "Thanks.“ Jimin bowed and walked in.

           He hadn’t felt intimidated like this in such a long time. He headed straight for his table, throwing off his coat. He recognized the people he was seated with as some of his old dance club members so he greeted them cheerfully. Once he took his seat, they all began catching up and time passed relaxingly.

           But just when he thought that everything was going well and that maybe it wasn’t such a big mistake to come, he felt arms wrap around his neck from behind. He knew it wasn’t your touch so he tensed up, wondering who in hell was embracing him so openly.

           "I’ve been waiting for you Park Jimin.” A female whispered into his ear and he stood up abruptly, alert and flustered.

           The entire table hollered excitedly.

           "Playboy Jimin is back at it! Ow ow!“

           Jimin frowned and turned around to see who it was that was teasing him. His eyes widened when he came face-to-face with the woman he had randomly slept with out of spite for the Temptress; the first victim of his descent to Red Mask.

           "Let’s dance, Jimin.” she smirked as she grabbed his hand tightly, dragging him to the dance floor.

           He stood there, exasperated as she pressed her body against him. It was painfully obvious she was trying to rile him up and seduce him, but he felt indifferent to her advances. Stepping away to create distance between their persons, he sighed.

           "What exactly are you doing?“

           "I thought we could pick up where we left off back in high school.” She twirled his tie and fluttered her eyes flirtatiously. “I’ve been wanting to reconnect with you for some time now. I’ve heard how great you were at pleasing women, and I wanted you to jog my memory of our time in the classroom.”

           She licked her lips and leaned her face forwards towards his. Jimin furrowed his brows and grabbed her shoulders to halt her movement.

           "I’m sorry.“ he plucked his tie out of her grip. "But I have a girlfriend, and I wasn’t ever and still am not interested in you.”  

            She burst into laughter. “Really? Who are you lying to now? You don’t have a girlfriend or standards. I mean, who could love a playboy like yourself? You were even notorious in your college and word got around to mine.” She hummed and reached out to touch his face. “Or are you rejecting me because you’re still mad that I spilled our little secret?”

           Jimin exhaled, pulling her hand away from his cheek. But before he could emphasize that he was telling the truth, the ruckus by the entrance interrupted them.

           "Damn. Check that girl out! Did she go to our highschool?“

           "Dude, if she did, I totally would’ve banged her!”

           "Did she come to the wrong place?“

           "Who cares? I’m going to talk to her.”

           "But man, she’s so hott. Can you really walk up to her casually?“

           Jimin glanced over curiously and immediately perked up when he saw you waltz in, as gorgeous as ever. Surprisingly though, you hadn’t worn the outfit you originally picked out for the event. And boy was he glad you had decided to be bolder with your outfit choice. Instead of a simple, elegant black dress, you wore a skin tight, long, red dress with a high slit to expose your toned legs.  There was a gold plate around your neck holding up the fabric and a gaping hole to expose just hints of your bra-less breasts.

           In your case, you figured the more seductive attire would make up for abandoning Jimin in his time of need. And besides, you knew you needed to flaunt yourself a little. You wanted Jimin to feel confident again, especially in a place where he felt most vulnerable. If there was anything you could do to ease his worries, it was to put your charms to use. Luckily, that was your forte.  

           "Excuse me.” Jimin pushed the woman in front of him aside, much to her dissatisfaction, and swooped in beside you before any other guy had the guts to approach.

           "Hey, babe.“ He kissed your cheek. "Perfect timing.”

           You smiled and patted his tie gently, hearing the relief laced in his voice. “Been rough, huh?”

           "Unbelievably.“ he breathed. "Aaand here they come now.”

           "Jimin! My man!“

           Some guys he had never seen before came up and attempted to perform some handshake he didn’t know. It ended up as floppy hands and weird wailing noises that didn’t match the rhythm; all for the purpose of appearing close with him.

           "How have you been?”

           "Good, good.“ Jimin answered hesitantly, knowing exactly what their objective was.

           "And who is this pretty thing you’ve got on your arm?”

           "This is my girlfriend, Y/N.“ Jimin introduced and you shook their hands amiably.

           "Pleasure to meet you guys.” You smiled infectiously.

           "How much did he pay you to come with him?“ They half-jested.

           You glanced at Jimin, trying to get a sense of how he was feeling about the situation. You saw he was a bit uncomfortable and tense, so you squeezed his hand gently to reassure him.

           "He pays me in fantastic sex and expensive dinners, like any boyfriend should, right?” You grinned genuinely and everyone immediately stopped laughing. A small smile splayed on Jimin’s face, amused. What had he expected from you?

           "Oh yeah. I heard he was a bit of a playboy in high school. Bet he hasn’t told you that.“ One of the guys nudged you playfully, still trying to sway you.

           Your lips curled up and shrugged. "Oh I met him in college. I know pretty much every person he’s slept with.”

           You leaned over and whispered. The guys crowded closer, magnetized to you already.

           "But I’m also not so innocent.“

           You winked seductively, and Jimin visibly saw them fall weak against your charms. You truly were a dangerous woman.

           "Well, let’s get you some dri–” Jimin tried to interject, wrapping his arm around your waist.

           "I’ll get you one! What would you like?“ one of the guys volunteered hurriedly.

           "A nice glass of champagne would be nice.” You smiled sweetly, and they all scrambled towards the table to grab you one.

           While they were off bickering, you chuckled and kissed Jimin deeply. He was taken aback by the sudden forwardness, but welcomed your affection happily.

           "What was that for?“ he hummed.

           You wrapped your arms around his neck, grinning cheekily. "Aren’t you glad I’m yours?”

           He laughed as he caressed your cheek, staring at you fondly. “I’m actually a bit scared to be honest. How far do your seductive charms go?”

           You chuckled and whispered into his ear. “Would you like to see?”

           Jimin gripped your waist tightly. “Let’s save that for later, hm?”

           You moved daringly closer to his face to softly claim, “I decide that.”

           His eyes sparkled with glee. The banter between you two always made him feel like home, and he loved how you could tease him wherever and whenever shamelessly.

           "I like that outfit choice by the way.“ Jimin grinned as he stepped back to admire you fully.

            You twirled around playfully and smirked. "You know how much I like red.”

           He bit his lip seductively as he pulled you by the waist in order to plant a chaste kiss on your lips. “I would’ve never guessed.”

           Chuckling lightly, you ran your hands through his hair as you looked at him lovingly. It still amazed you that he was all yours. But your alone time was interrupted when the guys returned and a bunch of champagne glasses were thrusted at you simultaneously. You unlatched yourself from Jimin, giggling, and chugged a few glasses coolly.

           Jimin stepped back, permitting the crowd of his classmates to surround you as he watched you enjoying yourself, amused. He was really grateful that you had come, despite probably being exhausted from your performance. You kept him level-headed, and your presence was a living reminder of how far he had come. He smiled to himself happily, feeling a wave of contentment wash over him.

           But then suddenly, something completely unexpected happened.

           The sea of men parted to make way for someone that froze him where he stood. Without a doubt, it was Temptress walking towards his girlfriend, marching towards you. She hadn’t changed much from his memory. Her face showed a few signs of aging, and she wore thicker make-up than she did back in the day, but she still had a gifted body, and an air of seduction about her.

           But it was odd.

           Although she looked almost the same as she did in high school, his heart no longer raced when he stared at her. He no longer felt magnetized to the way she combed her fingers through her hair or the way she strutted so confidently forward. He didn’t even feel anger. It was odd… but he felt nothing.

           He had worried about this encounter for years, and spent weeks being chilled with anxiety over being in the same room as Temptress once again. Then most of the reunion he made sure to avoid being in the same vicinity as you. But what was this? His heart flipped at the thought that he was no longer bound by her words, by her actions, by her name, by her existence. He felt relieved; a sense of freedom embracing him, as if a heavy burden had just been lifted. He had truly moved on from his past.

           "Yah.“ Temptress stood in front of you, boldly sporting a strapless dress, which seemed to be clutching onto her breasts for dear life.

           You blinked, wondering who this woman was. You noticed the men gawking at her nervously and in awe.

           "Yes?” You replied, standing up straighter.

           Jimin swallowed as he watched. Why had Temptress approached you? Was she going to fight you? Did she not like that someone else was getting all the attention, all the men? What should he do? He worried frantically.

           But his brain completely flat-lined at what he witnessed next. Unexpectedly, Temptress pulled you forward and locked lips with you aggressively.

           "Holy shit!“ The guys bellowed excitedly.


           Jimin’s eyes widened as he saw you push away almost instantaneously, also flabbergasted. The men cheered enthusiastically at witnessing two hott women kissing in front of them. Jimin’s heart thumped in his chest as he scurried to pull you away from her, hiding you behind him. Never in a million years had he expected that to happen.

           You were shaken up behind him, touching your lips with a stunned expression.

           "That was my girlfriend you just kissed.” Jimin defended.

           "Park Jimin?“ Temptress perked up, recognizing him immediately. "You…and her?”

           You grabbed onto Jimin’s hand, standing beside him, as if to reassure her that you two were in fact together.

           "Oh wow. I’m so happy for you.“ she smiled warmly. "You truly were my greatest student.”

           "Is that her?“ You whispered into Jimin’s ear, and he nodded subtly.

           "I’m sorry for everything I said and did to you back then. I was really messed up…I still am.” she scratched the back of her head. “And I’m glad you didn’t end up like me.”

           Jimin furrowed his brow. “But you came with someone.”

           "Oh that guy.“ Temptress snorted. "I didn’t want to look lame, coming alone. I hired him to escort me. I don’t even know him.”

           Jimin blinked. “Wh-what…?”

           "Yeah…“ she blushed sheepishly. "I’ve been wanting to apologize for awhile now. I was so insensitive, and I took advantage of your naivety and toyed with you. I thought I was entitled and amazing, like I was doing you a favor by doing those things with you, but I devalued your feelings and hurt you. So, I’m sorry….”

           Jimin glanced around as a bunch of eyes were waiting for his reply. You smiled and squeezed his hand encouragingly. He really didn’t expect this at all.

           "Um it’s okay. It’s the past.“ He found himself saying surprisingly. He had envisioned the many things that he would say to Temptress if ever he had a chance to, and needless to say, all of the conversations he had imagined weren’t nice at all. But now, he faced her and he didn’t have a single mean thing to say. What had he even been so mad and worried about? "But I don’t know if I can forgive you for kissing my girlfriend.”

           Temptress blushed.

           When did she learn to look embarrassed and timid like that? Jimin was overwhelmed. He didn’t remember this side of her at all. She was always so sure of herself and so poised.

           "I’m sorry. She was just so beautiful, stunning, and confident. It was so alluring. I couldn’t help myself.“ Temptress confessed.

           "Aww, thanks.” You cooed, quickly dropping your guard at her compliments.

           "Well yeah umm…“ Jimin coughed, trying to maintain the upper hand. "But you still shouldn’t go around randomly kissing strangers…”

           He caught you glance at him with an amused expression. He knew you were thinking that he had no right to tell someone not to kiss strangers randomly, when he had done so plenty of times himself. But that was beside the point here, he was trying to look tough and angry.

           "Well…if you and she don’t mind…would you be willing to share…her?“ Temptress squirmed, eye-ing you intently. "I really…haven’t been so taken and attracted with someone in such a long time. And I mean, you’ve become so handsome yourself, Jimin. I’d be honored.”

           Jimin grabbed your hand tightly and stepped in front of you, blocking her eyes from raking down your body ravenously. “Sorry, I don’t plan to share her. She’s mine alone.”

           "I envy you.“ she smiled sadly, accepting his rejection of her suggestion with an audible sigh. "I spent so much time hating on love…that I let a lot of good guys slip away. Now I have no idea what it was that got me so worked up about empty sex that I ended up swearing off any sort of emotional connection. I’m glad you found it despite being widely known as a playboy back in high school and through college.”

           "Thanks…I guess…“ Jimin awkwardly stated. ”…for everything too.“

           "No really.” You chimed, beaming widely. “Thank you for everything.”

           Jimin glared at you, knowing you were taking a jab at his skills in bed. Temptress blushed and grinned at your sincerity, making Jimin want to cover you up immediately. Did she really just fall for you? The woman he had scorned and hated on for years. The very woman that had tainted his purity and shown him the cruelty of falling for the wrong person. That same woman was envious of him, and was vying for you, the person he loved. It was difficult to wrap his head around the peculiar turn of events.

           "Well at least save a dance for me, Jimin’s girlfriend.“ Temptress winked playfully.

           "Y/N.” You grinned. “And will do.”

           Jimin pulled you away from the crowd, feeling as if his legs were about to give out at any moment, plus he didn’t want to think about what would happen if you ended up liking Temptress too. Regardless of how things unfolded, he had faced his past head-on and realized that he had overcome it. None of his classmates held anything against him nor did they think ill of him anymore. Temptress apologized and although it was a little mean of him, it was great seeing her jealous of him, jealous of him having love, of him having something she couldn’t get. Smiling to himself, he knew he had done something right, and that was not letting go of you.

           After that, the night progressed relatively well. He finally loosened up and was able to catch up with more of his old friends. He spoke candidly about what he did and used to do as a career, even telling everyone about how you two met and ended up getting together. Needless to say everyone was impressed by your unique love story.

           And while he conversed, you spent your time dancing, gathering as much gossip as you could about how Jimin was back in the day. As you promised, you saved a dance for Temptress and you were able to get to know her a little better. Surprisingly, you two got along really well. She wasn’t as bad as Jimin had portrayed her to be; she was actually a kind person underneath her intimidatingly bodacious appearance. Much like you and Jimin, she had just made plenty of wrong decisions that spiraled her into a dark place regarding relationships. You had been there and done that, so you truly empathized with her.

           All in all, it seemed to have been a successful reunion for everyone, and you could tell Jimin was in high spirits once again. You had missed him being so, since he had been clouded with worry and anxiety the weeks leading to the reunion. He hummed happily as he drove back home, and you watched him endearingly.  

           "Jimin.“ You called.


           "I was totally down for a threesome by the way.“

           "Seriously?” he choked out, coughing frantically, at the sudden confession.

           "Yeah. I mean, if she TAUGHT you what you know now then she must be really be something.“ You explained lightly.

           "She didn’t teach me everything!” he huffed defiantly.

           "Mhm.“ You half-hearted hummed.

           "She didn’t! And I don’t like sharing!”

           "You’ve never had a problem in the past.“ You eyed him skeptically.

           "You’re different. I don’t like sharing you.” He pouted.

           You blushed and chuckled at his words. You loved how protective and possessive he was over you; it was cute and it fluttered your heart more than you’d like to admit.

           "Do you still have feelings for her?“ You inquired.

           "No, absolutely not.”

           "Are you sure?“

           "Of course. I wasn’t worried about seeing her because I thought I’d fall for her again. I was more afraid about being less successful than everybody else. I was afraid she would still be above me, still have power over me, would still make me feel small and worthless. I was afraid to be average again…” he squeezed your hand. “But I realized something.”

           "What? That with me and Temptress combined, you would become average?“ You teased.

           Jimin groaned, "I’m trying to be romantic here!”

           "I’m sorry sweetie. Keep being romantic.“ You chuckled as you kissed his cheek to appease him. "What did you realize?”

           "I was going to say… until you ruined the mood… that I realized that with you, I’m never going to be average again, because together we’re extraordinary.“

           "Aww that’s so cheesy. Who are you and what have you done with my Chimchim?” You grinned.

           Jimin blushed and kept his eyes glued on the road, embarrassed.

           "Can you pull up over there?“ You pointed randomly.

           "Why? You need to pee?” he questioned.

           "Want to have some hott car sex?“ You suggested flirtatiously.

           Wildly and abruptly, Jimin swerved to the side of the road.  He parked the car and stared at you exasperatedly.

           "What did I say about talking dirty when I’m driving?! You know it’s dangerous!”

           "Well, can I talk dirty now that you’re not driving?“ You smirked as you crawled your fingers up his arm seductively.

           "No. Wait until we’re home.” he grumbled rebelliously as he turned back to grip the steering wheel.

           "One kiss?“ You pouted. "I did a good job today and I want a reward!”

           Jimin sighed, “Alright. One kiss, but no funny business, okay?”

           "Kay.“ You giggled and unbuckled your seatbelt eagerly.

           Before he could protest, you crashed your lips onto his and began palming him through his slacks roughly. He groaned and tried to push you off, albeit lightly, in fake resistance. You smiled, knowing he couldn’t refuse you at this point. You broke the kiss and he fluttered his eyes open, a bit dizzy from the surprise attack.

           "Park Jimin. Don’t ever let anyone tell you or make you feel like you’re average.” you whispered to him intently. “You’re fantastic at everything. Except for cooking…certain things, but you’re improving.”

           "Thanks.“ Jimin rolled his eyes, but you gently placed your hands on his face, forcing him to stare at you.

           "I mean it. You’re a wonderful boyfriend, a fantastic lover, a great friend, and beloved boss. If those things didn’t happen back then, we probably wouldn’t be where we are right now. You wouldn’t be the Jimin in front of me, and it probably wouldn’t be me escorting you to your high school reunion.” Your lips curled up affectionately. “So don’t let the past haunt you anymore because you’ve built such a great present and future for yourself.”

           Jimin smiled gratefully, “Will my future have you in it?”

           You grinned, “Will you keep me in it?”

           He nodded, laughing as he leaned forward. “I plan to keep you for a very, very long time, love.”

           Sweetly, your lips found each other and perfectly melded together.

           You would’ve gone further had it not been for the cop car that pulled up behind you guys. Immediately, you parted yourselves and pretended to be on your phones.

           "Is everything okay here?“

           "Yes, sir.” Jimin smiled as soon as he rolled down the window.

           "We were just looking for directions Officer…“

           You paused as you looked up from your phone to find none other than Jeon Jungkook, grinning widely at you from the driver side window. Immediately, you gasped giddily and beamed at his presence.

           "Oh my lord. My little Kooks –You’re one hott cop!”

           "Why, thank you Noona.“ he chuckled and bowed playfully.

           "Hey, hey. No googly eyes at my girlfriend.” Jimin scolded.

           "I know, I know. Rule #1.“ Jungkook grinned. "I recognized your car and license plate while I was on patrol. Knowing you two, I figured I’d come see the action, you know.”

           Jungkook winked.

           "You little.“ Jimin pinched his cheeks harshly. "You’ve been wanting to see us in action since day one.”

           "Hey, I’d learn a lot, you know, if I got a demonstration instead of an explanation.“

           "Oh trust me, Kooks. You’re quite gifted. You’re good.” You gave him a thumbs up.

           "YOU WATCH HIS MONITOR?“ Jimin bellowed.

           "I watch EVERYONE’S monitor!” You argued.

           Jimin hesitated. “Who’s bigger?”

           "Oh my god. I’m not having this conversation Jimin.“ You rolled your eyes.

           Jungkook giggled as he tapped Jimin’s car lightly. "Well, I have to get back to work. Rule #13 hyung.”

           Jimin cracked up and fist bumped Jungkook. “You’re right.”

            “Have a good night!” Jungkook saluted you two suavely.

           "Night!“ You waved and he soon disappeared back into the road to complete his patrol. Not long after, Jimin pulled back into the main road, continuing the route home once more.

           "What’s Rule #13?” You questioned.

           Jimin chuckled, “You’ll like this one.”

           You raised an eyebrow curiously.

           "Rule #13: It’s not about the package, it’s about the delivery.“

           You and Jimin laughed hysterically all the way home.

           Once you arrived at your apartment, you scurried past him to get inside first. He curiously glanced your way, wondering why you had rushed through the door. But you simply smirked.

           "Well Mr. Park,” You threw your jacket onto the couch and posed. “Would you care to show me how you deliver that package?”

           Jimin’s eyes darkened as he licked his lips. Roughly, he grabbed your waist to pull you against his body, your faces just mere centimeters apart.



Call You Mine (Peggy X Reader)

WC: 4439 (jEsUs cHrIsT)

AU: High School

Summary: Peggy and the reader’s journey through high school together from friends to… it’s hard, ok?

Warnings: Like one swear word, super gay fluff

A/N: Day 6!! The write-a-thon is almost over, at least for me. Thanks @hamwriters for this fun writing challenge. Welp, here we go.

“Girls! You’re going to be late!” I heard my mom call, her voice echoing through our house. “Mom, we’re just waiting on Peggy to finish packing her bag.” I heard Eliza call in response. I smiled as I shoved my textbooks into my bag, praying that I didn’t end up with a lifelong back disorder from this damn bag. “Margarita Schuyler, if you don’t have that bag packed in under 5 minutes there will be consequences!” Mom shouted and I cringed, remembering how bad her consequences could be. “Mom, go easy on her. It’s her freshman year after all.” Angelica said and I zipped up my bag, a smile on my face. “I’m ready!” I called, which was met with sighs of relief (and possibly annoyance on my mother’s behalf). “Well then get going. You’re going to miss your bus.” Mom said and I tried not to roll my eyes. “Yes mother, we know.” Angelica said, and I pitied her for having to put up with this for three years beforehand. “There are my girls!” I heard a voice call and I turned around to see our father standing there, his arms wide. “Dad!” I shouted, wrapping him in a big hug. He let out a huff before wrapping his arms around me. “My big high schooler. How you feeling Pegs?” Dad said, letting go of the hug. “I’m a little nervous, but I’ve got my sisters.” I said, giving the girls a bright smile. Dad ruffled my hair before moving to hug the others. “I’ll see you guys this afternoon. Have fun!” Dad said, waving at us as we left the house. “You excited for your first day of high school?” Eliza asked as she walked beside me. “It’s like I said to dad. Of course I’m nervous, but I’ve got you guys. Also, Maria and John are going to be in my homeroom, so that’ll help.” I said and Eliza smiled, pulling me into a side hug. “You gonna ask John to the winter dance?” Eliza asked, a smirk on her face. I felt my cheeks heat up and my older sisters both let out a laugh. “I don’t like him like that! And honestly, I’m probably just going to ask Maria and we’ll go as friends. So ha!” I said, clutching the straps of my backpack intensely. “Well, we support you either way.” Angelica said and I gave her a weird look, but that soon dissolved as I saw the bus arrive. “It’s the bus! Come on guys!” I said, tugging my sisters along by their wrists. “Remember when we were that excited to start school?” Angelica said and Eliza chuckled, nodding her head. “I do. Ah, but so much has changed.” Eliza said and Angelica shook her head slightly, a smile on her face. “Come on!” I said, interrupting their time of nostalgia. We boarded the bus, and I said behind my sisters, leaning over the seat so I could talk to them. “So where do I have to go? The school is massive.” I said as we left the bus, feeling slightly intimidated by the huge building in front of me. Eliza went to answer me but we were interrupted by a loud voice. “Peggy!” I heard the voice call and I turned around to see John Laurens running at me at a breakneck speed. “Johnny!” I said, wrapping my arms around him tightly. “We made it!” John whispered and I nodded, letting go of him. “I’m sure John can show you where your home room is.” Angelica said, shooting Eliza a weird look. “On it Angie!” John said, giving her a mock salute. Angelica chuckled and Eliza smiled at us. “We have to go, but I’ll see you guys after school. Have a great first day.” Eliza said, wrapping me in a brief side hug. I smiled, waving at my sisters as they walked away, chatting between themselves. “So, I heard there’s gonna be a new kid in our grade.” John said as we walked into the giant building. “Really? How’d you find that out?” I asked, giving him a sceptical look. “Let’s just say I know a guy. Anyway, she’s supposed to be in our home room as well.” John said, a smile creeping onto his face. “She, huh? You excited about that, Johnny boy?” I taunted, folding my arms over my chest. John’s cheeks went bright pink and he started sputtering a little. I laughed and swung my bag under the desk I chose. “It’s all good John, I get it.” I said and John’s blush darkened a little. He sat down at the desk in front of me, dumping his bag next to him. I waved at Maria as she sat down next to me. “You hear about the new girl?” Maria asked and I chuckled, nodding as I laughed. “Heard all about her from Laurens.” I said and John let out a cry of annoyance. Maria and I laughed, but were cut off by our teacher beginning to speak. “Good morning class. My name is Mrs Adams, and I’ll be your homeroom teacher this year. Now, we have a new student joining us today. Y/N, could you please make your way to the front of the room?” Mrs Adams said and a girl made her way to the front of the room. Y/N. “Hi. My name is Y/N Y/L/N, I’m 14, and I moved here from Chicago. Strictly speaking everyone in this room is a new kid seeing as none of us have ever previously attended this school as students, but I guess I’m special.” Y/N said and small ripples of laughter made their way around the room. “Ok, thank you Y/N. You can go sit next to.” Mrs Adams looked through the roll, choosing someone for Y/N to sit with. I secretly hoped it was me, because Y/N seemed really nice, and I’d like a new friend. “Peggy. Is that right? Peggy?” Mr Adams said, looking up at me. “It’s Peggy.” I said and she nodded, shooting me a warm smile. Y/N grabbed her backpack and sat down at the empty desk to my left. “Y/N Y/L/N, but you already knew that.” Y/N said, stretching out her hand for me to shake. “Peggy Schuyler. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I said, shaking her hand. Y/N let out a chuckle and dropped my hand. “No need to be so formal, but I appreciate the sentiment. What classes you got today?” Y/N asked and I went to respond but I was interrupted by a cough from John. “Sorry about him. Y/N, this is my friend John. John, Y/N.” I said, gesturing between the two of them. “Hi.” John said, waving at her slightly. Y/N smiled and waved back at him. “Hey.” She replied, tucking a strand of her Y/H/C hair behind her ear. We were interrupted by the ear-piercing ringing of the bell. “It was lovely meeting you all. I’ll see some of you for English later today!” Mrs Adams tried to call over the noise of the bell and excited freshman students. I smiled and grabbed my bag, standing up from my desk. “You got History next?” Y/N asked and I nodded, smiling warmly at her. “Then let’s get going.”

“Y/N! Wait for me!” I shouted, weaving through crowds of people. “Come get me!” Y/N retaliated, purposely hiding herself from my field of vision. I groaned and pulled out my phone. I called her, and I heard her ringtone in the distance. I ended the call quickly and made my way over to where she was ‘stealthily’ hiding. “Surprise.” I shouted, making Y/N jump with fear. “Jesus Christ.” She muttered, clutching her chest. I burst out into peals of laughter, and Y/N glared at me, pouting slightly. “Peggy, that wasn’t funny!” Y/N said, crossing her arms over her chest. I placed an arm on her shoulder, trying to calm myself down. “Come on, it was a little funny.” I said and despite trying to be angry, Y/N betrayed herself and smiled a little. “Ok yeah, it was a little funny. But only a little bit.” Y/N said and I smirked, wrapping my arm around her shoulders. “That was hilarious. Anyway, we have have Christmas presents to buy, so we better hurry.” I said, looking at her almost pleadingly. Y/N laughed and nodded, taking my hand in hers. “Then let’s go.” She said, tugging me towards the shops. “Awe, you girls are so cute together.” I heard an old woman said and I turned around, blushing slightly. “We’re not, uh.” I said but she cut me off. “I’m so glad young couples like you can go out and show their affection in public.” She said, smiling warmly at us. Y/N and I looked at each other, our cheeks bright pink. “Thank you ma'am.” Y/N said, squeezing my hand almost as if to say 'play along with it’. “You’re very welcome my dears.” The woman said before walking off, muttering happily to herself. I looked at Y/N and we both started laughing, our hands still clasped together. “Oh my god that was amazing.” Y/N said and I nodded, my eyes flicking briefly to our conjoined hands. “She was too adorable. I couldn’t shoot her down.” I said and Y/N laughed, nodding her head. “That was incredible.” Y/N muttered as we walked to Target in search of presents. “So what should we get Alex?” I asked her as she tugged me through the mall. “I don’t know. Maybe like a big ass book or something. He seems like he’d appreciate that.” Y/N said and I snorted, a wide smile on my face. “Probably. What about Hercules? I think he has enough fabric to last him an apocalypse.” I said and Y/N paused, chewing her lip in thought. I felt something strange stir in my stomach looking at her, but I pushed it down. “I saw a book of different patterns for formal wear. Male and female.” Y/N said, her eye bright as she spoke. “I still can’t believe we’re buying a sophomore a book of formal wear patterns.” I muttered as Y/N picked up the book and chucked it in the trolley. “Says the girl who bought me a world history textbook for my 15th birthday.” Y/N said and I scoffed. “You loved that book. You told me you read it cover to cover twice!” I retorted, folding my arms over my chest. Y/N chuckled weakly, her cheeks flushing pink. “It’s true. I do love that book. My parents think it’s weird, but do I care? Nah.” Y/N said, smiling brightly at me. I returned her smile, dragging her along in search of other presents. We bought a bunch of items, each one carefully thought out for the person they would eventually belong to. “So, you got my present yet?” Y/N asked casually, though I could tell she was trying to get me to tell her what her present was. “I have, yes, but you’ll have to wait until the Christmas party to see what it is. I know how you are Y/L/N.” I said and Y/N smiled sheepishly. “You know me too well Schuyler.” Y/N said, slinging her arm around my shoulders. I laughed, trying to hide my blush from Y/N. I heard my phone buzz and I fished it out of my pocket, apologising to Y/N as I did. I saw a text from Angelica, and I read it.

Oldest and Wittiest: Hey Peggle. I’m gonna pick you up in about 5 minutes, so you better be ready. Also, tell Y/N I said hi. I see her enough to consider her my third sister.

I chuckled at Angelica’s words and turned my phone off, putting it back in my pocket. “Angie’s picking me up in 5. She says hi.” I said and Y/N laughed lightly. “That’s cool. Tell her I said hi as well.” She said, shoving her hands in the pocket of her jacket. “I’ll see you at Alex’s on Saturday for the Christmas party.” I said and Y/N nodded, adjusting her hair slightly. “See you then Pegs.” She said, leaning over and pressing a kiss to my cheek. I felt it heat up the minute her lips hit my skin, and I waved goodbye to her sheepishly. I made my way up to the car park, and I heard a horn go off. I saw Angelica smiling at me, pressing her horn. I made my way into the car, closing the door. “So, how was the Christmas present escapade?” Angelica asked as we drove out of the car park. “Pretty good. Some old woman thought Y/N and I were dating, so that was interesting.” I said and Angelica’s eyes widened. “Wait, you’re not dating? I just assumed you guys were. You’re with each other enough to be considered dating.” Angelica said and I nearly did a double take. “But we’re, I, uh, what?” I stuttered, my voice an octave higher than usual. Angelica chuckled and ruffled my hair slightly. “I’m just saying that if you two were dating, I’d be fine with that. It’s 2015. We live in a progressive society, sister mine.” Angelica said, the smile on her face was evident in her voice. “Whatever.” I muttered, averting my eyes from the gaze of my eldest sister, but I couldn’t fight the blush that spread rapidly across my cheeks. Why was I getting so defensive over Angelica’s comment? Y/N and I were just friends, right?

“Angelica! Eliza! Can you guys come up here for a second?” I called, hoping my sisters heard my words. “We’ll be up in a minute Peggy.” Eliza called back and I nodded, taking in a deep breath. How would my sisters react? I know Angelica is approving of it, but will her reaction be negative? I ran a hand through my hair, desperate for something to take my mind off the stress I was feeling. I heard a knock on my door and I let out a sigh. “Come on in guys.” I said and the door opened, revealing my two rather concerned sisters. “You ok?” Eliza immediately asked, sitting down next to me and putting a hand on my shoulder. “I, uh, I have something I have to tell you guys.” I said and the girls looked at each other before settling their eyes on me. Angelica sat down on the other side of me, and rested her hand on my shoulder. “You can tell us anything Pegs. We’re your sisters, after all. We’ve got each other.” Angelica said, rubbing my shoulder gently. I took in a deep breath, and just decided to rip the bandaid off. “I’m gay.” I said, and a silence fell over the room. “Or at least, I’m pretty sure I am.” I added, hoping that the addition improved something. “God damn it. Finally!” Angelica cheered, bringing me into a tight side hug. “Wait, what? What do you mean, finally?” I said, incredibly confused. My sisters chuckled, and Angelica whipped out her phone, texting someone. “Peggy, ever since you met Y/N in your freshman year we knew you were head over heels, but I’m glad you’ve finally accepted yourself.” Eliza said and I felt my cheeks heat up at the thought of Y/N. “Thanks you guys. I was so nervous you wouldn’t handle it well.” I muttered and I heard them gasp in unison. “Margarita Schuyler, how dare you think we wouldn’t take this news well. We will love and support you no matter who you choose to date. But, we think you should date Y/N. You’re so in love with her it hurts.” Angelica said and I laughed, leaning my head on her shoulder. I heard my phone ding and I sent Angelica a wary look. I saw that the text was from Y/N and I smiled almost subconsciously. “God you’re helpless Pegs.” Eliza muttered and I playfully shoved her shoulder.

Y/N/N: Angelica just texted me…. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 I’m so proud of you for coming out. There’s a New York pride parade in two weeks. You wanna go?

I let out an involuntary squeal and Angelica looked at me with a smug smirk on her face. “Y/N just asked me to go to Pride with her in two weeks.” I said and my sisters cheered, bringing me into a possibly violent group hug. “See, I told you you two should date. You’d be adorable together. I mean, you two were gifting presents with cards signed 'From Peggy and Y/N’ in sophomore year. You’re practically married, god.” Eliza said and I felt my cheeks go a dark pink. “Eliza’s right. You should invite Y/N over tonight and watch a movie. I’d recommend Carol.” Angelica said, shooting me a sly wink. I hit her shoulder teasingly, a wide smile on my face. My phone dinged once more and I read Y/N’s text. I nearly dropped my phone when I did.

Y/N/N: I feel like now would be a good time to let you know that I’m bisexual and annoyed at the lack of the bi pride flag in emojis. Also, just bisexual and annoyed in general also works.

“Christ.” I muttered, the smile on my face widening. “What, what is it?” Eliza asked, peering at my phone screen. “Y/N is bi. Holy shit Y/N is bi.” I said, my voice getting stronger as I spoke. “Oh my god. You two are gonna go to Pride, and date each other, and adopt beautiful children.” Angelica said and I laughed, feeling tears of joy escape my eyes. “I don’t even care that that statement is ridiculous. I’m too happy to care.” I said, wiping a stray tear off my cheek. “I love my beautiful, homosexual sister.” Eliza said, wrapping her arm tightly around my middle. “So, are we eating out tonight?” Angelica said and I let out a loud snort, that could probably rival a pig’s. “Oh my god! Angie!” I squeaked, shoving her arm off my shoulder. Soon the three of us dissolved into peals of laughter, sprawled out on my bed. “We love you Pegs.” Angelica whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of my head. “Love you too. Goodnight.”

“So, senior prom is in a couple of weeks? You got a date yet?” John asked me, leaning across the cafeteria table. My eyes involuntarily rested on Y/N for a split second before I diverted them back to John. “Not yet, but I have someone I wanna ask.” I said and John smirked widely at me. “God Peggy, just ask her out already. It’s obvious that you two are painfully in love. I mean, you went to a god damn Pride parade together 'as friends’.” John said, putting air quotes around the words 'as friends’. “Shut up John. I’ve been crushing on her since our god damn sophomore year and now senior year is almost over.” I said, sinking down shamefully into my seat. “That’s what I mean Pegs. You’ve gotta man up and tell her. Otherwise you’ll graduate feeling miserable and full of regret.” John said and I shot him an unimpressed look. “Thanks John, you’re really making me feel great.” I said dryly, the sarcasm prominent in my words. “Hey John. Hey Peggy.” I heard Y/N say and I turned around, getting a good look at her. She was wearing a royal blue t-shirt dress over black leggings, and she looked incredible. “Hey Y/N. How are you?” John asked, shooting me a look that screamed 'tell her’. “I’m fine thanks John. I was just wondering, if I could steal this wonderful human for a second?” Y/N asked, gesturing to me. My eyes widened and a smirk settled on John’s face. “Take all the time you need.” Y/N smiled at John’s words and shot him a sly wink. “I promise to have her back in one piece.” She said and I felt my eyes widen even further, and my cheeks heated up until I was sure they were bright red. “Miss Schuyler.” Y/N said, holding her hand out for me to take. I took it, and John gave me an over exaggerated wink. I rolled my eyes and Y/N chuckled a little. “I’m sorry about him.” I said and Y/N smiled warmly. “That was the first thing I heard you say about John.” She said and I recalled that first day of freshman year. I smiled thinking about the first day I met Y/N, and then shook the memories from my head. “Yeah. So, what did you need me for?” I said and Y/N paused slightly. I went to ask her if she was alright, but she seemed to have found her train of thought. “Yes, of course. Senior prom is in three weeks. Do you want to go to prom with me?” Y/N asked, her voice softer than usual. I gasped a little, but a smile quickly replaced my slack jaw. “I would love to.” I said and Y/N beamed at me, bringing me into a tight hug. “I’m glad you said yes, because if you didn’t I’d have to return this. Or, god forbid, give it to John.” Y/N said and I raised an eyebrow, wondering what she was about to give me. She took out a thin velvet box and passed it to me, anticipation clear on her face. “Y/N, you didn’t have to.” I said and Y/N shook her head at me. “Open it.” Y/N urged, her eyes full of enthusiasm. I nodded and undid the clasp on the box. I gasped when I saw what she had purchased. Inside the box sat a gorgeous silver necklace, sparkling yellow gemstones embedded along it. “Y/N, this is gorgeous.” I whispered, looking up at her, tears forming in my eyes. “I thought you’d like it. Angelica told me your dress was going to be yellow, so. Ta da!” Y/N said, waving her hands about as she spoke. I brought her into a viscous hug, my arms wrapped tightly around her torso. “I love it so much. Thank you, thank you.” I whispered as I squeezed her gently. Y/N chuckled and pressed a kiss to the top of my head. “You’re welcome Peggy. You are very, very welcome.”

“Awe Peggy, you look beautiful. Y/N is gonna have a heart attack when she sees you.” Angelica said as she fussed over my dress. “Your sister means that in the nicest way possible.” Eliza said, shooting Angelica an unimpressed look. “We’re just very happy you finally asked her out. I was getting so sick of the constant pining.” Angelica said and Eliza coughed. “Angie, we’re meant to be supportive.” She said and I laughed at the two of them bickering. “Guys, Y/N actually asked me out. Not vice versa.” I said and the room went quiet. Suddenly my sisters started laughing and I looked down, a little embarrassed. “Awe, that’s so cute. She must really like you.” Eliza said and I felt my cheeks heat up. “Are you sure I look good?” I asked, wiping my palms on my dress. “Peggy, relax. You look incredible. I’m so proud of you.” Angelica said and I smiled, nodding my head in a reassuring manner. Suddenly we heard a knock on the door, and we looked at each other with wide eyes. “I’ll get it.” Eliza said and raced downstairs before anyone else could even get off my bed. “I still can’t believe she bought you that necklace.” Angelica said, tilting her head in the direction of my neck. “I know. It must have been expensive.” I said and Angelica nodded. “Well, it’s showtime Pegs. Go blow her away.” Angelica said, giving me a supportive pat on the back. I nodded, taking in a deep breath. I left my room and walked down the stairs, my jaw dropping as I rested my eyes on Y/N. She was wearing a soft shade of lavender that complimented my dress prefect, and the dress was fitting in all the right places. There was a little train on the dress and it looked beautiful. “Wow.” We both said at the same time and I chuckled, standing at the bottom of the stairs. “You’re wearing the necklace.” Y/N said quietly and I nodded, my cheeks flushing a soft pink. “I see no need for pictures here because they’ll take ones at school. So, you kids get going and have fun.” Angelica said and Y/N laughed, her eyes crinkling up near the corners. “It was nice to see you guys, and I promise to take good care of her.” Y/N said and my sisters chuckled, exchanging a knowing look. “We know you will. Now go. You don’t want to be late.” Eliza said and Y/N nodded, taking her hand in mine. “Bye guys.” I said, waving at my sisters with my free hand. They waved back as we walked outside, the April air pleasant against my skin. “Y/N I just wanted to say that.” Y/N cut me off by placing her lips on mine. I immediately kissed back, not caring that this was ruining the makeup my sisters had worked so hard on. I gripped her waist tightly, the fabric of her dress soft against my fingers. Y/N pulled away and I felt like I was on Cloud 9. “I’ve been wanting to do that since sophomore year.” I said and Y/N laughed, pressing a kiss to my cheek. “Why didn’t you do it sooner?” Y/N asked and I paused, biting my lip slightly. “Because it would mean less now if I’d kissed you in sophomore year.” I said and Y/N’s mouth opened a little. I giggled and pressed a swift kiss to her lips, noticing that some of her lipstick had taken residence on my lips. “You’re such a dork.” Y/N said, smiling as I broke the kiss. “Yeah, but I’m your dork.” I retorted, taking both her hands in mine. “Peggy Schuyler, you are a walking cliche. But I’m so glad to be able to finally call you mine.”

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Transgender (2) Masterlist

part one

Danielle Is Dead (ao3) - creativityatbest

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Fast Forward - ConstantRegret

Summary: The one in which Dan finds himself genderquestioning.

Feels Like Heaven To Me - sighphil

Summary: The journey isn’t always easy but the destination probably wouldn’t be as rewarding if it was.

#IPreferDan - asherisnotfunny

Summary: Or the one where Dan was born female and refuses to tell anyone.

Regrets Almost Made - nighthowlhowell

Summary: Dan ends up coming out to Phil not in the way he would have preferred.

Secret Identity - fireworkphan

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Shark Week - phandot

Summary: trans!phil.

Terms And Conditions - danisnotlikingvagina

Summary: After being rejected ONCE AGAIN by his transphobic parents, Dan goes home suffering from an intense amount of depression and dysphoria. Phil comforts him while Dan only just wishes he could be the perfect “son” for his parents.

Rowaelin AU

Anonymous said:
Hey, could you do 21 of that prompt thing with Rowaelin? Thanks! X

This was super fun to write, I’d love to do some more prompt based ones like this so send any requests my way! (Also this is longer than I originally planned but I couldn’t help myself!)

21: “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”  

(High school/College AU)

They’d been driving for about an hour when the storm hit. A roadtrip together had sounded like a great idea to start with, both of them needed to get to the other side of the country for college, and it was cheaper to drive together than both get plane tickets and have any stuff they wanted shipped over. The only thing they hadn’t factored in was that the weather had decided to start the biggest thunderstorm of the decade on the first day of their 4 day journey. They also hadn’t considered the fact that they would actually have to spend 4 days together, mostly cramped up inside Rowan’s pick-up truck.

Rowan and Aelin had been friends for years. They’d met in gym class when Aelin had absolutely pummeled Rowan at dodgeball and he’d just smirked at her for the rest of the class, impressed that she’d even had the nerve to target someone as huge, tattooed and intimidating as him. He hadn’t expected to start falling for her, it had just happened one day; they’d been hanging out, teasing each other as usual and Aelin had looked up at him, chuckling at something he’d said, and something about the look on her face had hit him like a 10 ton truck. From then on it’d taken so much effort every time they were together not to let his feelings get the better of him, wanting to look at her with love in his eyes and kiss her whenever she said something particularly wicked. Aelin had noticed the change in him, he seemed distracted, a little disconnected whenever they hung out these past few months, but she brushed it off as him being occupied with thoughts of uprooting his life to move to college.  

“How can you even see with all this rain?!” Aelin asked, peering out the windscreen into the torrential downpour they were currently driving through, her feet kicked up on the dashboard having removed her boots about 10 minutes into the journey. “Don’t worry, I’ll get us there in one piece Your Majesty” Rowan replied, rolling his eyes and teasing her as usual, he always joked that she carried herself like royalty and he was just her glorified servant. Aelin huffed out a breath, scowling at him as she snapped “I’m just trying to be considerate, wouldn’t want us crashing because you were too bird-brained to admit you couldn’t see properly”. Rowan scowled over at her and then turned his focus back to the road in front of them. Suddenly there was a huge flash of white on the horizon as the first bolt of lightning hit. It made Rowan jump more than he’d ever like to admit, Aelin sitting up straighter, and he focused even harder now, not wanting anything bad to happen whilst he was the one responsible. “Stop the car.” Aelin said suddenly, staring straight out of the windscreen as a second flash of lightning struck followed by a deep roll of thunder. “What? What’s wrong?!” Rowan questioned, still trying to focus on the almost invisible road ahead of them. “Just pull over.”

He eased the car to a stop at the side of the road, the wipers going like crazy to try and keep some of the rain from their windows. Rowan looked over at Aelin, confused about why she’d been so adamant they stopped. She just looked at the storm slowly building outside before she threw open her door and jumped out, bare feet hitting the wet tarmac of the road, tipping her head back, her whole body instantly soaked. “AELIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Rowan roared at her, having to yell to get his voice to carry over the sound of the rain and thunder. She looked over at him, blonde hair sticking to the sides of her face and a euphoric grin on her face as she called back “I haven’t seen a thunderstorm for years… I’m feeling the rain.” “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” Rowan yelled back in disbelief, wondering what had possessed her to go out in such weather. “Live a little Whitethorn!” she called back, turning around to take in their surroundings. Seeing no other cars on the road for miles she stepped out in the middle of the lanes and stood with her arms out, face upturned to the sky. To Rowan she had never looked more beautiful.

After a few moments of looking at her longingly he muttered “Dammit” before throwing open his door and stepping out into the downpour. He pulled his hood up to try to shield himself a little but knew instantly that he would be soaked to the skin in seconds. He didn’t even care.

He strode out into the road and came to stand in front of her. She grinned up at him, as carefree as he’d seen her for a long time as she quietly said “isn’t it wonderful?” a little breathless at how close he was standing, the pine and snow scent of him only heightened by the smell of the rain. He nodded in reply without looking away from her, taking another step closer so he was stood millimeters from her. He reached out and pushed a few strands of her wet hair out of her face, his gaze flickering from her eyes down to her lips and back up again. She gave him a questioning look that said is everything okay? But he just stood for a moment, his hand on her cheek softly as he tried to judge her reaction. Before he could let himself finally make the move he’d been wanting to make for months, Aelin lifted up on her tip-toes, arms moving around his neck gently as she pressed her lips to his. He froze at the feeling but then started to kiss her back, his other hand moving around her waist to pull her close against him. Relief flooded through both of them as they finally gave in to urges they’d been fighting for so long. Neither of them knew how long they were stood there like a cliché, kissing in the rain.


I swear it was only gonna be the first image with the headcanon in mind of what if they passed by each other everyday in the past on their way to cram school/training and never knew it, but suddenly it turned into what looks like an 80s college AU instead idk, whoops! 

It’s a happy accident though cause DANG, young Toshinko is  👌 👌 👌 !!


 •aight so to start it off, yall met in the third year of high school

•  for the sake of this au, you’re just v quiet ok you just wanna go to the library, grab a book, read abt the history of Aristotle or smth

•  but you pass by seungcheol on the journey there, and knowing how much of a flirty sHit this boy is, he’s gonna try to start up a conversation 

•  you dont really like him bc of how loud he is and bc of how much he flirts w other girls 

•  he’s not necessarily a playboy ?? to be a flirty shit is not even his intention, this poor boy just wants some friends yo he’s misunderstood 

• ok so aforementioned, you’re not as fond of him but when he starts talking to you, you thought ‘hes actually pre hot lmao df' 

•  and when seungcheol is speaking, he notices that you’re giving him v dRy replies, bc honestly, yeah he’s hot but you don’t even wanna be here

•  you just wanna go to the library

• so he just figured like wow ok i guess they dont rlly like me then and he just didn’t try to talk to you from then on bc he’s pretty passive 

• but at one point, the teacher paired the both of you up for a project 

• it required to do some work at home w your partner but there was no way in hell that your dad was letting a boy into his house or vice versa

• so yall do the project after school a lot but aside from setting days to work on the thing, both of you don’t really talk 

•  but he decides to ask you one day after school while you were in the library and reading 

• this boy secretly likes to read too but error! you’re not at the level of friendship to unlock this type of conversation 

•  but it’s gonna go from 0-100 real quick bc he comes w the intent to ask you abt you not liking him but next thing you know ,,,

•  "hey, i just wanted to ask why you don’t really li- hOLY SHIT IS THAT A SIGNED COPY OF FIFTY SHADES OF GREY"

• so from then on, you guys started talking a lot abt books that range from teen romance novels to like jAne austen or smth and that was what made yall best friends 

• since you hang out a lot, people at school constantly mistake you two for dating and you don’t rlly care but seungcheol just plays along sometimes like 'yea we look good together right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’

•  everYON e thinks you’re dating, even your parents and you constantly have to remind them that no, seungcheol is my best friend :))) 

•  but everytime you had to clarify this misunderstanding and state that yall are bffs for life!!!1! seungcheol’s soul just leaves his mortal body bc he’s in lOve w you and you lOWKEY RECIPROCATE THE FEELING but yall can’t tell each other this without the risk of ruining your friendship 

•  but at one point seungcheol was like lmao yOLO

•  so both of you met up at your usual hangout on your friendversary and likewise, got gifts for each other 

•  you prolly got him a book or smth idk you decide 


• he’s gonna be like close your eyes and you’re like bitch u probably gonna do smth shady and he’s like nono i swear dw i got you and if you still refuse, he’s probably going to throw his scarf at your face or smth bc he desperately doEs nOT want you to see this gift yET

• so you open your eyes and see this beautifully wrapped gift w a little bow on the top and tied up w ribbon and you’re like “wowoww !!1! It’s so nice !!! seungcheol, you really outdid yourse-”

•  "jeonghan did it.“ 

•  but back to the point, ok so you open the box and it’s your favourite book and you look up at him like lmao i already have this and he still looks proud as hELL and says smth like turn the first page so you do and it’s a siGNED COPY FROM YOUR FAVOURITE AUTHOR !!1! WOW HOW DID HE GET HIS HANDS ON THIS 

• and on the bottom, it’s a note from him written in pencil just in case you wanted to erase it, "now that i got you this, you can’t say no if i ask you to date me right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" 

•  it’s a greasy message and based off what he wrote, it sounds overconfident but trust me, this child is internally bashing his head against a dishwasher wishing he had worded it differently to make it sound more appealing  

•  but then you close the book, lean back, and seungcheol is literally like ohymfukcn ign god im gonna get busted and he’s eyeiNG YOU LIKE CRAzy

• but then you just kinda smile and say "yeah, id like that” and he literally bursts out into a fit of smiles but is all like “really?? you’re sure ??”

• "yeah"

• "you know i talk a lot"

• "i know"

• "and i can be really annoying"

• "i know"

• "i eat from your plate too" 

• "yes, i know"

• "and,, and …. and —“

• "christ seungcheol do you want to date or not" 

• he just can’t get over the fact that the person he’s been crushing on for like months is now !! finally !!! in a relationship with him !!!!!!

•  hes honestly so happy so he just grabs your hand and brings it to his forehead like "thank you." 

•  it doesn’t really take long for the both of you to initiate skinship

• back when yall were just best friends he would already start holding your hand and giving you hugs bc he’s so frICKin affectionate and that’s one of the factors that made you fall for him in the first place 

• he’s v touchy feely and seems to be the type of person who’s into spooning or forehead kisses

• overall, both of you are pretty comfortable with showing each other affection but wanna guess at which base the both of you are stuck at :))))))

• yes, the fIRST KISS AWH

• he prefers to handle this relationship without guidance bc he wants to make it feel as though the only times the both of you were dependant were on each other 

• but if the time calls for it, he will ask jeonghan

• he lays awake at night just thinking about how he should plan out the first kiss and smiles when he thinks up of this little fluffy scenario and at one point, he was brainstorming and decided,


• youve been lowkey giving him the signs for like two weeks but i guess he just wants this to go perfectly so he didn’t really acknowledge them and took his sweet time 

• but it was during winter and he took you out for a little evening walk on the beach or smth and it was v pretty bc the light posts were all cute and decorated w christmasy things and the boardwalk was outlined in white lights as well 

• but fuck, it was -15 degrees and you thought it would be a cute idea to just leave your house in this fashionable fall jacket you got at banana republic

• likewise, seungcheol offers you his scarf and he’s just praising himself bc so far so good, operation first kiss is going smoothly 

• he honestly planned to go in right at that moment but then you’re like aHH LETS TAKE A SELFIE :DDDDDD AND HIS WHOLE PERFECT SCENARIO COMES CRASHING DOWN

• but then you’re holding the phone and you’re smiling this great big smile that seungcheol absolutely adores so he’s boutta turn and tell you you’re so cute bUt

• you turned as well to tell him that his hat was crooked but then your lips just kinda brush against each other’s and you accidentally take the picture and you’re like ohymgod 

• he just stares at you and just praises god bc this plan honestly carried itself out wAY better than he imagined 

• that accidental selfie you took though was so cute bc not only did you manage to capture the moment of your first kiss, but like, the lighting was good ?? your side profiles looked nice ??? and seungcheol’s cheeks were so rosy from the cold and you were engulfed in like 90% scarf and ouch ok god it’s so cute i-

• he admires it everyday and he forced you to send it to him to make it his lockscreen :)))

• he’s p chill and he trusts you so he doesn’t get easily jealous  but when he does,,,, good lord, the poor soul he’s salty at better go running for his life
• sometimes he gets unnecessarily jealous when you wanna go have a girls night out w your friends or smth

• seungcheol knows dAMN well he shouldn’t be feeling this way bc yenno, they’re your friends and his way is the only way you’ll swing but I guess he’s just lonely ??? 

• when guys are hitting on you, superman coups is gonna come flyin to your rescue, slinging an arm over your shoulder and pressing a kiss to your temple
• he’s also gonna smile at the dude, v nicely — so nicely they feel threatened ok it’s one of those kinds of smiles 

• "aye bud, what do you need from my GIRLFRIEND :)))” hes gonna emphasize 'girlfriend’ v hard 

• for your v first anniversary, you expected him to take you somewhere sentimental like your special hangout place and bring a bouquet of flowers bc you know he’s a person full of meaning and passion idk how to describe it

• well you’re in for a surprise bc he went ALL OUT

• this hoe’s gonna take you out to some fancy restaurant and pull all the stops  by ending it off w some snazzy stargazing on the rooftops of your highschool 

• he even checked the weather forecast making sure it was gonna be a nice bright night w no rain 

• yall just kinda stay there until evening talking about your future and what yall plan to pursue in life when you both graduate and he makes like this pinky promise with you that you’re both gonna try your best in your potential careers and try to make the relationship the both of you have work as best as you could 

•  additionally, he got couple rings as a gift bc he doesn’t plan on letting you go anytime soon ok bye im dead cya  

Stockholm Syndrome // N.M (Chapter One)

Trigger Warning: Violence/Abduction (please don’t read if stuff like this bothers you)

*btw i know i made up a bunch of characters and stuff but this fic is very AU so it’s acceptable, just don’t be coming at me saying i didnt get certain family members’ names right bcs i know - it was intentional*

Read the prologue here!!

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In the Water

Hi!  rueli suggested a souharu aquarium au and I went a little overboard. 

In which Sousuke is a custodial worker and Haru is obsessed with fish. 


About 8k.  Thanks to sittingbesidetheriver and pride-of-storm for helping me with typos and stuff!

After graduating high school, Sousuke Yamazaki dropped everything and left the country on poorly planned journey to find himself, much to his parents’ chagrin.  Armed with the money he’d managed to save working part-time jobs all through high school, he made his way from Australia to Europe, working odd jobs when he could and taking in the various cultures, while struggling to learn the languages.  

But that could only last for so long, and at some point, Sousuke had to come home.  

He doesn’t regret the decision he made to leave Japan after high school. College has never appealed to him.  The people he’d met, the places he’d seen, and the things he’d learned; all were invaluable experiences.  But that doesn’t change the fact that now he’s a broke twenty-one year old without any actual goals for his future.

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