this is like one of my favorite scenes because of bonnie's face

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Could you please post the passage where Jamie and Claire talk for the first time about him being Willie's father and which book it appears? Thank you!

Of course! This is one of my favorite scenes in Voyager.

He was silent for several minutes, and I was as well, not knowing how to take the conversation back to what I had seen and heard at Government House. 

I felt rather than saw him swallow, and he turned from the window to face me. There were lines of tiredness in his face, but his expression was filled with a sort of determination— the sort of look he wore facing battle. 

“Claire,” he said, and at once I stiffened. He called me by my name only when he was most serious. “Claire, I must tell ye something.” 

“What?” I had been trying to think how to ask, but suddenly I didn’t want to hear. I took half a step back, away from him, but he grabbed my arm. 

He had something hidden in his fist. He took my unresisting hand and put the object into it. Without looking, I knew what it was; I could feel the carving of the delicate oval frame and the slight roughness of the painted surface. 

“Claire.” I could see the slight tremor at the side of his throat as he swallowed. “Claire— I must tell ye. I have a son.” 

I didn’t say anything, but opened my hand. There it was; the same face I had seen in Grey’s office, a childish, cocky version of the man before me. 

“I should ha’ told ye before.” He was searching my face for some clue to my feelings, but for once, my giveaway countenance must have been perfectly blank. “I would have— only—” He took a deep breath for strength to go on. 

“I havena ever told anyone about him,” he said. “Not even Jenny.” 

That startled me enough to speak. 

“Jenny doesn’t know?” 

He shook his head, and turned away to watch the manatees. Alarmed by our voices, they had retreated a short distance, but then had settled down again, feeding on the water weed at the edge of the lagoon. 

“It was in England. It’s— he’s— I couldna say he was mine. He’s a bastard, aye?” It might have been the rising sun that flushed his cheeks. He bit his lip and went on. 

“I havena seen him since he was a wee lad. I never will see him again— except it might be in a wee painting like this.” He took the small picture from me, cradling it in the palm of his hand like a baby’s head. He blinked, head bent over it. 

“I was afraid to tell ye,” he said, low-voiced. “For fear ye would think that perhaps I’d gone about spawning a dozen bastards … for fear ye’d think that I wouldna care for Brianna so much, if ye kent I had another child. But I do care, Claire— a great deal more than I can tell ye.” He lifted his head and looked directly at me. 

“Will ye forgive me?” 

“Did you—” The words almost choked me, but I had to say them. “Did you love her?” 

An extraordinary expression of sadness crossed his face, but he didn’t look away. 

“No,” he said softly. “She … wanted me. I should have found a way— should have stopped her, but I could not. She wished me to lie wi’ her. And I did, and … she died of it.” He did look down then, long lashes hiding his eyes. “I am guilty of her death, before God; perhaps the more guilty— because I did not love her.” 

I didn’t say anything, but put up a hand to touch his cheek. He pressed his own hand over it, hard, and closed his eyes. There was a gecko on the wall beside us, nearly the same color as the yellow plaster behind it, beginning to glow in the gathering daylight. 

“What is he like?” I asked softly. “Your son?” 

He smiled slightly, without opening his eyes. 

“He’s spoilt and stubborn,” he said softly. “Ill-mannered. Loud. Wi’ a wicked temper.” He swallowed. “And braw and bonny and canty and strong,” he said, so softly I could barely hear him. 

“And yours,” I said. His hand tightened on mine, holding it against the soft stubble of his cheek. 

“And mine,” he said. He took a deep breath, and I could see the glitter of tears under his closed lids. 

“You should have trusted me,” I said at last. He nodded, slowly, then opened his eyes, still holding my hand.

“Perhaps I should,” he said quietly. “And yet I kept thinking— how should I tell ye everything, about Geneva, and Willie, and John— will ye know about John?” He frowned slightly, then relaxed as I nodded. 

“He told me. About everything.” His brows rose, but he went on. 

“Especially after ye found out about Laoghaire. How could I tell ye, and expect ye to know the difference?” 

“What difference?” 

“Geneva— Willie’s mother— she wanted my body,” he said softly, watching the gecko’s pulsing sides. “Laoghaire needed my name, and the work of my hands to keep her and her bairns.” He turned his head then, dark blue eyes fixed on mine. “John— well.” He lifted his shoulders and let them drop. “I couldna give him what he wanted— and he is friend enough not to ask it. 

“But how shall I tell ye all these things,” he said, the line of his mouth twisting. “And then say to you— it is only you I have ever loved? How should you believe me?” 

The question hung in the air between us, shimmering like the reflection from the water below. 

“If you say it,” I said, “I’ll believe you.” 

“You will?” He sounded faintly astonished. “Why?” 

“Because you’re an honest man, Jamie Fraser,” I said, smiling so that I wouldn’t cry. “And may the Lord have mercy on you for it.” 

“Only you,” he said, so softly I could barely hear him. “To worship ye with my body, give ye all the service of my hands. To give ye my name, and all my heart and soul with it. Only you. Because ye will not let me lie— and yet ye love me.” 

I did touch him then. 

“Jamie,” I said softly, and laid my hand on his arm. “You aren’t alone anymore.” 

He turned then and took me by the arms, searching my face. 

“I swore to you,” I said. “When we married. I didn’t mean it then, but I swore— and now I mean it.” I turned his hand over in both mine, feeling the thin, smooth skin at the base of his wrist, where the pulse beat under my fingers, where the blade of his dirk had cut his flesh once, and spilled his blood to mingle with mine forever. 

I pressed my own wrist against his, pulse to pulse, heartbeat to heartbeat.

“Blood of my blood …” I whispered. 

“Bone of my bone.” His whisper was deep and husky. He knelt quite suddenly before me, and put his folded hands in mine; the gesture a Highlander makes when swearing loyalty to his chieftain. 

“I give ye my spirit,” he said, head bent over our hands. 

“ ’Til our life shall be done,” I said softly. “But it isn’t done yet, Jamie, is it?” 

Then he rose and took the shift from me, and I lay back on the narrow bed naked, pulled him down to me through the soft yellow light, and took him home, and home, and home again, and we were neither one of us alone.

Do I? - Jaime Benn

A/N: I’ve written this one for @minourouss. I hope you like it, boo.

Word Count: 1314

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol

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“Guys, I am way too sober for this” I say, trying to sit back down on the couch.

We had had our last exam of the semester this morning and we were celebrating it. The night was perfectly scheduled, dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, drinks at the newest pub in town and hit the club right after that. We were all dressed to impressed and ready to run this city, and I was all for it until we got to the pub and found out they were having karaoke night. We found a couch with a small table and we sat down as two of my friends went to the bar and ordered our drinks.

“(y/n), you should go up there and show them how it’s done” and it started, my friends pushing me out of the couch, yelling at the host that I wanted to sing a song and I trying to use my sobriety as an excuse.

“C’mon, we have heard you sing a million times. You are good” my friends kept pushing me. “Here, bottoms up and get ready to rock and roll” they say, handing me two shots of tequila.

I look at them and I know I have no choice so I drown both of the shots and walk down to the stage, where two very drunk ladies are singing, I’m too nice to say that they are destroying, “holding out for a hero” by Bonnie Tyler. I take the time to look around while I wait, the pub is not packed, but there is a fair amount of people there. God, I need another ten shots, pronto.

“What are you singing, doll?” the host asks me and I look at him, that was a hell of a good question.

“Mmh… I think I’m gonna do Do I by Luke Bryan” I answer and he nods, looking for it on the computer.

“No pressure, but we kind of need a good show after this” he jokes, looking at the two women who are having trouble staying on their feet.

I give him a nervous smile and wait until he hands me the mic and helps the last artists down the stage. I take a deep breath and go up.

“So… I don’t really want to do this, like at all” everyone laughs at my comment and that gives me the courage I need to keep talking. “I don’t want to do this, but today it is our first night of freedom after finals and I’m taking one for the team, so here I go”

I give a small nod and the music starts playing. I’ve always liked this song, from the moment I first listened to it. I know every single word, I don’t need to look at the lyrics on the monitor, so I just walk around on the stage. I look at my friends and they are holding their hands on the air, swaying from left to right and making me laugh. The song ends and I give the crowd a shy smile as they give me an ovation, or at least it feels like an ovation to me.

“I was kidding when I said we needed a good show, but thank you for that, it was amazing” the host says and I feel my cheeks heating up.

I walk back to my friends and they stand up, making a scene as they yell my name and ask me for autographs.

“Ok, stop it. You’ve embarrassed me enough for the next hundred years” I scowl at them, sitting on the couch and grab my drink, ready to get as wasted as possible.

We listen to a couple of songs, laughing and cheering as the people on stage are our favorite artists when the bartender brings a bottle of champagne to our table. The bottle is tipped by a lit sparkler and brings everyone’s attention to us.

“Excuse me, we haven’t ordered th…” my friend tries to tell the man when he pulls a note from his pocket and gives it to me before walking away.

I look at it in shock for a couple seconds while the sparkler keeps lighting up the room.

“What does it say?” “What is it?” “How is it from?” I snap back to reality and open the note to find a short text.


JB 14


“(y/n), I think Justin Bieber is flirting with you” and all of them laugh as I look around the room, trying to find the mysterious man that has paid for an overly expensive bottle of champagne.

My eyes travel all over the place before they find a pair of big brown eyes staring at me making me blush, and I thank God for the darkness of the room. I know very well who he is and I mentally face palm myself for not figuring it out before. I give him a shy smile and he smirks, mouthing “cheers” and holding up his glass while I shake my head and bite my lip. He turns back to his group of friends and I do the same, finding all the eyes set on me.

“Is that who I think it is?” yeah, my friends are hockey fans too.

“I suppose it is” I answer and let go of the breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Girl, hook us up. Tyler and I could have a good time” my friend Alyssa says and I roll my eyes.

“I don’t think it works that way, Al” I mutter, drinking the rest of liquor I have in my glass. I’m quite tipsy by now, the alcohol is kicking off and I feel quite floaty. “C’mon ladies, let’s go to the club”

We get on our feet, ready to go, when my brain decides that it is a good time to be brave.

“Hold on” I say to my friends, turning around and heading to the VIP space in the pub.

Jamie is talking with some of his friends when his brother elbows him and cocks his head in my direction. Jamie looks at me and gets up, meeting me half way. I’m sure he doesn’t want to have this conversation in front of his friends.

“Thanks for the champagne, it was very kind of you”

“You are welcome. It got your attention, so it is money well spent” He smirks and my heart flutters

“It definitely did” I give him a shy smile.

“Hitting the clubs?” he asks, looking at my outfit.

“As I said, first night of freedom” I laugh “going out tonight?”

“No, we are just having a couple drinks to unwind a little” he explains and I turn my head to look at his friends. All of they are part of the Dallas Stars and all of them are staring at us “big game tomorrow”

“Well, do me a favor and kick some ass tomorrow?” I joke around.

“Will do…”


“(y/n), that’s a pretty name” he looks right at my eyes and I swear I’m gonna faint “you should come to the game tomorrow”

“Sold out, my friend” I say, annoyed because my friends and I couldn’t get tickets on time.

“It’s good you have contacts then…” He winks at me and hands me his phone.

“Smooth, Benn. Very smooth” I praise him, typing my name and number and handing it back to him “tell my contact to text me the details”

“He will do it gladly” he smiles and looks over my shoulder “you should go before your friends go crazy”

I turn around and I see them pointing at the door and making weird dance moves.

“Gotta go” I say, turning around and walking towards my crazy ass friends. “see you around”

We leave the pub and walk for around three minutes before I get a text from a number I don’t know.

Stay out of trouble, young lady.


I raise an eyebrow and I’m about to text back I get another message,

And by trouble I mean guys.


Moments in The Vampire Diaries that make the show worth remembering.

• “You won’t be sad forever, Elena.”
• Bonnie, so bubbly and beautiful and kind, discovering her powers for the first time. Bonnie lighting up an entire room full of candles. Bonnie predicting Tanner’s death.
• Caroline circa S1 trying her goddamn best to be enough, and to be recognized as enough (“Do you ever feel like there’s not a person in the world who loves you?” “I’m Matt’s Elena back-up. I’m your Bonnie back-up.” “I’m never the one.”)
• Caroline’s development as she transformed into a vampire. Caroline helping Tyler and showing him that he was stronger and better than he believed.
• Bonnie having to accept that her best friend became a vampire. It shook the very foundation of who she was. My heart aches every time I watch these two girls come to terms with the new change.
• Stefan telling Caroline that she doesn’t have to pretend with him. Stefan joining the three girls together for a sleepover.
• Elena and Caroline talking about losing their fathers. Something about this moment made me cry so bad.
• “Hey Judgy. Thank you.”
• Katherine telling Stefan that there were “no rules.”
• Matt admitting that once you fall in love with somebody, you can’t ever shake them. (**arguably my favorite line from TVD, and TVD had some damn good ones.**)
• Elena and Stefan going to her parents’ lake house.
• Elijah fucking Mikaelson, a legend.
• Klaus fucking Mikaelson, another legend!
• The poignant moment in the closet when Elena and Stefan see each other for the first time in three months.
• “You’ll fight because after everything we’ve been through, you owe me that.”
• “I can’t do that. I feel. I feel everything.”
• Stefan and Elena thinking about the future. What could have been. Marriage. Kids. All the parallels to when they first met.
• Stefan telling her that the life they had was amazing, too.
• When all of the Originals are undaggered and Esther walks in and Klaus is SHOOK.
• Klaus telling Caroline that there is an entire world out there waiting for her. Klaus helping Caroline appreciate the life and opportunities ahead of her.
• Finn and Sage.
• Everything about the Originals. They brought so much history and heart and family to a show that got lost amidst all the romance.
• Caroline telling Tyler that she would go anywhere with him.
• Tyler showing up after Caroline’s prom. Tyler showing up at Bonnie’s funeral. Caroline and Tyler. Caroline and Tyler. I swear.
• “Put yourself in her shoes. She loves you so, so much. But somehow she’s always the one who gets hurt.” • Bonnie telling Damon that he had a choice. Damon later saying that he’s made some questionable choices. Bonnie, five seasons later, telling Damon that it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t have a choice.
• “He doesn’t hate her. I think he actually kind of loves her.”
• Elena and Jeremy are heartbroken that Bonnie’s dead, but Damon is the one who brings her back.
• Bonnie and Damon in the prison world together. Bonnie sees hope in him.
• Damon is back from the prison world. Everything is different. Jeremy doesn’t realize it. Elena does. He’s doing it for Bonnie, not for her.
• Their phone calls when Bonnie is at the night club. The smile of relief on her face. Damon tells her he’s a fever she can’t shake.
• An intimate Bamon conversation that somehow manages to overpower the sex scenes that came before it. Bonnie tells Damon that what he wants to do with the cure is up to him. (I got chills. It’s beautiful. They’re beautiful.)
• Bonnie’s face when he saves her life. Bonnie’s face when he carries her the hell out of there.
• Damon staying in Bonnie’s dorm room.
• Bonnie and Damon drinking together at the bar.
• Damon constantly telling her to stick with him.
• Bonnie calling Damon out for choosing to die. Bonnie being honest and vulnerable and saying his decision HURTS her. Bonnie not letting him get away with this shit. Damon telling her, one season later, that he couldn’t stand it if he let her down.
• Bonnie saying that she doesn’t know what they were. (Because they were more than friends, and, to me, more than boyfriend and girlfriend.)
• Bonnie moving on. Damon being jealous. The parts of TVD that felt like fanfiction.
• Damon smiling at Bonnie when they danced.
• Caroline telling Stefan that she would remember their memories for the both of them.
• Elena reuniting with her family. Matt being recognized as an incredible, moral person. Caroline opening a school. Bonnie recognizing that she’s bigger than Mystic Falls.
• Defan endgame.

13 Days of Outlander - Day 10 Prestonpans

Hands down my favorite episode of the season so I don’t think I need much preamble. 

Favorite Costume: Bonnie Prince Charlie’s highland regalia. It’s the kind of costume that is so outrageous it could only be plucked right out of history––a famous portrait of the Bonnie Prince, to be exact. The vibrant tartan, the gold lace details, the blue bonnet… There is certainly no missing him among the more subdued (and well worn) tartans of his men. Even the Lord General and the Quartermaster don’t stand out with the same level of… flair. 

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Dougal’s ride. I love so much about this scene and how it demonstrates the tension of waiting for battle, of being within sight of your enemy but unable to reach them; the need to keep things light but also the agony of waiting. Dougal’s return is so triumphant and morale boosting despite the fact that the ground proves too treacherous for the attack the Quartermaster wanted. Even as Dougal his chance to prove himself to an enthusiastic Prince Charles––who has already made an impression on Rupert and Angus––he manages to clash with Jamie  at a low level (just how close to the British troops he would get), showing that he’s still bristling under the fact that he reports to his nephew. The weaving of the overt and the subtle throughout the scenes is incredibly handled and to top it all off, it’s beautifully shot. 

Favorite Location: the makeshift hospital. We’ve seen Claire at work in a number of different hospital settings through the series so far and she’s held her own in all of them, but nowhere has she been more commanding than in the makeshift hospital giving her instructions to the women under her charge. As she makes jokes and explains the importance of more modern medical practices to women with little to no training––the handful of other wives accompanying husbands, maybe a mother, sister, or daughter here or there, but all of them with men in their lives preparing to make and become the wounded they will tend––Claire is in her element and leading those women as much as Jamie is as Red Jamie, Laird Broch Tuarach leading the charge. 

Favorite Music Moment, Favorite Scene: the battle. Every time I watch this scene, I love it more. It is so cinematic in its execution and the music is so important to establishing the atmosphere of the scene that the two are permanently intertwined. Every time the Prestonpans track comes on when I’m listening to the soundtrack, those first few drum beats… I get goosebumps and distracted from whatever I’m doing to listen properly because I immediately start visualizing the fog and the men moving swiftly until they sound like a stampede, I see Claire and the other women whipping their heads around as they hear the battle begin. It conveys the violence of the battle without glorifying it or trying to be shocking with the gore (and thank heaven for that last one or I wouldn’t be able to watch it so often).

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: reunited and victorious. While their goodbyes are heartbreaking, their reunions are glorious. I can watch this one over and over again with my mind just chanting, “print shop, print shop.” The smiles when their eyes find each other and they realize they’re both alive and appear to be all right and then that hug… If this is how they reunite when they’ve been away from each other for a few hours (dangerous as they may have been), I can’t wait to see how the reunion plays out when they’ve been away from each other for twenty years

Favorite Minor Character, Favorite Line: the brief return of Lt. Forster and his advice to Dougal. I still remember how surprised I was when I heard Lt. Forster calling out to Dougal as he was busy finishing off British wounded. I was not expecting him to make a return to the show––though I’m thrilled that they thought to bring him back––and I most certainly wasn’t expecting Dougal to actually go ahead and kill him in cold blood like that. Part of me wonders if Dougal would have spared Lt. Forster––probably not helped him to the infirmary but you know, not killed him––if Lt. Forster hadn’t said what he did, if he hadn’t been so brutally honest in delivering my favorite line of the episode: “A war chief should know better.” It’s just antagonistic enough, I think that’s what sealed poor Lt. Forster’s fate. 

Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation: the pissing contest. Despite how long the book spends on the battle of Prestonpans, there’s surprisingly little taken directly from the page in the episode. But one scene that is from the book that I love is Jamie reaching out to the British captured and wounded and working to establish a sense of camaraderie through Claire’s request that Jamie piss in a beaker so she can be sure his kidneys aren’t bleeding. After all the tension before the battle and of course the adrenaline of the battle itself, it provides all the men with some much-needed levity. 

Favorite Performance: Stephen Walters as Angus Mohr. How can I not choose Walters in his final turn as Angus? He starts off the episode as his pushing-it-too-far Angus self, struggling to deal with the prospect of what might happen and how to express his affection for his best friend within the bounds of their dynamic; they are as close as Ross and Kincaid but the ways they express that friendship are incredibly different, yet Angus is able to see through their gestures what the men mean to each other and he wants Rupert to know what their friendship means to him, though it comes across almost as a joke (because that’s the way their friendship works), in a similar manner to how he plays the danger up to steal that kiss from Claire. But just as Ross carried the body of Kincaid into the field hospital, Angus makes sure Rupert gets to Claire and he makes sure Claire treats Rupert immediately. The anguish and fear on his face are heartbreaking and the dedication with which he watches over Rupert, the respect he shows to Ross in the wake of Kincaid’s death, they show how deeply Angus can and does feel things. And of course there’s the heart-rending death scene. 

Honorable Mention for Music Moment: Ross and Rupert sing. The song is technically meant to be a cheery one and that’s how most of the men celebrating the victory seem to take it, cheering the drunk pair on but to those who know both men and the losses they’ve suffered, the metaphorical lyrics weigh heavy with a far more literal meaning. And the scene’s abrupt cut to the credits is fitting for all the bitterness of war, regardless of which side you wind up on.



#8: The Katherine reveal

I’m just gonna cut to the chase and start with the best damn part of this show, our Lady K. Every time Katherine shows up it feels like a reveal, but you know specifically the one I mean. Right after “Elena” kissed Damon, she got into the house and sliced off Uncle John’s fingers. Except it wasn’t Elena after all, it was Katherine, back to shake up Mystic Falls with her shenanigans. She was the villain back then — simpler times.

#7: Stefan teaches Caroline how to be a vampire

One of the most unexpected moments of the series was when Caroline became a vampire — but even more unexpected was the friendship with Stefan that would blossom from her new-fanged state. I’ll never forget Stefan wiping all the blood of the still insecure, neurotic, control-freak Caroline’s face and teaching her to breathe in deeply and control her bloodlust. Steroline forever!

#6: Damon says ‘I love you’

After one of the 10 million times Elena was kidnapped, Damon brought her vervain necklace back to her, along with a confession: He loves her, but he can’t be selfish with her. Stefan deserves her, he doesn’t. He then compels her to forget. Cue a super-awesome scene three years later when Elena remembers the incident after becoming a vampire. (Also, Ian Somerhalder has that “one tear down the cheek” trick pretty much patented by now, doesn’t he?)

#5: Damon and Alaric say goodbye-again

As if Alaric’s funeral weren’t sad enough, last season, Damon went to Alaric’s grave to complain about being left behind to take care of the kids (sob) and then the camera panned to Alaric’s longing, sad, WAY TOO DEAD face. Hearts across the world broke. It gave us the feeling that even now, though we haven’t seen Alaric all season, he’s around, watching over our gang. “I miss you, too, buddy.”

#4: Elena burns her house down

In what is probably my favorite episode of the entire series, Elena, wrestling with her grief over Jeremy’s death, pours alcohol over everything in her house. Damon hopes that by asking her (using the sire bond) to turn off her humanity, that she’ll calm down … but she burns the place anyway, because there’s nothing there for her anymore. Nina Dobrev’s acting was phenomenal in this episode. I’m still bitter they didn’t give her an Emmy!

#3: Katherine takes the cure

Of all the Katherine-related shockers (Uncle Mason, anyone?), this one was the craziest. We thought Elena gave Stefan the cure, but when Katherine has her stiletto on Elena’s neck and is ready to kill her, Elena smashes the vial inside Katherine’s jaw, curing her. Stefan gave it back to Elena and she used it at the best possible moment. The writers really know what they’re doing, because for all her wicked ways, Katherine is probably the most human of all the supernatural creatures on the show. And it has been WONDERFUL watching her struggle with her humanity this season. Please don’t kill her tonight, writers? [Starts prayer vigil for Katherine.]

#2: Damon and Elena’s motel kiss

I got one word for this one: HOT. There had been such insane crazy sexual tension building between these two for so long. After a day of running from Originals and tracking down ghosts, Damon and Elena have a quiet moment in bed, where she confronts him about why he hides his kind nature from other people. She becomes overwhelmed by the moment, and then pretty soon … overwhelmed by his kiss. And the best part? She RUNS to him! For a girl who swore by Stelena, this moment had me thinking twice. And who can forget the epic “Never Let Me Go” playing in the background?

#1: Elena drowns

Looking back, I don’t know how I missed the signs, but when Elena and Matt went off Wickery Bridge, I was completely surprised. The sequence was truly a landmark moment in the series, and one I wasn’t sure they were ever going to explore — Elena dies and comes back a vampire. It was the start of Elena’s — and the show’s — second era.

anonymous asked:

what's your favorite steroline scene and why? (btw I miss your metas a lot. I hope you're doing well :) )

Hey, anon! I apologize for the late reply. I’m doing well, thank you. :)

My favorite Steroline scene is Stefan comforting Caroline in the bathroom in 2x02 because it’s the moment I fell in love with Steroline.

Although I didn’t ship them romantically at that the time, I adored their friendship, and I yearned to see them together in every episode thereafter. Here’s why.

1. It’s Their Establishing Friendship Moment

Before this scene Stefan and Caroline were more acquaintances than friends. Their interactions in season 1 were limited to events concerning Elena or Damon (E.g., The double date). But this moment was about them and their relationship. It had nothing to do with Elena, or Damon, Matt, or anyone else. It was just Stefan being a friend to Caroline in a moment that she desperately needed one.

2. You Saved My Vampire Life

This scene kicked off the Mentor/Sober Sponsor aspect of their relationship. Stefan, a ripper who struggled to control his bloodlust, took it upon himself to help Caroline control hers. This is an integral part of their relationship. Stefan took Caroline bunny-hunting, and Caroline promised to be Stefan’s sober sponsor. Stefan and Caroline both had control issues, and this scene crystalizes that aspect so well.

Stefan: Look at me, look at me! Caroline, Caroline! Look at me! Look at my face, look at my face! You see that? When you feel the blood rushing, you tell yourself that you’re going to get through it, that you’re strong enough. Yes, yes, no matter how good it feels to give yourself over to it, you fight it off, you bury it. Watch me, watch me. It’s the only way you’re gonna survive this thing. Try.

3. Stefan’s Faith In Caroline

Damon thought that Caroline couldn’t make it as a vampire. Elena thought things were going to end badly for Caroline. Bonnie didn’t trust Caroline after she turned. Matt couldn’t deal with Vampire!Caroline. But Stefan? Stefan had faith in her. “When you feel the blood rushing, you tell yourself that you’re going to get through it, that you’re strong enough.”

4. Worth Having A Thing For

This moment was the first thing Caroline talked about when Stefan asked her why she had a thing for him.

“What kind of stupid question is that? Why did I have a thing for you? I don’t know, Stefan. Maybe it’s because I thought you were worth having a thing for, because when I woke up as a vampire you told me that I would get through it and I did.”

Think about that.  This moment is one of the reasons why Caroline loves Stefan. Stefan’s actions had that much impact on Caroline. Stefan is kind. Stefan is loving. Stefan cares. “You were the one who always cared. It’s what I liked about you.” Certainly Caroline likes that Stefan cares about everyone. However, it can’t be forgotten how unwanted, unloved, and ignored Caroline felt at this point in the story. Stefan cared for Caroline at am moment when Damon tried to kill her and Bonnie recoiled in fear. This was one of Caroline’s lowest points, and Stefan took care of her.

5. Hero Hair Stefan 

Caroline: I’m a murder. I’m a monster!

Stefan: Look at me, your emotions are heightened right now. It’s part of the transformation. It’s completely normal. I promise you. Okay?

Stefan: I don’t know, I wish I did. Hey, hey, I promise you that I will not let anything happen to you. Come here. Come here.

I like Stefan the most when he’s kind, loving, and compassionate. In short, I’m a sucker for the Hero Hair. 

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favorite stelena hug? favorite se scene from each season? :D

LOL. Upping the ante are we? Haha OK. This is going to be LONG  btw. Because of the gifs. Blame my need to show receipts. Favourite Stelena hug… omg that’s harder than favourite Stelena kiss because there are just SO many hugs.

I love the 5x19 hug because it just showed how much things haven’t changed between them. Stefan opens the door and the first thing she does is hug him and I know Elena hugs everyone but when she hugs Matt or Tyler or Caroline or Bonnie, it’s this “let me comfort you” hug but with Stefan it’s this relieved “omg you’re alive and I need to be comforted by your embrace” hug so I really liked that in 5x19:

I love the 2x01 hug because John is driving her crazy, Caroline is in the hospital, Katherine is out and she and Stefan are talking about all of that and she has this look on her face like the world sucks right now and we can talk about it but I need to feel you against me right now and when her head is on his should you see her relax like it’s visible, her eyes are closed and she nudges herself into the crook of his neck:

I also really really love the 3x20 hug because Elena is just trying not to feel, trying not to think, trying not to do anything and Stefan walks her through it and she honestly surrenders to him, like she actually leans forward and just unfolds into him:

But my favourite hug? 2x08 and it’s because I think it epitomizes the Stelena relationship. First of all Elena basically flies into Stefan’s arms, like going top speed and colliding into him and when she’s there that relieved smile on her face:

And not only that but she actually nudges herself into that crook in Stefan’s neck, like she nuzzles him because she’s *home*, she’s exactly where she needs to be and wants to be and yearns to be at that moment and she’s good:

And what’s beautiful about that moment is that it’s so natural and organic and so unapologetic and honest that she doesn’t even think about Damon and not in a purposeful way, like neither of them actually mean to hurt him in this scene but their love is just a fact and it’s a fact that they need to embrace in right now:

And Elena remembers that Damon is there and she genuinely thanks him because she owes him her life:

But then the moment passes and she goes back to Stefan and it’s not a guilty “oh so maybe I should keep hugging Stefan now” she really needs to be there, she really needs to be comforted by him, like again she nuzzles his neck and her eyes are closed because them together and hugging is what matters. And Damon honestly just has to deal with that because it isn’t cruel or intentional it’s just what it is and that was what I always appreciated about the triangle when it was Stelena. They aren’t selfish, they aren’t intentionally harmful, they aren’t rubbing anyone’s face in what they have, it’s just that what they have is so powerful that everyone can’t help but bear witness to it.

Now as for my favourite scene in EVERY season. Lol. OK. Well. In season 1 … surprisingly it’s not their love scene even though their love scene is fantastic. I love 1x20:

And I love this moment so much because at that point, it was the darkest and most troubled their relationship has been, Stefan’s demons are out of his control and he’s doing everything he can to push Elena away because he loves her; this is the one time where “he’s scaring her because he loves her” actually works because he’s telling her to leave and the way she says, “No” is like “Fuck you, you’re stuck with me. We’re in this together so you better recognize” and Stefan immediately backs down because he could never actually hurt her and she brings out his humanity whether he wants her to or not.

In season 2 … I really like 2x16 and the morning makeout, lmfao:

Because it’s happy and it’s goofy and it’s sexy and it doesn’t take over the plot. This is their moment before they go out the door and have to deal with Damon and the supernatural and the chaos, this is their happy bubble and I also love how it’s basically like Elena lives there, she has clothes there, she goes to his dresser and also that they’re both JUST getting dressed and Stefan is like “Or we could just not go?” and I’m a sucker for when men lift/carry women so when I first saw that I was like omg #goals

In season 3 … It’s not even a question. It’s 3x05 when Stefan fought compulsion. And it’s funny because some of the most powerful Stelena scenes are in season 3 and season 3 has so many to choose from like their phone call in 3x01 or when he catches her from the bleachers in 3x06 or when she tells him to fight in 3x07 or when they dance in 3x14 or when she tells him to feel and he wants to but can’t bring himself to in 3x14 or when they say they never stopped loving each other/will always love each other in 3x18 or when they dance in 3x20 and their hug in 3x20 and finally their kiss in 3x22. There are SO many season 3 scenes to choose from but it was so easy for me to say 3x05 because everything sort of originates from that moment, even the phone call in 3x01 because 3x05, this moment:

Is the foundation/backbone of the Stelena relationship. Stefan literally did the impossible here because of his love for Elena and because of her love for him, there’s a moment just before he pushes Klaus away where they both stare at each other and it’s like a connect, like Stefan gathered what he needed within himself to get the strength necessary for this moment by that gaze with Elena. And Elena is there throughout it all like “I love you” so it’s not just Stefan fighting for them, Elena has been fighting for him and them since the summer and continues to do so throughout this entire episode and in this scene because when Klaus pushes him against the wall, she runs forward; she know she can’t do anything but still the instinct is to run forward to protect Stefan. How could this not be my favourite scene? Lol.

In season 4 … that’s actually a bit weird because I do think Stefan and Elena have great moments in season 4 but they’re also frustrating and I can’t always separate my old bias against Elena and how the writers wrote her from the scenes they’re in together. It goes without saying that I love the 4x02 and 4x03 makeout scenes and I absolutely love the 4x01 scene when she says choosing him was the best choice she ever made and the way she touches the wall because she has this need to feel him and the way Rebekah stares at them, begrudgingly moved by how much they love one another  and I love when they’re on the rooftop:

Because it’s basically like an engagement and that was intentional. The way Stefan reaches into his pocket and the way Elena says, “daylight ring?” and how he slips it onto her finger, that was meant to show a lifelong commitment to each other and it pisses me the fuck off that the show destroyed that SO quickly but anyway, I love that scene. I love when they wake up together in 4x02 and in 4x04 their entire workout sequence was great because it was informative and goofy and sweet and sexy and comforting all at the same time:

I love 4x16 because the sexual tension is real and Elena doesn’t have humanity so she doesn’t pretend like it’s not there. You all know how much I adore 4x19:

^^ Like your eyes are shining, Elena. STOP LYING.

In season 4 … It’s funny, this was going to lead up to how 4x10 was going to be my favourite Stelena scene because I find it so telling that a) Elena says she’s sorry about “all of it”. Stefan asks her “sorry that it happened or sorry that I found out”:

Now I’m not saying she regrets sleeping with Damon but no one just says “I’m sorry about all of it” when the question is posed that way because it suggests that somewhere inside of her, she is sorry she slept with Damon.

b) Elena is mortified at the thought of Stefan not erasing her from his memory but the love he has for her, their entire relationship, like she looks like she’s going to cut Rebekah for even suggesting it and then when she says no, the thought is inconceivable to her:

And it was really sad but so well-acted how Stefan is silently being torn apart and all he wants is to just make everything stop and instead of lashing out and screaming and drinking or killing her loved ones, he’s trying to contain it to himself and just asking for some relief and it was sad because it went to show how much he loved her:

And the way she was holding on to him and to him remembering them, like I know the entire episode was supposed to show how much she was not in love with him anymore but the urgency with which she needs him to stay and talk to her and remember her, the tears in her eyes, I mean it show otherwise and it’s the same look she had in 2x06 when they broke up when neither of them wanted to:

And when he walks away, she runs after him and I found that so telling because she NEVER runs after Damon and that was the first time I realized that because Stefan said all he needed to say and he’s defeated but embraced the fact that they’re no longer together, he wants to be alone and he deserves to be alone but Elena can’t accept that or handle that, which is selfish yes, but I also think it shows how sort of uncontrollable her feelings for Stefan are in the sense that it makes her urgent and agitated with a need to be there, to hold him, to talk to him, to have him not hate her so it felt like she couldn’t not run after him:

And people say that if Elena was really pressed she would’ve vamp sped and blocked him but here’s what people are forgetting: when did Elena ever use her vampire powers unless the show specifically needed her to for plot device? Girl was a TERRIBLE vampire. Damon is about to kill Jeremy and she can’t even snap his neck? HE WILL WAKE UP LATER.

But then I remembered that 4x21 happened but I don’t want that to eclipse 4x10 so 4x21 is an honorary favourite scene of season 4 because it showed the sheer power yet again of the Stelena relationship. Elena legit pushes Damon out of the way, she’s a mess, she’s in turmoil, she’s in an emotional storm and it’s only Stefan who can calm her down, Stefan who can walk her through it, Stefan who she listens to and trusts implicitly and naturally so that she can calm down and Damon watches because that’s pretty much all he’s good for:

For season 5… I was originally going to choose 5x02 even thought Stefan and Elena aren’t in it together *really* because it shows sort of how in tune they are with each other in the sense that Elena has been thinking about Stefan all summer and he’s been thinking about her too and when she finds out that hes missing, like girl is mad:

like I’ma-kill-you-me-and-the-entire-dorm mad:

and there is such vitriol in her voice when she says to Damon, “Stefan has been suffering for months while I’ve been rolling around with you” like … but you have no regrets, Elena? OK cool.

And while Stefan being in trouble is what causes her to be so angry and to fuel the compulsed anger, thinking about Stefan and finding him is what calms her down and allows her to break through it:

Which speaks to their bond in the sense that Elena never could bear to see Stefan in pain or in trouble, as I’ve discussed before, there’s a certain agitation and urgency to the way with which she needs to relieve him of his pain and yet being with Stefan is what calms Elena of her pain and focuses her and we saw both sides of that in this scene so I love it.

However, what I love more is in 5x18 the moment after the visions disappear because they are both so absolutely devastated that they aren’t living this perfect life with each other and it isn’t dramatic and it isn’t Elena screaming or flailing and Stefan throwing shit out the room, it’s subtle and it’s poignant and it’s powerful because they stare at each other, Elena is teary-eyed and Stefan’s expression is raw and they both know what they lost, what they could now never have, what they both want and want with each other and the simple line “Does that mean that is’ over?” that dejected hopefulness in her voice as Elena says it? Spoke VOLUMES:

And finally, for season 6 I absolutely love the 6x04 proposal scene because Elena’s sincerity and giddiness is real and Stefan’s words, “You have always been my best friend. I have always loved you […] you are my rock…” they’re just as real and just as sincere and just as true as Elena’s reaction and it reaffirms yet again that marriage is a theme in the Stelena relationship. And the 6x22 goodbye scene was beautiful because it showed all the ways and reasons why Stelena should’ve been endgame and Paul and Nina delivered on their subtlety again and it was frustrating because you saw the bittersweet laughter and the tears in their eyes and hear the words Elena is saying:

and you’re like … but it’s Damon though? HOW?

But my favourite scene has to be 6x21 because that was when all of my Stelena feels came rushing back full-force and unapologetically for such a simple and short scene because that Stelena magic was just so present:

^^ Like even the way Elena is moving back and forth in that giddy, flirty, nervous way and the way Stefan is sort of dapper and charming and a little bit smug in the way he’s looking at her, it’s so season 1 episode 1

and this laugh and smile is unreserved and almost pure and it has this I’ve-known-you-forever-and-yet-I-feel-like-you’re-speaking-to-me-for-the-first-time quality to it that’s also very season 1

and Elena is checking him out here and it reminds me of when she asked how good he looked in a suit and it reminds me of 2x14 when she realized how hot he looked in that jacket. Like it was just SO Stelena.

So. This is my sinfully long, gif-filled, rambling response to your question. I hope it was enjoyable to read!

Nicknames Part 2

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1288

Summary: Jared, Jensen, Eric and a few others are determined to give the reader a nickname.

Part 5 in The Future Series.  Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here, Part 3 here, and Part 4 here.

Thank you all so much for the help finding a nickname for the reader! :) I think the final choice fits perfectly. Plus, I have one more part to do with nicknames. ;) Also, just so you know, Adrianne Palicki plays Jessica (Jess), Samantha Smith plays Mary Winchester, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan pays John Winchester, just so your memory is refreshed. :) Enjoy!

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Whenever You’re Ready - Pt. 3

Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairings: Dean x Caroline [OFC]

Words: 1.6k +

Warnings: Pregnancy. A bit of angst. Fluff.

Beta: The awesome @blacktithe7 ! Thank you so much.

A/N: Day Three of 12 Days of Christmas Challenge hosted by @waywardlullabies​! I really love this series and I hope y’all love it as well. Please don’t forget to leave feedback? Xoxoxo.

gif by: @itsokaysammy

Whenever You’re Ready | Masterlist

Prompt: Scarves + Christmas Cookies
Tittle: “I’ll make you pie.”


Dean grew fonder of suits the more he aged. God knows how many men hated them. In his early years, the first time he bought a cheap suit was to pose as an competent federal agent. His brother, Sam, making him shift from leather and work boots to a pantsuit. Dean could still hear his brother whining repeatedly about them looking the part. The green eyed man scoffed softly, finishing the last knot of his tie. The sound of heels clicking the wooden floors made his head turn around. Dean watched Caroline pace slowly across her room while putting on her ear ring. He enjoyed gazing at her even more in time’s like this. Caroline was a beauty; inside and out, but what made her more gorgeous was her pregnancy glow. She is an spontaneous woman and Dean loved that about her.

Caroline turned around, meeting Dean’s handsome attire and almost heart-eyed look. She smiled as she walked across the hallway and into the guest room Dean always slept in when he visits. Caroline looked him up and down, taking in every single detail of his handsomeness.  He’d took her breath away every time he’d wear a suit.

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Skin new, hands true (my hands all over you) | A Steroline Drabble

A/N: 5674 words. Rated M.

Three months. That’s how long it takes.

Three months since they said goodbye to Elena. Three months since Stefan promised to wait. Three months of not saying, and not doing, and shy glances and hand brushes and tension.

Three whole months: that’s how much time has passed when she finds him standing at her mother’s kitchen stove, stirring some garlic-y concoction that smells amazing all the way from the doorway. And that’s how long it takes for that final piece to click into place, and for Caroline to think – Oh.

She watches him from the kitchen doorway, not sure why he’s here or how.

He hasn’t heard her come in, and is bobbing his head with embarrassing enthusiasm to the Bon Jovi song that blares from the radio. He’s wearing one of her favorite flannels, and she wonders if he picked out the outfit with her in mind. She leans against the doorframe and crosses her arms, enjoying the moment.

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There's Something Missing

M - *frustration* auuuuugh
A - God Michael shut up. You’re such a drama queen
M- Shut up Alli
A - Allison
M - Whatever! Can we g somewhere an do do something for once? Summer is almost over.
C - I can call my mom to take us to the mall or something
M - no that’s dumb, Chuck.
A - We can goto Freddy’s. We always did that when we were younger

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Pride and Prejudice Snippet

So a snippet from my eventual Pride and Prejudice Klaroline story that will happen one day. (This scene may change some when it’s actually published)

She usually enjoyed dancing. The movements were rehearsed, practiced since she’d been a child until the point where they had become part of her, sinking into her bones through the years. She flowed through the steps, the others around them doing the same as they moved through the lines, between partners before always coming back to the one they had started with. There was a sense of control to the steps that Caroline craved, her life having spiraled out of her grasp so wildly in the past year that she had no idea when she would ever be able to put it back together again.

Every day brought about new changes, new means of pulling everything apart at the seams, but at least she’d had her dancing. Even now though the comfort of that was taken from her as she was forced to endure Klaus’ company one more time. She didn’t understand why he’d sought her out to dance. Hadn’t he made it clearly known how little he valued her at the last ball? Was this a way to further embarrass her? Or a trick to try and pull Bonnie further into the twisted circle that was his court?

Whichever it was she didn’t like it but carried through with the steps, not shrugging off his hand when it touched her back as he led her forward before they turned together, synchronised with the rest of the dancers. Getting herself killed because of Klaus’ temper wouldn’t end up helping Bonnie at all.

“I’m surprised that they’re playing this one,” Caroline commented as Klaus took hold of her hands, trying not to shiver as he let his linger longer than necessary as they drew apart again. “I thought it had fallen out of fashion.” It was one of her favorites though, reminded her of when her father had helped teach her the steps, memories of stepping on the tops of his shoes as he helped her move fresh in her mind.

“It has, but I heard that this one was rather popular around here, still loved by many,” Klaus informed her, gaze on her face just a touch longer than necessary.

She didn’t like how he was watching her, that curling of his lips as if he was glimpsing something he found interesting not at all what she wanted to see. This was definitely not helping her stay under his radar. “I would have thought you knew better than to listen to idle gossip.”

When she figured out which of the locals had mentioned it offhand to him she was going to need to have some stern words, most likely accompanied by compulsion to insure there were no further slips of tongue.

“I find it to be quite telling.” Klaus smiled, hands lingering longer than necessary against her arm, along her back as they continued to move. “You find out more from neighbors than you might from the person you’re seeking to learn more about.”

“Only if you can’t be bothered to actually speak to whoever it is you wish to know more about.” Her gaze locked with his for a moment, unyielding as the words slid easily out of her mouth. Caroline had never done well with holding her tongue. Not even it seemed against Hybrids who could snap her like a twig. “And if that’s the case there’s really little point in the knowledge you’ve gained. Unless it’s simply gathered in order to exploit whatever it might be that you want from someone.”

The Vampire Diaries used to be a really great show. It was never an Emmy worthy one, but for a teen drama on CW.. it was really, REALLY, good.

Unfortunately, time of heroes and dead characters who actually stay dead is long gone, and we’re faced with storylines thought half through and characters who wear a different personality every single episode.

Every show has its premise. Male lead. Female lead. Villains. Supporting characters. I don’t know about you guys, but I fall in love what I’m presented with, and I have a feeling TVD writers changed their minds halfway through the show. No. You can’t do that. You started telling a story. Finish it. You have another idea? That’s really great. Create a new show, create new characters to build your show around. Don’t force your already existing ones into storylines they don’t fit in.

That’s how TVD feels for almost two years now, like writers are trying to squeeze their characters into jeans two sizes too small.

Do you remember how TVD begins? It begins with Stefan saying I’m a vampire and this is my story. Now, Stefan is a footnote in his own story. He became a plot device for storylines concerning other characters. This is your main male character, people. Your main hero. And they give him crumbs. Crazy doppelgangers, PTSD and such, which lasts for several episodes and then, he’s pushed into background. Giving his ex girlfriend advice on how to bang his brother. Then, they kill him off in the next to the last episode of the season in such a trivial way few seconds before the episode ends. And everyone are like oh, he’ll be back. Yeah, he obviously will, deep down we all knew that, but it was their job to make me believe he’s not going to be back. Or at least to make it tear worthy. Once upon a time TVD was able to make me cry with a death of a character I’ve met that episode, and now the death of my favorite character doesn’t even bother me. The lack of screen time Stefan got in the season finale, or his importance, is actually so disappointing. The reactions to his death were underwhelming. You don’t have time to actually give us bombastic reactions at your main character dying? DON’T KILL HIM AN EPISODE BEFORE THE FINALE. I also don’t care if this or that character knew/believed he will come back. I expect tears. Because there’s a dead body of the person they love in front of their eyes.

Season finale basically followed its usual steps. Oh no, we don’t have a plan. Wait, we have a plan, but.. we need a witch. Let’s kidnap a witch. Suspense is killing us because the witch is not able to help us, so let’s use violence to make her. There, the witch has agreed to help us. We’re going through with the plan. Something happens. Drama. Drama. Tears. More irrelevant tears. Some bullshit writing there’s no proof of in previous episodes. Something shocking, more or less, happens. Oh the suspense.. do TVD writers have guts to actually kill off one of the main characters? Of course not, because then evil fans will send them angry tweets and hurt their feelings. Are they dead? Calm down guys, everyone already signed a contract for the next season, we’re all good.

You know what I hate? When they bring characters back to promote a certain pairing. Sometimes I have a feeling the other side exists solemnly so random dead characters can come back and scream ALL OF US IN PURGATORY ARE ROOTING FOR THE TWO OF YOU TO STICK YOUR TONGUES DOWN EACH OTHERS THROAT. Rose and Alaric were main Delena fans, and now Lexi is pushing for Steroline. I know all of you are bored because there’s probably nothing else to do at the other side, but don’t do it, because it feels like you’re pushing those ships down our throat. And we don’t like that.

Where was I? Yeah, season finale.. Bonnie tries to save all of them, knowing there’s no possible way for her to save herself. They decide to set the whole town on fire in order to kill the travelers. And Damon offers to do the bang. Some touchy feely Delena scenes. When Damon asked Elena to respect his choice I was actually rolling around the bed laughing like a maniac because, come on.. there’s so much irony in here that you can’t not laugh. Lexi refuses to cross over so Bonnie doesn’t die before Damon manages to cross over. Yeah, was I supposed to be touched by this? Because a minor relevant character decided some other character is more worthy to kill Bonnie than they are? I’m not a big Beremy fan, or a fan at all, but Jeremy screaming Bonnie and running in her direction was actually touching. 

We come to a main punch line.. Elena getting in the car with Damon to blow the whole town up. Remember how in the earlier seasons everyone complained Elena is boring and too good and a saint? Yeah, well, I want that girl back. With a shining halo and fuzzy sweaters and granny undies and teddy bears. Because that girl was strong in a way many people don’t even recognize as strength. She was strong at her core. And she would be so ashamed if she could see herself today. What Elena did today was suicide. You want to compare it to the season 3 when she told Stefan to save Matt instead of her? Sorry, you can’t. Because then, she was making a sacrifice. Today, she was on a suicide mission. An unnecessary one. She got in that car and pulled a Bella Swan. She got in that car knowing that, if something goes wrong, she will be leaving Jeremy alone. Remember Jeremy? Minor. No family but her. Yeah, that Jeremy. Where’s the girl from season 2 whose bones shook at the thought of dying? She was ready to die with Damon because being dead with him is better than being alive, but alone. You know when that was romantic? In 14th century Italy when some guy Shakespeare made you up. 

This show is one vampire baby away from becoming Twilight.

This episode made me realize something, though. That Elena will never, ever, love Stefan the way she loves Damon. At least not this version of Elena, the person she grew out to be. Elena who makes suicide missions instead of sacrifices. Elena is bright pink sweaters is long gone, I just haven’t accepted that until now. And she won’t ever love Stefan the way she loves Damon. But you know what? I don’t want her to. Not anymore.

Also, you know who the real hero here is? Bonnie. Not Damon, not Stefan, not Caroline or any other character. It’s Bonnie. Bonnie who died and no one noticed. Bonnie who had people dying through her and yet, no one noticed. Bonnie, who lost her dad. Bonnie, who lost everyone but never dared to cry or complain, in case someone needs her. Bonnie, who always wore a smile on her face. Bonnie, who wanted just one thing.. to make her last days on this planet count. Bonnie, who had zero obligation towards these people, who pushed her around, used her for their purpose, not caring for her well being. Bonnie, who died to save them all.

While Elena was crying for Damon.. don’t get me wrong, I get it. She loves him. I would have cried too. But do you know for who I would cry more? Person who was in my life basically since the day I was born. And Elena.. she acted so ungrateful. Like it’s somehow Bonnie’s fault that Damon is stuck on the other side.

And then, it ends. Actually, I liked the ending scene. Bonnie and Damon, standing next to each other. Two character who don’t have two nice words to say about each other. Who can’t stand to be in the same room as each other. Holding hands. Facing the unknown. It’s a depth of possibilities. But, knowing the writers, none they will explore.

So, that’s your shocking, deadly finale. Bunch of irrelevant characters came back, travelers went as they came, and two of them died out of which we know one will come back for sure.

Color me surprised.

Broken Trust

Prompt By wescolasclife and sort of eternal-steroline-flame
A/N: Sorry it took so long and I haven’t been updating, but writer’s block is a bitch. However, it’s finally gone and I’m working on teh next chapter of “I Can’t Fight It,” right now. Enjoy!

Caroline Forbes hates lying. She’s always thought that it was a waste of time because people have lied to her all her life.

From when her father told her that it wasn’t weird to dress like a pirate for picture day to when Matt swore that he loved her, Caroline hated people that lied to her.

So in true Caroline fashion she keeps a list of people that have never lied to her. It’s a small list that she keeps in her planner and it’s a list that she always keeps up because these people are the ones that she can trust.

Up until a few hours ago the list was smooth and clear, with four names clearly stated on it. Her mother, Bonnie, her favorite teacher in school and Stefan Salvatore. 

However, now the list was crumpled with wet spots across the page. The first three names were still intact, but the last had been buried underneath fresh black ink that had been hastily dragged over it.

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 bamon moments/scenes? (not season 6/7) ;)

Sorry for the (SUPER EXTREMELY) delayed response! This one took me a while to put together, as you’ll see (and also got lost in my drafts folder for a while, oops). And please bear with me, because this will be (very, very) long:

5. 1x21 - Bonnie Pretends to De-Spell the Gilbert Device

This was a moment that turned the fandom at large against Bonnie, unfortunately, but outside of that undeserved consequence, it’s very important on a number of levels, and really set the stage for how Bamon would unfold over the next 7 seasons. The scene starts with Damon (rightly) gauging that he’s on Bonnie’s bad side after biting her in 1x09, and that he can’t trust her. They snipe at each other (the seeds of the banter that we would come to know and love), she displays her magic in a show of bravado, and they both have a firm read on each other that demonstrates just how well they already understand each other, even at this point where they are antagonists.

In fact, only Elena’s urging has him abandoning what he knows to be true about Bonnie, and instead trusting her with the device. It was an interesting power dynamic, with Bonnie now completely aware of what Damon is and what devastation he’s capable of, and also aware of what she is and the power -and limits, given the loss of Grams- of her own abilities. He can’t trust her, he taunts her, but secretly his respect and understanding for her grows, as we see by the way he watches her, unseen, as she performs the spell. She loathes him, blames him for much of the harm she has suffered thus far, but still pushes her chin up and faces him head on, even getting the upper hand when she tricks him by not de-spelling the device after all.

The push and pull between them is electric, and even as their relationship has grown and shifted since then, the template for their interactions was provided by moments like this one.

4. 3x21 - Bonnie and Damon Wait for/Meet with Abby

Damon said he was Team Bonnie during this series of scenes, and despite the usual ribbing, his actions show that he really was. I love this scene because it’s so evident at this point that at least on Damon’s side, there’s a real affection between them now. We start the episode with her in his arms, after he’s fed her his blood and saved her. Despite everything falling apart around them, and the sniping they do at each other in the Gilbert kitchen, when the time comes to move on a plan that centers on Bonnie and her magic, he’s right there by her side.

Through that, we get the real answer to Bonnie’s question, “If you’re so mad at me, why did you feed me your blood and save my life?” He cares about Bonnie, even at this point when they’re allies who for all appearances seem to merely tolerate each other. He worried for her when he saw her possessed at the crypt the night before, and he’s worried for her even later, when she’s waiting to meet up with her mother who abandoned her, again. He’s there to nudge her to keep her expectations low (by annoying her, in typical fashion), to support her in case anything doesn’t go according to plan, and work by her side when it does.

Also, a huge thank you to Ian for the warm, affectionate way he gazes after her as she paces.

3. 4x15 - The Hug TM

I was going to leave this one as self-explanatory, because… c’mon. LOL

But I do think it’s not talked about enough that this scene was one of the first instances where we see Bonnie not just turning to Damon in a time of need, but really taking comfort in him. Even with us knowing that she’s in this brainwashed state, even knowing that she won’t remember this moment later, it really speaks volumes how she leaned into him, closing her eyes with such a sense of relief… it was as if, despite still being on that island, still knowing Jeremy is dead, still knowing that they didn’t get the cure, still knowing that she’s a ticking time bomb of Expression magic with no Shane off-switch, despite every awful thing still looming over her, she knows she’s safe because she’s in his arms.

And that’s something that we only see them follow through on in season 6. The Hug TM was one of our first hints of this amazing bond we have now, where Damon is Bonnie’s solace, as @wells-bennett has so beautifully described it in the past.

2. 2x18 - The Last Dance (and What Followed After)

I wrote previously about this episode/scene, so I hope you won’t mind if I take an excerpt from there: Obviously The Last Dance was an episode chock full of Bamony goodness. My favorite scene without a doubt though was the panicked conversation the two of them had in the hallway of Mystic Falls High when Bonnie’d realized that Klaus was trying to kill her.

It’s my favorite because it’s the first time I can think of that Bonnie truly demonstrated trust in Damon, despite all the reasons she had to despise and mistrust him. Of all the people in her life that she could display this level of fear and vulnerability to, of all the people she could instinctively turn to for support, Bonnie chose Damon. She needed someone to ground her, someone to push her towards a solid course of action, someone who neither doubted her capabilities nor assumed she was invulnerable.

And for his part, s2!Damon the selfish, impulsive, careless vampire stepped up to that. He supported her exactly how she needed to be supported, without coddling or trying to protect her from the things that they both knew she had to do. Instead he listened to her, and helped her develop and set into motion a plan that not only gave Team Mystic Falls their first advantage over a baddie in, well, ever, but also saved Bonnie’s life regardless of how little he might have claimed to care about it.

1. 5x22 - I’ll Follow You Into the Light

This!!! This was the moment that changed everything. This was the moment that heralded the end of the Bamon Ban, that put Bamon on the fast track for the focused development that brought us to the point where we’re at now, where Bonnie and Damon are so emotionally intimate and so vital to one another’s lives. This was the moment when Bonnie and Damon have already been through so much together, already understand each other on an intuitive level, but still had yet to cement the bond we see today in all its joy, banter, and affection.

This is the moment where Bonnie took Damon’s hand and they stared down oblivion together, where they unwittingly bound themselves to each other for ever after. That moment where the light swallowed up their final words was so inspired, it left us all breathless. It’s truly one of the most iconic moments of the entire TVD series, and it was all about Bonnie and Damon.


Moffat Appreciation Week 2016: Day 3 - Favorite thing about Series 9

Cliffhangers! Oh the cliffhangers. If you know me, you’ll know that I was thrilled when I found out that Series 9 was going to be all two parters. When Series 6 was airing and Moffat said he wouldn’t be writing many more two parters because the second part never did as well ratings wise I was very disappointed. As a Classic Who fan especially, I love the serialized format and the unique opportunities multi-part episodes allow for. I think Series 9 demonstrates exactly why that is really well.

In a meta I started but never finished, I defended Classic Who’s serialized formatting and cited it as one of the reasons I often prefer the classic series to the new series. Sure, sometimes the episodes feel like filler and the story itself drags on too long (I’m looking at you, Season 7), but overall the multi-part format allows for something we never truly get in 45 minutes of screentime. In many cases, the story doesn’t have time to fully develop before time constraints cut it short. Series 9 didn’t suffer as much in this regard.

A perfect way to highlight this difference is the usage of the sonic screwdriver/sunglasses this series compared to other series. People often complain that the Doctor literally sonics away plot holes, but in this series he rarely relied on the device. I don’t remember an instance where the Doctor used the sonic more than two or three times an episode, and never to move the plot along in a major way. There’s a reason for this. When the Doctor only has 45 minutes to figure out the monster of the week, say a few quick quips, let the special effects team do their thing, and save the day, he doesn’t have time to puzzle through every aspect of the episode. Instead, he needs a quick and easy way to move the plot along. Behold, the sonic screwdriver.

When the Doctor (and the writers) have double the time to work with, we get plot and character development simply not possible in a single-episode format. Notice how many of the first episodes in a pair were used to set up the other. “The Magician’s Apprentice” set up all the background necessary for the first episode in a series without feeling the need to go through an entire plot arc. Then, we got “The Witch’s Familiar” to deliver on everything it’s counterpart promised. “Under the Lake/Before the Flood,” probably my favorite pair this series, is a great example of this. “Under the Lake” establishes everything necessary for the payoffs in “Before the Flood” without really saying much. It builds the necessary tension, clues the viewer in to a few choice elements necessary to understand the next episode, but the plot doesn’t really progress. The whole episode is our cast of characters trying to figure out what the ghosts are, and by the end of the episode, they still don’t know. I love that. I love that we can get the Doctor’s thinking process, I love that we can see our beloved characters try and fail, and I love that through these attempts and failures we see character development impossible in such a condensed episode.

The most standout scene for me this series was the climax of “The Zygon Inversion.” All of the tension for almost an hour and a half had built up to this moment: the standoff between Kate Stewart and Bonny. This scene emcompassed everything I love about Doctor Who and scifi in general: deep, philosphical questions paired with optimism. The Doctor insists on peace; he demands it. He makes both parties agree to a better future. The buildup to this scene, the power of the scene itself, could not be possible in a one part episode. It had too much pre-established tension, too much backstroy established, and too slow a pace to survive in a 45 minute episode. These are the moments I look for in Doctor Who, and these are the benefits of multi-part stories. I feel like this series was one of the strongest in recent memory because it embraced the serialized format, and I hope that in the future, Moffat continues to give himself the freedom to write beyond 45 minute plots.

The Vampire Diaries- Has It Jumped The Shark?

Changing gears a little….time to talk TVD.  TVD is going into its 6th season.  Any TV show that’s on the air that long is going to have issues keeping the plot fresh & exciting.  Especially one that revolves around a love triangle. 

I’m not going to lie, Season 5 was rough for me.  I’m not talking specifically as a Stelena shipper - although I will admit that is a source of some pain.  I respect the fact that in the course of a TV show, based on a love triangle, each side of the triangle needs its time in the sun.  It’s Delena’s time in the sun. I don’t have an issue with Elena being with Damon if it makes sense narrative wise.  I remember when Elena died in the S3 finale, after I picked myself up from the puddle of tears, I was really excited.  I said to my husband, “They figured out a way to do it - how to split Elena in half.  Stefan will have human Elena’s love and Damon will have vampire Elena’s love.”  I knew the moment Elena said “I never unfell for him” that S4 would be about Elena “unfalling” for Stefan. I accepted that becoming a vampire would create darker tendencies in Elena.  Logically, that would make her more compatible with Damon.  I was also interested to see Damon & Elena try to make a go of it. See? I’m a reasonable Stelena shipper.  I can share.

However, after Season 4 and Season 5, I’ve decided that my issues with TVD are so much bigger than Stelena vs. Delena.  And from the drop in ratings, it looks like I’m not the only one.  Its left me wondering if TVD has jumped the shark.

Maybe yes, maybe no.  However, I do believe the problem with TVD, in my humble opinion, can be boiled down to two main issues: Mythology and Elena (side note - this is NOT an Elena hate anthology so just bear with me).

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Sister Location: WW3

So in the trailer for FNaF: Sister Location, we get a lot of information thrown at us. After we get glimpses at the previous four games, we see the word “Terror” and then it moves us into a room that we can be seen frantically looking around in. 

If you pay attention to the lights outside the windows, they seem to be moving by fast, and you can hear a mechanical whirring noise, which could be the fan, or maybe its because your are in an elevator. Also, in this elevator we see a poster of Dancer, or the ballerina, and as you can see, it says DANCER on the poster, so maybe Dancer is her name after all. The key thing about the elevator is, look how heavy duty it seems to be. First, why does a restaurant need an elevator? Especially one that goes down. And even if they did have an elevator that goes down, then why would it be of what could presumably be titanium? Steel? Why is it like this? (Read more to see my entire theory- please do)

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Let’s Talk About TVD 7x16: A Review

It wasn’t a very good episode if you look at the whole picture. It wasn’t unwatchable either. But I rank this episode as a step in the right direction because it finally A) put us where we want to be, in the future, and B) revealed crucial character motivations.

The pacing was bad. The scripting was bad, frankly. It felt like the writers were trying desperately to fill time with filler scenes and lots of pointless dialogue because they knew Caroline and Bonnie weren’t going to be in this episode. And honestly, this proves that without Caroline and Bonnie, they can’t figure out how to make the show compelling. We went over the usual Defan drama on repeat, over and over, to no end. We get it. Damon is selfish, Stefan doesn’t trust him, Stefan has to let him go to be happy or whatever bullshit people have been feeding him, etc. Kumbaya, amen. Whatever. Snore. And they also tried to fill the time with some awkward, weird Stalerie scenes and…Enzo. Okay.

If you’re looking for an exciting return from hiatus, or an exciting episode in general, this isn’t it.

What I enjoyed about it was that for the first time…check it…I felt like I got Valerie. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when writers try to lie to me. That’s what Valerie’s whole character has felt like for the duration of the season. A silly puddy mess that the writers themselves couldn’t seem to decide was a good person or a bad person, and I sure as hell wasn’t sure if I was supposed to like her or not. Surprise: I didn’t like her at all. She was shady and manipulative, incredibly selfish and contradictory, catty, even just plain cruel. And that was it. That was all the show told me about her character, except they told me indirectly. They wanted me to like Valerie and see her as some sort of good person, but all of Valerie’s words and actions told me the exact opposite. On top of that, they also somehow managed to acknowledge it even less than Damon that Valerie is a mass murderer. Just don’t lie to me. Always be honest when you write.

In this episode, I LAUGHED when Damon and Reyna both finally dropped some truth bombs right on Valerie’s head. They forced her to reveal her cards, and I loved it. Like, FINALLY. I feel like I can get this character now. Damon forced Valerie to admit that she has been lying to Stefan for three years about his scar so that the scar would never come off. Because she is galactically selfish. And she is obsessed with precious Steffy and always has been. He has always meant everything to her. She kept his journal with her for over a hundred years. And then Damon finally dropped the C-bomb, which produced an even more entertaining reaction. Yes, let’s acknowledge it. Let’s acknowledge that Valerie and Stefan’s relationship is a sham built on the principles of hardcore rebounding and lies. My favorite line from the whole thing: “I took your place, I took Caroline’s place, I was everything to him.” Valerie, Valerie, Valerie.


Originally posted by memosoto

In a way that I cannot explain, this Valerie feels more like the one we saw in the first episode and then never saw again. Why? Because it felt like the writers were presenting us with an honest reading of the character. She’s emotionally dependent, self-apologizing, self-serving, and desperate. Were the Stalerie scenes gross and random? Yes. Do they have chemistry? No. But those two problems don’t matter anymore because they’re kind of the whole point. The only thing that still IS a problem is the fact that all the Stefan/Valerie scenes are so damn extra. Like they really don’t need to spend so much time on it or make as big a deal of it as they do. We all know he’s going to end up with Caroline and that Val is his side chick. So stop wasting our time and just treat it like what it is, which is not a cute epic love or some shit, it’s not even a likable ship. What it is is living proof of Stefan’s fucked up relationship issues and how he continually uses people like Valerie as filler people to avoid facing the kind of real vulnerability and intimacy he has with Caroline and Damon, probably as a result of all the fucked up emotional abuse he experienced from Damon for his whole vampire life, and later a little bit from Elena. The end result of this character arc for Stefan is when he realizes that now matter how much pain they cause him, they cause him that pain because he loves them. And it’s not like they meant to. But when you love people like that, it makes you vulnerable, and it can hurt. Especially when they “leave” you, which is how Stefan sees what Caroline and Damon did to him. Of course he falls back on Valerie. Ironically, even though she left him in 1863, she’s the only one who didn’t leave him now, at least in his twisted mind. (I still maintain that Caroline never left Stefan–she prioritized the babies, and he perceived it as her leaving him. Understandable, even though he has done the same to her many times. And he became a self-fulfilling prophecy, because he made the decision to leave her.) And ultimately, what Stefan needs, what he wants, is not what he has with Valerie, a surface-thing. He’s afraid of it because he’s afraid of pain and he’s afraid to go all in and he’s afraid to trust, we’ve seen it time and again with Caroline as well as Damon, but they make him happy. He loves them. He loves them like family. They are his family. And in the end, and I can speak from personal experience, the ties that bind us, like family, don’t ever really go away, no matter how much they might hurt you. It’s too powerful for that. And in the end, that bond can be a way to heal all the pain itself has created. So yeah, sure, Stefan might have been happy with Valerie. Like Reyna tried to tell him. (I mean keep in mind she also might have been bullshitting him because she wanted to transfer the mark off him.) In a way, he was “happy,” if you can call it that. He was free. Free of the ties that bind. Free of love and pain. But in the end, however liberating that might have been for him, it’s never an ideal life. it was the life he thought he had to live because he couldn’t be with the people that make him truly happy.

Stefan doesn’t kiss Valerie because he has feelings for her. He kisses Valerie because she’s there. And Caroline and Damon aren’t. No one is. Valerie is of course, as always, incredibly overdramatic when she says she replaced Caroline and was “everything” to Stefan, like she’s purposefully deluding herself and completely crazypants, but ironically she’s also kind of right. 

When Stefan looks at his phone, he has been on the run for a year. In that time, he hasn’t seen anyone he cares about. And he finally begins to accept the fact that there may not be a way to get the scar off. He has to stay on the run for the rest of Reyna’s life, and when Reyna dies, he dies. He literally thinks he will never see Caroline or Damon again. Settling for Valerie is okay because there is no one else to settle for. It doesn’t get any better than this for him anymore. The best thing he can do for himself is try to live out the rest of his life without being completely miserable, and that’s what Valerie does for him: keeps him from being completely miserable. His only friend and companion, turned lover, because why not. In a way, he does use her to replace Caroline and Damon. That’s shitty, isn’t it? But we shouldn’t be surprised. This is Stefan. He’s a complete slimeball towards the people in his life, especially the women in his life. He did the same thing to Ivy that he’s doing to Valerie now. I get the feeling he thinks he has a right to treat people like shit because people like Damon and Elena have steamrolled over him in the past. Like his extreme manpain gives him an excuse to be a piece of slime and treat people like dirt in some sort of revenge on the world. Like fuck you. I disagree. I think he needs to grow a pair of balls and He is not the sole character who experiences the pain of loss and abandonment. Caroline experiences it in spades, for instance. Not the least of which comes directly from his overly mainpained, lowkey abusive ass.

All of this makes for a character in Valerie whose motivations I actually feel like I understand for the first time. And, weirdly…this makes me like her. Like she’s still a terrible person, and her and Stefan are still gross, and I’m still waiting for someone to acknowledge the fact that she’s a heartless, remorseless murderer (with humanity on) besides Matt. But all of these things never meant that I couldn’t like the character. I just needed it to be acknowledged. Just don’t lie to me. Write honestly. And now I feel like it’s starting to be.

Lastly, I would like to say something about the Gold Medal that TVD just won on the Bury Your Gays Olympics. They also recently won the Gold Medal award for the Shameless Racism Olympics. Two prestigious athletic events! Just incredible. Good job.

Okay but seriously, the people behind this show, and I’m talking Julie Plec and Caroline Dries, cannot even try to pretend anymore that they’re not the most racist and homophobic producers on television today. Apparently they still think we’re back in 2008, when it was okay to have two gay characters in seven seasons and kill them both off after half a season, and when it was okay to have one person of color on the show and treat them like a slave in the antebellum American South.

News flash. It’s 2016. The media is a lot more PC now. (This is real talk for a second here) The television industry is starting to beef up their diversity creds. By a lot. We’ve never seen a trend quite this dramatic before. Check the list of newish, popular shows, and you’ll see all kinds of colors and sexualities you’ve probably never seen before in your life. It’s happening. So time to catch up, TVD.

The fact that this show is all about romance, and yet it took them this long to have a single LGBTQA+ couple, is fucking shameful. And then, of course, they decide to kill both of them off in one of the most blatant Bury Your Gays moments of the past five years. Had nothing to do with their sexual orientations, I’m sure. Except even if you say it doesn’t, even if you genuinely believe it doesn’t, you’re just wrong. Because it’s not about you and what you feel is right. It’s about the GOD DAMN FACTS. Read up on your own show’s statistics and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. It may be inadvertent, but by creating needless character deaths (literally there was no need for those characters to die anyway, it was just grief fodder to make yourselves seem more deep or whatever, you could have found another way to break the stone), you are upholding an institution that has fucking diminished and slaughtered the entire LGBTQA+ community for hundreds–thousand–of years. And that bleeds out into real life. So congratulations for continuing to promote the invisibility and invalidity of LGBT people and their relationships. The flaming car was a nice touch. You real did em a nasty one there.

Oh, and about the Gold Medal for Shameless Racism that you’re so god damn proud of, I have to admit I was so impressed with the level of your racism and how you continue to uphold it years after most shows have begun abandoning the concept. I mean, I really admire your steadfastness in your beliefs. I especially loved the touch where you created a second black character in order to bait people into thinking you were being diverse, but then made him a servile mute who doesn’t speak and only gets drinks for his white “siblings.” I also loved the part where you killed him off before anyone else in his group, except Oscar, who as a matter of fact is also a person of color, so there you go again! 

Also, I’m still loving the whole, Bonnie gets the shitty love interests that none of the other characters want, and also takes on a world of agony and slaves away to solve her white friends’ problems. It’s especially great that Bonnie never gets any storylines and her “friends” never seem to want to talk to her except when they need her to be subservient in some way.

All in all, I think you guys are still doing the BEST job on television of completely destroying every ounce of progress the media has made in the past decade to rout racism and homophobia. Shit, I didn’t even talk about the sexism you promote! Because you guys seem to be the only ones that still understand the basic tenet of the media, that all the important characters have to be white and straight, or they won’t be interesting and no one will watch it. Continue to make your sole character of color a slave to her white friends and their storylines, and keep on killing off those gays, and you’ll be on the fast track to winning another batch of Gold Medals for the fucking ignorance, white-washing, and straight-washing that you are so well-known for. Mr. Trump and his ilk would be proud.