this is like my sophie's choice

  • ["If you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick?"]
  • Hazel: Sex!
  • Frank: Seriously. Answer faster.
  • Hazel: I'm sorry, sweetie. When she said "sex" I wasn't thinking of sex with you.
  • Frank: It's like a big hug.
  • Piper: Annabeth, how about you? Sex or food?
  • Annabeth: Sex!
  • Percy: What about sex or books?
  • Annabeth: My God, it's like Sophie's Choice.
  • Piper: Leo, if you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick?
  • Leo: I don't know it's too hard.
  • Jason: Come on, you have to answer.
  • Leo: Okay... sex. No, food. No, uh... I want both! I want girls on bread!
Addiction theme on NBC Family drama THIS IS US

This is us is about family. Is about peoples virtues and flaws. But also is very recurrent the addiction theme. 

Confirmed ones :

Addiction for drink /alchool Jack

Addiction for food Kate

Addiction for perfection Randall

Addiciton for drugs William

 my theories:

Addiction for attention Kevin 

Kevin´s life choices are always based in getting attention because when he was a kid and a teen he felt ignored by his parents and felt randall stole the parents attention - he became a model, than a actor, in school he was popular and a Jock, he cheated on Sophie. When he appears in Randalls hes always trying to be the central piece always talking a lot and moving around like it is his own house. This is all based in seeking attention.

Addicton (fear of being alone) to have company/someone

I think Rebecca have fear of being alone because she at first didnt want kids and marriage life, but stayed with Jack knowing he wanted this kind of life, she married Miguel after Jacks death, she saw how alone and miserable her mother was because the dad didnt pay attention to her and her mother , she wanted fame and being a singer, fame is like a way of not being alone because everyone wants to be with you when you are famous and finaly she was scared to death of loosing randall.

Sera and Brand having a meal together, Sera made a healthy choice.  No surprise there!

Her dad; Brad, heading over to join them.

For my new followers:  Sera is Evi’s twin sister.  She had her own story arch with Brand earlier.

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

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would you rather get to spend a whole day with wyf or get a chance to attend kd's wedding?

This is like sophie’s choice……… 

I’d do anything to spend a day with fanfan :(((( 

But I’d choose witnessing kaisoo’s love over anything, so I’d rather attend their wedding T__T

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  • ["If you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick?"]
  • Jody: Sex!
  • Bobby: Seriously. Answer faster.
  • Jody: I'm sorry, sweetie. When she said "sex" I wasn't thinking of sex with you.
  • Bobby: It's like a big hug.
  • Sam: Cas, how about you? Sex or food?
  • Cas: Sex!
  • Sam: What about sex or bees?
  • Cas: My God, it's like Sophie's Choice.
  • Sam: Dean, if you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick?
  • Dean: I don't know it's too hard.
  • Sam: Come on, you have to answer.
  • Dean: Okay... sex. No, food. No, uh... I want both! I want girls on bread!
  • Ginny Weasley: Mmmm...this cake is amazing!
  • Draco Malfoy: [repulsed] Get a room!
  • Ginny Weasley: I would get a room with this cake. I could show this cake a good time!
  • Luna Lovegood: If you had to, what would you give up? Food or sex?
  • Ginny Weasley: [quickly] Sex.
  • Harry Potter: [unimpressed] Seriously, answer faster!
  • Ginny Weasley: I'm sorry! When she said sex I wasn't thinking about sex with you!
  • Harry Potter: [still feeling hurt] It's like a giant hug!
  • Luna Lovegood: Hermione, how about you? Which would you give up? Sex or food?
  • Hermione Granger: [quickly] Food!
  • Luna Lovegood: How about sex or books?
  • Hermione Granger: [in a state of uncertainty] My...! It's like Sophie's Choice!
  • Draco Malfoy: What about you Blaise? What would you give up? Sex or food?
  • Blaise Zabini: [after thinking] I don't know, it's too hard!
  • Draco Malfoy: No, you have to pick one!
  • Blaise Zabini: [quickly] Food! No, sex! Food! Sex! Food! Sex...I don't know, I want both! I want girls on bread!

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What are your favorite canon divergent fics?

how much time do you have? 

i recently discovered how much i love canon divergence fics and the following ones are diamonds. every single one, i promise. 

From the Start (8/?) by lockedout

Rash Defamation (9/?) by @tomeandflickcorner

Winter by @eight-0f-hearts

Given The Choice (7/?) by @winter-by-the-sea

Roses in December by @justanotherwannabeclassic

The Quiet Life  by @weisse-rose

Unbreakable (20/?) by @xemmaloveskillianx

Separate Lives by @lenfaz

One shots

we’ve got a lot (don’t you dare forget that) by @jadeddiva

Polaris by @bluestoplights

Someone Like You by @seastarved

for more reading, check out AU Week Day 2 - Canon Divergence


My apologies but

This is coming up. Again. I feel like I need to make my own declaration so my followers at least understand where I am coming from. 

I keep seeing posts from people who were at the Sherlocked convention chastising those of us who are still feeling salty for daring to post less-than-reverent items on our own blogs. They are wailing about the toxicity of “the fandom,” somehow equating anyone who is still pissed off about S4 with those choice people who have actively sent hate or threats to the showrunners and –inexplicably – conflating THOSE people, as a whole, with Freebatchers and/or Sophie-haters (???)

I won’t comment on what people did at the con because I wasn’t there and I don’t know if there was actually any harassment of show folks, or if that is a myth and being conflated with people who were there that were “reporting back” to the rest of us (which is their right to do, BTW). But I will say this:

1) The “fandom” is not a monolith. We are a large, loose gathering of unique and creative individuals. We do NOT all fan the same way, even if we are fortunate enough to find like-minded people to share our experience with. We do not have or require leaders, nor should we all be expected to share and extol the same values. Each of us is responsible for our own experience AND our own behaviour. I have nothing on my dash that I don’t want and I only post things I wouldn’t be embarrassed to own IRL. I advise you to take the same approach and stop worrying about what other people are doing. You are not the fandom police. You are not the hall monitor. And you are not Mofftiss’ keeper.

2) Here’s the the thing about celebrities (and I’ve met a few, because I’ve been doing fan stuff since the seventies and because my brother is in “the biz”): Yes, they are real people and absolutely deserve the same civility as anyone else. HOWEVER, they are not like you. They just aren’t. Their lives are very different than yours, which is by their own design and good fortune. These are grown people who chose showbusiness because they wanted – at least in part – to be famous. And I do not mean that callously: Who doesn’t want to be thought well of for the work they do? Fame just happens to be what happens to actors and screenwriters. 

But you don’t willfully engage with fans on social media and then sit back and cry foul because you got the bad along with the good. Everyone – and I mean everyone – understands that social media is a high-wire act: This way lies madness. You take the risk because you think it is worth the blowback you are almost guaranteed to get, or you stay the fuck away. If you are a celebrity who has gotten just a little bit used to people telling you how wonderful you are, the lure of more positive reinforcement may be too tempting…and it may come as a shock that there are some people who think you suck. Steven Moffat found that out on Twitter, mostly with Doctor Who. No, I do not think the hatred and death threats he got are “okay.” No, I don’t think it is “fair” that he had to leave Twitter. I’m not condoning anything. 

He sure doesn’t like being questioned about his creative choices, though. Which is weird, because if he was not there to genuinely engage with fans, then why? 

Here is a nugget of thought: There are lots of celebs who do great on social media and get way less of the angry mob crazies. Why is it that Moffat (and Gatiss) attract so much negativity? I mean, yes, there are the weirdos, but what about the others who are just frustrated, confused and genuinely offended? The people who have asked innocent (if perhaps misguided) questions and been attacked with ferocity? If I were the Sherlock showrunners, and I had genuinely and deliberately created the show exactly as it is in good faith because I thought it was great, I might be taking a hard look in the mirror and asking why my work is so polarizing.  

3) No one deserves death threats or harassment, ever. But then I – and most of the salty fans I know – are not DOING that. I am perfectly comfortable posting angry rants about S4 because I have a hard and fast rule that I NEVER engage with creators or performers outside of paid events where each of us has entered into a contract for the engagement – them to allow me to get close under certain criteria and me to behave like a civilized human being while I do it (which I ALWAYS adhere to). I never engage with these people on social media, so I don’t worry that they are going to see or be “hurt” by my anger. It ain’t going to happen. I am not aiming this at them; I am raging into the void. AND THAT IS MY RIGHT. And I am the only person over whom I have any say! 

Bottom line: You, personally, are not the boss of anyone else and you do not get to control other people. Curate your “fandom” experience and stay in your lane. Any issues of criminality are a matter for the police. There is a very dodgy area between standing up for truth, justice, etc., and tarring and feathering the innocent by accident in your quest to “clean up the fandom.” You do not want to go there.

4) The reality is that creators and producers (and, yes, actors) need to make money, and cons are one way of doing that. Stating that fact doesn’t mean we are calling out fans who went. We are pointing out that it is pretty cold for Hartswood to co-create a super-expensive fan event that they know will be attended only by die-hards – whom they have openly mocked in interviews and lampooned in the show itself – and then filter the questions people are allowed to ask. Again, if they do not want to take serious, sincere questions about their creative choices along with the fluffy ones that flatter them, maybe running conventions is a bad idea. 

And here is the thing about Sherlocked – I’m neither critical nor jealous of those who attended. I went to the first one in London (back when I still believed the show was going somewhere). And it was fantastic in many ways. I loved meeting Ben (OMG) and Andrew and Jonathan and Loo. Lars was charming and Rupert (heart fluttering) is divine. I enjoyed Sue’s talks and meeting other fans was great. But I am grown up enough to admit that it was REALLY pricey, and the exhibits were kind of rubbish. There were not nearly enough vendors…because the organizers stipulated licensed merch only (which is very un-con like). 

And it was sooooo badly organized. A few weeks before the event, we got a schedule for our photos and autographs (I bought a gold ticket) only to discover that the way Massive had set up the schedule meant most of us would simply have to forgo about half of what we had paid for because they had overlapped all of the sessions so everyone had conflicts. It was a complete mess. I spent three hours at my computer and revised the schedule with NO overlaps for anyone and sent it back to Massive with a note asking them to consider revising the timetable to make it more fair for everyone. At the last minute they did. But it was still a shit show. Ben was really angry with them when I saw him for my photo. He was run ragged because they didn’t have everything running well and he (and Loo as well) were really concerned that fans were going to leave disappointed. I know the organizers have learned a lot since then, but please do not be fooled into believing that they are altruistic darlings who are in this for the benefit of fans. Sherlocked is, plain and simple, a money-making venture. 

And speaking of the con – you don’t get to lecture me about what the cast and crew are like. I’ve met them, too. And my experience with Mark Gatiss was thoroughly unpleasant. He was elitist and condescending and at times flat-out rude. He ruined the expensive photo I had paid for because he couldn’t manage to control his distaste at having to pose with a fat middle-aged women and his expression reflected that. I have been trying to forgive him for two years – and I’ve been DEFENDING him – but now I don’t have to. Now I know that was not an anomaly.

Look, I don’t have any idea what S4 means and I don’t know what to think about the show anymore. But I will be damned if someone else tells me what to do about that.

I understand that for most of you this is con drop talking, and that’s okay. And if people have treated you badly, I’m sorry about that and I hope you have blocked all of them. 

You are perfectly entitled to not like things you see on this hell site or other sites – that’s hardly unusual. But you need to think very carefully about vilifying others (and calling for the pitchforks) with sweeping generalizations about “toxicity.” What is the saying? – Do not become that which you hate?

Mirror Description

I looked into the mirror. In it I saw my amber-blond hair and rugged features. I wore simple faded, greenish jeans along with a bright yellow tee. On my feet were old sneakers with the laces messily tied. I pushed my hair over my shoulder as I turned from the mirror…

The oh-so-infamous mirror description. Yawn! Above is an example of how and why the cliche of describing a character in a mirror has garnered such a reputation. It’s boring as heck.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be so! A “mirror description” can actually be quite telling. (This mostly applies to first person POV. It won’t work as well in third).

For example:

I paused in front of my mirror, raking my eyes from head to toe. I looked ridiculous. My eyes popped like acorns next to my stringy, too-blond hair. My shoes looked like something from a tag sale. Not to mention the garish greens and yellows of my T-shirt and jeans. I couldn’t fathom why I thought this would look good. My eyes quickly shifted to the ground as I slunk out of my room. I didn’t want to see the wreck standing in front of me…

While this one may be a little heavy handed, I think I illustrated my point. As opposed to description 1, which gives only physical characteristics, description 2 gives us a look into the character’s (we’re calling her Sophie) head. 

In description 1, Sophie is just another girl. Possibly a little punk-y or alternative, but basically just a pedestrian. I have no idea what she’s like. Nothing about her is liable to stick round for long.

In description 2, however, Sophie has low-self esteem. She doesn’t think she looks pretty, and she criticizes herself for her own choice of clothes. This is only a little hint, but it’s enough to let the reader know who they’re dealing with. As opposed to the pedestrian teenager from description 1, we have a sad, possibly lonely girl.

If she was self-absorbed, she might have talked about how superior her fashion sense was. If she was trying to look better than someone else, she may have thought about what the other person would wear. 

Many, even most, mirror descriptions are bad, but they can be meaningful and telling as well. It all depends on how you phrase it. As with most things in writing, it’s how you use the device that matters, not what it is.

I dream cast for Shadowhunters

Jace Herondale: 

Jamie Campbell Bower (despite what people think he’s still the best ever in my opinion. 

Daniel Sharman: I think he would be a good fit also. He can totally just dye his hair although I don’t know how he would look as a blonde..

And finally Austin Butler. He could totally pull off Jace’s personality. 

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Tales of Graces! I've always felt that one was a little underrated, haha

(For this ask meme!)  Oh, don’t worry.  I may have gotten really really frustrated playing the game a few times (the joys of having friends egging you on to keep cranking up the game difficulty as you go, lol), but I credit my current Zestiria/Berseria prowess to letting Graces kick my ass for hours on end.  (AKA get ready for a long-ish answer because I have a love/hate relationship with this game, also known as “Damn it Emeraude”.)

  1. best girl?  Hmmm, tough choice.  I love both Team Mom Cheria and Mysterious Girl Sophie, and I’m not sure if I can really choose between them.  But I guess if I had to pick, I’d go with Sophie, mostly because I felt like Cheria could have gotten a little more love in the character development department.
  2. best boy?  Hubert, from being the constantly striving for perfection younger brother, to his nerdy love for super sentai, and his battle artes, he just became my favorite.  Hrmmmmm, that’s the 3rd tsundere bishounen I’ve picked for best boy.  I think I have a type …
  3. any ship/s?  Hubert/Pascal, mostly because it felt organic and it had room to grow, even as it’s mostly Ship Tease.
  4. favorite part of the game?  Asbel shutting down Lambda at the final battle right at the start.  I just love how quickly he shut Lambda down to prove him wrong.
  5. opinion on the mascot character (if applicable)? Don’t think Graces had one either …
  6. opinion on villain/s? (in the least spoilery way)  The main villain is a bit of a Woobie Destroyer of Worlds, but it’s Emeraude that gets me going both as the game’s That One Boss and her attitude toward Lambda and Sophie in the first place.
  7. main team of 4, and who did you play as mostly?  Hubert.  I love how he’s a jack of all trades with his artes with a wide variety of weaknesses he can hit.  I solo’ed a few bosses on him, including Emeraude.  Before Hubert joined the party, Cheria.
  8. favorite town/city/area?  Barona, mostly because I really like the fanfare-y town theme that makes it really fitting for a capitol.
  9. favorite or most used arte?  Rolling Thunderbolt, for both.  I mastered that arte faster than any other on Hubert, and it was great especially late game since it kept Hubert mobile and aerial (so he was harder to hit; Hubert’s not exactly great at taking hits), had a decent AoE, and was Nova type so it could guaranteed guard break against Nova type enemies that were everywhere late game.  It’s my favorite for a reason, lol.
  10. favorite music track?  Ooooh this one’s tough.  I have 2: Sword Draw!  Grind! (aka the normal battle theme), and Mad Dance (aka Emeraude’s battle theme - you can hear her laughing over it, can’t you?)
  11. favorite monster?  Do bosses count for this?  Because honestly?  Emeraude.  She made me flip out and rage harder than any other boss in Graces, and there’s quite a few that will make you do that (*glares at Kurtz*) but Emeraude.  Just … That Laugh of hers while she’s murdering your party - I had the pleasure of playing this game in Japanese, and instead of that evil little giggle she does in the English version, it’s a fucking Kyoto laugh.  Yes.  She goes “OHOHOHO~!” at you while she’s ruthlessly kicking your ass.  And because I was playing as Hubert, she mostly hung out in the middle of the arena, so her massive AoE spell became an evade-or-die spell, and she wouldn’t keep her focus on me - she’d go after any AI ally I tried to Life Bottle, so it literally turned into me soloing her with Hubert.  So if anyone is wondering where I learned the basics of my fancy footwork and why I’m always stepping around the arena in Zestiria and Berseria, there you go.  The Emeraude fight was literally the fight that forced me into doing it, and I never stopped after that.

Movie Ask

Thank you @thereshopesomewhere  for tagging me and sorry I took ages to answer 🙈🙈

What is your…

All time favorite movie: Out of Africa

Movie you’ve seen again and again: Mamma Mia

Movie that makes you feel inspired: Wonder Woman, Nanny McPhee

Movie with cinematography you love:  Dark Knight Rises, Schindler’s List

Movie that scares you: The Ring and basically any good thriller/horror movie😂😂

Movie that makes you cry: Sophie’s Choice, The Green Mile

Movie that comforts you: Any Meryl Streep comedy

Movie you dislike: Anything with vampires, Johnny Depp or Tom  Cruise

Movie you hate that everyone loves: I don’t think I have one like this

Movie you love that everyone hates: Good question :)

The first movie you remember watching in theatres: Lion King

The last movie you watched: Logan

Favorite genre: Drama or Comedy, depends on my mood

Favorite animated movie: Wall-E

Favorite Disney movie: Hercules

Favorite Movie Musical: Grease (cause I already mentioned Mamma Mia)

Favorite horror movie: Scream 

Favorite drama: The Hours

Favorite comedy: The new Ghostbusters, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Favorite fantasy/sci-fi: Star Wars

Favorite documentary: BBC Planet Earth

Favorite sequel: Star Wars VII

Favorite director: Martin Scorcese, Sophia Coppola, Christopher Nolan

Favorite Actress/Actor: Meryl Streep

A line of dialogue that’s stuck with you from any movie: so many…

A line of dialogue you dislike from any movie: probably a lot, I just can’t remember.

I tag @thisisnothappening , @baronessblixen, @schmoopielove @allyinthekeyofx

  • ["If you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick?"]
  • Kate: Sex!
  • Eli: Seriously. Answer faster.
  • Kate: I'm sorry, sweetie. When she said "sex" I wasn't thinking of sex with you.
  • Eli: It's like a big hug.
  • Cassie: Billy, how about you? Sex or food?
  • Billy: Sex!
  • Cassie: What about sex or superheroes?
  • Billy: My God, it's like Sophie's Choice.
  • Cassie: Tommy, if you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick?
  • Tommy: I don't know it's too hard.
  • Teddy: Come on, you have to answer.
  • Tommy: Okay... sex. No, food. No, uh... I want both! I want girls on bread!
Boyfriend For Hire

Band Member: Luke

Type: Relationship AU

Description: The moment the invite dropped on through your letterbox, you realised you were screwed. Your ex-boyfriend was getting married and he’d told you to bring along your boyfriend. Great. Well, it would be if you actually had a boyfriend.

You took a deep breath and quickly proofread the message.

Needed urgently: guy to come with me to my ex’s wedding this Saturday. It’s complicated. Please don’t be weird.

You hadn’t got any other choice. You’d exhausted your list of friends, pleading and begging for one of them to come with you to the wedding that had caused more angst than you believed your own future wedding would. You were going to refuse, his new girlfriend couldn’t stand you because of reasons you didn’t know. It had been the handwritten note Zack had sent with it that made it impossible to say no, it almost made the bride Sophie sound like a civil human being. The sweet words still captivated you a little now but you weren’t in love with him anymore. Your love for him had faded once he’d moved away and you found your only fascination with him was with his charm. But Zack had mentioned hearing about your new boyfriend, suggesting he accompanied you so they could ‘exchange tips’. You’d frowned at the letter, questioning what boyfriend it was he’d heard about. Sure, you’d dated after your breakup but none of them had really been long term commitments.

So you swallowed hard and pressed submit.

You’d almost forgot about your advert until you got a message from your best friend asking if you’d solved the problem. She had suggested that you simply claimed you were ill or took her and said that you and the fictitious boy had caught the flu. You had been tempted until you checked your replies. Amongst the weird replies asking for all sorts of unsavoury things, one actually sounded promising.

Well hello there, Luke, you thought to yourself when you saw the picture he’d attached ‘to prove I’m not sixty and/or look like a serial killer’.

You read what he’d put about being up for a laugh and an open bar meant it was a promising day already. You laughed, smiling as you typed out a reply and gave him your number.

It was barely five minutes after when he replied.

Pick me up at 12.

It took your forever to settle on an outfit. Your best friend kept asking if you were sure you were over Zack but you weren’t really thinking about seeing him, you were focused on Luke though you’d be lying if you didn’t want to show off how amazing you looked in your navy coloured dress. This boy you’d messaged over the past few days had some sort of hold over you, he was funny and sweet and made you feel the butterflies you’d missed so badly.

“You can do this,” you muttered to yourself as you walked up to his front door. “He’s just a guy.”

But part of you couldn’t help but wonder if he might not be Luke at all and you were wrong to reject your best friend’s offer of driving you to the venue. You knocked on the door and stood back, praying it wasn’t some 42-year-old man called Harold.

The door opened and your heart dropped when it wasn’t him. The guy was still attractive but he wasn’t Luke.

“Is Luke here? I haven’t fucked up and got the wrong address, have I?” you asked, realising there was probably a perfectly innocent reason.

“Oh! You’re actually you!” the guy said with a grin before opening the door fully for you to go inside. “Mike! You owe me money!”

The guy with the red hair appeared from the top of the stairs and sighed. “Shit, it actually did turn out to be the right girl.”

“We’re happy it’s you but we bet Luke you were some old dude,” the guy who was holding the door explained.

“You’ll look after him, won’t you?” Mike asked with a serious expression. “Ashton and I raised him right, we expect you to treat him like the prince he is.”

You raised your eyebrows but nodded anyway. “Uh, sure.”

“Good,” Ashton said. “Luke! Get down here!”

You hadn’t expected him to be so tall, it almost took your breath away. But those eyes, you hadn’t been prepared for them to be so blue. And that lip ring, if he kept biting it, you weren’t sure you’d make it until tonight to have a drunken kiss with him.

“Hey,” he said shyly. “Sorry about them, they think they’re funny.”

“It’s okay,” you replied perhaps a little too brightly. “But the taxi is waiting and the taximeter is going.”

He nodded, telling the guys to lock up once they left his house. You walked awkwardly to the taxi and let him help you inside. The journey was quiet with only the odd passing comment about the wedding venue and how pretty the drive up to it was. You found the bar, it was the easiest place to talk away from the guests who you recognised.

“So what have you told them about your boyfriend?” Luke asked before sipping his drink.

“Nothing really apart from that we’ve been together two years apparently. Whoever told Zack can be blamed for that. Other than the length of time, we can run with it.”

He nodded slowly then broke into a cheeky smile. “Would you be against having some fun?”

You almost choked on your drink and Luke’s cheeks blushed intensely when he realised how that sounded.

“I meant messing with the guests a little!” he informed you quickly. “Shit, I didn’t mean… well, that.”

“At least wait until after dinner,” you said joked. “Honestly, it’s fine. I like the idea, Zack’s family were never my biggest fans, even more so after I broke up with him and he started seeing Sophie. I know her from school and she hates me. But let’s not go crazy, I don’t want to ruin it for them.”

Luke nodded. “I know, I remember what you’ve said. Zack seems like a nice guy even if Sophie hates you.”

“He is, he was my best friend once upon a time,” you said with a ghost of a smile. “We better go out there, I doubt being late will make his mother like me any more than she currently does.”

Luke laughed, following you out. He caught your hand and held it in his. You looked up at him, confused to why it felt so right. You dropped your gaze quickly and missed the look he gave you completely. Luke was staring at you trying to work out how easy it was to imagine you were actually his girlfriend. He didn’t want to know why his heart quickened in pace when you smiled at him or why he felt like you were perfect after a few days. He spent the ceremony trying to work out why he wanted to keep holding your hand even though you were practically a stranger. But you weren’t to him. The phone calls and the texting over the last few days had made you feel more like somebody he could actually fall in love with.

After the ceremony, you led him outside to the lawn where they were handing out champagne like it was cheap. Zack spotted you and made a beeline for you, towing his new wife with him.

“You made it!” he said with more enthusiasm than he’d ever shown you before.

You introduced yourself to Sophie who looked at you like you’d come from a faraway planet.

“It’s a beautiful venue,” you complimented just to break the awkward silence.

“I bet you could only dream about this kind of wedding,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

You frowned at her but Zack moved in to kiss your cheek lightly and you congratulated him. You moved across to say the same to his bride only to find she’d disappeared amongst a gathering of Zack’s family.

“Don’t mind Sophie, she’s not exactly happy you’re here,” he explained like it was a joke. “You must be the boyfriend!”

Zack stuck out his hand to Luke who shook it while smiling.

“I was worried you wouldn’t come,” Zack said to the both of you. “I know it’s odd to come to your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s wedding but she was my best friend before we dated and I always said I’d want her here no matter what.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to stand in her way,” Luke said as he held Zack’s stare. “She wanted to be here and I wanted to support her.”

“That’s good,” Zack agreed. “I’m glad she met somebody who does that for her. She’s a special girl.”

Luke tugged on his lip ring before answering. “She deserves to be happy and I hope she is.”

Luke wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer into his side. You wondered if the guys realised how stern they were being but when you looked up at Luke’s tightened jaw, you wondered why he was so serious around Zack.

“So what do you do, Luke?” Zack questioned after sipping the champagne.

“I’m a musician, I play and sing in a band,” he explained.

“Our guy cancelled last night, Sophie was up for hours trying to get a replacement,” Zack said, obviously hoping Luke would pull a guitar out of his arse and volunteer to play a song.

Somebody tapped the microphone and announced the bride was about to throw her bouquet.

Luke looked down at you with a smile that said he had something in mind. He leant down to whisper in your ear. “How are you at catching?”

“Not too bad, why?” you said back with a suspecting glare.

“Just trust me,” he said with a wink before looking back up. “Zack – I’ll play a song after Sophie throws her bouquet.”

Zack’s eyes lit up and he thanked Luke, pointing out the guitar on the stage like he might not have seen it before he’d agreed to play an acoustic set. He scurried off to tell Sophie, leaving you with Luke.

“I’m not explaining,” he said simply. “Just go catch her bouquet and I’ll piss her off a little.”

“Don’t ruin the wedding by announcing you’re having some sort of affair with her mum, Luke,” you sighed.

He laughed, shaking his head and pushing you into position. You waited and tried not to laugh as Luke coached your through some rugby stances he thought might be useful. He held your high heels for you, sitting them on the edge of the stage while he got the stage sorted for him. Catching the flowers looked hopeless when the bridesmaids stood next to you but with one word from Luke, they all seemed to arc around you and seemed to block the others from even attempting. The giggling gave you a clue, you overheard one say that it’d annoy Sophie that you of all people got her expensive bouquet anyway.

You jumped and managed to catch it easily enough when the bridesmaids got in everybody else’s way. You acted thrilled, seeing Luke’s face pretending to be surprised. You screamed, jumping up and down with the new allies like you’d won the lottery. You saw Sophie’s miffed expression and couldn’t help but feel a little better.

“Hey, babe!” Luke’s voice came over the speakers. “You caught the bouquet!”

You held it up as proof, waving it like some kind of victory flag.

“Well, they say you’ll be the person to get married next, don’t they?” he asked and the crowd cheered back to him as a yes. “Oh, right.”

He sang your name softly and you bit your lip to resist laughing.

“Will you marry me then? I can’t imagine the flowers could be wrong,” he said with almost a serious look of love on his face. “I’ll write songs about how beautiful you are and I swear I’ll never ignore your text messages even if you’ve sent me another funny cat video.”

Luke surprised himself with how easy it was to say these things as he strummed the guitar. Maybe it was true. Maybe he could get used to acting like your boyfriend. Maybe he was hoping he could ask you out on a real date after this.

“Yes!” you shouted, throwing your arms out dramatically. “I will marry you!”

And you were completely oblivious to how he smiled as he turned his face away to find the guitar pick.

“Then I dedicate this song to the future Mrs Hemmings,” he said softly. “Oh, and the newlyweds.”

  • Natasha: [really excited] Mmm...this cake is amazing!
  • Maria: My God, get a room!
  • Natasha: I would get a room with this cake. I think I could show this cake a good time!
  • Steve: If you had to, what would you give up, food or sex?
  • Natasha: [with no hesitation] Sex!
  • Bucky: [looking at her] Seriously, answer faster!
  • Natasha: Oh, I'm sorry, honey, you know, but when he said "sex" I wasn't thinking about sex with you!
  • Bucky: [to Steve] It's like a giant hug.
  • Steve: Sam, how about you? What would you give up, sex or food?
  • Sam: Food.
  • Steve: Ok, how or flying?
  • Sam: Oh my God. It's like Sophie's Choice.
  • Maria: Oh, God. What about you, Clint? What would you give up, sex or food?
  • Clint: Uh...oh...I don't know, it's too hard.
  • Maria: No, you gotta pick one!
  • Clint: No, sex. Food! Sex! Food! See—I don't know! Good God, I don't know, I want girls on bread!

get to know me meme: [4/5] characters

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner, Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire)

They are children, Sansa thought. They are silly little girls … Sansa pitied them. Sansa envied them.