this is like my gift present for you guys haha

Saying this right now before I forget, but I want to thank you guys all for the birthday wishes! It honestly means a lot to me since you guys follow this blog and actually care (well a majority of you guys) enough to wish me a happy birthday! 

I technically already celebrated my birthday a little early since my parents’ gift was the BTS & B.A.P (well that was more of my mom’s birthday present but I’m sneaky like that :P) concert! So, today, I just relaxed at home and ended up crying since I’m incredibly empathetic and my heart hurts for the kids because of the whole DACA issue that is happening in the U.S. I won’t discuss any political views about the subject since I already got a little dose of reality from my mom and her blunt stance about that. I’m too empathetic sometimes lol but I do understand her side of that and agree with it. I just worry about the children more. 

Anyway, before I go ranting. Thank you so much for taking a bit of your day to send me a “happy birthday” message. I love you guys and thank you for following little old me! 

- Kim

Hey guys! Now that Thanksgiving’s over, Christmas is getting ready to blast the United States (or let’s be real, already has) — and since everyone seems to want to throw things at Sam, I’m betting maybe you have a gift you’d like to give him. The Ask Box is now OPEN just for that: just comment with your gift you’d like to offer for later in December, say who it’s from, and submit! It’s non-anon this time, as I’d like to be able to tell you if someone else had already given that gift privately. No Secret Santa today, sorry anons. ALSO NO PETS AS PRESENTS. He has two dogs now

I’ll leave the box open from now (12:00 pm PST) to about 6:00 pm PST, unless you guys seriously drown my inbox, haha. One submission per person with one gift, please! Don’t go listing 398,450,985 things to gift him, or I’ll definitely lose track. Any asks submitted that aren’t gift-related will be deleted, so people keep that in mind! 

Hope your black friday hasn’t been miserable.

CLOSED. Thank you for your asks!! :D