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A brand new grimoire page all done! A compass-inspired pendulum board coffee stained on top of a collage of newsprint. Now that this is done, I can continue going through all the asks in my inbox! Sorry for the delay!

Also! Thank you so much for 1000+ followers! It’s honestly amazing how far this blog has gone in a short span of several months and I hope to continue watching it grow. I plan on posting lots more grimoire pages and perhaps if you guys are interested, some process work? Like how one of my pages comes together, from first idea to final piece? Any suggestions as to what you’d like to see more of would be great!


Love Me Please | Pt. 2

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: CEO!AU | Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1307

Author’s Note: This part might be boring for the most of you but I had to write it so you all can understand all the other upcoming parts. Let me know what you think about it and again, thank you for all the love you’ve shown the first part. <3 (Gif credit)

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↠ Part 1 

Besides being one of the most well known businessman of Korea, Kim Taehyung was also known as the womanizer and most flirtatious man amongst all the CEO’s in Korea. He never was the type of person to have feelings for anybody, let alone fall in love and have a serious relationship with anyone. Having been working as his personal assistant for the past three years, you’ve witnessed quite a few times how women with bloodshot eyes came to his company, asking for him desperately and leaving their phone number at your desk so that he could call them back. Sadly, none of them knew that whenever you gave him the piece of paper with the digits written on it, they never were saved in his contact list but instead landed in the trash bin, deep down where he wouldn’t see them ever again. So when you heard him say the words ‘I think I’m in love with you, Y/N..‘, you didn’t believe one bit of the sentence.

Because this was Kim Taehyung, and you definitely were not getting fooled by him so easily.

“I think I’m in love with you, Y/N.“

Blinking a few times, you observed his face without saying anything. Was this the way he lied to all the other women? You wondered in which rank you were among the women who had heard those words? 11th? Maybe 21st? It wasn’t even that long ago when you heard him whisper those words to the girl next to him as he walked into his office, smirking at you as he strode by your desk. How could he say such meaningful words so easily? Was he really that careless?

Shaking your head from side to side, you tried to avoid all the questions flying inside your head. Crossing your arms in front of your chest, you took a few steps forward and stood only a few inches away from him. Getting on your tiptoes, you neared your lips to his ear and whispered confidently. “I won’t fall for your little games, Mr. Kim. Go find someone else and let me do my job in peace, hm?“

Stepping away from him, you met his eyes again. The moment you saw his expression, you sucked a breath. Was that hurt and disappointment plastered on his face? No, it couldn’t be. This was Kim Taehyung. He would never, ever feel sad because of a woman. The only explanation you could form in your head was that it must be his pride which you just damaged with your words. Not everyone can handle a rejection, right? And most definitely not the man standing in front of you.

You watched how the hurt expression on his face changed into a solemn one, his fingers running through his hair with such force you thought he was going to rip his hair out any minute from now. Looking into your eyes deeply for a few more seconds, he shook his head from side to side and turned around, walking towards the exit of the fancy restaurant without saying anything.

Realizing that he was really leaving without getting the sign for the contract from Mr. Byun, you followed him immediately and grabbed his arm, standing in front of him in order to block his way. “Listen, Sir. Mr. Byun might leave in a few minutes. If you want, we can walk in and talk with him again-“

“Do you really think that I’m that shameless, Y/N? Do you really think that I will go in there and apologize to that bastard even though he was harassing you just minutes ago? Am I really that low in your eyes?“

Shocked at his words, you shook your head. “N-No, Sir, that’s not what I meant. But this project is really important for you and-“

Running his fingers for the second time trough his hair, he hissed. “Fuck the project, Y/N! I really thought that you would have known in these three years what type of a person I am. I would never, ever, sell my honor for money. Never. I’m not that low, Y/N.“

“I have a honor too, Mr. Kim. You’re thinking very wrong of me. I’ve been working since middle school, Sir. This is not my first job. I’ve washed dishes, I’ve cleaned houses. My friends my age came to the restaurant I worked at. While they were making fun of me, I served them everything they wanted. Yes, I admit. Back then, I was ashamed but at the end I was the only one who graduated from collage. I was able to come this far because I worked hard without listening to anyone. And believe me, this is not the first time something like this happened to me. I’m old enough to handle everything by myself like I’ve done for my whole life.“

Laughing sarcastically, Taehyung shoved his hands into his pockets. “What a beautiful story, I’m about to cry, Y/N, really. ‘I would do anything for my career, all the men out there can harass me as much as they want, I don’t care.‘ Is that what you’re trying to tell me, Y/N?“

You were speechless. Did he really thing that you were so low? Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath and hissed. “What did you just say?“

He continued without hesitation. “Since you’ve been working so hard for your career since you were a little kid, did you always ignore all the harassment you’ve been receiving? Are you really that low and worthless, Y/N? Since you’ve come so far in your life, does that mean that you were willing to allow all the men to touch you and harass you-“


Clenching his fists beside his frame, Taehyung gritted his teeth an turned his face back to you. “How dare you slap me-“
Before he could end his sentence, he was met with your watery eyes and a tear that was rolling down your face.

Pointing to the restaurant, you continued speaking. “All those things I’ve experienced in there, which believe me no women in this world would like to ever experience, I experienced because of you, Mr. Kim. Why do you think am I here? Whose mistakes am I trying to make better, Mr. Kim? Whose career and well-being do I think about, Mr. Kim, hm?!“ you shouted as tears were rolling down your face.

Realizing his mistake, Taehyung tried to calm you down. “Stop shouting, Y/N. Everybody is looking at us.“

“Do you think I care?,“ you said as you laughed sarcastically. “I’m low enough to let people touch me for my career, why should I mind people looking at me, hm?!“

“Y/N-“ he took a step forward but you stepped away immediately.

“Look, Mr. Kim! You can think of yourself as the most powerful, most smart and most rightful person on the planet. You can think that you can hurt people with your ego which is higher than the ceiling-“


“SHUT UP! From now on I am speaking and you’re going to listen to me! The only reason why we experienced something like that and why I had to stay silent in there is your fault, Taehyung!“

You watched how Taehyung’s head snapped up immediately at your words. He looked shocked and speechless. “W-What? D-Does that mean that you’ve endured everything for m-me?“

Wiping your tears away, you stood upright and took a deep breath. “I give up, Mr. Kim. I don’t want to do this anymore.“

Reaching forward, he tried to hold your wrists. “Y/N, w-what are you talking about-“

“I quit.“

so like.. it’s been a little more than a year since i posted my very first hp fanart on this blog so i thought i’d celebrate it by making a collage of (almost) every harry i’ve drawn so far. which turned out to be a terrible idea seeing as i have no consistency in drawing him and put together like this all of these look like they were drawn by different people. haha. oh well. happy harryversary to me anyway

Shalom Harlow, 1996

Shalom Harlow hand printed by Brian Dowling at BDI colour labs. I would start the process of discovering how I wanted the image to look by first printing out the image in all the main colour groups, prints in red, green, cyan, yellow, etc would be arranged in rows on the floor. To add to that I would print out the image light, mid, dark and extra dark versions. I ended up with a huge grid of images from which I would work out which ones, or parts of, I liked from each group. Once chosen prints would be torn or cut and reassembled as a collage and handed taped together to my printer to combine in the darkroom. My printer Brian would do this with paper masks to hold back part of the image whilst he printed the part I wanted in the darkness and colour variant I had chosen. I have never been trained as a painter so this was a wonderful exploration into colour juxtaposition and its emotional effect on ones senses. - Nick Knight


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AN:- So this one is a series of few maybe a couple more if you like its a roomate thing well practically based on a request i got a few days maybe a month or so ago, the request was for a story on roomate with a kinda good build up instead of just dividing into bed right away, and i kinda like the idea literally i have so many ideas on it so i desided to give it a go. Well it was requested for any of 1D boys so I’m gonna write with harry since he’s my favourite.

Also again English ain’t my first language so pardon me for any mistakes.


“I’m moving don’t you get that, I want to stay on my own mom and dad” you said fustrated

“But sweety how are you gonna manage without me and dad? how are you gonna manage your expances? And what about your collage??” Your mom said concerned.

“Mom i can take care of myself and the place is just on a 20 minute drive i my taking my car and sis set me up on a part time job in Starbucks, so don’t worry I’ll be fine, and you promised you’ll allow me don’t backoff now mom” you said convincing her.

“Allright your life your way just take care of yourself and do visit us everytime possible ok” your dad said giving you permission you were so happy you were finally going to be independent you were so down for this you’ve been waiting for this ever since your sister went to uni for her higher studies and told you about her life and all your friends lived on their own so you wanted to too.

You saw a good house on rent but you have to share it with two other people but you were ok with it, you sister with her friend’s help set you a part time job at Starbucks which you can do after your collage hours. You were moving next week a week before your collage started so you can learn the neighbourhood routs and also your roommates. You were so exited you had all your stuff packed and ready to leave day after tomorrow .


Finally it was the day you were moving you packed everything in your car bayed your goodbyes to mom and dad and started driving to your new place, you were so happy on the way you were thinking abot the beautiful house you were moving how it was small yet comfy how you liked in the very first visit it was a beautiful house once you entered the door there was a coat hanger on left side and a shoe cabinate on the right side with a telephone and a flower pot on top of it. Then there was the kitchen on the right side it was a ‘U’ shaped kitchen with a large counter top on the outter edge with four stools layed on outside so it can be used like a dinning table. On tje left side was the living room with a three piece sofa set and a coffee table in between with a tv on a long cabinate table on the extreme right of the living room, and that on the right side was a book shelf and a chair with small round table as a small reading corner also there was a audio player with cd holder. Further down the hallway was the third bedroom on left and on the right was the bathroom and washroom it also has a washed and dryer in there. On the first floor were the other two bedroom which has a queen sized beds, walk in closets And balcony which were connected. The house had a small garage which can accommodate 2 cars at a time and a beautiful backyard as well as frontyard.

You were so into your thoughts that you didn’t realized when you reached the place you pulled the car just outside the house as you were ready 10 minutes late. You knocked on the door slowly, the old lady who was the owner of the house the one who was going to give you the keys to the house opened the door with a heart warming smile

“Good morning young lady, come in, you are a bit late your roommate’s already here ” she said letting you in and follwing her to the living room.

“Yep I’m sorry, the packing just took a bit longer than i thought”

“Meet him he’s harry your roommate” the landlady said introducing you to harry.

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And to your surprises you actually found yourself stareing at harry cause he was one hell of a handsome guy the way his cheeks showed dimples when he smiled and the British accent added with his pink plum lips moving slowly asking you something you were somewere else, “y/n, Y/N what are you thinking about "the old lady said bringing you back to your sences. "Hey I’m harry, harry styles ” the guy said forwarding his hand for a handshake, which you gladly shook “I’m y/n, y/n y/l/n, nice to meet you”. You had butterflies in your stomach just by a handshake and you were gonna spend your rest of the time here with this person, it was going to be a hard job you thought to yourself taking your seat next to him on the couch and the lady sat on the chair

“I thought three of us were going to share the house?” You asked the lady when you saw only two of you were there

“Well yes but the 3rd person ended on a last movement mind change and decided to back off, so only you two are going to share the place i think” the old lady explained.

“So you going to see another person to take that place in the house?” Harry asked.

“No, I’m not going to see a third person now you two are the only people now, i hope you don’t have any problem with it” the old lady said

You and harry looked at each other for a moment and said in unison “No, no problem with it” “Good then take good care of my house”

And with that the landlady took a leave, handing the keys to you and harry .

Once the landlady left you rushed to your car to get your stuff out, harry helped you in getting your stuff in the house he also carried some of it to your room, you thanked him for his help and parked the car in the garage beside his. Then you went straight to your room and unpacked your stuff, you decorated your room.

After 2 hours of unpacking and arranging it was already lunch time so you went down to cook yourself something, when you reached downstairs you saw harry cooking something “hey i made lunch for us hope you enjoy some pasta” harry said flashing his beautiful smile.

“You cooked for both of us, you don’t have to do that i mean i was going to make something anyway” you said a bit surprised by him

“Oh no worries we going to live here together so i thaught this might be a good way to start a friendship and I’m a pretty good cook you see” he said shooting you a wink. You swear you were almost dead there but then you helped him with finishing what he was cooking and then had some talks while eating, you also did the dishes together.

Once you were done you and harry were sitting on the couch flipping thtough channels and talking “So what brings you to this place ” harry asked

“Well my collage starts next week so i thought moving in a different place will give a bit more privacy and somewere near collage will b good you see, what about you?”

“Oh i see, well i moved here for the same reason collage i am actually from UK England, but i got the scholarships i always wanted from NewYork collage, so i moved in here”

You were going to ask him something when your phone ringed it was you sister she was telling you that you need to start working at Starbucks day after tomorrow “yep sista i know that thank you again for that i will not be late thanks again” you said and then hung up

“Was it your sister?” Harry asked

“Yep, i will b working at Starbucks after college so she was just telling me not to be late”

“ LookS like beign late is a Habbit of yours” harry said bit of giggling and with that you bot bursted into laughter, you kept on talking and played some game on the tv .

After hours of playing, having fun and after having dinner together you went back to your room and were waiting to fall in sleep and thinking about the plans you have made with harry for tomorrow for knowing the neighbourhood and going to see the places nearby and also know your neighbour after all you were going to live with them too.


Its long time since i have posted but i was caught up with some exam and job work so sorry for that. And I’m gonna put up the 3rd part for get away series and also I’m gonna put up a Niall smut soon both of them are in my drafts, so stay tuned.

And go chek my previous work.

1. Best punishment ever

2. Dream come true.

3.Get away part1 and part2

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Sara's 30th birthday party headcanons

- they rent out the lower level of a chinese restaurant because sara as a true jewish icon wants her chinese food on christmas, which means she loves having chinese food on her birthday, which means if she isn’t ass deep in dumplings by 2PM someone’s getting stabbed

- so like sara /knows/ they’re throwing her a birthday party, they sort of act like it’s gonna be a surprise and she goes along with it because a bitch LOVES a surprise party, but the team is like “oh it’s christmas! let’s go have dumplings for lunch!!” and sara is like yeah uh huh. that’s not suspicious aT ALL GUYS

- amaya went last night to decorate the restaurant with kendra and they made a bunch of sara photo collages and amaya baked her a cake but what sara sees first when she goes into the party is a giant banner that reads “HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY SARA” in silver glitter paint and sara goes OH MY GOD I’M THIRTY?!?

- ray: actually you’re 32, we spent 2 years in the 50s remember

- the team is standing there like sara how did you- how did you not realize this was your 30th birthday! that’s a big deal! and sara is like IVE NEVER DONE MATH ONCE IN MY LIFE??? HOW DARE YOU ASSUME ID START TODAY

- also let me just go over the party guests which is the current team (JAX IS THERE), all the steins, the hawks, laurel is there! she’s fine! ava & rip (they’re making rip wear a power dampener bracelet to be dicks), force ghost len! nyssa!!! cisco! felicity! dinah! curtis! iris! gideon on an iphone! that’s about everyone i care about so!

- sara just grabs a thing of pork buns and takes the table in the corner and does that thing where she sits with her feet on the chair and rests her chin on her knees, which anyone recognizes as sara signaling Displeasure, and she’s just aggressively eating 

- laurel: don’t worry she’s going to adjust to this
rip: is she?
laurel: who asked you

- sara is just sitting there like IM SO OLD. KENDRA WILL NEVER LOVE ME NOW BECAUSE I AM OOOOOOLD. and kendra is like of course i- and sara of course is like IM THE OLDEST PERSON! MY FUTURE HAS COME AND GONE! I’LL PROBABLY DIE TOMORROW! OH WELL!!!! IM FUCKING OLD!

ava: i’m thirty-four

- basically amaya is like, “being old is amazing! i’m turning 100 in 2018! respect your elders you punkass” and sara is like “haha yeah i guess compared to amaya, everyone’s basically a baby! i still have at least three good years left. not like ava, who is an old crone

- it’s a big happy celebration of soup dumplings + custard tarts and sara puts on the paper crown they have in the UK on xmas, except as a child sara always thought it was a birthday crown just for her, so rip brought them special and everyone gets to wear one

- there’s a point where sara is sitting on ava’s lap and kendra is sitting on sara’s lap and sara + kendra are being super PDA and ava is like can we please… wait on this? and sara is like quiet old lady we’re still young and virile don’t be bitter and ava just sighs

- they got her a piñata that looks like carter and she just fucking. destroys it. she’s beating it to fucking shreds on the ground with ava’s nightstick and everyone is just looking at her and looking at carter and looking at her and carter is like haha what a great party i love birthdays

- nate says “since you’re 30 we have to give you 31 birthday pinches” (the extra is for good luck) and sara shrieks and runs around while the team chases her and ava and nyssa and laurel are all sitting together having their tea and nyssa looks over these 2 Distinguished Blondes and is like so… you ladies want to come back to my place? as sara is tackled by zari in the background and ava and laurel are just like you know what?? yes

- sara asks rip to take her pinches for her and he agrees but he gets 3 pinches in and has an ENORMOUS bruise and sara is like oh right you’re made of finely spun sugar and rip is like WELL I TRIED.

- kendra got sara a new vibrator. amaya got sara one of amaya’s own favorite books. zari got sara a couple of cool ear cuffs. ava got sara a pack of white undershirts. rip got sara booze. ray got sara a pony. nate got sara a plush tweety bird. laurel got-
sara: wait a pony
ray: she is both beautiful and expensive!
sara: i don’t think-
amaya: OH MY GOD A /PONY!!!!!!!/

-  amaya makes everyone clean up after the party to make it easier on the restaurant which includes awkwardly putting shreds of the carter piñata in a garbage bag. 
sara: next year let’s use the real carter
carter: haha oh you
sara: next year bitch. next year



After one day cutting up a polaroid and gluing it down to paper from old magazine he had laying around, New York native Jay Riggio began his journey with collage art and as an artist. As Jay’s work grew so did his ideas, and his work began to expand beyond the confines both in his storytelling and level of craftsmanship. Moving away from traditional collage making with scissor, paper and glue, Jay’s new sculptural collages with resin can take up to weeks to finish. We checked out his new LA based workspace in our post In The Studio | w/ Jay Riggio, and instantly we knew we’d like to chat more with Jay and find out how he started first making collages to his current work of massive 3D sculptural collage pieces made out of wood and resin. 

Make the Leap!

Photography courtesy of the artist | Portrait by Yon Na

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A bit of waffle about each pic under the cut.

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final project for my first traditional art class

about dorm life: about getting birth control from the local planned parenthood: about the dining hall’s dreadful excuse for 3 bean chili: about staying home for the weekend: about driving back: about art and my dog, two very rewarding challenges: about how it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing: 

nothing can make me smile like you do, mahal.

charcoal, conte crayon, ink, and mixed media collage on Strathmore 18x24″ paper.

end of the year tag 2017 ✨

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end of the year tag rules: Find your fave pics of your story, your CC, or your blog in general and post in a collage! It can be 1 picture or 100– whatever you want! Just reflect on your fave moments on your blog. It can be cute moments, milestones, edits, or CC you’re just really proud of. When you’re done tag 5 people or more.  (via @nolan-sims)

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and here’s to 2018!!


character aesthetic: Nathan Bryn ; Half Bad Series

I am standing in front of the mirror, staring at my face. I’m not like my mother at all, not like Arran. My skin’s slightly darker than their’s, more olive, and my hair’s jet black, but the real difference is the blackness of my eyes. 

I’ve never met my father, never even seen my father. But I know that my eyes are his eyes.


I made a collage of some of my favorite memories from each month of 2017 and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made it so special ❤️ I cant wait for all the fun adventures that are coming in 2018!!!
January: finally meeting @ohkimani and hanging out at @drunkonnjealousy house with @runningscared till like 5am
February: HOUSTON & going to Boston to hang out with @bae-tay @whyisntketchupasmoothie @drunkonnjealousy and @runningscared
March: GOT MY LITTLE FOR MY SORORITY April: CU homecoming!
May: flying all the way to New Zealand to meet @incrediblethangs (my first tumblr friend) with @runningscared AND meeting @theaustralianswiftie and @innocehnt in BRISBANE!
June: going to the Hamptons with @drunkonnjealousy
July: MY JULY 9TH PARTY WITH @befearlessandstaybeautiful @drinkingmaplelattes @wereinagetawaycar @thosegeorgiastarstoshame @wannabeyourendgame @drunkonnjealousy @throughthedoorwithyou @runningscared August: FINALLY MEETING @dlovestaylor and @swiftlybae after THREE YEARS
September: seeing Ed Sheeran 3 Times in a row with @runningscared and @drunkonnjealousy and @flashbacksandechoes
October: MEETING @taylorswift 😱
November: my release party with many people from July 9th AND @ohkimani @tamenow & @bae-tay ANDD MEETING TAYLOR AGAIN WITH @finallyyyclean after making a pact with her three years ago that we’d meet taylor together one day 😅
December: my sorority formal and going to Florida with @runningscared


end of the year tag 🌙

i love this sim family so much, so i dedicated this entire tag just to them and their cuteness, i feel like it shows off how much this legacy has grown. first row is the whole fam, second is gen 2 and the third row is the current gen aka reese. LOOK AT THEM. Thank you guys for an incredible year 💕 

the rules:
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If y’all will permit me, I thought I would share my favorite personal Outlander posts before we turn the page to a new year!!!

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Moment of Impact:

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Literary Mashup:

Love Letter:

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Thank You {Triplet!Ben x Reader}

A/N- Alright so I wrote this based off the Triplets AU and THIS post {the Ben part of it of course}  I actually originally sent this to @thirst-order-confessions as a short anon ask and the wonderful Mod Rose liked it and wanted me to continue it then she suggested I actually post it, so that’s what im doing! I also decided to make this take place during the Collage AU as well! [This is my first ever attempt at writing anything even vaguely smutty so dont judge!] Hope yall like it!

 Everyone knew of Ben Solo’s reputation. Dozens of women and men could validate that all of the rumors about “Man whore Ben” were true. “He sleeps with anyone he can get. Doesn’t matter who they are.” was one thing you had heard about him “There is no second chance. He fucks you once and leaves. Don’t expect to hear from him again.” was another. Ben was a hot gossip topic in your school. There always seemed to be someone whispering new secrets about him wherever you went.

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Can you please do a tutorial for drawing eyes? I literally CANNOT for my life and it irritates me. It's the most important part!

I guess I explain the shading portion in my how to shade tutorial thingy, but eyes are so fun to draw so here it is!

Spontaneous eye tutuorial: 

Let’s use Kai’s eye for this ehehehe… eyes are usually “almond shaped”, but it’s the subtle differences that create likeness. Things to note: shape of eye, shape and length of eyelid line, and tilt of eye. His eyelid overlaps on the inner corner, then separates. Notice that the outer corner (right side) is slightly higher.

(Above) Now add in the iris (I’ve also done the eyebrow so the eye doesn’t look lonely (ಡωಡ)) Things to note: the iris does not have to be a perfect circle. Add in the highlight as well as where you think the pupil is - even if you cannot see it clearly. Shading an iris without the pupil can sometimes make the eye look flat. 

Now shade in the pupil and shadows (maybe some eyeliner ha), redefine original outlines, and add in eyelashes if you can see them:

(Above) Add lines originating either from the edge of the iris towards the pupil or  vice versa. These are actually the muscles in the eye (aka iris).

How you decide to shade the iris is mostly personal preference, and I like the effect when there is a gradient of tones:

I make sure to leave some light space on the bottom of the iris; this gives it depth. Also, don’t forget to shade in the corners of the eye (this gives the eyeball a more spherical feel), and also add shading to the surrounding area. 

And then why not draw the other eye as well! 

It really doesn’t have to be symmetrical. The most important things to match to the first eye are the size of the iris, length of eye, and tilt of eye (corner to corner). As I wrote in the pic, distance between two eyes - that are facing you like this - is usually the same length as one eye.

The shading of the other eye is the exact same process as the first, so I will clump all into one collage because this tutorial is getting very lengthy ԅ(¯ㅂ¯ԅ):

The End. Hope this helps, and thanks for reading!!