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Yoongi’s runaway daughter. part.4 END

Yoongi and daughter AU

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Everything felt rushed, it was all a mess, from the ambulance to the hospital, I couldn’t handle how difficult it was to see her lying there so lifelessly, seeing her like this felt as though a thousand knives were just jabbed into my chest. I deserved it, but she didn’t. My baby girl doesn’t deserve this. So why? Why was she being punished for my own mistakes? If I could take her place and be the one to have been hit, then I would.

When we got to the hospital, everything and everybody was frantic. Doctors rushed her to the emergency room whilst nurses tried their best to keep me from following in. I shouted at them, begged them to save her not even realising that my own tears quickly made a puddle on the ground. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to feel. I was completely broke inside. I told the members to come and they all came running not long after she had moved her into surgery. 

“This is all my fault, all of this it’s my fault.” I repeated over, now sat on one of the many seats that they had to offer outside of the operation room, head in my hands whilst my elbows rested on my knees. 

“Yoongi, it’s not your fault don’t blame yourself.” Jin hyung tried to reassure me, but honestly it didn’t work. How was I supposed to believe that when I know that non of this would have happened if I didn’t open that mouth of mine? If only I had treated her better then she wouldn’t have had to runaway.

“You have no idea what she said to me when I was holding her in my arms. Everything hit me like a ton of bricks, I realised how much I neglected her when she was in her worst condition, what kind of father was I?! She’s always looked up to me but I’ve done nothing but disappointed her.” I shouted, I didn’t mean to shout at anyone, I didn’t want to shout at anyone. But I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help it when I was angry at myself, when my daughter was lying on that cold table being operated on. I couldn’t calm myself down and I knew that the members understood. Hoseok had tears falling down his face, he was Y/N’s favourite uncle. He acted more like a father towards her than I ever did. He was the one who took her out for ice cream. He was the one who helped me find birthday and Christmas gifts every year. He truly cared about her, and I could see just how torn he was by the way he was sat there, emotionless.

“That’s not true hyung.” Taehyung said whilst placing his hand on my shoulder. “You can’t possibly control these things, Y/N’s brave and she’s strong. She’ll pull through this I just know she will.” I really hope you’re right Taehyung.

Non of us moved from where we sat. For the last three hours, we didn’t speak to one another, we all waited here patiently for someone to walk out through those double doors to tell us that my daughter was okay and that her life was no longer in danger.

That moment came, shortly after. All of us rushed to our feet and walked towards the doctor, who was still taking her mask off her face.

“How’s my daughter? Is she okay? Did she make it?” I bombarded her with questions, I knew that but I was desperate. I needed to know.

“The operation was successful, so please rest assured. The anesthetic will wear off in a couple of hours time so please be patient. She may have amnesia, but it should be temporary, worst case scenario means she’ll never remember again.” 

“Thank you so much.” Namjoon said, as I saw nurses wheel her out on a bed. I followed her through into her room and sat right beside her without leaving for a second.

“Hyung, you should eat something.” Jimin said to me, tapping me on the shoulder with a sandwich. I shook my head and grabbed ahold of Y/N’s hand, not wanting to let go again. “I’ll leave it here, make sure you eat it.” He said before heading out, giving me some time and space.

I didn’t realise that I fell asleep until I felt something move in my grasp. I shot up and looked directly at Y/N who was now staring at me. 

“Baby girl are you okay?” I urged.

“Who are you?” She doesn’t remember me?

“You, you don’t know who I am?” I started crying, this is my fault. All of this was my fault. 

“No.” She looked at me confused. This is karma getting back at me for all the shit that I put her through, whether or not the memory loss was temporary, it hurt. It hurt so damn much to have her ask who I was and have her tell me she had no idea.

“I’m your dad.” I continued crying. But she smiled at me, her smile was always so bright and regardless of her condition, she still smiled the same way as she would have a week ago. She doesn’t know who I am anymore or any of our memories, so how is she still smiling? Then again, she’s probably smiling because she doesn’t remember the hardships I put her through. This may be hell for me, but it must be a great thing for her.

“You’re crying a lot, why? Is it because of me?” I nodded slightly.

“I’m sorry princess.”

“Don’t be, dad. Since you’re crying so much, then that must mean that you love me a lot right?”

“Of course I do!” I admitted, of course I love her. No matter the way I treated her, I still love her with my everything, she’s my little girl.

“Well that makes me really happy already so please don’t cry. Knowing that I have your love, already makes me the luckiest daughter alive.”


Neither a happy or a sad ending I guess?


Okay so here’s a bit more closure for you since I just came up with this idea on the spot 👀😂

Y/N’s p.o.v

The truth is, I did remember. I do still remember. Why this all happened, how it all happened. Every detail before the accident I remember clearly. Then why did you lie you ask?

Because my dad was crying, for the first time in my 14 years of living. I saw him cry. I didn’t want him to be sad, I wanted to start off fresh and this was the best way to do it. I wasn’t about to bring the past back up. Never again. 

Not when it hurts the both of us. Maybe now I can finally become the daughter he really loves, maybe now I can finally be Min Y/N without questioning my very existence.

No matter what happened in the past, I’ll still love him because he’s my father and I’m his daughter. 

just a quick round up 😀

So Lu and I went to watch Rogue One again today, and sitting in the row in front of us was this lesbian couple and their two sons. The younger son, who looked about 6 or 7 (although obviously it was pretty dark so I couldn’t be sure), talked throughout the entire film, and usually this would be annoying, right? Not this little guy. He was such a huge Star Wars nerd. He kept explaining things to his mum so that she’d understand what was going on, and it was so sweet?? 

(By the by, RO spoilers ahead)

He’d be like “That’s the Death Star. That’s important, remember that.” Or “That’s Tarkin!!! He’s a baddy.” But he also had the greatest reactions to things, like when the rebels all agreed to fly to Scarif he shouted “THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER” and he actually fist pumped the air when C-3PO and R2 had their cameo. Like all kids, though, there were a few things that went over his head and he would loudly ask if one of his mothers would explain what was going on. My favourite of these moments was when he asked if Baze was sad about Chirrut’s death because Chirrut was his boyfriend.

But I think my overall favourite point was when Krennic flew into Mustafar, and upon seeing the familiar streams of lava this boy leaned over and said to his mum: “This is where Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi had a fight because Anakin had gone to the dark side, and Obi-wan Kenobi said he loved Anakin but Anakin didn’t say it back so he chopped all his legs off.”

Like, you’re not wrong, kid.

On the way out of the cinema I could still hear him babbling excitedly about Princess Leia and how cool he thought she was, and how he wanted to watch A New Hope when they got home, and how much he’d loved the film. It was so sweet. I enjoyed the film ten times more than I would have done if that boy hadn’t been there, I’m sure. Honestly, god bless that gay Star Wars family.

Capture the Flag

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(Eric x reader)

Requested by: @jasonmccannsgirl8699

Imagine: Being on Eric’s team for capture the flag during initiation…

The train rumbled steadily along the tracks, as the sky outside darkened. Not more than 15 minutes ago, we were being yelled at by Eric to put on vests and jump on the train, with the threat of being cut if we missed ‘war games’. I guessed it was probably a team game or something, with some sort of crazy Dauntless twist. 

“Alright everyone! Listen up!”

“The game is simple, it’s like capture the flag,” Four’s voice boomed through the train compartment, forcing me to turn around and listen. 

I watch as Eric picks a gun, holds it up, and then proceeds to shoot one of the other initiates in the leg, after she had whispered something to her friend. She collapsed to the ground and sweared in an almost comedic way, and I might’ve laughed had I been able to focus on something other than the pain this dart could cause. Were they trying to kill us? 

Eric started to explain the gun, which was designed to ‘simulate the pain of real gunshot’. When he started to explain the rules though, I kind of tuned out. My mind was racing so fast I couldn’t even listen, and I wondered if anyone else could hear my heart, beating with adrenaline. 

“… Two teams, Four and I are captains.”

Before Four could even open his mouth, Eric spoke again.

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We Tried To Get Keegan Allen To Spill All The "Pretty Little Liars" Spoilers
Try again, sweaty. (This post may or may not contain spoilers, you've been warned.)
By Tahlia Pritchard, Jemima Skelley

A.D.’s storyline definitely makes sense.
“The whole storyline makes sense to me now. It’s like filling in the golden puzzle piece for sure. Fans will have the biggest, mind-blowing, exploding heads… it is the absolute bookend the show needed, it answers a lot of questions, it puts a lot of things into perspective, and it’s a great send-off.”

Toby will be in a scene with A.D during the finale.
Remaining tight-lipped on this one, Keegan simply answered that he will share the screen with A.D. in the last episode.

And when asked about the Spencer’s twin theory, Keegan talked a lot about Toby and his beard.
BuzzFeed: “We haven’t seen Toby since he slept with Spencer in the cabin, and now his phone is switched off. Is this because Toby actually slept with Spencer’s TWIN?”
Keegan: “You know I’ve heard a lot of theories about this kind of stuff. I feel like at the end of everything, all these theories will be debunked, answered, and everyone will have what they want. I can tell you though, I was rocking a pretty sick beard during that scene – it was a real beard – and then in the finale I was going to have an even BIGGER beard but I had to shave it. I went through three-and-a-half hours of makeup to have a huge beard, and I went on the set and no one could take it seriously, because I looked like I was from Castaway… so we took it off. So in the finale, I don’t have a beard anymore, like I might get fired but the show is already off the air… um, I just told a big secret, I don’t have a beard anymore in the finale! Anyway, that was that.”

Just like Ezra’s stress stubble, Toby’s beard was symbolic of his grief and stress.
“I remember really badly wanting to keep my beard for that scene in the cabin because I was like, ‘man, Toby’s really gone off the deep end, like his wife has died, I mean c’mon, he’s not gonna shave ever again!’ I can grow a beard within like three days. Like a FULL beard. I just squeeze my face and my pores shoot hairs out. A lot of people think Toby’s beard is A.D. and it’s gonna come off and be like 'I’ve been here all along’. But that’s just a Tumblr thing.”

Even Keegan is unsure about Toby’s police training.
“I feel like Toby decided to be a cop one night, around 8:30pm, logged onto his computer, went to, printed off his diploma, went to work the next morning, and was a police officer. The only reason I think that was a reality was… the fact he’s such a BAD cop, he’s not a terrible person, he’s just a better carpenter you know? He’s a better carpenter than he is a cop, and he is an OK carpenter. I think that’s why he ultimately retired!”

Apparently Toby’s partner Lorenzo just moved on up in the police force.
“Ahh Lorenzo…. Uh huh. So he became a detective in the beginning of Season 6, and I remember going into work and being like 'hey man, why do you get to wear a suit?!’ and he’s like, 'well I’m a detective now’, and I was like 'what the hell man? I’ve been a cop for like three seasons why don’t I get to be a detective?’ So I think he just became a detective and he just worked his way up and he’s important now, he’s on like Lethal Weapon now or something!”

Toby’s experience with the drugged gummy bears ~probably~ got him “fired”.
“He was high AF and ended up being like 'Where I am?’ and the police officers all around him were like, 'Dude you can’t be a police officer anymore, cause you’re high’. He was just lit, and then he got fired, pretty much,” Keegan joked.

And Toby wearing a du-rag in the earlier seasons was a complete accident.
“That was actually a mistake that scene! My hair was really long and I had to look like I had a shaved head. And they put on the du-rag just to keep my hair down, and they were gonna take it off when I was about to shoot, and my hair would be slicked back and I’d look really dangerous and juvenile. But when we were shooting, Michael the director was like, 'OK we’re gonna shoot the rehearsal’, and I had the du-rag on, and I didn’t take it off, I was just in the middle of the scene. Then months had gone by, and the production editor showed Mandy (the wardrobe person), and she was like 'what the hell is this, why is the du-rag on his head?!’ and everyone was like 'what are you talking about? This has already been in production for months’ and she was like 'oh my god NO!’ It ended up staying in… It was nobody’s fault, just an accidental mess up!”

It was only during filming the finale that Keegan started to piece together what was going on, and he was definitely shocked by who killed Charlotte.
“The truth is, I wasn’t really keeping the storyline straight. I couldn’t keep up. What ends up happening when we were shooting most of the time was that we’ll have the writer and you’d be like 'hey, what’s going on?’ and they’ll give you just snippets you need to know for your character, because there are so many storylines that your circuits would get crossed and you’d go crazy. Then if you dare, later you could go back and start to piece things together. But up until the finale I hadn’t been piecing anything together, then I started to when we were shooting the finale. I remember reading last week’s episode when there was all this info that was dumped on the audience. And me being part of the show I was like, 'wait, WHAT… Who killed Charlotte?!’ I was so enamoured by our show in that moment. Because you’re part of a show and you love doing it as much as people love watching it, but then you also get sucked into the fandom and canon of storytelling and get shocked by it.”

He even said there were some plot holes you could “literally drive a train through”, when asked about Detective Wilden covering up Marion Cavanaugh’s death.
“Jessica DiLaurentis bribed Detective Wilden to cover up Toby’s mom’s death, after ~Bethany~ pushed her off the roof at Radley. According to our calculations Wilden would’ve been a young teen at the time, so there’s no way he could be a detective. Is that right?”
Keegan: “I don’t know. That’s more a question for Marlene King. Because there are some plot points during the show that you could literally drive a train through… until the end of the show, that is. The finale will make so much sense to so many people, because they’re like, 'This show has plot holes the size of Swiss cheese!’ and like yeah, but it will make sense at the end. There’s something that happens and just collectively you’re like, 'oh shit that makes total sense now, of course!’ and that’s what will happen. Hopefully.”

And Keegan mentioned while he did get a laugh out of trolling his PLL fans, he’s been dropping clues this WHOLE time.
“I love trolling the fans! But I also love placing little easter eggs, because there is sometimes truth to things I’m saying. When the show ends, I can go back and be like: 'I said this and nobody picked up on it!’ I’ve done interviews and I’ve totally divulged things but nobody picks up on it. Once the show ends I’ll do an entire investigation into my own past stuff that I’ve said and I’ll be like, 'haha, I told you guys!’.”

BTW, he loves memes.
“I don’t really have friendships, they’re just direct message memes, so I love trolling fans (with memes). I think the sweaty thing, the misspelt sweetie meme, is my favourite thing ever. I kept doing it and fans were like 'you misspelt sweetie, what’s wrong with you!’ and 'I’m like, no, no that’s the meme guys!’.”

Anonymous said: Could I have a scenario where Todoroki corners his crush against the wall because he wants to show his true feelings ?? OMG!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG !! ♥

Anonymous said: Holy crap that shy reader not wanting to confess to shouto is the cutest thing ever! Would it be a problem if I requested a sequel? Like, shouto confessing to her, then?? Thanks a lot ❤

life-is-a-bang said: Hi ! I absolutely love your blog u are so talented. May i ask a part 2. Of the scene where Todoroki hears a girl saying that she likes him ? ( cause this one is my favourite ❤️) Sorry for my bad english !! Please never stop writing it makes me feel happy 😊😊

To you three beautiful individuals, thank you so much–I can’t say this enough!! I took the request of Todoroki cornering his crush and combined it with 2 other requests for a part 2 of another scenario, and I hope that I have not disappointed any of you by doing so or with this scenario. ❤❤❤

Warnings: None, but this is part 2 to this scenario <3

Ideally, he would’ve preferred doing this in a less in-your-face manner, but given his other attempts to confess to you… Todoroki didn’t have much of a choice.

Ever since overhearing you and the rest of the girls outside the classroom, he’d been grasping at every opportunity he saw to confess, and every time he’d been unsuccessful. He’d go up to you, thinking somewhat optimistically maybe this time, and you’d make a bolt for the door or pull aside the nearest classmate to join you in talking to him, so he couldn’t confess to you—unless he wanted someone watching, and he really didn’t.

And if, by luck, he found himself alone with you, it wasn’t long before you excused yourself, and it’d be another unsuccessful opportunity to add to the pile he already had. Of course, he had the next one to try again, but the outcome wouldn’t be any different. And although he didn’t get angered easily, patience wasn’t his strong suit, and his patience for this had run out very quickly.

So quickly, in fact, that when you finished your goodbyes to Uraraka just before she left the classroom, he’d skipped the formalities and jumped right into saying your name. As expected, you’d went straight for the door, but his pace was faster, and he’d intercepted you—in a way that has him cornering you in the now empty classroom, your back against the wall and your bag abandoned on the ground.

You look at him in surprise, making no move to escape, and Todoroki would’ve taken the extra seconds to wonder if this is the first time he’s ever truly seen your eyes this close, if not for his position.

“Todoroki, what are you doing?” you ask, visibly struggling to maintain eye contact, but out of nervousness rather than alarm, and even though it doesn’t show on his face, Todoroki is feeling the same—his last minute nerves aren’t doing a thing to help keep him calm.

He swallows hard. “I’m… sorry that I couldn’t find another way to do this,” he says, choosing to begin with that, and you stare at him, confused. “but I really need to say this.” He closes his eyes, knowing that he had to be calm to say what he’s been trying to say for the past several days, and when they open again, he does it.

“I like you.”

With wide eyes that tell Todoroki you’d heard him, you shake your head, putting a hand to your mouth, before you move it away.


Project Partners - Taeyong

I know this isn’t superrrr great but I tried hard. I hope you like it, have a great day - Em x

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Requests: Can you do a scenario teacher put you in a group with Taeyong who you have never talked before. You think he is a typical badboy but after being partners you see him in a new light? Thank you :)

 Genre: Fluff

 Word Count: 1836

“Everyone stand at the back instead of taking a seat. Today I’m setting a project and after last time there is no way you get to pick your own partners.” Your teacher said. Everyone groaned but you knew it was true. Half of last terms projects were laughable. You were still a bit disgruntled though, one of your best friends was in this class and you could have had so much fun together. You just hoped you got partnered with someone vaguely decent.

Your teacher began to list names of your classmates. She had managed to partner everyone with someone they barely knew.

“y/b/f and Yuta,” The teacher said handing them a project pack. “y/n and Taeyong,” she called out next. If you had been cheekier you would have protested at this. Taeyong was just some badboy in your year who chased after a different girl each week and didn’t bother with anything. That’s what everyone said.

Your friend shot you a sympathetic look before turning around and grinning at Yuta. She had had a crush on him for ages, he was nice and cute so she was lucky to have him for a partner.

You sat down at a desk next to Taeyong and gave him a quick, fake smile. The teacher walked up to the board and wrote the deadline, a week from now, in big letters.

“We have done many projects in the past but I thought we would do something a bit more interesting for you this time,” she announced. “In your pair, each of you will have to present about the other person and something you have learned from each other this week. This is another reason you can’t go with your friends. You may have the rest of the lesson to discuss with your partner.”

Your teacher pulled out her laptop and put headphones in. Your social science class wasn’t always the most educational fo your classes.

You turned to Taeyong.

“Um… hey so I’m y/n,” You said to him smiling as best you could. Taeyong raised his eyebrows and grinned.

“You’re a pretty girl,” He said to you with a wink. “I’m lucky in that regard,” You internally groaned. Was it humanly possible to work with him? This was one of the many questions you had. But you ignored him.

“What days are you free?” You asked him politely. But he didn’t reply he had gotten out his phone and was texting someone. You didn’t mind faking happiness but he could at least pay attention.

“Hey, Taeyong!” You said tapping him on the shoulder. He looked up at you, seemingly amused that you were still trying to work.

“I asked you what days you were free to work, that is if you’re not too busy beating people up or chasing after poor girls or whatever you do in your free time. I don’t really feel like doing the whole project myself but I mean with you has a partner what should have I expected.”

He looked surprised by your small outburst, it wasn’t immediately obvious but you could have sworn a flash of hurt ran across his face before his smirk regained its usual place. He was about to speak but the bell rang.

“Look you can do whatever, but if you want to help meet me in the library tomorrow after school,” you told him getting up. “But don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to show.”

The next day after the last bell rang you walked down to the library with your best friend.

“Yuta is so kind and he is really good at this project, I’m having so much fun,” she gushed her cheeks blushing red when she saw Yuta waiting for her in the library. Your eyes scanned the room but there was absolutely no sign of Taeyong. 

If he was gonna show there was no way he would be early. But then you felt a tap on your own shoulder. You looked around to see Taeyong grinning at you as he sat down.

“I’m here to work y/n,” he said saluting you. He was funny, you would give him that.

“Great,” you replied, smiling earnestly this time. “So then tell me about yourself, Taeyong Lee,”

“There isn’t much to say really, I’m seventeen and I like to have a good time,” He grinned, you did the opposite and frowned.

“Taeyong seriously?” you questioned. “My part of the report can’t be ‘yeah this is Taeyong and he likes to party,’ we would get an F, you idiot,”

Taeyong shrugged.

“Not everyone is what you want them to be. I’m an out of control badboy who gets into fights, drinks, smokes and chases after helpless girls. That’s what people say right.” He told you looking down at his desk.

You looked at him sceptically. You had a feeling that this wasn’t a whole truth. Just by showing up he had shown he was different to what people said. But that didn’t really say much. It wasn’t proof of character enough.

“Fine,” you said relenting. “I will tell you first. I’m y/n and one day I hope to achieve something that shows I can be great. I want to do well and make and impression on people,”

He interrupted you, “Babe you made an impression on me with just one glance,” You cracked a small smile.

“How do you get girls with such terrible lines, gosh Taeyong, is your secret you’re a wizard?” You asked him.

“Oh, yes y/n you see I’m the Asian harry potter,” he flicked his pencil forward at you as if casting a spell. “Makeus this girlus fallus in loveus with meus!” he shouted. The whole library turned around at his sudden cry. The librarian cast you both a look that would kill.

It was all so funny, Taeyong being so childish and the shocked looks of others you couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“Already you’re proving everyone wrong about the badboy. You are such an idiot Taeyong. Wait…,” you stopped. “Is the humour how you reel the girls in?” you asked curiously. Because if it was it was working.

“Nope. That would ruin my image. The humour is just for you baby girl,” He wiggled his eyebrows. “The other girls can’t avoid being taken in by my beautiful face because my face is beautiful. But not as beautiful as yours.” Taeyong said with his classic smirk back.

“Why are you trying to reel me in then, if the other girls like you more easily?” You questioned.

Taeyong blushed slightly pink. You thought your eyes were playing tricks.

“Because those girls only want one thing from me, and me from them. But that’s not what I want from you. Well, not all I want anyway. I won’t tell a lie. You intrigue me y/n, which is why I think you should go on a date with me.” He said. He sounded confident but you could just about tell the nervousness in his voice.

“Tell you what Taeyong, if we get an A on the project we can go on a date, but that means you have to tell me about the actual Taeyong. You are more than a badboy I can see it,” You answered.

“Fair deal,” he agreed. “Well then… I’m Taeyong and I don’t enjoy getting into fights, I just can’t help it. I have a slightly short temper. I feel pressured to hold up a reputation I don’t even like and I don’t know why. I sleep with lots of girls because the one I always liked from afar can’t see through my façade and I never have the guts to talk to her which in turn makes me angrier and I beat up more people. I want to be a good person, I don’t even like drinking that much. In fact, my favourite thing to do is to sing.” He dropped his face into his hands.

“Ah I can’t do this y/n, I seem so dumb,”

“Nah that was the best thing that you have ever said,” you said happily.

“Can I hear you sing?” you asked later as you were walking home with him.

“Absolutely not. No way. Never gonna happen.” He said walking faster to get away from you.

You ran to catch up and grabbed his arm lightly, just enough to stop him.

“Please,” You asked grinning, “I will do anything if you sing. Just two lines that’s it. Please Taeyong?” you asked. Both of you had just spent two hours writing up one of the bets social science reports of all time.

“Anything?” he asked eyes widening. You nodded.

“Yeah pretty much.”

“Okayyyy fine.” He said and stopped walking. “This is so awkward, here goes nothing…

It’s too much, your red lips

Un Bel Viso, all of you

Makes me imagine an image of an angel

Only mine, you got to be mine

 His voice was so beautiful. He turned around shy.

“Omg Tae that was so great, if I could sing like you I would never stop singing!” you praised him.

He smiled brightly.

“Glad you liked it baby girl. But now you have to do that one thing for me.” He said. You nodded wondering what he would say.

“y/n,” he said seriously. “I want you to kiss me,” and he didn’t have to tell you twice. You took a step towards him. He eyes flickered briefly between your eyes and lips but almost as quickly they pressed together. Your lips caressing each other softly but passionately. It lit a fire inside you.

He pulled away after a few seconds and leant his forehead against yours.

“I really hoped I proved I was different. Because I realised it doesn’t matter if other don’t know who I am. But it does matter that you do.”

“Don’t worry, I think I have a clear idea. And I like this new Taeyong a lot.”

He was beyond sweet from that point on. That weekend you went on an ice cream date and fed ducks at the park. He was the opposite of your preconceptions.

So, the next week in class when it was your turn you felt confident. Taeyong started off with a nice little talk about how people were sweet and we needed to take chances to get to know them like he did with you.

“To conclude, before this I thought I knew who Taeyong was. But people aren’t always the way they present themselves or the way people say. Sometimes it’s just easier to act a certain way. Taeyong is one of the best people I have ever met and I only know that because he had to prove it to me. We should try and see beyond people’s outward attitudes.”

Taeyong gave you a hug and a warm smile.

“Lovely.” The teacher said calling up the next pair. In the end, she gave everyone an A but you knew it wasn’t a waste of time as you walked into lunch to sit next to your boyfriend Taeyong.

Stop in the Name of Love! 3/3

This is my entry for @thebookjumper‘s Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon prompt: At Odds.

Season 5 AU. The flashback from 5x20 and Adrian Chase are not part of this story.  This story examines what Felicity and Oliver were thinking and feeling at the time.

Thank you so much for the likes and comments! I so hope you like the ending!

Thanks so much to @almondblossomme for proofing! All chapters available on AO3.

                           3. Negotiating and Renegotiating

Oliver realized as he tore out of the lair on his bike he really had nowhere to go. He drove for a while to try to cool down. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket, he knew it was probably Felicity wondering where he was but he just couldn’t talk right now.

He knew that Felicity was not ready to get back together with him and he understood why. He had tried so hard to convince himself that being her friend was enough. At least she was in his life. But hearing her talking about marriage to someone else made him realize he’d been lying to himself. He had no idea what to do. You couldn’t force someone to marry you.

Maybe he could leave.  Right now, he was just lost. So, he decided to go the Mayor’s Office. He really couldn’t face Felicity.

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Hello! Are there any more short fics that are written very poetically and with a lot of metaphors? Like Stitching up The Seams, Four in the Morning, Chocolate Ice Cream and bourbon, From Inside the Black Hole? I'd prefer if they were short-ish (just one part).Thank you!!

Chocolate Ice Cream and Bourbon - It’s not as if Dan doesn’t want to go to the parties that he’s obligated to go to as a university student. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and Dan knows that him and parties should not mix. That is, until he isn’t alone, and he meets a solemn writer named Phil.

Four in the Morning - Four in the morning is the poster child for loneliness, earth’s betrayal; Dan Howell’s never been good at falling asleep at night. Because being alone in an empty house becomes suffocating, Dan finds solace in a cashier working the night shift at a grocery who’s afraid to fall asleep: Phil Lester. Maybe some questions are better off unanswered, or maybe Dan’s just afraid of the response.

The Five Times Phil Lester Cried After Sex and the One Time It Didn’t Matter - Sex has always meant more to Phil than just sex, but it takes him a long time to learn that crying afterwards isn’t a bad thing.

Nobody, Not Even the Rain - (tw) Dan is fine. It’s what he’s told himself all along. Even though it hurts when he has sex with his boyfriend, even though he shakes for no reason at all; he’s fine. He’s happy. But when he meets Phil, he learns about respect, trust, and how a relationship is truly supposed to be like. Most of all, he learns that maybe he’s not doing so well after all.

The Wanting Comes In Waves - After moving to the tiny Welsh coastal village of Rhagfyr, Phil struggles to find a new way of living, what with his new school and the decision of his future still on the table. Dan is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, but perhaps there’s beauty inside destruction.

I don’t blame you much (for wanting to be free) (ao3) - Phil first saw Dan, in a tiny museum in Manchester, wearing a nametag that said Dylan, cleaning one tiny patch of floor over and over, fringe falling in his eyes, staring at The Sea at Saintes-Maries like it was the best thing he had ever seen, like he was looking at something behind it, something hidden. Phil had said “hey, that’s my favourite too. Everyone always walks straight past it” and Dan had jumped like a startled cat and then instantly scurried off. Phil had thought no wait stay. And Dan hadn’t, obviously.

But We Were Screaming in Colour - au in which artist!dan’s idea of a romantic first date involves interrupting phil’s dissertation research and having sex in a pile of paint. this is their whirlwind relationship, as told in acrylic and prose.

Blue - Dan is an artist who sees people as colours and Phil needs money.

I looked up poetic fics and some of these came up, and then others are off the top of my head (: if anyone else has some recommendations, please feel free to rec them!

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Can I get a bullet fic or preference with Dark, Mare, and Anti with the reader who isn't affected by them being demons and just sasses them? Like, how would they react?

You got it, love!

Dark would be kind of shocked, but mostly fascinated by the fact you could stand up to him. He’d never let you know that though, most of your interactions would me intellectual banter and teasing. It would be so refreshing for him. Your wit makes you endearing and all the more alluring to him 

Anti, however, would be pissed, not in an aggressive way - although it may build up to that if you don’t tread carefully - but in a grumpy child way. His comebacks would always be either childish or threatening, no real wit about it, that’s not our boi’s style, lets be real

Natemare isn’t even mad, bro, he loves it and finds it fun. He will often hook his arm about you amidst your sass battles. Said sass battles always have a flirty undertone. Whether its romantic or platonic, the bond you share with Mare is just so much fun, he’s like the best friend only you can mess with, and the feeling is mutual.

I really love preference requests, they are my favourite, really. So if you ever want to request more than just these three dark bois, feel free. To clear things up, these are the dark/lightside youtubers I am happy to write for
-Wilford Warfstache

And preferences are open for any fandom, just specify the characters you want. <3 

Madrigal Raith in Proven Guilty

“You’re insane,” Crane said.
“Wizards is the kway-zee-est people,” I confirmed. “And you don’t look very much like a Darby.”
Crane’s chin lifted, his eyes glittering with some sort of sudden approval. I had no idea why. Dammit, I hate it when someone knows more than me about exactly how deep a hole I’m digging under myself. “No? And what does a Darby look like?”
“I confess, the only one I ever saw was in that leprechaun movie with Sean Connery,” I said. “Call it an instinct.”

“How’s it going, Dresden?” Thomas asked.
“Took you long enough,” I said.
Thomas grinned, but it didn’t touch his eyes. His gaze never left Crane.
“Have you ever met my cousin, Madrigal Raith?”
“I knew he didn’t look like a Darby,” I said.
Thomas nodded. “Wasn’t that a movie with Janet Munro?”
“And Sean Connery.”
“Thought so,” Thomas said.

A few things of note:

1) Madrigal is one of my favourite villains because of how easy it is to make fun of him. He’s an annoying, whiny little shit with an even more annoying, whinier twin sister. I have so many headcanons about Madrigal’s relationship with Thomas growing up (since back then he was probably Thomas’s closest male relative aside from Lord Raith), but the main ones consist largely of Thomas outclassing Madrigal at every turn.

2) How the hell has no one figured out Harry and Thomas are brothers yet when they have conversations like this???

3) Darby is a really dumb name. Why did Madrigal call himself “Darby”, like could he really not think of anything better? Or is this like that thing in Discworld where vampires try to be all goth and modern and instead of using their real names (Lacrimosa, Maladora, Graven) they give themselves names like “Freda” and “Henry” and “Gertrude”. IMO it’s either that, or he wanted to be Darcy, but there was a typo.

Camp Velaris ~ Chapter ten

I should have been more disappointed that I’d lost. Well, technically, we’d drawn.

But, in all honesty, I couldn’t bring myself to be. Not when Rhys was waiting outside my room, in a suit and tie, holding the fanciest bouquet I’d ever seen.

“Ready, darling?” He asks me, his violet eyes gleaming.

“Of course.” I reply, before joining him, my mind whirling with the possibilities of what lay ahead on his part of the date.

I couldn’t help feeling glad that we’d both won our little bet.

With only a week left of camp, this was our last chance of to see who wins the competition. We were now drawing. Whoever won this would win their prize.

The activity was a scavenger hunt; whichever team (Court of Nightmares vs Court of Dreams) would be declared the winner.

Naturally, Rhys and I had decided that whoever out of us got the most items would win our competition. Rhys, once again, had joined the Court of Nightmares to even out the teams.

Then the Scavenger hunt began.

Each team was given a list, and the items on the list were scattered among the campsite. Luckily for us, there were only about fifteen items on the list. Unluckily, Camp Velaris was fucking huge.

This was harder than I had expected.

The Court of Dreams split into teams; Mor went with three of the kids, and Amren and I took the other two.

I think we were all a bit terrified of having Amren on our team.

Amren, unsurprisingly, was great at hunting the items. We had already found three in the first ten minutes. We still had twelve to find in the remaining fifty minutes.

We had only two more items left to go when the time was up. We all laid out our items on a picnic bench in the courtyard while Abigail, the instructor who was running this section, counted how many we’d gotten and if they were the right items.

“Just a quick question. What’s your favourite flower?”

“What?” I said to Rhys, who had come over to talk to me.

“Just wondering what I should give you on our date.” He said, smirking.

“Prick.” I hissed, and nudged him with my elbow.

He looked like he was about to reply when Abigail called everyone over.

“It looks like we have a tie. Thirteen items for both teams!”

Rhys leaned down to whisper in my ear, “I guess we both win, Feyre darling.”

I shivered a little at the feel of his warm breath on my skin.

“I guess we do.”

“Are you going to be this cryptic for all of the evening?”

We were now in his car. Like last time, I asked him where we were going. And also like last time, He refused to tell me.

“Don’t act like you don’t love a man of mystery. Besides, you’re not allowed to complain on my half of the date. I’m not going to complain on yours.”

As a result of us both winning our competition, we decided our shared prize; the both of us would go out on a date. Rhys would plan the first half, and I would plan the second.

Neither knew what the other had chosen.

“Fine. But yet again, this could be another murdery situation.”

“And yet again, ‘Murdery’ isn’t a word. Also, darling, you seem convinced that one of these days I am going to murder you.”

I scowled at him, but there was no real malice in my look.

“I’m just preparing myself for the possibility.” I reply.

“Feyre, I promise not to murder you. Does that reassure you?” I could feel the smile in his voice.

“A little.”

“Good. Now stop trying to ruin my night by bringing up murder! Just because you know what I’ve planned is better than what you have.”

“We’ll see about that.”
Rhys pulled up at outside an old fashioned looking movie theatre. Before I could open my own car door, he had opened it for me.

“Are you going to be this gentlemanly for the rest of the night?”

“Is that a complaint, Feyre darling?”

“Just an observation.”

“I see. Come on, I don’t want us to be late.”

Grabbing my hand, he pulled us inside the theatre, whose inside looked just as vintage as its outside, and walked up to the front desk, where a bored looking employee was standing.

Rhys spoke to the man in a low voice that I couldn’t hear. After a minute, the employee nodded and pointed down to where the different screens were.

“Thank you.” Was all Rhys said before taking me into one of the screen rooms. We were the only ones there.

Rhys once again took me by the hand and led me to the middle seats, where we sat down on one of the old-style red chairs. No one else seemed to be coming in.

Rhys, seeming to sense what I was looking for said, “It’s just us, Feyre darling.”

“You booked an entire movie theatre just for us?” People could actually do that?

“Well, not the entire movie theatre. Just this room.” I must have still looked confused, as Rhys continued, “The theatre’s getting shut down. Not making that much money; it mainly just shows old movies, and it’s not in a busy part of the city. The owners and old family friend.”

I nodded. “So which movie are we seeing?”

“Just wait and see, darling.”

The screen came on, illuminating the room.

The second the credits came on, at the beginning of the movie and not the end, I recognized what movie we were seeing.

“Roman holiday?” I asked Rhys, incredulous.

“I know it’s your favourite old movie.” Was all he replied.

A pause.

“Do you like your surprise?” He seemed almost nervous as he said it, as if it had just occurred to him that I might not enjoy it.

I smiled at him. “This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.”

Then I turned my face back to the screen.

And every time I tried to steal a glance of him, I found him staring right back at me.
“I’m guessing you enjoyed your surprise then.” Rhys says to me as we leave the movie theatre.

I had not stopped smiling.

“I loved it! My sisters and I used to watch it and dream about being Ann.”

“Dare I ask what my surprise is?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.”

“Now who’s being cryptic?”

“Oh, hush. Don’t be such a baby. We’ll be there in a few minutes.”

We walked in silence the rest of the way. It was a comfortable silence.

“Okay. We’re here.” I told him.

We were outside the building he had took me to all those weeks ago.


“Come on. Your surprise at the top of the building.”

I unlocked the door with the key I’d been given, and led Rhys up the several flights of stairs before we reached the roof.

How did you plan this all out?” Rhys asked me once we had reached the top of the stairs.

“I didn’t tell you that after you took me here, I contacted the owner. Told her that I had seen her artwork and loved it. We’ve been corresponding these past few weeks. I told her about us both winning the competition, and she told me I could use this place.”

I unlocked the door to the roof. I hoped Rhys liked his surprise.

Judging by his face, I guessed he did.

I had lain out a blanket in the middle of the roof for us to lie on. I had also made up a picnic for us. It was mainly shop bought items, but still.

“Do you like it?” Now I was the one who was nervous.

“Do you even need to ask?” He smiled at me.

Silently, I took hold of his hand and led him over to the blanket, where we both sat down.

“I bought us some food. I know it’s not much but…”

He cut me off. “Feyre, darling, it’s perfect. I love it.”

“I’m glad.”

We ate for a while and talked. We talked about everything; our likes, dislikes, whatever we could talk about, really. Just when I’d thought we’d exhausted every topic, we found something new.

After our food, we lay down on the blanket, shoulder to shoulder, out feet entwining a little.

“I forgot to tell you how beautiful you look tonight.” Rhys said to me, his voice sincere.

I blushed a little.

“I was supposed to tell you that when I picked you up but… I guess I was speechless.” He continued.

“I was going to tell you the same thing.”

We were silent again for a while, before Rhys spoke again.

“Looking at the stars is different in a city. Too many lights.”

“I’ve never seen the stars. Not properly anyway. I don’t get out of my city much.”

“One day, we’ll go see the stars together. Just the two of us.”

“I’d like that.” I said, twisting my body a little to face him.

And then we both watched the sky together.

And I couldn’t stop feeling as if this was exactly where I was meant to be.

Opinions (Alec x Reader) Imagine

“We can’t keep doing this anymore” you yelled.

“Why not? We love each other, that’s what should matter. Not their stupid opinons!” Alec screamed back.

“Their opinions mean everything Alec. You and I both know that, we knew when we first started dated6, this it wasn’t going to last forever.” You shouted. “A warlock and shadowhunter don’t belong together in the eyes of The Clave. It goes against everything in this world and what people believe in.”

“What I did believed in at one point but not now, not after I fell in love with you” Alec said while looking at you with tears in his eyes. You needed to end this now, you couldn’t just ruin his life by being with him any longer. It needed to be over.

“Just stop loving me” You yelled once again. Thank the angel that most of the institute was gone out on missions because if not the whole place would be woke up from yours guys screaming match.

“I just can’t stop loving you” Alec said barely above a whisper.

“Well try” you said picking up your stuff from the ground and quickly leaving the institute, never bothering to look back. Isabelle came rushing into the room right after you left. As she heard the racket you guys were making.

“Alec” She said as she saw her older brother siting on his bed crying into his hands. She rushed over to him, not knowing at the time she would spend the rest of the night holding him to make sure he was going to be alright with his broken heart.



  The door open and it showed your older brother Magnus Bane.

“Y/N” He said with a shock tone, looking at the sight in front of him. Here in front of him was you, his baby sister looking like a mess. You had tears running down your face and were soaked from the rain that started to fall on your way over here. He quickly pulled you inside and made you sit on the couch while he ran to get some towels and dry clothes so you could change.

“Here go get change” He offer as he handed you the clothes. One snap of your finger and a quick bluff of purple smoke and you were changed. Magnus kinda stood back for a second it wasn’t like you to use magic when it wasn’t needed. It shocked him a bit but he didn’t say anything but he knew something was wrong.

“You know, it’s okay to cry.” Magnus said as he looked at you. He knew you better then anyone and he could tell that you were holding back tears with everything you have. He also knew you like being the strong one that wouldn’t ever shed a tear in front of someone. You collapse into his arms busting into tears. Letting all your emotions come out. He ran his fingers through your purple hair, the colour of your hair was your warlock unique feature. It was one of Alec’s favourite things about you.

“We broke up” You let out through sobs. Magnus face quickly turns red from anger

“Tell me what do I have to do to make that young shadowhunter pay for breaking my little sister heart” He said with envy in his voice.

“Do nothing, I’m the one that broke up with him. I’m the one that shatter his heart.” You said quietly as you lay back onto the couch. Magnus face turn into a compete look of shocked, weren’t you into love with this boy he thought. Then it hit him.

“You did this for his reputation didn’t you?” Magnus asked

“Yes, its better this way. He can live his life happy with another shadowhunter that the Clave approves of. He can grow old with them where he can’t with me.” You said as you stood up.

“Did you ever think he doesn’t care what The Clave thinks? Or did that not cross your mind” Magnus replied as he also stood up.

“Obviously I thought of that. He doesn’t care but I do. I care how he treated and he not going to be treated badly because he loves me” You yelled.

“You don’t want him to be treated badly but isn’t that what you are doing right now since you broke his heart?” Magnus yelled back. You rolled your eyes and headed towards your room that you had at Magnus place. You knew he was right, you broke his heart you’re the one that hurter him. You did something that you swore you were never do. You would live the rest of your life knowing this. You could fall in love like this again you thought maybe in twenty years or so you could forget about Alec Lightwood.


 “Isabelle someone by the name of Bane is here to see you” Max said as he walked into his older brother bedroom where his siblings were to. Isabelle quickly stood up “Stay here” she said as she made her way out of the room going to see the visitor.As she walked into the main room she notice it wasn’t the Bane she was hoping for.

“What are you doing here Magnus?” Isabelle asked with disgust in her voice. She couldn’t stand to see her brother hurt and looking at Magnus reminded her of the person that hurt him.

“I came to see how your brother was holding up” Magnus answered.

“Why would you care? Are you going to go back home and laugh about this with her? About how she broke Alec’s heart because it’s not funny at all.” Izzy said.

“No th-” Magnus went to speak but Izzy cut him off.

“You know you warlocks think that you can go all around the world falling in love with who ever you want because you guys will live forever probably having tons of lovers in your lifetime. Not even thinking about what it would do to the people that you guys fall in love with.” Izzy shouted at Magnus.

“You would just SHUT UP AND LET ME SPEAK” Magnus screamed. Everyone eyes now fell on the two of them standing in the middle of the room. But with one harsh glare from Izzy everyone turned back to what they were doing not even playing attention to the two them fighting anymore.

“I came here to talk to you, not to fight with you. I wanted to try and come up with a plan to make Alec and Y/N get back together.”

“Come up with a plan?” Izzy laughed “It’s your sister fault that we are in this mess. If you want them to get back together that’s all up to you” Izzy finish as she walked away.


 “I can’t believe that you convinced me to come here” you said as you stood by your brother at his club Pandemonium. This scene wasn’t really your type and being here right after your break up didn’t help.

“What can I say I know my way with words”

“Are you sure you didn’t put a spell on me”

“I’m sure but if it came down to it I probably would of” Magnus said with a smile.

You laugh at him then made your way toward the bar. You order your drink then look around the club. There were so many different kinds of downworlders here but something shined that caught your eye. It was backs of shadowhunters with their swords. You quickly walked up to them to see what they were doing here.

“Many people won’t be to happy when they find out shadowhunters are here” You spoke as you stood behind them.  They turned around and it just happened to be Jace, Izzy, Clary and Alec.

“I don’t think they will care if we don’t hurt them” Jace said “Anyway where is that demon that your brother told us to come get”

“I have no idea what your talking about so that question for him” You said as you pointed towards him in back. In that moment it was like a lightbulb went off in Isabelle head.

“Come Jace and Clary let’s go asked him, Stay here Alec” she said grabbing the two and leaving. Not even giving Alec enough time to answer. Alec looked down at you. You could tell that he haven’t slept in days from the bags under his eyes. Also that he have been crying since his eyes were bloodshot. You would of looked the same if it wasn’t for your magic, times like this you were thankful for it.

“Did you set this up?” He asked

“Yes because I wanted to talk to the person who heart I broke a few days” you rolled your eyes. What a dumb question you thought.

“Do you miss me?” Alec asked his voice just above a whisper. Looking at him he seems so weak and broken. It broke your heart since you knew it was your fault.

“Beyond but Alec it doesn’t-” You went to say but he cut you off

“Just stop with the bullshit Y/N, who cares about what other thinks. Were in love that’s what matter. I want to be with you till I died and you need to understand that The Clave can shove it for all I care”

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to ruined your life”

“The only way you ruined my life is not being with me” He said. Finally he wrapped his arms around you. Man did it ever feel good being back in his arms.

“Now let’s go see my brother and thank him for this” You said as you guys walked. Who cares if you were a warlock in love with a shadowhunter at least you were happy.

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do you know any fanfics that are like poetic or poetically written? i appreciate your work and love you all to bits tysm

Chocolate Ice Cream and Bourbon - It’s not as if Dan doesn’t want to go to the parties that he’s obligated to go to as a university student. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and Dan knows that him and parties should not mix. That is, until he isn’t alone, and he meets a solemn writer named Phil.

Four in the Morning - Four in the morning is the poster child for loneliness, earth’s betrayal; Dan Howell’s never been good at falling asleep at night. Because being alone in an empty house becomes suffocating, Dan finds solace in a cashier working the night shift at a grocery who’s afraid to fall asleep: Phil Lester. Maybe some questions are better off unanswered, or maybe Dan’s just afraid of the response.

The Five Times Phil Lester Cried After Sex and the One Time It Didn’t Matter - Sex has always meant more to Phil than just sex, but it takes him a long time to learn that crying afterwards isn’t a bad thing.

Nobody, Not Even the Rain - (tw) Dan is fine. It’s what he’s told himself all along. Even though it hurts when he has sex with his boyfriend, even though he shakes for no reason at all; he’s fine. He’s happy. But when he meets Phil, he learns about respect, trust, and how a relationship is truly supposed to be like. Most of all, he learns that maybe he’s not doing so well after all.

The Wanting Comes In Waves - After moving to the tiny Welsh coastal village of Rhagfyr, Phil struggles to find a new way of living, what with his new school and the decision of his future still on the table. Dan is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, but perhaps there’s beauty inside destruction.

From the Inside of a Black Hole - (tw) dan likes sometimes and maybe and the kingdom of life and death but when his car breaks down and is needing an extended period of time for repair, he finds solace in the home of a lost boy with red knuckles and ghosts: phil lester.

I don’t blame you much (for wanting to be free) (ao3) - Phil first saw Dan, in a tiny museum in Manchester, wearing a nametag that said Dylan, cleaning one tiny patch of floor over and over, fringe falling in his eyes, staring at The Sea at Saintes-Maries like it was the best thing he had ever seen, like he was looking at something behind it, something hidden. Phil had said “hey, that’s my favourite too. Everyone always walks straight past it” and Dan had jumped like a startled cat and then instantly scurried off. Phil had thought no wait stay. And Dan hadn’t, obviously.

But We Were Screaming in Colour - au in which artist!dan’s idea of a romantic first date involves interrupting phil’s dissertation research and having sex in a pile of paint. this is their whirlwind relationship, as told in acrylic and prose.

Stitching Up the Seams (tw)- Phil can’t help but notice the boy with dead eyes who wears baggy jumpers all the time and barely talks anymore. Not being able to stand how sad he looks, Phil begins to slip notes into Dan’s locker in hopes of raising his spirits.

I looked up poetic fics and some of these came up, and then others are off the top of my head (:


4 Moments from the Once Upon a Time filming in Steveston, March 21, 2017.

1) When you arrive in Steveston to see the Cadillac in front of the pawn shop, and fans dressed like Jennifer Morrison walking around (that’s *not* actually JMo, sorry, but she looks pretty close and looks so perfect in the photo). Yay!

2) When crew/security is ushering fans/spectators to a new viewing area, and you turn your head and see that your absolute favourite has just shown up on set. Omg. OMG.

3) When, hours later, said absolute favourite starts walking purposefully toward the fan crowd. OMG asdfghjkl eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

4) When, after so kindly and patiently taking pictures with and signing things for fans for around 30 minutes, he takes his leave. Awww. (like the sign says, you’re going the wrong way, Bobby)

Such a lucky day - I still can’t believe it…

soliskoroleva  asked:

drunk alina headcanons?

asdjsjk honestly this is my favourite thing ever bc i imagine it only happens like once in a blue moon so it’s A Memorable Event for everyone, esp for alina herself

- everything starts as a dare. darkles decides it would be a Great Idea to try alina’s limits and see how far she’d go in order to defy him so he flicks his wrist at her and says someone so tiny as her couldn’t possibly hold her liquor
- “I CAN HOLD MY LIQUOR!!!!!!!! WHO SAID I CAN’T HOLD MY LI-”, she screams and then looks him dead in the eye and smiles, uncorking the nearest bottle of kvas. oh it’s ON
- darkles is rather amused at first bc alina is either serious or deadpan sarcastic but this is a whole new side of her he’s never seen before
- that is until she starts spitting truth™ about him and he’s like “i’ve taken this into consideration and i’ve decided i don’t like you drunk, alina”
- which only spurts alina on and she reminds him how bad he looks when HE’S drunk
- next thing you know he’s knocking on zoya’s door, reluctantly (and very grumpily) requesting her assistance
- the thing is, alina hates kvas. and i know we’re talking ravkan here but kvas irl is, in fact, a VERY low alcoholic beverage, almost like orange juice with a few drops of alcohol. so alina goes straight for the hard liquor despite her being so tiny she barely reaches darkles’ chest to spit at him in moments of justified rage
- there are four stages of the phenomena called drunk alina:
1) confident, stubborn, almost smug. forgets about the existence of h2o altogether despite everyone telling her she’s gonna get drunk faster if she’s dehydrated. chugs down five shots like it’s nothing. makes bets with everyone around her. ALINA STARKOV DOES NOT GET DRUNK.
2) evidently tipsy but she doesn’t feel sick or anything. tells everyone how much she loves them, including every mug, carpet, flower pot, lamp, dog, the new kefta hanging on her wardrobe door. she’s a loving ball of pure sunshine. just slightly drunk.
3) SEVERELY drunk. she whips out a list of names and starts calling ppl out in alphabetical order until someone has to physically put a hand on her mouth so she doesn’t get in trouble + picks a fight with AT LEAST five giant men and grabs a cucumber when one of them starts to gain on her (nikolai trips him just seconds before he reaches alina but she’s still fuming and going after his pals bc This Drunken Sun Queen Will Not Have Any Of This Misogynistic Bullshit And You Better Watch Out For Her Fresh Cucumber Weapon). genya pulls her aside so she doesn’t tumble down the stairs and tamar reaches for the nearest flower pot in case she literally CAN’T hold her liquor any longer
4) totally out of it. she giggles and sings off key (usually some raunchy sailor song with lots of profanity) until she falls asleep on zoya’s shoulder who’s like the last person standing bc everyone else has started drinking with alina (so they’re sympathetic with her wild kvas jugging ride) and half of them are rolling on the floor, the other are puking in the snow outside, darkles is wringing his hands bc this alina is three times feistier than the regular version and he’s at a complete loss
- she has so many rAgrets in the morning when she wakes up groggy and hungover and feeling like someone’s cutting her skull open
- darkles is perched at the end of her bed, looking rather smug for someone who’s responsible for her suffering
- “i told you you couldn’t hold your liquor”, he says & no one can blame alina for throwing up on him (accidentally ofc. what, you think the girl who threatened the apparat on multiple occasions and meant it, who was ready to fight botkin and dropped shade at any given opportunity would do smth like this? gasps)

Dating T.O.P Would Include

“I’m late , sorry , but do you still take ‘dating would include’ ? If yes , could you eventually do it with TOP and Jackson? ( they are my fav ) Your previous ones were so good *_* thanks ! <3″

T.O.P is my ultimate so I cannot NOT. Hope you enjoy <3

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