this is like my favourite thing he ever said

excuse me nalu fam but pls dont worry about mashima’s comment about nalu.. just remember that fairy tail was never supposed to go that long when mashima first started creating it.. so obviously NONE of the romantic relationships were ever his intentions, (gruvia & gajevy included!) but like he said, now the fan’s are anticipating it.. that’s a good thing!! don’t forget that lucy isn’t just one of mashima’s favourite characters that he’s created but she’s also the fans favourite too and i reckon that gives it more of a chance of pairing her with the main lead bc of fanservice and that (going off previous canon ships here).. we’re lucky in this part tbh.. not to mention, mashima does like to put romantic subplots in his work too. he’ll also never spoil it being canon either. and listen though… don’t forget this gem;

there’s an actual married ship in ft.. and more “romantic” ships in ft then them atm, yet he chose those two ;) 

also the whole “more than friends, less than lovers” thing… i keep seeing compared to what kubo said about ichigo and rukia… don’t compare it to their relationship ok? bleach and ft are very different manga’s and kubo and mashima’s writing style is VERY different… (compare the writing of the female characters for example.. i mean…) fairy tail has always had more romantic aspects than bleach ever did too tbh. bleach could have easily ended with no relationships and it’d still would have made sense.. but with ft idk… it’d feel like it hadn’t finished yet (this is probably biased lol). there are so many more romantic ships in ft and as a shipper of both i do think nalu had WAAAY more of a romantic relationship than ichigo and rukia too tbh.

so yes pls don’t fret!!  i’m actually so confident in nalu being canon… like i’ve never been so confident in a ship like this before!!

Hunk Headcanons
  • Doesn’t really like wearing skirts, because of chub rub. He finds wearing shorts underneath annoying and he doesn’t like pantelettes.
  • Has very sensitive skin and his eyes water easily. He only has to look at an onion and he starts crying.
  • Hands are full of tiny scars and burns from soldering and metalwork.
  • The first thing Lance ever said to him was “holy shit, dude, your biceps are the size of my head!”. They became best friends immediately after.
  • Has had one and a half girlfriends (half because it only lasted two dates before she moved away).
  • Is pansexual demiromantic.
  • Sometimes just likes pressing his hand to Lance’s face when he’s being annoying. Has started to do it to Pidge and Keith as well.
  • Has two mums and a little sister.
  • His favourite Pokémon is Cutiefly.
  • Absolutely loves and appreciates any kind of food he comes across. He’s eaten some really weird stuff in his time, and liked nearly all of it. The only thing he won’t eat is olives.
  • Secretly wants to engineer a replacement arm for Shiro.
  • Likes napping on his Lion’s head. It’s his connection with her that stops him from being motion sick, since she quite likes flying, obviously.
  • His real name is Henry Garrett, but one of his mothers called him her little hunk once and it sort of stuck.
Comic-Con Adventures

Yesterday 5/04/14 I attended Oz Comic-Con here in Adelaide.. I bought a weekend pass.
By far the best day and experience of my life.
9:30am I met Dean O'Gorman for an autograph. He was so positive and bright. I said he was so beautiful in person and he was so happy I said that. We then started having a big conversation. (Which was the best thing ever!) What a beautiful man to meet. I love saying that I admire him.

10:00am I got my Dwarf Duo photo with Stephen Hunter and John Callen. Omg what funny guys! I’m wearing my Kingdom Hearts top and they literally ask me what the hell is on my top.. So I tell them that it’s my favourite video game and they were like “Ohhhh.. It’s a video game..” Then we had the photo and I said “I probably look spastic in the photo and they said "I’m sure you’ll look beautiful!” AHOMGJHJKDH! They were funny and down to earth! Love them! (And yes I’m aware my arms look crazy haha)

11:00am I met Benedict Cumberbatch… Yes what a beautiful man! I must of looked so nervous because he said “Are you okay?..” Nawww you cutie Ben! His arm was around me and I died.. He was so polite and beautiful.. I wanted to cuddle him. He said to me to have a good day and I said he was beautiful and he just did this perfect little “Aw thank-you.” He really is a lovely soul.

After this I walked around a bit and bought a Sherlock poster and a Kingdom Hearts key blade :)

4:30pm I lined up and had my photo with Dean O'Gorman! He really is so handsome. He remembered me from that morning from the autographs. I was honored, I couldn’t believe it. He said to me twice “It was a pleasure to meet you.” Please marry me Dean!! OMG! Love him to bits!

My Favourite Quote

My sixth grade teacher used to say a whole bunch of really useful stuff to us, like “Don’t buy anything with a credit card that you don’t have the money for in the bank,” and “Kill them with kindness, so they look like the bad guys,” but my most favourite thing that he’s ever said to us was “Whether you believe you will succeed or whether you believe you will fail, you’re right.”