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2016 Kylux Fic Recs! (one-shots)

So here is part two of my 2016 fic recs! (long fics are HERE) Sorry its late so late, but I was kind of under the weather this week ugh. Anyway, as I said before these are just listed as from oldest to newest in my bookmarks and this isn’t all of them. Just some of my favourites. (And once again most of them are either mature or explicit.)


The Taste of Copper On Your Tongue by thatviciousvixen | @that-vicious-vixen

Kylo Ren confesses his love like he does all things - with a straight face and loads of unnecessary circumstance, as if everything he is, was, and ever will be hinges on one moment.

One of the first fics I bookmarked, back in the early days of the fandom. A good enemies to lovers piece that takes place during TFA.

I tell you miserable things after you are asleep by kitseybarbours | @huxes

Hux and Ben are falling apart.

One of my favourite modern aus where these two are utter messes and everything hurts. Highly recommended if you like unhealthy relationships and angst. 

Warning by llyn | @nightsofllyn

He loved him so terribly that he had to say it out loud.

This fic is in reverse chronology and it’s so well done and steamy and so them. 

Shotgun by betts | @bettydays

Without Ben, the house was just a place. With Ben, it was home.

Takes place in the Honeycomb au. It’s hot and full of feels like wow look at hot mess Hux. Great fic that shows the progression of their relationship.

Missionary Impossible by ofamaranthlie | @ofamaranthlie

Kylo and Hux learn to mix treacherous business and pleasure in order to work toward a common goal: overthrow Snoke without him finding out first.

Written for this prompt on the kinkmeme: “Kylo and Hux have decided to work together against Snoke, for whatever reasons you like. Plotting against someone who can read minds is not an easy thing, but luckily they know that Snoke finds sex (or at least m/m sex, maybe) distasteful and so doesn’t rifle through those memories very thoroughly.

Conclusion: Kylo and Hux must do all their plotting while having sex.”

I love this fic because it’s funny but isn’t pure crack. I’ve very well written and the smut is great and the puns? A+

Week Three, Day Two by hollycomb | @hollyhark

Kylo comes back from a three week-long away mission that ran two days over and finds Hux asleep at his desk.

Everyone loves reunion sex. I adore established relationship fics + fics where they’ve been together and snarking for years.

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i bought a pack of 4 yogurts for me and my bf (two banana and two vanilla) and i don’t really like the banana ones that much but neither does he so i assumed we’d both have one of each. my bf had a banana one first and i had a vanilla one and i assumed the next time we’d have one he’d have his vanilla one but he had a banana one and i was like “do you like the banana ones?” and he said “no but i know the vanilla ones are your favourite so you can have them both” honestly its the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me 

“So I saw Rupert for the first time (for a while) last month – I’d not seen him for a few years. We were in Orlando at the new Harry Potter Wizarding World thing – and he told me he’d been going to this restaurant. (Red’s True BBQ). I said ‘Oh that’s one of my favourite restaurants’ and he said, I know … because I’ve been putting all my food on your tab for the past several months!”

“Apparently when he came in the manager was like ‘Oh you’re Matthew’s friend’ and he was like ‘Yeah’ and (the manager) said ‘Is Matthew picking this up?’ and Rupert said “Yeah, he told me to come down and said he was covering it”, and it’s been going on my bill ever since!“ - Matthew Lewis. (2016)

honestly though the night of the malec kiss was one of my favourite things ever and how the week before satan Matt Daddario had us convinced it was not happening like the amount of speculation that was going on was hilarious and how he said not one theory was right and we were freaking the fuck out and then we were all her live blogging and waiting and then it happened it actually happened and I did not even fucking believe that it was real that man had me believing it was not fucking real i was physically shaking and squeeling and tumblr blew up like omfg everyone was talking about it people who hadnt even heard of the show were watching the scene repeat, people started watching the show because of that one scene and everyone was congratulating us i and many others in different timezones literally did not sleep i stayed up right through till morning my mother was here at 8am like wtf are you doing up so early? As soon as that shit came on Netflix i watched it on repeat i can recite every fucking line from that scene honestly nothing will top that moment all i ever saw for at least a month was gifs of the kiss it was such a glorious gay time in our lives. Iconic

My Favourite Quote

My sixth grade teacher used to say a whole bunch of really useful stuff to us, like “Don’t buy anything with a credit card that you don’t have the money for in the bank,” and “Kill them with kindness, so they look like the bad guys,” but my most favourite thing that he’s ever said to us was “Whether you believe you will succeed or whether you believe you will fail, you’re right.”