this is like my favourite thing he ever said

honestly though the night of the malec kiss was one of my favourite things ever and how the week before satan Matt Daddario had us convinced it was not happening like the amount of speculation that was going on was hilarious and how he said not one theory was right and we were freaking the fuck out and then we were all her live blogging and waiting and then it happened it actually happened and I did not even fucking believe that it was real that man had me believing it was not fucking real i was physically shaking and squeeling and tumblr blew up like omfg everyone was talking about it people who hadnt even heard of the show were watching the scene repeat, people started watching the show because of that one scene and everyone was congratulating us i and many others in different timezones literally did not sleep i stayed up right through till morning my mother was here at 8am like wtf are you doing up so early? As soon as that shit came on Netflix i watched it on repeat i can recite every fucking line from that scene honestly nothing will top that moment all i ever saw for at least a month was gifs of the kiss it was such a glorious gay time in our lives. Iconic

“So I saw Rupert for the first time (for a while) last month – I’d not seen him for a few years. We were in Orlando at the new Harry Potter Wizarding World thing – and he told me he’d been going to this restaurant. (Red’s True BBQ). I said ‘Oh that’s one of my favourite restaurants’ and he said, I know … because I’ve been putting all my food on your tab for the past several months!”

“Apparently when he came in the manager was like ‘Oh you’re Matthew’s friend’ and he was like ‘Yeah’ and (the manager) said ‘Is Matthew picking this up?’ and Rupert said “Yeah, he told me to come down and said he was covering it”, and it’s been going on my bill ever since!“ - Matthew Lewis. (2016)

“I wasn’t expecting that”

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AN // Requests are open. Also he’s just like an aspiring musician in this like he hasn’t “made it” yet and it’s set in New York. This is my favourite thing i’ve ever written like i’m so proud of it.

TW // None

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The one with “what if we were more…” ♡

2 years. 

2 years, 5 months and 26 days if we’re being exact. That’s how long they’d been in each others lives. It start with an ad in a newspaper that simply said “ROOMMATE WANTED”  with an address and the price of rent just under it. Her old roommate had just moved out, something about wanting more from life, and rent was due. He had just moved out of his parents house and flown 20 hours with nothing but a guitar, a suitcase and around $500. To be fair, he knew this was risky and that the percentage of people who “make it big” was significantly lower than the people who don’t but he had to try. Maybe it was just a coincidence that the old man he was sitting next to whilst waiting for a taxi left his newspaper on the seat and maybe it was just chance that it was left open on the exact page of the ad for someone needing a roommate and maybe, just maybe, it was luck that rent was $450.

So now they’re here. 2 years later, still living in that crappy apartment where sometimes the heating doesn’t work and the walls are so paper thin you can hear the neighbors fighting at least twice a week. However, don’t get confused, almost everything else has changed, he just signed with a record label who “love his sound” and she just got cast to play the lead in a Broadway production of that movie she’s loved since she was a kid. So things aren’t all bad, they have a T.V now, one that works almost all the time, and they finally both have jobs that pay enough for them to get someone the fix their shower; things were looking up.

Oh, and did i forget to mention? They’re also in love with each other.

Neither one of them were entirely sure when it happened, she thinks it was that time they watched a horror movie and she was so scared she didn’t want to sleep alone so they both slept in her room and he thinks it was that time he heard her singing a song he wrote whilst she was cooking. They didn’t know how one another felt though, he didn’t know that she left little post it notes around the apartment with inspirational quotes on them because she knows he gets down sometimes and she hates when he’s sad and she didn’t know that he has been to every show she’s been in since knowing her just because he liked to see her subtle smile when she notices him in the crowd. They both thought that they were just the best friend.

It wasn’t until one morning in November that they told each other, it was grey and rainy outside, a stay at home and order take out kind of day. She had just woken up and she could make out the quite strum of a guitar in the room just opposite hers, his room, and when she got to the opened door she leant on the door frame and listened to his voice hum the lyrics about unrequited love. She waited until he had finished to ask who it was about, startling him in the process, he replied simply with “just this girl i know” and as she went to leave after sighing out a “she’d be a fool not to love you” he decided that now was the time, the time to tell her that every song, every question of “how do i get the girl?” and “what if she doesn’t like me back?” was about her, it was time.

“It’s about you”

“… What?”

“The song, every song, they’re about you”


“It’s alright if you don’t, you know, like me like th-”

“I do. Like you like that I mean”

“What if we were more?”

“I’d like it if we were more”

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you liked supernatural?but not anymore??what made you not like it?i think its a pretty good show:)

Oh my anon, that is a super long discussion, but I’ll try to keep this relatively short. 

I used to fucking love Supernatural, okay? I’m talking love here. Hell, Castiel is still my favourite character out of any media produced ever (well, at least as he was written originally), and I’ve got a SPN tattoo, and I’ve gone to conventions, and I just loved it so, so much. However, there are some things I could not forgive. Other people have said it better than I have or ever will, but the main things that made me bitterly give up on it like a cup of tea that got cold and lost its taste are these:

  • Constant shitting over my favourite character(s) and complete refusal to show his actor the respect he deserved, because I know for a fact that 90% of the SPN fans I know would actively boycott the show if it ever killed Castiel off for good. They gave us episodes like 6x20 / The Man Who Would Be King and then they expected us to believe 9x03 / I’m No Angel was a thing. Come on now.
  • Lazy writing. See: constantly repeated themes (there’s only so much of miscommunication slash codependency slash self-sacrifice one can watch before they get bored out of their minds), no effort whatsoever to avoid stereotypical and/or harmful tropes that were old in the 90′s (eg zooming on a woman’s breasts to show someone’s attraction, no homo jokes all the time, getting rid of women, queer people, and/or POC because they just couldn’t even fucking try for effort’s sake), and just plain old not doing their research (Greek mythology doesn’t work that way and stop valuing Christian mythology over others)
  • So many rapey situations it’s not even funny. And I’m not talking explicit sexual abuse, even though that happens way too often for my liking as well. I’m talking several occasions where personal space, bodies, and boundaries are violated, and it’s just always assumed that’s the norm.

And most of all (not necessarily objectively the most important things but they were what made me quit):

  • Beating a dead horse. They’ve done everything and are only going on for money’s sake. As both a storyteller/creator, and a dedicated fan, I disagree with the ethics of any show that would constantly throw away its own mythology and would accept blatantly bigoted writers and give them permission to destroy the main characters, plots, and established facts of the show. What the fuck was the Season 10 finale even about? Why won’t Sam give up hunting and get a dog, Dean go to rehab and therapy, and Cas finally go be human and travel the world in peace like he deserves? Like enough. ENOUGH.
  • Blatant homophobia, mostly through queerbaiting. That damn will they / won’t they with Dean and Cas. If the tropes had been written for a male/female relationship, it would have happened since The Rapture. If not in season four, then in five, and it would have already been considered late. 
    That damn is he / isn’t he about Dean’s often suggested but never explicitly mentioned bisexuality. Much like Deadpool in the movie, Dean is shown to check guys out and make comments about how they are attractive, but of course it’s not because he’s queer, it’s because he’s a funny guy. 
    Charlie’s existence, which was only to remind people she’s gay, and who fucking ended up brutally murdered by Nazis in a bathtub.

So, dear anon, the truth is I’m actually hurt by SPN. I loved it so much and it actually betrayed me. I lament for its lost potential, and I’d gladly watch Misha Collins’ episodes because he’s incredible, and I’ll forever thank the show for giving me the inspiration to start writing again and the chance to meet some of my closest friends and my girlfriend, and I’m from time to time rewatching the old seasons or fanfics and I remember what I had, and it’ll always be in my heart. But it’ll be in my heart the same way you keep your ex or your estranged parent in your heart; they’re part of you, and you wish things had gone differently because the idea of them will forever be something you miss, but you need to get the fuck out to protect your emotional well-being.

Comic-Con Adventures

Yesterday 5/04/14 I attended Oz Comic-Con here in Adelaide.. I bought a weekend pass.
By far the best day and experience of my life.
9:30am I met Dean O'Gorman for an autograph. He was so positive and bright. I said he was so beautiful in person and he was so happy I said that. We then started having a big conversation. (Which was the best thing ever!) What a beautiful man to meet. I love saying that I admire him.

10:00am I got my Dwarf Duo photo with Stephen Hunter and John Callen. Omg what funny guys! I’m wearing my Kingdom Hearts top and they literally ask me what the hell is on my top.. So I tell them that it’s my favourite video game and they were like “Ohhhh.. It’s a video game..” Then we had the photo and I said “I probably look spastic in the photo and they said "I’m sure you’ll look beautiful!” AHOMGJHJKDH! They were funny and down to earth! Love them! (And yes I’m aware my arms look crazy haha)

11:00am I met Benedict Cumberbatch… Yes what a beautiful man! I must of looked so nervous because he said “Are you okay?..” Nawww you cutie Ben! His arm was around me and I died.. He was so polite and beautiful.. I wanted to cuddle him. He said to me to have a good day and I said he was beautiful and he just did this perfect little “Aw thank-you.” He really is a lovely soul.

After this I walked around a bit and bought a Sherlock poster and a Kingdom Hearts key blade :)

4:30pm I lined up and had my photo with Dean O'Gorman! He really is so handsome. He remembered me from that morning from the autographs. I was honored, I couldn’t believe it. He said to me twice “It was a pleasure to meet you.” Please marry me Dean!! OMG! Love him to bits!

My Favourite Quote

My sixth grade teacher used to say a whole bunch of really useful stuff to us, like “Don’t buy anything with a credit card that you don’t have the money for in the bank,” and “Kill them with kindness, so they look like the bad guys,” but my most favourite thing that he’s ever said to us was “Whether you believe you will succeed or whether you believe you will fail, you’re right.”

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Fucking thank you, finally someone said it. Bakugou ismt a bad character but neither is he a good one. Hes flawed and thats what makes him interesting and his growth great to watch-Kes


Characters that start off as douches and have good character development are seriously the best thing ever, holy shit. I always end up adoring them by the end XDD

Tbh I think my favourite example of this type of character is Knox Brindle from Proxy (Alex London). He was like not the least bit likeable at the beginning. Like waaaaay worse than Bakugou. But by the end he was my son. I loved him so much and he deserved so much more than the ending he got T^T 

(Also you guys should all totally read Proxy, every single one of you. It is literally the best. Also, one of the two protagonists is gay.)