this is like my favourite selca ever


Imagine Jungkook being unable to make it back for your birthday and instead, you had a Skype session over webcam. All the other boys had already wished you a happy birthday, before leaving the two of you alone. 

“Jagi? Did you get my present?” Jungkook nervously asked, only too conscious of his distance from you. 

“Oppa, of course I got it. You sent it a whole month in advance and then wouldn’t let me open it!” 

“Of course you can’t! Who opens presents before their birthday? Anything, you can open it now so open it, open it!” 

You rolled your eyes as you carefully unwrapped the present. When you opened it, you found a slim photo album covered in the graffiti of doodles and random messages. 

“Oppa…. did you really cry in an interview once because you missed me? And then asked for it to be cut out?” You asked, reading the messages. 

“Yah, who wrote that? Who said that?” Jungkook flushed, furious at the whistleblower. 

“I think it’s Hope oppa’s writing?” 

“Don’t call him oppa any more! Just say Hoseok-sshi!” 

“Ah, Kookie don’t be too upset! Let’s just look at the present, all right?” You looked up from the photo album to see an empty screen, and in the background you could hear angry shouts and high pitched laughter. 

You sighed, but in wry happiness rather than anger. Ignoring the lack of your boyfriend, you began flipping through the pages. 

Each page of book had a few photos stuck in, and messy annotation surrounding it. You paused, and lightly traced the writing with your finger. 

This was our first date! Do you remember? I was really nervous, because I really liked you back then. And then when I spilt my drink on you I was so embarrassed I couldn’t look you in the eye for the rest of the evening. Ahh, honestly, how did I manage to end up with you? You’re the 9 to my 1. 

Continuing on, you realised that Jungkook had taken a photo of every place you’d ever been to together. Some were just landscapes, others had you both in them. 

When Jungkook returned, you’d found a selca the two of you had taken together. 

This isn’t somewhere we’ve been, we only took this when we were messing around. But I put it in because it’s my favourite picture of you. In fact, it’s my lock screen! 

“Ehhh? Jagi, are you alright? Why are you crying? Did you not like my present?” 

“Oppa.. really.. you’re too good to me. This is the best birthday ever.”