this is like my favourite quote of all time

We had a couple of different ideas of what the first single would be. We thought about with [Sign of the Times], we were like, ‘maybe we should hold it till a little later.’ And then, we all kind of end up looking at each other and being a bit like, ‘why would we not just put this out first?’ It’s just absolutely what I want to say the most and it’s my favourite song on the album.
—  Harry on BBCR2

“Michael Mann’s Heat. And the reason I say that is because… I probably watch it once or twice a year and everytime I watch it I find something new in it. It’s the most precise thriller really of our modern era.”

I deleted a picture of you off my phone tonight along with some texts you’d sent months back. Ones telling me how much you missed me and how you needed to see me soon. I don’t get those anymore, in fact I don’t hear from you at all. I still miss you from time to time. When my eyes are heavy in the early hours of the morning or at the bottom of my 9th pint. I wonder how you are and if I ever cross your mind. If you ever see things that remind you of me and no one else, like my favourite band on tv or that film I hated so much. I still think about you but not as much anymore.
—  I maybe still love you.
Dear him,
I want to tell you everything. I want you to know that every time we touch I don’t need anything more. Every time we kiss it’s like all my problems and bad thoughts are gone. I want you to know that I think about you everytime I hear your favourite songs and every time I need someone to talk to. I want to express my inner thoughts but I can’t risk what we have. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to tell you, but until then I will keep it all to myself.
—  lydiaasl

so taylor sung and made intense eye contact through the entire last verse of ‘new year’s day’ to my best friends and i whilst we were sobbing profusely and smiling so hard having the time of our lives, and then i told her afterwards that is was my favourite and she was like “awwww do you like it!” and i said 'UMMM DID YOU SEE ME CRYING BEFORE, I LOVE IT" and she was all “you were so cute oh my god awwww thank you” and that’s the story of how that song will permanently be my favourite taylor swift song ever and nothing will ever change that and i just LOVE her (!!!!!)

favourite quotes from today

Rhett: This is all for science.
Rhett: Smack me
Link: *stumbles in eagerness*
Rhett: You wanna see me bend over?
Link: I’d like to see you bend over. I never thought I’d… think that. Or say it.
Link: I accidentally licked my lips while looking at you, but it’s just because I need to put on some Lipbalm. That’s the only reason.
Rhett: OK, thats what you think.
Rhett: Well smack it, let’s see.
Link: *smack* No complaints there!
Link: I don’t like your leg as much as it seems.
Link: We were cheek to cheek there for an uncomfortable amount of time


My absolute favourite quote from dragon age is flemeth’s “without an end, there can be no peace”.

I lost my brother when i was 12, and it was an extremely devastating experience… he was my hero. i was as angry as i was sad, because i felt robbed. i only had 12 years with him, and he only had 24 years of life. it was unfair, i deserved more time with him, all my other siblings had had more time with him. i always wished i could bring him back, i always felt like death had stolen him from me prematurely.

Over the years i got over my mourning, but that feeling of anger never really went away. that is, until i played da2 for the first time and heard flemeth say those words… it hit me like a ton of bricks. i was angry for years, and never once i imagined that a little game would be the thing to ultimately make me heal. flemeth made me cry for my brother again that day, but in a good way, in a liberating way. after almost 6 years i was finally able to let go of him, to let him rest in peace. i’m not a religious person, but he was and somehow, to my great surprise, her words reached out to me. she made me find peace.

I don’t know who exactly from the DA team wrote that particular line, but the author has my eternal gratitude. and the whole dragon age franchise has my eternal love.

Be kind to others. This is my favourite quote from Roald Dahl. Kindness is smiling, kindness is being nice to others, kindness is helping. All those small things that you find useless make someone else happy. We all need that, especially during rough times. So be kind, as you’d like others to be kind to you as well.


a couple of weeks ago i decided to start rereading crooked kingdom because it was my favourite book of last year (and probably ever) and id only read it once (whereas ive read six of crows 3 (?) times now!) i thought id put tabs in all my favourite bits of the book, like the bits that made me laugh or cry, the beautiful quotes, the hamilton references and… this is what it looks like now…
at some point each different colour meant something but i kept running out of the sticky tabs so towards the end its just kinda random…
… i just really really love this book, okay…

And one day,
I pray you will find true love,
but not just to any man
But that you will marry a man
who’s first love is Al-Islam
So if you want a man like Muhammed ‪ﷺ‬
be a woman like Khadija
The first supporter of this cause
and a mother to believers
Have the courage of Nusaybah,
never back down from what is true
Defend what you believe even
when the whole world is out for you
Have the knowledge of Ayesha,
become a scholar of this deen
Cure the people of misconceptions because Ignorance is a disease
Have the piety of Hafsa,
always keep Allah upon your mind
Fast the days and pray the nights,
to help your nafs stay in line
Have the honour of Bilqis,
make the world treat you with dignity
When they see you on the streets,
let them know that you’re a queen
Have the strength of Sumayya
and the sabr of Hajar,
Be steadfast like Maryam,
with tawakkul like Musa’s mother
And when things get tough,
be like the wife of firuan
Attach your heart to al-Jannah,
and never let it go.
—  Boonaa Mohammed
The Prince

for @wrathofthestag who said she could really use some sweetness today

(I’ve prompted this to other people but it hasn’t bitten yet, so I’m gonna do my best to fill it myself)

tw are all relative to The Hockey Prince  episode but doesn’t go too hard on the details of the OD, still be careful though!

set between Playoffs I and Playoffs II, the night that Jack walks out of Jerry’s - very quick, slight reference to Holster being into Bitty

on AO3

It’s a dangerous thing, the news tab in a search engine. It’s often drawn Jack down a hole of seeking out nothing but the worst things hockey commentary has to say about him. 

After opening tonight’s twentieth browser tab, he had mechanically reached over to turn on his bedside table lamp just so he could indulge his misery even longer. Even if he found the strength to put his laptop away before dawn, sleep was simply not going to come tonight.

The guys had all been warned off by Shitty from trying to bring Jack out of his funk. There were three stage whisper voices in the hallway about an hour after he’d left Jerry’s until Shitty’s lone voice murmured, “We love you, man, fuck everyone else,” against Jack’s door.

Which is why Jack is startled out of a deep blue reverie when a tentative knock comes at about 1:00 a.m. For a moment, Jack thinks Holster might have time traveled as his ten-year-old self into the present day before he realizes that Bittle is the small blonde standing in his door way. His sleep clothes are hanging loose and huge off his frame, and the dim light obscures his face. He mostly realizes that it’s Bittle because of the slice of pie in his hand.

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for the meme--from Presque Vu, which may be my favourite inception fic of all time (it took me way too long to find a quote that wasn't too long): "It's not like their first kiss, the other kiss, their only other kiss. Eames is hesitant and needy and there's no real heat behind it, just a bewildering tenderness Arthur is going to blame on long separation and booze, and if he cups Eames's face in his hands, it's just because Eames is drunk as hell and nothing more."

I’m so obsessed with the concept of people with very firm boundaries realizing with sudden shock that their borders have dissolved, helpless in the face of someone wholly unexpected. That’s the entirety of Arthur’s relationship with Eames in the first half of Presque Vu – for so long while they’re research military dreamshare, until basically the moment that Eames asks Arthur to run away with him at Mal’s wedding, it never even occurs to Arthur that anything could ever happen. He’s undeniably attracted, interested, but it’s irrelevant to his conception of reality, because Arthur knows exactly who he is and what he can be, and to know what he can have without setting himself up for crushing disappointment is the central thesis in Arthur’s life.

I’m eternally stunned by the continuing resonance of Presque Vu as a story. People still have an intensity of feeling about it that is humbling and a little surprising, but over the course of years I think I’ve realized that so much of what this story is about is the ache of growing up, when your body hurts from the rapid expansion of your universe. It’s that mortifying shift when you exit the curated spaces of high school and college, stumble into early adulthood, and have to renegotiate your literal dreams in many cases, the person you always thought you would be. It can be wonderful, but it can also be quietly, utterly tragic, one of those intensely private hurts you can never truly share. So much of Presque Vu feels steeped in that bruise, and I suspect that might be what really captures a lot of people – it’s what I poured into the story as I writing it. 

Review: Anne with an ‘E’ (Spoilers)

So I had just finished the Netflix series Anne with an ‘E’ with my Mum (who watched all of it a week prior to me) and I feel as if I need to give a consensus as a child who read all the books and felt that the 1985 adaptation was as close to perfect as anyone could get. I also see my younger self as a little Anne Shirley which is why I am so fiercely protective of this series and any adaptation of said series. So lets get to it:

My Praises

-The Cast: Although I do have an enternal love for Megan Follows, Jonathan Crombie, Colleen Dewhurst, and Richard Farnsworth as their respective characters; I could not imagine another better cast as the one in Anne with an 'E’. Newcomer Amybeth McNulty undeniably shines as the fierce and imaginative Anne Shirley. She captures Anne completely with even the slightest of expressions. Lucas Jade Zumann becomes Gilbert “Heart-Eyes” Blythe with his loving smirk and utter adoration of Anne. I also commend Geraldine James for making such an exquisite Marilla. James nailed Marilla’s sterness and sensitivity. Lastly, Corrine Koslo made Rachel Lynde my absolute fave and I have no problems with that.
-The Soundtrack: That upbeat and vibrant Celtic music.
-The Cinematography: It felt like I was truly experiencing the world through Anne’s eyes. So stunning to watch.
-The Episode Titles: I just loved this little detail they added in making all the episode titles Jane Eyre quotes. Since it is my favourite novel of all time, it did make me squeal a little everytime they mentioned it in the show.
-The Directing: Speechless, honestly. Props to the 5/7 female directors. We honestly do not see enough of them in this day and age.
-The Feminism!: That theme of feminism that underlyed throughout the show was something that made it stick. In a young girl’s coming-of-age story, there always should be a bit of feminism and girl empowerment to make it relatable. It was also Marilla’s coming-of-age in a way as well, becoming a “Mother in a Modern World”.
-Anne & Diana’s Adorable Friendship: Bossom Friends till the end.

My Criticism

-The Anne and Gilbert Love Story: Now before you all throw your hands 'round my throat, hear me out. These two are my precious babies. They are the teenage Lizzie and Darcy. Now Lizzie didn’t talk to Darcy because “a friend liked him”. No. Lizzie didn’t talk to Darcy because of her own stupid pride. Just like Anne. I have no idea why the writers thought of that “friend obligation” thingo. Anne was stupidly proud and ignored Gilbert because of that. Gilbert also was a bit of a twat when he pulled her hair and called her “carrots” (fucking iconic) not all soft and gentle. But the rest they got right. Except for the last episode (which a will get to..) where they called “truce”. Anne and Gilbert did not call “truce” until like 3 years later. Apart from that, the kids had amazing chemistry and were extremely adorable. Could have had extra time with spelling bees and stuff though.
-The Theives: I seriously have no clue. I was literally like this at that strange cliffhanger ending “!?!?!?!?!?”. It was really out of place.
-Gilbert working on the Docks: This honestly just made me really fucking mad. How is this going to change Anne and Gil’s relationship!? Is he coming back to school!? Is he going to become a doctor!!??
-The Lack of Anne’s Pride and Vanity: I wanted the Anne who accidentally dyed her hair green and climbed the roof of the school! The one who was so incredibly proud and vain. It made her relatable.

Overall, I think the pluses outweight the minuses. Y'all should give it a watch ASAP. Nothing will ever top the 1985 adaptation (or ya know the books) but this one certainly gives it a run for its money.

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top ten period dramas? lookng to get back into them! idk where to start

okay but don’t quote me on this and please keep in mind that my opinion is completely irrelevant:

1. pride and prejudice (2005)
2. emma (1996)
3. emma (2009)
4. jane eyre (2006)
5. pride and prejudice (1995)
6. bright star (2009)
7. north and south (2004)
8. sense and sensibility (1995)
9. jane eyre (2011)
10. miss austen regrets (2008)

i would also like to mention wuthering heights (2011), which is one of my all-time favourite films, but i wouldn’t recommend it for getting back into period films since it can be pretty challenging to watch!


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite quote: Tom speaks about the nature of true love.