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Booklr and bookstagram is full of perfect, off the shelf books- and thats fine- but not all books look that way. In fact, if you’ve really read a book, especially if you read it as a child, your copy is likely to be very battered. 

On the very few occasions I have shared photos of books like this I have been told off by people for not looking after my books!

Well, I for one have had enough *inspirational background music begins* and I ask you all to stand with me and post photos of your well loved books!

From December 12th to December 18th post pictures of those books you read so much they fell apart!

You could just post one picture, or you could get involved with this mini book photo challenge;

day 1- Old Favourite 

day 2- Gifted

day 3- Oldest book

day 4- Book and tea

day 5- Imperfections/annotations

day 6- Broken spines

day 7- If you could only save one book from your burning house…?

Tag your pictures with #well loved books or #welllovedbooks on instagram. 

My favourite precious gems

Being there for your excitement, worries and success through out TATINOF from the beginning (buying the tickets) till the end (you meeting them) has been an interesting roller coaster ride. Although I was never physically there, every part of me wishes that I was, to experience this glorious moment with you but I know we will have our own, one day. It may not be tomorrow or next month but I hope we will cherish our friendship till the day comes. You deserved everything good heading your way and your are a remarkable person, @incaseyouart <3


I mean look at that photo…
They for sure asked someone to take it.
Imagine Chris charming an hotel employer like

“ Ma chérie could you please take a photo of me and my bae while we show everyone our shaved, tonic and majestic legs?”

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*photo is not mine, but I made the banner*

Send me a Kpop group and a number and I'll tell you:
  • 1: Who I'd most like to date.
  • 2: Who would die first in a horror movie.
  • 3: Who I would want to be stranded with on an island.
  • 4: Who I'd most like to play video games with.
  • 5: Which member would be most likely to be arrested and why.
  • 6: My favourite bad photo of this group.
  • 7: Which member would be most likely to cry in a haunted house.
  • 8: Who is most likely to embarrass the entire group by doing something dumb.
  • 9: The member I'd most likely beat in a fist fight.
  • 10: Which member is a cinnamon roll and which is a sinnamon roll.
  • 11: Member I'd be most frightened to run into in a dark alley.
  • 12: Which two members would be most embarrassed if they accidentally kissed.
  • 13: Which member probably learned to tie their shoes last.
  • 14: Which member would give the best piggy back rides.
  • 15: Which member would be most likely to cry at one of their own songs, which song and why.
  • 16: Which member would be most likely to spend an entire day at the aquarium.
  • 17: The member most likely to cry at a bad haircut and which member would laugh the hardest when it happened.
  • 18: Which member would probably be the grossest behind closed doors.
  • 19: Which member would be most likely to adopt like 30 cats and bring them back to their dorm, and which member would freak out the most over it.
  • 20: Who would be most likely to knock themselves out from not paying enough attention and walking into something.
Fluffy as cotton candy Aus

because we all need some that make us warm and fuzzy inside sometimes :)

  • “I’m looking for my favourite kind of tea/hot chocolate/keurig coffee cup things and I spot two boxes on the shelf and I take one and oh hi, you like it too?”

  • Alternatively: There’s only 1 box
  • also imagine: Them enjoying the tea together

  • i’m taking pictures of the sunset here because it’s really pretty and I see you drawing the sunset and it’s such a great photo opportunity let me just- oh shit the flash was on um, hi?

  • alternatively: I come to this spot to draw the sunset all the time and I just saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. I look and someone’s pointing a camera at me. what the hell?

  • I decide to go swimming at night because there’s less people but there’s a group of people having a bonfire at my normal spot what now (OT+ friendly!)

  • I’m asking if the library has a book that I’ve been waiting for and you happen to return it just then

  • I’m low on cash by a few cents/forgot my wallet/card and you pay for my drink order at this coffee place hey thank you so much

  • I always come to this coffee shop to draw bc I love the atmosphere and someone asks to sit here sure I guess??

  • Alternatively: Everytime I come in here you’re drawing and they always look so pretty so I muster up the courage to ask to sit with you and you said yes shit now what

  • *insert obligatory one is sick here* but then person A taking care of person B gets sick and person B just laughs and said I warned you

  • imagine sleepy cuddles early in the morning or late at night or the middle of a sleepy afternoon please

  • teasing one when they can’t reach something on a high shelf so they climb the counter out of spite and then sit on the counter

  • friendly teasing in general especially if it leads to kissing i mean what

annnnnnd I’m gonna stop here because I just realized how long this was ^^’ Have fun with these and have a wonderful day!!
~Mod Karissa

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry to bother you, I've just seen the photos of youngjae in a white suit and he looks perfect 😭😭 I was wondering what were your favourite pictures of youngjae in a suit? (Personally I really liked the white one he wore recently and then the red one he would wear for if you do).

Hi dear,

My favorite pictures of Youngjae in a suit? All of them..hahaha I can’t choose because I always love him in suits. He looks sexy & hot when in it.I love him in black & red suit the most but him in that white suit looks perfect. kekeke These are some of favs

Book Discussion Challenge Day 2
Prompt: Animal
I spent a long time trying to think of my favourite book about animals, or with an animal as a character, but I simply couldn’t, because I kept being interrupted in my thoughts by this gal, ^^ Laila!
She’s my reading buddy, and my hot water bottle, and as essential as a good cup of tea when I sit down to have a good long reading session. When it comes to books, she’s the only animal I need.
Do you have an animal reading buddy? Tell me about them!

My Favourite Chords (The Weakerthans Cover)
Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties
My Favourite Chords (The Weakerthans Cover)

They’re tearing up streets again.
They’re building a new hotel.
The Mayor’s out killing kids to keep taxes down,
and me and my anger sit folding a paper bird,
letting the curtains turn to beating wings.
Wish I had a socket-set to dismantle this morning.
And just one pair of clean socks.
And a photo of you.
When you get off work tonight,
meet me at the construction site,
and we’ll write some notes to tape to the heavy machines,
like “We hope they treat you well. Hope you don’t work too hard.
We hope you get to be happy sometimes.”
Bring your swiss-army knife, and a bottle of something,
and I’ll bring some spraypaint and a new deck of cards.
Hey I found the safest place to keep all our tenderness.
Keep all our bad ideas. Keep all our hope.
It’s here in the smallest bones, the feet and the inner-ear.
It’s such an enormous thing to walk and to listen.
I’d like to fall asleep to the beat of you breathing
in a room near a truckstop on a highway somewhere.
You are a radio. You are an open door.
I am a faulty string of blue christmas lights.
You swim through frequencies.
You let that stranger in, as I’m blinking off and on and off again.
We’ve got a lot of time.
Or maybe we don’t, but I’d like to think so, so let me pretend.

These are my favourite chords.
I know you like them too.
When I get a new guitar, you can have this one and sing me a lullaby.
Sing me the alphabet.
Sing me a story I haven’t heard yet.

skyreigning replied to your photo: Trying to understand bird anatomy, ft. mainly…

Owls are beautiful how dare u

Have you seen what an owl looks like under all those feathers? Let me demonstrate:

they’re so tiny. so light. so weird-looking with their giant eyes

Between this & the fact that they act pretty goofy – since most of their brain capacity is dedicated to sorting through the large amounts of sensory information provided by those anime eyes & sharp ears – I would argue that owls are most definitely ridiculous birds

It was a gift from Mary Margaret. A Christmas photoshoot for the two of them. Half an engagement gift, half a Christmas gift.

“It would be nice to have some good pictures of us to hang on the walls,” Emma said, after explaining to him everything involved with a photoshoot. Awkward posing and all.  

“Aye, I would like to have one on my person, too,” he smiled at her, leaning in for a kiss.


“Why do I get the elf hat?!”

“With your ears, come on, you don’t even need the sewed-on fake ones!”

“Is that why there are pieces of thread dangling from this monstrosity?”

Swan was right; it felt awkward and unnatural at first, but they were able to ease into it. Their favourite photo by far was the one of them carrying a prop tree, even if they had asinine hats on. Killian had tripped. Emma made some stupid quip about him not having his land legs, and the way they looked at each other in that one silly moment made it all worth while.

Merry Christmas @elizabeth-madles​ !! It was fun being your CS Secret Santa! I’m glad you don’t mind the early posting, I’m being sent on missions for the next two days as I write lol I hope you enjoy this little fluffy Christmas nonsense :D

Also shout out to @seethelovelyintheworld and @jenmmorrisons for looking the picture over for me :) 

family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice


I’ve been tagged! Thank you to @amater-photographeur for tagging me to answer some questions!

Rules: tag nine people you would like to get to know better. I also took photos to go with my answers.

Relationship: None/single
Pets: One dog, Inca
Favourite colours: Black, Red, Purple
Wake up time: Anytime between 6:50 and 10:30
Cats or dogs: Dogs!
Coke or Pepsi: Dr Pepper over both, but I often try to go for a healthier option.
Call or text: Usually text unless I need to get hold of someone urgently.
Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick on the very rare occasion that I go out. I only own two lipsticks so I’m not much of a make-up expert.
Last song I listened to: The Kills - Siberian Nights. I’ve only recently discovered The Kills but I’m liking their stuff!

I’m tagging @pnwbot @photoshamanism @photosbygerardo @aubriestar @dmpictureaday @bluelunaphotography @amymontico @retreatintoserenity @skyoverhamburg - but only if you want to or haven’t done it before.

Feel free to tag me in more of these things, I enjoy doing them.


i made some wallpapers (designed for iphone 6 but should work for any phone) inspired by my favourite studious hogwarts students. the bottom couple are a bit shabby but i think the top two are pretty buff xxxx
• please like/reblog if u use them!! they took a lil while to make n i’d love to kno if you guys like them!!
• credits go to all original photographers and artists, i am but a dumb collager
• for best quality enlarge photo, fit it to your screen and then screen shot
• also let me kno if u want anymore, i’ll def do requests xxx

Got7 reaction to their gf working as a Disney princess

A/N - I was so happy when this one came up in my inbox because I’m a HUGE Disney fan like…it’s probably unhealthy how much I love it haha~ Hope you like it loves and keep on sending in your requests!

Mark: Mark would find it so cute! He’s probably a lowkey huge Disney fan so would love to see his girlfriend dressed as one of his favourite princesses. He’d want to take so many photos just to show off how amazing she is. 

JB: I think JB would be a little less excited than Mark but when he sees his girlfriend in her princess dress for the first time, his jaw will drop to the floor. He’d find her so perfectly stunning that he’d be speechless.

Jackson: Jackson would want to be his girlfriend’s prince so would try and dress up like him just to take photos and show off that she’s his. Both as Disney royalty and in reality!

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would find any excuse to go and visit his girlfriend while she’s working or while she’s getting fitted for a new dress because he’s always called her his princess and now it’s actually true.

Youngjae: Youngjae would be all over her from the first minute he saw her in that beautiful princess dress. He wouldn’t care which one she was because he’d love it regardless and would take endless photos of her.

Bambam: Bambam might not know all of the Disney princesses but he sure as hell knows who his princess is. He’d find her so pretty and would not be able to hold back any of his flirty comments about her in the dress.

Yugyeom: I think Yugyeom wouldn’t be able to believe that his girlfriend works in Disney, let alone as one of the princesses. He’d be speechless when he first saw her in her outfit and wouldn’t want her to take it off.

This food though 😭 The best part of our trip to Chiang Mai was definitely all the amazing vegan Thai food! I just uploaded today’s video on my channel, it’s a guide to my favourite vegan eats in Chiang Mai: 🙌🙌 I hope you like it! Re-watching the footage and looking at my food photos again makes me so hungry! 😂👌

so someone by the name of @cccvenus tagged my reply with

so here ya go this is what we’re doing now. I present to you a few of my personal favourites straight from my comp

there are these three

which are just some quality™ gifs of joey titled “is kaiba wet yet”

these two of kaiba laughing

which are part of the “kaiba go to therapy” series of my photos/gifs

and the gif of joey knocking on kaiba’s door in BC

which i’ve named “joey pounding kaiba”

and then an image of joey in DK 

appropriately titled “joey getting fucked” (because i swear to god tell me that’s not what it looks like go ahead i dare you)

thank you for coming with me on this journey

if you ever think i don’t read your tags about me

you’re wrong